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overall, everything ive bought from people has been a good experience,but i would be extra cautious! (in 29 reviews)


But my husband didn't actualy go into our PayPal account. (in 2 reviews)


Dude, this is a GREAT site, just don't get dumb about it. (in 3 reviews)

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1 review
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People dont look for ANYTHING on craigslist its where all the great scammers go and they make it seem so real I got scammed out of $1500 someone needs to shut this site down the owner obviously have no control over what goes on it . I'm stupid because I actually got scammed 2 times I thought that the first time was just bad luck but when it happened a second time no way f$#& that stay off there

Ask DeAndre about Craigslist
2 reviews
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I contacted him on Craigslist, to move a washer and dryer I found an awesome deal ! 85.00 to pick up, deliver, & install (I thought a little high but I needed to pick up quickly). My old units were still in place I was not able to loose the hose. So he had no tools and said he would be back the following day. when I messaged him he noted he would move and haul away for 75.00. 160.00 total. I requested just finish the install..he wanted to wait until the other units were gone, they were completely out of his way. after multiple texts I realized he was not going to respond or come back, even when I told him I was 64 and did not have the additional. So the last message was you will get a terrific referral ! He showed up, after I had moved and install the hoses myself. So if this guy responds run !!

johnny- 214.874.5252

Ask b about Craigslist
1 review
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This site is a $#*!ing scam and everyone needs to stay off
I was scammed out of 500 cash and the $#*! never came back to do what I have him the money for. $#*! CRAIGSLIST AND ALL THEY STAND FOR.

Ask Jessica about Craigslist
1 review
3 helpful votes

The weakness of capitalist is that it doesn't allow people to post reviews of the businesses posting on their website. I hired Jaimes flooring service from craiglist and regret it.

Jonathon of Jaimes Flooring service worked on my place until I paid him fully for the job. Last time he showed up his saw broke. He said he would return after purchasing a new saw but never did. He didn't show when i expected and kept postponing. Last text was to both postpone and say he expected more money. I gave up after that. A few days ago I came across his craiglist ad and told him how lazy I thought he was. He replied that he had been "hallucinating " from the cat urine smell _ keep in mind -at the start of the job i had told him that the reason I was removing the carpets was because of cat urine.

When hired by me he never mentioned he had a problem with the job. When he didn't return he never explained why or offered to return some of the money I paid him. I am perfectly fine with him rejecting the job but TELL ME LIKE AN ADULT. Don't accept my money, agree to do the job and not show up.

I posted on his Facebook page about his yelp reviews to him replied in writing with this threat:

"Listen the last thing you want to do is f-ck with my money. I still have your address...."

Go with licensed contractors. They don't behave this way because their jobs and licenses are at stake.

Ask customer about Craigslist
1 review
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Nothing against craigslist - but JENN and her "fiance" whom was supposedly sick and out of work but yet he was always gone when I tried to talk to her to meet - over a months time built up trust to essentially trade my valued and emotionally created coin collection for a FAKE gold buffalo $50 piece. I asked them to just give it back - no questions asked - she has yet to respond - shocker. Watch your back for the sheriff and local PD JENN!!!! Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Grand Lake, Colcord etc etc beware of JENN AND JC (JT - whatever)!!!!!!

Ask GlitterMe about Craigslist
1 review
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I did all the necessary steps to secure a rental that required moving quite some distance from where I live now. I am a disabled elderly lady who made the trip to see the rental and provide legal paperwork for the rental. After we agreed that it would work out and I sent a check as expected, we set a date for me to move in. Then a few days before I was getting ready to move in, the party cancelled on me and I was left to find another place short notice. I have not been able to find anything. Perhaps craiglists personnel should screen the advertisements more accurately so people are not left with this problem. I may become homeless and who cares?

Ask Debbie about Craigslist
7 reviews
19 helpful votes

I do use this site and have made some sales on it. But I did hear some pretty disturbing things that did happen on the site such as murders, scams, theft, and other messed up situations. I never had anything like this happen to me though luckily, but if you do make a deal or perform any kind of business. Take some safety tips which should be obvious.

1. Never put your full address on the site to your home.

2. Type out phone number to home and cell so when you get a call you.

3. Better to be in an area with tons of people such as a restaurant or your home (But makes sure you are armed with either a knife, stungun, pepperspray, taser, or a firearm hidden just in-case,) Never trust anyone for all you know they may be there to rob or kill you so always be armed and prepared.

4. Let your family or friends know if you have someone coming over or going somewhere to do the transaction.

5. Only except cash or a safe transaction to make sure you don't get ripoff.

6.Remain always cautious and calm when meeting up with someone for a deal somewhere.

Also expect $#*!heads on there who will just message to troll or prank you on there.

Ask Joseph about Craigslist
1 review
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I built two businesses writing and posting ads on Craigslist. It used to be a great place to find work and for people looking to hire freelancers and contractors to find you. NOT ANYMORE!

