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DealeXtreme reviews

82 reviews
Categories: Computer, Electronics, Gadget
21 Man Lok St
Hung Hom, Kowloon
Tel: (+86) 1353-0080-484
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82 Reviews for DealeXtreme

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Do not order if you have to have this item in less that a couple of weeks.

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New Reviewer

Very unsatisfied customer, no customer service at all.
I will never buy anything fro you again, placed my order and lost my monies, never received my order and cant get in touch with customer service

New Reviewer

I ordered some lighters from this site for really cheap. Seemed like a wonderful deal. Little did I know that I would be waiting over a month and still not seeing any product. The shipment tracker for this site is atrocious and switches dates back and forth often. Not to mention the horrid customer service. While in an online chat for this site the rep continued sending me a link to another website shipment tracker (which should atone for how awful their own website' sis seeing as how they don't even use it) while I was trying to explain my worries and troubles. She then tried telling me that the shipment had "already reached my place" which I assured her it had not. In the midst of me trying to explain to her that I was told it could take 2-4 weeks for shipping, which I was not thrilled about but okay with seeing as how the price was so low, and had been waiting for over a month she left the chat after telling me I should check with my local post office first. Not that it really needs saying at this point but I am very unhappy with the entire experience and will not be shopping here again. Nor will I recommend this site to even my worst enemies.

New Reviewer

Sorry site will not accept zero stars, so had to enter one star - still toooooo many!!!

I placed order in Sept 2013, took over 2 months to arrive, reported missing item which was sent without problem to their credit. However, returned one item faulty which they have lost.

Since been presented by stupid mindless automaton responses, claiming never received. BUT in Nov 2013 I was assured a replacement was sent!!

Ever since reporting thier error. They now claim do not have proof sent as instructed to THIER site 3 times yet still denie receipt.


New Reviewer


Do not order from them.
Ordered slim case for Nokia 1520 in December 2013 and emailed them after promised 20 day delivery time. Received response that it'd be there in just a few more days. Never arrived and they will not respond to any emails since. They seem to know the exact time limits for paypal recourse.

New Reviewer

I placed one order for 3 2MP IP cameras with audio in and out. SKU: 193402 on the site.
what I received were 3 different shipments all containing a 1.3MP camera without audio connections.
To get the cameras in my home I paid 3 x $99,99 + 2 x 0,21 x $99,99 (import taxes for two boxes) + 2 x € 13,- (handling fee for two boxes) amounting to $377,85.

The cameras are not as described and I want a fair refund of my money or send the camreas back and get full reimbursement. What DX offers is a refund of 3 x $99,99 plus shipping costs and that's it.
To make matters worse, now they are selling the cameras for $72,-. The description is still wrong.

So if you like to order and wait a long time for wrong items to arrive, please do buy at

New Reviewer

dx is not the best place to be buying your stuff. For the items they sell I highly recommend ebay at least you get a guarantee through their feedback system and paypal.

New Reviewer

Paid for a sim-free mobile phone and it took 4 weeks for it to arrive - not the 10-14 days quoted. Now the phone has broken within a few months and i has taken them a week to tell me how to return it. Their first response was 'can you find somewhere to get it repaired locally and we can give you $15 store credit?'. Pleasant enough customer service but very innefficient. Do not use if you want your item within a reasonable time and don't care if it breaks and you're without it for a month.

New Reviewer

Fast to take away your money, goods never arrive.
Extremely rude and unresponsive support staff.
I'm not going to buy anything there anymore. Pure scam.

New Reviewer

Used to be ok. (Had to order 2-3 things in order to receive 1 that does what it should), but lately they are unable to fullfill the orders. It has been 2 months since I ordered/payed and nothing received yet. I had to contact them in order to be onformed that item is out of stock. Partial shipment is still trying to reach me... Chose another site to place an order!

New Reviewer

I have not received the items ordered on December 4.
I have open a ticket on February 3.
I have contacted the support chat several times but again - NO SOLUTION. They told me that the item is in transit. But the item stays for about two months in the Shanghai airport.


