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Review of CougarLife

CougarLife reviews

90 reviews
Categories: Dating
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90 Reviews From Our Community

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There are profiles which have distinct preferences and you can approach those who share your objective. (in 23 reviews)


The site itself is not easy to navigate and you can't see the stream of messages on the app. (in 24 reviews)


I am not out for anyone's money and I don't have a videocam (video-scam). (in 33 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I joined cougarlife to see what's out there for women looking for FWB NSA sex. Most 95% of the women want you to join some website ( most are cam sites ) and vote for them so they can get on a playboy calendar before they are willing to meet you. That's not where playboy gets their models from and after you join and vote them they try and send you to another site and do it again. If you do join up and vote for them they never show up for a date, drink or anything else. Just better off to stay away.

Ask Dennis about CougarLife
1 review
0 helpful votes

Well, i started with a free account, but then kept getting some messages from hot cougars, and couldnt read it since i wasnt subscribed. They even use some ugly ones so that you think its might be true, a real catch.Then i signed up, pay for the monthly one. To my suprise all those messages were nothing but people who then invite you to watch their web cam bll$#*!. Im even sure its not those people on the picture, but some dudes with no life hiding nehing computers and using people/s pictures to get you to sign up. Dont waste your money. PLUS FOR EACH MESSAGE, YOU LOOSE CREDIT, THE MONTHLY THING IS BLL$#*! AS WELL. you better off watching porn.

Ask Chris about CougarLife
1 review
2 helpful votes

2008 or so, I met several women off of CL. Now, it is full of fakers, spammers or webcam girls. It is really sad.

Ask Baron about CougarLife
5 reviews
34 helpful votes

Hi, Robert "Jason" from France.

I use CL to pick up Cougars. It works but it is more expensive than Cougars69. But do not listen to all the negative reviews.

Ask Robert about CougarLife
1 review
1 helpful vote

All spam and you must continue to add money to send messages the 40 bucks for membership doesn't include but a handful of messages. I have had better luck on Craigslist.

Ask Bob about CougarLife
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been on the site for 3 months and was at first unindated with messages but now for the past 6 weeks I only receive private gallery photos that I have requested but not a single message or flirt???

Ask Angie about CougarLife
1 review
5 helpful votes

I joined the site as a free member and I made a profile. I soon received about10 messages but I had to be a paid member to read them. I joined the site just to find out that all the supposedly women that sent me messages were all under review for being fake, so I had no messages. My advice is to stay away. Just another scam site.

Ask Dennis about CougarLife
1 review
32 helpful votes

I met him on cougar life. We see each other when he is home from college. He signed up the summer of 2015 and I met him on the website in August. We got together twice. Then we met up again over winter break. I never would have met him if it wasn't for Cougar Life.

I am a real tall, slender, beautiful red head. I'm 45 and full of energy. I love dating younger men. Alec is great. It's always fun to see him when he's home.

The site itself is not easy to navigate and you can't see the stream of messages on the app. We exchange numbers quickly and communicated through text.

Ask Laura about CougarLife
11 reviews
142 helpful votes

Many guys complaining. Well, yes, this is not but still it is one of the better sites!

Ask Jim about CougarLife
1 review
13 helpful votes

I started out with the free membership. Then I kept getting flirts and messages that I could not read unless I paid for it. The messages were fake. I took the bait like an idiot. I just was eager to meet someone. Most of the woman are fake too good to be true $#*!es. I HATE Cougarlife and myself for wasting $45. If you wanna meet cougars try talking to real woman in your town

Ask b about CougarLife
1 review
8 helpful votes

Signed up in a weak moment. Bots message you and then you pay to message back. 1000s of fake profiles to choose from and guess what. ... the same people that gave us ashley madison run this cheap trick, so you can expect all your profile information to be leaked. Join if you hate your money.

Ask Phillip about CougarLife
1 review
9 helpful votes

I have been on here for a month and haven't had a single real interaction. Don't waste your time or money on this bull$#*!.

