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Review of DateHookup

DateHookup reviews

48 reviews
Categories: Dating
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48 Reviews From Our Community

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Some Married men are just trying to cheat on their wives on this site. (in 18 reviews)

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7 reviews
41 helpful votes

There are the saddest people I've ever seen on such sites. If you go the the forums it's filled with nothing but hate; hate for the opposite sex; hate for newcomers; hate for posting a subject that's been posted before; hate for posting a subject that hasn't been posted before; it's crazy.
The favorite subject among the regulars seems to be the "how long since you've had sex"...
Crazy! I'll better keep on using my favorite sites: and

UPD: LOL, my pic fits so good here! :D

Ask Jack about DateHookup
3 reviews
0 helpful votes

Used this a few years ago and amongst all the fake bull$#*! you get thrown your way I did actually manage to meet with 2 real people, but the volume of crap you have to wade through to find anyone who is actually a genuine human being looking to meet makes it a pretty wearing experience..

Ask Peter about DateHookup
4 reviews
1 helpful vote

just a scam..dont join

Ask Warren about DateHookup
1 review
0 helpful votes

People seem to get really eager to bully others. Most are 50+ men who often act like 4th graders. That says a lot about users.

Whatever form of bigotry you are looking for: casual racism, sexism, etc., it's all there.

People who atand up to it get isolated and sometimes blocked.

This is a site that needs to be taken down.

Ask Mistinguette about DateHookup
116 reviews
1,310 helpful votes

The site looks awful and the user experience is far from being good.
Lots of fake profiles, scammers and spammers. I prefer to stay away and stick to the best performers on the market which are either or

Ask Justin about DateHookup
2 reviews
21 helpful votes

Site Says free, then as you signup sends you to Match or OurTime dating sites.
Try for yourself. It is now 100% affiliate site for Match and OurTime or any other dating site willing to give them money.
So bottom line they are lying about free. I reported to Match, but I don't think they care.
I am asking them to remove them from being an Affiliate.
Also, your log on get removed so you cannot log in.

Ask Craig about DateHookup
1 review
3 helpful votes

Someone needs to file suit against What a scam!!!! I signed up with datehookup one evening and then the next morning I tried to log in. I got an error message saying that due to inactivity, I had to reset my password. Hmm… 12 hours of inactivity and I need to reset my password??? I tried & the email never came. So, I emailed No response to date. I want to know for SURE that it was deleted. So, I tried creating a new ID and doing a search. Every time I tried it transferred me to match, ourtime, cupid, and others with a profile already set up that I had to delete. Now, I used the same ID & PW to delete those accounts but then couldn’t get back on datehookup with the same ID & PW. Then I tried to log in a few days later and got the error message that my account had been deleted. Another email to No response to date. Today I spent 2 hours with a different computer, location, IP address, email address and ID trying to get to to do a search and make sure my profile and photos had been deleted. Every time I tried to set up a profile on datehookup, it sent me to match, cupid, ourtime, and several others with a profile already set up. Today I called and was told about 10 times that they were not affiliated with Well, if you do a “who is search” you will see that, LLC is the registrant on That means that, LLC PAYS for the URL So, OWNS but they are not affiliate with them? I have no way of knowing if my profile and photos have been deleted and I am sooooo ticked about it. I won’t use or

Ask David about DateHookup
1 review
4 helpful votes

UPDATE.. Re: log in redirect issue

In response to the below posters... you are exactly right about the redirect they have now. It wasn't always like that, it's very frustrating. At this point I'm sure most of you have thrown in the towel, but for others reading this..
Same thing happened to me as you described. Redirect over and over. I kept deleting my account after the redirects and reading the bug forums to figure out wth? finally I read a post that helped me.
I have a smart phone and a tablet. I downloaded the app and set up my account without any redirect. On the first try. If it doesn't work the first time try again. But enough new people are in the forums, people are defiantly able to make profiles and post.
I don't care for the app otherwise, because I use the forums and the app is not as nice for that.
Once you have an account set up, you can't post on the forums for two weeks, but you can send random strangers messages immediately if you feel so inclined.
Good luck David and others out there.

it's a free site, you pay for what you get. If you are just sending random people messages and hoping for the best, most of them won't get read.
If you are serious, spend some time and find a group or forum you feel comfortable in. Post, have fun, join the community.
Yes, there's a lot of fakes and trolls, but when you weed through the trash, you'll find some diamonds. If you take the time and effort. If you can't do that, go to e-harmony, fill out hundreds of questions and see where that gets you.

