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DealeXtreme reviews

116 reviews
Categories: Computer, Electronics, Gadgets
21 Man Lok St
Hung Hom, Kowloon
Tel: (+86) 1353-0080-484
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116 Reviews for DealeXtreme

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I try to contact customer service via live chat,they helped me.


My last order placed 14 days ago was supposedly shipped two days later.


The first shipment arrives within a satisfactory time (within 2 weeks) BUT if you have further shipments ...

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New Reviewer

I think molasses at the North Pole moves quicker than this company. I ordered a screen cover for a cell phone, tried contacting customer service with no response and ultimately filed a dispute with PayPal. After filing the PayPal dispute and indicating that I no longer wanted the product due to the lack of response from the company's customer service and failure to deliver the product, I received the screen cover. I will never purchase from this company again and will advise my friends to do the same. I always wonder how a company like this is able to stay in business.

Ask John about DealeXtreme
New Reviewer

DX is pure sh*t! Some of the WORS support I have ever got. Still havent recieved my item after more than a month! When you chat with them they just repeat "please wait some more time".

They are nothing else but SCAMMERS! Be aware!

Tip for consumers: Here's a tip: Avoid the site at all costs.

Ask adadas about DealeXtreme
New Reviewer

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New Reviewer

At first i ordered sku# 270691 item at 06/25/2014 (order# 140625001055209930) but they send wrong item. I contacted customer services and they offered me a difficult return procedure. I didn't want mess with their hardly understood procedures and then i ordered this item again at 09/02/2014 (order# 140902001043829867) but warned them so many times before and after purchase. But this stupid DX has sent the wrong item second time. Their lack of seriousness caused me to lose $43,74. Now i want my money back but they always offered me their nonsensical procedures. Deal Extreme is a fraudulent company !

Tip for consumers: Stay away from DX !

Ask Murat about DealeXtreme
New Reviewer

BS on customer service
Ordered a fashion watch - same as the one I ordered 2 hours prior to this second order. The first order came in after 2 weeks. the second watch NONE. after more than 45 days waiting they give you BS about waiting 2 more weeks.

Tip for consumers: STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!

Ask Ephraim about DealeXtreme
New Reviewer

Good prices but thats about it with the positive points.

Shipping is slow and the tracking service they use is not clear at all
No answers on emailed questions/no cusomter support
Phone hotline never picks up

I do not recommend to buy products here. The product was about 8% cheaper than on amazon - i should have bought it there and saved my time getting angry about waiting for a product forever.

Tip for consumers: DO NOT expect your products to arriver in less than 2 weeks. You might as well just order it from a different continent and it will arrive faster.

Ask Constantin about DealeXtreme
New Reviewer

Never order here, ordered a led strip. Had to wait for months before I receive the items. After a few times contacting the "Customer Service" ( they tell you every time to wait ( and wait ))..... the finally reshipped the items. When I received the led strip a few leds were defect. Now contacting the "Customer Service" AGAIN ! and they tell you every time to wait ( and wait )....

Don't order at DX!

Tip for consumers: Do not order here!

Ask paul about DealeXtreme
New Reviewer

I've ordered and received more than 30 items. You get what you pay for. Super cheap gadgets, free delivery. Of course can't be perfect. All who rated 1 star forget that. Try once and you'll understand that is a nice website for buying gifts. Take your time, sometimes i've waited 10 weeks for a delivery. It's also SUPERimportant to make one order for each item you want. If you make multiple orders, you will be surely disappointed. It will take a lot more. But i've always received everything. If you want a better service, pay it four-Times on amazon.

Tip for consumers: No multiple orders, don't expect fast service.

Ask Daniele about DealeXtreme
New Reviewer

They steel your money for 5 months never got the items or the money back
DO NOT BUY FROM THEM unless you want your money stolen
I been asking for my money back since I never got my item
Horrible company!!!!

Tip for consumers: The steel your money!!!!
Do not my from them!!!

Ask E about DealeXtreme
New Reviewer

They had good deals but if something goes wrong don't expect them to make it good They shipped my order for 4 AA batteries twice never got here but confirmed delivery the 2nd time BS slow run around and a website that can drive you nuts

Tip for consumers: Slow hit & miss stay away

Ask carl about DealeXtreme
New Reviewer

Horrible! False advertising, misleading order times etc, etc,.
The website is advertising a delivery time in 7-9 business days anyware in Europe, i have waited for 14 business days, and nothing. I have contacted them and i was told that it is gonna take a additional 2 weeks, so much for the 7-9 business days anyware in Europe...
I have contacted the "Service center" on this matter, and when i was told i need to wait an extra 2 weeks i asked for a refund coz i don't want to wait so long for my order. They gave me an email and Kick me out of the Chat.
I have contacted the email i was given to get a refund, that first email gave me another email address where i should get a refund, then that email gave me a third email well i would appranty 100% get my refund, now this third email address told me that they cannot help since "the Manager is out of Town."
Thank you DealExtreme AND NEVER AGAIN!