This is not an exaggeration, in the last year and a half I have not received one legitimate call or email for work from my ads on Craigslist. The only kinds of emails I get are from mentally ill people with a keyboard and an internet connection.

I recently ran across a guy whose entire business was teaching people how to grow their business by posting ads on Craigslist (which I know works from my own personal experience in the past). He said that Craigslist implemented some changes at the end of 2013/beginning of 2014 to try and drive away people using the site to create ads. I guess if they aren't getting paid, why should they care if anyone sees your ad. He said as of late 2014, he no longer runs ads on Craigslist because he was getting no calls and no traffic. This corresponds to the same time period where the calls stopped coming in for me, as well.

Ebay actually owns a chunk of Craigslist, and if you're a seller on eBay, you know that eBay could care less if your items come up in searches on their site, either. They are getting to be one of the worst sites and companies in the history of the internet.

And Facebook and Google Ads IS NOT an alternative. Facebook's membership is fleeing in droves. The thing people hate most on Facebook are the constant ads and users do their best to ignore them, so getting on there to post your ads is just becoming part of what makes that site suck. It's also a pay to play ad scheme, just like Google Ads, and there is absolutely no incentive for them to see you succeed. They make money off ad clicks, not off your success... for all you know, there are offices in India and China set up by Google and Facebook with hoards of people sitting online and clicking ads all day to charge you for clicks.

Someone with a moderate knowledge of coding could create a much better and totally free to use bulletin board site to replace Craigslist, which has become a blight on the internet... Ghetto-list!

If you are a legitimate business, don't waste another second posting on Craigslist. If you are a visitor and user of the site, stop. Let the site die and maybe something better will take it's place.


Ask Keith about Craigslist
4 reviews
6 helpful votes

Since I tried to post this to the site, pissed off a spammer, and got flagged. I would like to see then try and get it removed from here.
When you are viewing the personals, stay away from the women seeking men in the casual encounter areas. (w4m). There are a multitude of scammers and fakes that use very reveiling picks. Will e-mail you a time or two, and then refer you to a "secure verification" site that is supposidly "free". This is where they get you.
If you enter your credit card info, it asks for all the details. If it goes through, then you will get the "hotties" phone # and contact info. afterwards. It will never happen. The # is usually a voice mail or some other crap. You will never get a call back. What you don't see is a small green box in the lower right corner about the "VIP" offer. Usually, this is some sort of B/S and what you just did is sign up for a dating site or XXX site for anywhere from $29.95 to 59.95. Billed to your credit card. If your married, you probably will not see the charge until your wife get's the card statement and the charge is right there. It is only free if you locate what you signed up for and call them IMMEDIATELY and cancel your new "purchase". IF your lucky to get this far.
If you try and use a Wal-Mart money card with $5-$10 on it, it will not go through due to an unknown error. Which is the sites way of saying "insufficient funds".
I've tried it. It will not go through. Not to mention all the spam you are about to receive just for trying.
Another way they get you, is if you send a message to a woman, and you get a "if your real, go here" response, it is to a dating site also. Trust me, nothing if free. They will try and get you to sign up and look for them. But, they are not on the site. They just got your e-mail address to sell. Then , you guessed it, more spam.
Which is why I use 2 fake accounts and NO personal info. Just stuff I made up of someone that does not exist. They send me a TON of spam and bull. Believe me, it is just cheaper to get a 6 pack, a "F" flick or two and get your nut off then to spend 2-4 hours surfing Craigs list trying to find someone. You will still have your money, your idenity, and your send of well being.

Ask mike about Craigslist
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Ask SONNY about Craigslist
7 reviews
3 helpful votes

I've sold about 50 items in the last 2 years and bought a handful of items. I don't use e-mail as I get so many and prefer they text me. Most of the items were large and one or two men came to my home and bought. I never had any no shows or negative experiences.

I decided to sell a very expensive ring and buyer lived in California. He acted concerned it was real and asked questions I thought appropriate. Then he was all of the sudden in a rush to get ring. He wanted me to use FedEx never use as then you can't file mail fraud. I work 3rd shift 12 hours and dental work going on and this guy kept texting me every few hours did I send it did fed ex pick it up. My husband has cancer and I had his check his email for payment verification and he saw one from PayPal stating $3,000 is in account and will be released to my account upon tracking confirmation . But my husband didn't actualy go into our PayPal account. Fed ex had picked up ring and I got a bad feeling. Called PayPal and sure enough no money was on hold in our account. I made a local police report so I could have police in California go to address. I had some hope as it was a condo so the manager may have leads to him. Well the man had my ring and police took picture of it. The man got the police to believe I was scamming him. WHAT? So they told man to mail ring back to me. Local Police came to my house after supper and I was at work so they wouldn't tell him anything but I needed to come to station tomorrow night. I go and they start interigating me on do these chat sights look familiar and who is my friend Joel that isn't a person but man who had my ring told police Joel was calling him wanting the ring and I was working with him on this scam. The stupid police bought story I'm like what did I scam possibly not getting paid for ring and $75 fed ex overnight charge. The police said California cop said it looked cheap. I said why didn't they take ring instead of telling him to mail back. They said he didn't do any crime. Well making a fake and according to PayPal a very good near original email saying he paid and I gave police copy's of his and pay pals. Luckily I think he was the middle man and I did get ring mailed back. I took it next day to a jewelry who is friends with my towns Cheif of police and he was impressed with the quality of it and told him they were real diamonds and platinum . I've left 6 messages with Barney fife and his officer no call back and they aren't letting me get police report.

