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55 reviews
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new york, New York

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New Reviewer

I find it interesting that people either love or hate this service. Perhaps it depends on the person who reviews your resume. I personally got awesome, detailed feedback which has not only improved my resume tenfold, it's changed the way I present myself overall.

New Reviewer

I am really always clueless into making resumes and cover letters. I have no guide or no sure help into making them. I feel like I might be missing something that people are not noticing. When Doostang reviewed my resume for free, I feel like they confirmed my suspicion. So I decided to ask them to re-write my resume and I am very satisfied in the outcome. I feel like now I have a clue as to what do to, what to write etc.... Thank You Doostang! :)

New Reviewer

Doostang re-wrote my resume and shortly after posting it online, the calls came pouring in. Recruiters noticed it more than they ever noticed my (what I assumed was well-written) existing resume. It's expensive, but the results were noticible.

New Reviewer

I am very pleased with the final version of my resume and cover letter. The process was simple and easy. The team was very attentive and responsive. I would definitely recommend Doostang to my colleagues. If you don't have time to search google for sample resumes and rewrite the resume yourself, Doostang would be perfect for you. I was doubtful at first but I am extremely satisfied with my overall experience.

New Reviewer

Doostang did an incredible job of taking my knowledge, experience and skills into a document of accomplishments! The questionnaire was an awesome tool to take my abilities and personalize them to me and my industry. Thanks a lot Doostang and Sebastian, love my resume and cover letter!

New Reviewer

Total scam. Did anyone receive a glaring review about their resume? Of course not. My resume was put together by a professional and reviewed by my COO as it is sent to clients for consultant services. Still, they told me basically it was garbage and I'd have to start over. Funny enough, I'm not sure if it's because of my position but they are charging me $400... Ok???! No thanks. oh yeah, and their jobs... scam too.

New Reviewer

Oh my God, was I pleased to read that everyone had the same experience as I did. I applied to a job utilizing their website and signed up for their "free" resume critique. I put "free" in quotes because it seems like nobody actually receives an outstanding review in which their resume is spectacular, at least from the reviews listed here. Mine, like others, were bland, robotic, and didn't really seem to understand the jobs I was applying for. They also said I should write more because my resume didn't have enough summaries on it but by adding more writing my resume would be easier to read? What? How does that make any sense? My resume has been reviewed by professionals in my field and I've gotten jobs because of it. So, this resume review isn't free because they tell you that your resume sucks and you would benefit from paying them $190 to upgrade your resume. Thanks but no thanks.

New Reviewer

Basically their "Free Resume Critique" tells you your resume is bad and preventing you from getting hired while being just vague enough to make you think they actually read your resume instead of putting it through a computer program. Now, with your confidence at a low point, they are nice enough to offer you a resume critique for the low, low price of $350! Or you could just Google sample resumes and write your own, since you know you better than they ever could ...

New Reviewer

These guys might work for sales and marketing but Doostang doesn't have a clue how to write a resume for an engineer or professional. They have been a total disaster and I can't get anyone a Doostang to call me to discuss a refund. They are hiding behind private website addresses so you can't write and demand a refund.

They keep trying to fix this and it's getting worse and worse. I'm an electrical engineer and I have 30 patents in cell phone technology. I also did some work in broadband over electric technology. Somehow from that they put this line in my resume as my key skills:

"Advise media companies, law firms, and public agencies on the advantage of broadband over powerline technology,"

New Reviewer

It all started with a quick review of my résumé...the résumé critique was so on point it and honest it was like reading my mind of what I thought my résumé needed and that was some uniqueness and variety. Sebastian was of great help and convinced me that my résumé should stand out from the rest and get me the job I want and that's exactly what I wanted. I fell in love with my résumé and cover letter! My résumé writer Rita did an amazing job with my résumé. They allowed to make any corrections to make your résumé look exactly how u want it to look. Doostang staff were so professional and thorough and articulate! I don't think I could've done it all by myself. My money was well invested !!!

New Reviewer

Pretty solid resume writing. I was very pleased with the final outcome of my resume and would actually recommend them outside. My rep was always on time with responding back.

