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DailySteals reviews

102 reviews
Categories: Daily Deals, Shopping
1529 Dean St #3
Brooklyn, NY 11213, USA

102 Reviews From Our Community

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All the deals went ok and I have not contacted the customer service in the past. (in 29 reviews)


Yes, the prices are low, but only 1/4th of the time you'll receive your item in good conditions! (in 51 reviews)


At the very least, only order inexpensive trivial items. (in 63 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I have had a few bad experiences with Daily Steals. The last one will definitely be the LAST one. They tend to take your money and then tell you that they ran out of the item. Then comes the "good" part... GETTING reimbursed! They are awful getting your money back. Countless emails through their AWFUL "Customer Service". They are scammers.

Tip for consumers: Don't waste your time...

Ask Victor about DailySteals
New Reviewer

First order was cancelled by DS after a week due to "vendor not having adequate stock". Got an email about that so I know they have my address in the system.

I had to purchase as a guest because the site doesn't allow me to log in with my email address or using Facebook (it just continues to go back to the login screen) and now, after setting up an account and making another purchase, I can't log in to see my orders or account. It just keeps asking for log in information.

I used the form on the Contact Us page to enquire about my order and the logging in issue a week ago and have not been contacted. Very poor service on all fronts.

Tip for consumers: Don't use the site...

Ask Matt about DailySteals
New Reviewer

Ordered a $10 item from DailySteals. Asked 3 times for return instructions and though they responded to my emails, they only indicated only that they charge 15% restocking fee and you pay shipping.

Costs to return the product would be almost as much as the purchase, but to make a point wanted to return anyway. They would not provide a return authorization number which is required for you to receive any credit.

DailySteals would prefer to keep the $10 rather than have a satisfied customer. So glad I did not purchase an expensive item. DailySteals is what they do to their customers, not a reference to their prices. Buyers beware.

Tip for consumers: Use Amazon they are reputable.

Ask Travis about DailySteals
New Reviewer

If you notice how the reviews are running: 1 satisfied for every 10 NOT satisfied. You can now add me to the NOT satisfied. I ordered 3 items from them about 30 days ago. A macbook, a dell desktop computer and a android tablet. I received a recorded message to call them concerning the macbook and dell orders. I attempted to call them for 7 days straight with no luck. Every time I pressed an extension to be connected I was DISCONNECTED! I then sent 2 emails that went unanswered. I received the android tablet approximately 2 weeks after it was ordered. Within 10 minutes if opening the box I quickly realized that it was very poor quality. The touch screen appears to be defective as the commands were slow to respond or not all. I went to their website and selected the return option for this item. I filled out the information and reason for return. It has been almost 2 1/2 weeks and I have not heard back from them. Today, I checked the status of my other 2 orders and it shows CANCELLED. I checked my bank account and they did credit my $545.00 back so I'm lucky there! Still waiting on return authorization for the defective tablet. Bottom line: this company is too hit and miss test your luck for me.

Ask David about DailySteals
New Reviewer

I have purchased several items from this website, worth couple hundred dollars. Sometimes they are very quick, sometimes it takes a couple weeks for the items to arrive. Once sent a wrong product, when I notified them, they told me to keep the item and send the correct one without any extra charge.
So, don't buy if you are in a hurry, but other than that, I think their prices are really good. AND - first read the reviews of the products on other websites like Amazon; sometimes there are $#*!tyy products, but sometimes really good deals.

Ask Sheila about DailySteals
New Reviewer

Ordered a refurbished Macbook. They accepted payment and sent the item quickly. The box had no shipping papers or order confirmation of any kind. It also contained two Macbooks, not one. Unfortunately neither of them had been wiped of the previous owners information, names, addresses etc. They were also very old models, not as advertised. When trying to go back to their site to look at the order details nothing is there. Its like the order didn't exist. Seems like a really shady operation. We want to return them but have low expectations

New Reviewer

No instructions or canopy included with the cage. Box was torn open all along one side and had multiple hoes in it. Have emailed customer service twice and received no response back. No contact phone number on the website to call. Would not recommend buying from them.