Tip for consumers: Don't order here!

Ask Marino about DealeXtreme
New Reviewer

This website is very inconsistent. I ordered three watches. Two watches worked but the third watch did not work at all. When I tried to return it they emailed me to mail it to a location in California. Then they never refunded me my money. Therefore, if you order something from this website you will most likely get ripped off and never get your money back. I have not anymoremthings from this website. I prefer to save my money. I recommend you NOT buy anything from this website. They will steal your money. NOT RECOMMENDED!!!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT order anything from this website as they will steal your money and send you broken items!!! NOT RECOMMENDED!!!!!

Ask jaison about DealeXtreme
New Reviewer

This company is a scam. stay away from this. The price is lucrative but you are not sure if you will get working merchandise. Ordered LED lights which I received defective. After I returned I was told that I will have to bear the shipping cost and on the top of it they will deduct $9. Not trustworthy at all.

Tip for consumers: Their prices are lucrative but whether you will receive the goods in working order or not is not guaranteed. It is better to pay extra and get the peace of mind.

Ask Cool about DealeXtreme
New Reviewer

Just ordered an item on the Australian Web after beng directed from world site and assumed order was in Australian dollars as price had Risen $6 . Ok difference in exchange rate was to be expected so went ahead with order via PayPal to find order was still in US dollars . Certainly feel ripped off,as the original site price included free delivery.

New Reviewer

Never use this site for shopping. 15 days before I ordered mobile, they charged me immediately, but still my payment is not confirmed by them I see it in my account and then they stop even to reply me anymore I try to call them but their phone are always closed! So I'm sure I gonna never get my money or the item, please be aware!

New Reviewer

I have used DealExtreme for over five years. I quickly adapted to the fact that their items can sometimes take eight or nine weeks to arrive, and simply made sure that I ordered items that were not urgent. From dozens of orders, the occasional one failed to show up within ten weeks, and their customer services immediately resent the same SKU as soon as I contacted them. All was well...

...until this year. For some reason they have started using "Malaysia Post" (DX are not in Malaysia; I am not in Malaysia). Using Malaysia Post (let's call them MalPost) seems to have the same effect as flinging the packages into a black hole. They've simply stopped arriving.

No problem. Ask for them to be resent, right?

Customer services this year has been brilliant. Absolutely incredible. As long as all you need is someone to respond in broken English "please wait some time" again and again and again, they are PERFECT. If, on the other hand, you actually need some, y'know, SERVICE, then you're out of luck.

Perhaps the forums can help? Nope. It seems that if you say anything bad about on the feedback forums, you are immediately trolled by a small (but overwhelmingly pathetic) mob of unemployed freaks, who depend on their six dollars of affiliate credit each month to such a great extent that they virtually live to ridicule anyone who suggests that could possibly bear responsibility for packages failing to arrive with their customers. It seems that the actual DealExtreme staff even encourage this incredibly offensive barrage of educationally-subnormal jibes and logic that would stump even The Riddler from the 1960s Batman TV show.

tl;dr - bad bad

Tip for consumers: Use another site.

Ask Nathan about DealeXtreme
New Reviewer

Ordered 5 hygrometers from these folks - website I ordered from inferred that this was an onshore company - these folks are based in HK.

Shipping took forever.

Products were defective - return process is ridiculous - you can't contact them via email or phone but have to go online to open a "ticket" through their site. You then get an RMA but are required to photograph the package, shipping receipt etc.

Still have yet to get my refund, just contacted them again today. Nearly two months since original order.

Steer clear.

New Reviewer

Well, generally speaking, don't waste your time here.
I ordered an underwater camera in Feb for a trip in Apr. And the order hardly made it. It took more than a month!!
I've never experienced such a long delivery time.
OK, we board the cruise and found the underwater camera sold on the ship is even cheaper than this.
The "underwater" camera broke as soon as it got into water >.<
I came back and asked for refund. They asked for pics of the ruined product. WTH, who would take a black-water-dripping junk back home!? Well, they said there is nothing we can do then. Even no store credit offered. That's it.

New Reviewer

DX shipped only one item instead of two. When I complained, the customer service representative just repeated again and again that they had shipped everything. Eventually, I gave up and counted my losses. I paid for something I have never received.

