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Dealathons reviews

103 reviews
Categories: Deal, Discount Shopping
1-530 Wilson Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5H1Y9, Canada
Tel: (855) 461-4552

103 Reviews From Our Community

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I called and email their customer service line in vain several times! (in 28 reviews)


They were very apologetic about the experience even though it was not their fault - and offered me a refund. (in 50 reviews)

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New Reviewer

DON’T BUY FROM THEM…they are a complete scam, and I can’t believe they are still in business. I purchased something from them 2months ago, and though they took my money I never received the product. I emailed them a few times and after 3weeks got an automatic response saying they had issues with their mailing system, and if I hadn’t received my product to reply and they will look into it. I replied, and nothing. I tried to call their 1-855 #, waited on hold for over 10min, then got forced to leave a message. Called back and tried to get a hold of someone from “sales and marketing” and no answer their either.


Ask Jessie about Dealathons
New Reviewer

Purchased products from them July 1, 2014... paid thru paypal, thank goodness, they are trying to get my money back... It's September 10, 2014 have yet to receive product or get my refund... need I say more, except stay away from They are very difficult to get a response from as well. Telling me they shipped the product but couldn't come up with a tracking number. They won't be insulting my intelligence any longer...

Tip for consumers: Tip: Don't use this site... stay away!!!!

Ask Rita about Dealathons
New Reviewer

Ordered a Clarisonic on June 14, waited until August 21st, called my credit card and asked for my money back, got my refund today. This is after I sent at least 4 emails to Dealathons and left numerous messages, no reply. Very disappointed.

New Reviewer

Seems to be a bunch of thieves. Ordered June 15, today is August 21 and no product. Had a sarcastic email at 2 weeks telling me that the offer clearly states shipment could take two weeks. Now 10 weeks and they don't answer emails or phone messages. Their waiting musak makes a person contemplate suicide. Everything about this operation points to scam and theft.

Tip for consumers: Do not even consider using this bunch of bums.

Ask Garth about Dealathons
New Reviewer

Absolutely terrible! Total scam. Ordered over 7 items received two!!! I've called over 3 times, nothing they say they follow through with. Not sure why this company still exists. Really puts a damper on these kinds of companies. Stay away!

Tip for consumers: Don't throw your money away.

Ask Sheetal about Dealathons
New Reviewer

I purchased a Clarisonic Mia on June 12, it's July 31 and I have received nothing. All my emails and calls go unanswered and after reading everyone else's reviews I am certain I got ripped off $90.00. If anyone has anyone suggestions on what to do to get my money back please let me know as this is a lot of money to be scammed out of for a shady site. Will Visa reimburse me??

New Reviewer

Dave M who reviews the dealathons favourably was the only one positive review . Could this be because the president's initials are D.M. Coincidence?
Anyhow this organization ripped me off and I had to fight back through Visa. They have had lots of complaints.
Bob Bolduc

New Reviewer

I ordered toothbrush refills back in March and I have yet to receive them. Customer service says it will not refund my money because once they "ship" an item no refund can be issued. On three separate occasions I have been told they will reship my order but I have yet to receive anything. Stay away!

New Reviewer

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! There is none. Emails and phone calls are not returned. Purchased items are not sent, or if sent are damaged. Why is this business still running. Currently pursuing legal actions and better business bureau.

New Reviewer

I ordered a pen vaporizor from these guys (Click N' Vap). It was first shipped to a different city, then 3 months later when it was finally sorted out I received my package. When I opened it, it was not a pen vaporizer, but a cheap ass butane lighter that I could have bought at a gas station for $10. I've sent 3 emails with no response after 3 weeks so far. I would say one star is generous for these guys. I'll stay away.

New Reviewer

i bought a coupon for a health treatment. the provider was concerned about my medical history and advised she would not recommend me having the treatment and that i should contact Dealathon and ask for a refund. i tried repeatedly to contact them by phone- left many messages asking for contact, as well as several emails. Never have heard from them. I want my $39 refunded, and they are impossible to reach. Don't deal with them. Their Customer Service is non-existant- it is a complete sham.

