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50 reviews
Categories: Art, Literature, Photography
7095 Hollywood Blvd #788
West Hollywood, California, USA
Tel: +1.3236456000
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50 Reviews From Our Community

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It is a great site where you can post any kind of art from visual art such as drawing, painting, etc. (in 6 reviews)


I can see so much great work from so many different people. (in 21 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I'm user for a year, and DeviantArt is fun, but there are some things I got for you:

1: Beware of 'PornLinks', By that I mean, I met about 4 accounts who had month from creating and were created by people from Pakistan and were used to put links to porn sites in comments on other accounts..

2: ShareZone: You can go 'Jail' for unknown reason, and some people can be a bit rude.

3: Art that you prefer to not see.. I mean when I've been on really good My Little Pony art, In 'More From DeviantArt" I saw Fat shaking asses.. without age restriction.. I'm 16, and I don't want to see that, and that Pony art didn't had any relatives with it.. There's ART, Not PORN...

4: I met Trolls.. Like always..

5 To don't get misunderstood, Think twice before you comment..

Tip for consumers: To don't get misunderstood, Think twice before you comment..

Ask Casey about DeviantArt
1 review
0 helpful votes

alert On 2/18/2015 10:08 PM, a transaction in the amount of $4.95 was approved at: WWW.DEVIANTART.COM, CA

Ask Robin about DeviantArt
1 review
0 helpful votes

I give it 5 stars because the site actually achieve its purpose. Which is to create a sense of community for artists and viewers. Some people might judge it badly because of the content other users upload, but as any site with social interactions you need to be prepared for any sort of material or commentary (it's not the site's fault), in my case I only focus on what I like (professional fan art from my favourite fandoms and good designs) instead of bashing on the awful submissions, (like kid's drawings on paint, weird fetishes, extremely mature content, etc.). The site even attracts extremely talented people which build contemporary content for our tv shows and videogames. And some contests running in the site involve pretty big companies searching for talent for designing their content.
I also like reviewing my favourite images every time I can, either to admire others work or to learn from it.
I'm telling you this from my experience form the last 5 years, and the sense of excitement for watching other's reaction to my content never gets old, specailly from the art groups I belong.

Tip for consumers: If you want to view proffesional art about your fandom or what you love, this is the right place, just search for the most recognized groups on the topic (They usually compile the best content in one place).

Ask lyricjam about DeviantArt
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I wouldn't recommend this site for some viewers or to those who love to write, do photography, or any art hobby. My parents have a concern for those who are on that site like there could be sexual predators or pedophiles that could be posing as a girl, or guy. It depends. You have to be careful on this site I had trouble with cyber bullies. and it can be difficult referring to some safety concerns.

Ask Lauren about DeviantArt
4 reviews
2 helpful votes

You have to pick through the dung pile to find the diamond ring with this site. Art is subjective and all but sometimes it goes without saying that some people just don't have talent. Most of the people on here are younger than 13 (and say they're older) and offended or put off by anything that isn't completely positive about their work. Anyone older than that is usually an elitist, cyber bully, or fan girl who draws bubbly looking anime guys making out.

Its rare that you'll find something you'll enjoy since now you have to pay for pretty much anything useful pertaining to the search engine on the site. Prepare to be harassed by children and ADULTS begging you to write or draw you something for FREE because a couple bucks is too much for your hard efforts. Also, expect for people to steal your art.

There are some good people on this site and excellent art, you just need a ton of patience.

Ask Marissa about DeviantArt
8 reviews
13 helpful votes

I had trouble with cyberbullies on this site, you see it is worse then facebook. If I were you it is a bit of concern to my parents that people on there are sick and twisted even if there is great art. You see you never know if there are petifiles on there. And people make up rumors, and other nasty things becareful and chose your friends wisely or only friend those you know.

