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New Reviewer

I don't often write reviews, but my advice is to avoid this company altogether as they have terrible refund policies. As an example I purchased 3 bras online in July and they did not arrive for 3 months, with damaged packaging from overseas. They were defective and I called them immediately to report this and never heard back. I was away in Oct, my husband was hospitalized in Nov, died in Dec and his celebration was held in Jan. By the time I realized I never heard back, I contacted them in Feb and was told that they could not arrange for a replacement or refund due to the length of time since it was purchased. Huh???? A 2nd example is I purchased a service from a beauty salon that had no expiry date. Subsequently the company closed its operations, and I could not get a refund on that service. I would have been happy with a credit for future purchases, but in both cases Dealfind has kept the money that I prepaid and did not resolve the problem. Lesson learned, but the only way to fight back is to spread the word about their unethical business practices and warn potential customers to avoid buying from DEALFIND.

Tip for consumers: Avoid this company at all costs! Once they have your money they will never refund you or give a credit voucher. Poor service by not following up on complaints properly, defective goods, shipping packages arrive crushed and months after ordering, no return policy and unethical business practices!

Ask Donnie about DealFind
New Reviewer

100% of items I've purchased have not been delivered. I always get the answers that they are following it up with the seller, or waiting for their response or my refund is on the way. None of it can be believed, as nothing happens.
This all explains the rumors that they are "folding up their tent" and going out of business. That will be a welcomed event!

Tip for consumers: Stay away from this business. They are about to crash!

Ask Charlie about DealFind
New Reviewer

I purchased a Teambuy/Dealfind for $50 worth of clothes at a certain store for $25. The promotional amount expired ($50) but I was suppose to be able to use the paid amount ($25) at the store, the store refused. Teambuy/Dealfind claimes that if a merchant refuses a voucher they will issue you a credit. I emailed Teambuy/Dealfind they said no, when I tried to plead my case I get this response:


For any other inquiries not pertaining to this order, please visit our Customer Support/FAQ page in order to submit a new support request email. "

Basically telling me where to go. Teambuy/Dealfind is a horrible company, but don't take my word for it, Google either of the names and read some of the reviews yourself. Don't get ripped off like I did.

I will not let this go, every few months I will resubmit a complaint and go on every review website I can find to warn people away from Dealfind / Teambuy. OR Dealfind can give back my stolen money and they will never hear from me again.

Ask Dave about DealFind
New Reviewer

SCUMMIEST COMPANY. Dishonest misleading headlines, and doesn't honor non-expiring coupons. They should be sued by consumers and consumer groups. NEVER BUY FROM THEM

Ask Greg about DealFind
New Reviewer

I purchased a voucher that was never to expire. When I went to redeem it, I found out that the place was out of business. I emailed dealfind twice and both times they would not refund my voucher because I bought it more than 240 days ago. It shouldn't matter when I bought it. If the voucher does not expire and the shop is out of business, I think dealfind should be responsible, as they sold me the voucher. I am feeling like I was scammed. If this is their way of making money, they should be shut down immediately. "BEWARE - DO NOT SHOP AT DEALFIND/TEAMBUY"!!!!!!!!!!!

Tip for consumers: Buyer beware!

Ask Andrea about DealFind
New Reviewer

They are the worse and are part of Team Buy so stay away from them. The voucher I had stated it wouldn't expired not even the promotional amount and due to health reasons I couldn't use it and now that I can the place is closed and DealFind will not refund or give me a credit due to their policy. How unfeeling....Sarah the manager stated, thank you for your understanding....yeah right there is no understanding for being so uncaring, it is disgusting!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Tip for consumers: Groupon is much better....they are reasonable and fair.

Ask Anita about DealFind
New Reviewer

I just want to warn people here NOT to BUY DEAL FIND coupons because you may never get your service done or money back like its happening to me now. Costumer service only says we can't help and can't give money back. They don't even call you back like they promise. So now Im stuck in vicios circle - merchant does not want to prove the service and DEAL FIND does not want to refund my money. So Think before you buy or you maybe be ripped off!