New Reviewer


Ordered an item from them and never received anything. 4 weeks later, I decided to follow up with them. After another week and many emails & phone calls later, someone finally decides to answer my email to tell me that they canceled my order. Their response...

"I show your order was canceled due to an unforeseen issue with this item and our vendor. We are deeply saddned we were unable to have this item sent, and ask that your accept our apologies.
An email was sent explaining the situation and providing a $5.00 off coupon on your next purchase.
Did you receive the email? "

I received no such email explaining the situation. These guys are absolutely terrible. Stall long enough and hope your customers would forget they ever placed the order. Don't send any notification so they won't be reminded of it. So my order was canceled and there is currently no refund issued. I'm going to have my bank take care of this because I do not want to deal with these guys anymore.

New Reviewer

I placed an order and paid with paypal, the money came out of my bank account but shows no open orders online. I have emailed them 4 times with no response. DO NOT ORDER....this company needs a phone number

New Reviewer

SAVE YOURSELF THE FRUSTRATION - AMAZON has same or better prices and terrific customer service than or dailysteals on Ebay!

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE - Ordered a product - needed to switch shipping address 30 seconds later - then received an email they could not switch address. I then requested to cancel order as no one would be there for 3 months to receive. Then a few hours later I received an email saying they shipped.

Ebay was little help either as they said I must deal with them. name seems to be appropriate.

SAVE YOURSELF THE FRUSTRATION - AMAZON has same or better prices and terrific customer service!

Avoid "dailysteals" on EBAY at all costs!

New Reviewer

I have been shopping with Daily Steals for a while now. I get their daily email and take time to read it due to finding things that interest me. I had to contact them once with a defective product, got an okay to return and received my credit in a timely manner. Some times I email them about certain products and I receive an answer in no time flat. Very courteous and nice. Been happy with them....I think you always hear the bad negative stuff when people are upset...too bad the happy ones don't take time to review them!!

New Reviewer

Hopefully, they will allow a post with no stars! Not only is this site a rip off, I am convinced that they advertise items they do not have, take your money immediately and give back what they must if you scream loud enough! I purchased headphones three weeks ago... My card was debited immediately and the items showed as shipped.... They then acknowledged that they were NEVER shipped and to please just wait a few days. So I waited. Never shipped, and no response from customer service. After numerous threats, they acknowledged that they did not have the items but that it would take 10 days to credit my money back. (Amazing that they take it within minutes but hold money.) So far, three weeks, no headphones and no money. I'm calling a fraud here.

New Reviewer

This is lengthy but a FULL analysis. The last sentence is a summary though for the lazy people though lol. I have now ordered 2 extended batteries (mobile phone chargers) and that 3 in 1 (pen) vaporizer. The processing time of about 3 days was longer then the shipping of about 2 days for all my items. The first extended battery i got worked at first but the next day it broke when i plugged in the charging cord (pretty sure it was my fault for forcing in a bent usb cable). I emailed them like 3 days later about it and they emailed me back fairly quick (that day or night). They FULLY REFUNDED me and I didn't even have to send it back to them. I wanted to get the replacement but they said they were out of stock so whatever. I still got money back. I then proceeded to buy another extended battery (a 13000mah one) from an actual brand and it is working great. Definetly not 13000mah as advertised but it was half the price of my 3000mah mophie battery and id say it has more like 8000mah (it obviously wasn't going to be 13000mah for the price and i knew that before i bought it. It was still a great deal). They actually sent me a second one of these 13000mah batteries and i never ordered a second one nor was I charged for a second one. Maybe its an apology for the other battery that broke. I'm not complaining. The vape works great as well. It doesn't actually "vape" herbs it combusts them but no portable pen vapes are capable of this yet. Still works. The battery lasts me for days even when using it often despite being only 650mah (i think). Ecig cartridge works great and makes a lot of vapor as long as you have good liquid. Just ordered a phone case so we will so how it goes!! Sorry for the lengthiness but I had to do this to support this site being that it has way too many bad reviews and i have only had good things come from it. SUMMARY: very good shipping/processing (5 business days for me), fully refunded for a faulty product (quickly and with just one email), and the products are extremely good quality (especially for the cheap prices) and work well (don't expect top notch things though like its not going to be genuine italian leather if its a $5 wallet).

