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131 reviews
222 Sutter St.
San Francisco, CA 94108
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I was looking to speed up the process and left my phone number for contact info. (in 8 reviews)


But my husband didn't actualy go into our PayPal account. (in 2 reviews)


overall, everything ive bought from people has been a good experience,but i would be extra cautious! (in 34 reviews)

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1 review
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I found A-1 Bullion Exchange, (AKA Paradise Coin & Collectibles both names are used by the same people) on the Ocala Craig"s List and agreed with "Tom" (aka Seth Lutz) to purchase 25 Gold 1oz. American Eagles for $32,950.00. On 5/3/16 I wired this amount to a Wells FargoBank Account #6072549527. Tom said this account was owned by Bonnie Miller who he said was the owner of A-1. Tom assured me I would receive my 25 coins in a couple days. After much stalling I was assured by Tom that he was sending the 25 coins via insured registered USPS Mail on 5/14/16 and even sent me a text with a tracking number. No gold/package was mailed and the tracking # was bogus according to the Postal Inspector's office of the USPS! On 5/19/16 Bonnie Miller called and said she was mailing 10 AE Gold coins! That package arrived on 5/21/16 and contained only 4 coins not 10! I am working with local law enforcement, the FTC & FBI.

Ask Paul about Craigslist
1 review
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I hired this company to do some remodeling for me and want to let anyone that needs someone to do some remodeling - Affordable Builders Construction of Reeds Spring, MO had dome me an excellent job at a very good price. They are truly professionals.

Ask Sandra about Craigslist
1 review
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Purchased a piano from Bill Kap piano company in Cleveland, Ohio. Bill Kap and his salesman, Lou, repeatedly told us that we were buying a "brand new piano with a 10 year warranty." Piano was delivered (3 hours later than promised) without any warranty information. I called Bill Kap, who said he would "mail that out" to me. When a week passed without any warranty info, I called the manufacturer to ask about the warranty. Gave the manufacturer the serial number, and was told that my "brand new piano" was actually 18 years old, and no longer covered by warranty. Emailed Bill Kap, who never responded. I would definitely look for a reputable dealer, and Bill Kap does not fall into this category. Don't be fooled by the age of his business....just means he's been ripping people off for a long time!

Ask Jean about Craigslist
1 review
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No way to talk to a live human being. Voice recordings and emails with automatic responses seem to be the way to go with craigslist. They remove your ads with no indicators as to why. I have tried emailing them and yet my responses are automatic. The response you get when you call in to them is to email them. You are basically just are running around in circles getting nothing accomplished with them. When they remove ads they need to start giving explanations as to why. I have read through all of the rules and it makes absolutely no sense as to why my ads are being removed. I can spend hours compiling ads and trying to help my customers out. I used to love craigslist and lately it is just a huge hassle. I used to recommend everyone to them. I want everyone to know how terrible I think their customer service is. Wanted to test the waters with the free ads to start out. Thanks for nothing!

Ask Britanny about Craigslist
1 review
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My son's renters moved out and the inside needed painting. He lives in Minneapolis and and the house is here in Portland so he found someone to do the work and asked us to help. My husband and I showed up at the appointed hour but the painter did not show up. I called my son and he found Francisco Munoz on Craig's list and gave him a call. Francisco showed up within an hour with equipment and a big smile. He painted living room, dining room, hallway and 2 bedrooms. He did several applications in the bedrooms because the old paint was very dark. He also added texture to the family room and painted the ceiling. When we returned all the holes and blemishes had been covered up and the house looked like new. I was astonished! He worked so fast and yet so well. I could see his sense of pride and how much heart he puts into his work! Francisco is a treasure! I cannot recommend him any higher. Also he only charged us $430.00! What a deal! I wish he did everything for a house!

Ask Julie about Craigslist
1 review
1 helpful vote

I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for accommodations for a music festival and started immediately receiving texts from "people" who answered my ad. Turns out they're all from "roomster" inviting me to join their site once I've clicked on the link that shows me the accommodations they're supposedly trying to rent out. Even if the site really exists, I'm not about to condone anyone who uses these kind of underhanded tactics to get your attention. "Let's see how many people we can screw over in an effort to make a million bucks." No thanks.