New Reviewer

I waited 2 months for my item which did finally arrive but the box was ripped and missing multiple important parts. I opened a ticket with them and they gave me instructions to return the item for a full refund. The live chat is almost never available by the way. I followed instructions and sent it back and have never received the full refund. Paypal can't help me as it's been over 45 days (it took that long just for the item to arrive!) and now I've spent postage returning the item and can't even get my original money back. What a scam! I'm totally pissed!

New Reviewer

I had shopped with DX many times with out issue, but when there was an issue there was no help from dx support. I have waited over two months for an item I ordered. Every time I contacted DX support I was told to wait another week. After a month and a half I got sick of it and submitted a ticket requesting a refund. The ticket went ignored for a week so I started the chat service, the support staff on there said the staffer handling my ticket was on vacation and would be back in a couple days, he wouldn't process my refund. 5 days later and there has still been no reply to my ticket or refund request.
The supports staff seems to only know how to tell you to wait longer for an item. I first requested a refund when the item still had not come one month after ordering. I asked the support staff if he thought it was right that I should wait a month and a half for an item I order from them and he said yes and did not apologize for the long delay.

New Reviewer

I wish I had done my research and seen this feedback before ordering through dealextreme.
I have made an order for a number of items and paid for them at the same time, + delivery. DX has emailed me a number of times advising some items are on back order and asking if I want to change the order or delivery.
That would be great, but it is impossible to contact them to advise that is what I want. It looks like they are happy to take your money, but then do not want to hear from you and you have no idea if they are ever going to deliver the order you have already paid for.
I have just sent the same message to them on their feedback forum, but am not hopeful of any satisfactory response. I will advise.
Only other option may be to take the complaint to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council

New Reviewer

Ordered on Jan 1 2014, was told my items were shipped on Jan 2 2014, now it's Feb 4, 2014, still haven't received my items, no tracking number was provided, contact them without any response. Will have to contact my credit company soon and will never buy from them even if the product is FREE, lousy customer service, the live chat is useless. STAY AWAY from this Deal, unreliable , fraudulent practice, cyber con artist !

New Reviewer

Until you are lucky enough to get the good stuff in good condition, there's no fear to have. The problem starts if you get wrong or defective product.
In this order, I received a wrong product plus a defective watch. After long chats, they propose me to keep the wrong product and get a low discount as a store credit. I declined this offer so I had to return the item with a tracking number so I could get a refund. I did so but the shipping cost with the item was higher than the order cost. By Paypal, it could not be fully refund. The difference was supposed to be kept as a store credit. I'm still waiting for this.... The rest, I was refund by paypal since I had opened a case at the beginning. Asked me to CLOSE the case and that they would refund after.. Only robber asks this since a total refund as I asked would have closed the case automatically.
For the watch, they send me another one also defective after a few days. Told them but never had ANY answer.

Remember, cheap price means cheap products and service.
I will only buy from them if they are the only one selling the item I want.

New Reviewer

Ordered LED lights which did arrive in 3 wks but the socket on the base of the bulb does not fit standard US outlet. Submitted complaint on web site and never had a reply now going on four months. They just blow you off!
Prices are good but it is a gamble to know if it is junk and is it going to function!

New Reviewer

I purchased a laser acupuncture pen. Took 2 months to arrive, broken. I ''spoke'' to a Derek on live chat, he gave me an address to which to post the pen. I posted it. To date, 3 months later, nothing from them but garbage and excuses blaming ME for sending the pen to the address supplied by their chat ''person''. I was told that i should not have listened to him, but gone another route.?? via another consultant. They are a bunch of incompetent thieves.

New Reviewer

Ordered some items 30 Dec 2013 and is still expecting them to arrive(3 Feb 2014).
Their LIVE CHATLINE comes and goes and you do not know when the line is LIVE. If you are lucky to chat, they promise to help but after waiting a few says to a week, nothing happens. Give them 1 more week and if I still do not receive my items, will ask PayPal that I am getting a refund from them. No more ordering from DX.Com anymore. Not worth the hassle of writing and calling them without positive results.

