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Crackle reviews

56 reviews
10202 W. Washington Blvd, SPP 1127b
Culver City, CA 90232, US
Tel: +1.3104824636
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56 Reviews From Our Community

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I've only had the movie stop maybe once or twice on me after commercials. (in 39 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Same problem as numerous other reviews not only here but at multiple websites!!!!!!

The movie will never resume after first series of commercials that occur about 15 minutes into ever movie. Crackle will always hang after the commercials then go to the play/resume/watch more videos screen. If you select "resume," the same commercial will play again taking you right back to the play/resume/watch more videos screen. Never can you get past 15 minutes of the movie on Crackle.

I have read hundreds of complaints on many other websites about the same issue occurring to numerous other people. Other people have stated it occurs with their Roku's, Play Station, Sony Smart TV, etc.. Personally I a have been trying with two different Samsung Smart TV's a 32" and 48" H-5500 series, and NEVER have been able to watch a full movie because Crackle always hangs after the first series of commercials which occurs about 15 minutes into movies.

Considering I have read numerous reviews online at multiple websites that go all the way back to 2011 by many people having the same exact problem with diverse types of devices it appears Crackle could care less if they have customers or go bankrupt.

Tip for consumers: Appears Crackle could care less about having customers

Ask Rosario about Crackle
New Reviewer

Just another commercial entity trying to trick everyone into buying their $#*!. Bad idea. Wrong platform. Change or die, $#*!.

Tip for consumers: The internet is endless. Find someone else.

Ask Josh about Crackle
New Reviewer

I came across Crackle from my daughter who stated that Seinfeld had a show called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I started watching and I can t get enough of it, Its the greatest idea ever, I laugh every night and his quest are awesome. Thank you Crackle for having this show on.

Ask Jenny about Crackle
New Reviewer

Crackle is by far the worst free movie service I have ever used on the PS3. Overlooking the constant repeating and annoying advertisements all together due to necessity for a free service.

The frequent random drops in quality are so sever that you can barely make out the faces, and the lack of setting means restarting the movie is the only way to get back to standard quality.

On top of that it tends to sign you out CONSTANTLY, in both the menus and during a movie (Causing it to exit to the menu) Forget this free app, they couldn't pay me to continue using it.

Tip for consumers: NEVER use this app!

Ask D about Crackle
New Reviewer

Some cool shows and it could be a really good app but the commercials make it impossible. Trying to watch a movie but when the commercial time came up it frozen on that area and would not move forward, just kept repeating. Either fix the app or you are gonna loss everyone and then there won't be need for commercials. Happens again I will kill the app and encourage everyone I know to as well.

New Reviewer

This is without a doubt the worst app I've ever used, it has a big "x" in the corner THAT DOESNT EVEN WORK, I set up my account and within 5 minutes of me making the account it said my email doesn't $#*!ing exsist which is 100% BS I truley hate this app I looked at one of there tv shows and it literally only had 10 episodes all from different seasons, this is without a doubt the saddest piece of $#*! excuse movie and tv show app I've ever used

New Reviewer

OMG Unbelievable, so many identical, long, horrible commercials. Movie was ok but I went from Episode 1 to the last one because I couldn't stand so many interrupting commercials. No more Crackle for me.

New Reviewer

I have Crackle on my Samsung blueray player.
When I first tried it, the app worked okay. Not
Great, but OK. And commercials(of course!).
It's worked to varying degrees, but for the past
Several weeks The logo comes up, the screen goes
Blank and that's IT! NOTHING HAPPENS for a LONG
TIME. It seems not to matter how long I wait. And
I can't just back out of the app, I have to brute force it.

New Reviewer

The worst in ads of all the movie apps. I already deleted it from my xbox and iphone. The same ads run for like 4 times and 3 different ads in a row. Worst of the worst. Stay away from Crackle. You are wasting your life from this movie app. Better pay fr Netflix or amazon prime

New Reviewer

It is the worst. The same ads run continuously. Sometimes the same ad 3 times in a row. They obviously have sold very little advertising. The content wasn't bad but who could stand the constant ads. I would gladly pay a few dollars a month for the service but won't watch it as seeing the same ad over and over and over again is just too frustrating. Would not recommend.

New Reviewer

Idont know what's going on,but cant watch any movies
Ot shows,it keep saying there is an error,that I not under

New Reviewer

most of the movies and shows are pretty good. banned commercials don't really bother me all that much. I don't think most people that watch understand that companies have to pay the bills to give us this free product. I've only had the movie stop maybe once or twice on me after commercials. Not nearly as many as most other people say. so all in all, honestly, the only people I have about this site that they don't put the dates the movie was released.