New Reviewer

I tried to use a credit that was posted to my account, and described as "Open". The system did not accept it. After multiple emails in which they said that it had expired, and I explained that there was no mention of expiry on their site, they acknowledged that some reprogramming was needed, but didn't want to give me the credit anyway. After yet further input from me along the lines of "why take away a credit when its purpose was to engender goodwill and encourage a purchase for a larger amount", a supervisor gave me a coupon code. I felt I'd won a long fight. But, wait, maybe not! The system has not accepted it n four attempts thus far, during which I verified that I was doing it right . These people provide lousy and unresponsive customer service. They seem to enjoy saying No, when they should clearly say Yes. They lose nearly all my business due to shoddy service.

New Reviewer

"I have ordered stuffs from dailystealscom for several times in the past. All the deals went ok and I have not contacted the customer service in the past. About three weeks ago, I received my recent ordered stuff which has some quality issues. I wrote them twice. I never get back to you at all. Be aware of this webpage. There is no customer service or they ignore you after you purchased their product

New Reviewer

I've had no problems with this website at all. I've purchased phone chargers, headphones, bluetooth headset, and even solar powered patio lights. Like any website that you are unfamiliar with, start off with smaller purchase to test the waters. I would recommend this site and it is stored in my toolbar for quick launching when I just want to do some quick shopping for deals!

New Reviewer

Made a few purchases from them over the last year or so with no problems. My last purchase, though, was defective and needed to be returned for an exchange. David F promptly sent me a return authorization with postage. I was told, by the post office, that the postage would only cover returning documents, not an item that weighed nearly two pounds and that they could be refunded for the postage if not used. I explained this to David in an email and he refused to send more postage saying that they would lose the original postage.

New Reviewer

Purchased a bracelet that they didn't send then only gave me a partial refund to my Paypal accout. I notified the company via email with copies of the Paypal info as to the incorrect refund, after several attempts to get my money with a David F. they refused to refund me the correct amount.
Lousy customer service,

New Reviewer

I ordered 8 products. They refunded the cost of 3 as soon as I notified them that they did not perform as described (date/charge cable did not work on iPad Air). Two other item stood dormant until I inquired to why they had charged me and the item had not shipped for 3 weeks. They responded and indicated that the item depleted befor they could fill the order. That was not accurate because I saw one of the items for sale on their site last week for $5 more.

This company cannot be trusted on order fulfillment or product quality. Stay clear of this site! They look good, but will not be reliable.

New Reviewer

Lots of bad reviews here, but I've only had one issue out of 20+ orders...and it was taken care of promptly. I order from other daily deal sites...and they're all a little slow on the shipping. This is B stock, people. manufacturers and wholesalers dump their left over stock at low prices and sites like dailysteals provide great pricing on these items. People want shipping next day...well you have to PAY for quality like that. Love how everyone wants to pay nothing for the superior quality.

New Reviewer

The name of the site is appropriate because they steal from consumers. After waiting too long for the item to ship, they shipped me the wrong item. Their "easy return" promise is a lie. When I try to request a return authorization, their on-line system says that my order has not shipped. They keep sending me ridiculous circular responses to my e-mailed requests for help. Do not order from this company. They are a complete rip-off.

New Reviewer

They debited my account on Jan. 3,2014. No info after that except saying they sent out a laser pointer?? Something I ordered from them 2mo. prior. No way to contact them at all!!!! I tried emailing them,calling them(all the phone number does is tell you to email them??). All their "contact us" links go to one kind of page. If you click Submit on this page after filling out,NOTHING HAPPENS. It is a hoax and had to go to bank and dispute charges. Stay away from this site. They almost took my $30 except I used a debit card and my bank will refund any fraudulent transactions.

New Reviewer

received the wrong item, asked for the item i ordered (to which they were now sold out) so i was screwed with the item they sent me. gave me tracking numbers for open orders that have yet to have any information on it (a month later). slow response time for customer service (if you receive any at all). they still owe me items from last month that i may never see at all. main items on website are backwater generics that you would really find a review of before clicking the 'add to cart' button. in short, use at your own risk, i won't be using them again.