Bad enough I almost got scammed even worse when the police think your the bad guy even though I had proof and his was just a story out of his mouth.

So don't just see paypal email go into your account as they looked identical to me. Only thing different is paypal uses email and his had

Ask Terri about Craigslist
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Problem with CL just gotten to big an not enough support for customers. That's why facebook will take over the classifieds but I did notice on google I saw they're advertising no fees for classified and auctions while using customers facebook profiles.

Ask Joyce about Craigslist
1 review
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helps to live comfortable. but all that happens is that CL allows competitors to flag you without any action or proof that you're up telling illegally, We have a decent business and is not just an abusive competitor whose flag us for no reason, Cl had already detected that and I have sent thousands of complaints and not listen.

Ask Jerry about Craigslist
12 reviews
17 helpful votes

The rooms/shares in NYC are a joke. Some people have 8-12 ads for the same apt, -- look at the Galley and you see the same picture time after time on the same day. I just got prank emails for my new posting, and I got it removed apparently because some sensitive soul "flagged" me for wanting a certain gender (but my wife is not comfortable with a strange male). No explanation given. Just gone. This is not an apt rental -- it is an apt SHARE -- and by making me write a neutral ad all those males who think they have a chance end up wasting their time writing. I can discriminate all I want with respect to someone living with us and sharing our bath and kitchen, and the federal laws do not apply here. It would be only if I were renting the whole apt to someone that these issues are relevant. My guess, too, is that some advertisers flag others to reduce the competition for their own ads. CL simply sucks now.

Ask Mike about Craigslist
1 review
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If I was writing this review a year ago I would be giving it ***** stars, but they changed the posting system, now I cant find my add on there. I see 5 star reviews and I guess they are the ones that are able to manipulate the system, I see multiple adds for the same thing, one add particular suck out, after seeing it a few times I decided to count them, 128 times, the posting title kept changing, but it was the same add. it was property for rent, I would be willing to bet they don't have 128 apartments for rent right now. My add ad is nowhere to be found

Ask peter about Craigslist
2 reviews
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Ocala Craigslist is having major issues. I am having trouble reposting the ads I posted in February because I cannot find them on my account page. Draft ads keep disappearing for my draft list after 24 hours and the date when some ads were posted keeps changing back and forth.

Ask andy about Craigslist
13 reviews
78 helpful votes

Craigslist is great in many ways but I posted my resume under resume. Biggest mistake. I had spam from all over. Craigslist needs to eliminate that column. One person called that was legit. Lesson learned.

Ask Susan about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Deletes ads for no reason!! TERRIBLE!!

Tip for consumers: DONT

Ask Daisyy about Craigslist
1 review
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Craigslist has proven itself to be a huge danger to both humans and animals. It is loaded with liars, scammers, cheats, puppy mills and backyard breeders. This site has a list of what is prohibited BUT all posts are entered. There have been people murdered who have answered ads on this site. Anyone that purchases anything from Craigslist is taking a huge chance at being ripped off at the least.

Ask Susan about Craigslist
5 reviews
51 helpful votes

Because of Craigslist I have a decent ongoing business and making a good living. I've never had any complaints, no really! They aren't perfect- but what is? I wish they could enable hyperlinks to your business website, for instance.

Tip for consumers: Persevere with Craigslist- in the end it's worth it. You get what you put into the ads you post. Be as professional as you can be when you place your ads. And it make Kijiji look like a bunch of slow, deficient amateurs. Yeah, Craigs is the best. No pockets were lined for this good review!

Ask teresa about Craigslist
3 reviews
426 helpful votes

I've had my ups and downs more of a mutual agreement on it. I've bought and sold cars and other equipment. Selling is a lot harder then it seems if you sell something that's lets say 50$ lower then retail people will still try to talk you down even if there getting it cheaper then any where else. You have to stand strong and firm on your price. I've had bad phone calls over cars for sell threatening and harmful ones not relating to your product not sure why. I've also had prank calls so its more of a anything can happen situation website.

Tip for consumers: Be firm about your price and be careful who you choose to sell for also meet at public places for safety.