New Reviewer

Lots of great old shows, like "Seinfeld" and "I Dream of Jeanie"; older films like "Ghostbusters" and "The Net"; newer shows made just for Crackle, like "Chosen"--all for free. Sure, there are a couple quick 30 second commercial breaks, but the commercials are often for other shows on Crackle. The films are full feature length and commercial-free. I've watched about a dozen movies and hours of TV shows with no problems. I'm watching Crackle using the Crackle app for PS4.

New Reviewer

This is a virtual monster that is out of control. I did not authorize this, but it came anyway, somehow, some way. I was skyped into a business meeting across the country, and, all of a sudden this monster appeared and interruped a large meeting with its marketing garbage. I was infuriated, and called the company in Culver City, CA, and asked for support in taking this off my system. It is a blatent and unauthorized attack on my privacy. Their Privacy Policy statement is a fraud. The marketing overrides what you have and interjects both audio and video to disrupt your privacy. The company was supposed to call me back and never did. Stay away from this fraud!!!

New Reviewer

Same problem as other reviews, movie will never resume after first commercial and if exited and resumed commercials are played again and still no movie!! In the past 6 months, I have managed to complete 1 full movie, 1 got to 80%, the other 18 attempts do not go past 1st commercial. WORST EVER! Just in case it matters, I am using a ROKU 2 XS with Comcast's Blast Plus 50 Mbps (avg speeds vary from 20-75). Hulu Plus and all other channels do not have this issue.

New Reviewer

I used to love crackle but now I hate it. Can not watch a full movie cause it either do not play or stop after the first commercial. I will contact all advertiser I see on Crackle and tell then no one watch the commercials cause the people can not watch the movies. I used to tell my friends about Crackle but will not tell every one to protest Crackle.

New Reviewer

Dear crackle. You suck my hole. I'm so annoyed that I took even a second to download your $#*!ing ridiculous excuse for a channel. You cannot even begin to compete in the market. Rest in peace.

New Reviewer

Can barely enjoy a full movie experience with the 5 min ads interrupting every 10 mins. These guys behind Crackle are fking horrible. I'm disgusted by their service. I will never be using this app again even if they fix the ads.

New Reviewer

with a brain injury, it's hard to follow the movie when the commercial interruptions are every ten minutes, and five minutes of ads. boo !!!!! horrible , sure they say there are only a few commercials, true, but they play the same ones every ten minutes. very frustrating. I'd rather not watch anything at all, then to suffer through this again. never again. FREE? not hardly!

New Reviewer

I had Crackle on my PS3 and I have deleted it. Worst movie watching experience I ever had. I have tried to watch movies in the past but the commercials are far too long and numerous. They only have 2 commercials and they play over and over. I kept hoping they would iron this situation out but as of today 2013 Oct 12 I am done with Crackle. Don't waist your time with this rotten thing they call Crackle, it's garbage.

New Reviewer

The advertising wore me out, same ad x 3 every 10 mins or less.....I can live with a few ads as I grew up with free on air TV, and the movies are "free" with some handy choices over time. But the same ads over and over again....bugger off, I deleted the app.

New Reviewer

I love that it's free and that it has some very good shows from years gone by. My problem is with the App, I suppose. For some reason I see an entire library on my PC but when I go to my smart TV I cannot find the movie.

Example: I want to watch Stripes so I add it to my watch list and go to my smart TV. But the app not only doesn't show my updated watch list, it doesn't show Stripes in the lineup at all.

That is my only complaint. It plays smooth with Road Runner Turbo. Thanks Crackle, I have been sending tons of people your way.

New Reviewer

I've just been using the app to view a TV series. My god, the ads are terrible - repeating, not skippable, and thumbing over (iPad app) just keeps popping up web ad with no other options! This is shocking. Not using this again.

New Reviewer

I watch Crackle through my Roku and everything plays just fine. I'd give it 5 stars if occasionally when I stopped watching a movie for a night, it doesn't allow me to resume and I have to fast fwd to where I ended.

New Reviewer

Cannot actually review because was not successful ever watching a full movie. kept giving playback error. I know it is not my internet connection because I can view all my other streaming videos from other apps just fine. This app just wasted several hours of my life and I did not even get to watch a movie very disappointed stay away

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Free is only a good thing if it works: Crackle doesn't. Waste of time. I pay now for service that does work.

New Reviewer

I've given this website the benefit of the doubt in continuing to try and use it, but this was the 4th and final time! EVERYTIME I try to watch a movie on here, it plays half the movie fine, then half-way through drops out ALL audio. Different computers all have the same problem. Terrible site, it IS free which is nice, but not worth dedicating an hour to a movie then getting shut down each time. Stay away until they get their $#*! together I'd say...