Ask daniel about CougarLife
1 review
9 helpful votes

I'm paying to be flirted with by spam and 99% of the women on this sight are not even real the app dosnt work and even the site. I'm not being salty I'm a good looking guy but this is cray never NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES JOIN THIS SITE

Ask noel about CougarLife
8 reviews
157 helpful votes

This is James, I am an Admin of a Dating Site Reviews Website. Today I want to share our review with you:

We know that there are many bad reviews on and we also admit: We think there are sites which are better in certain regions. may be better if you are from the UK or the US, CougarLife may be better if you are from Canada. ...but still CougarLife is NOT a complete SCAM as most reviewers try to make you believe!

But let's talk about CougarLife now: The name itself explains what the site is all about. It is a dating site where young men can find older women and cougars can find younger studs. If you like cougars or if you like young men then this site is where you should be. There are single moms, divorcees, spinsters, working women from various professions looking for a good time and there are younger studs from various walks of life. It is unlikely that you wouldn’t like the dating prospects or you wouldn’t find what you are looking for. You may want a casual date, you may want a good friend or you may just want to hook up for some sex without any strings attached. There are profiles which have distinct preferences and you can approach those who share your objective.

As mentioned we believe there are better options for cougar dating. Still, CougarLife is basically legit and one of the few good Cougar dating sites. Contrary to most other cougar dating site you will find mostly real and authentic women on CougarLife as well.

CougarLife is a rare dating site that doesn’t hold anything back. You will find it difficult to find a more upfront and honest dating platform. And that is what makes CougarLife so special. Get rid of all the fluff, hollow promises and tall claims. Want a real date with a cougar? Sign up with CougarLife. Espsecially if you are from Canada, you will not regret it!

Good Luck!

Ask James about CougarLife
1 review
9 helpful votes

Waste of time had one woman ask for money this want to charge you $40.00 as membership and do a complete background check on you to invade your personal life and then keep on charging you. In order to date someone .

Ask Barry about CougarLife
1 review
6 helpful votes

Dont waste your money on these rip off pricks , every msg or flirt i recived the senders profile was "under review " and i couldnt see it . Sent msg to admin and phoned them but NO response. COMPLETE RIP OFF

Ask Tony about CougarLife
1 review
8 helpful votes

Folks, take it from me. Cougar life is a never ending money spending dating site that are nothing but fake profiles, bots, and catfish. Cougar life is a joke. Seriously, don't even bother with it. It will save you time and money.

Ask John about CougarLife
16 reviews
155 helpful votes

Pretty clear that CL is more expensive than Cougars69. Still, those are the only two sites you will seriously hook up with REAL cougars.

You find hundreds of so called "MILF HookUp" sites and will soon find outr, once you join, that there are basically only two legit sites: CougarLife and Cougars69

Ask jerina about CougarLife
1 review
11 helpful votes

I spend my money didn't use to site tried to get my money they never called me back so I decided to used the site only to find its a scam all are a cam girl trying to get money out of you I hate to site and the person you made it needs to be put in jail for just ripping people off Seriously

Ask josh about CougarLife
1 review
9 helpful votes

This site is completely garbage. I spent $40 $#*!ing dollars on that $#*! supposedly you get real dates in that joint but it's ALL FAKE! So guys stay away from the site and don't sign up even if you die to see what the scammers send you via message. And then when I was trying to cancel my subscription it says I needed to call a number and when I called it, it says that all the services are out of services so I had to report my credit card as stolen because of the fact that they just want to steal your money so guys, just stay the $#*! away from the fake ass site.

Ask Jimmy about CougarLife
1 review
7 helpful votes

I performed a cursory examination of the site and instantly began receiving emails from women in Washington state. I'm not talking 1 or 2 I'm talking 15 or 20. this indicated to me the replys were fake. additionally even though I refused to provide my credit card number I am barraged repeatedly by the site with claims of women who want to be my buddy. all fake!!!!!!! now I cant even get the site to allow me to enter ( Either on my phone or Laptop ) as both require some elusive app to open the mail. I cant even get on the site to unsubscribe thus I will be forced to remove the email accounts from both just to stop the barrage of fake emails. what a bumch of $#*!.