Ask loose about Craigslist
9 reviews
14 helpful votes

I had adds on Craigslist a was getting flaged from people at dident like my price I tried to to repost and keep getting flaged I tried to get in touch with Craigslist over the problems they just keep send me to there rules list never did fix problems Craigslist is one of Worst companies that deal with when you have a problem Craigslist list is joke for fixing problems with there adds welfare had company there clowns

Ask Ron about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Go elsewhere to buy a car. You will be spending much more money to repair the car you purchase fron this wife and husband.

Tip for consumers: BEWARE

Ask Beverly about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was scammed by a guy named Simon Rincon. He posts work on Craigslist about insulation, duct cleaning, finish carpentry, painting, and general labor. I paid him $1100 up front in cash to do some drywall, painting and carpentry. He did about 25% of the work, terribly I might add. He caused more damage with his shotty work which costs me more money. He ended up taking off with my $1100 in cash and the key to my home. He will not return my calls, money or house key. Needless to say, I paid to have my locks changed. By spreading the word about Simon, I have been contacted by others who fell victim to this same man. The phone number that Simon uses is 517-366-9120. I hope that nobody else falls victim to this man.

Ask Melissa about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Carlos Paz, phone # 973-756-7232, also has a website he might refer you to

DO NOT USE HIM. I used him for my home renovations for more than $10k (including bathrooms, kitchen, flooring, basically everything). First of all, he did not complete single part of the job (e.g., bathroom, there are still holes in the wall, the vanities are not installed, he messed up the plumbing so I had to spend extra money). He will assure you that he can do it all but he's really just a tile guy (although not even that good at that because the tiling is uneven and the grout is coming off). He will also lie and say that he can complete the job w/in a x period of time. He quoted me 1 month at first, and 4 months later, I was so fed up with his lies and inexperience that I had to let him go.

Do yourself a favor and don't use him. You have been warned.

Ask aaron about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Willy responded on short notice to aerate our front yard. He was on-time, business like, and did a GREAT job at a reasonable price.

Ask Josiah about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I do not trust craigslist anymore Everyone watch out for someone useing the name Susan Williams and Email name is on craigslist trying to sell a red 1995 Chevrolet c/k pickup saying it's being held at Omaha, NE in Auto proshipping it is a scam they tell you to use Apple iTunes but they use a fake account to steal your money so please be careful about buying online

Ask Anna about Craigslist
1 review
1 helpful vote

The site is an absolute joke. Over the years it has been involved in prostitution, solicitation, and murder. Now the site wants to charge employers a fee to post job openings. Yeah, cool, I will give you money to have the bottom of the barrel contact me for a job that they will undoubtedly be unable to perform. Thanks craigslist, you should go back to murder and prostitution.

Ask Andre about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

This guy was a bad joke. He did the worst possible auto detailing job I have ever seen. They did not even touch the inside of the cars. I had 4 cars I paid $330.00 to detail one car, then they were supposed to clean the other cars. They did not even clean the other cars on the inside at all! I called him on it and he then promised he would come back and make it good. That was 4 months ago! I called him to remind him he again lied to me , he never came to clean the cars. Don't use this fly by night service. He uses a bunch of young guys and does not give them guidance on how to work, so they completely skip the inside of the cars. I could go on but lesson learned for me I hope you read this and don't waste you money and time with this Dany Inland Empire Auto Detailing!

Ask rrrr--- about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Incredibly irresponsible! I confirmed three times with Brett that my husband was meeting him to pick up a refrigerator. We accommodated our schedule for him, and drove out an hour to meet him. The guy completely fakes!

Ask Erika about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I don't recommend any stylists to lease a suite from Elite salon suites. The suites aren't ran as a professional business establishment. The owner will mistreated you and speak to you as an employee. The owner listens to others tare you down and mistreate you according to lies of others, that suffer from jealousy. You have stylists that will start fights with you for no reason. The stylists there don't have any respect for each other. They'll smile in your face and stab you in the back. The barbers will slander you to ruin your business because they're haters of those made of greatness.
Stylists must choose a place that'll inspire you not a place that'll tare you down. In a nut shell this place is ghetto, no professionalism or class at all.
Stylists beware!

Ask anonymous about Craigslist
1 review
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Rented a room on mission village drive in San Diego from a guy named George. He wanted $750 a month, which seemed like a good deal for the size of the room. However, in a very short time I realized the house was horrible. Breaker would go out if I used a tiny little space heater (about size of a small toaster) because the heat was never on and the house was freezing. Kitchen was disgusting, had $#*!roaches, sink didn't work and there was grease stains everywhere. He tried to complain about me making noise because I was sick (literally can't control that). When he has over 25 birds in his garage that make noise all the time. I could go on and on, but overall horrible place to live.

