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New Reviewer

Here's the bottom line: Craigslist is free and the creator and the people who supposedly work there do NOT care about anything that goes on with the site. That is why they rely 100% on users to flag the ads. The individuals that flag the ads are mainly bitter and spiteful people. They do it because in their opinion they don't like it or you. I posted in the Flag Help Forum and every reason I received as to why my ad was flagged was nothing but a person's opinion. Not one person could tell me why according to the precious CL rules my ad was flagged and removed.
CL is a joke, but you get what you pay for.
It's obvious they don't care about the murders and rapes that have occurred as a result of their site, so why would they care if legitimate ads were deleted by users?
You can't reach them by any method invented. Don't expect anyone to call you back or to receive any other reply from an email except one that is canned and automatic.
Take your business elsewhere, is the best advice I can give you.

New Reviewer

Craigslist doesn't get any worse than this. I now have a Craigslist stocker (she) sent me an email saying she will flag and remove my ad's not Craigslist employees but my stocker will flag and remove my ad's. I also have gotten sexual phone calls multiple times. I have emailed Craigslist multiple times and no answer so I guess they don't care but stocking people to my knowledge is illegal and yet Craigslist doesn't care nor are they willing to do anything about there flag and remove system. Craigslist employees should be the only people to flag and remove anyone's post! ! Craigslist should be flagged and removed since they can't control the flag and remove game along with all the sexual phone calls and violence.

New Reviewer

I think the website is good its just some of the people you have to be cautious with ppl and there is a lot of scams on with money order that look real so I suggest that you deposit the money order first and make sure it clear do for you transfer any money Western Union to these people

New Reviewer

This is one of the worse classifieds to post on. If you don't like your $ they simply flag your ad and its removed. The barter section is a complete job as well, you turn an offer down your ads removed. They take that click pay to the extreme and I'm done. There are plenty of other places to post. If your smart avoid craigslist.

New Reviewer

Use this site very often. The largest classifieds site out there with a lot of local ads posted from individuals. However, there are known cases of unfair people on the site so one needs to be vigilant and check the internet for reviews about the person offering services or products. I always check people on radaris, intelius or peoplefinders prior to reaching out to them.

New Reviewer

Craigs List just sucks. I have listed and bought stuff several times on this site but it just keeps getting worse. The person that gave the review about job postings is absolutely correct, but it is not just job listings. This whole site should be flagged and removed.

New Reviewer

I Tried out the personals on this site about 6 times and every single time i was always flagged and removed. I was discriminated against because i am a attractive lady. I think the guys would complain about you if you ask for a picture. Who wants to meet someone who you don't even know what they look like. I think the girls on the site complain and flag & remove the pretty girls. Which is wrong. I know this because i got a rude email from a girl. And the men get pissed if you don't get back with them after you get their picture. What a joke.I also ran a ad and got rude prank calls because i wouldn't give them the deal they wanted on my weed eater. I would stand clear of this site. Just rude people on it.. the people that run it and the people that are on it. WHAT A WAST OF TIME REALLY.

New Reviewer
11/26/13 DO NOT review ads by people properly. I have used them for years and I have applied to a lot of "seemingly" legitimate jobs and I did not get any replies. In fact, I felt raped and violated because I submit cover letter, resume and contact information as requested but got no response; not even a rejection. This made me feel extremely uncomfortable not knowing if this person just wants your personal information and not even a legit employer.

On top of that, used to be full of spam, and I would get almost 4-5 emails a day with things like "is this still available?" when it's clearly a scam. If you reply to it, they will ask you to wire money or something. They also did not recognize my password even though it was correct and every two weeks, I had to change it because my password stopped working after two weeks. I have contacted them about this but got no reply.

Also, they should really fish out those ridiculously stupid ads that are not even serious or absolutely disgusting such as people who are hiring someone to "clean" their house but of course, asks you to send photos of yourself (in bathing suit or under garments) and state that you have to be "sexy", etc.. this is just nasty, IMO.