Ask john about CougarLife
22 reviews
153 helpful votes

Me and a very good friend used to hook up with women on CL so trust me guys: It is NOT all fake! But it is not easy at all and much more expensive than other quality sites like Cougars69 (and some affair sites). Still, CL is better tha 90% of all the other Cougar dating sites!

Ask jack about CougarLife
1 review
0 helpful votes

your reviews are bad,, can you change that ASAP or someone will take you down,,,

Ask Mauri about CougarLife
1 review
8 helpful votes

I joined this site when I was drunk and deleted it about an hour later. The first girl who spoke to me was a cam girl advertising her site. She stopped talking to me when I refused to sign up. The second girl was a 55 year old man trying to blackmail me for $400... TRUST ME, STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE! It's honestly just a scam.

Ask Joe about CougarLife
1 review
23 helpful votes

I'd give this sorry piece of sh*t site -100 stars if I could. They took my $40 dollars, thats right, FORTY MA-$#*!IN DOLLARS and the only action I got was them putting it UP MY ASS. Nothing but bots and fake profiles. There are a $#*! ton of profiles of girls 18-30 that are hot as $#*! and all they want you to do is go to there web-show. If I wanted to do that I would go to a porn sight, jesus christ I am so livid right now. I want my $#*!ing money back. The BEST thing (and I say that extremely sarcastically) is that they give you 100 credits, it cost 10 to send a message and 40 to send it high priority. When you run out, you guessed it, you gotta buy more, as if $40 a month isn't enough to let you message endlessly. What a FUKKING SHAM... goddamn it I don't know if I mad about the loss of $40 or the fact I was stupid enough to sign the fukk up. Don't bother and heed this warning.

Ask jonathan about CougarLife
6 reviews
43 helpful votes

I spent money, money and money. Guess what I got? Spammed! Never had a chance to meet someone in person unlike the rest of other dating sites. Pics are great, but those are just pics. Probably stolen from somewhere.

Ask Jol about CougarLife
1 review
12 helpful votes

Read the other reviews and you'll know, stay away from this site!!!

Ask Jamie about CougarLife
1 review
8 helpful votes

Ok, I have not paid for anything yet. I do believe it is sketchy though. There have been at least 4 separate types of profiles I have found that are similar to another 3-4 profiles afterwards. One person will have a well-written profile, but then 3 or 4 others I find have almost the same exact profile paragraph for paragraph. Others have the same exact profile too that tell you to "watch" their show and then they will start to meet up with you. Yeah, very sketchy!

I was close to spending the $40 for a month until I had seen what the profile of one girl had read. I swear, I had seen that same profile on other girls previously. Yes, there are some legitimate women on there. Do I think there are dummy accounts constructed by the site itself? No sh*t I do! lol! The admins lack creativity when it comes to their profiles, and it shows. You can tell the difference between legitimate accounts and dummy accounts, for the most part at least. Also, the fact that they don't let you exchange numbers or any other contact information is completely insane and ridiculous. Most sites are doing that now, and every single one of those sites have placed up dummy accounts and try to pass themselves off as legitimate go-to sites.

Honestly, sites like this make me not want to join dating sites entirely. Yeah, a handful of accounts are real, but how many are not? Watch documentaries too, and even those who run dating says admit they will use a man OR woman to chat via text from their offices. Also, when prompting each other to meet, whether it be by plane or nearby, mysteriously "something" comes up. Yeah, it happens.

I don't know if I really want to pay for this site, but it is definitely one of the more fishy of the sites I been to. I have not even paid for it yet!! haha

Tip for consumers: Clearly one of the more expensive dating sites out there. Value from just peering into the site is not particularly good.

Ask JT about CougarLife
9 reviews
212 helpful votes

Couldn't understand a guy at that age being a "cub" more like an old mountain lion. Met online and met in person that weekend...the rest is history. I was certainly not looking for that kind of mate....but there he was.