Ask Olivia about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

This guy is a theif, beware fellas. there is no woman at all. He just faked everything, he stopped responding once I gave him money outside, he asked me to pay money first for supplies and never returned, he stopped responding to messages there after.

Ask akhil about Craigslist
10 reviews
3 helpful votes

Craigslist may be good for other things but not for apartment rentals.... especially share rentals. You don't know what you are getting into in these situations...problems arise. Keeps small claims courts in business.

Ask Joanne about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Seems to be a nice and genuine person, but some of his work is less than professional, and very demanding for money before job is complete.

Ask Terri about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Its this guy that sales cats on Craigslist his name is Abbas Aoun and his number 313-425-1605 he tells you it nothing wrong with the car but gives me a car with a key that work to the ignition but not the door, then he tell me I got a one week notice on the car my rotors are bad but he duck me and tell me he was going to get a key made but then he back tracks and tell I got to get it made and come out my pocket

Ask Jay about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Wow! You would think from reading the reviews that we are dealing with the Great Satan here! Yes, there are some ripoffs on Craigslist that you have to dodge around sometimes (or just ignore). But I have- over the years- sold over 10 unneeded items on Craigslist and it has generally worked well. I haven't been ripped off yet and- trust me- I have no special skills or street smarts.

How about garage sales for you haters?

Ask Patrick about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have posted at least 100 times this week and followed every rules when posting but yet every time there's people ganging up on my posts. They are literally flag abusing my posts. And I've tried contacted Craigslist several times but all I get is an automated response. Craigslist just wants your money, and unless you are paying for an add, they won't help your situation. This is getting old and frustrating.

Ask Samantha about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I am posting this post to Notify the public Of a slumlord i have tented a moble home off of david woodruff and the Septic tank pump has loo up When David was notified of the situation he had refused to fix the problem telling me thats its my proublem and for me to Handle it I have had The environmental house out here I have contacted the health department but he still refused to fix the Septic pump tank leting my family living Toxic Sewage wasteAnd then have the nerve to tell me that he is not a slumlordI would not recommend David Woodruff To anybody

Ask Stephanie about Craigslist
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

phone #989-1555. set up an appointment for estimate to have my bathroom remodeled. he set up an appointment, then did not show up. when i tried to reach him to see if he was running late the call went immediately to voicemail and he hasn't returned any of my calls since. very unprofessional.

Ask sheila about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I want to try posting on casual encounters but I don't have a phone. I notice the posts are from hookers and fakes etc. you are not keeping the fakes out. phone verification can be easily bypassed and I am not paying a cent to do it. your personals are as ridiculous as your automated customer service. you don't serve the community . zero stars

Ask bill about Craigslist
76 reviews
611 helpful votes

Problem is that you find many scammers and fakers on Well, same problem in "real life" but still it is not really a safe place. Concept is great, however.The fact that Craigslist has been around forever is also a big plus.

Ask Peter about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I recently used Two Nice Men Moving company out of Vancouver. They took 6 hours to load a 2 bedroom apt. When I complained to the owner about the time they took he was abusive to me and to his two movers . Don't use these movers they are a scam. They took so long loading the truck for very limited items. I had to look out the window to see what they were doing as I could not believe they were gone that long between loads. I would not recommend them to anyone.

Ask Nancy about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've posted many ads on Craigslist for job openings. The routing of seekers "replys" was not being received. I even tried to reply to the ad and didn't receive my own. My ad replys were going to an apartment complex and craigslist stool hasn't fixed the issues or given me a refund. I've been emailing customer service for 2 months now.
There is no customer service phone numbers, so you have to email. I have been emailing back and forth with "customer service". They do not help what-so-ever. It's terrible. They won't give you a call or speak to you over the phone. Nothing was ever resolved and they won't give me my money back. They end every email with, "this has been resolved" and nothing was ever resolved.
They will steal your money and do not offer refunds for their mistakes. I DO NOT RECOMMEND using their service!!!!

Ask Mel about Craigslist
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Craig's List has become a joke. It is likely I will be spammed to death by writing this, however, I'll just change my id. The users are phony scammers! The owner, YAHOO..... I think ......... is phony as well. WTF. There was a time when a person could sell an item now it is just a piece of feces. Whomever is responsible for this should clearly be ashamed of themselves and all the so called executives that might be involved .... JERKS!