Ask brandon about Craigslist
4 reviews
3 helpful votes

found this ad 504-435-8885 early on and them saw the same gal on BP so I decided she wasn't a cop and called her up and decided to go give her a try. I'm so glad I did. It was the most memorable night of my entire week got to say. her pics are spot on, she's even more pretty in real life. She put me at ease right from the start, we chit chatted for a bit then moved into foreplay. she carries herself very well, has a banging body, and it is very sure of what she's doing and does it well. you can tell she's one of those girls that enjoys what she does. She was had a smile on her face the entire time. needless to say I will be calling her again and again. I was very impressed. don't take my word for it though, give her a call yourself and see what I'm talking about. if you do call and mention that you read my ad Gman, so I get a discount next time I go see her for making the referral. aha.. her number again is 504-435-8885.

Ask Gman about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Every person that tried to buy my item was fake and tried to take advantage of me!!

Tip for consumers: Dont use it

Ask Cody about Craigslist
1 review
1 helpful vote

I used klemp construction and remolding. They advertise and I was told he had a crew of guys. He told me it would take two to three weeks. They where suppose to start the Monday after July forth 2014. They did not start until July 21 2014. They stated good then would not show up this went on for a while. I asked a few times when they would be finished I was always told 2 more weeks. It then got to the point that they would only come a couple days out of the week. By this time he was paid in full. They told me they would start priming the walls and ceiling,after priming was done the colors started to go on, then you could see all of the bad tape and mud job they did. At this point I called him up and told him we where finished and refund me some money. He called me back that night begging to let hm finish the job. He begged and gave a bunch of sob stories like he did to get all the money. He did show up the next day, only to take all of his tools and leave. This cost us appox $4,500.00.this was including the work he was paid for and did not do and to have ALL the mudding redone. I hope this does not happen to anyone else. I have typed Craig'slist a couple of times but his adds are still out there, so beware!

Tip for consumers: Do not use this company

Ask Richard about Craigslist
1 review
2 helpful votes

Do not buy from IBUYKITCHENSTUFF.COM!!!!!
They advertise heavily on craigslist but their low ball items are not available!

We paid $1300.00 for a commercial freezer that NEVER worked from day 1! Yet they refused to give us a full refund! They deducted 25% , calling it a re stocking fee, for a BROKEN item!!!!!

Three weeks later the second item we had purchased, a sandwich prepfor $999.00 quit working, ruining $300.00 in milk!

They are RUDE and Unprofessional! Yelling and hanging up on me!

NOT a good company to buy from!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT BUY FROM I buy kitchen, Jeff Lachter, at 9976-B Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, Ohio. Phone 513-515-5934!

Ask p about Craigslist
1 review
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Ask Abbie about Craigslist
1 review
1 helpful vote

I just sold my car took only 10 days I am very please and posting was real easy

Thank you

Tip for consumers: very easy to use and a great way to sell

Ask Willam about Craigslist
71 reviews
9 helpful votes

Nice, Very Nice Services and Quality.
For Home Decors And Online Shopping In India.
Contact us

Ask Patrick about Craigslist
1 review
1 helpful vote

The worse way of trying to find anything. Been emailing numerous individuals for items they have posted and never get a response. Will never use again!

Ask Jas about Craigslist
1 review
2 helpful votes

Used to be Great, Now you can't even put one ad up because in less than 5 minutes, it is automatically deleted. It is absurd. I have sold things through CL in the past, and this week I put up some stuff to get some extra cash, and literally in less than 5 minutes, it is deleted. Oh, and there is no way of contacting CL directly, you have to go to the forum. Sucks!

Ask Apple about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have listed several things on craigslist before, but now when I want to list my item on there it keeps getting flagged. The general consensus I get from the forum is that everyone thinks I am asking to much for it, so they flag it just because they don't like the price. I don't see how anyone can really have a say In how much I ask for my vehicle. If they don't want it no one is making them buy it. You can't get ahold of anyone at CL, they just tell you to go to the forum which is a good place to get verbally abused. I am very disappointed.

Ask Sara about Craigslist
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have sold and "bought" a total of 4 items on craigslist. The first item I sold, the buyer bought "by mistake". When I wouldn't give him his money back, he threatened to find my house and forcefully take his money back. Strike one. The second I bought I drove 1 1/2 hours to pick up a "mint condition" piece of audio equipment. When I got their the item was anything BUT mint condition. Strike 2. The third item I almost sold the buyer tried to take my personal information. Strike 3. The fourth item i bought was a $400 once again "mint" condition audio unit. I recieved it, and it did not work. Tried to contact the seller, no response. Brought it to a repair shop and found out it would cost almost as much as i paid for the unit to fix it. WORST SITE IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. If you like being scammed, losing money, and having your life threatened by people your dont know, this is the site for you

Ask Tanner about Craigslist
1 review
3 helpful votes

I would like to be able to give Craigslist a better rating, but it is too vulnerable and leaves it's customers (like myself today) scratching their heads too many times. This scam has been used and documented many times, but I would like to share the exchange with everyone anyway.

