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New Reviewer

Don't sign up--they ignore cancelation notices-- just keep charging your account
Multiple attempts at contact--no satisfaction--will cancel card to avoid any more theft by this organization

New Reviewer

This is like others have said... a scam. You get fake emails about fake profiles all the time, the support tickets do not get answered and when you try to stop the billing it does everything to make sure you can't. AVOID!

New Reviewer

It's a white label built on the model of getting people into the site for free and then conning them into spending money to send emails, cards, and things. The program that runs the site can see where you are from and then tells you the fake profile lives near you.

Check out the other sites run on the same program to see the same profiles on the sites.

New Reviewer

Joined one of their sites for a month and cancelled. Still charged me for two more months and ignored all of my e-mails to stop charging me. Went to the bank and did a 'stop payment' and disputed the two months and got my refund through the bank. Got a letter in the mail from a debt collector for $150.00, so now I have to try to get in touch with the debt collector.

New Reviewer

BUNCH A SCAMMERS. STEER CLEAR. Don't trust the good reviewer, he must be an affiliate of those guys

New Reviewer

Don't know what the first two reviewers problem is. Usually they charge when you SIGN UP AND BUY a premium membership...!!!


Basically, nice sites!

New Reviewer

The same experience like the first debit card is registered in Germany, the payment is from june, 10th 2013. I cannot explain what is the payment about or how they get my card number.

New Reviewer

I haven't subscribed to (or any other dating site for that matter) but I recently saw where has run a $14.95 temporary authorization against my debit card. A visit to that site looks very, very suspicious. Instead of a typical "front door" page that a reputable business website would have, the page has the title "Payment reference page" and looks like it was set up to answer the question, "Why was this charge on my credit card statement?" Here is a link to a screenshot hosted on my website:

The site itself is pretty suspect. The phone numbers are international (I'm in the US). The email address for support is Any reputable site would set the support email up to be some kind of alias like "support" at their own domain name. Further research of and the "white label and affiliate network" reveals that it appears to be associated with an international internet dating network. There is no way I or my wife (of 8+ years) initiated any activity on an internet dating network.

I contacted my bank, alerted them of attempted fraud, and had my debit card deactivated. If the transaction successfully posts to the account, I will dispute it and report it immediately. I recommend you do the same!

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