New Reviewer

Bought Ipod shuffle knockoff in Sept....dead on instructions, no brand name...wanted replacement after 4 emails give RA..sent it back...sent it back.
Got email saying it was shipped...tracking in email did not show delievery.
Sent 4 more emails all ignored....letter to pres...ignored. Both this site and one sale a day are owned by the same hasidic Jews and they know they can make big money by selling defective goods, used goods etc. I FILED A COMPLETE FORMAL COMPLAINT WITH THE STATE OF NY, CONSUMER FRAUD...and sent a copy to their $#*!ing lawyer...

New Reviewer

the product was delivered damaged but was denied refund siting rules. I bought a apple earpod from this site though it was mentioned new on the site. the product shell had scratches after contacting the customer service i was denied refunded stating their policy. I would stay away from this site.

New Reviewer

I have bought many items from this company. first it takes a long time for them to ship..sometimes 10 days, but most of the time 3 weeks. I had some items not never arrived and when contacted them they always refund my money. the quality has being good on sheets and other things. you have to keep in mind that they are cheaper than a lot other place, so I have not bought anything electronic like computer, phone etc. becuase they are usually returned and you might be playing with luck (you could get something good or get an abuse item).

New Reviewer

I have ordered from since 2010 and have never been particularly thrilled with the shipping. They take a long time to even ship the product and once it is shipped they must pick the slowest possible method. Most recently I ordered a product that was listed as shipped but the tracking number that was listed with it said that is was not shipped. I have contacted them multiple times and have not heard back from them. I would avoid the website at any cost. Typically they carry the same deals as many other websites so you can surely find what you are looking for elsewhere.

New Reviewer

I wish there was a zero !
I ordered an item and never received it. Customer care responds on email just to say we cannot do anything !!!
Stay away guys!

New Reviewer

I ordered one low cost items as a test. The item I received does not do any of the things described on the web site. I tried to go through their "returns" process twice, but both times the return was rejected, no reason given. I did finally get an E-mail from them saying I hadn't given a reason for the return: but I did give a complete description of the problem both times using their web site. I answered their E-mail, once again describing the problem, but they don't respond.

The web site design if faulty, and customer service is non-existant. Once they have your money, they don't care about anything else.

New Reviewer

If I could give zero stars I would. I first tried to cancel and order with them and of course by the time they responded the item had shipped, but according to them I could refuse or return the item. I did get it but it was 'certified pre-owned' and this was not indicated on the site. Also, it was a Nook Color that was listed at 16GB, which it isn't, and there never been a 16GB model of the Nook Color. On top of that the item is defective. I have been trying to reach their 'customer service' to initiate a return, but as of now no response, and if I look at my account it says return rejected. STAY AWAY, and I will never again order from this site. The only steals going on here is the money out of your wallet. If they actually do contact me and let me return the item I will change score.

New Reviewer

They take your order, charge your card, then don't deliver or provide status. When you finally ask about it (4+weeks) they cancel it. What a fraud! Don't buy anything you actually want to get from these guys. Completely unreliable and unethical!

New Reviewer

Never received my order. it has been a month now
I tried to call Daily Steals in Brooklyn NY at 718-840-3516

New Reviewer

I ordered from because they had a great deal on Beats Studio Heaphones. I was very excited about my purchase until I opened the package. Inside, there was no packing material, no packing slip, and no instructions. The headphones were merely thrown into a box, taped shut, and dropped on my doorstep. I though I could look passed the lack of care the company took in shipping the product because the headphones were listed to have great sound quality and noise-cancelling features. However, I was wrong. After searching the internet for the product instructions, the "noise cancellation" was a serious disappointment. I promptly wrote to in hopes that I would be able to speak to a customer service agent and review my options for returning the headphones (I would have been happy with a credit). But, after two attempts to contact customer service describing my disappointment, I had not received an email or a phone call. Finally, I wrote a third email which was much more emotion laden that described my frustration with their lack of professionalism and my plan to contact the Better Business Bureau and to cancel my customer account as soon as this issue was resolve; as I am confident the Better Business Bureau will resolve the issue.