I posted an ad on my local craigslist page to sell some furniture. I'm moving soon and don't want to take some of it with me. I figured, I live in a college town and right near multiple bar districts and it's summer so there's bound to be some young college student looking to furnish there new apartment. Lot's of people browse craigslist to finds deals on stuff like that. I made one mistake and don't do this PLEASE.

I was looking to speed up the process and left my phone number for contact info. I already knew not to actually show your email address so they can't bypass having what they say going through craigslists system. Anyway a "man" texts me replying to the ad :

Scammer: "Am Mark i wanna know maybe is still available for sale? Living Room Furniture Sets (links to ad)

Me: "Hi mark yeah youre the first to respond to the ad, so yes everything is still available. Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to take a look.

Scammer: Thanks for the prompt response. I'll like to know why you want to sell it. Hope it has no problem. and I will be happy if you can send me some close pics of it?

Note: Notice already the broken english and there were 6 pictures attached to the ad already so he didn't really need more, 2 early signs of the scam, but I'm really looking to move this stuff so I keep moving forward.

Me: "I'm moving because ill be moving out of town at month's end and will just buy new then. What pieces would you like more pics of? I'd be happy to send you some.

Scammer: Okay do you have a PayPal account?

Note: Not that Paypal is a bad thing, actually a great service and would've protected me greatly if he actually used it. But notice the fact that he completely ignored my question and jumped right to it. That's how you can get around these scams if you aren't totally sure. Just keep asking questions until you are 100% sure if it's legit and you can move forward with payment or if it's a scam and you report them to craigslist or whatever site you are using.

Me: No, I'd rather receive a cash payment when you pick up the furniture.

Scammer: It is easy and more faster to setup..Kindly sign up for a Paypal account. It's just a few steps away from signing up ok? I await to read from you soon...many thanks

Note: Again the broken english....and really you're going to have an attitude? In this situation the CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!!! As a seller you have to protect yourself.

Me: I wait a few minutes to see if he persists and I can finally get one thing out of him that makes sense. He texts me 3 min after the last. "Hello!..." Really? an attitude and impatience?!? I'm pissed and now start to screw with the guy a little bit. I give him an old paypal account that he could hack and it wouldn't make a difference. And mind you the price we agreed on was $850 and I'm watching my email and the b.s. paypal acount side by side.

Scammer: "I will want to inform you that i have made the transfer and it has been deducted from my account...Kindly check your inbox and Spam folder for the email alert and also i will be needing a little help from you about the hauler.

Note: Why the hell would he tell me to check my emails spam folder. The only legitimate emails that end up in your spam folder are automated emails responses from new or less than highly reputable companies. Also WTF! you need help with the hauler? 1) who calls it a hauler and 2) my ad said specifically local pickup only!!!! So he continues...

Scammer: "I added an extra $650 which you are to transfer to the pickup agent address for the pickup to be made and i believe PayPal should have explained better about the procedure to complete the sale. I have also added an extra $100 for the western union charges so you got nothing to worry about, you can check your mail to read more about what it is to be done to complete the sale.

Me: (laughing hysterically....have not ever heard anything so absurd) "Sorry Mark, this is a scam you know it. I'm not getting involved with western union and you're not getting any of my own money. You're way of handling this and communicating was fishy to begin with. Please do not contact this number again or I will contact the authorities."
Then I received his "supposed" PayPal payment attempt emails which told me to go and pay the $650 out of pocket to his "pick up agents address" and then I would be reimbursed when the $1600 went through to my Paypal account, but there was no real payment from their end.

Just a fair warning to everyone out there, don't post your phone number on Craigslist. Just wait for emails through the system. Always protect yourself. If not you'll always have to stay on your toes like I did. Let's be honest they didn't do well at all to cover their intentions, but you never know, someone else might and they might cover it well. For now we can all laugh at how stupid "Mark" was.

Ask aj about Craigslist
1 review
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Ask J about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Just litterally so many issues.
I can't use the same phone number I had perviously used...
My ads keep getting automatically deleted.

This website is ruined. I remember when you didn't have to verify jack$#*! and it was amazing and simple to use.

Ask Vince about Craigslist
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I just went in to search for a rental house. OMG I am in San Diego county. Most of what came up is Riverside or LA counties. East county had NOTHING! Never ran into that before. It seems to be more problematic with each search layout change. I am going looking for somewhere else to search. Enough already.

Ask Jo about Craigslist
2 reviews
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F U C K Y O U C R A I G S L I S T !!!!!!!!

Ask Miss about Craigslist
4 reviews
14 helpful votes

A free site for you to buy and sell your products. There is a reason this is one of the oldest websites on the internet. Just a great platform.