New Reviewer

I've never seen a more stunning example of incompetence and bad service in my life.
I placed an order and PAYED for a microphone boom arm on October 24th 2013, it is now February 1st (over THREE MONTHS ago) and I have no idea where my order is or if will ever arrive.
I tried their live chat service. Most of the time it's "unavailable". When it is, all they do for me is paste an almost illegible line or text that supposedly shows my order being tracked. They can't speak proper english most of the time so all they do is copy and paste the EXACT same pre-planned responses to every question or comment. I tried using the ticket service which, according to them, will yield a response within 48 hours but I never got any response. I tried calling them (you HAVE to make an international call if you live in Canada and it's not a toll free number) but the number wasn't in service.
This company has taken my money and given me nothing in return; no product, no service, and no explanation. While I have read other reviews from satisfied people, I would STRONGLY advise people to use this site at the risk of being swindled out of their money.

New Reviewer

Product quality varies significantly between items (some are very good, others are ridiculously bad) - while pricing remains very low on everything. Shipping time is pretty bad (expect at least a few weeks wait). Would only recommend buying items with reviews on other websites (reviews appear to be rigged). Free shipping is a plus but upgraded shipping seems to not help the shipping time at all. All tracking numbers I have received have never worked but the package seems to never fail to arrive (maybe I'm just lucky?). Overall, it's a decent place to spend a few bucks on and forget about (because the shipping times are so long).

New Reviewer

Even though I only ordered for the first time a week ago, I went on the site to track my package...a will not accept email and password even though they sent an email to me that payment was successful AND they removed $ via Paypal.I thought I'd reset the password and it keeps saying it "timed out" (10x) went to live customer says "sorry unavailable"... attempted to call "english" service and number is invalid..shoddy and so far unimpressed with the customer service. I will post if I actually do recieve my order, but at this point, I am skeptical by the way it has been going and will not be placing anymore orders with

New Reviewer

I have bought some goods, usually gadgets, cables, connectors, etc. I alwways got what I purchased, and I use to get good within 3-4 weeks, (to Spain).

It has nice prices and huge stock. Never had a problem with them.

New Reviewer

In DX Iam buying goods for over a year and I can say that I am very pleased with price and speed of delivery. They are very professional and I think that one of the best shops on the Internet. So far I have not had a negative experience with defective goods so i dont know what they are in these situations. The only criticism that I sent to a very poor rewards to their customers in terms of buying discount.They have some kind of reward (redeem points) where they give some gifts but it is totally useless and unusable, almost all the other stores are giving many of discounts/ coupons and membership categories by buying from them, but that does not mean much to DX mangement.Despite all that still remain among the best to buy.

New Reviewer

shipped 11/ 2013 , 70 days no package
tracking shows package in Chia

do not answer to my tickets , online help is telling me ... wait more ...
FRAUD ! SCAM ! !!!

New Reviewer

I ordered a couple of laptop cooler pads; the order arrived in a couple of weeks, which was fine, but the box for the larger pad was completely trashed and the metal pad has a couple of dents in it. Not worth the hassle of trying to return it, but I won't be ordering from this site again...

New Reviewer

Avoid this site completely. I ordered a cellular screen protector for a holiday gift and it has been 30 days and no product has been delivered. They keep saying tomorrow wait another week. Etc etc. The customer service representatives are clueless and are totally full of garbage. No resolution and nothing but excuses. I now have to dispute the charges with my credit card company. I also had to purchase the product from another merchant. What a total waste of time. Run from them!!!

New Reviewer

I made a reservation a wifi adapter pays $ 25
I waited over a month and all transport came time I called they told me tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.
Until it was shipping Thank God I open the package and begin to see ..
1 - Broken product that does not work any way.
2 - and the driver of his software and incomprehensible Chinese word does not work ! ! ! ! !
I called them Pancreatic my mind that I will fill out a form and send them .
Filled , sent and asked me to get a photo of the product and then waited to meet me and they asked me I would send them back the product only after that they will reimburse me financially.
I despair did not send them threw their product in the trash and never invited them.
Unfortunate experience . After that I ordered the same product for less money arrived within three days working properly and safe from another site .

New Reviewer

"Hi there, I write this review just to warn everyone who considers to buy from DealExtreme, of course, their stuffs are cheap with free shipping but below was two of my order which never arrive after 3 months of shipping time. I really want to warn all of the world buyers to stay away from this site. They are world thievery!
Here is two of my order:
order number: 130923001023400079
order cost: $41.33
order tracking no:RR154039400MY (it's invalid, I can't track it)
order date: 9/25/2013 6:47:45 AM

order no: 130926001048839804
order cost: $29.40
tracking no: RQ204704204SG (it's invalid, I can't track it)
order date: 9/26/2013

After 3 months of shipping time I haven't received anything so I decide I write this review to remind anyone to keep away from these CHEATERS."