Ask Clover about DeviantArt
1 review
0 helpful votes

I'm now going on four years as a proud deviant. I've earned a lot of friends here, and for the most part, people are nice. A lot of amazing art on here, and many many people with potential that I just love encouraging. <3

The deviantART staff are very busy, so be patient when submitting a question. I have seen them handle many "trolls" effectively. If some kid decides it'll be cool to steal art, everyone is on your side and they get banned almost immediately. In all honesty, these trolls are freaking hilarious, but if you have better things to do, just ignore them.

People will kindly give you critiques. On occassion you'll find an a--hole who has to argue with everybody; just ignore them and know you're the better person. You'll find trolls everywhere, not just dA.

I love the community and there are so many ways to ge discovered!

Ask Rebecca about DeviantArt
7 reviews
6 helpful votes

I love this site. So many talented people with awesome ideas. Every time I visit their site I see so many new things and learn so much and have met some really cool new friends who share similar interests. .

Ask Kelly about DeviantArt
1 review
2 helpful votes

I just hate it.
The people on there are rude.
Please, if you go on it be careful.
I don't want anyone feeling worthless.

Ask McKenna about DeviantArt
5 reviews
3 helpful votes

I have been a member of Deviantart for over 8 years.
The site itself is great, no complaints. Layout makes submitting, viewing, searching, ect easy and enjoyable.
The only problem I have on this site is with the younger/immature users. If you become a pretty popular artist, You will run into harassment and "trolls" whom will attempt to insult and discourage you.
Just ignore them, block and report. Deviantart staff have always been fast and reliable for solving my problems with such users, suspending and freezing their accounts fairly quick.
You may also have problems with art thieves. But, Deviantart protects all your work and is also fairly quick to remove it from the thieves account and banning them from the site.
They also help prevent theft of your work posted on other sites.

Ask Courtney about DeviantArt
7 reviews
5 helpful votes

I love going to deviant art to look at the great work that various artists have created. Anything you can think of can be found there. It is free to use and user friendly. I would highly recommend it.

Ask TheAwesome about DeviantArt
3 reviews
14 helpful votes

This is a photo sharing site that used to be good, but is getting a bit out of hand. At first, it was a good site for photographers to have their photos critiqued. But lately, it has been overloaded with lots of semi-porno type images, which seem to be the most popular. That's not so bad, but it seems a lot of those 'adult photos' have links to websites that are more x-rated related than photo related.

Ask Bertrand about DeviantArt
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

DeviantArt is possibly my favourite website ^^ It's full of absolutely wonderful and talented people, and everyone shares wonderful works of art, literature or games ^^ You can also do RP with people, create a club of your interest, buy ACTUAL stuff with either money or points, there are sales with holidays or in general, etc. DeviantArt is, personally for me, one of the most used websites for me ^^

Ask Audrey about DeviantArt
5 reviews
6 helpful votes

Here's the thing about DA... it's extremely complicated to categorize, just like art itself. DA basically boils down to, "What is art?" DA is like the single source on the entire planet where that question is fought (besides the whole video game art situation.)

So when you go to DA, plan on trying to realize that art is extremely subjective and just because you don't like what you see, or are offended... that's too bad. Art is art and it boils down to intention.

So are you going to see great art? Yeah. Will you see a lot of adult content? Yeah. Will you see everything in between? Yep. Does the adult content filter work? Most of the time. Can you get the moderators to take care of business when there are seriously violent / criminal acts being posted? Yes but they're a tad on the slow side due to staffing. They seem to get to it about as fast as Twitter does.

DA is only ever going to be as mature as the people that visit. As long as a mature audience is there holding the line, DA is going to be the beacon for art on the internet but if we get frustrated and leave we're going to lose it and never get it back again.

Please come to DA, help keep it clean and in perspective where your knowledge is strongest, otherwise try not to be offended just because you don't like something. And if you see something violent, do the right thing and report it.

Ask Chance about DeviantArt
38 reviews
28 helpful votes

Best art site ever. The only reason why I give this site 4 stars is because when you click the back button on your browser, it may go back 2 pages instead of one. Other than that it's pretty good. That's about it.

