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DermStore reviews

54 reviews
1200 Worldwide Blvd
Hebron, KY 41048, USA
Tel: 1.800.213.3376

54 Reviews From Our Community

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But those delays were quickly sorted out by the customer service. (in 15 reviews)


I find the website confusing...especially when trying to place an order. (in 41 reviews)


My orders always arrive on time, (within 3 days) and there's always free shipping. (in 3 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Worst on-line shopping experience of my life! DO NOT order from this company. They do not provide 1-3 day shipping, I ordered a product on 9/25 and to date 10/12, I still have not received it. Several calls to customer service were very frustrating and the representatives are rude and will provide you with misinformation. Dermstore really needs to evaluate their company procedures and get honest with the unsuspecting customers that patronize them. Spend your money elsewhere with a reputable company!

Tip for consumers: DON'T USE THIS SITE

Ask Bobbie about DermStore
New Reviewer

I had a very poor experience with this site. Advertised offer included a 30 dollar rebate that they clearly had no intention of fulfilling. Don't believe the hype and save our money for a reputable site.

New Reviewer

"I had orders in the past that were fine with them but this last order I placed ... came up with an error message so of course I thought it hadn't gone through. I redid the order and then it said "Thank you for your order" with an order number like it should. The order was later than I thought it would arrive and then I got the same order twice? I called them to figure it all out and they wanted me to return the one order for a refund with no discount for the time it took to call them and the time it would take to return the order... not even a little discount for the inconvenience! I have 4 kids and time is valuable and that is bad customer service to me! I checked my order information by e-mail and I never received an order e-mail from the 1st order till it shipped with no tracking number included either! I will not be ordering from them anymore and have now made the time to let people know to order elsewhere. "

Tip for consumers: The products are quality but the service is not.... order elsewhere

Ask Julie about DermStore
New Reviewer

I am an aging woman that has thinning eyelashes. I have found that with SmartFX Smart Lash Enhancer I have regained some of the lash volume I used to have. Now I don't need to wear my false lashes as much.
I love the product!

New Reviewer

Let me start by saying I am NOT an employee of the derm store. My very first purchase was for Avene thermal water. They were having a promo for an extra great gift so I thought i would give them a try. My order arrived in 3 days. My thermal water was sealed(which I love) and I received a lip gloss and a $27.00 bottle hair spray as a gift.How great is that! I checked my receipt to make sure I didnt pay for it. The thermal water was cheaper than the hair spray gift.
My second purchase with them I ordered 2 items. I paid for both items and 1 item was suppose to back ordered. But 3 days later both items showed up. I was suppose to receive an extra special gift again. This time I received another lip gloss and a few samples. No extra big bottle of hair spray this time :(... I assume the big bottle of hair spray was a way to hook me in. Since I was a first time customer. It worked! Overall my favorite store to order from is Nordstroms. But for products like Avene that nordys doesnt carry. I would repurchase again from Derm Store.

New Reviewer

If I could rate it less than 1 star I would. I wish I had read the reviews on this site before I decided to deal with them. I do ALL my shopping online and this has been the worst by far. I sent an email (polite) explaining the problem, got back the normal- Thank you for your email you will receive a response in 24 hours..... Well, it is now 2 weeks later and I do not have a response to my email. It just isn't worth it. I will let everyone I know to avoid this website like the plague.

New Reviewer

I buy only one thing from Dermstore (my face wash) but only when the prices get too high on Amazon. Two great things about DS. If you add the products you like to your Favorites, then you'll get 10% off during checkout. Shipment is always free with no minimums and very prompt. Besides that, Dermstore is a bit on the expensive side. And they have a nasty habit of discontinuing product lines.

New Reviewer

Bad costumer service, let me purchase out of stock and gave me a 4 weeks delay. at the end no discount, no extra gift, and i had to put more products to replace the one that was out of stock.

New Reviewer

Dermstore doesn't generally have the best prices for products on the internet, but they have a wide variety so when I need more than one thing I go ahead and order. It is rare and now it won't be ever again. After I placed all of the items in my cart I noticed not 1, not 2, but THREE magazine subscriptions sitting there as well. Yes, they were "included," but NO I do not care for these even if they are free. I removed them or so I thought and then they were added back into my final order. So when I emailed to have them removed, Dermstore Customer Service replied that they couldn't remove it because it was already processed and I would have to call a separate number to cancel. Just another step in their ploy to hope I forget to make a call, which is something THEY should offer to do for me. Let alone the fact that they should stop this annoying inconvenience to their customers in the first place.I won't return to this website.

