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Product reminds me a lot of my old diploma that I replaced and customer service was great. (in 5 reviews)

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2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Thank you for understanding our 'problem'. Kim did a great job!

Ask Jeremy about
1 review
2 helpful votes

Very fast service. Thanks for my diploma. The two gold seals came out great.

Ask Mickey about
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

good investment

Ask SCOTT about
1 review
0 helpful votes


tried to order on seems you are unable to order but send email. same company? unsure

Ask gerry about
1 review
6 helpful votes

I ordered a replacement diploma through these guys as my school is closed. After confirming with the sales representative that they had the proper layout as well as the foil seal with the name of the school on it I went ahead and ordered the replacement diploma. When received it was missing the foil seal, instead a generic red seal was in place. The color of the name of the school was wrong, as was the positioning of the name. Other than that, the printing is great quality as is the paper. I will be in touch with the company to see if I can get these issues addressed. I will update after that.

Tip for consumers: Get the sample and double check it for accuracy.

Ask John about
1 review
10 helpful votes

To be honest I was extremely shocked by how fast and great everything was. For a few days before finding diploma company I contacted other "fake diploma" sites mostly by email. They did not offer chat, phone or fast email help. Some sites made me wait 2 days for even a response.

I want to thank Dolan personally for getting my order out the same day even though I placed it after the daily cut off time. In 30 minutes I had my FedEx tracking number.


Ask LeAnne about
1 review
11 helpful votes

I got my diploma super fast, and excellent service, you get the total freedom. They listen and design exactly what you are looking for. Thanks again guys!

Ask Isha about
1 review
9 helpful votes

Thank you for the SUPER fast and excellent looking replacement degree.

Ask Rollins about
1 review
14 helpful votes

I debated on what site to use for my diploma. Researched site after site for about two full weeks. It seemed like every site had negative reviews. I searched on sitejabber and notice most of the negative reviews for diplomacompany .com were not even actually reviews from customers but people just talking about these types of sites in general as that was copied and pasted on all of these sites.

I talked to Dolan on live chat and he promised me my order would look like any real diploma would. I got the sample with my order. I approved it and they printed and shipped it out. Arrived nicely for me.

Ask Alex about
1 review
12 helpful votes

WOW! Super fast service and great work. I needed this to show my grandkids that I graduated as I lost my original many many years ago. My school said 6-12 weeks for a copy. Perfect.

Ask Mark about
1 review
13 helpful votes

I don't buy a lot of fake diplomas, so I have little to compare these guys to but I liked my experience. Product reminds me a lot of my old diploma that I replaced and customer service was great.

Ask Johnny about
1 review
12 helpful votes

I saw the today show report on NBC yesterday morning and ordered from THAT day. Just came today! Looks like the one on the show! This is so cool. Had no idea this kind of site existed!!!

Ask Mikey about
2 reviews
23 helpful votes

I ordered last week after the cutoff for new orders, but they still managed to stay latte and get my order out! Most other sites shut down when I needed them most. I got my high school diploma from Georgia and I'm very pleased.

Ask Amanda about
1 review
19 helpful votes

Diploma Company helped me replace my diploma from a small college in North Carolina. Dolan over chat told me it would be done and that they had my layout on file. Now, you read a lot of things online, so as you can imagine I thought long and hard before making a purchase. When it came, I was very impressed because the document reminded me a lot of my old diploma. They had nailed pretty much all of it. I normally don't write reviews, but felt I owed it to this company and their staff because a lot of what I read out there, I find very dishonest.

Ask Max about
1 review
4 helpful votes

I just ordered a degree last week. I paid for rush 3-5 day service. I emailed yesterday to follow up and they said they could not send my item because I listed a different shipping address than my billing address. I called today and was hung up on (by Brian) shortly after calling. I will pursue fraud charges and try to get them shut down. I am a real customer. I took a photo of the confirmation of order with my phone as proof. THIS IS A SCAM!

Ask Charlotte about
1 review
19 helpful votes

I had lost my degree in a house flood from a broken pipe a few months back.. I contacted them on the phone and they made everything very easy to understand and place an order. I chose free shipping and it was at my door in 4 days. 5 stars!!

Ask steve about
1 review
22 helpful votes

Funny reading all of these post.I really just bought a true novelty diploma. Hustler of the year degree for $179 but asked for a coupon as I wasn't using it for a job or anything useful. Just to impress the friends and family that come around. Funny thinks is how everyone asked how did I get a school to print that? Looks like any real diploma and I know its a fake degree title but love it. Any scam post I am assuming another site has a motive to sell more for their own site. Oh well. Diploma company shipped a item on actual diploma paper . thanks for the good work...

Ask Mikey about
3 reviews
28 helpful votes

Everything was excellent with the diploma. Good job and service.
I just read above about the two other post. I actually ordered a home school diploma for my daughter. When you do home schooling the person who oversees it has to buy the diploma for the graduating person. I said I placed my order , got it and everything was perfect. That is it!