Ask Paul about DeviantArt
1 review
0 helpful votes

Purely an amazing site. Better than linkedin for finding graphic talent. The collaboration is second to none.

Ask Lee about DeviantArt
1 review
1 helpful vote

The Artist and Artist Community are great the company is terrible I have had nothing but issue and problems trying to buy anything from them and now the store is closing? I sure understand why! but I have a outstanding order over seven weeks old every time I ask about it they say well just wait another week and then they close my service request and won't respond back or reopen it that has now happened three weeks in a row.

Ask Shawn about DeviantArt
1 review
2 helpful votes

The art is great, but beware the website. In downloading a 'free' image, it also loaded several other programs and junk to my computer, changed my browser, my homepage and corrupted Chrome. And that was after I unchecked everybox that asked if I wanted any extra crap with my photo. It took me a solid 24 hours of screwing with the computer to restore everything. I guess you get what you pay for.

Ask Steph about DeviantArt
5 reviews
10 helpful votes

I have loved Deviant Art for years. Sometimes the work on there sucks, it's true. On the other hand I have found artwork that kicks so much butt over the years and some of the images are very soulful. If you are willing to take the time and sift through things like you were at an art fair you can find some prizes.

Ask Bobby about DeviantArt
1 review
0 helpful votes

Not a website I'd recommend. Yes. Sure. In the past it has been a lovely website. Recently, however, they have shown little to no regard for its users or even paying members of its site.

Such as with this latest fiasco they truly refuse to listen to their feedback about (they changed a submit page and forced thousands of its users to test it with no way to reveserse it or use a working submit page. They did not inform the users of this test, does not give them an opt out, does not provide a working alternative submit page, and has not informed any paritcipant of how long this test will last for. As well as refusing to listen to the users who've said the page was blinding, that it does not work for many, that a new submit page was not needed, that the previous submit page worked perfectly fine with no problems.).

Was this latest 'update' simply thrown at the community? Check. (Even though it is this time just a test group)
Negative opinions obviously getting ignored? Check. (If they wouldn't be ignored the new submission page would (most probably) at least be already deviantgreen, as that is the most demanded and asked thing even from the people who like the new submission page.)
Thus simply forcing it on (not just throwing at) the community? Check. (Everything until now was forced upon the community (excluding Beta-testers and Alpha-testers as they generally give their allowance). We didn't even get the simple option to choose/vote or even get informed somewhere about anything. (Even in the most recent "weekly site update" journal the new submission page is still listed being in "Beta-testing". No word about the normal member group and no word about it being mad because of the new submission page.)
So, I guess I get the idea. DeviantART isn't a community(-driven) site, it's obviously your private site that you share with a community. You determine what it looks like and we're sitting here with the decision to stay and ask you to remove bugs from it or to simply leave. (We don't get to vote, nothing)
And if everything is right I've stated until now then the sentence "We will be really sad to see you go!" on the Deactivation page must be a blatant lie. (If the decision is really "Deal with it or get out of here")

Ask tanner about DeviantArt
5 reviews
12 helpful votes

Incredible place to go to for inspiration and socializing with other artists. Definitely recommended!

Ask Fatima about DeviantArt
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

My favorite photo website. Devianart is the place where I purchase all great images for canvases. Very simple and easy ordering process

Ask shanks about DeviantArt
21 reviews
38 helpful votes

Just love this site and finding other artists! I would say one down side is the number of people trying to sell their stuff on Etsy or other sites. I am more about sharing my ideas with others, getting comments on my Cosplay costumes, helpful critiques,etc...Also I have found some wonderful art prints to purchase from very talented artists.

Ask Tracey about DeviantArt
8 reviews
11 helpful votes

Pretty cool site. Try it.

Ask Adam about DeviantArt
10 reviews
32 helpful votes

My daily haunt. I love the community here. This is a wonderful place to share my art freely and with minimal interference. Constructive criticism and nice people make this a wonderful place to share and enjoy art.