New Reviewer

"Hi online buyers, read this review carefully before you'll place your order or before you'll drop your money away. If you don't be careful you were like me such as: Place order and never receive, no refund, no reply, no help at all. Don't waste your time on this site they are the world thief. OK, below is my order detail:

order no: 130926001048839804

order cost: $29.40

order tracking no: RQ204704204SG (invalid tracking no)

order date: 9/28/2013

Here is my another order
order number: 130923001023400079
order cost: $41.33
order tracking no: RR154039400MY ( it's invalid )
order date:9/25/2013 6:47:45 AM"

New Reviewer

It used to be a good site, but not anymore.
They don’t ship, supply fake tracking numbers and don’t reply to customers letters.
On November 19 I bought a phone from them.
On November 24 they informed me that the phone was shipped and gave me a fake China Post tracking number for the shipment.
There was no information on that number on China Post site and I contacted DealExtreme twice through their ticket system asking them to check what is wrong with the shipment, but they did not reply.
16 days later, on December 9, without any notice, they changed the tracking number to another one. It took me time to find out that it should be Swedish Post number, but there is no any information on that number there too.
I contacted DealExtreme again through their ticket system asking them to give me an explanation on what is going on, but they ignored this letter too, so I opened a dispute with Paypal.
Would not buy from them again, and would not recommend them to anyone.

New Reviewer

The worst store in the world, stay away from those cheaters - below was my issue

my patience reached the limitation line. I really disappoint, I used to trust your site and do my
best for your site such write a good review for your site, give your site 5 stars on rating and tried to be more patience but
you know my patience also has a limitation line. I tried my best to be your good customer. I've tried
as many ways as possible to contact your site operator to solve this issue but no service no reply and no help
finally all these things I've tried just waste my time, waste money and waste my patience. You didn't even know
what your customer want. I'd like to warn all of dealextreme's customers to becareful because dealextreme will only
good to you when you are new in their customer. when I was new to their site they have very good service and fast
shipping too, but now everything changed no service no reply no help at all I have no way to contact them for help. First, they'll trick you to trust their site then they'll cheat you! BECAREFUL!! NEVER TRUST THESE PEOPLE!!! THEY ARE FAKE!!!!
Here is my order detail:
order number:130923001023400079
order cost:$41.33
order tracking no:RQ200609715SG ( it's invalid, I can't track it )
order date:9/25/2013 6:47:45 AM

New Reviewer

I'll agree that this site has a lot of cool an interesting things, especially if you are interested in arduino. It just would be equally cool if I ever received what I ordered. 2-1/2 months and still nothing. Orders from ebay are just as cheap, same free shipping, but take 1/4 of the time (even when coming from China). F this site and their bs shipping (worse than hoppyking and that is saying something). (1) star selection (-1) star for shipping...too bad I can't rate it a 0.

New Reviewer

Deal extreme is the worst retail website i ever used. They didn't respect their commitment on deliveries date, they are incapable to give an estimation date. Worst they have an Expedited mode for an extra 20$ that is useless ! So useless the customer service admitted it during a chat session with them.
Their customer service is scornful and their only answer is "You have to wait." and "It will be there soon."
My advice never order on this website.

New Reviewer

I place an order with them back on Sep 15, 2013 and have yet to receive my item. There customer service is horrible, they tell you to keep waiting. I've contacted several times and every time is the same response. It's Nov 16 and I have yet to receive my purchase item. I will never purchase anything else from this website. Buyer Beware.
Don't pay attention to the 5 stars reviews, because that is them trying cheat the rating system.

New Reviewer

worst company! dont evern try it I bought a stylus it took two months when it came it was miniature in size and it was ordinary plastic with no soft tip i cant even use it it wont work who sells a fake stylus! terrible!