Ask Randy about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Where should I being? I have never reviewed a website before but I feel its necessary for craigslist. For off Craigslist should be completely moved or should have some type of way to warn its users of scam and or fraudulent things. I was looking for a job a few months back and my friend referred me to Craigslist and I didn't want to believe them because I had a feeling something wasn't right. I agreed to just go and search and found something that said personal assistant for "Andy Rouse" which is a famous photographer found that out after I did my research so I go and proceed with the job posting and the person (Andy Rouse) sends me a check I took it straight to the bank it turns out the check was fake and the job was a SCAM! A website like this shouldn't be up because its not right and people are actually do look for homes and or jobs and do not have time to be getting SCAMMED. The person over Craigslist can not even help its users and its not their faults because you want to believe everyone is going to be truthful but they are not

Ask Erica about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Ive been using craigslist for years and for the most part successfully. However in the last year (2013-2014) it has been nothing but a nightmare. They delete my ads before they even get posted, over an over again, they will not let me run more than one ad. This is stupid. I contact them but as everyone knows there is no actual person only a computer, so that gets me nothing. Its like their computer is stuck on stupid and does not know what the goal of their site is. Yet, every day I see page after page of the same ad posted over and over again by the same person as if they're stuck on stupid. This makes no sense. May I suggest that someone come up with another site like Craigslist but without all the stupid problems. And just so you know, I would be more than happy to pay a small fee for each of my ads that I post. Please get rid of Craigslist. Apple, if you have 3Billion to buy Beats then why don't you invest in the public and create a site similar to Craigslist?

Ask Jennifer about Craigslist
1 review
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Some people may be scamming others on Craigslist, BUT I'm not. I'm am very serious about finding someone to take over my lease in Jacksonville. I've made other posts of my apartment for student housing being available. The rent is actually $460, but it's pet friendly so if you choose to have one, it will be $480. It's a 4 bedroom and 4 bathroom. Since its student housing, you will have 3 roommates or you can choose to move in with your friends. It's individually leased, so your rent is yours.

I will be more than willing to pay your 1st and 2nd half rent or give you the full $480 as promised in my other posts. It's really s win win because I'm asking you to take over my lease and I'm paying you for it. It's policy I pay 85% of the rent for breaking a lease, but I'm paying you 100%. It's fully furnished and electricity as well as water and cable are included. I'm steadily getting replies, but please don't reply if you aren't serious.

I have no problem meeting up and communicating over the phone. I no longer need this apartment because I've decided to remain in Orlando for my new job. The apartment is located at the District on Kernan in Jacksonville which is 5 mins away from unf and Fscj.

Feel free to Google the District on Kernan and call them directly 904-564-6400 and ask any questions.

407 8029446

Ask Asia about Craigslist
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I always use craigslist it is like a big online garage sale, love it!

Ask Sam about Craigslist
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Don't use Craigslist for paid job postings. If anything happens, the customer service is non-existent. They pretty much stole $75 from me because the site said the credit card I was trying to pay with was invalid. I re-entered the information thinking I had not gotten the billing address right and even though it came up as invalid, I was charged each time anyways!

Update: After a few days, Craiglist responded with a message saying the payments were pending and if there was only one ad posted I would only be charged once. They said the pending payments would be cancelled within 10 days. We shall see... I changed this review to one star since it was not confirmed that they stole my money, however, if the payments are not cancelled, it will be changed back to one star.

Ask Paul about Craigslist
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There is a character worthy of a movie, not to say he? it? is intelligent or admirable, more like unbelievable, unfathomable, I do not know actual sex so will call it IT.
IT is funny to watch if not involved or actually trying to assist others and take pride in being accurate and not leading others astray or even wore, into a potentially deadly situation, which is precisely what is happening, luckily nobody really uses it for any fixit forum advice apparently as my name adrss and phone # has been posted by this troll Kenzz since 2008 at least 100 times and I have never received a single phone call!!
But this Kenzz guy is also about 300 or more accounts and he uses them as his own gang and flags everybody off, which you could do too if anally retentive enough which sadly I admit I have been as I had to see if it works and sure enough I removed some of his accounts and he went beserk lol!

Look at Monterrey Rants n Raves section in craigslist, teenie is the string, aka Kenzzz and pretty much everybody Kenzz is around that is not trying to teach him or telling him off neither of which do a bit of good and he just is a Norman Bates kind of creepy and worse see for yourself, search Kenzz in the auto forum or fixit forum search bar and go nback in time every day for 6 years Kenzz is there every day and almost everyone else not him is gone leaving his stupid assertions archived but nobody who is really an expert is allowed to exist! I am on a Reward website that has over 750,000 expets and I am in their top 100!