Ask Lani about DateHookup
1 review
18 helpful votes

I have a statement. You bastards are bait and switch scammers. The law should investigate you and shut you down.

Ask Eat$#*! about DateHookup
1 review
6 helpful votes

I cant get any messages back, especially without a photo, wont let me upload

Ask robert about DateHookup
1 review
43 helpful votes

every time i go into to sign up after i am done it goes to a diff site ie..match????

Ask LAV about DateHookup
1 review
7 helpful votes

red flag one; one guy said he loved me after the first date.
red flag two; going to his house was a $#*!hole. cat $#*! on carpets all over the house.
The place was horrible.
Red flag three; he still had his wifes photo with him in the kitchen where you eat.
red flag four; he started dating three months after his wife died.
red flag five; he gave me an STD and lied to me saying he didn;t have sex with anyone but his wife. I found out he did have a woman at his place and they were having sex.
red flag six; he ended up in jail in her state for stalking and terrorist threats because she stole money from his dead wifes credit card.
This guy can lie to you to your face and I knew he was full of $#*!. He tried to make me feel guilty. He's out on bail and two years probation and has to take anger classes.
He wanted me to move into his $#*!ty house. He slept all day and never took good care of his health with his insulin. His body was so thin with a little pot belly that was unbecoming. No sex here even after std's!!
Need I say more?! Here's his datehookup id name; 52scadoo.
He is a wolf in sheeps wool. Watch out. he'll sweet talk you with words that he used to call his wife. He's not healthy nor good for any woman who has respect for herself.
I also found printout copies of local hoes looking for sex on his desk.
He said he wasn't cheating just wacking off to them. What a liar to my face.
He wants to control and have a woman live with him, but he doesn't care to listen to you.
He doesn't care about you.
I'm glad I opened my eyes wide. Then he started stalking me by using text messages.
I had to block him from email and from my phone.
Such is life.
Keep looking but take your time.
peace out.
Tired of mens $#*!.

Ask G about DateHookup
1 review
5 helpful votes

My experiences id came on here then try to get sign back in not letting me it keeps saying email is taken and id shut down the app to rebooted up im still having troubles with it

Ask darlene about DateHookup
44 reviews
319 helpful votes

Not bad, but sites like Saphrina and co are simply better. DateHookUp needs to invest to keep up with them. Right now my choice is clear.

Ask Robert about DateHookup
1 review
14 helpful votes

I don't know why I can't get back on datehookup

Ask Lorene about DateHookup
1 review
14 helpful votes

Beware of this man on datehookup
I had a couple conversations with this guy on Datehookup. The first two conversations went well until he contacted me again. As we got into the conversation a little bit deeper he started drilling me for information. He was very rude, condescending and down right nasty when I didn't give him the information that he wanted. He goes by the name of Aldigi on I did send in a complaint about him but to no avail have not received an answer and to make it worse this guy is still on the datehookup. So ladies if your reading this beware of Aldigi. He will be really nice in the beginning but after that forget it. He will manipulate you during the conversation, so watch what you say. He should be banned from Datehookup. How many more men like this are going to ruin it for us just trying to find the man of our dreams

Ask Michelle about DateHookup
12 reviews
48 helpful votes

If you want to be harassed, stalked, & possibly murdered then this site is for you! They have absolutely no control over their accounts. Some men make a new account daily to harass women who've rejected them. They send inappropriate photos to strangers. You can block a user easily BUT you can't block their next account until after they make it & send a bunch of nasty messages. When you contact DH they tell you to block the abusive user. Well duh but like I said they keep making new accounts! They need to ban IP's like any site that cares about the safety of their users does!!

Overall, this site is full of a bunch of horny losers that think because a female is on a dating site she must be desperate & is obligated to want them. They suddenly have gulls they normally wouldn't have & approach females they would never approach in real life. Really, a 25 year old doesn't want to date a 55 year old! A lot of very angry men on there that made me run away fast. Sorry, I don't want to die! Then all they do is whine about not being able to get laid on their Facebook like wall.

That brings me to their set up. There's a wall. The opposite sex in your area are the only ones who can see it. The men think it's a truck stop bathroom wall where women are suppose to advertise themselves, not chat. There are friend requests. Who wants to see who their potential date chats with??? It's the most ridiculous feature I've ever seen on a dating site.

Ask Jennifer about DateHookup
10 reviews
26 helpful votes

Of all the free dating sites, this one is the worst! For some reason scammers infest it. Out of 10 emails, 9 of them are often fake profiles. I get so tired of reading the fake emails and hitting the scammer button. I finally threw in the towel! Save your fingertips from falling out the information!!