New Reviewer

I did make a $15 order in deal extreme. However, I never received as I wait for one and a half month. So, I report to them, and they tell me my order was return to them deal to the custom refuse my order to import. Since, I was ordering the phone strip and a coin purse. And I used to order on eBay and other merchants, as I don't see any problem to receive. So, I ask for refund and they refuse to do so. As they said this is not their fault. And I ask them to resend, of course, they refuse again. And they said they can only give me a gift if I order next time. I am really doubt about this website. I only ordered a small amount, so be consider if u are planning to buy alot.

New Reviewer

my patience reached the limitation line. I really disappoint, I used to trust your site and do my
best for your site such write a good review for your site, give your site 5 stars on rating and tried to be more patience but
you know my patience also has a limitation line. I tried my best to be your good customer. I've tried
as many ways as possible to contact your site operator to solve this issue but no service no reply and no help
finally all these things I've tried just waste my time, waste money and waste my patience. You didn't even know
what your customer want. I'd like to warn all of dealextreme's customers to becareful because dealextreme will only
good to you when you are new in their customer. when I was new to their site they have very good service and fast
shipping too, but now everything changed no service no reply no help at all I have no way to contact them for help. First, they'll trick you to trust their site then they'll cheat you! BECAREFUL!! NEVER TRUST THESE PEOPLE!!! THEY ARE FAKE!!!!
Here is my order detail:
order number:130923001023400079
order cost:$41.33
order tracking no:RQ200609715SG ( it's invalid, I can't track it )
order date:9/25/2013 6:47:45 AM
However, if you can solve this problem I'll change this review but if not I'll share all of your bad to the world.

Thanks for reading

New Reviewer

I did two orders on this site. The result completely satisfied. Orders are shipped quickly enough and in full. Often on this site it is possible to find what not to find in other shops. Assortment small, but interesting. Here it is possible to choose interesting goods as a gift.

New Reviewer

Probably be best of you make yourself some tea/coffee/whiskey/brandy etc first and get comfy!

I was looking for propellers for a flying camera platform - a hexacopter (look them up on Youtube).
Eventually I came across the right size and type on the Dealextreme website.
They were offering 2 pairs (4 propellers)at a fixed price (about £22), I needed 3 pairs (6) so I figured if I
ordered 2 x 2 pairs (8) I'd have 2 propellers spare for any future repairs so, that's what I did (and paid about £44).
That was on the 8th August 2013 the order number was 130807001064058951.
On 12th August they sent me an email to say that they had shipped the items and provided a tracking
number which I attempted to use several times over the next few days only to be told to log out and
log back in again - lots of fun but it didn't work, not even once.
On the shipping email I noticed that they only sent 1 x 2 pairs (4) so I contacted tham via their
chat service and eventually they agreed to send the remaining 4.
The first package arrived on 20th August containing 4 of the wrong sized propellers, followed by the
second package on 22nd August also containing 4 of the wrong sized propellers.
Feeling a bit grumpy about it all now.
I contacted Dealextreme again via their chat line and was directed to that pit of dispair they
call the ticket sysyem. I dutifully completed this as instructed and was given Ticket number:
55C4CAA27F624CA69E85BC7EEB78C4A8 I awaited thier RMA number and instructions to return the 8 incorrect
sized propellers and this arrived by email on 5 September. As directed by the email;I took pictures of the
package with aformentioned RMA label in place, also photographed the postal receipt with tracking number; I posted
the package and emailed the photos/details to Dealextreme, as instructed on the 6th Sept.
They refunded my postage costs as promised.
On 13 Sept they sent an email saying they had shipped the correct propellers, order number 130807001064058951
I had a brief moment of elation followed swiftly by more despair, when I read the shipping details it said:
2 pairs qty 1 (4). I may have cried for a little while.
Back to the chat line I went only to be directed back to hell, well, to the ticket system once again, which I couldn't
use untill the package arrived (so I could send pictures of the address label, contents etc....).
I used their tracking number so that I could be told to log out and back in again several times but again never at any
time found out where or at what stage of the journey the package actually was.
Eventually on 25th Sept the propellers arrived, nice, correct size, but only 4 of them
Soooo ...on 27th Sept I was issued with the new ticket number 4C6DF8C7260A419D960DCEF2B3B384AB
After 2 more days on 29 September, I received a response asking if I would accept $18 in credit off
my next purchase, well, not really, a hexacopter has 6 propellers and flies about as well as a bucket with only 4
and besides ....NEXT purchase??? I'd rather pull my pubes out, one at a time, with pliers. I'm laughing but
it's a hollow empty laugh. I replied to their wonderful offer with, "No, please just send me the other
4 propellers 14 x 4.7. (I included the size because I know that they now have 8 wrong sized ones back in stock!)
Even I accepted the $18 it would cost me $36 to get the propellers I already paid for!!
8th October and they sent me a message saying that I can use the credit to buy more propellers .....sob...
I'm now beginning to understand what the 'EXTREME part of DEALEXTREME actually means.
I wrote back repeating that I just wanted the 4 other propellers that I paid for.
10th October and I receive another message saying "There are only four pieces for this item.It seems that you
misunderstand the description.Pls confirm". .....OMG!!!!
I wrote back explaining everything all over again and even included the pictures of the returned 8 propellers AGAIN.
I also included the url for the propellers that I actually ordered - they're still selling them, check for yourself at: and explained that I
paid £45.44p for a total of 8 propellers but they only sent 4.IT'S NOT THAT HARD - I'm shouting at my computer aren't I?.
It's now 11th October, I get a new message which says "Would u like us to resend 1*169771 (the 4 missing propellers) to
you or keep money as store credit for your next purchase? Pls let me know.Thanks".
All of my hair has fallen out and I've eaten both of my testicles! However, It was better than being sent back to the ticket
system to create another ticket to fix the ticket that was meant to correct the first ticket which was supposed to resolve
everything in the first place. I just replied "Please just send the 4 propellers.
Hopes are high that I get the 4 correct propellers and might be able to try out that hexacopter - even though the weather
is quite cold now :(
Also on 11th of October - later in the day - They send me another message which says: " A replacement will be arranged for
you via order 130910001083274885. It will be shipped ASAP once the item is in stock. After shipment, you will receive shipment
notification. Pls wait and check.Thanks".
??Back in stock??? Back in bloody stock??? Obviously didn't have them to sell in the first place and yet they still have them
for sale on their website.
October 16th Still waiting .....