Lastly, the lowballers and other annoying people should be reported or scammers should also be able to be reported. They now make all email addresses anonymous for people who reply to my ad, but they should be hiding MY email address (during direct email contact) since all these people could be spamming me, not the other way around! It made absolutely no sense as I could not report these fake gmail accounts that kept spamming me. They should consider making a message box option so emailing wouldn't have to be an option. I have to make a separate email account just for Craigslist.

On a side note, it's kind of annoying to post all details and info about something in your ad, just to have people reply and ask repetitive questions like the price, condition, etc when it was already stated in the ad.

I gave this website 3 stars because it's not a pain in the butt to post ads, they seemed to have did something about the annoying spam, and it's fairly easy and straight forward to use. However, there needs to be improvements.. and oh, be careful of people.

New Reviewer

This site is the worst in the whole wide world. I wouldn't recommend this site to anyone. I have my own business in Amarillo, TX and its a Gift Shop (Online) its also Nation which means within the 48 state of the U.S. CL is a bunch of B.S. I have followed their TOS. When I post 3 or 4 ads in my state or a few different states I get flagged and/or get deleted. The problem now is they "Ghost" your ad which means they ghost your ad then they flag it and delete it before you able to see it. So if anyone owns a business like I do. I advise not to use Craigslist to do any Social Networking/Advertisments. I would look for something else that will let you do multiple Cities and States. Please stay away from Craigslist.

New Reviewer

Exceptional site, once you can wade through the BS and scammers on it

The good news is - They are easy to spot

New Reviewer

CRAIGLIST SUCKS.... in the personal section, there are a bunch of losers constantly flagging personals.... stop the flaggin bull$#*!

New Reviewer

Pathetic !!! What Terrorist is running this website ! Probably some towel head from some other country.

Its run a lot like our US Government,....hmmm ????

New Reviewer

Craigslist is nothing but scams!!!!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Is anyone sick and tired of Craigslist? They no longer have any staff that actually answers questions, offers assistance if there is a problem and uses auto responders for everything now. They leave the entire website open to forums that are supposed to be there for other users to help with questions. Problem is, there are a bunch of extremely abusive idiots that hang out in forums 24/7. They run in packs, mock and abuse posters that ask questions. I have actually read on other sites about this vary thing. The CL staff actually thinks this is funny! I find it sick! I guess you get what you pay for...nothing! I'm going back to Ebay!

New Reviewer

Great site... Had to speak on it since it helped me out a lot. I just moved out of my house and have a ton of things I don't want to bring with me. A friend of mine told me to post the items on craigslist so I did. I sold all my stuff within a week. It payed for the entire move. Love Love Love

New Reviewer

don't know another service which automatically shows ads from local region...:) craiglist is simple and the best:)

New Reviewer

I just love craigslist, I have found a job here and great stuff for sale. If I need something craigslist has it.

New Reviewer

I replied via email to an ad selling satin drapes stating I was very interested and were they still available. Received an email back stating yes and what area of town she lived in. Sent my home phone number asking her to call and let me know where and when because I wanted them. She sent a text to my home phone that I could not understand. (It's read to you by a machine) I replied and asked that she call me. She sent 2 more text. This went on for a while until I finally told her nothing was worth this aggravation. I also replied to another ad and item was still available; she had to talk to her mom and get back with me....never heard back. I did enjoy shopping on that site...not so much anymore.

New Reviewer

You do have to be careful with who you deal with and Never pay in Western Union or wire transfer, but I have picked up several good deals here.

Both of my dogs came from CL posts, A pure bred Husky for 80 dollars and a Mini Pincher for free! Both excellent, well behaved dogs who I adore. I also managed to build up a good business using CL and no longer worry about being unable to pay my bills after two years of unemployment.