Ask Robin about DateHookup
2 reviews
24 helpful votes

No one ever wants to meet..people are too scared to meet, or if they do meet you, they dont want to see you again, even if you have a nice personality and decent looking. Some Married men are just trying to cheat on their wives on this site. Other single guys just want sex only and the ones who want longterm dont want to meet up..or too picky. I also sent messages to a few for a bit, then out of the blue, it said user deleted their profile...alot of the guys just treat women bad when sending messages, disrespect, and insults ...ALOT OF MEN ON THERE KEEP ASKING FOR PICTURES CONSTANTLY even when they saw what yu look like, this is so shallow. The only good thing about this site is you can chat ONLINE with someone whenever you want, but nothing ever goes past that.

Ask julie about DateHookup
12 reviews
67 helpful votes

Most men are attached to another woman already seeking pussy on the side or a penpal. If you are a BBW be careful because the men that talk to you online are most likely not attracted to you and just trying to take advantage of you so they can bust a nut. Sorry for being vulgar but its the truth. Don't fall for that "I love big women" crap. I want a man to like me for who I am not my big body. I'm not saying that ALL men aren't really attracted to big women BUT if they are not coming back for seconds, hanging out with you outdoors not indoors only..Sadly they just want to bust a nut with a fat chick and that is $#*!ed up and lets not let them. I just hate when they pretrend to be all into you, ask you all about your business but their main motive is to just bust a nut with a fat chick because they think it will be easier..ha! Yeah ok. I am a fat $#*! and I can have $#*! whenever I want..I just don't want no one using me for sex and I don't want to catch HIV.
The men and women on datehookup just bash each other trash.
Good luck
PS..Skinny, average weight, thick (slightly fat) women ALSO are targets...So don't think you women got it easy on these sites and are going to be taken out and treated properly and not lied to and played. But the fatties such as myself are the ones who get hurt the most.

Ask Emily about DateHookup
1 review
5 helpful votes

I joined this site in 2009 and it's like my second home..I met my boyfriend of three years on here and made some really good friends..

Ask Hellobad about DateHookup
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

I thought this was a "free" dating site. If they are "free" then why do I have five "want to meets" and I have to pay to see them. Just another damned lie as far as I'm concerned and when I look at the experiences of people that have signed up it makes me shudder.

Ask Rick about DateHookup
1 review
7 helpful votes

This site isn't worth the effort - even for free. I'm a 50-ish guy, and my experience with ladies in this age-range was that few were actually interesting in meeting anyone. So many were bitter and angry, with huge trust issues. You can get a good indication of this by looking at the discussion boards (but be ready for a lot of profanity, lewd comments and outright racism). Hey, most of the people on here aren't paying a fee, so you can't be too surprised with the negative results.

Ask Joe about DateHookup
1 review
8 helpful votes

I signed up for six months for their so called VIP service, charged my credit card, and then deleted my profile a few hours later, even though I did nothing wrong! Stay away!

Ask kelly about DateHookup
1 review
6 helpful votes

I wouldn't even rate this site - 3 out of 3 are scammers and David Frost

Ask Jacquie about DateHookup
1 review
4 helpful votes

This site is a free for all. In the current events and politics forums .
There you will find no debates on the subjects of either ,threads turn into nothing but name calling along with racist remarks .This site condones free hate speech
if the users are white. Others will be deleted . Customer service is a farce along with the site moderators that do nothing to the worst users that constantly harass other users. User agreement and two sets of rules for posting in that area are not enforced . Users have had their full names address phone numbers place of employment all posted in the forums from this group. Not safe .
I would not recommend this site for any intelligent debate on issues concerning politics ,or everyday events. Racists and bigots rule the forums.

Ask Tracy about DateHookup
1 review
4 helpful votes

Just got on this site yesterday and had a couple of responses to emails I sent out. Two different men who responded USED THE SAME WORDS TO DESCRIBE ME---"enchanting" and "captivating". Now I have never heard any man use these same two words to describe a woman before, let alone two guys I'd never met before on the same day from the same dating site. It seems almost like someone was coaching these two on how to respond, or else they're the same person with different pictures and profiles. I will not email either one of them again. I'm afraid he/they are up to no good and I don't want to find out what it is.

