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DiabetesReversed reviews

47 reviews
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47 Reviews From Our Community

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The Barton Publishing Natural Health Reports arrived quickly and is a great addition to my collection of books. (in 9 reviews)


Let me tell you, The Diabetes Solution Kit is really beneficial for Diabetes sufferers (in 8 reviews)


I've bought an Acid reflux solution kit Joe Barton from Diabetes Reversed. (in 8 reviews)

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New Reviewer

utterly stupid. If there is a issue get to the point.

If this is true we would here tons on people who successfully did this. Even people posting on this review site, not one of them say they are cured or doing better. All they say is good information.

most of the stuff is common sense.

New Reviewer

What impresses me about Barton Publishing Natural Home Remedies is its philosophical approach to solving various health problems. The overall message of the book is truly wonderful and inspiring for anyone.

New Reviewer

Total waste of time. Drags on forever with no accurate information.

New Reviewer

I found Diabetes Barton Review is very helpfull this book is good source of dietary information.

New Reviewer

Thank you so much for all of your help and thank you very much for excellent service!

New Reviewer

I am not here to promote anything or advertise anything. this is simply my story. I am 5,5" 230 lbs 7 years ago I suddenly started going to the restroom several times in an hour. My wife suggested for me to go to the health clinic a blood check. 520 was my sugar level. I was told to go to the doctor immediately but I refused. Small town doctor is very friendly with the pharmacy companies in my town. I found the the diabetes reversal followed it for 6 month. Dropped my sugar level to very normal and I could eat whatever I want and it would still show normal. Stopped testing my self. I also lost 40 lbs. Today I am back because I lost the document and need it because I got careless with my self again.

New Reviewer

I found this after trying to find the website where I got the Dieabetes Reversed report so I can buy the acid reflux for myself. But when I saw one of the reviews saying that it doesn't work I had to comment.

I purchased this for my mom because she was recently diagnosed with Type2 Diabetes. and despite adding some exercise and light diet changes her numbers kept climbing up. Doctor was always ready for the RX in hand. Finally, I started doing research and figured I'd give this a try.

I have to say that this ebook contains well researched information that I was able to match with some of my research. I can tell you this much: If you think this is going to be a magic "pill" or trick without changing your life style you are in for a rude awakening. Yes, genes play a role, but if you aren't willing (like I sat down and told mom) to make drastic changes you will stay where you are.

We went through the book and I even adapted some of the recommendations as I fear it can be hereditary. Her A1C went down from 7 something to under 5.7. Was it easy? Of course not. Is it possible? Of course. Her Dr. couldn't believe it and neither half the family. The report in itself is a gem, we are now getting the HBP for grandma and AR for me.

My thing is that I don't like reading too much,so the video work me. Investing in my mom's life was worth every minute of it.

Ask SmartyWitty about DiabetesReversed
New Reviewer

My wife bought the book, followed the advice and nearly died from a diabetic coma, it's basically a scam.

New Reviewer

I am so pleased with their services. Diabetes Reversed website is revolutionary to Diabetes Solution

New Reviewer

This store is good for Diabetes sufferers. Let me tell you, The Diabetes Solution Kit is really beneficial for Diabetes sufferers

New Reviewer

Very satisfied with the Barton Publishing Natural Health Reports, Im more happy with my purchase, everything was like you say in your webpage.

New Reviewer

The Diabetes Solution Kit is beneficial when you constantly do this programs. I am working person and hardly have time for doing all these programs, I use it once in a day and it's seems like to be very beneficial to my diabetec body.

New Reviewer

I've bought an Acid reflux solution kit Joe Barton from Diabetes Reversed. The delivery was pretty fast, Great customer service. It is better to shop any health product compare to other website.

New Reviewer

If you truly want to cure your diabetes you sould use The Diabetes Solution Kit form Barton Publishing, I ordered Diabetes Solution Kit for my mom she reduce her blood sugar level in just 3 weeks.

New Reviewer

The Barton Publishing Natural Health Reports arrived quickly and is a great addition to my collection of books. I found the information very good. I think it will really help my dad's reflux.

New Reviewer

Using the natural back pain kit has no side effects and the reveals astonishing 'secret' cause of my back pain and sciatica. It impart natural both change and relief….

New Reviewer

Having high blood pressure always made me nervous about my long term health. After being on so many prescribed drugs for so long, finding the natural remedy was so rewarding.

New Reviewer

With the help of Reflux Remedy Report I really found out which natural remedies lined up with what my body needed. It’s just not getting solution it’s getting a whole lifestyle change. I was so tired of expensive drugs and painful side effects. I am so thankful for Barton Publishing.

New Reviewer

The information in Barton publishing acid reflux review is very informative and I appreciated the details that were given. I am very happy with this purchase.

New Reviewer

This acid reflux solution kit Joe Barton is a must use' for anyone who is willing to take charge of their acid reflux disease.

New Reviewer

Barton Publishing Natural Health Reports tells you how and why you suffering from diabetes. Easy reading with a great introduction to guide you easily through the chapters. Everyone should read this.

New Reviewer

I believe Barton Publishing Natural Health Reports is one of the most valuable books out there for people struggling with Diabetes. This is just a great book - I tell all my friends to read it.

New Reviewer

If you're wanting to live a healthier life, I definitely recommend picking Acid reflux solution kit Joe Barton up. I do think it will at least motivate you to get moving in the right direction.

New Reviewer

This is a well written book About Diabetes Reversed, in this Barton Publishing Natural Health Reports has definitely some interesting ideas I learned all kinds of things that I never knew About Diabetes.

