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He posted my full name, my email, my phone number and my license plate on craigslist! (in 5 reviews)

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2 reviews
3 helpful votes

with a grain of salt (or several grains) I like craigs list - has helped me sell much stuff. However they make no effort to keep scams (esp the ones that offer ways to make money) off. many scams are obvious to the ones of us who have been around, however some are well baited - - beware

Ask edward about
10 reviews
2 helpful votes

We used to buy and sell items. The smaller we sold on ebay. The larger stuff on Craigslist. You hear about a lot of scams and potential problems. I would say 85% of the 100's of times we used Craigslist turned out good. The worst dealing we had was with this woman in Vallejo. We bought a Volvo from her with a fake sticker. She said she sold it for her father ..her fathers name was on title. Turns out it wasn't. We got burned. Otherwise, the transactions on Craigslist were positive.

Ask Joanne about
7 reviews
10 helpful votes

I've been using CL for what, 10 years now? I've tried online sites like Ebay and Amazon and yeah, while sometime it's just faster being able to sell something (especially something niche) to a country-wide pool of potential customers rather than just who happens to be on CL, in your local area, and actually want what you're selling, it's still much better to sell on CL and not have to deal with the shipping side (and forget anything too big).

Once you get a customer interested it's usually a fast process from there. They come over (or you deliver it if you offer that), they check it out for a few minutes, then hand you your cash. (Same if you're buying something except reversed.) Of course I've gotten plenty of bad and just plain inconsiderate people on CL but overall it's very worth it.

Not to mention all of the other services you can get on CL and live animal adoptions (I've adopted a dog, a snake, fish, and a couple rats off CL) that you just can't get on places like Ebay.

About the site itself...they've made a lot of changes to the site (not so much the look but the function) and they keep making them. I like some of the changes but to be honest most of the changes just plain suck and have me yearning for the "good old CL".

Oh, but if you live in the middle of're screwed. Go to Amazon.

Ask Jess about
116 reviews
1,309 helpful votes

Watch out for scammers. Never, NEVER send money to anybody using Western Union.

Ask Justin about
4 reviews
1 helpful vote

Really invaluable tool. Watch out for scams though!

Ask Resa about
13 reviews
11 helpful votes

I am always hearing about don't use CraigsList because you will get ripped off. Well I have used them for over 10 years for a variety of things and I have had basically no problems. If you are buying and selling, just be careful. There are a lot of scammers but you can sniff them out a mile a way. Remember, it its to good to be true, it probably is.

Ask Rich about
1 review
0 helpful votes

509 Fleetwood Dr. Norman, Ok 73072
This is a referral:
I received professional and affordable service from this business. The man that fixed my a/c unit was knowledgeable and honest. I would recommend this heating and air conditioning repair business to anyone.

Ask jason about
3 reviews
1 helpful vote
5/7/15 is an evil company. If you use them to promote your business they will remove your Ad and put your account on hold for know good reason. They even allow flagging your Ad which usually comes from the criminals who scam people and your Ad gets REMOVED. They do nothing about the real theifs who hack their system and you will see like ten ads posted in the same city only hours appart.

Ask Arthur about
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

Free ads, mostly nice people, you must stay in control of the transaction.If you must ship something Use U.S.postal money orders and ship at same time.IF you cant talk to the buyer or seller STAY AWAY.Love it.

Ask s about
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

This is the best website. I think this is the most popular website for all category. I use craigslist many time. But now a days many people are scam here.

Ask robert about
5 reviews
1 helpful vote

Outright irresponsible, unethical and borderline illegal site.

If you're a crook and looking to conduct illegal activities, and fear nothing from the site management because they are too unethical to give a damn, this site is for you.

If you are an honest person who actually follows the TOS, you are wasting your time.

They really should bring charges against the management of this company.

Ask what about
5 reviews
14 helpful votes

When using this site familiarize yourself and follow the guidelines posted here to avoid scams.

Ask Brian about
1 review
0 helpful votes

worst website ever, can't even speak with an actual person to resolve my problems. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!

Ask Jose about
1 review
1 helpful vote

The Place at 117 in Savoy, IL has TERRIBLE business practices with no regard for financial status changes in individuals lives. Do not rent from them if there is any chance you won't be able to come up with $7000-8000 on the spot to give their greedy faces for rent. If you lose your job they WILL NOT work with you to come to an agreement about getting out of the lease. Plus, your apartment will probably flood, they'll stick you in a storage unit for 2 weeks until you finally are told to return where you find mold all over the place. This is my experience. STAY AWAY!!!