New Reviewer

Another great surprise! A decent supply of movies and tv shows available. I got a movie to play. Didn't need to log in or register. There's hope that I can get rid of my cable service!!! I'm gonna keep searching these tv online sites.

New Reviewer

I am using my android phone now to make this comment because Every time I try to watch a movie using my tablet cackle freezes and I have to power down to stop it, and 4 hours ago my tablet just lost power at a 96% charge when I clicked play on a movie on cackle and now my tablet doesn't even power on. So I took it to a friend who works as a pc repair man and he said my tablet is dead, well I just bought it yesterday, so I will contacting cackle for a lawsuit if it doesn't start working tomorrow! Btw cackle is the worst site I ever used!!!!!!

New Reviewer

It's got some good shows, but only a handful. The overall video quality is pretty horrible. I don't mind advertisements, but not when it causes the movie to reset or freeze. Many times I have to restart the movie and then select the section I was previously on, enduring the advertisements all over again. All-in-all, it's a pretty bad service, even for free.

New Reviewer

It's free and the selection is good. They need to get paid somehow and that somehow is through commercials every 8-15 min. depending on the content.

It works fin on my Android phone as well as my Windows 8 pc and Windows 8 tablet.

Only with they would add a bit more content.

New Reviewer

Would not recommend. Watched one movie and had interruptions for adverts every 10 minutes, 7 times during the course of the movie. Adverts were always the same, and it sure gets boring to watch 2 copies of every advert, every 10 minutes.
I would rather pay 0.99 to rent a film ad-free, than have the movie interrupted over and over and over again.

Spoilt the move, spoilt the experience, will never use again.

New Reviewer

Terrible trying to watch any movie that's longer than 10 minutes. Can't tell if it's Crackle or the Roku, but it keeps going black. I have to keep restarting until the frustration level is so high you just want to shut it off. Don't have the same problem on the Roku with Hulu or Amazon, etc. Just Crackle!

Just not worth the effort!

New Reviewer

Frustrating trying to watch on my "Smart TV"!

Sometimes I can watch a whole video, But most of the time, it'll only play till the first or second set of commercials, and kicks me back to the main menu showing the video I was "trying" to watch as "Completed", whether I'm logged in or not...


New Reviewer

Frustratring - i had a suspensful movie going - i watned to see it through - but what a pain - this is the worst - i will never go here again

New Reviewer

I canceled cable tv because of too many advertisements and not enough choice on what they play and also they repeat the shows so often and mostly play old movies. I tried and lo' and behold....advertisement forced on us every 7 or so minutes and they do not even break into the show a reasonable manner. It's downright offensive and angering to suddenly have the show stop. I muted the tv every time but still it's horrible. I have tried to remove my account but apparently they only allow deactivating the account. Apparently they will keep your info indefinitely, forever....whatever. :( I am highly disgusted with this site and will stick with sites like netflix and hulu. It's not only crackle that is keeping the info of the accounts but 3rd party unknown and untrusted companies are as well. I give this site 100,000 thumbs down.

New Reviewer

I watched on my PS3, because at the time I couldn't afford Netflix. The ads are annoying, the movie selection is crap, but its free, what can you except?
If you can get Netflix, get that. If not, stop complaining. It's free.

New Reviewer

the movie app does not work properly. the first 20 min of the movies works fine, then the advertising begins and goes into a continuous loop mode repeating ads over and over.

so you watch the first 20 min of the video then its locked up in ads.

I agree with most ,this is a waste of time. 1-04-2013

New Reviewer

When I first got my Roku I checked out Crackle and wasn't exactly impressed, but there were 4 or 5 TV shows and a handful of movies that were OK. I decided to go with it because it's free. I wasn't thrilled by the frequent Skittles commercials (they seem to be Crackle's primary advertiser), but I was impressed by the picture quality. Then in October they pulled almost all the content I liked. Now their TV content seems to be mostly Anime, which i do NOT like.. Frequent, repetitive commercials + lousy selection = no Crackle in my Roku channel lineup. Sony can do better.

New Reviewer

Too many of the same commercials and too many commercials. They don't update the playlist often enough, too many (crappy) foreign films either poorly dubbed and or no sub-titling. This is speaking from the Crackle Xbox experience. Today they started showing a beer commercial. Beer commercials being aired on the Xbox 360 where the majority of users are under the age of 18. Crackle is simply around to collect the advertising revenue. They do very little to accommodate the end user. they should have called it Crapple.

New Reviewer

Seemed okay at first, I would still rank NetFlix, RedBox, other sources of movies much higher. Ads are annoying. Sony owns this, why ads? Out of the blue, I am getting "Service cannot be accessed at this time because server replied invalid information" errors. This makes no sense and there appears to be nothing I can do about. Another wasted app on my POS Sony BlueRay Player (BTW, definitely check out the LG BlueRay - don't go with Sony).