New Reviewer

This scam is good for a laugh at least. Submitted my resume for free review, and has been said before, it's an automated sales-pitch generator, that picks out key phrases. The sales pitch I received was sure to mention over an over again that they could get me a job that was listed on my resume as ongoing. I already have a job as that, and my resume clearly states I'm looking for a steady job in a different field, and continuing that one on the side. If it is reviewed by a live person, I certainly wouldn't pay them almost $200 to redo my resume, if they are that incapable of reading comprehension. They also urged me to list accomplishments on a resume full of temp jobs. Yeah. ok.

New Reviewer

SO worth it! I was torn about the price, but it is definitely worth it. The turnaround time was incredible, and I was shocked by the improvement in even the first draft, with minimal feedback from me. I couldn't believe that it was actually my resume. The effects will be long-lasting as well, as I will be able to keep up to date on my own for years to come. I'd highly recommend to anyone who is in any stage of a job search, or even just as general career fitness to have on file in case an opportunity arises.

New Reviewer

Working with Sebastian's team was a great experience.. quick responses and an overall incredible job with my resume. They were able to provide feedback on why the resume was redone as it was, what employers sought and omitted the items that were not really pertinent to the current market. They asked me what i liked about my resume and kept most of that while updating the important parts with previous job information that made the resume really communicate my capacities and successes.
thank you .. I strongly recommend this team for others

New Reviewer

I was truly pleased with my resume and the level of service I received. I was by far not disappointed whatsoever. The turnaround and price was outstanding. True professionals. I would recommend Doostang resume to everyone that desires an outstanding resume with little price and a fast turnaround.

New Reviewer

"My First reaction was WOW, when I read the "first draft!" I really wasn't sure they would be able to take what I sent them and craft it in such a way that it would be substantially different. My expectation was an incremental improvement over what I had, but they really took it to another level; I really am wow'd!" The service I received and response times were superb.

New Reviewer

I had a wonderful experience with Doostang. I felt like they knew exactly how to elevate my resume and make the look and feel more professional, and I'm happy to present it to employers now! They were also very timely, and responded quickly after the suggestions and ideas I had.
I would definitely refer my friends to Doostang!

New Reviewer

A scam, unfortunately.
I signed up for the linkedin profile re-write, expecting a standard CV/profile rewrite service.
What they did is, literally, copy-paste the resume that I provided them. in an email. Word for word, spelling mistakes included. And send this email back to me. They send me back my own resume.

As I asked for an immediate refund, the doorstang contact ('sebastian.king') was only able to automatically respond, over and over, that no refund is being made. As per the terms we signed up for.
Yes, this is truly a scam.

What to do now? Thank god the CEOs and execs profiles are on linkedin, so there is a way to reach out and complain. Such a waste of energy on top of money (99USD for a copy-paste, after their 'discount')

New Reviewer

Doostang was professional from the start. Providing me detailed feedback and suggestions to make my resume top notch. They did an amazing job with my resume and cover letter, they accomplished something that I could not do. Thank you so much and I am looking forward to putting my resume to work.

New Reviewer

I found myself riffed after 30 years of service. I had put together what I thought was a good resume. I sent out about 30 resumes but had not received a single reply. Doostang offered a FREE evaluation of my resume. Their feedback was specific and were they correct. I decided to utilize their service for both my cover letter and resume. After only three days using their cover letter and resume I started receiving phone interviews. I have also received calls directly from hiring managers. They did a very professional job and I am already seeing the results. It has restored my confidence in my ability to find that new challenge that awaits. I know you won't be disappointed, I wasn't.

New Reviewer

Doogstang did a great job with my resume, I am so happy with the final result.
They incorporated all my commentaries and feedback, the language and the presentation was much better than my version of the resume.
I strongly recommend the service.

New Reviewer

This is a scam. I'm not sure where they get their job postings, but my wife and I each applied for positions sponsored by Doostang that seemed exactly in line with our experience. After submitting an application we each got a message that the position was no longer open and then they tried selling us their professional resume writing package. They initially send a free critique along with the sales pitch. Both of our critiques were exactly the same with no specific information. They must use a scanner, word recognition then fill in a form letter with a job title that matches your resume. Neither of us bought the resume package, so I can't speak for how good of a job they may actually do, I just don't appreciate the bait and switch where they dangle the 'perfect job' in front of you that either doesn't exist or is no longer an active post just for a sales pitch.

New Reviewer

I am mid-senior level marketing executive and am very pleased with the outcome of the process and development for the resume with

The layout was incredible with an impecable introduction paragraph that was concise however reflected all my years of work experience.

I would definitely recommend to friends.