I have no doubt that the majority of females on the site are took me over 40000 hits to find a real person.

Ask Linda about CougarLife
1 review
17 helpful votes

This site takes your money and that's all.... Do not sign up

Ask Johhny about CougarLife
1 review
19 helpful votes

Oh ya, also, after you purchase the $45 membership, then you can't even leave these women your phone number. If you do, they block it from happening. What's the point of paying this service if they want you to spend all your money on their website? If you try to take the women from their website to your cell phone, you can't! So, imagine meeting a girl in public at the club and you like each other but you can't exchange phone numbers, how ridiculous is that. You paid to get in the club and should have access to all it offers, but oh ya, maybe you have to buy her a drink or take her on a date but at Cougar Life, you pay for your membership and can't even give a lady your number?! If they try to leave you theirs, it's interrupted with something that crosses it out with a (message me) insert where the number was supposed to be. So they're just $#*! blocking and getting paid to entertain people and make it seem like all these hot chicks are checking your profile out but they're just a trap to contact their email where they have your email address and can send you to some verification site with your precious credit card information to an unencrypted site that doesn't even have the "s" in the "https" sometimes so your financial information is at risk. The site, I think, is involved in taking people's money and not providing a real service. I imagine there's a guy out there working for the company who intercepts women's phone numbers and blocks the guys from seeing them and goes on the dates himself as ridiculous as it sounds, it makes sense to me after spending a lot of time interacting with scammers on the site.

I started to feel like the site was apart of it all when after I sign up, they say pay 99cents a day with a month block at a time to show up in the top 5 of the search results. Where do I show up? When people search, I should be recently online because I'm always online, checking for about a week now.

When they didn't refund me within the first 24 hours of signing up and realizing the service wasn't all they said it was, I decided to just stay on it to give it time. I got a message from what seemed to be a real girl, but her profile was deleted and they said I couldn't read the message because her profile was under review. She seemed like she might have had a possibility of being at least someone doing something different than the other bot people.

This site is so lame, you'll feel like an idiot for still being on it after just one day unless you're a total idiot. Then you're gonna spend dollar after dollar only to realize everything I typed here was a truthful, honest and unbiased experience. Just don't want anyone new donating their hard earned money to this long business chain of scammers at one of the highest levels.

Ask Johnny about CougarLife
1 review
34 helpful votes

These fraudsters should be prosecuted. They even ADMIT, in their "Terms of Service," to having CL employees post "fictitious" profiles "for entertainment purposes." Haha! These fake profiles are posted by what they call "Cougar's Cs." Read the Terms of Service for yourself before posting your photo and/or personal info, or parting with your money. CL themselves ADMIT that they post "fictitious profiles" for your own "ENTERTAINMENT." What a joke! So sad that some low-life people must cheat other people to make a living. Scum of the earth people who refuse to get an honest job but prefer to cheat us unsuspecting fools! Word to the wise: STAY AWAY!!!

Ask Frank about CougarLife
1 review
53 helpful votes

To get an idea of how to this site works I made two fake email accounts and set up two profiles on One profile as an older lady the other as a younger guy.
On the guys' send of things everything seemed normal. However on the ladies side of things I noticed that the site send out messages to people on your behalf all stating "(profile name here) has indicated that she's interested in you." Nothing prompted this I didn't fill out a profile for either or even post any pics. I didn't even browse profiles, the site just did it on its own.

So in conclusion if you're a guy and wondering why all these dead profiles are writing you now you know.
If you're a woman and wondering why so many guys you're not interested in keep writing you, now you know why.

Ask Cubbie about CougarLife
1 review
59 helpful votes

I am a cougar on this site and quite attractive so I get a lot of winks and message. I have met a few men and they were real, a am I. I am not out for anyone's money and I don't have a videocam (video-scam). There are real people on here. Not to sound mean but it may be that some of the cubs aren't getting a lot of responses because not many women find them attractive. Also your profile may be too brief. And keep in mind a lot of cougars on here think they will meet the love of their lives so they want to read a profile that includes romance and the possibility of commitment.
I think their expectations are unrealistic since this is more of a sex site than a dating site, however I have heard a number of men tell me this seems to be the case with a lot of women here.