Ask Eric about DeviantArt
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

The ultimate site for those who want to share their art, whatever form that is. It is really a niche but I hope this niche market will not find another site to go to and Deviantart should now look for a way to strengthen their UX and other things to keep up with the modern times.

Ask ShawnPatrick about DeviantArt
11 reviews
10 helpful votes

It's what I call the creative outlet for the photographers, artists, graphic designers and the ones with active creative imagination. It just inspires you in so many way by seeing all that creativity! just wish their navigation gets a little improved.

Ask Janice about DeviantArt
10 reviews
12 helpful votes

Deviantart is a place for people to upload and share their art, back in the day, there were many talented artists here, and that's still true. HOWEVER, the site has grown in members and the very talented ones are buried under the (not to be cruel) amateur 'artists'. I say amateur because, in all honesty, some of the art on the site is the same quality of my 6 year old niece.

Most art these days is Anime style, Japanese Cartoon for those unaware of what that is, and is becoming annoying to see Naruto every time I refresh the page. There is also a large amount of Cosplaying, dressing up like said characters from the Anime. While this is fine sometimes, as some people have really elaborate costumes, but some don't.

There are large amounts of nude photographs as well, which would be fine if they were artistic, but they aren't. They're just self portraits, stuff you expect to see on Myspace whores trying to get attention.

Over the years the site has begun going down hill, and if it will ever recover, I do not know.

Ask Andrew about DeviantArt
6 reviews
7 helpful votes

Great designs there. Talented crowd. Love it!

Ask Linda about DeviantArt
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

I have a friend who got a job by posting his artwork online and now he works with some of the best creative minds in the industry.

Ask Jared about DeviantArt
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

This is one of the best hubs for unique artwork of all kinds on the internet itself. I've been a member for years, but find myself browsing much more than creating. The interface is relatively easy to use, and they offer premium memberships with extra features. It's still awesome using it free though.

Ask Nate about DeviantArt
5 reviews
5 helpful votes

I have used for quite some time now. I recently discovered a new way to use the site, and that is to browse through other portfolios that offer figure modeling. There are quite a few that offer many different poses and photos that you are allowed to use for your own art. There are so many things you can do using the community, and that is one of the things I've always loved about DA.

Ask Amber about DeviantArt
5 reviews
5 helpful votes

Cool site. You can see view all kinds of art, photography, etc. The greatest feature is that it's a great place to find photoshop actions, and plugins. Users upload them regularly, and they are pretty useful. Any artist and or art fan should visit this site at least once, it's a very trustful site, and I have been using it for 8+ years.

Ask Richard about DeviantArt
56 reviews
86 helpful votes

Great resource for images of all types. At this site there is: Digital Art, Traditional Art, Photography, Artisan Crafts, Literature, Film & Animation, Flash, Designs & Interfaces, Customization, Cartoons & Comics, Manga & Anime, Anthro, Fan Art, Resources & Stock Images, Community Projects, Contests, deviantWEAR Design Battles, Journals, and a few other odds and ends. It is a vast collection of digital material and a useful resource for any project you might have going on.

I have not even begun to scratch the surface of what this site has to offer.

Advertisements are unobtrusive and navigation is simple. Great site!

[1] Vast collection of digital material
[2] Simple site navigation and free membership
[3] Unobtrusive ads


Ask Bob about DeviantArt
3 reviews
6 helpful votes

Great site, although very cumbersome to navigate, it is a good site to browse through photos and other art to be inspired

Ask Collin about DeviantArt
4 reviews
10 helpful votes

Cool Graphics and some unusual and unique photographs and techniques. Good source of inspiration and admiring beauty and creativity of artists. If you have not been to this website you are missing something graphical......

Ask ajay about DeviantArt
10 reviews
39 helpful votes

I love DA. I check it every day. I post my poems there and wouldn't have it any other way.

Just look for foznots!!!