The bottom line, this website may have some seemingly great deal but you can not expect quality products, safe and secure packaging, or a response from customer service in the event you are unsatisfied with your purchase. I was shocked by the inattention Daily Steals paid to my repeated and patient attempts to contact them and it would be a shame to see other paying customers experience the same unfair treatment.

New Reviewer

bought a computer from daily steals and it was corrupted
a third party was given my phone number and called offering to fix the corruption for a price.

New Reviewer

I have ordered several items from this company with mixed results. The refurbished Blackberry cellphone died within weeks of my shipping it to my girlfriend overseas. The iPod Nano clone was DOA (dead battery-can't hold a charge).

I received 2 bicycle lighting kits where the tail light was bad on both (the second one was a replacement).

I bought some sheets that looked like a great deal, but they were actually so thin you can see through them like sheer drapes.

Right now they won't RMA a screen protector that was in no way what they advertised. The add said "Tempered Glass", and specified it also included additional items for installation. Instead I received only a plastic screen protector (now advertised as PlexiGlass) that was not even unused or properly packaged. They refused my return and won't answer my e-mails, The only way to e-mail them is through their website and it's impossible to keep a record of the messages sent.

I have had much better luck with Woot, and eBay. If you see something electronic labelled as "refurbished", plan for it to not work, or stop working soon after delivery.

New Reviewer

Complete waste of time.

I made a purchase through this website via paypal.

Didn't hear from them for 2 weeks.

Finally contacted them and the claimed that I according to there fraud alert algorithm transaction was fraudulent.

However they took my money.

They claimed to have called me once on my cellphone and after I didnt answer they cancelled the transaction.

Although they never contacted me in any form other then that one phone call.

After a poor conversation with their customer service rep they finally reversed the charges.

Guess thats what happens when you rely too much on technology.

However, after reading the BBB website I shouldnt be surprised.

New Reviewer

This site is a rip off charge my account yet didn't send the item. After a month I followed up with them they sent something totally different.

New Reviewer

On 6/10/13 I ordered an e-cigarette kit from this company for $20. It is now 10/2/13 and I have still not received it. I have emailed them at least 8 times now and always get the same answer, that they are working on it and to give them 5-7 days to resolve it. I never hear anything more from them after that and they refuse to offer me a refund.

New Reviewer

I have been ordering from DS for years now. I have become adapted to their fast money taking and slow shipping speeds, since the majority of the items have been low priced and non-necessities. On August 25, I purchased 2 of the victory e-cigarette kits as gifts to my father and grandfather looking for a healthier alternative to the habit they have had for years. On September 16, I sent an email asking about the status of this order and received an email back saying they are closed for a religious holiday and i need to give them a few days to update my order. As of September 25 (ONE MONTH AFTER I ORDERED AND PAID), I sent another email asking for an update. They responded saying they were working on getting these orders to us and/or refunded. On September 29, I received my daily email from DS and see they are offering the product AGAIN! I sent an email asking how they can still offer this product to customers if they cannot guarantee the product to someone who paid for it months ago. They sent me an email saying they are working very diligently to fulfill this order and if there are any issues I will be the first to know. Doubtful. I am done with this website. Any site that doesn't have a customer service number should be strike one! DO NOT ORDER FROM DAILY STEALS!

New Reviewer

Ordered an IP surveillance camera that turned out to be an IR camera instead. Huge difference.
Ordered some magnetic thinking putty for my grandson that is so stiff as to be useless and will not behave as portrayed, with the magnet pulling a stream of putty toward it.
Ordered a LiOn battery pack from them, arrived with NO instructions and loose in a box with NO packing.
I have ordered a few good items from them, I ordered a refurb HP laptop that looked almost brand new. However it took many weeks to come and I never received a shipping notice. I couldn't wait any long and bought a new laptop locally then the refurb came the next day. If I'd have know it was even on the way....I would have waited.
Their shipping has always been exceedingly slow.
Caveat Emptor.

New Reviewer

Bought a "fully reconditioned and guaranteed" smart phone. It finally arrived but did not work correctly. Hay that happens, so I requested a return or replacement. After several days I received a message that a seperate email with an RMA and shipping label would be coming. That has been a month ago. Since then I have been working to actually get the RMA (return merchandise authorization) that was promised but to no avail. Usually, about 5 or 6 days after my request I will get an email stating they are sorry for the problem and an RMA and shipping label will be sent in a separate email but I never get the other email. I have sent 5 requests for follow up. All I can say is if you chose to purchase here, good luck. Consider any purchase here a big risk.