Ask lisa about CougarLife
4 reviews
98 helpful votes

This site is a total scam. First they include a recurring charge on your credit card or PayPal account. The PayPal account recharge is easy to spot and cancel, but it's not so easy with a credit card (so never use that for any of this kind of site).
Next, they have tons of fake women. Women are allowed to join free, only men are charged.
Next, they send fake messages to you which makes you want to join up because your few free messages quickly run out.
Next, you will never hook up with anyone. Why? Just join under a fake female account and see where you are on the list of desperate men looking for females. Nowhere, that's where. You won't show up at all to females looking for men unless you also agree to pay a surcharge to lift you to the top of the list (meaning actually put you on the list).
They have a refund policy that only applies to those signing up for the top-tier subscription but the rules make it impossible to collect.
Only a total sucker (me) would join this site. Don't get sucked in like I did.

Ask Sucked about CougarLife
1 review
38 helpful votes

Please do not waste your money on the website. They are trying to promote themselves by advertising. Do not fall into the trap like I did.
Also, the billing cycle is by itself ongoing. You cannot cancel it until you call their head office which is rediculous.

Ask asd about CougarLife
1 review
38 helpful votes

Saw commercial, gave it a try. Can't believe the majority of active profiles in Canada's largest city are "video chat" girls from USA/Europe with extensive contact info in profile.

Cancelled recurring subscription, same day. CL's Terms of service employ "Cougar C's", virtual profiles. All female profiles with "... has not filled in 'About Me' or 'Looking For' yet. Send a message to find out more about them." are all FAKE profiles.

Not worth time or money.

Ask Joe about CougarLife
1 review
98 helpful votes

I'm one of the women on cougar life n I happen to b very real n looking for a younger guy cause we get along n connect better than older. So, I'm sorry to all of u that got lied to or whatever. Again I am very real no bull$#*! here!!!

Ask Becky about CougarLife
1 review
31 helpful votes

This website is completely fake. ...completely. Don't waste your money people. I 'm very upset.

Tip for consumers: Stay away from this website.

Ask francesco about CougarLife
1 review
41 helpful votes

I am so sorry I spent money on this site. I have flirted and favorited over 100 women on this site and have received canned responses like: "Hey, take a look at my profile and let me know if you would be interested in connecting." and "Thanks for contacting me but I only have time to respond to custom messages." (When you favorite someone) and : "Hi. I appreciate the flirt but could you send me a custom message?" I have sent close to 40 personal message and no personal responses. You also must pay for your messages with credits. You get 100 to start with and each messages costs 5 credits. If you send anything else like gifts, it costs more credits. You can buy 100 more for an extra $10 if you run out; and you will because no one ever responds, Prostitutes, fakes and only a few impressive real women.

Ask Glenn about CougarLife
1 review
40 helpful votes

I paid for a subscription June 20, 2015. I was given 3 options. One seemed more economical, it stated the price and "3 months", nothing else. Clicking on it, it takes you to the payment processing page. I failed to look this page over. The initial price was tripled, and I only found out thru my emailed receipt. The advertised price is PER MONTH, not for 3 months. Added onto this, there is a credit system, which I was not aware of during my purchase. Every time you send me message, you lose credits, so you will likely run out of credits and have to pay even more if you are active. I was really maddened by the marketing scam, deleted my picture and profile information. I called their Customer Service number. Beware: They have a no refund policy, which is apparently available in 3 different areas. They downgraded me to a 1 month subscription, instead of my quarterly, so I got a partial refund which works out to about 40%. This is high end-marketing, bordering being a scam, but they have lawyers write their policies and it's all "legal", just not ethical. Don't expect any customer service from them. I can't comment on the selection from the website. My account shall remain inactive for the month, and I cannot recommend CougarLife under any circumstances. 30 year old professional male