Ask martin about DeviantArt
18 reviews
48 helpful votes

I love this site! It's really inspiring to see very good artists on the web. I appreciate everything they do from drawings to photography. I personally love the way some artists here create digital portraits. Just when I thought that drawing or painting in canvass was difficult, they could do this on a computer now. Really amazing!

I also like browsing on different caricatures they made. I thought of joining but I'm a little embarrassed of what I will post there. :) Great site!

Ask mylene about DeviantArt
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

There is some amazing art here and definitely worth a look!
DeviantArt is full of creative talent.

Ask Steve about DeviantArt
7 reviews
4 helpful votes

I love this site. It helps me to display all my artwork. I even had some custom photography orders via this site. The entire community is excellent as well 10/10 one of my main bookmarks on my browser!

Ask John about DeviantArt
9 reviews
45 helpful votes

Oh, dA,dA,dA...where do I start? I love art and designs. And Deviantart, several years ago, was such a GREAT site for professionals and art enthusiasts. It has an open gallery for everyone to see. They have prints, forum, members can give comments and *fave* the artwork.Some of the works displayed were AMAZING. But it's going downhill lately. They have a silly new layout that takes a little time for members to adapt, and I don't know why for the last couple of years, it seems like dA is infested with Anime Fantards that did nothing but the low quality 'Fan-Art'. we have to see 'naruto' or 'bleach' character everytime we tried to enjoy some quality artworks? No, I don't mean to bash Anime. Anime art is fine, but to be so un-original and to produce nothing but Fan-Arts is an Insult to the supposedly 'Art' website. But then again, it's a community website. Another downside is the lack of art theft control. I'm still a member and I use watermarks and no download policy to protect my artworks. For aspiring artist, dA is a great place to build your portfolio, but remember to give your art some protection. Overall, dA could be a much better site, but still decent enough for young & budding artists.

Ask Kay about DeviantArt
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I'm a 6 year member & user of this site! I've made many friends on this website, and even met my fiance. How's that for neat? The layout has changed over the years, from when I first became a member, some were for the better, some were akward to navigate. There was also a bit of legal drama, as some may remember, but it didn't keep people from enjoying a community of artists and art lovers. I've not logged on in a month, but I know for a time, there were people complaining of viruses and other nasties, trying to sneak onto people's computers, as they browsed or used the site. I actually kept away from the site for a while, after repeated attacks that would occur when I was on the site. I'm hoping this has been cleared up, so people aren't afraid to post their art, or appreciate other's. Subscriptions are available on the site, that permit more customization of your ''home page'' on the site, and addition & use of widgets. You do not need to subcribe to become a site user, and it should not truly impede your ability to enjoy the site, or the art.

Ask Lee about DeviantArt
40 reviews
112 helpful votes

I checked this site out after reading the reviews of others on sitejabber. Some very neat and well done photography and drawings. I am not a huge art fan but still enjoyed flipping through the photos. There are some talented people out there! The site seems well put together, very cool site to check out some well done images

Ask Shane about DeviantArt
6 reviews
20 helpful votes

I absolutely love Deviantart, I will admit that I am a Deviantart addict. It is a great site where you can post any kind of art from visual art such as drawing, painting, etc. to digital art, to photography and photo-manipulations, to literature including novels and poetry, to even videos and homemade or digital movies and so much more. The site is active and people on the site are kind. While you may not always get comments on your works you will know they are great my the number of people who add your works to their favorites. You can join groups and enjoy the works of other while making new friends and having loads of fun in the process.

Ask Caitlin about DeviantArt
101 reviews
823 helpful votes

This is a very nice place for discovering photographers, artists and writers. I'd say a fair portion of it features people who draw in a anime/manga inspired style or a lot of the artwork are very illustrative based. Most of it are quite good however and you can order prints of certain pictures/artwork which I think is a nice way of customizing your home if you're one of those people who hate being mainstream : ). I've never actually ordered any so I can't vouch for the quality of the paper and ink. They also have an apparel section.