There are a lot of scammers on this site so you have to be careful about meeting strangers online, but if you're careful and trust your instincts you can get really good deals. Just be smart and careful and never met a stranger by yourself.


Great site to find things for cheap. Another mans junk is another mans treasure.

New Reviewer

Craigslist is a great place to sell or even find a job I use it for getting gigs, it has helped me a lot.

New Reviewer

great website to find work, items your looking to buy, or other classifieds. this website I have used to sell items, give away items, or look for jobs and has worked for me in all three ways. the only issue with the site is that there are a lot of false postings and you need to be careful what you post, how much information you give, and really consider if you are making smart and safe decisions.

New Reviewer

good site sold and bought 1000s of items even multiple vehicles on here over the years. Just be careful met up with someone at a local place and got robbed in broad day light at a mcdonalds


We attempted advertising services on Craigslist however it created nothing but spam. I don't even think we ever got any legit responses from it. We now have not advertised for probably almost 2 years and are still receiving emails that claim "your listing on craigslist". What a waste of time and energy..

New Reviewer

Be a smart craigslister - avoid scams and this site will help you find places to live, things to buy and people to whom to sell stuff.

New Reviewer

I got jobs because of Craiglist, but there are scam-ish jobs literally mix up with the legitimate ones. Now I understand Craiglist cannot filter it all. Us customers must be the one who is vigilant.

New Reviewer

Can't even read the forum posts becaise of porn
posted all over the place !


New Reviewer

This is a great website with unlimited us traffic. Great

New Reviewer

I have mixed feelings on Craig's List. It is indeed a quick and easy way to post things you have for sale or services. It also can be somewhat of a disaster because it is so easy to set up a fraudlant account.Craig's List went downhill with me when I learned they were allowed sex trafficking ads in their Adult Section. A decent site that is useful at times but they need some stronger guidelines.

New Reviewer

A lot of the jobs on here are pretty shady, unless you know what to search for and how to detect scams. The dating section is pretty much a joke... it's all about reading hilarious and disturbing entries, not actually dating anyone there.

Apprentice Reviewer
4/3/12 is simply not a reliable site, any longer. Especially, if one is looking to purchase products. Services can be another matter. The sellers are generally: fraudsters; whiners; low-ballers; cheats; scammers; and other disreputable characters. I have had no luck in the past 24 months with any sales items, and given up. Regarding services, trust me, Be wary and careful. First, try to screen through a mediated web mail address. Never, give a personal e-mail account, or Trouble!! I still occasionally found some reasonable and reputable service, but do one's homework, please. Screen, check, and ask again. If they're not willing to talk or give any time on a phone, I say, Why Bother.

New Reviewer

I think Craigslist has its uses, but it definitely has credibility issues. Buyer Beware, for sure! That said, I've bought and sold stuff on it for years. As the world's Classifieds, I suppose it is what it is.

If they would implement a rating system, like eBay then they might resolve tons of issues. There's no accountability system--it's just too anonymous.

We recently sold an elliptical walker (exercise equipment). The guy would bought it was nice and transaction went smoothly. What you buy and sell will probably make a difference in who you deal with. :)

We also promoted a garage sale--which popped up on a few apps for location, and I'm sure it helped us unload some of our stuff.

As a provider of marketing and internet services, I do troll the want ads, and used to reply to many--searching for gigs and contract work. The reality is, at least from my perspective, that if someone is too cheap to pay for an ad--or even go through the trouble to list it with freelancer sites, then they probably will be the same way as you work on their projects. :) Happy hunting.

New Reviewer

I had good luck connecting with someone who was selling their phone. I asked questions, but in the end didn't buy it. No drama. No further communication. It was legit.
However I have posted to a couple of jobs with 0 replies. I am used to at least getting something like thanks for your interest still interviewing candidates. Not sure if my resume is going into cyberspace.
Maria R

New Reviewer

I think this is a very dangerous site. If you deal with anything posted on please do your research first.