New Reviewer

Ordered a bluetooth speaker. SKU 262756
Will not connect to Bluetooth. Blue LED only flashes 2 times instead of 6 as instructions say. Does not have a red or green LED as instructions say. Does not look like or have same controls as instructions show. Unable to get it to connect with bluetooth phone.

New Reviewer

I have been waiting nearly a month for my order, I have tried to contact dealextreme by phone (not answered), by email (returned undeliverable), and by "ticket" (they did not bother to respond), I have contacted Paypal and filed a dispute.
If I could give them 0 stars I would. DO NOT USE DEALEXTREME.

New Reviewer

It's a typical company that wants to rip you off of your money, STAY AWAY from this company. I have been waiting 2 months for my package to arrive, and they will not refund me my money. Don't ever let prices fool you.

worse yet.

I contact DealExtreme regarding my package, and EVERYTIME they keep saying wait another week... Yanoe, how many weeks are they going to keep saying the same thing, resolving nothing. Just trust these reviews and stay away from this website.

New Reviewer

I have a similar story to most other people on here but with a twist! I am complaining about DXListing which is part of Deal Extreme where they sell products for other sellers rather like Amazon Marketplace. You still deal, or try to, with Deal Extreme and receive the same dreadful non-service. I have had the usual "please be patient and wait" messages but when you are told that the original estimate of 7 - 21 days delivery should actually have read "2 - 6 weeks" you start to lose patience. Not only that but the 2 - 6 weeks are Chinese weeks as they do not include weekends and public holidays so, how long is a week? Is it 5 days or is it 7?

DX stopped responding to my messages when I asked for a refund so I have just filed a dispute with PayPal as it is 42 days since the original order was placed. We'll see what happens but, my advice is; DON'T BUY FROM DEAL EXTREME!

New Reviewer

I used to order items and receive in 1-2 months. It's been over three months and I haven't received any of my three packages allegedly underway, two of them I've been waiting for over six months. DealExtreme refuses to refund the orders. Apparently they've turned into a scam domain.

New Reviewer

I ordered a car stand for my phone and after waiting for 6 weeks they told me to wait for a couple more days. Two weeks later when i followed up about my shipment, they told me that the shipment has been delayed. at least they helped me get a refund don't know if i'll actually be refunded for the items purchased.

New Reviewer

DealExtreme is complete garbage. I waited 5 week as they recommended. Then they said to wait another week, which I did. Into the 7th week I made a so-called "ticket" to request reimbursement. They refused to respond to this. Then I posted a complaint with PayPal to request reimbursement. To date (June 11, 2014) I believe I have been robbed by DealExtreme and so far no help from PayPal. PayPal should avoid any connection with DealExtreme.

New Reviewer

I bought and paid for a product, they didn't deliver and continued to give excuses about refunds. It is $33 I won't get back. Save yourself the hassle and flush your money down the toilet, at least that way its gone without wasting weeks of your life

New Reviewer

Never received what I ordered wish I would have checked here first. Finally filed a claim with PayPal and they refunded my money. Ordered from other site and had it in two days.

New Reviewer

I have worst experience with,
I order 2 items wire tracker $40 and android smart tv both total $150, i paid additional $20 for expedite shipping.
First problem, i actually order 3 items, but 1 item not in stock so they refund to my paypal full amount and paypal cut the refund and i did not get full amount there was $16 cut from paypal. The problem was dx refund after i pay extra 20 usd for expedited shipment of 3 items and second problem they did not confirm me when they refund, i can buy something so they dont have to refund. Well for this matter i can forgive them.
Second problem was, they sent my 2 items into 2 package using dhl and ems and they stupidity declare 150 usd for each package, and the impact i must paid high taxes around 45 usd for 40 usd wire tracker amazing. When i paid extra 20 usd for expedited shiping they did not tell me that they want to sent into 2 packages.
And until i wrote this review my second package by ems is not arrived yet after 2 weeks from my last order again amazing.
Third problem was wire tracker i order, is a piece of junk, the review for this item are fake, the tracker is not working properly, the tracker feature it has are useless and has low quality. So 40 usd item with 45 usd taxes are for nothing. I can t rma it, it will cause extra cost for shipping.
I try to wrote review regarding the product, but they delete my review, eventhough i legitimate buyer for the product.

I try to contact their cs with chat, they are not helping at all,
no win solution and always show me rule at wrote at their website.

Well dont waste your time and money to shop with
My experince with ebay are better then dx free shipping bull$#*!.