New Reviewer

I find the website confusing...especially when trying to place an order. Nothing is just straight forward you have to manuvere your way to find what you are looking for. I usually have to call to place my order.

New Reviewer

I just had an unexpectedly great experience with Dermstore! I ordered the Smartbrow product but found it would accidentally get rubbed off too easily from my oily skin so I wanted to return it. Called customer service and was told I could keep it as a one time courtesy and they would just credit me. Really? I was skeptical and figured I'd wait and see what happened and check in about a week to see if I really will get credited. Well, imagine my surprise when within 15 minutes I got emails from both Dermstore and Paypal saying that my credit has gone through! Wow, talk about great customer service! I am very happy with them and after reading all the negative reviews on here, had to take a few minutes to write this one. Who knows, maybe they're working to improve their customer service image! Good luck to everyone else...

New Reviewer

Even after reading all negative reviews I still gave it a shot. I order my products without any trouble on the website got free gift plus free shipping. After I ordered my goods atleast for 2 hours you do see option next to your order where you can edit or cancel it. Once its in fulfilment you can't make any changes. Shipping was suppose to be 2-3 biz days I waited and after 4 biz days try to track my order it was still showing in transit I contacted USPS thinking its there fault but they were not able to help. Than I called customer service good thing there was hardly 5 mins hold and got live agent faster after explaining her situation she advise me to wait for 1 week and if I still didn't recieve it than they will re-ship it. Ofcourse I am not going to wait for so long so I just hung up and called next day and spoke to another agent and her answer was " oh, it seems the package has lost in our warehouse in transit so I will go ahead and re-order it with 2days shipping and will waive the charges. I accpeted the offer . Next day I got the products delivered but it was the original 1st shipment. Seriously they don't update there shipment status and they are not aware about it. I checked products they were in good condition nicely packed got some free gifts so I was happy about that. Now I have to call them again and cancel that 2nd order orelse I am sure they will charge me. Overall I was not satisfied rather I get it from websites who are responsible and they know what's going on with the shipments.

New Reviewer

They do not update their site if a product is out of stock, and once you add it to your cart and pay for it, and only later when get an email days later letting you know that it's OOS. Well, I went on their site and the same item is available for purchase with no info that it's actually not available until 2 weeks. Scam. Why don't they update their website with accurate stock info?

Also it took over 2 weeks for me to get any info on when the product will be available, so in grand total it will take over a month to get my order!

New Reviewer

Horrible indeed! This company does not deserve any star at all!! I placed an order late last night, clicked on complete an order and an offer popped up, I accidentally clicked on it and now that offer is part of my order. I emailed them right away to cancel that add on order but no response. So I decided to call them early this morning, I was told by 2 representatives that they cannot cancel that add on order as they have no control to modify an order. Either option given is only beneficial to them, not to the customer: if you do not want to pay for the shipping back, they will give you in store credit but if you want a full refund, you have to pay for the shipping back.

This statement on this website is not even true, I tried it but there wasn't any "Would you like to change this order?" link. and cancel link. How great is that??? This company is all about keeping their customer's money, once you order, there is no way out. It's a TRAP!!

How can I cancel my order?

If your order has not yet shipped, you may cancel your order by logging into your account.

Once you have logged in, go to "Order History" then click the "Would you like to change this order?" link. You'll be directed to a page that presents a summary of your order. Simply click the "cancel" link at the bottom of the page and your order will be immediately canceled. A refund is not necessary as DermStore does not charge your credit card until your order is actually shipped.

New Reviewer

Yeah, pass on this place. You can tell from the "positive" reviews here that most of them were likely written by employees. I just ordered an item. Received a box. In it? Two samples and two other expensive items that I did not want nor did I order. When I called immediately, the customer service person 1) refused to expedite the re-order of the item I needed (so now I won't have it for the event I needed it for, thanks) BUT 2) wanted me to immediately help THEM out by taking the unwanted items to a shipping place. I live in the boonies, and don't have a working printer to print out a shipping label. I am happy to send the crap back if they mail me a label and arrange a pickup, but they couldn't be bothered to expedite MY order so I could have it when I needed it? Come on. The customer is clearly never right here, and I am now worried about rumors of them charging credit cards for "FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS" or what have you. UGH.