New Reviewer

I looked at their site via ad. I was horrified with what i saw. PS VITA: 267$. Wow. Just Wow. I could find a vita right now for 199$!. Let's see, Ah Yes! A classic! PSP: 199$. I could find a PSP 3000 for 99$. These are not cheap items. And when they get to you (If they even do) They are probably not worth it. Before you buy, Search up the item on google. Trust me, you can find it cheaper.

New Reviewer

I placed an order nearly 2 months ago, for a simple, $7.50 piece of hardware.
I have spent the last 3 weeks mailing customer service - waiting 24-48 hours, then getting a response that just says "Wait a few more days"

Avoid these charlatans at ALL costs!

New Reviewer

Website sucks. They take an eon to finally get your product to you, and the tracking system is stupid. For instance my tracking number was for Singapore post, yet it always directs you to the Hong Kong website.

New Reviewer

Never do business with these people. After 63 days, they still don't refund the money. They are saying they could not refund the money to Paypal. They are completely fake. Read below the email that I received from the DealExtreme customer support.

Dear Customer,

Excellent my dear customer,

Thanks for your coming back. Would you please close your dispute? I have requested to refund you,but it failed.

We are glad to enjoy the communication with you.

Best regards and thank you for check my mail.


Yours Sincerely,
Customer Service

New Reviewer

As mentioned by other reviewers, shipping is slow, sometimes really slow (1-2 months) with this site. I've ordered from them many times and generally find their products ok (occasionally really good/bad; you get what you pay for). So far I've had 2 lemons but one was partially my bad since I did not do sufficient research on the item before ordering. In my experience, ordering things that cost less than 20 bucks is safe. Even if the item is dead on delivery they 'might' consider re-shipping a new item to you given the low price. I look to this site first when ordering stuff from China, it does not have the lowest price but at least there is some glimmer of assurance...haha.

New Reviewer

Your review will help others learn about this "THE WORST! I've waiting for long two months and purchase was never received. They $#*!ed me around begging me to wait for two, four, six more days. They barefaced lied on my face saying they are still tracking an untrackable order as it was allegedly mailed by simple Chinese courier. I am supposed to be patient and take all the actions while they give me no positive answer. I have finally decided to quit my claim and express my opinion in different consumer's opinion websites..