New Reviewer

Freezes up too easily and too often. Every time I have to refresh, restarts the commercials. and then freezes up again. pain. in. the. butt. Sad that Sony can't do better.

New Reviewer

I have tried to watch movies and tv shows on crackle and it is so bad. I continue to try to use and and the video drops while the audio continues to play. The movie or show will start over or just stop. I have even had to delete the app and put it back on as it will just get stuck on a black screen and not do anything. The commercials that play so often always work PERFECT!! So what can I say It took me 2 hours to watch a 30 min episode of Bewitched.

New Reviewer

Crackle doesn't have the best selection of movies, but there are enough that I WOULD use the service IF it weren't for the incessant commercials. I understand services like Crackle make money off advertisements, but don't the Crackle executives read reviews of their site? The commercials are so frequent that the viewing experience is ruined--which means I'd rather NOT watch a movie than be rudely jarred out of entertainment-mode with garish, tacky, too-frequent commercials. Business people remark often that time is money. If they believe this, then they insult us by wasting our valuable time with commercial-overload. Better to pay for a movie, enjoy the 80 minutes, and get to bed, than sit through the insulting gibberish the ad companies try to push down my throat. And the irony is whatever product I DO happen to catch from an intrusive ad, I have such a negative feeling about I'm SURE not to buy it. Enough ads!

New Reviewer

Crackle was wotking OK for for many months.

But lately, viewing problems have increased for me.
To have video play, I have to go through an uncertain protocol :

... login, play video from queue ( copy URL) , log-out ...
... (Paste URL)try again to play video ... repeat...

note: to those annoyed by too many ads, read up on HOSTS file. (ahh SNAP ! )

recenlty though... the crackle control-bar won't auto-hide (annoying)
after the 'break for the AD' (blocked) .
( fix : move mouse/cursor ON/OFF screen )

New Reviewer

Sounds like others feel the way I do so I'll borrow some comments so I don't have to type so much. I very seldom do reviews, but this one I can't pass up. "Crackle has a commercial every 7-8 min. Very irritating. I realize it is a free movie channel but you think they could spread out the commercials to every 20-30 min. There is absolutely no reason to have the same Crackle commercial so often". Did I say VERRRRRY IRRITATING! The same bad commercial every time.

SO.... let's say the commercial crap doesn't bother me... the channel is free after all. Well, it sits and loads, and sits, and sits, and sits, and sits (I have a very fast wireless connection on all other devices), and sits and re-loads after every commercial. That in itself is VERRRRRY IRRITATING!

I tried it again today to see if I could overcome the commercials and waiting... NO WAY!!! The same stupid commercial over and over (and for some reason, they do use stupid, verrrrry badly done commercials). I am sticking with Amazon prime channel to watch movies. It is $79 but I saved that in shipping the first month. The old B&W shows from the "good ole days" are refreshing and there are enough movies to watch to keep me happy. If I didn't have Amazon Prime Channel, I would NOT watch Crakle. I'd rather watch commercials.... I mean shows and movies on regular TV.

Have a nice day! Sorry to be so negative... I very seldom am! I usually say "whatever" and leave it alone. As I said, Crakle was irritating enough to comment on.

Apprentice Reviewer

I've not had the negative experience that others have had on crackle. Yes, there are advertisements, but it doesn't bother me by virtue of the fact that I'm not paying a dime.

There is a good variety of content (a lot of which I cannot get on Netflix) and a very intuitive and appealing interface. By signing up for an account you can rate what you watch and also view rated R material.

If it were not for the advertisements I could confidently give this site about 4.5 stars. The content is great, but could always be expanded.

[1] Appealing and easy interface
[2] Completely Free
[3] Good variety of material

[1] Periodic and repetitive advertisements

New Reviewer

Too many ads too often. Too many freezes. Totally junk.

New Reviewer

i love the fact that crackle is providing free movies but at risk of getting a virus like i almost got i don't recommend it until they provide anti virus/malware. recently i was watching a flick and a virus called luhe.pdf file was attempting to contaminate my pc by attacking my harddrive and was shielded by my firewall in which i was fortunate to stop it in time! my question is, what is crackle doing to insure safety for the viewers? what precautions are being taken to stop it to ensure customer/viewer satisfaction? please keep us informed as to this predicament.

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Q: Using a PS3 for Crackle. Trying to figure out what is going on as I go into my viewed history to see a movie I started to watch and didn't get through it all. My viewing history number changes constantly in my profile? I am just trying to get back to my history to figure out what movie it was I started watching?? Im stuck....anybody been here and figured this part out? Seems inconsistent!
A: Everytime I want to watch a movie the movie will not play. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Gary
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