New Reviewer

Ehhhh.... I am not really happy with this website. I have had better experience before from other websites

New Reviewer

This was my first time ordering from Dermstore and I was already a w bit worried with some of the negative reviews I had seen but I had also seen quite a few positive ones as well but I thought I'd take the chance cause I'm an international customer and these products weren't available from any of my trusted websites (Amazon, Ebay). Wrong choice. I ordered from here and my package was delivered but I was demanded to pay cash upon delivery which of course I refused, as I had paid online with my card. The transaction had been processed with the money being taken out of account. So currently I don't have the product or the cash with which I paid. I have emailed customer services but I'm not holding out hope for an answer or a solution. International customers definitely do not shop from here.

New Reviewer

Ordered from Dermstore quite a few times, but won't be buying from them anymore due to magazine scam. If part of your consideration when ordering from Dermstore is the free magazine offer or the rebate for the free magazines, I'd stay away.

The last two times I ordered and submitted for the magazine refund, both times Subco (the company that runs the actual subscription) has told me that they ran out of supply and I will not be getting the rebate. In fairness, the fine print does say, "while supplies last". However, I find it really dishonest that supplies ran out by the time I submitted for the rebate (weeks ago), but they are still offering the same magazine promotion (with the same magazines) today! Basically, they're promising you something that has run out weeks (and probably months) ago. Further, this has happened twice, so it seems like standard operation procedure to promote an offer that doesn't really exist at Dermstore.

To make matters worse, Dermstore has a super restrictive 14-day return policy, and it will take more than 14-days before Subco processes your magazine/magazine refund. So, if you purchased using the rebate as a price consideration, it's likely you won't be able to return your products after you find out you won't be getting the rebate.

Needless to say, I'm done with Dermstore.

New Reviewer

Bait & switch for the magazines/rebates. Never send magazines or honor rebate. Say it is the magazines issue and magazine company blames Dermstore. Total cheats and they do not care about losing customers over deceitful practices.

New Reviewer

I have shopped from dermstore for many years but after my last experience I will NEVER shop from them again. I purchased an expensive retinol product, it was left out on the heat by the delivery carrier for 10+ hours in 85 degree heat..this however, I did not blame dermstore for- I called customer service and explained the situation, they very nicely sent me a return label and said they would exchange the product once it arrived. Before shipping out the product, I examined it and found a dot on the bottom label (a slight "stain/mark" that is not part of the packaging) so that I would know if I received the same bottle back. I shipped out the package right away, shipping took over a week and on 6/11 it stated "picked up and processed by agent". I gave it another 5 days before calling CS..they stated it was received and would be processed in a day or so. 2 days later, I called CS again- they NOW state the package is still in transit and not received by their warehouse yet. 2 days later, I called again and expressed my frustration at being told different things by different agents, and also the fact that almost 3 weeks has elapsed. The agent says they received the return and offered me a gift card and told me to use that to repurchase the item. She explicitly stated I would receive a brand new item using this method and not the same bottle I returned. 1 week later, I receive my product and it is the EXACT bottle I returned (with the mark on the bottom) in a newer looking box. I believe they took so long processing my order because they wanted to ensure I received the same item I returned because they had agreed it was "damaged by the heat". Never again

New Reviewer

I've had really good experiences with Dermstore. I've ordered roughly 10 times from them, over the past 1 and a half years. Every purchase went smoothly. There were sometimes minor delays because the system sensed an "Address Problem", because I address my package to a shiping forwarding company, as I'm not a US resident. But those delays were quickly sorted out by the customer service.

The products are genuine and high-quality. U can get at least 10% off each product, by saving that item into your "Favorites" list. There's free 2-day shipping, which is really fantastic. And the customer service is SO AMAZING. When I email them, they quickly solve any problem. Twice I had to call them, and the customer service representatives were polite, cheerful and helpful.

Dermstore has truly great service. I have a hard time believing a few of these negative reviews. Someone said she left items in her cart but didn't checkout, and got sent the items and charged for those items. REALLY?? I'd bet a significant amount of money that that's a lie, because I've left items in my cart many times after deciding not to order at that time, and I've NEVER been sent those items or been charged for those items.