Ask Hope about
5 reviews
9 helpful votes

Great work, usually use this site. Here you'll find anything you want! Well, sometimes on dating you'll see a lot of nude pics. Not, I lie, you'll see them always. But if you're searching something else - site will help you
So I think it's cool

Ask Paul about
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I usually surf this site 1-2 times a week just to see what's out there. At 1 time I furnished my whole 1st apartment from here. Now I own a home so they really come in handy now.

I got a Vizio 52 inch flat screen tv for $300, you cant beat that at Walmart. It's just a great place to find stuff, even free stuff like hangers, desk and stuff like that.

Tip for consumers: Never take the 1st price. Seller are typically always willing to negotiate.

Ask Tabitha about
4 reviews
18 helpful votes

craigslist is helpful site but there are spammer are lots.So i use craigslist little.But many people like craigslist so much.

Tip for consumers: little love

Ask Vance about
4 reviews
6 helpful votes

I like Craigslist but every user just has to be careful of scams. It's not Craigslists fault because they can't control everything that happens on their site.

I have used it to sell my furniture, electronics and clothes. I sold an iphone for $500. I met the person at a Starbucks and had no problems. When selling an expensive item make sure you meet in a public place and ask them to pay you in small bills. I would never take a check. Occasionally you will get creeps who respond to your posting telling you that they want your item and they are willing to pay more than your asking price. Be very suspicious of these people because it's a scam. Never give out any personal information. You can read more about it on the CL site.

Tip for consumers: I like Craigslist

Ask Willard about
7 reviews
16 helpful votes

Free ads - yeah right - but too much restriction make the advertiser feling agitated most of the time

Ask kent about
4 reviews
11 helpful votes

Craigslist has gotten way too scammy. You can not even post an item for sell with out getting a ton of SMS messages from scammers. I find it very frustrating. But they do nothing, they only decide to make it harder for you to post ads. I had a hard time making my ads (For sale by owner- Furniture) go live. They kept getting ghosted.

Ask Jerry about
1 review
3 helpful votes

Why over and over do we try to hook up with women on craigslist? Just for kicks I spent about 2 weeks emailing and texting random adds. I stayed away from the obvious prostitutes wanting what they call "roses, eg. Anything goes just bring me 60 roses" in the 2 weeks I tried to contact 138 women. Out of those 138 contacted 6 were real. All the others would show some goddess that would have no problem hooking up anywhere. There catch is they will send a picture of themselves and say they have had bad experiences so do me this little favor, it doesn't cost anything and only takes a minute to be verified... Don't Do It!!!! Big scam if you give your credit card to them kiss about 150 bucks out of your account and you now have access to 3 porn sites that do not exist. Bottom line if you want to spend endless hours getting frustrated then go ahead. Guys if you really need to hook up then get an escort. 250-350 bucks and your done. No hassle, just stay away from all the robots on craigslist. One last note one girls email said "you forgot to send a picture,"so I emailed a picture of my dog. She replies something like your hot here's another one of me. That's when the get verified crap starts. Hope this helps someone out there..

Ask Tom about
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

I'm on it everyday finding good deals. Buy and selling. Love them

Ask charles about
4 reviews
8 helpful votes

I love this site!! It is great for selling furniture or even for picking up a good deal here and there. After my son told me about it, I was able to sell a whole heap of things we had sitting in our garage. Very happy with the overall experience and the best part is that it is free! Thank you Craigslist.

Ask Jennifer about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I wanted to buy ten iPhones.
But first read some reviews about the site on
I found just negative feedbacks.
And decided first to buy case from that buyer.
And he scamed be. Thanks to I lost just 30 bucks, not 6000 dollars.

Ask ma about
82 reviews
145 helpful votes

I use craigslist mainly for looking for housing and then furnishing my place. If you are patient and don't mind driving around your area, you can get a lot of good deals on used things.

Ask Stephanie about
24 reviews
34 helpful votes

This is a great free advertisement service. I use it to find potential clients and to post ads. It works good for me. For users is nice, that you can create ad without using your personal information. You will be contacted only with Craigslist email service. It helps to avoid spam. Great find.

Ask Lilliya about
7 reviews
7 helpful votes

I always happen to find what I need here and more. Infact I made a business deal thanks to the ads posted here.