My order id 140419001025661563

New Reviewer

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. If you plan on ordering from this site I can save you time. wait for a windy day, go outside and throw your money in the air. You'll get the same amount of product AND customer service doing that as buying from this website. Awful all around.

New Reviewer

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. It's been close to 2 months since I placed a order with them and all I get as a response is that I should wait a little longer. They also don't adhere to their 'timely' refund policy either. Using the ticket service or online chat is absolutely hopeless as they just ask rhetorical questions and end with asking you to wait longer once again. China may be on the other side of the world but never in my experience has any product taken over 15 days tops to get to me. Buyers beware.

New Reviewer

Very unsatisfied customer, no customer service at all.
I will never buy anything fro you again, placed my order and lost my monies, never received my order and cant get in touch with customer service

New Reviewer

I ordered some lighters from this site for really cheap. Seemed like a wonderful deal. Little did I know that I would be waiting over a month and still not seeing any product. The shipment tracker for this site is atrocious and switches dates back and forth often. Not to mention the horrid customer service. While in an online chat for this site the rep continued sending me a link to another website shipment tracker (which should atone for how awful their own website' sis seeing as how they don't even use it) while I was trying to explain my worries and troubles. She then tried telling me that the shipment had "already reached my place" which I assured her it had not. In the midst of me trying to explain to her that I was told it could take 2-4 weeks for shipping, which I was not thrilled about but okay with seeing as how the price was so low, and had been waiting for over a month she left the chat after telling me I should check with my local post office first. Not that it really needs saying at this point but I am very unhappy with the entire experience and will not be shopping here again. Nor will I recommend this site to even my worst enemies.

New Reviewer

Sorry site will not accept zero stars, so had to enter one star - still toooooo many!!!

I placed order in Sept 2013, took over 2 months to arrive, reported missing item which was sent without problem to their credit. However, returned one item faulty which they have lost.

Since been presented by stupid mindless automaton responses, claiming never received. BUT in Nov 2013 I was assured a replacement was sent!!

Ever since reporting thier error. They now claim do not have proof sent as instructed to THIER site 3 times yet still denie receipt.


New Reviewer


Do not order from them.
Ordered slim case for Nokia 1520 in December 2013 and emailed them after promised 20 day delivery time. Received response that it'd be there in just a few more days. Never arrived and they will not respond to any emails since. They seem to know the exact time limits for paypal recourse.

New Reviewer

I placed one order for 3 2MP IP cameras with audio in and out. SKU: 193402 on the site.
what I received were 3 different shipments all containing a 1.3MP camera without audio connections.
To get the cameras in my home I paid 3 x $99,99 + 2 x 0,21 x $99,99 (import taxes for two boxes) + 2 x € 13,- (handling fee for two boxes) amounting to $377,85.

The cameras are not as described and I want a fair refund of my money or send the camreas back and get full reimbursement. What DX offers is a refund of 3 x $99,99 plus shipping costs and that's it.
To make matters worse, now they are selling the cameras for $72,-. The description is still wrong.

So if you like to order and wait a long time for wrong items to arrive, please do buy at

New Reviewer

dx is not the best place to be buying your stuff. For the items they sell I highly recommend ebay at least you get a guarantee through their feedback system and paypal.

New Reviewer

Paid for a sim-free mobile phone and it took 4 weeks for it to arrive - not the 10-14 days quoted. Now the phone has broken within a few months and i has taken them a week to tell me how to return it. Their first response was 'can you find somewhere to get it repaired locally and we can give you $15 store credit?'. Pleasant enough customer service but very innefficient. Do not use if you want your item within a reasonable time and don't care if it breaks and you're without it for a month.

New Reviewer

Fast to take away your money, goods never arrive.
Extremely rude and unresponsive support staff.
I'm not going to buy anything there anymore. Pure scam.

New Reviewer

Used to be ok. (Had to order 2-3 things in order to receive 1 that does what it should), but lately they are unable to fullfill the orders. It has been 2 months since I ordered/payed and nothing received yet. I had to contact them in order to be onformed that item is out of stock. Partial shipment is still trying to reach me... Chose another site to place an order!

New Reviewer

I have not received the items ordered on December 4.
I have open a ticket on February 3.
I have contacted the support chat several times but again - NO SOLUTION. They told me that the item is in transit. But the item stays for about two months in the Shanghai airport.


New Reviewer

I waited 2 months for my item which did finally arrive but the box was ripped and missing multiple important parts. I opened a ticket with them and they gave me instructions to return the item for a full refund. The live chat is almost never available by the way. I followed instructions and sent it back and have never received the full refund. Paypal can't help me as it's been over 45 days (it took that long just for the item to arrive!) and now I've spent postage returning the item and can't even get my original money back. What a scam! I'm totally pissed!