For aspiring artists of any sort, it's a useful place to keep an online and interactive portfolio as well as gain inspiration and tips from many people. It's also a nice way to make some money from prints as I mentioned, if you're looking to sell and need a platform. They also offer the choices of greeting, postcard and puzzle in some instances. Apparently, to view what perks you get for subscribing and being a deviant premium member, you have to sign up (annoying!) so that's why one less star!

Ask Alex about DeviantArt
1 review
2 helpful votes

Being an almost 2 year user to this site, I have experienced good as well as bad things. If you are an artist looking for someone to crtigue your work, that parhaps you would enjoy this site.
However, if you intend on drawing fanart mostly (like I do) be careful. People are VERY opinionated on this site. There are people on this site called "trolls". They seem to have nothing better to do that make fun of fanartists who develop fancharaters. They love it apparently and can be very hurtful.
Secondly, if you want to report anything, anything at all...dont bother. The DeviantArt staff will just ignore you. I read a story that a user saw someone post un-cencored pictures of a girl' the user tried to report this. Nothing happened. The staff basically it wasn't a violation of their rules.

Aside from that, deviantart is just as full of kind folk. My advice is to think before you post and keep your head about you.
If you'd like to see my profile, google: flourislioness

Ask Shelby about DeviantArt
40 reviews
437 helpful votes

anyone in the graphic arts who wants to share their more private artistic work comes to deviantart and it really is a great website that is free for all artists. photographers, poets, graphic artists...everyone is welcome. the forum can get a bit unruly at times but overall it is a great community

Ask Barney about DeviantArt
6 reviews
9 helpful votes

Deviant art is a great site for building your own page, making friends, sharing art and doing various other related things. It's recently got clubs and stuff too.
I can't recommend a greater art sharing site for community but ofcourse being popular gives it some problems. There's plenty of idiots and art thieves along with people who like turning it into a porn site. Still if you're able to ignore these kind of pictures and people you can make good friends and have lots of fun.

Ask Dale about DeviantArt
26 reviews
148 helpful votes

I love I think it's a fantastic site. I can see so much great work from so many different people. I like to see the daily deviations. Though I would like to see a day where they don't have something that looks so pretentious like nudity. There's only so many cool things one can do with nudity. There are other people that have great work that goes ignored for things that look like they captured as someone got out of the shower. To me everything is not art. Stating that it is makes those that work hard to create art meaningless.

I would like there to be more content on writing and promoting writing in some form or another. There's a lot for photography, drawing, painting and the like. But for writers it's only Writer's Workshop. I enjoyed it when I was in the writing workshop but those that handled that were not very good with keeping the peace. They would side with those that were doing the workshop because they were putting time out of their "busy" schedule to do it. Well so was I. They were belittling to my time and how much effort I put into something and did not appreciate my submissions and therefore I had to quit. I don't need someone to praise me, but I certainly don't need snide remarks left under the guise of "helping".

I look at this site and I'm amazed at the talent that is there that doesn't get utilized by someone. I wish I had money because I would so use some of these people for great projects I have in mind. This is a treasure trove of greatness that those who need talent. DeviantArt has so much talent.

I also enjoy their news and contest. I think that they try really hard to give to those that made their site. That is something and should learn---or they'll just become dead and a grave site for what could have been.

Ask JJammer about DeviantArt
3 reviews
6 helpful votes

Fantastic for people who love art and creativity - <p>I consider myself an amature photographer and when i found this site i loved it strait away because its a place you view the world of amazing art of all kinds including:
Artistic Photos
Digital art
and hundreds more for everyone
You can create an account for <img title="Laughing" src="/javascript/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-laughing.gif" border="0" alt="Laughing" /><strong>FREE</strong><img title="Wink" src="/javascript/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-wink.gif" border="0" alt="Wink" /> and add favorites and upload your own work to this site for the world to enjoy.

Ask Nicky about DeviantArt

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