Ask Lorraine about DateHookup
1 review
5 helpful votes

site makes its money from ads, when in actuality most members do not even click the ads, nor are they there for dating, they are there for the forums. The forums have gone all to hell for the past year. The new owners have very little moderation, as a result malicious users are allowed to control the site, posting members full names and address, and nothing is actually done. if long time members complain, they are delted. site allows known criminals to be on the site. all they care about is money made from their ads. Stay away, it is a dangerous place.

Ask mary about DateHookup
1 review
2 helpful votes

people are very rude and nasty. and i cant create a new thread in forums for some reason... it wont let me

Ask lucy about DateHookup
1 review
5 helpful votes

I weigh 180 and most if the women out weigh me. I have had a lot of trouble logging in and get no customer support.

Ask Sam about DateHookup
1 review
5 helpful votes

i did meet 2 girls here, one girl here turned out to be a crazy jackle and hyde $#*!. but she was so freaking hot. the other one was normal good site

Ask jaime about DateHookup
34 reviews
61 helpful votes

This is not a bad casual dating site. But if you are looking for something more adult oriented that is free then is the way to go.

Ask Scott about DateHookup
1 review
10 helpful votes

Met a guy I decided to investigate more about . When I told him I had told people about him--he didn't show to meet me. I found out his name was fake, profile was fake, he was a felon, and had stolen from women on datehookup , that he met and scammed. HE HAD BEEN ARRESTED FOR LARCENY, that involved, POF, DATEHOOKUP, and other sites. I know DH could not do anything about him. HOWEVER, THEY ALLOWED A FELON'S PROFILE TO REMAIN ON THE SITE EVEN AFTER ME LETTING THEM KNOW THE DETAILS AND TELLING THEM WHERE THEY COULD SEE THE RECORD OF THIS IDIOT.

Ask bobbie about DateHookup
1 review
4 helpful votes

I met the love of my life in this site. We were both casually on here and I took a chance and talked with him... turned into an amazing year and a half! Unfortunately we didn't work out, but It was so worth it. He was so worth it. There are a lot of creepers and crazy people on site, but they are in bars as well. You just never know what you'll find.

Ask julie about DateHookup
1 review
6 helpful votes

I met two guys on there one use to be a thrug and and drug dealer but he was rude and arrogant and insensative he was to quick to call a woman out of her name when he was mad at her he was crazy he went by the name james34 he had a lot friends I think he was a hoe He was very ignorant rude . He lives in Hyattsville, MD I am glad I got rid of that crazy fool. Another person I met was separate at the time he told me that He was also arrogrant and had too much going on in his life with his soon to be exwife full of drama had to get rid of him as well There are no good people on that site. If you are looking for someonw thats not the site to be.

Ask Sharon about DateHookup
1 review
4 helpful votes

I felt that not enough men were joining this site-ages 55-70. I chose to date younger men than I I did statistics in 2 jobs, finding in Senior Cit. Ctrs. & Nursing homes, there are not enough men (when they get older0 to accommodate,. women. The site puts forth a few men that seem to dominate every aspect of an questions or activity that goes on, & one man`s picture is constantly put in front of everything.... he`s not an example. I find him boring & a needy person, that likes the attention anyone gives him....I don`t see that he is having any success in dating anyone. I browse, & keep seeing this one person, & it gets aggravating. Then I just go to another site, where there are more men.

Ask Nessie about DateHookup
1 review
2 helpful votes

Free' but have experience lots of racism, on site, the forums are filled with linch mob's Dustin, the administrator can and will delete' anything anyone anypost and pretty much let people behave like children on this site, try it and see,what happends to you.

Ask lorraine about DateHookup
1 review
4 helpful votes

it's so wonderful and most of all free :) but i have experianced some problem and can't access my account so please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask pedro about DateHookup
3 reviews
6 helpful votes

Cheesey but free

Ask Paul about DateHookup
1 review
3 helpful votes

This website is nothing but a scam, I never saw a dating website with so many fake profiles, The regulars there when confronted their response was "It is easier to chat here then facebook" this website not only has the most fakes( one guy bragging of having over 200 profiles both male and female) They are the rudest that i have ever seen in my life, I would recommend not using this website

Ask bugs about DateHookup
1 review
4 helpful votes

Too many fake profiles. Majority of people on the site to bash and belittle others.
Long timers on the site have no personality and just start arguments.

Ask Dwayne about DateHookup
1 review
3 helpful votes

DH is the place to be. Free. Thousand's of people from across the globe and many in your area. If you have a sense of humor and don't take yourself all too serious, check out the forums for a good time! I can't say for sure you will find the love of your life, but the shlt is free and you will meet some cool like minded people if you explore the depths of the forums! Oh and it's FREE.