New Reviewer

I had shopped with DX many times with out issue, but when there was an issue there was no help from dx support. I have waited over two months for an item I ordered. Every time I contacted DX support I was told to wait another week. After a month and a half I got sick of it and submitted a ticket requesting a refund. The ticket went ignored for a week so I started the chat service, the support staff on there said the staffer handling my ticket was on vacation and would be back in a couple days, he wouldn't process my refund. 5 days later and there has still been no reply to my ticket or refund request.
The supports staff seems to only know how to tell you to wait longer for an item. I first requested a refund when the item still had not come one month after ordering. I asked the support staff if he thought it was right that I should wait a month and a half for an item I order from them and he said yes and did not apologize for the long delay.

New Reviewer

I wish I had done my research and seen this feedback before ordering through dealextreme.
I have made an order for a number of items and paid for them at the same time, + delivery. DX has emailed me a number of times advising some items are on back order and asking if I want to change the order or delivery.
That would be great, but it is impossible to contact them to advise that is what I want. It looks like they are happy to take your money, but then do not want to hear from you and you have no idea if they are ever going to deliver the order you have already paid for.
I have just sent the same message to them on their feedback forum, but am not hopeful of any satisfactory response. I will advise.
Only other option may be to take the complaint to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council

New Reviewer

Ordered on Jan 1 2014, was told my items were shipped on Jan 2 2014, now it's Feb 4, 2014, still haven't received my items, no tracking number was provided, contact them without any response. Will have to contact my credit company soon and will never buy from them even if the product is FREE, lousy customer service, the live chat is useless. STAY AWAY from this Deal, unreliable , fraudulent practice, cyber con artist !

New Reviewer

Until you are lucky enough to get the good stuff in good condition, there's no fear to have. The problem starts if you get wrong or defective product.
In this order, I received a wrong product plus a defective watch. After long chats, they propose me to keep the wrong product and get a low discount as a store credit. I declined this offer so I had to return the item with a tracking number so I could get a refund. I did so but the shipping cost with the item was higher than the order cost. By Paypal, it could not be fully refund. The difference was supposed to be kept as a store credit. I'm still waiting for this.... The rest, I was refund by paypal since I had opened a case at the beginning. Asked me to CLOSE the case and that they would refund after.. Only robber asks this since a total refund as I asked would have closed the case automatically.
For the watch, they send me another one also defective after a few days. Told them but never had ANY answer.

Remember, cheap price means cheap products and service.
I will only buy from them if they are the only one selling the item I want.

New Reviewer

Ordered LED lights which did arrive in 3 wks but the socket on the base of the bulb does not fit standard US outlet. Submitted complaint on web site and never had a reply now going on four months. They just blow you off!
Prices are good but it is a gamble to know if it is junk and is it going to function!

New Reviewer

I purchased a laser acupuncture pen. Took 2 months to arrive, broken. I ''spoke'' to a Derek on live chat, he gave me an address to which to post the pen. I posted it. To date, 3 months later, nothing from them but garbage and excuses blaming ME for sending the pen to the address supplied by their chat ''person''. I was told that i should not have listened to him, but gone another route.?? via another consultant. They are a bunch of incompetent thieves.

New Reviewer

Ordered some items 30 Dec 2013 and is still expecting them to arrive(3 Feb 2014).
Their LIVE CHATLINE comes and goes and you do not know when the line is LIVE. If you are lucky to chat, they promise to help but after waiting a few says to a week, nothing happens. Give them 1 more week and if I still do not receive my items, will ask PayPal that I am getting a refund from them. No more ordering from DX.Com anymore. Not worth the hassle of writing and calling them without positive results.

New Reviewer

I've never seen a more stunning example of incompetence and bad service in my life.
I placed an order and PAYED for a microphone boom arm on October 24th 2013, it is now February 1st (over THREE MONTHS ago) and I have no idea where my order is or if will ever arrive.
I tried their live chat service. Most of the time it's "unavailable". When it is, all they do for me is paste an almost illegible line or text that supposedly shows my order being tracked. They can't speak proper english most of the time so all they do is copy and paste the EXACT same pre-planned responses to every question or comment. I tried using the ticket service which, according to them, will yield a response within 48 hours but I never got any response. I tried calling them (you HAVE to make an international call if you live in Canada and it's not a toll free number) but the number wasn't in service.
This company has taken my money and given me nothing in return; no product, no service, and no explanation. While I have read other reviews from satisfied people, I would STRONGLY advise people to use this site at the risk of being swindled out of their money.

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