Ask Lale about
5 reviews
6 helpful votes

Yet again, another website that plays tug-of-war with my emotions! I found my first full-time job on Craigslist. On the flip-side, every other apartment listing is scam; usually an archaeologist currently stationed in Africa who chooses you as the lucky person to send him money in exchange for the keys before you ever get a chance to look at the apartment. I've participated in a handful of promotional gigs and studies for money. Flip the coin! Every other job posting is a door-to-door sales job that masquerades as a prestigious sales job with 100k potential. I sold my collection of video games for a great price in a matter of 2 days. The "Personals" section is basically 42nd street in the 70s and 80s (Don't ask me why I know this). On craigslist, there's good, bad, worse, pathetic, and downright disgusting! Once you find that diamond in the rough, it's usually worth it!

Ask James about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I've done well through the years (I am female and older) selling tools and sports equipment in NY and Asheville. Ah, sold my ten-year old car quickly and a motorcycle just as fast - good poses and facts help. But most people here still ask stupid questions (ignore them and move on). Take photos, price your items well and they move. Sure, there are some flakes but c'est la vie. I never had a no show. No want when they came to my place, yes. But that's okay.

House rentals or selling: Don't even bother. We ended up at one final CL ad (we had had it with the junk on CL) and called the agent (?) and said never send us to a dump like that again. It doesn't work for rentals or selling. Use an agent or the MLS or Mountain Xpress.

Personals: Most people seem to be illiterate. In women only, they are mostly men posing as women or pretending to look for their chick. So, I'd read and report - one couple wanted a woman for polygamy (I explained what illegal means) or just stay clear.

The monitoring is baloney and automated. I wouldn't bother with it.

Ask B about
5 reviews
5 helpful votes

I'm always checking this site for cool things to buy, rent, try and do. They've really made some substantial improvements on the functioning of this site lately and the iphone app is great! I'm always posting things and finding hidden treasures. Very cool!

Ask Juan about
30 reviews
72 helpful votes

I'm pretty happy with CL. I've only run into one scammer, and it actually turned out to be the person who stole my uncle's scooter (so we actually ended up getting it back).

I mostly stick in the free section, and I've found tons of hidden gems among the items that most of the people are practically throwing away. I found an almost brand new desk, a great bookshelf, and tons of books.

We got evicted and had to move a few months ago, and in the few months of living in our new house I've completely refurnished my new room with stuff in great condition from Craigslist. I really like this site.

Ask Kathleen about
5 reviews
4 helpful votes

Since day one I have been a fan of craigslist. I have found everything their is on facebook!!! I have brought and sold cars, furniture, gave away free things and had jobs through craigslist

Ask roseanna about
5 reviews
7 helpful votes

Craigslist is AMAZING when it comes to finding last second tickets to phenomenal concerts and things of that nature. You are putting trust into humanity when working with Craigslist, though. I have heard stories of individuals going to pick up what was advertised and they were mugged or worse, but these are few and far between. I have had great encounters with people, and have been able to get some amazing things along the way!

Ask Ryan about
5 reviews
7 helpful votes

After using Craigslist for quite some time, I give it four out of five stars. The pros of Craigslist include plenty of listed ads in a very quick manner in addition to a variety of different listings such as: jobs, cars, housing, etc. One of the biggest cons of Craigslist is definitely the scammers. In my experience of finding housing ads on craigslist, three out of five ads ended up being an obvious scam. Thankfully, the site moderators take them down very quickly, but it would very beneficial to Craigslist if they were to take more preventative measures against scammers.

Ask Griffin about
12 reviews
66 helpful votes

I like using this website to look for work ONLY not dating LOL. Decent amount of job ads. I found a job thru this site-NO JOKE. But I think that was more pure luck IMO. Still,it works-I've received many job interviews thru

Ask Emily about
5 reviews
5 helpful votes

I will always be 50/50 on this site. Sometimes I sell furniture or items that I don't want, and I was get the I'm interested but not sure. It seems the users sometimes don't get the fact that I don't want them wasting my time.