Ask Jamie about
3,859 reviews
5,435 helpful votes

☠ Internet Fake Diploma, International Degree/Transcript Scam Site
☛ Do you need to shame yourself and your family?
☛ Do you need to get fired from your new job for employment fraud?
☛ Do you need to be known in the employment network By Name, as a fraud and a cheat?
☛ Do you need to face possible legal action for fraud?
☛ Do you really need to be so stupid that you will freely let people "take" hundreds your hard earned dollars, for "nothing"?

☞ Then you really need to have a Fake High School Diploma, or even better a Fake College or University Diploma as they will cost you hundreds of dollars more. No wait, maybe you need a Fake International Degree or a Fake Transcript!
☞ Then you can provide them for your next employment opportunity and hopefully they will be discovered as fake/fraud and a "Real Honest Person" can have that job! As your background knowledge behind that Fake will not match your education level and can clearly be seen!
☞ Remember, "stupid" needs to Fake it, "smart" does not, and that's why they are called "smart", and the fakers are Not!

(•ิ_•ิ) If you truly earned it, and need a replacement, just contact the issuing authority for a legal certified copy. No need to fake it.
(•ิ_•ิ) A fool and their money are easily parted... and called stupid!!

The consequences of hiring someone with a fake degree can be dire to a company’s wellbeing.
☛ Missing skills: The person may not have the skills that would have been obtained within the coursework of an actual degree. Having someone on staff who doesn’t know what they are doing can cost a company big-time.
☛ Public embarrassment: Everyone has seen the news of a high ranking executive being exposed for faking his degree. Publicly uncovering an employee who lied about his credentials is extremely detrimental to a company’s reputation, and sometimes it takes years to recover.
☛ Dishonesty: Let’s face it, if a person will lie about their education, what is stopping them from committing other fraudulent (stealing money, trade secrets, etc) acts once they are hired?

Ask Mai about
4,898 reviews
4,322 helpful votes

Wow there are so many 5 star reviews from people that ONLY do one review here on . . . Fake / Compensated reviews?

James Sonny says: "Fact is, you say that we sell nursing degrees? Why? Please, provide proof! We do not and never have made a single law or medial degree. Stop spreading lies.."

( Included picture offering it for sale bottom of this page )

James Sonny. Hey it says here you're the Managing Director of Diploma Company. Not just a site rep: ""

Diploma company has at least four identical sites out on the internet, trying to sell fake Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and more!

All the sites listed above have a lot of 5 star reviews from accounts that have only done one review here on Sitejabber. ( shill accounts / compensated reviewers)

Diploma Mill or Real Online Degree? 10 Ways to Spot the Fake!!

People are using fake diplomas to get all kinds of jobs without having the proper training:

Like this doctor that got busted for fake credentials!

Or this Nurse:

Or this Dentist:

Or this Lawyer:
(allegedly forged numerous documents attesting that she was a licensed attorney, including an attorney's license for 2014, supposed bar examination results, supposed records of her law school attendance and a check purporting to show she'd paid her registration fees.)

Don't believe me?? Go to a search engine and search for any of these:
Doctor busted for fake credentials
Nurse busted for fake credentials
Dentist busted for fake credentials
Lawyer busted for fake credentials

There are 1000's of results!! Sooner or later, companies like yours will come under the INVESTIGATION of the authorities . . .
( Wouldn't it be ironic if you had a car crash and the doctor at the emergency room, had credentials by one of YOUR fake degrees . . . )

Be warned there are many companies like these selling fake Degrees and Diplomas.

Buying and using these fake degrees or diplomas will put you at risk of prosecution for fraud and other charges.
-------------------End of review-------------------

FOOTNOTES: SITE REP: "James Sonny" accuses me of extortion??

------------July 5, 2015----------------
This statement - James Sonny: "you are trying to say bad things about a company in hopes they will pay you off to remove it. "

Warren E: RIDICULOUS! Like most of your comments. YOU are accusing me of EXTORTION??? Best laugh I have had all week!

------------July 6, 2015----------------
Warren E: As for your claim, that I posted 4000 - One star reviews? AGAIN RIDICULOUS!
Yet another another bogus claim with no merit, like your pathetic accusations of EXTORTION!!

At the time of this posting, total reviews I have done is: 4,605 Reviews, with 3,632 Votes:
2,630 Very Helpful
8 Funny
929 Fraud Buster
8 Great Find
57 Well Said
and 1 Extortion Vote ( by some CRAZY person . . . )

Tip for consumers: Ask " Charlotte R. what she thought of the service here: "“Ripped me off” is what she said! :

Ask warren about
1 review
28 helpful votes

I was nervous about spending a lot of money on a fake diploma because some of the diploma sites have bad reviews. I found a web site FAKEDIPLOMAREVIEW.ORG, that actually buys fake diplomas to see how authentic they truly are and they rate these sites by quality, price, time, customer service, etc. they even post pictures of the diploma that they purchased. Which is cool. I decided to go with Diploma Company, which I am very happy that I did. I ordered my high school diploma with an authentic seal . I had it shipped for free which is a service that they offer. I ordered my diploma on 05/02/13 I received an email that my order was processed. Later that day I received a 2nd email saying that my diploma was ready to be shipped. It went out on the 3rd and I received it today 05/10. If you aren't in a rush this is the way to go. I am in Florida and they are located in Virginia. I also spoke to a gentleman once who was nice and answered my questions. Over all experience was great. I would recommend and would buy from Diploma Company again.