New Reviewer

I have purchased 4 different deals from this site . One had to be refunded which took some time to get but otherwise I have been quite satisfied with the level of service and quality of products.

New Reviewer

Dealathons sells counterfeit/ fake Clarisonic Mia 2 products on their website, according to the quality of the product, the cheap look of the product, the defective rotation, and the inability to register the serial number on Clarisonic's US website. The number just comes up INVALID. Please do not go to Canada's Clarisonic website, since you can type any serial number you want and it will register. I emailed Dealathons about the defective/ counterfeit product, and they told me that I can only get an exchange! I emailed them their own policy under the Clarisonic deal, which states that refunds are granted on defective products within 14 days, and now I'm just waiting on their reply. Unscrupulous websites will break their own policies to make a quick buck, and sometimes you have to remind them that there are people who won't be taken advantage of.

New Reviewer

The customer service at is the worst I've ever encountered. I purchased a spa treatment (3) but the description on the sale was so wrong...I wouldn't have purchased it had I known...the merchant convinced me to take another treatment and I ended up with a sore back for two days...I complained to customer service and their response came off like they are just a bunch of low paid well guess I shouldn't have expected more than that!

New Reviewer

I first encountered this website when I decided to order a Dr Dre portable Bluetooth speaker for my boyfriend for valentines day. About a week later the speaker arrived, and when I opened the package the box itself was in such bad shape, full of dents and ripped up. I wasn't going to test the speaker but out of curiosity i decided to and i am glad i did because it was defective and didn't emit any sound what so ever. I called Dealathon about 5 or 6 times, where i was constantly hung up on and was never able to reach anyone from their customer service department. I also emailed them 2 or 3 times and i was finally able to receive a response a week before valentines day. They told me that i was no longer able to receive a refund because the 14 day window had already passed, which would not have been the case if they had not taken weeks to reply to my messages. I settled for a 60 dollar credit and ordered another product where i ended up spending an additional $30 on top of what i had already paid for the defective speaker. It has now been about three weeks and the status of my order is still processing. I would not be surprised at all if i never receive my product or my order, i am honestly so annoyed and frustrated i wish i had stumbled upon this website sooner and never wasted my time or money.

PLEASE PLEASE do not order from this website!

New Reviewer

I did not subscribe this site, yet I started getting emails directly in my emails account. The Unsubscribe Instantly link doesn't work at all and the Why Did I Get This link says you subscribed on our website. No, I didn't. I've unsubscribed using a 2nd link under the Why Did I Get This. I could swear I had already done this though and still continue to get them.

New Reviewer

Was charged for a product I never received. did not get credit back. They charged me an "international fee" for an item they did not ship, NOR DID THEY EVER INTEND TI SHIP. I am currently suing this company because I found so many other s with the same problem. This is a scam and If you get anything at an affordable price I would question how the hell they got it. Probably connected to the mafia and receiving stolen goods. I have called several times for my money back, I haven't received it and they keep telling me that I will and send me a generic email with my order number. I know what the $#*! my order number is. I need my money back!!!!!!

New Reviewer

This was THE WORST experience I have EVER had!!! I wish I found this site before I even considered purchasing from them! I'm STILL on hold to get my refund that a manager I finally got a hold of said I will get a refund! Service is horrible and I already lost money sending the product back that was basically crap! I'm SO surprised they are still in business and next time I will always google before ordering since if they close, I'm sure they'll open in another name. This is such a learning experience and will have to count my losses - horrible horrible horrible.......................

New Reviewer

I have read all the previous reviews and I am stunned that this site continues to operate. I will heed your advice, even though I am still waiting for a product from early December 2013, and to never purchase anything again. I am also intending to call the Better Business Bureau, at least they will be on the 'don't do business with' list. I do have a suggestion, hopefully we can find where they advertise and flood these companies with emails….. just a thought.

New Reviewer

TERRIBLE, PATHETIC customer service, pretty much non-existent, and junk for products!!! DO NOT order from this site, they are a total rip-off!! I have spent hundreds of dollars ordering products and services since 2012 with satisfactory results but in the last year have experienced nothing but a headache in dealing with them! Products take forever to be received if at all and the ones received are of terrible quality!!