New Reviewer

Service is Great,At this Website,your never stuck with out Help.Great Place to Sell your Stuff that you no longer Use and Some one can.Its Easy to Use,,,Need more like it...Try it out,,,,THANKS !!

New Reviewer

I am new to exploring craigslist, but I have found it wonderful for listing a variety of products and services locally and nationwide. It is a good way to sell or purchase something. I'm glad it's there to use.

New Reviewer

This site is really cool. Once you open the site, you will be turned to the right page according to your location.

Apprentice Reviewer

Another site with mix feelings. They're plenty of scammers that cheap lots and lots of people. A lot of common sense things you might need to know. Have a separate email just in case for spammers or third parties. Watch for the flashy colors, lights, and to good to be true offers. You never know what you could get into. I also like it cause of all the sellers online that could trade, sell, buy, and even find jobs. Couple of my friends found legitimate name jobs just because the company didn't know where to put job postings at. Just watch, read, and double check.

New Reviewer

There are a lot of scams going around on here I was a victim of one myself. I was selling my old wedding dress. And got ripped off for it new got paid when they said I would. And it being the first time I ever used craigslist and I never got any of the money back or the dress. I will be more careful the next time I use this site.

New Reviewer

Dude, this is a GREAT site, just don't get dumb about it. Yes, there are fraudulant people here but they're everywhere. If you didn't want to deal with frauds, you would never go outside, now would you? That off my chest, when you learn to navigate the CL, this sight is everything you need the internet to be. You can find everything from a car to a one night stand with someone from outta town that is probably "packin' heat" all the way over to gardening tips and oh, the "best of" section is AMAZING!!! If you need to buy anything, check here first. No adds (except for the help wanted area and the casual encounters) or pop-ups. o.k., I'm done. you still reading? why?

New Reviewer

This is actually a good site. The thing is you really can't trust everybody, so be very careful not only in dealings with this site but also others as well.

Apprentice Reviewer

i can always find a good listing every now and then, though you never really trust the person on the other end. it can be a little risky. overall, everything ive bought from people has been a good experience,but i would be extra cautious!

New Reviewer

I hear alot of good and bad things about this site. I have gotten 2 good jobs thru CL but I don't think I'll ever buy anything posted on here... people are too shady.

New Reviewer

I'm victim of fraud from people offer jobs they looking for a housekeeper/babysister position. but they told me thi: We are relocating from United kingdom to your City in Nevada with our daughter and we need the service of a housekeeper/babysitter with positive personality to take good care of the house and family.I will be needing your services for 2 to 3 hours at a suitable time of yours in any of these 3days (Mon - Fri or Weekends). I believe you are fit for this position in as much you will prove yourself to be a reliable and good person. My daughters name is Mary,she has turn 3 years old last year December.She is a very bright fun loving and talented daughter she act like a six yrs old kid - lol. She has no allergies and likes playing around with puppies and cat and also i am expecting my baby soon.
We will be offering you $400 weekly, As regards the payment, a check will be issued for your first week upfront payment by an old friend on my behalf as a reward so i can be rest assured of your availability for the job and wouldn't need to search for a anybody anymore,so my husband will instruct them to pay for the first weeks before our arrival so as to secure your service, actually we should have paid for more weeks but i will extend the payment if am satisfy with your service after the first weeks.
They will be making out a check to you before our arrival, you will be receiving a check which you will deducting your pay for the first weeks and you will be using the remaining to buy groceries,cleaning materials and other necessary things for the family ,you will getting this groceries on the day of our arrival which is 20th of July 2011. Actually our flights from United Kingdom will arrive at nights so you will be getting the groceries in the morning and making all other preparations. My Husband will also instruct our Landlord to mail the keys of the house to you as soon as the renovation work as been completed so that you can do all other necessary preparations before we arrive..I will also email you the shopping list.
You have to get all this shopping before our arrival so that we won't have to start running around when we arrive, So I would be needing the following Information from you to make out the check to you.