Take a peek at the HH of the above noted troll Kenzz aka the string.
aka jburnsifipee, 315dude-10, fedguy, nightowl, electrickytech, restoman, fixitmike, tarragonman and many many more, they all are equally ignorant and not one is ever corecting what is clearly wrong ever rather they flag you for trying to be helpful or honest etc! the more sucesful or knowledgable you are the more you are targeted!

Sheila she be from down under,soon being deported
Sheila aka aussie, the $#*!ing idiot has no idea how many posts aren't Genuine Tee (The_String)
Sheila has no idea who is what around here. She points her fingers at everyone.
Meanwhile,spends her days trolling CL


Hey teenie - 26 ( The gym)

age : 26
What's with your focus on fat? That's been a long time focus of yours. You must have collected thousands of pictures of obese women, and now an obese dog. Are you overweight? Was your Mom?Perhaps you or your folks come from the USA mid-west. You have several ongoing recurring themes to your posts.
That's how I know it's you. Some you are aware of, many you are not.
Over time I was amused to see just how many characters you were playing.
I guess that is what you mean that you were "playing you". Anyway what is your basis for the fat pictures? Do you just enjoy them? You know that in the past being fat was a sign of affluence and success. Only in the last couple hundred
years has it been perceived as a negative thing. I'm right in the middle of my BMI range. Where are you on the scale?

your daddy teenie - 26 (collecting)

age : 26
The really funny thing is that you are OLD enough to be my dad, perhaps my grandpa and you still behave like a 12 year old with poop pics, abused women pics, abuse pics of disabled people, real mature classy stuff. My family is SO much different. You had so many opportunities we all lacked and look how you have wasted them and what you do everyday and blame the result on everyone
but where it should be. So whilst we were getting degrees you were reveling in a stolen "flagbot",harassing people, lying about your socio-economic status 24/7 trying to "play" people in a clumsy obvious manner. You could have been on your way with that much effort but look where you are now. With the same 6 year effort I have an easy high paying job, a house, 2 cars, a motorcycle, a very cool boyfriend of 2 years, many friends, an incredibly intelligent pet, a Pop that races Miatas, a Mum that has a Harley and can cook, 2 little sisters on the fast track in OZ and a wild little brother living meters underground hunting rocks. You collect poop pictures,heh
I know that is a difficult concept for you. Had you stayed in high school you might have had a chance to learn rather than taking the path of a liar to attempt getting respect for doing nothing. Society has been cursed with lazy below average
people like you thinking they deserve something for nothing. The really funny thing is that you project all your own faults on to your victims and amazingly you are totally incapable of seeing that. It's a very lucky thing you had family to leech from or you'd be one of those poor homeless individuals that beg in parking lots.


question for teenie - 26 (right here)
age : 26
teenie, what does it feel like to be consumed with the level fear, hate, resentment ,lack of success etc.that you experience on a daily basis? Have you always had the hate and fear levels that plague you now or was it the result of a singular event or series of events that precipitated the state? Are you completely anhedonic or are there times when you have a sense of well being and strings of positive thoughts for any length of time? Are the hate and resentment thoughts somewhat continuous or do they just float to the surface and subside even if you don't act upon them? When you do act out, such as when you post your photo collection, does it help you out enough to have any long lasting positive effects, say an hour or more at a time? Has alcohol stopped providing relief as it has in the past? Were you bullied as a child, or did you do the bullying to others? How often did your parents use corporal punishment on you and by what age did it stop? I'm just doing a little study for my own edification.
I never got wrapped up in hate and such so it's often difficult for me to fully understand the feelings and behaviours that go along with those states of mind. Yes I can have temper tantrums and the like but they are over quickly with little lasting negative residual feelings. You seem to have negative effects lasting months at a time. Do you have the associated fear and hatred continuously during that time? That must be very painful.

You are all so Teenie obsessed - 40 (Peninsula)

age : 40
You understand that you have become Teenie Obsessed?
Not every post is from our little disturbed and dimented cl troll Teenie.
You understand that by responding to his weird and disgusting posts that
you are just adding fuel to his mentally distorted fire, right? I agree he
should be locked up someplace with no access to a computer or a smart
phone so we could put an end to his cl reign of primitive and tasteless
activities, but it is a free country.
Unfortunately he is one of the citizens who abuses his right to freedom of
speech or expression to its fullest extent. Maybe instead of responding to his
sick dribble and catering to his twisted ego, just ban together and flag everything
that spewes from his festering brain and maybe he will go somewhere else to
get the attention he so greatly needs.

Ask Steve about Craigslist
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Here's the bottom line: Craigslist is free and the creator and the people who supposedly work there do NOT care about anything that goes on with the site. That is why they rely 100% on users to flag the ads. The individuals that flag the ads are mainly bitter and spiteful people. They do it because in their opinion they don't like it or you. I posted in the Flag Help Forum and every reason I received as to why my ad was flagged was nothing but a person's opinion. Not one person could tell me why according to the precious CL rules my ad was flagged and removed.
CL is a joke, but you get what you pay for.
It's obvious they don't care about the murders and rapes that have occurred as a result of their site, so why would they care if legitimate ads were deleted by users?
You can't reach them by any method invented. Don't expect anyone to call you back or to receive any other reply from an email except one that is canned and automatic.
Take your business elsewhere, is the best advice I can give you.

