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New Reviewer

Well since they have relaunch their web, the Hacks and the support is amazing!!! They also update very frequently their hacks.I was never detected/banned using their Hacks. I can say I was also disappointing but now they are back with a lot of strength.
I am a big fan of Battlefield and they will release a Hack for BF4 I just can't wait since I know the quality of their content.

New Reviewer

Their content is fine, however the site lacks in support. It's only run by 2 persons and they are usually very busy so contacting them can take some time. The content however been great. I've been using the BFBC2, Starcraft2, CoD MW3 Hack & PlanetSide and never got any ban/detection.

New Reviewer

I purchased the APB aimbot as it was advertised on their website as being "UNDETECTABLE" along with many other of their cheats. Come to find out, you can't even use the APB aimbot once without being banned, and the same is the case with many other of their hack programs. The support is terrible - they have far too small of a staff trying to manage far too many games and can't keep up - and they wont even address the issues that their advertising is just blatant lying.

New Reviewer

Been a member for over three years. These other guys probably did an E-check which takes over 9 days to clear. 90% of the issues are due to ADHD and not reading the site to see which games are currently up and running. I haven't had any issues with billing or detections. These hacks aren't just thrown out there, they make sure they work and are undetected. And since I've been a member no negative posts or comments have ever been removed or moved. I would venture to bet these guys tried to do a paypal charge back and get the hack for free, which only results in a perma-ban. The system is automated like that.

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New Reviewer

This website is a scam, they advertise support for many games. However they do not actually support the games they advertise. There software crashes, hangs, doesn't work. When you go to launch a support ticket, it doesn't actually let your it just goes into an endless loop like some sort of sick twisted joke.
Forget about getting support from the site owner, he's not interested in helping once he has your $$. Refunds are not an option.

SCAM site, beware. Big time Rip-Off

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