Ask Winston about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I wish there was a way to ban this site from existence. When it first hit the scene it was the ideal go to website for anything from cars, a new place, a job/gig or simply to get rid of some old stuff from the garage. These days there is nothing apart from scamming happening on Craigslist. People have actually died falling for some of the crap on this website. It's sad but yet foolish altogether to let this site remain active but what do we do about it???

Ask Anonymous about Craigslist
1 review
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Craigslist have been flagging every post of mine and there nothing wrong with the post it's very frustrating because I'm trying to sell my house and it won't post my ad it's been doing this for weeks now and it can't be fixed if you want another website use backpage it's way better craigslist sucksssss super bad !!!!

Ask Amber about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Why do you raise your rates for posting a job ad by $10 without any notice? I will be shopping for a better alternative.

Ask EatMe about Craigslist
1 review
2 helpful votes

People dont look for ANYTHING on craigslist its where all the great scammers go and they make it seem so real I got scammed out of $1500 someone needs to shut this site down the owner obviously have no control over what goes on it . I'm stupid because I actually got scammed 2 times I thought that the first time was just bad luck but when it happened a second time no way f$#& that stay off there

Ask DeAndre about Craigslist
6 reviews
1 helpful vote

I contacted him on Craigslist, to move a washer and dryer I found an awesome deal ! 85.00 to pick up, deliver, & install (I thought a little high but I needed to pick up quickly). My old units were still in place I was not able to loose the hose. So he had no tools and said he would be back the following day. when I messaged him he noted he would move and haul away for 75.00. 160.00 total. I requested just finish the install..he wanted to wait until the other units were gone, they were completely out of his way. after multiple texts I realized he was not going to respond or come back, even when I told him I was 64 and did not have the additional. So the last message was you will get a terrific referral ! He showed up, after I had moved and install the hoses myself. So if this guy responds run !!

johnny- 214.874.5252

Ask b about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

This site is a $#*!ing scam and everyone needs to stay off
I was scammed out of 500 cash and the $#*! never came back to do what I have him the money for. $#*! CRAIGSLIST AND ALL THEY STAND FOR.

Ask Jessica about Craigslist
1 review
4 helpful votes

The weakness of capitalist is that it doesn't allow people to post reviews of the businesses posting on their website. I hired Jaimes flooring service from craiglist and regret it.

Jonathon of Jaimes Flooring service worked on my place until I paid him fully for the job. Last time he showed up his saw broke. He said he would return after purchasing a new saw but never did. He didn't show when i expected and kept postponing. Last text was to both postpone and say he expected more money. I gave up after that. A few days ago I came across his craiglist ad and told him how lazy I thought he was. He replied that he had been "hallucinating " from the cat urine smell _ keep in mind -at the start of the job i had told him that the reason I was removing the carpets was because of cat urine.

When hired by me he never mentioned he had a problem with the job. When he didn't return he never explained why or offered to return some of the money I paid him. I am perfectly fine with him rejecting the job but TELL ME LIKE AN ADULT. Don't accept my money, agree to do the job and not show up.

I posted on his Facebook page about his yelp reviews to him replied in writing with this threat:

"Listen the last thing you want to do is f-ck with my money. I still have your address...."

Go with licensed contractors. They don't behave this way because their jobs and licenses are at stake.

Ask customer about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Nothing against craigslist - but JENN and her "fiance" whom was supposedly sick and out of work but yet he was always gone when I tried to talk to her to meet - over a months time built up trust to essentially trade my valued and emotionally created coin collection for a FAKE gold buffalo $50 piece. I asked them to just give it back - no questions asked - she has yet to respond - shocker. Watch your back for the sheriff and local PD JENN!!!! Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Grand Lake, Colcord etc etc beware of JENN AND JC (JT - whatever)!!!!!!

Ask GlitterMe about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I did all the necessary steps to secure a rental that required moving quite some distance from where I live now. I am a disabled elderly lady who made the trip to see the rental and provide legal paperwork for the rental. After we agreed that it would work out and I sent a check as expected, we set a date for me to move in. Then a few days before I was getting ready to move in, the party cancelled on me and I was left to find another place short notice. I have not been able to find anything. Perhaps craiglists personnel should screen the advertisements more accurately so people are not left with this problem. I may become homeless and who cares?

Ask Debbie about Craigslist
9 reviews
73 helpful votes

I do use this site and have made some sales on it. But I did hear some pretty disturbing things that did happen on the site such as murders, scams, theft, and other messed up situations. I never had anything like this happen to me though luckily, but if you do make a deal or perform any kind of business. Take some safety tips which should be obvious.