Ask Allison about
11 reviews
24 helpful votes

Craigslist to me is a joke of a classified site. I was looking to find clients for massage and came across some weird people on here. Some of the men I've communicated with are married looking for happy endings which to me makes the massage field look trashy and low class. I am just trying to make money legitimately not just doing sexually inappropriate things to men who are not getting any attention from their wives at home. I even had a potential client try to cheat me of money to ask me to do two back to back 90 minute massages for $30...WTF was this fool for real? A standard 90 minute massage runs about $90-100 per session and knowing this moron tried to supercede me via email I passed on the gig. You have to really screen people you meet on Craigslist before you agree to meet them in your home or in public. I have also seen people posting things for specific ethnic groups since some of the men here think asian, latin, and eastern european women will do sexual favors for extra money. Again the behavior of some of the people on here makes you wonder how trashy they make the massage field with them asking for happy endings when your client should want the session to be kept professional. Either way screen everyone you meet on classified sites so you know who is coming to your place of business or your personal residence.

Ask Nafeesah about
9 reviews
26 helpful votes

This site is great for finding different things, however it is growing with non legit characters signing on. Make sure to never go alone anywhere when answering any ads.

Ask Alexis about
6 reviews
12 helpful votes

Love this place for finding deals or selling something, however there are way to many shady people who use the adult personals part. Other than that it is great, one of the best places on the internet.

Ask Real about
9 reviews
6 helpful votes

I love craigslist, but you have to be really careful since there are a lot of scammers there. There are some simple security measures like buying only locally, meeting real people before making any financial decisions, etc. I bought my first car from craigslist from a local guy in Minnesota, and although I was very afraid since the car was used and the price cheap, it turned out great. My 1997 Geo Prism ran just great until an idiot smashed it on a road 3 months ago (thanks God I'm alive!). I also like to browse craigslist for free stuff, garage/estate sales and musical instruments, but seldom buy anything. I think it's a great site to connect with people. I got very little scam BTW, actually only once and it was very obvious.

Ask Marina about
25 reviews
36 helpful votes

This is just about the best classified site you can could I not give it a perfect review!?!

Ask Jenny about
5 reviews
6 helpful votes

I have to say I enjoy the site, It is a little bit like a treasure trove of whatevers...You do not know what you might find or who you might meet BUT you do have to be somewhat cautious on there just because there are so many people who could be out to scam others.

Ask Leighton about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I once posted an ad on craigslist personals, it was the casual m for w NSA section, where I posted an ad and a cpl pics. BIG MISTAKE. Soon after, my junk mail became flooded with spam, these spammers send u emails from supposed women who are lookin to hook up. The messages are composed with subtle discrepancies of English, as if the sender is from overseas (Nigeria?) and doesn't quite grasp the commonality of the language. The names of these "women" are obvious fake (ex.: Foxhorn Lippy, States McBroom, WTF?!?) and they'll actually use the same pics for different names. Also, each message they send provide a link to some b.s. Dating website where they are obviously a scam to get hold of ur bank acct #. I constantly have to erase my junk folder bcuz of these a-holes flooding my folder with this nonsense. I even tried to post a rant on CL about this. The same day, I was told that my post was flagged and removed. WTF craigslist???

Ask James about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I like craiglist. But I want to give a little advice. I almost being scam, but fortunately decided to call pay pal and found out the truth. DO NOT take payments through pay pal when selling something in craiglist. It is very easy for people to request a refund after getting merchandise and you ending with no money and no merchandise. CASH ONLY. Believe me, I was save because I contacted Pay pal and they warned me of me being scam. Even if they provided you with personal info like ph #, address, dl #, dont do it. Its easy to create a person identity.

Ask willy about
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

A guy lived for several months all over the state, off of finding people on Craigslist. This tells you the mentality of this website.

I love it when people get together and make things simple. You'll find everything on Craigslist. Everything is cheaper. It's awesome.

Ask Amir about
4 reviews
1 helpful vote

Very good website

Ask ken about
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

A real old timer. No photos, no excitement, just the bare MS DOS-like approach. Very outdated, plus no effective policing of bad ads. Just try finding an apartment to rent in New York City from someone who claims to be a property owner and IS actually one.

Ask Elyssa about
4 reviews
8 helpful votes

I love using Craigslist to buy stuff... just make sure to meet in a public place and NEVER allow someone to "pay" with paypal (they can make it look like they did even though they didn't)

Ask Darren about
4 reviews
6 helpful votes

This Site majorly Helps in finding locally homes for rent, buy and sell across the world. This is the prefect place to hunt for homes.

Ask Dreamz about
9 reviews
35 helpful votes

Craigslist is an amazing site. Yes it's full of scammers and con artists but it's free and if you know what you're doing, it's one of the best sites on the internet in the US.

Ask Adam about

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