Ask Shaun about DateHookup
1 review
5 helpful votes

alot of fake profiles.... alot of people saying they are one thing and finding out they are not! One of them I found out is my boyfriend... he has himself portrayed as a guy looking for someone to share a no drama, friends, relationship,travel, etc. He is not who he says he is. hasn't been for a very long time.

Ask Kathy about DateHookup
4 reviews
6 helpful votes

Fake site from the start I only got short mails saying hi so I Paid then reply to those mails but the accounts were not active any more strange how did they mail me if they were not even on the site

Ask cybex about DateHookup
1 review
3 helpful votes

All women out there if you belong to datehookup stay away from ronster50. He's nothing but a lair and will just hurt you in the end. He did that to my best friend and now she's in the hospital. He'll tell you that he loves you and then just ignore you. He's no good for any woman.

Ask becky about DateHookup
169 reviews
1,455 helpful votes

There are a whole lot of problems with this dating site that needs to be outlined here that others have pointed out.

1. Failure to cancel subscription when one requests this (story from the complaints board)

Author: paul4ucols

Date: Posted: 2010-09-18

Topic: Won't allow me to unsubscribe,, Columbus, Ohio

"I suddenly could not access my account (think they blocked me for some foolish reason; I never used profanity nor did i insult anyone), nor could I then access the unsubscribe page. I gotta problem here. who is the government agency I complain to about this?"

2. Prejudice (story from the complaints board)

Author: Madwoman

Date: Posted: 2008-11-13

Topic: Racism,, California

"I too have seen the racism spread at I went in there for a dating experience and found the forums to be very hateful and race filled. I have personally witnessed members who try and combat this racism, but their threads get pulled right away while the racial threads last months. If you stand up to racism there you are shunned and harassed until you leave. It often makes you wonder why you are getting your account deleted or getting on suspension. Peace seems to be a crime to this dating site while racism runs rampant and is rewarded. Many of the good clientele get sick of it and leave from the harassment. I am just wondering why there hasn't been some kind of investigation to this dating site. There have even been people commenting on death to a certain race and their thread still did not get pulled. It makes you wonder if this is even a dating site at all."

3. Profiles that are False (story from the complaints board)

Author: P.J.

Date: Posted: 2009-02-28

Topic: Fake Profiles

"A VERY good percentage of female profiles on datehookup are "fake" and I'm very tired of it. I'm assuming that it's the site administrators who respond to most the messages. You'll also notice, that there are quite a few profiles who have a "decent" pic of themselves but in the self description box, it says, "(no description provided)". When you send these people a message, asking them some basic questions, most of the questions are "dodged" and the respond back is so vague and impersonal that one can only assume that it is being answered by a site administrator."

Even though I like free sites I do not like all especially those that may be fraudulent. needs to be completely halted because it is seems to be more about being a hindrance to others rather than about actually "hooking up."

Ask Omega about DateHookup
3 reviews
11 helpful votes

I recently became a member of DateHookup. My primary reason for joining was to participate in the forums and groups.I seriously doubt whether anyone actually gets a date on this site judging from the' 'Review my Profile' '
forum. Most of them begin with "What's wrong with me'" or "Why doesn't anyone respond to my emails",and so forth.Today I started a new thread titled Jehovah Witness or Mormon,which do you find more annoying?It was going quite nicely,I had received 10 replies within 15 minutes or less.I decided to check out some other forums and return later.When I went back to where I had posted it (in the general chat forum) I discovered that it had completely disappeared. I went to the Help department seeking an explanation and all that was there was an F.A.Q list.I tried Contact Us only to find another list of questions asking me to choose what my issue was.None of the listings were remotely close to my question so I went looking for a place to complain and here I am!DateHookup is a joke as far as dating goes but the forums and groups were interesting.

Ask shannon about DateHookup
3 reviews
9 helpful votes
5/20/11 is free but they haven't provided me with an address or a telephone number so I can contact them. I need to know if they can put my picture on-line for me.

Ask Doris about DateHookup

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3 weeks ago
A: Avoid like the plague they have been revoked by the BBB and have had past and pending class action lawsuits against them, bunch of fake profiles and also after you delete your account and cut ties with them they auto renew and charge your card, I messaged them and said that I will join a class action suit against them if they try to steal from me.
1 week ago
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A: AVOID MATCH.COM LIKE THE PLAGUE. They post fake positive reviews themselves, they have been revoked by the BBB, the biggest scamming dating site in the world.
1 week ago
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