New Reviewer

"Action" is very important in presenting yourself to a potential employer through your resume. Unfortunately my old-school resume was very active in its own at killing employment prospects!

The folks at Doostang reviewed my resume and suggested a change of attitude for it. After just one week I had a new attitude courtesy of my dedicated resume writer! And within the next two weeks, I received four invitations for interviews. I appreciate the direct approach they took with me and love the right sort of action they brought to my old clunker of a resume.

Thank you for a great jump start!

New Reviewer

I am a college student. And since I switched my major, I had trouble to rewrite my resume. My friend suggested me the Doostang, and I started to contact to them. They firstly gave me some sample to let me see their master pieces. And then I decided to use their service. My assigned writer kept contacting me in order to better customize the resume and cover letter for me. ANC finally they sent me a qualified resume and cover letter to me on time.

New Reviewer

I wasn't looking for a resume-writing service when I stumbled onto Doostang. I was searching for jobs actually somehow through the web rabbit hole, I ended up looking at this site. I was on the fence about using a resume writing service, but decided to invest the money and see what they could do with mine.

The team was prompt at responding- I received a Thank you email immediately and was followed by an email letting me know someone would be assigned to look through my resume and get in touch. a day or two later, I heard from the person who would be writing for me. She completed my resume in a few days and had to me well within the first week in case I saw a need for any changes. The service was incredibly prompt and personal. I recommend them if you have a real need top freshen up your resume.

New Reviewer

Doostang is the best resume creation site there is! I was fortunate to work with Laura who was not only gave my resume (that wasn't updated in eons) a much needed makeover in a matter of few days but was also kind enough to incorporate my feedback into the final version. Laura also had an eye for resume usability and readability that resulted in a final version of the resume that exceeded my expectations! I would not hesitate to recommend Doostang to others - my experience with this company has been outstanding. Thanks to Laura and Seb!

New Reviewer

The Doostang Team were very one on one with me. I felt as if I were their only client - feeling like a priority all the time. It was very personal and the experience and process was not tedious at all. My questions were answered reasonably quickly and everything made clear to me. My resulting resume was flawless!!

New Reviewer

I decided to change career paths but really had no idea how to transfer my past experience into a relevant presentation for the change I desired. The folks at Doostang helped so much! I was amazed at how wonderful I sounded on paper. I landed an interview for the exact position I want within the first week of submitting my new resume. Working with Doostang was an invaluable investment and I would recommend them to anyone!

New Reviewer

I am very pleased with the quality of Doostang's resume writing service. The resume writer assigned to me was a good fit. My newly updated resume is professional, well written and reflects my skills and qualifications. My new resume will be the key to connecting positively with a potential employer, and making the difference in getting me selected for a job interview. I highly recommend Doostang's resume service.

My newly updated resume presents me in the best possible way.

New Reviewer

SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! Obviously, someone is being paid to give false positive reviews. Stay away at all costs. You should never be charged to apply for a job.

New Reviewer

I paid for a resume review and revision with Doostang. I received a team of professionals who gave me input, worked with me directly until I was happy (3 revisions) and the day I decided to test drive my new resume I got a direct call back from a recruiter. I've leveraged this resume 10 times, and received 6 direct, in-person interviews that have led to 2 job offers and I'm still waiting for another one, based upon the verbal the hiring manager just gave me. Great job on my professional presentation, Doostang Resume Service! Thank you!

New Reviewer

Believe me it won't help. I used Doostang when I graduated from college. I paid $40.00 per month as a member but no matter how many resumes I sent, I never heard back. After the membership expired, it still charged me every month. I did not know that until looked my credit card statement. I had been charged every month for almost one year!!!

New Reviewer

They keep charging my credit card and are not authorized to do so. I only wanted to sign up for 3 months. Then they started charging me for additional months. It was not worth it. No one replies to my requests for a refund.

New Reviewer

this website is a fraud, most jobs listed do not match the listings and then they illegally go in and start charging you $30 / month. I had to shut down my whole checking account to get rid of them. AND they have a non-working phone #, a fake New York address with a California zip code.

New Reviewer

A nightmare and a FRAUD.
They're not legit, complete scam: they charge you forever- impound you account
$40 each month - you can't get out, and they won't refund.
Get them out of business guys - DOONSTANG is awful.

New Reviewer

I signed up for the 2 day trial. After the 2 day trial they automatically signed me up for the $40 monthly subscription. What was worse, after explaining the situation they refused a refund! Very poor customer service. Personally, I question whether many of the jobs are even real.