New Reviewer

I have purchased several coupons for restaurants and they have expired. 2 others the restaurants are out of business. Coupons clearly say that THEY NEVER EXPIRE. Trying to get the original value refunded is a hassle. Complaining to the Manager not possible as it is their policy and the hard headed Rep is stubborn and arrogant. Rep says the coupons expire after 270 days!! So why does the coupon say THEY NEVER EXPIRE ?
Sorry to have done business with them. Kindly stay away from these shady outfit as they are crooks of first kind. I do plan to escalate this matter further and will take legal action if need be.

- See more at:

New Reviewer

Ordered a pair of pants on April 16th, 2014 after 1 month contacted company "they will call the seller and get back to me" two days later, "sorry the seller claims it was lost in the mail, do you want it resent" said yes (loved these pants that much). I ask how long would it take for delivery "2 weeks". I asked if I could cancel "sorry seller already shipped". Well today is June 24th, (way past the 2 week span) needed for an event tomorrow and just track down the package is still in China!!!! since the 21st. Please use the old adage, when something looks too good it probably is. Their prices are good, their shipping is expensive (1 charge per Item even if you order the same item more than once) at least some sellers group as many items and adjust the s&h. Will never do business with them again. I hope my pants are worth all this trouble. PS: I had the same problem with some other seller (not dealfind) and had problems as well. It seems everything that comes from China takes a long time and I've emailed them and apparently there is a language the way it was cheaply made item. BEWARE Dealplus does not tell you specifically where your merchandise is being shipped from. I asked and they told me they have warehouses all over, it depends where my item would be. Had I known this item was in CHINA I would've never made this purchase

New Reviewer

Dealfind is a scam! Purchased a voucher for flowers - merchant accepted the voucher and charged my credit card for remaining balance but flowers were never delivered! Sent email to dealfind repeatedly - NO RESPONSE! Had to dispute charges with my VISA.

New Reviewer

Beware buying vouchers from Teambuy and Dealfinder, they do not give refunds or credits for purchases that were made over 240 days ago when merchants don't honor the valid vouchers.
I have 3 vouchers with no expiration date, got rejected the first time, said not usable in the weekend, contact teambuy/dealfinder to get the refund, they said keep trying! Tried few more times, merchant said the don't accept vouchers from teambuy/dealfinder! Tried to get refund/credit from teambuy/dealfinder, got ZERO since over 240 days old!!!!
Their policy doesn't protest their buyers, they shouldn't sell these kind of vouchers which have expiration day after 240 days of purchases, teambuy/dealfinder and merchants keep the money by not honoring the vouchers. Only winners is teambuy/dealfinder and the merchants.

New Reviewer

On April23, 2014 my granddaughter ordered a bathing suit from Dealfind/Teambuy
at a cost of $23.00. It was to be sent to me, paying through my checking account.
I had never heard of the companies and entered their names with a scam as the last word. I discovered the numerous complaints of this Canada based company.
30 days later, I filed a complaint through PayPal and entered a claim within their 45 day time frame. PayPal notified me on June 16, 2014 that I was to get a refund as the company did not respond to my claim. Luckily, I went through PayPal.There was no response from the seller and the bathing suit was never received.. I encouraged PayPal to review the many complaints associated with this company. Even with PayPal protection, I would never order from this company again. I am sorry I had to give them a one star, which is two too many.

New Reviewer

Ordered a skirt legging and it was the cheapest quality. I kept email Dealfind to request for a refund and they simply do not respond. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN AND WILL TELL MY FRIENDS TOO!!!

New Reviewer

So, about a year ago I purchased a mani-pedi package. Spent $100. A few months later I called to book an appointment and found that the business had went out of business. I contacted dealfind to get my money back and they said no way. They offered me five dollars off my next purchase. Um, seriously? Like where is my other $95? And after that, why would I want to buy anything else from this site? Never again.

New Reviewer

I purchased one of the Louis Vuitton purse from their deal . Not only it was not authentic but also a piece of garbage . They did not take responsibility for their deal and I am out of my money. I will never purchase anything from them.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

While their offers are enticing, I'd recommend purchasing through Groupon Goods (or ANY other deal site, for that matter). My first purchase was relatively small, because I didn't trust the site. SO GLAD I didn't spend more money. It's been almost three months since my order "cleared" and no one at Deal Find knows where my purchase is, if it's on the way, or anything. Their customer service is terrible and they work with shadey vendors. Take your money elsewhere!