New Reviewer

Purchased an iPhone 5 charger, took forever to arrive and it was an iPhone 4 charger. Tried to email and call about returning it and never heard back. I also bought a furminator, never received it. Again tried calling and emailing never heard back.

The worst. I have shopped online plenty and this site is by far the worst one to purchase from.

New Reviewer

Another unhappy customer. Bought an Iphone5 car adaptor last summer. Was charged twice - their error which they admitted to. Still have not received refund, and also no response to latest email. Also, the adaptor does not work.

New Reviewer

I purchased a coupon for a garbage removal ($35 for 250lbs of junk removal. After several attempts to contact the company via phone (unanswered), email again unanswered, I went back to Dealathons to request a refund for the above reason. I sent them an email to request a refund back to the cc I originally used to purchase coupon and was told that it would not be a problem.

That was in Oct 2013, and after I heard back from them I got a lame ass excuse that they were having email problems (probably busy with all the complaints they get) hence the delay in the refund. it is now Feb 3 and low and behold still no credit back to my cc. After my latest email to them I was told it would be applied and would take 3-4 days but that was a week ago. So bottom line is if you want to kiss you $$ bye bye go ahead and deal with these snake oil sales people. Otherwise buyer beware, do research not only on the vendor that the coupon is for but the vendor selling them.

If the owner had any sense of customer service they would be dealing with this kind of crap immediately to help build the brand, not hide with their head up their arse hoping it will all go away, because it won't.

New Reviewer

Purchased item on Nov 19th. Never received it. Sent several emails - only 1 was returned saying that they were looking into it. Contacted them in January - told me that it had been shipped in December - NOPE. Contacted them again and they said they would reorder it and I would have it in 5 business days - NOPE. Now I'm calling Visa. Lousy company.

New Reviewer

Ordered in November, and getting the runaround, they come up with all these excuses. Could someone give me their phone number please? I can't seem to find it....

New Reviewer

My order was placed in November I did not receive any of it until Jan 18 and I am still missing a part of the order... no customer service. Keep your money!It is n't worth even one star but cant submit if I don't give it one star...

New Reviewer

I did actually receive a couple of orders from them....that is after emailing and calling continuously. Then they offered bonus points for my difficulties. Which made me just order again. Big mistake. I have another order that was never received and they offered to give me a credit. The credit memo was issued but the money was never refunded. I am still waiting for two orders that were promised for Christmas delivery. Nothing was received yet. I have tried emailing them about 10 times and they are not responding anymore. They are not answering their phones either, the call goes straight to voice mail or just hangs up automatically. I am for sure done with them...I have lost enough money already. I will for sure keep trying to get in touch with them but I don`t think that will get me anywhere!!

New Reviewer

DEALATHONS IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM TO GET YOUR MONEY, and provide nothing but $#*!ty service! I would never give them another cent, and would highly avoid the company and the companies that are associated with them. The affiliated companies do not return your messages to book an appointment with your purchase. They close their doors when they work, as they work their own hours and do not the normal business hours. And when you contact Dealathons to complain, sure at first they seem helpful and state that they will refund your money, but of course they do not!!!! You try to contact Dealathons customer service members, and of course they do not get back to you. Now-a-days with all the scam artists and cons, you can be sure to add Dealthons company to your list! I have contacted and advised that I would be doing this, and of course they do not care. I have tried to contact them on endless occasions, and 4 months later the situation has not been rectified nor will be. It is so sad that it has to come to this, and feel like I have been so patient, but I share this everyone as I do not want anyone else to have this same headache as I have gone through.

I will be sure to advise all of my family, friends and affiliations to save their pennies and go elsewhere. Nobody wants a scam, and it is unfortunate that I have been apart of that, and even more unfortunate that this well known company does not stand behind their companies, their products and services... And especially their word!

Please share with all your friends and family, as I do not wish the headache upon anyone else. Save your money and Please pass this on!!

(Apparently and unfortunately I am not the only one... So sad!)