I recommend dermstore. :)

New Reviewer

The products are fine but their customer service is the worst. I am a frequent online shopper and have never experienced any attitude worse than this. My first order shipment was mysteriously lost and they wouldn't re-ship anything to me until another 2 weeks -- by that time I've already ran out of my shampoo. I put my shampoo on automatic refill, and guess what, they didn't even check with me before they shipped my product. I moved and they said it's my responsibility to keep my address up to date. I have JUST moved! I have a million other things to worry about!

Bottom line is, unless you are prepared to deal with rude customer service representatives, don't order from this site.

New Reviewer

I love their selection of products! Plus the free sample and gift with purchase that comes with every order is a great bonus!! I used to be a loyal Sephora shopper until I discovered the DERMSTORE!

New Reviewer

My first ordering experience was flawless. My second time was awful. Everything was fine until I noticed they recommended a product for me and applied it to my account at the last minute as my transaction was being processed and I could not stop it. When I called to complain the person actually tried to entice me to keep it and give me a deal on it. They did comply and take it off my order but I had to make the extra effort to call and complain. I will not order from a company that has these types of practices. Shameful!!!!!

New Reviewer

DERMSTORE facebook page been hiding their comments from customers.
Stay away!!

This is HOW YOU respond to complaint??? Just by hiding it on FB so your other customers wouldn't see it? Very unprofessional, that you just DELETE or HIDE comments that are referring to the bad services you provide and just showing the good ones won't help, eventually ppl will go thru how unprofessionally you handle your business. No denial, Ive SEEN bad comments on your wall and they always tend to disappeared the next day, where did it go? Who deleted it? Who HIDE it? Very obvious.

Will see if this post will be hidden anytime soon, I will repost if you still decide to delete or hide. I don't agree how you do your business, I think you should let everyone of your customers see good AND bad comments/reviews, not just the good ones to promote your store. This is wrong and we have to right to listen what other ppl wants to say.

Stop posting Wonderbrow basically any ads from Dermstore on my fb, its not working and I won't buy again.
I unliked your page and I will not be returning to buy anything from Dermstore.

New Reviewer

I received my product quickly BUT envelope had no product in it. The company is impossible to get ahold of. Likley a scam!! Finally talked to "Alex"-no product yet but they got my $. BEWARE. I have canceled my credit card to avoid further problems, intuition says problem.

New Reviewer

Derm store automatically charged my account for product that I never received and purchased.
Furthermore, they sold my address info to other vendors and I started getting lots of junk mail & magazines that I never subscribed to it.
Stay away

New Reviewer

I have shopped at several times now. I really appreciate having so many products on one website. It saved me lots of time not having to switch from one website to another to view products. I thought the ordering process was very easy and the free shipping was a real plus!

New Reviewer

I've ordered from many sites and found Dermstore to be so easy to navigate. I had several items to order and found them all quickly, put them in my cart, used my Paypal account and I was done.

A great experience and will continue to order from Dermstore.

New Reviewer

Dermstore is my favorite spot for anything beauty ! They have every authentic product you could ever want at the best prices. Ordering, shipping, and returns are all very easy.

New Reviewer

I love Dermstore! The sight is so super easy to navigate and once I found the exact product I was looking for, I was able to read detailed information about it before I made the decision to purchase it. Once I decided to purchase the transaction was quick and easy, there was no shipping fee, and the product arrived even sooner than I expected. I will be using this sight for all future skincare products down the road - without a doubt.

New Reviewer

Ordering from DermStore was an awesome experience. I was able to find the product I needed quickly and checkout was easy and painless. My order came fast, was packaged nicely, and had a bonus free gift which was actually something I'd use! I will definitely order from DermStore again for future skincare/beauty/hair products.

New Reviewer

I had a wonderful experience shopping online with DermStore and was really impressed by the selection of high quality products all in one place. There is definitely something for everyone! Moreover, I found the prices of DermStore's products to be competitive and was 100% satisfied with the free shipping and speed of delivery; I didn't expect to be using my product within two days of when I placed my order. As an added bonus, I've been enjoying the high quality samples that I received free with my purchase. I'll definitely be returning to shop again and will be telling all of my friends to shop with DermStore for any of their future beauty purchases.

New Reviewer

The negative reviews kind of scared me at first, but I had a totally professional and great experience. Dermstore has a huge selection, fast and free shipping and my order showed up with samples and free lip gloss. Pretty awesome IMHO.