New Reviewer

although I have purchased some great deals using dealfind, they were extremely unsupportive when I had to go to them with an issue about one if their third party companies. I suggest that anyone looking at for the canvas offering, stay away. the quality of the product was extremely poor. When I received it, I asked them to reissue it thinking that it was an anomaly, but they would not do anything to replace the product siting that it was the best they could do. If that was the best they could do, I will do my best to let people know to stay away from them.

New Reviewer

This is a complete scam!! I spent the past 3 months emailing being assured my product was " in transit". After contacting Canada Post and forwarding their response to my "claims consultant" I was issued an immediate refund (we will see if I actually receive it)! DO NOT ORDER FROM DEALFIND!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered 6 pairs of earrings for my wedding party and myself, I confirmed with them that I would receive my order with in the 4-6 weeks they quoted and they assured me it would be here on time. I ordered 8 weeks prior just to be sure, and 2 weeks before my wedding I emailed them to ensure they have shipped. I received an answer fairly quick saying they would contact the merchant and get back to me with in 3 business days, no one got back to me so I emailed again and she said the merchant hadn't responded. At that point I said well I should just cancel the order to avoid the headache of last minute accessory shopping days before my wedding. The rep said I should hang on til they speak to the merchant and find out. So I waited another few days. I emailed them yet again, because of course they wouldn't think to email me back when they got the answer. The rep said they have shipped and they will be here before my wedding day. So long story short they didn't arrive, and I had scramble and take money out of my tight wedding budget to replace them. They arrived one by one over 2 weeks after my wedding and the quality was crap. I've ordered through Aliexpress in the past and gotten nice cheaper earrings with the label fashion jewelry for under 3 bucks and these had the same markings and were 5 times the price. Sterling!!! Swvarski crystal....No!!! Cheap jewelrly made in china....yes!!!! No refund because they had shipped and rudeness when asking to speak with management. Awful company, the owner is a liar and I hope he burns in hell for all the good people he's ripping off.

New Reviewer

I've been trying to get a refund for a water proof iPhone case that IS NOT WATERPROOOF. Dealfind refuses to even respond. I've sent countless emails and no response.


New Reviewer

I made the mistake of ordering with them. I got my order after 2 months, and after emailing back and forth with deal find. To make things worse, I only got half of my order and they won't reply to my complaints about it anymore. I tried unsubscribing, and the emails keep coming. Their unsubscribe system doesn't work! ANNOYING!

New Reviewer

I guess my experience dealing with this company is the same as that of others. Like many, I wish someone would sue the company and for all the others to join the lawsuit. Is there no legal way to shut these scammers? I am a senior citizen and feel bad for becoming a victim. They obviously operate on the basis that a sucker is born every minute. How else could they defraud so many and still be in business.

New Reviewer

A real Scam. STAY AWAY.
Bought a $49 voucher through them and the merchant did not give me the services they were supposed to (Merchant is called AfterGlo FYI) and Dealfind said they would only reimburse me for $10.
the customer rep I spoke with (named Karen) did not care at all that I was not happy. and also lacked a lot of common sense and tact in dealing with a client. She basically told me, take it or leave it and I can't do anything that you are not happy or that you lost money on this, deal with it.
DealFind people, if you read this: FYI I will right now remove myself from your site and stop being your client. you just lost ANOTHER client. Good luck as you fail ...

New Reviewer

Purchased 2 vouchers worth $50.00 and the company closed down not once but twice due to public health violations. Deal find stated that they would not refund or even credit me for the $50.00. They stole my money. A class action lawsuit should be instituted asap. I have corresponded with them via e-mail and telephone with no results other than frustration. Their reputation is fatally tarnished and integrity is absent. Please let others know.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I bought some LED lights and when I received them they were so dim I could not light a room with all 25 if I tried. I wrote to them and they said they would contact the seller. It has been a month and no answer. I have written them twice more and NO ANSWER!!!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered 2 of the faux fur lined coats on Dec 12 2013 Received one on Feb5. The fit was terrible, way too short in the arms, too tight in the shoulder area and the belt no where near large enough to properly do up. I received the second jacket that was ordered on the same day on Feb 6 I refused the item, so I`m waiting another 2-3 months to see if they will credit my credit card or just rip me off. Sure wish I would have read the reviews before ordering from this site. I have been shopping online for many years now and this is by far my worst shopping experience so far. DON`T order anything from this company!!