New Reviewer

I finished Barton Publishing Natural Health Reports on this morning. There were lots of good suggestions and recommendations that would help remedy a lot of the dietary ailments I am faced from last few year now I found myself becoming increasingly annoyed throughout the book with the suggestions to mandate the dietary requirements.

New Reviewer

I am giving 3 stars for Joe Barton diabetes solution kit review because I will find a lot of original idea in the Barton diabetes solution kit review I bought the book exactly for that reason. Some useful information is in this book will help with your health if you follow Diabetes Barton Review suggestion.

New Reviewer

I followed the advice by Barton Publishing Natural Health Reports and I love it and would give it all stars, if you really want to get healthy and see complete metamorphosis in yourself in a natural way in a few weeks you've got to get this Barton Publishing Natural Home Remedies in your home.

Veteran Reviewer

My god this guy loves the sound of his own voice! My guess is he also loves your money. Not only does the video go on FOREVER but after 20 minutes when you try to leave the page, it's like your held hostage!!!
First thing is that they're NOT offering anything "new or exciting" their so-called cure has been around forever!
Secondly, what they are offering is "overpriced pamphlets" not even hardcover books!!!
My opinion is save the 30 minutes of your life from being wasted!

New Reviewer

I read this book from a friend and decided to buy it for me I found the information very good. I can highly recommend it!

New Reviewer

I found immediate relief by using The Diabetes Solution Kit. Might not hurt to try.

New Reviewer

This book did an excellent job teaching me what is the leads to Diabetes. I thought was a The Diabetes Solution Kit it could save your life or someone you love, who is suffering from Diabetes,

New Reviewer

I love Barton publishing diabetes kit, I even follow the diet to get in my normal weight, and please get it for your loved once so you can enjoy life even if its short you can still live healthy. Thank you Joe Barton!

New Reviewer

I found Barton publishing diabetes solution kit review a fabulous resource to reverse diabetic this book is a must read for everyone with diabetes, pre-diabetes, or even for someone who is simply overweight.

New Reviewer

Past 3.5 years I have struggled to keep my blood pressure under control. Thankfully a friend introduced me to Barton Publishing Natural Home Remedies 1 year ago and follows the advice I read enough to understand the concepts and apply them to my lifestyle I am feel healthy now.

New Reviewer

I am a type 2 diabetic living on Main Street America. I paid twenty dollars for the book, purchased through Joe Barton Publishing Company’s website. There are many excellent suggestions relative to helping us understand our health problems along with practical this Barton publishing acid reflux review is almost exactly what I wanted.

New Reviewer

The Diabetes Solution Kit is almost exactly what I wanted I learned so much from this Barton Publishing Natural Health Reports beyond that I really love the clear language and the way that he explained things that I have been confused about for years. I recommend this book for all people with diabetes and pre-Diabetes.

New Reviewer

Site is a lengthy video ad that does not tell you what foods are useful in fighting diabetes. It runs about 20 minutes with the speaker repeatedly saying he's going to tell you that info, but he never does.

Note that the first name and last name initial of the positive reviewers here are the same names as those of 1970's usa tv situation comedies. That may be only a coincidence, though.

New Reviewer

I started following Joe Barton advice from Barton Publishing Natural Health Reports in January of this year. I got his most recent book as soon as it was available. I finally feel like I have my diabetes under control. Not only am I filling better but also I look great.

New Reviewer

I would like to recommend this wonderful program (Barton Publishing diabetes reversal report) to anyone who would like to have a happier and healthier life, and to be more intimate with themselves and others.

New Reviewer

Your prices are excellent and the customer service is flawless. I would definitely use your company again. Everything was as forecasted.

New Reviewer

Thanks for the fast and expert experience. Was an absolute pleasure dealing with Diabetes Reversed.

New Reviewer

Everything was great. I am so pleased with your excellent customer service that I have already recommended your services to some of my friends.

New Reviewer

Absolutely superb service I'm very happy with my purchase and would definitely use your website again as it has the best range and lowest priced acid reflux solution kit joe barton on the Internet!! : )

New Reviewer

I have read many favorable reviews of your business and you certainly did not disappoint. I'm very happy with my purchase.

New Reviewer

To put it succinctly ... which they don't ... it is all talk and a money making thing and should not be allowed on the internet.

New Reviewer

This guy seems like a real jerk. He makes you watch a long video while making you wait for the "magic" cure for diabetes. He gives a big sales pitch including scary pictures of what will happen to you if you don't buy his products.

In the end he says using things like cinnamon and apples to cure diabetes. I've read elsewhere about cinnamon already.

My main objection is his obnoxious video, where he constantly says, "I'll tell you the magic solution later" etc.

New Reviewer

My wife ordered the 'book' from them, and paid US $56. On the site it is displayed as a nice looking, 200 page hardcover copy. In practice you receive a 80 page pile-of-faxes bound with a cheap plastic spiral binding.

Nonetheless, the information contained wasn't all that bad: proper English and research at least looked real.

Afterwards I simply googled and found the e-book online. So really it's a waste to buy this. Just download the e-book and print it for a couple of bucks if you really care.

This book is from Barton Publishing, which may or may not have better quality offers in it's range.

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Q: Hi i have tried to watch this presentation but find it hard as you waffle on and on and dont get to the point which is how much it will cost, now i dont mind paying for some thing that will cure my diabetes but i dont have that much life left that i can spend listening to some one going on and on and on so why dont you cut the presentation down so people will see what you are selling and then get on with buying it best wishes Liam Hogan
A: Where is the Ebook?
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