Ask C about Craigslist
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Craigslist doesn't get any worse than this. I now have a Craigslist stocker (she) sent me an email saying she will flag and remove my ad's not Craigslist employees but my stocker will flag and remove my ad's. I also have gotten sexual phone calls multiple times. I have emailed Craigslist multiple times and no answer so I guess they don't care but stocking people to my knowledge is illegal and yet Craigslist doesn't care nor are they willing to do anything about there flag and remove system. Craigslist employees should be the only people to flag and remove anyone's post! ! Craigslist should be flagged and removed since they can't control the flag and remove game along with all the sexual phone calls and violence.

Ask carrie about Craigslist
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I think the website is good its just some of the people you have to be cautious with ppl and there is a lot of scams on with money order that look real so I suggest that you deposit the money order first and make sure it clear do for you transfer any money Western Union to these people

Ask john about Craigslist
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This is one of the worse classifieds to post on. If you don't like your $ they simply flag your ad and its removed. The barter section is a complete job as well, you turn an offer down your ads removed. They take that click pay to the extreme and I'm done. There are plenty of other places to post. If your smart avoid craigslist.

Ask R about Craigslist
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Use this site very often. The largest classifieds site out there with a lot of local ads posted from individuals. However, there are known cases of unfair people on the site so one needs to be vigilant and check the internet for reviews about the person offering services or products. I always check people on radaris, intelius or peoplefinders prior to reaching out to them.

Ask Carla about Craigslist
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Craigs List just sucks. I have listed and bought stuff several times on this site but it just keeps getting worse. The person that gave the review about job postings is absolutely correct, but it is not just job listings. This whole site should be flagged and removed.

Ask Mike about Craigslist

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3 weeks ago
A: In order to list items I first take the best pictures I can and take quite a few as you can post alot on listing. Then depending on item I'm listing I get dementions any and as much as I can. Now you need to create an account on Craigslist and no they change nothing for you to list or take a percentage of item sold unlike ebay. When you create your account you do have to provide a valid email but they only give it out if you check the box when posting that they can, Craigslist prefers you don't give out your own. They will make an email for you item and then forward it to you when someone inquires. When I checked emails regulary I would have them give my email out and had no problems until I had a box of misc items and then I received alot of sexual messages, so I never use my personal one anymore . I due have people text me ( there is a box you can mark if you'd prefer that method of contact) working the hours I do I've always used it since that option came out. I've never had any problems with a buyer calling or texting me. I've sold alot of items some were the same item just reposted it when I got more to sell. And I've always had people come to my house and never had any problems I did have one no show.
1) set up account it works for all the different areas.
2) It been along time but I believe they send you an email to verify it's valid
3) find area I want to post in Delaware, Milwaukee ect and if it's a large city you'll need to deside which area is closest to you
4) go to area you picked say Eastern Shore get on main page I mostly use smart phone top left is a menu touch it and you want to go to my account ( make sure if they sent verification email you verified it)
5) sign into your account I believe it gives you obtions of sell an item or my account, go to sell an item it will ask if you're the owner or I believe other is for mass selling. Then pick best category if it's a lawnmower go to garden ect. Now your making post it will give you options of default email which they recomend or the obtion of having them call or text you. Then you'll need to come up with a short popping post of course put in what your selling and any words that make it seem it's the best. Then give as much info as you can about item selling and make sure to be honest about it. There's an area that asks you who's manufacturer what's it's condition I usually skip that as it's in item description but it could help to sell it. Then theres a map so people know around where you are if you don't want them coming to your house put in zipcode of a town by you. Then it will have you upload pictures. Make sure the best one is uploaded first as that's the one that people see by your post and add the rest of pictures. Also at the beginning it will ask for a dollar amount for item. When pictures are done loading hit publish. Sometimes they send an email verifying post, but they will inform you they are. If they do make sure to go to email and verify it as item won't post till you do.

Post will automatically delete after a month to 45 days it comes inactive first so you have option of reposting it. If you want to delete or modify posting sign into craiglist account and touch on my account and all your active and inactive posts are there touch on either delete post or edit.

It's very simple and easy to do if you forget to fill in say asking price when you go to publish post it will tell you you something wasnt filled in.

I know the government was trying to pass a law that we have to pay taxes on what we sell but I haven't done much selling on eBay or craiglist so I haven't checked if it passed It sounded like it wasn't going to.

Hope this helps I am computer dumb and can post on here so most people should have no problems.

3 weeks ago
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