1. Never put your full address on the site to your home.

2. Type out phone number to home and cell so when you get a call you.

3. Better to be in an area with tons of people such as a restaurant or your home (But makes sure you are armed with either a knife, stungun, pepperspray, taser, or a firearm hidden just in-case,) Never trust anyone for all you know they may be there to rob or kill you so always be armed and prepared.

4. Let your family or friends know if you have someone coming over or going somewhere to do the transaction.

5. Only except cash or a safe transaction to make sure you don't get ripoff.

6.Remain always cautious and calm when meeting up with someone for a deal somewhere.

Also expect $#*!heads on there who will just message to troll or prank you on there.

Ask Joseph about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I built two businesses writing and posting ads on Craigslist. It used to be a great place to find work and for people looking to hire freelancers and contractors to find you. NOT ANYMORE!

This is not an exaggeration, in the last year and a half I have not received one legitimate call or email for work from my ads on Craigslist. The only kinds of emails I get are from mentally ill people with a keyboard and an internet connection.

I recently ran across a guy whose entire business was teaching people how to grow their business by posting ads on Craigslist (which I know works from my own personal experience in the past). He said that Craigslist implemented some changes at the end of 2013/beginning of 2014 to try and drive away people using the site to create ads. I guess if they aren't getting paid, why should they care if anyone sees your ad. He said as of late 2014, he no longer runs ads on Craigslist because he was getting no calls and no traffic. This corresponds to the same time period where the calls stopped coming in for me, as well.

Ebay actually owns a chunk of Craigslist, and if you're a seller on eBay, you know that eBay could care less if your items come up in searches on their site, either. They are getting to be one of the worst sites and companies in the history of the internet.

And Facebook and Google Ads IS NOT an alternative. Facebook's membership is fleeing in droves. The thing people hate most on Facebook are the constant ads and users do their best to ignore them, so getting on there to post your ads is just becoming part of what makes that site suck. It's also a pay to play ad scheme, just like Google Ads, and there is absolutely no incentive for them to see you succeed. They make money off ad clicks, not off your success... for all you know, there are offices in India and China set up by Google and Facebook with hoards of people sitting online and clicking ads all day to charge you for clicks.

Someone with a moderate knowledge of coding could create a much better and totally free to use bulletin board site to replace Craigslist, which has become a blight on the internet... Ghetto-list!

If you are a legitimate business, don't waste another second posting on Craigslist. If you are a visitor and user of the site, stop. Let the site die and maybe something better will take it's place.


Ask Keith about Craigslist
4 reviews
11 helpful votes

Since I tried to post this to the site, pissed off a spammer, and got flagged. I would like to see then try and get it removed from here.
When you are viewing the personals, stay away from the women seeking men in the casual encounter areas. (w4m). There are a multitude of scammers and fakes that use very reveiling picks. Will e-mail you a time or two, and then refer you to a "secure verification" site that is supposidly "free". This is where they get you.
If you enter your credit card info, it asks for all the details. If it goes through, then you will get the "hotties" phone # and contact info. afterwards. It will never happen. The # is usually a voice mail or some other crap. You will never get a call back. What you don't see is a small green box in the lower right corner about the "VIP" offer. Usually, this is some sort of B/S and what you just did is sign up for a dating site or XXX site for anywhere from $29.95 to 59.95. Billed to your credit card. If your married, you probably will not see the charge until your wife get's the card statement and the charge is right there. It is only free if you locate what you signed up for and call them IMMEDIATELY and cancel your new "purchase". IF your lucky to get this far.
If you try and use a Wal-Mart money card with $5-$10 on it, it will not go through due to an unknown error. Which is the sites way of saying "insufficient funds".
I've tried it. It will not go through. Not to mention all the spam you are about to receive just for trying.
Another way they get you, is if you send a message to a woman, and you get a "if your real, go here" response, it is to a dating site also. Trust me, nothing if free. They will try and get you to sign up and look for them. But, they are not on the site. They just got your e-mail address to sell. Then , you guessed it, more spam.
Which is why I use 2 fake accounts and NO personal info. Just stuff I made up of someone that does not exist. They send me a TON of spam and bull. Believe me, it is just cheaper to get a 6 pack, a "F" flick or two and get your nut off then to spend 2-4 hours surfing Craigs list trying to find someone. You will still have your money, your idenity, and your send of well being.