New Reviewer

I have been ordering from Dermstore for a over a year. They definitely deserve 5 stars!! Selection of products and prices are great! Love the free shipping and the free gift!

New Reviewer

I love this site. They have an amazing selection of products, the prices are great, and they just add free stuff to your order as you add items. It's wonderful. The site itself is very user-friendly and is continually updated with offers and new hot-lists. I'm a fan!!

New Reviewer

My first order w/Dermstore was great. Free priority shipping and my order was delivered on the 2nd business day after ordered.So I decided to place another order.I'm still waiting for it to be delivered.Ordered 10 days ago. I have sent 5 emails and they have not responded to one of them. I checked the tracking and it says it was delivered. But it was NOT delivered to me! I paid $120. for nothing? What really makes me fume is their total lack of response. They take your money and do not deliver anything.I just want my order delivered to me! I intend on informing all the sites and blogs and better business bureau that will let me vent. Any ideas what I can do to get my order or my money back? Do Not shop at Dermstore~!

New Reviewer

I honestly can't comprehend why this website has under 2 stars?

Dermstore has been nothing but great to me. My orders always arrive on time, (within 3 days) and there's always free shipping.
I was actually sent somebody else's package, and called Derm to inform them but they told me to keep it..
In addition, one of packages got lost (thanks to the postal service) and I called Dermstore to inform them, and they sent me a new one FREE of charge.

New Reviewer

orderered with paypal, Dermstore said they had problem getting paid so wouldnt send product so i called paypal and credit card co. they said everything was fine just waiting for Dermstore to collect payment,dermstore said cannot try to collect from paypal a second time i needed to give them full credit card over phone to them, i said no thats why i went through paypal?! Then they kept calling me everyday to get credit card # then found out it was because it had already been shipped?? soo i dont know will see if it comes before i give them my credit card payment dont trust them after hours and hours of going in circles somebody messed up somewhere

New Reviewer

I ordered a skin cleanser from this site in the 6 oz size, when I received my package it contained a 2oz sample size of the product (I had paid for the full size) along with a skin moisturizer that I did not order but assumed was a sample owing to its small size (more on this later). I called customer service, and I did get speak to a live and easy-to-understand person pretty quickly, so kudos for that. The representative said that she would send me the full size product. So . . . cut to a week later and my package arrives from the DermStore. I opened it, and AGAIN they sent me the 2oz size of the product. I didn't call them that day, I was too annoyed. I ended up not calling them at all because the next day I tried the skin moisturizer accidently sent to me and I really liked it, so I looked up the product online. Come to find out that the product was actually full sized and pretty pricey, more than what I paid for for the cleanser. So I decided to let it go and just never order from them again, all's well that ends well, amiright? No, I am not. Because today I get home from work and check my mailbox (snailmail) and there is a copy of More magazine in the box addressed to me. I was like wth? Called More magazine and spoke to a very nice person who explained that I received my subscription "free" with my dermstore purchase. I told her to cancel it. Whenever I order ANYTHING online I always opt out of all "free" offers, so I have no idea how this happened, but it really pissed me off first of all because I did not order the mag, second because you KNOW that turns into a paid subscription after a certain peroid of time and third (and this is my own vanity, I know) I am in my TWENTIES! The end.

New Reviewer

I placed an order for a moisturizer and lash enhancer for my wife for christmas and received my order in 2 days. they had what my wife wanted and had free shipping. I like that they guarantee that all of the items are authentic. would shop there again.

New Reviewer

I used to use them until they started sending me duplicate marketing emails almost everyday. I replied to each and everyone of them explaining that they are sending 2 emails to the exact address, 3 minutes apart, but still they come. It's frustrating that you use a site in good faith but then they bombard you with marketing but have poor administration. Could you imagine CVS or Ulta locking you in their store so that they could explain what's on sale and then you have to shovel their flyers to get out of the store. I'm tired of Derm Store flooding my mail box

New Reviewer

Do not, I repeat, do not place an order with dermstore!

I had my order held for some frivolous reason they couldnt explain to me sufficiently, after I called them to find out what was going on with my order (a week later) they said they would release the hold but I was so pissed off I had started searching for my products elsewhere. I found them for almost half the price on amazon so i called dermstore back immediately - literally within five minutes of making my inital call - so that I could cancel the order and they REFUSED! Claiming the items had already been processed for shipping? WHAT???? So I am now lumped with these goods that are double the price when compared elsewhere and I have to wait twice as long to receive them.