New Reviewer

I recently bought a dealfind for some gutter cleaning, and when I couldn't get a hold of the company, I went back to dealfind who gave me a credit for the full amount to use on there site, I have ordered a stopwatch, so I hope it comes now. the company that was suppose to do the gutter cleaning emailed me and said they have a lawsuit against deal find, as they never paid them for the deals. If I don't get my products, I will unsubscribe from them and delete them from my emails. I'd be careful with this company

New Reviewer

I made a purchase since the beginning of November and still didn't receive it! It's February now.. I don't even now why I paid for the shipping!!! I needed the product before new year, Avoid this site!!!

New Reviewer

I HATE THIS COMPANY! First off, I've never had to wait 2 in a half months to receive my items (Their guaranteed shipping date is FALSE!). The earliest I received a tracking number was a month after my purchase. By then, you already have completed your credit card statement towards the purchase but have no idea what happened to your items. When I do call customer service, they tell you they will follow up on the items and will get back to you, but NEVER make that promise. It's pretty much your job to be persistant and call back frequently (everyday if you must) just to figure out where the heck your items went. Be very careful about purchasing clothes online. The quality isn't as great as what's shown on the pictures. I would also suggest to go one or two sizes larger than what you're considering. So not only were my items delayed, but I did not like my purchases. They say these sales are final so you are taking a huge gamble with your money. Overall, I honestly think Dealfind should have NO STARS. Stay away from this company and prevent them from giving any terrible service to future vicitims who like to take advantage of special deals.

New Reviewer

I'm all for getting in on a class action lawsuit!
I bought 3 different services, could not get anyone to answer the phone or emails. 2 are 'out of business' and the 3rd has not answered email, voicemail or text.

New Reviewer

In 2011 I paid $44.00 for a $275.00 voucher for Perimeter Home Services with NO EXPIRATION DATE. I attempted to redeem it when purchased but was told by the person on the phone that they were booked until the next year. I held onto it until I needed home repairs and called them again this year. This time the person told me that "you must have the wrong number". I advised dealfind and was offered a $5.00 discount. This was unacceptable and I requested a full refund which they refused. They posted a deal for a fraudulent company and refuse to refund their victims. Do not allow this disreputable organization to get your money!!!!

New Reviewer

DO NOT BUY FROM DEALFIND! NOT WORTH BUYING FROM!!! MORE TROUBLE THAN THEY'RE WORTH! THINK I WILL STICK WITH MORE RELIABLE SITES LIKE AMAZON AND EBAY!!! I've been dealing with this company going on 6 months now. I ordered a set of iPhone lenses and was missing one with my order. I contacted customer service and they made me go through the whole dealing of sending in pictures in. Supposedly they submitted them to their vendor and their vendor had not responded. I checked on my case a couple of months later and they say they haven't heard anything so they will just give me a $5 credit. I tell them thanks but I don't want a credit, I want the lens I'm missing and how is it possible your vendor is not in contact with you when you are obviously STILL SELLING THEIR PRODUCTS!!! They never respond to e-mails after that. I end up calling again about 3 weeks ago and talk to a guy named Stuart that tells me that the previous Customer service person I dealt with is no longer working there (i don't blame her). He then assures me he will take care of things and get back to me…and as you might guess I never heard back. Just sent him an email saying I'm done with dealfind. I will no longer order or recommend this company. DONE!

New Reviewer

Ive ordered a number of nice looking items from and never receive them! There is no customer service. Do not order from this SCAM site.

New Reviewer

They simply took my money!
I paid for a service and did not recieve the service. They are not willing to refund or offer credits.