New Reviewer

I have also been scammed by Dealathon. I placed an order on November 5th & the money was taken from my credit card that day. Needless to say, I still have not received the goods. I have, however, heard some very original reasons why the goods are not here yet, including the fact that they are held up in customs. I live in Alberta. I had not realized that inter-provincial trading necessitated customs now! With all the letters of complaint on here, surely there must be enough for some kind of action against this company? I only wish I knew how it could be done.

New Reviewer

I ordered some items early Nov 2013. It was 6 items and I was charged $30 for shipping. A bit much for shipping, and I would have thought it was going to be done through a courier at that price. I only got one item through regular post at $1.26 postage. Nothing from the others. I phoned Dec. 12 to inquire about the rest. I actually got a customer service person! One of the items was cancelled and I got the refund as loyalty points. Not to my liking. Was assured that the other 4 items are on the way and to check the status online. I got an email to confirm the shipment but no tracking number - just that it was to be shipped by ground. Well it is now Jan. 7 and I check online and see that the status claims it is completed and my loyalty points from my original order were revoked!! WTH!! I still have seen nothing shipped. I have been trying numerous times through calls to the 416 number / the toll free number / the calgary number and I only get the voice mail. I have left numerous messages. I have emailed several times and only got an automated response from the support email. Thankfully someone posted the CEO's personal email: I sent him a message. Will he respond? Remains to be seen.

I had also purchased a voucher for a merchant in Calgary. SO far managed to book the appt. I have fingers crossed that I get the service otherwise I would be soaked for $399 for that too!

I will never order products from this business again. I only hope that someone files a class action against this business like what happened to Groupon.

New Reviewer

I ordered a product from them on December 7th 2013 and I still have not received it. They advised me on December 30th that I would have it in 2 days but nothing has arrived it. I can't even get a hold of anyone to get a refund. Any ideas on how to make this right?

New Reviewer

bought 2 tablet computers in September . one absolutely not working, the other can seldom connect to the internet. Many phone calls and emails , even got a reply once but no response , no exchange or refund offered , unable even to leave messages some days as their mailboxes seem full. $240 for 2 paperweights

New Reviewer

merchant would not honour dealthons voucher and dealathons would not answer their customer support line. I'm taking this to visa to advise that no payment should be made to this company as it seems I'm not alone with my complaints. Will not purchase again from this site. I'm out $50 unless Visa honours my complaint.

New Reviewer

placed and order and paid on my credit card in November - was promised delivery in two weeks -- here we are January 3rd and still no order -- dealathons biggest rip off scam ever!! do not purchase anything from them - I am still trying to get a refund -- i have also put in a complaint with better business bureau

New Reviewer

They have owed me $72.00 since April. In September after 72 phone calls and emails they promised me a credit. This was never received. I wish I could give them a -5*

New Reviewer

I bought a voucher for Renew Spa on Dealathon. I called the Spa to make an appointment, they told me they would not accept any vouchers from Dealathon because they had not been paid. In the last two weeks I have emailed over 10 times with no response. I cannot speak to anyone on the phone because the call is sent to a mail box which is FULL so a message cannot be left either. Do not buy anything from this company, they are criminals. Does anyone know how I can get my money back?

New Reviewer

If I could give nothing I would. I too ordered something and never recieved it. I called and called and called and ... I compared to the other complainents was able to get most of my money back, but I had to create an account with Paypal and it cost me $0.50 which they also said it wouldn't cost me.
Anyways, I too will go on social media and make sure others NEVER deal with these people. They lie and misrepresent themselves.

New Reviewer

I should have read this site before I placed an order. Beware, NEVER DEAL with this company as you will likely never receive the product, never reach customer service, and never receive your refund. I guess this is one way of making money...
Seriously, stay away from them! As soon as I receive my refund, I'll unsubscribe from their site.

New Reviewer

Big time scam artists. Order two coffee mugs on August 20 and to date have not received them despite 2 emails telling me that they have been shipped and they would supply me with a tracking #. To date I have not received that tracking # and I have requested a refund. They have yet to respond to my request.