Ridiculous! STAY AWAY FROM THEM. Customer service is terrible.

New Reviewer

Overall, my experience with DermStore has just been OKAY. I was very impressed with my first order -- it arrived VERY fast and I was also given a discount coupon code for my next order. I've placed about 4 orders since then, the service hasn't been as great and the delivery gets slower each time. They advertise 1-3 day delivery but that is so NOT true! I placed an order last Tuesday evening that qualified for 1-3 day delivery and it is now the following Monday. According to the tracking number they gave, I will have my shipment tomorrow... which is clearly not the 1-3 days they promised. It's not even 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS, if you want to get technical! Furthermore, they give you these 15% off coupon codes to save money on your next order but when you try to use them, you find out that they aren't good for all products on the site. Unfortunately for me, I only use one skin care line and go figure, it's one of the most popular lines and it still doesn't qualify for their discounts -- so the coupons are completely useless to me. Such bologna!!! The customer service is also kind of slow. I emailed them a question on Thursday regarding my slow delivery and again, today is now Monday and still have not heard back. They said 24 hours, so???

Bottom line, there's nothing really setting DermStore apart from it's competitors, which is what I look for when doing business with new companies. After this shipment, I'll probably give SkinStore or SkinDirect a try for my future orders. I am just too disappointed with the fact that they promised my package would be here in 3 days and it's been exactly a WEEK. I turn my nose at false advertising and companies that don't do what they say they will. Ugh!


I actually never placed the order. When I was putting things in my shopping cart, I was under the impression that I was going to get 15% off my entire order because I had filled out a survey. But, the 15% was only if I was going to buy the same product that I bought before (which I would not as I was dissatisfied with the product).

When I found that out (I had called them because I though their site was malfunctioning by not accepting my 15% off code) I minimized my shopping cart and sort of forgot about it. A few hours later, my computer had a pop up that said I needed to update some software, so I did so and that required me to restart my computer. I never actually finalized my order and was on the fence about it because I wasn't getting the 15% off. I was going to look around to see if I could find the things I needed for a better price.

I never received an email from Dermstore saying that they processed my order. A few days later, the order just CAME on it's own and on the same day, later, I got a tracking number from Dermstore saying my order had been processed and was ready to ship and they gave me a shipping number, BUT THE PRODUCT WAS ALREADY HERE!

They charged my credit card and even though it is products that I would use, I do not think I will order from them again because they will just send you anything they want to without you getting a chance to confirm with them.

New Reviewer

I ordered a product with free shipping, I received the product along with a bonus package i didn`t order at cost $12.95. No response from the company..

New Reviewer

I was put on an automatic order status without my permission and they kept send ing me the items monthly. This added up to $400 and they were still sending them, I could not complain through the website (not functional) or phone (please hold) click. Or email, no response and non existant email address furnished. They are a fraudulent company, no online business can have that many problems "by accident". I actually had to stop my credit card in order for the charges not to be put on automatically. the credit card company said that there was no explanation of what the charges were for nor were the charges in a recognizable name. Nor did they have a contact mumber for them. I have no recourse other than to start down a long road of effort to get back my stolen money. I sent back everything I ever recdeived from them so they have my $400 AND their products and I am forced to do all the work to report them to consumer boards, police depts credit card companies, and small claims court. Most people probably give up. No telling how much money thay have taken fraudulently! I am shocked they have not been shut down!!

New Reviewer

I ordered from Dermstore and it took an entire week before my order was even shipped. Don't order from Dermstore if you want to get your products in a timely manner.

New Reviewer

Hello. I placed an order last night (all items in stock according to site at the time of purchase) I received an order confirmation number and figured it's all set. I log in to my email today and they said that my order was incomplete and that I'd have to re-enter my credit card information and they also added in that one of my items I had ordered wasn't in stock. I'm not entering in my credit card info again, sorry. I was able to cancel my order all together and I'm alerting my credit card company tomorrow of fraud. I would steer clear far away from this site.

New Reviewer

I placed an order on 12/3/10 and other than receiving a confirmation of my order, haven't received any info on the status - expected ship date? expected arrival date? I tried calling the 1-800 # and all I got was "goodbye". I tried emailing the customer service address listed in my confirmation email, it was returned undeliverable. Are these people for real??

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