New Reviewer

Total rip off.... They sale you the voucher but fail to back it up. I purchased 4 tickets through a vendor who decided to have blackout dates until the expired date of the voucher. I emailed Dealfind and included my call logs where I've been calling the company and screenprints of the website saying they arr closed due to weather conditions. Keep in mind Los Angeles has been in the mid 70' to the mid 80's so I see no bad weather condition for a short boat ride. Anyway, Dealfind said they are unable to offer a refund because its after the 7 days of purchase as if I knew months ago that the company was going to pull this and rob me of four roundtrio tickets.

DEALFIND will find the deal but don't expect them to back the deal or even care if you were able to enjoy your purchase.

Don't do business with them. Learn from my mistake.

New Reviewer

I ordered items 10/3/13 for Christmas. 12/1/13 i began complaining to customer service, they assured me my items were shipped and will be there any day. by the scond week I asked for a tracking number, the one provided was bogus. now its Jan 9th. on the 2nd i actually called to complain, i wanted my money back. now they shipped my porducts and said they dont give refunds. The items are coming from Orlando to Ft. Laurderdale....within the same state. PEOPLE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME....use a real site like Groupon or Living Social.

New Reviewer

I bought a voucher from website for Calabogie Lodge Resort. In the voucher they say that we should attend an "orientation and tour of the resort". I am used to participate in such activity, as I was in many other holidays where a guide present s the resort and attractions. But, when trying to book the stay, I found that if we miss attending the “presentation” Calabogie will charge my credit card with more than 200 dollars. This condition of participation never appears in the written information available about the voucher in the sources available. I believe that all the conditions linked to a certain promotion should be officially available for the client so you can choose having all information before buying. More, I wrote 3 emails to Calabogie trying to get a written information about the costly “punishment” of not attending what proves to be an experimental group of publicity but they never wrote back the answer. I tried also to get my money back from Dealfind but they are rude and happy to still your money. So, I suddenly felt in a trap! I was so frustrated and angry!!!
If you are among the buyers of these vouchers there are some more things to know :
1.If you have small baby as we do, they say in the voucher that you must provide a caregiver so both parents are able to attend the presentation. It comes that you have to bring nanny with you, so you can end paying even more for your stay in the resort than if buying the usual accommodation
2.Calabogie Lodge Resort answers after days to your emails, and Dealfind never answers. The Calabogie Resort phone provided in the voucher doesn’t work sometimes and they don’t have a person to take the phone calls when the other is left. All these are disrespectful to the client. You have to be very insistent to find them. The whole process of trying to book the stay and clarify the situation started on 8th December and finished on 19th of December when I received the last email from Calabogie Lodge Resort avoiding my direct questions about the amount of money they charge for not attending the presentation.
3.You drive few hours to Calabogie and arrive maybe in the middle of the day hoping that you will spend a whole peaceful second day with your family. But next day you have to cook your breakfast, and then attend a 1 ½ h of what proves to be a forced publicity for buying a vacation ownership as far as I understood. That starts with 10 in the morning, so it steals half of your day.
So, in my opinion, this so-called “promotion” (!?) is a very poor marketing strategy from Calabogie . At least in the case of my family, they succeeded in pushing us away, we will never be interested even to see Calabogie Lodge Resort and we will always say what happened to us! It is quite a pity that Calabogie hides behind a tourism offer a very disappointing and aggressive publicity, hoping that they will have long term clients for that! In the case of both companies, this voucher represents a misleading advertising , a very deceptive marketing practice and an unfair business practice.
After I understood I am in a trap, I read hundred reviews about Dealfind and I saw the movie on Marketplace showing hundred of people tricked by this website. So pity I didn’t read them before, and I wander if Calabogie management read them while entering the partnership with this company.
I wonder also if these people can still from our pockets having the law in their hands, because the way they behave looks like they have no doubt. I will try to find that, and even if I didn’t loose a huge amount of money I really think that these small sums of money they get fatten their pockets, and these kind of situations should never exist, at least in Canada. They base on our lack of time and energy for trying to find the legal answers to these situations.

New Reviewer

Least to say that there are a lot of individuals who have been ripoff by, myself included.

Dealfind needs to realize the unethical and illegal practice of their business and how much they have stolen money from individuals. By reading some post, I would estimate millions. Dealfind obviously does not respond or implement feedback from their customers. I think we have enough grounds to begin a class action lawsuit in Canada. Any thoughts?

