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New Reviewer

If Digestacure is really every thing they claim it is why don't they provide the first 3 bottles for free? Then after you have completed the first 3 bottles and your are better you will certainly want to order more. At that time the price for the next 3 bottles could be prorated to include the first three bottles. If it really works like they claim they should not be afraid to stick THEIR necks out instead of the consumer. Anything that claims to cure EVERYTHING could not possibly be true. O' if only life were that simple. I remember when shark meat was the cure for cancer, the shark died and so did the person who fell for this 'cure'. But somone made a lot of money by feeding the desperate hopes of others.

Tip for consumers: DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Ask DLena about Digestaqure
New Reviewer

I had at least 8 auto immune conditions and I did the Digestaqure gut cleanse
and it worked. It's a great product if you are looking for something outside of the box. My carpal tunnel, allergies, high blood pressure, and many others ARE GONE.

New Reviewer

ordered 3 bottles at 427 .00 on line, saw these pages and called to cancel first thing next morning. Was very nice and said they would cancel. sent email that said they canceled at 8:11. They sent another email that said they shipped at 8:45. Does any co ship that fast? I don't think so. Made the mistake of using debit card which was suppose to be a credit card also but it wasn't. or at least the bank could not stop the payment. I am going to the Fed trade commission as soon as they open.


One of those pages that shouts "scam" from a mile off, no attempt to even make it look professional but a great number of scientific references that they can be sure nobody - not even me - will ever bother to read. Lots of waffle and filler and guarantees to cure every illness known to man, and then some, followed by a cost of $150 for a month's supply.

It's aloe vera, no different to aloe vera in anyone else's bottles, and if you want to find out about aloe vera, just go look it up on Wikipedia (or even better - ask your doctor!!) and ignore all the apparently-genuine claims that it will cure rabies or radiation sickness.

Do people *ever* consult their doctors before handing money over to these snake-oil salesmen?

New Reviewer

They have a money back quarantee that if you take as directed for the minimum amount of days according to your condition and are not satisfied with your level of progress you get your initial investment back. I bought 3 bottles at a cost of $427.00, had no improvement and they told me to get more and continue taking the product. I bought another 3 bottles at the same price.No improvement after 7 months on it.They gave me 90 days and after that I was supposed to receive my money back. I called them and they gave me a hard time. Would not give my money back!!!

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