New Reviewer

Slime balls. I applied for one job through then and suddenly was getting emails trying to get me to sign up for their 40 dollars per month service. Why would I pay you when I can get better jobs for free elsewhere. Furthermore they sent me a pretty scathing review of my resume which I almost took to heart until I saw they wanted me to pay $300 to write another one. Don't pay for this site, go with a legitimate job search site! These guys are crooks. Here's hoping they go under.

New Reviewer

Doostang has stale job postings majority of the time. Even if the job posting is current, it is available elsewhere as well (on indeed, simplyhired, monster etc.)

I think Doostang and The Ladders are scam and should be avoided - all they want is your money and not deliver anything of value.

New Reviewer

I wish I would have checked for reviews before I paid my money. This is only my second time using a resume writing service, and I would have done better sticking to the resume that I have and hoping for the best. Talk about poor writing skills! It is false that they employ highly skilled/certified resume writers. Stay away!!! Stay away!!!! Stay away!!!!!

New Reviewer

They charged my credit card without my authorization. I had signed up for the 2 day trial for $9.99 and they immediately charged my credit card another $29.99 for a full month subscription which I did not want nor authorize. I contacted them and they told me that it was all written in the "small print". I was not refunded my money so I basically paid $40 for my "trial". Worst of all, the number of jobs that you cannot find on other search engines is basically zero.

New Reviewer

Resume writing service was VERY disappointing. I found spelling and grammatical errors, there was another woman's name on my resume, and a date was wrong. Formatting stunk too - I was unable to print. Feeling duped for paying $300 for this service. If you're thinking of getting your resume reviewed and written, try someplace else.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Applied to many jobs on this website and it seemed my resume went into the same internet black hole as other free sites.....but they seem to make a lot of $$ from anyone willing to sign up based on the monthly fees charged!!

New Reviewer

Really cheap trick. They get you to sign up for 2 days .. so you can apply to a few places. If you forget to cancel subscription .. you're screwed. You get charged 40 dollars.. for a services you most likely won't even use for the next month. At least give people back their money.

New Reviewer

Money stealers. Totally useless

New Reviewer

Now this is a site that is lost up their own arse! I don't think they even know what they do for a living. The way they acquire members is dubious enough and then all jobs you see are entry level. Might work for some people not for me.

New Reviewer

The site's contents are ok for finance. I got a couple call-backs, though none worked out for me.

I will not sign up for them in the future because they charged me under an auto-renewal plan, didn't immediately refund the full amount, then agreed (I believe per state law) to refund the full amount, and now they have started billing me again ... it has been a ridiculous effort to try to get the site to come clean and refund my money.

They apparently have a microscopic customer service staff that, while they have been responsive (fast to respond), have not really been helpful (I am still working 6 weeks later and multiple emails later and after diligently looking at my bank statements to get a full refund and not be magically added back to some sort of service involving a recurring subscription fee).

My advice: sign up and IMMEDIATELY take yourself off the recurring billing option, and get a record of email(s) to customer service having them assure you that you have been removed from all recurring subscriptions / fees for life. Then when they sign you up for a recurring subscription you didn't ask for (to meet payroll???), complain to the BBB and everywhere else you can.

New Reviewer

This company is a scam, they force you to send invites to 20 of your colleagues and then you can't cancel your subscription. They expand their network of contacts by forcing you to 'pimp' their business. It's like a used car dealership...if you start work there, they pump you for family and friends who might buy a car there.

Avoid at all costs.

Apprentice Reviewer

John - you can cancel your membership is by going into your account
settings (assuming nothing changed since I've done it). If you look
around there is something about canceling your subscription, you just
check that box. If that doesn't work then try emailing them - Hope that helps.

I've heard mixed things, but personally I've had a pretty good
experience with the site. I was looking for an analyst position at an
investment bank and they had some great leads. I think they have
companies posting on there directly, a lot of the finance positions I
was applying to I haven't seen anywhere else. Not sure how good they
are about other industries. The response rate isn't that great, but
it's probably no worse than other places given the economy. I used the
site for 3 or 4 months during which I've applied to probably over 100
jobs, got 4 or 5 interviews and two solid offers. It helps if you look
at the post date for all the jobs and only apply to the recent ones. I
don't think I got any responses from the older job postings.

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