Does anyone know of a class action lawsuit? Any interest in starting one against dealfind? I know there is a classaction lawsuit in the US but any in Canada?

Let's keep the thread going online and enough people are interested, we should start looking to file a case.

New Reviewer

My husband bought 2 photography vouchers for $120 a few years ago with no expiration dates on them. We went to claim the vouchers this Christmas but the photographer has since been charged with 5 counts of sexual assault and is no longer in business. We called dealfind to get a refund, or at least a credit and they told us to go stuff it. Since they merged with teambuy they have changed their terms and conditions and will not do anything for us. Unbelievable. When we bought these vouchers, those were not the terms and conditions of the vouchers. Normally, a contract is preserved and you are grandfathered during a merger. Those vouchers do not have expiration dates. That money went to the would think they would at least give us a number? Credit? ANYTHING? Nope. Based in Toronto and won't even investigate.

New Reviewer

WORST COMPANY TO DEAL WITH EVER. It's name SHOULDN'T BE DEALFIND, BUT "EXPENSEFIND". I spoke to TWO managers @ dealfind today, Derryl and Sarah. BOTH were NOT customer friendly whatsoever, they were in defense mode from the start, and had NO empathy over my situation. I purchased 4 spa vouchers for $40 each two years ago. There was no expiry date, and when I would schedule, the company would cancel last minute and have no bookings for another 3 months. Both Darryl and Sarah kept repeating the refund policy over and over and over. It's extremely sad that I trusted Dealfind to begin with. I would NEVER purchase a dealfind voucher in my life ever again. I'd rather pay $200 for a spa day than deal with unethical incompetent businesses.

Honestly, pay the full price on a company you trust. Do the research and forget Dealfind. I work in customer service and the credit department, and where I work, we WORK with customers, and offer goodwill adjustments. The term GOODWILL doesn't exist in Dealfind's dictionary.

New Reviewer

In April 2011, I had purchased 2 vouchers to Deerfoot Napa Autopro for $39 each. They were for a package that included an exterior wash, interior and trunk vacuum, window cleaning, seats, floors, door jambs, mirrors, dash and tires cleaned, plus a 50 point comprehensive inspection, oil change for up to 5 litres, lube and filter change.

In June 2011, I used one of these vouchers and ended up spending an additional $533.03 on repairs. I was happy with the service I received and wrote an article to that effect!

Being that this voucher had no expiration date, I waited until recently to use the other voucher. When I called to book the appointment, I was told that Deerfoot Napa Autopro did not exist anymore but it was now Barlow Napa Autopro. Being that they were still part of the Napa Autopro company, I asked if I could use my voucher there and the gentleman I spoke with said no.

I then contacted Dealfind via e-mail and explained to them my situation. They got back to me within a few hours and told me the best they could offer me was a promo code for $5 off a minimum purchase of $15 on their website (with an expiry date of July 4, 2013). I was very upset by this! I had wanted a refund as I was not able to receive the service that I paid for! I called their toll free number and asked to speak with a manager. The lady I spoke with gave me a very hard time and gave me a bit of a runaround. She told me that the response I had received was from a manager so that was their final decision. I asked to speak to this person. After about 15 to 20 minutes on hold, I was put through to her. Sarah, the manager I spoke with and the lady who replied to my original e-mail, was not only rude but threatened me!

First, she told me that it was my responsibility to keep updated on their refund policy! When I explained that the refund policy was different at the time I purchased the voucher, she did not care. I told her that I would call my credit card company and file a fraud charge. She told me if I did that, she would put a note with my credit card company that would "prevent me from being able to purchase anything online again". She insinuated that she would access my credit somehow and ruin my credit! I told her that was illegal and if she did that, I would pursue legal action. Then, she backtracked and said that it was me who "misunderstood" what she was saying. Unbeknownst to her, I had her on speakerphone and this threat was heard by two other people! I eventually got her to admit that she was not legally allowed to access my credit card information without my consent, however, I was still uncomfortable that she had access to this information!

Frustrated, I hung up on her and looked online to see if others had issues with Dealfind as well. I found a website with numerous complaints about similar issues!

New Reviewer

Products are deceptive, customer service is arrogant, unfriendly and not helpful whatsoever, the worst "deal" site out there in my opinion.