Please do not review if you are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this website.

New Reviewer

Beware of Deal Extreme !!! Biggest Scammers in the world.

SOLD Millions of items during the sale only to get temporary money and now processing refunds.
All the orders are cancelled without explanation.
They probably did to get more publicity but its a big shame that this company does it again and again without being criticised or banned.
Item bought -Freelander PD80HD ; order cancelled. You can still buy on dx for double the price so there is no shortage of stock. Its a big scam
Please stay away from this site, there are better ones out there. I'm not gonna name the others, I'm not their marketing rep but DX. You will definitely be loosing my business.

New Reviewer

good seller, they try to do their best to make custommer happy
when you have problems support is great
not the better price but they are good seller

New Reviewer

I just stumbled across the website and I bought cases for my iPhone 5. They were all shipped immediately and my packages got here in 10 days from China. I'll be buying from then again.

New Reviewer

Since DealExtreme had positive reviews, I thought I'd give them a try with a small order. I ordered an couple of items, paid for the order and expected to have the order in around 20 days as stipulated on the website. I received a notice that the order was shipped out on the 1st March 2013.
After 38 days, there was still no delivery so I inquired about it and received this was the reply:

"Dear Customer,

Your order has been shipped on 3/1/2013 10:23:24 PM. As live tracking numbers are only available for free for orders beyond $15 in value, there is no live tracking available for your order.

Please don't worry´╝îmaybe your package is delayed in transit, we will follow it up until you received your package.

Would you mind waiting 10-15 days with patience and see if it will arrive?

Your understanding and patience is highly appreciated!

Yours Sincerely,
Customer Service"

I had already given a grace period of almost double the delivery time and complained about this, requested a refund but was just told:

"Delays are usually caused by a backlog of packages or delays in Customs. We thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation with us. You won't get any loss for your order."

Having no choice but to wait, I waited, patiently, up until it was 50+ days later. There was no follow up as stated before so I requested a refund again.
I was then asked to confirm my shipping address, so I confirmed it... After hearing no response after 2 hours, I used LiveChat to inquire about my ticket to be told that I would have to wait 14 hours as it was now after office hours there and no-one could help me.

Today (26th April 2013), I received a reply!! A reply that said I must wait another 4-5 days!!!
At this point in time, my ticket is still open and I am still waiting for a refund.
I am just very grateful that I tested DealExtreme first with a small order.

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I have ordered several items from dx in the past, normally ipod leads and the like, that are $2-5 each. These arrive ok, very slow delivery but not being in a rush it didn't worry me.

I decided as they seamed ok to order a couple of Android tablets, what a hell of a mistake that was to do!! I placed an order, 3 days later they decided to tell me they were out of stock of the item, do I want to wait a week or so for restock or cancel the order. I waited, 2-3 days later they inform me it was now in stock but the manufacturer had ran out of headphones, did I want it without the headphones or cancel? (how does a manufacturer run out of something its manufacturing?) I said I'd still have it, as the headphones were probably rubbish anyway.

Then 24hours later they inform me that the units are now in stock with headphones and would be shipped out of the Western Australia warehouse on Monday (a public holiday). Surprise, surprise they weren't shipped that day, subsequently I received another notification the units are now out of stock again!! I contacted DX again and talked to Twinkle (yes apparently it is his real name) and restocking will take up to 2 weeks. So I looked else where for a suitable unit which I found so contacted them once again to cancel. This time I got the pleasure of Summer, I said I wanted to cancel my order and get a full refund, to which she said I can't its been shipped. WHAT??? I spoke to Twinkle less then 5minutes ago and its out of stock. She had completely ignored everything I had said and checked a completely indiscrimante order that could of been anything for anyone because it certainly wasn't in any of my order history. Now eventually I'm getting a full refund, however I'll believe it when I see it in my account because this order has been carried out by completely inept people with incredibly poor customer service.

If you want to purchase cheap items like computer leads and don't mind waiting 3-4 weeks to get them, go for it. If you want to spend a few $100's on items then don't I sure as hell won't be.

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