Ask mike about Craigslist
1 review
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Ask SONNY about Craigslist
10 reviews
4 helpful votes

I've sold about 50 items in the last 2 years and bought a handful of items. I don't use e-mail as I get so many and prefer they text me. Most of the items were large and one or two men came to my home and bought. I never had any no shows or negative experiences.

I decided to sell a very expensive ring and buyer lived in California. He acted concerned it was real and asked questions I thought appropriate. Then he was all of the sudden in a rush to get ring. He wanted me to use FedEx never use as then you can't file mail fraud. I work 3rd shift 12 hours and dental work going on and this guy kept texting me every few hours did I send it did fed ex pick it up. My husband has cancer and I had his check his email for payment verification and he saw one from PayPal stating $3,000 is in account and will be released to my account upon tracking confirmation . But my husband didn't actualy go into our PayPal account. Fed ex had picked up ring and I got a bad feeling. Called PayPal and sure enough no money was on hold in our account. I made a local police report so I could have police in California go to address. I had some hope as it was a condo so the manager may have leads to him. Well the man had my ring and police took picture of it. The man got the police to believe I was scamming him. WHAT? So they told man to mail ring back to me. Local Police came to my house after supper and I was at work so they wouldn't tell him anything but I needed to come to station tomorrow night. I go and they start interigating me on do these chat sights look familiar and who is my friend Joel that isn't a person but man who had my ring told police Joel was calling him wanting the ring and I was working with him on this scam. The stupid police bought story I'm like what did I scam possibly not getting paid for ring and $75 fed ex overnight charge. The police said California cop said it looked cheap. I said why didn't they take ring instead of telling him to mail back. They said he didn't do any crime. Well making a fake and according to PayPal a very good near original email saying he paid and I gave police copy's of his and pay pals. Luckily I think he was the middle man and I did get ring mailed back. I took it next day to a jewelry who is friends with my towns Cheif of police and he was impressed with the quality of it and told him they were real diamonds and platinum . I've left 6 messages with Barney fife and his officer no call back and they aren't letting me get police report.

Bad enough I almost got scammed even worse when the police think your the bad guy even though I had proof and his was just a story out of his mouth.

So don't just see paypal email go into your account as they looked identical to me. Only thing different is paypal uses email and his had

Ask Terri about Craigslist
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Problem with CL just gotten to big an not enough support for customers. That's why facebook will take over the classifieds but I did notice on google I saw they're advertising no fees for classified and auctions while using customers facebook profiles.

Ask Joyce about Craigslist
1 review
1 helpful vote

helps to live comfortable. but all that happens is that CL allows competitors to flag you without any action or proof that you're up telling illegally, We have a decent business and is not just an abusive competitor whose flag us for no reason, Cl had already detected that and I have sent thousands of complaints and not listen.

Ask Jerry about Craigslist
13 reviews
44 helpful votes

The rooms/shares in NYC are a joke. Some people have 8-12 ads for the same apt, -- look at the Galley and you see the same picture time after time on the same day. I just got prank emails for my new posting, and I got it removed apparently because some sensitive soul "flagged" me for wanting a certain gender (but my wife is not comfortable with a strange male). No explanation given. Just gone. This is not an apt rental -- it is an apt SHARE -- and by making me write a neutral ad all those males who think they have a chance end up wasting their time writing. I can discriminate all I want with respect to someone living with us and sharing our bath and kitchen, and the federal laws do not apply here. It would be only if I were renting the whole apt to someone that these issues are relevant. My guess, too, is that some advertisers flag others to reduce the competition for their own ads. CL simply sucks now.

Ask Mike about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

If I was writing this review a year ago I would be giving it ***** stars, but they changed the posting system, now I cant find my add on there. I see 5 star reviews and I guess they are the ones that are able to manipulate the system, I see multiple adds for the same thing, one add particular suck out, after seeing it a few times I decided to count them, 128 times, the posting title kept changing, but it was the same add. it was property for rent, I would be willing to bet they don't have 128 apartments for rent right now. My add ad is nowhere to be found

Ask peter about Craigslist
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Ocala Craigslist is having major issues. I am having trouble reposting the ads I posted in February because I cannot find them on my account page. Draft ads keep disappearing for my draft list after 24 hours and the date when some ads were posted keeps changing back and forth.

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Craigslist is great in many ways but I posted my resume under resume. Biggest mistake. I had spam from all over. Craigslist needs to eliminate that column. One person called that was legit. Lesson learned.

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