New Reviewer

Scams and Terrible deals (cheap and not what it is in the pictures). Further they do not stand behind the websites they promote. I bought vouchers for another website which they were promoting, which turned out to be a complete scam. The deal was to by the coupon and then go to the site and order the product, but pay for shipping costs there. Dealfind refunded the money for the voucher, but not the money that I had to put up at the site they promoted. I will NEVER use this site again.

New Reviewer

Dealfind is the worst deal site I've ever dealt with. I've made 3 purchases so far. The first one never arrived, I contacted Dealfind and they issued me a refund after a couple more phone calls. Since they did give me a refund, I thought I'd give them a second chance and made my second and third purchase at the same time (HUGE mistake). Received my second purchase late. It is now 3 weeks pass the supposed arrival date for my third purchase, contacted customer service and they told me it was on its' way 2 weeks ago. Call them again 2 days ago, said they have to contact the merchant. Nothing! Call them again today, said it's procedure to contact the merchant, AGAIN!. A bunch of useless people that works there! Don't know anything and can't make a decision about anything.
Go find your deals elsewhere. Dealfind is a waste of time and energy. Wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy.

New Reviewer

After purchasing 3 products off of Dealfind, I decided to search up some reviews about Dealfind and Teambuy (stupid me decides to research AFTER buying from them). After reading SO MANY bad reviews, I got anxious and concerned about "Am I going to get ripped off? I can't return or refund these stuff cause it's final sale!"

So I had to wait for a few days to call since the Customer Service hotline were only open on weekdays....I gave them a call and I told them the honest truth, while being nice on the phone of course and I told them my situation. I informed the customer service rep that I purchased 3 items and I'm worried because I didn't want to wait too long for my delivery AND I also informed him of the many bad reviews that I saw everywhere online.

So he offered me a FULL refund, not the 'Teambuy or Dealfind dollar credits'.He said that it'll take up to 5 business days for the refund money to be on my credit card statement.

Hope my review helped!

New Reviewer

Dealfind is not that bad like how some people mentioned. I always order vouchers and products from them. The vouchers always work. Only when I order products from them it takes a longer period for time for the products to arrive. Last time I ordered perfume but it never came so I contacted Dealfind and they refunded the money back to me, not the money credits that I must use but it's the actually money back. Sometimes the quality of the products they sell is not that good but I don't think that is in their control.

New Reviewer
Dealfind continues to disappoint consumers with its extremely poor post sale services, and misleading marketing tactics.

I hardly believe their business model is legal. I am eager to know any consumer protection associations that can help victims like me.

I purchased a few vouchers from the website. The vouchers clearly say "Expires on: no expiration date", "the promotional value expires but the amount paid never expire".

My vouchers were purchased a couple years ago but I have never had a time to use them. As they clearly say the voucher will never expire, or at least the amount paid will never expire, I did not mind them too much.

Recently I phoned a merchant for 1 voucher and realized it had already gone out of business. Another merchant with a phone that is not in use.

I phoned Dealfind on Nov 11, 2013. A representative called Jessie handled my case. She refused to refund the original amount I paid for the vouchers, a total of about $100 to $150. Instead, she offered a $5 promotional credit on their website. She repeatedly referred to a "refund policy" that is nowhere to be found on the voucher. Their fine print at the bottom "Legal stuff we have to say" did not mention anything about a 240 day expiry for the original paid amount either.

This is a scam. The company has no intention of retaining customers. Their business model is to pocket the money and leave you hanging. They don't honor the service you paid for. Even worse, they won't even refund the original amount you paid when they can no longer honor the services.

They took $100 to $150 from me and provided no services. Is this even legal in Canada?

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If i could i would give it zero stars. The worst customer service ever!!! Just everyone else has stated, they sell vouchers without expiry, the company buys themselves time by not answering calls or telling you they are all booked up, call us in a couple months, you complain to teambuy/dealfind and they say we'll look into it and get back to you which they never do. A great deal of time elapses, you call ghe company again and they no longer exist, so again you call teambuy and tey say oh sorry you're screwed, we can't refund you, and we have no record of you calling us the first time around. So you go red in the face, hang up the phone, and scream WTF???!!!!

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