Ask Maurice about CougarLife
1 review
42 helpful votes

STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE unless you like being scammed by these young women who aren't even Cougars trying to get you to go see their strip show at a site where they require a age verification service, they tell you it's free all you need is a valid credit card to VERIFY YOUR AGE as they have been victims of underage people getting on their site or it protects them from weirdos on the web.
First of all underage people have credit cards or know where their parents credit cards are.
Weirdos have credit cards too. So verification means nothing and don't fall for it.
Then if you do fall for it be prepared to be entered into several porn sites at a average cost of fifty bucks a month charged to your credit card they used to verify your age.
They tell you your membership is free for life but it is really only two days and then they start.
Charge after charge for all these porn sites you signed up for but you only had 24 hrs after they verified your age to cancel your free lifetime membership.if you read the small print they have several boxes checked with various porn sites online that enroll you into these separate sites at a cost of 50 bucks a month and even if you do catch the checked boxes and uncheck. them they still enroll you into these porn sites.
Then you get your credit card bill for 300 dollars for several porn sites you didn't think you signed up for but they enrolled you in and it is too late to do anything.
Luckily for me they emailed me giving me 24 hrs to cancel my so called free membership after going through the age verification service so I canceled it before they could charge my credit card.

Ask Rick about CougarLife
1 review
36 helpful votes

The site is based in scanning people mainly targeting the desperate male into finding someone but yet when you talk to someone if they send back they go on about something completely irrelevant and or get you stay on and talk the via inbox meanwhile never actually meeting the person and most of the time end up wasting money on ongoing month to month fees.
Iv stupidly invested in a 12 month contract and in the process of talking to different what I thought 'Cougars' end up being that I was just talking to some scammer or computer wasting my time.
My question is why does this site continue to stay in great taste for obviously scammed Cubs.
I personally segest to stay away from the site try Facebook you get better luck and it's free these dating sites are nothing but time consuming and wasteful unless you wait for the wait for that moment good luck.

Ask Jake about CougarLife
1 review
34 helpful votes

I joined after seeing an ad on TV because I wanted to see what sorts of people were on there.

I discovered that there are few to no real people at all.

I get one message per day, at about the same time, from a person who usually has no photo, and a profile with zero to 10 words in it. Obvious fakes.

I can't read the messages because I haven't paid for a subscription. I'm sure they are nearly empty, just sent to make me pay to see them.

Just to add, I have been on multiple free dating sites and usually get one message every few months. It is beyond obvious that one message a day is total BS.

Ask Nik about CougarLife
1 review
38 helpful votes

Before you subscribe you get a hundred message per day, the moment you subscribe you get no more messages. All profiles are fake or scammers. Don't bother your by subscribing in any dating site, they are all waste of money believe me and make you sick.

Ask jad about CougarLife
26 reviews
308 helpful votes

I never went crazy for older women. But a friend of mine goes crazy for them. He tested like every single cougar dating site and he said that is pretty much one of the best sites you can find. Only it is too exepensive compared to sites liek with same results. Still, there is no reason to give this site a one star rating. It is totally legit!

Ask Robert about CougarLife
1 review
37 helpful votes

I am a young male that at times has been enticed by the made up "cougar" type. That said i still cant believe how offensive their commercial is towards younger women who are not wealthy, and also towards vegans (im not a vegan but have friends who are). What a waste of time and money from these criminals who bend the truth for profit. Just like our American Government :)

Ask j about CougarLife
1 review
36 helpful votes

Nothing but fake profiles that message you to make their website look legit.

Ask asdf about CougarLife
1 review
42 helpful votes

The site is all bots,over $50 a month and then have to buy credits when you run out,wtf!!! Stay away it's all garbage

Ask john about CougarLife
1 review
38 helpful votes

.........You should definitely avoid the website. The pornstar in the commercial is Julia Anne (woman in the red dress). I have also seen a couple of reviews on here that say positive things about the site, yet they are the EXACT same reviews - word for word - that were left on other complaint sites. It seems people who run the site are attempting to make themselves look good and legitimize their pathetic attempts of scamming and using horrible bots.

Ask Jarod about CougarLife

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