Name to be on Check, Address ( Home Address,Zip Code and City),contact phone number (Home and Cell),Age, Active email address and any valid ID

All I need from you is total honesty and sincerity and you will also have a nice period of time working with us. I will be waiting to hear from you.

Tracy Walter For The Family.

I receive a check by $2750 and they told me: The check should have been clear by now.Kindly go ahead and check your account status online if it clears please withdraw the all funds.I have attached a copy of the grocery list. Actually the list of groceries was supposed to be more than that, i even wanted you to get a list of cleaning materials as well but it seems you would be using your materials for the cleaning at the moment .Our landlord called me,explaining that he needed some materials to finish up the house, and also you need the keys and description of the house so that when you purchase the groceries you can keep them at our place..I want you to spend $300 on groceries, that is ,after deducting your fee $400.

Please get those items at any Walmart center near you.Please i also want you to take out $1850 and send this amount to the landlord so that you can get the keys ,send the funds via any western union outlet in your area, they charges will be $175 for sending the money.Have attached the pictures of the apartment with this email.

Here is the information below:

Name: Wendy Logan
City: Lake Worth
State: FL
Zip Code: 33461

Please, after the transfer email me this info:
- Sender's Full Name and Address
- Actual Amount sent
- MTCN (10 digits)
- Transfer charges:
And I did, now the bank call me and say: I have bad news to you. the check you deposit the thursday is false, so you need to pay to us the transfer money you did the saturday....... the is the worse place to find jobs....... I need this money back to pay the bank.......

New Reviewer

Great portal to sell used mobile phones or clothing on. But you have to be real careful about the information you give out and you have to screen each email as many are scams. The products i've sold have been fortunately to nice honest people. We exchanged mobile phone numbers and met at public coffee shops and payment was by cash. Don't give out your home address to strangers, meet somewhere public and safe. Don't accept checks as you don't know whether they will bounce or not. Those are just some of my tips. Buyers and sellers both beware and do your due diligence.


Great place to find good deals!

However, I would HIGHLY suggest using a seperate e-mail when making an account on Craigslist. There are THOUSANDS of scammers who use craigslist everyday not only to take your money but to steal your information too. After making an account you'll have a variety of e-mails asking you to update/confirm your information which is your classic spam and overseas spammers.

When selling products you MUST do two things:

If you list your phone #, list is as 123- f o u r 56 - 7 eight 9 10. (Helps prevent spam)

When you explain to customers on how to reply, say something like, If interested put exactly "7 I want your xxxxxxxx item 7" as this will let you know immediately if the e-mail you receive is spam or not.

Finally, be smart. If you are going to pick up something, please bring a friend (more the better) just in case for your safety as there are messed up people in this world.

Apprentice Reviewer

Great for finding random things for decent prices. Downside is the amount of scammers and false advertisers on there. The rants and raves section is always good for a laugh.

New Reviewer

this is all you need, i though i would need more. Nope

roomster is a bunch of scam artists!!!

New Reviewer

Please be aware of this email address on Craigs List: ( She advertises to help you with your money situation no matter how big or small. She will even send you an amortization of your loan payments. First she will ask that you only send her $450 to process your loan, then she will offer to put up the $200 and you send her only 250 via western union. Once you send her the money, she will send you official documents via email that state you need to send her about 5k more and then your loan will be direct deposited to your account. She will also tell you that your money can be refunded at any time you no longer want this loan. You WILL NEVER get a loan from her. She will keep your money and you will never get it back. I have reported her to Craigs List, Western Union, the FTC and the Attorney General's Office. Someone has to pick up the funds from Western Union and that is who I will be suing for my $250. It is a small amount but she wanted 5k. Please be careful. DO NOT send any money to William Olliviere, Maude Sullivan or Maureen Rose. You will never see it again or any loan for that matter

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