New Reviewer

The product I purchased was shipped UPS in a box without any packing material at all. The box was crushed and so were the items.

I requested a Return and even sent pictures, but they denied the return stating, "as a final sale site, I am unable to approve a return for the reason you have provided."

In other words, if you don't like what they send or it is damaged, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.

Stay away from and AT ALL COSTS.

New Reviewer

Some stuff is junk and some is good. The 2 worst problems are 1- You pay for the merchandise immediately, but it does not get shipped for a long period of time after purchasing. They seem to keep your money drawing interest for a period of time before having the item shipped. Why not keep your money in your bank until they are ready to ship. 2- Customer support is non-existent. IF you get a response to an inquiry, it's not timely and it's a generalize answer, copy and paste, one size fits all response. Nothing specific to YOUR inquiry.

This business uses dark age business practices in a digital age. Stay away from this site. You can buy the same or similar products at same or similar prices elsewhere without delays and better customer services.

New Reviewer

I have been ordering from DS for a couple of years and had no problems. DS does take a long time to receive the orders and I understand that. I ordered 3 Victory E-Cig starter kits for $20.00 each on 6/10/13. On My orders page, it is showing delivered on 6/22, but have not received any thing. I have been e-mailing ever since and still have not received the promised order. I am done. I will not be ordering from this site again and will not recommend DS to friends and family as I had in the past.

New Reviewer

Absolute worst customer service I've ever experienced. I bought an item through their ebay offerings and rather than ship it to the address I selected as my shipping address on ebay, they decided to ship it to some ancient address registered as a billing address in my paypal account. I noticed this within seconds of placing the order and immediately contacted them about it. They offered to cancel the order, which I accepted, but they didn't try to do it until after the order was processed (but before it shipped) and then said they couldn't do it any longer. The last customer support representative recommended that I contact the current residents of this apartment I lived at 2+ years ago. Absolutely no help.

New Reviewer

I recently ordered an ipad from them. About a week after I had ordered, they shipped it and then I got it about a week later. As others have mentioned before, their shipping speed and communication isn't the greatest but hey, cheap is cheap for a reason, right?

New Reviewer

Found what seemed to be a reasonable deal on this site via Ordered two 4 packs of HP 564 printer cartridges. Received two 4 packs of HP 564 Setup Cartridges - they can only be used in a new printer that has never been initialized. Only potential person they would be of benefit to would be someone who had a new printer that didn't come with ink - not likely that person even exists. Will not work in my printer, they did not picture setup cartridges, and they will not authorize return. My first transaction with them is my last. Beware of any company that claims to be run by a "Master Thief". It appears I was a victim of their "daily heist".

New Reviewer

Stay away from that website!
Yes, the prices are low, but only 1/4th of the time you'll receive your item in good conditions! Plus.. delivery takes FOREVER!
Definitely NOT worth it.

New Reviewer

I tried to buy one of the deals and when i submitted my order it says "failed transaction" then I tried again it gave me the same message. Then I found that i was cherged twice and I cant track or find my order.
I just checked now and they cancelled the transaction. I don't really know if this was due to my emails or they really figured it out.

New Reviewer

"From my personal experience, stay away. I finally learned my lesson after several items I ordered had to be returned due to defects. Keep in mind, it is not easy to return to them. They make you jump through hoops and so not answer your emails promptly. This last order, 2 solar lights, 1 came damaged in the box. I asked them to just replace the broken one. They wanted a sample of my DNA and proof of purchase which they already knew I purchased it from them. Ridiculous and anyone contemplating from purchasing from them should think twice. Their refurbished items are really damaged items. I purchased a tablet that arrived with a scratched screen. The scratch was so deep that if you ran your finger across it, you would cut yourself. I had to send 8 pictures of the scratch before they allowed me to send it back for a refund. If you ever got that feeling that you were not dealing with an on the up company, purchasing from them will make you feel that way."