New Reviewer

Bought a coupon for a service through Dealathons and when trying to make an appointment for the service the vendor was not willing to accept the coupon due to them not having difficulty collecting payment from Dealathons. I then tried refunding my coupon from Dealathons and was initially told that they are unable to refund as it is passed 14 days and then I managed to convince them that it was not my fault the service provider is unwilling to accept a coupon from them. After many an e-mail and calls to the customer service centre was able to get a credit voucher which I was told will be returned to my account in 2-3 weeks. Now it is the 4th week and I have still not received the money. The emails sent to them are not being responded to so finally called and was told that the file will be re-forwarded to account dept. and to give them a few more days. The calls that are being transferred to their manager I believe never gets answered but goes into an answering machine. This manager if he/she exists never returns a call. I lead to believe that they are a bunch of absolute thieves.

New Reviewer

I placed my order on Aug 15th and I still didn't receive the product. I have called and emailed Dealthons many, many times and asked them to let me know why the products didn't arrive, but they do not have a clue.
Their customer services is good for nothing.
Now I am waiting to hear from their manager if I can get my money back.
Unbelievable. So, if you reading this review, do not even think about ordering something from this website.

New Reviewer

I am looking for a refund for an order that was cancelled within 1 hour on August 8,2013, even after 2 months the refund has not been credited to my account. Trying to contact Dealathons since last week ...but no response... the call center says that I should talk to the accounting department and the accounting department's number is always on voice mail and they do not return my calls nor respond to my e-mails....I did not expect that from a company like Dealathons.....Frustrated

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I order a product from this site a few months ago. It was for a luxury perfume. It turned out that it was a counterfeit. The fake perfume irritated my skin and caused red rash. I returned it and asked for a refund. The warehouse/shipping people were helpful and responsive. It is Dealathons who I've never heard from for 3 months since they received the returned good. I kept asking them to refund my money, and there is still nothing. This site is a big scam. I hope no one will have to go through the negative and stressful experience like me. Highly recommend to avoid doing any business transaction with them.

New Reviewer

I'm supposed to receive an order back in .... and it has been months now and no one even contacted me. but the truth is i already forgot about the order. when i called them, they said that they will contact the vendor which they did. The vendor contacted me after weeks. but after again days, the vendor could not ship anymore the product and they said that they will just notify dealathon to refund me the money.
Then dealathon send me an email or two and they said they will refund the money but they neglect to mention the 'shipping fee' i paid. i send them couple of emails but no respond and i still dont have the money. the email was sent to me on aug 23 for the credit memo, and its now oct , 2013 and i dont have the money still.

New Reviewer

Im EXTREMELY disappointed in Dealathons and am starting to believe they are thiefs. I ordered a product back in May for $162!! I have yet to receive the product, nor a refund. I have now asked for a refund, as 5 months is entirely too long I constantly send emails, leave messages, yet no one can give me a straight answer as to why I haven't received my refund. I keep getting the standard "Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience. We are working towards resolving this issue. Thank you for your time and patience." Obviously their standard issue response for complaints. BUYERS BEWARE. THIS IS NOT A TRUSTWORTHY COMPANY!!!

New Reviewer

I bought a butcher block they were selling. Excellent bamboo quality that I saw retail for $129 at crate and barrel. I paid only $33 from
I'm extremely happy with this purchase.

New Reviewer

I would give this company a 0 if I could.....they are that bad. I placed an order on April 17th and have yet to receive it! After many ignored phone calls/emails I finally got in touch with a couple of sales people. They were also very rude, unapologetic and very unaccomodating. I got in touch with a supervisor who offered to refund me my money andstill send the order. I thought this was fair, however, I still have not received anything - that was over a month ago. For an online company, they put NO emphasis on the customer. Horrible, horrible company. I wish i read the reviews before i placed my order. Waste of money, waste of time trying to get in touch with them, and in the end I still have nothing to show for it!! Dealathons will not last much longer, I guarantee it.

New Reviewer

Purchase something 7 weeks ago till now I have not received it. Email and call customer service, no response. I am glad it is not a big purchase. Cheating, stay away!

New Reviewer

A college and myself ordered the exact same product. She received hers and I didn't! Contacting Dealathon and the supplier only resulted in a run around! I opened up a complaint with the BBB, but this is now Unresolved as they will not reply to the BBB requests either.