Ask Tanya about
1 review
8 helpful votes

If you come across this company, my advise is to RUN (not walk) Away from them.

They are EXCELLENT Sales persons and have a very slick website and well seasoned sales reps, but their quality control and customer service AFTER the sale is the worse I have EVER SEEN.

And I used to be in the printing business, so I know!


I had originally made an order with them last year. Although I was not over impressed, it was "ok". Not worth the money I had paid for the service though.

So, recently, I decided to make a second order with them - for a totally different institution. After they assured me there would be NO similarities between the two orders as far as documentation details (as these were different institutions) - I place the order.

When I received the order - I was shocked!! There were so many issues that I immediately customer service who stated these issues could be resolved as long as I spoke to one of the managers named "Henry"

After speaking with "Henry" I realized he was pulling every trick in the book in an attempt to put the blame on me, and that they (the company) was not at fault. He also told me my original order did not exist with them (even after I was told earlier by a sales rep that there would be no issues.) Henry also stated that was NOT their website (he would not explain) and that I did not have an online account with them. Even though I did have an online account with him.

Henry's goal was to put the blame on me, and also wanted me to pay more money to have the work done again. I refused, and simply called my credit card company and did a charge reversal.

For the record - here are a few of the issues that the order had:


1.) Quality of paper was below grade.
2.) The printing is mis-aligned.
3.) The "seal" was simply a generic one used. Henry stated that it was against the law to use the institution's name in the seal, yet when I reminded him he had done this for an earlier order he did not reply.
4.) The word "university" was used instead of the word "college". Henry told me that these ment the same. (what a load of bull.)
5.) The EXACT same president and registrar signatures were used on both schools.


1.) The same document template was used (front and back) and signatures, for the second school as with the first school. *Henry stated that schools never stick to a common format. This made no sense.
2.) I had requested an "over all average score". Instead, EVERY SUBJECT had exactly the same mark!

Ask James about
1 review
26 helpful votes

That last review is true. They did a great job and delivered quickly. Everything was fine. When I mentioned using my diploma in a certain way they gave me critical info to ensure I didn't get myself in trouble. So, my experience was great.

Ask lolli about
11 reviews
70 helpful votes

UPDATE - I just found this update from Scam Patrol and want to share with others...

NATION-WIDE SCAM ALERT! DIPLOMA COMPANY . COM another BIG FRAUD! Scam Patrol International recently completed a nine month investigation of 23 fake diploma mill companies and issues our report at the below link. However at that time the jury was still out on a company called DIPLOMA COMPANY . COM …………….
We now add the DIPLOMA COMPANY . COM to the growing lists of internet scams that take your money and provide nothing but anger, grief, and financial loss.

However, we congratulate the DIPLOMA COMPANY . COM for their elaborate creativity in duping the public with paid testimonials, an 800 number, credit card processing, live chat from a "customer service rep", and even their own fake diploma review website or blogs (run under a fictitious name) that off course, rates their company as "the best" and "No 1". All of these clever tricks is designed to make their scam look more believable, and yes, people are falling for it!

Unfortunately YOU WILL RECEIVE NOTHING FROM THEM OTHER THAN AN ORDER NUMBER which look very real but which is only designed to keep you from stopping payment on your order long enough until your payment clears.
Further, this diploma company scams you for even more money than the others ** charging you extra for everything from "authentic seals", "FedEx delivery", etc. so that when they do swindle you, they get more from you than the others listed at this link:


If you send them payment you will join the list of over 10,000 victims that have already come forward.

The DIPLOMA COMPANY . COM is now under investigation of Authorities!

We personally documented the fraud over the last 6 weeks with our own order for a diploma from a major University and after we confirmed that they processed our payment for $303, we waited for a delivery that has not come yet in six weeks even though we paid for express delivery ** FEDEX.


V. Lucciono

Ask $#*! about
3 reviews
41 helpful votes

Like I said before, people will have difference experiences but what I experienced was nothing short of positive! I purchased five diplomas, one from Phony, one from Diploma Company, one from ND-Center, etc. The quality at Diploma Company was the best out of them all. Obviously, as far as refund issues go, I never had to experience that, but I did read their FAQ and terms, and the company is restricted from doing certain schools and apparently issues might arise is you pick such a school, but I would just ask prior to ordering. My school came... spot on! :) Please check out my blog at ...

Ask Tim about
1 review
16 helpful votes

This website will cheat you out of your money. I ordered something from them and they were friendly and I asked them if they could process my order, and they were quite sure that they could. The next day I get an email saying "we couldn't place your order, and we won't refund your money" then when I talked to there customer service, they had the gall to yell at me instead of trying to resolve this. DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE

Ask Emmanuel about

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