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Review of CougarLife

CougarLife reviews

52 reviews
Categories: Dating
Tel: +1.4164802334
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52 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
4 helpful votes

I am so sorry I spent money on this site. I have flirted and favorited over 100 women on this site and have received canned responses like: "Hey, take a look at my profile and let me know if you would be interested in connecting." and "Thanks for contacting me but I only have time to respond to custom messages." (When you favorite someone) and : "Hi. I appreciate the flirt but could you send me a custom message?" I have sent close to 40 personal message and no personal responses. You also must pay for your messages with credits. You get 100 to start with and each messages costs 5 credits. If you send anything else like gifts, it costs more credits. You can buy 100 more for an extra $10 if you run out; and you will because no one ever responds, Prostitutes, fakes and only a few impressive real women.

Ask Glenn about CougarLife
1 review
6 helpful votes

I paid for a subscription June 20, 2015. I was given 3 options. One seemed more economical, it stated the price and "3 months", nothing else. Clicking on it, it takes you to the payment processing page. I failed to look this page over. The initial price was tripled, and I only found out thru my emailed receipt. The advertised price is PER MONTH, not for 3 months. Added onto this, there is a credit system, which I was not aware of during my purchase. Every time you send me message, you lose credits, so you will likely run out of credits and have to pay even more if you are active. I was really maddened by the marketing scam, deleted my picture and profile information. I called their Customer Service number. Beware: They have a no refund policy, which is apparently available in 3 different areas. They downgraded me to a 1 month subscription, instead of my quarterly, so I got a partial refund which works out to about 40%. This is high end-marketing, bordering being a scam, but they have lawyers write their policies and it's all "legal", just not ethical. Don't expect any customer service from them. I can't comment on the selection from the website. My account shall remain inactive for the month, and I cannot recommend CougarLife under any circumstances. 30 year old professional male

Ask Maurice about CougarLife
1 review
11 helpful votes

STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE unless you like being scammed by these young women who aren't even Cougars trying to get you to go see their strip show at a site where they require a age verification service, they tell you it's free all you need is a valid credit card to VERIFY YOUR AGE as they have been victims of underage people getting on their site or it protects them from weirdos on the web.
First of all underage people have credit cards or know where their parents credit cards are.
Weirdos have credit cards too. So verification means nothing and don't fall for it.
Then if you do fall for it be prepared to be entered into several porn sites at a average cost of fifty bucks a month charged to your credit card they used to verify your age.
They tell you your membership is free for life but it is really only two days and then they start.
Charge after charge for all these porn sites you signed up for but you only had 24 hrs after they verified your age to cancel your free lifetime membership.if you read the small print they have several boxes checked with various porn sites online that enroll you into these separate sites at a cost of 50 bucks a month and even if you do catch the checked boxes and uncheck. them they still enroll you into these porn sites.
Then you get your credit card bill for 300 dollars for several porn sites you didn't think you signed up for but they enrolled you in and it is too late to do anything.
Luckily for me they emailed me giving me 24 hrs to cancel my so called free membership after going through the age verification service so I canceled it before they could charge my credit card.

Ask Rick about CougarLife
1 review
10 helpful votes

The site is based in scanning people mainly targeting the desperate male into finding someone but yet when you talk to someone if they send back they go on about something completely irrelevant and or get you stay on and talk the via inbox meanwhile never actually meeting the person and most of the time end up wasting money on ongoing month to month fees.
Iv stupidly invested in a 12 month contract and in the process of talking to different what I thought 'Cougars' end up being that I was just talking to some scammer or computer wasting my time.
My question is why does this site continue to stay in great taste for obviously scammed Cubs.
I personally segest to stay away from the site try Facebook you get better luck and it's free these dating sites are nothing but time consuming and wasteful unless you wait for the wait for that moment good luck.

Ask Jake about CougarLife
12 reviews
53 helpful votes

Hi! Andreashere from Germany! is a nice site to hook up with older women but in my opinion it is too expensive, especially compared to sites like

But is much better than over 90% of all cougar dating sites because - beside earlier mentioned - they are all trashy and a waste of time and money. is by far not the ideal website but trust me that they are the second best option you will find when you want to pick up older women.

I see that many men are complaining about and I understand that they are frustrated because they were not successful on the site. But main problem is often that the male users are not creative and expect to hook up by just joining. Once there are more men than women you need to be very creative. It starts with yur profile and with your pick up lines.



Ask Andreas about CougarLife
1 review
8 helpful votes

I joined after seeing an ad on TV because I wanted to see what sorts of people were on there.

I discovered that there are few to no real people at all.

I get one message per day, at about the same time, from a person who usually has no photo, and a profile with zero to 10 words in it. Obvious fakes.

I can't read the messages because I haven't paid for a subscription. I'm sure they are nearly empty, just sent to make me pay to see them.

Just to add, I have been on multiple free dating sites and usually get one message every few months. It is beyond obvious that one message a day is total BS.

Ask Nik about CougarLife
1 review
13 helpful votes

Before you subscribe you get a hundred message per day, the moment you subscribe you get no more messages. All profiles are fake or scammers. Don't bother your by subscribing in any dating site, they are all waste of money believe me and make you sick.

Ask jad about CougarLife
26 reviews
151 helpful votes

I never went crazy for older women. But a friend of mine goes crazy for them. He tested like every single cougar dating site and he said that is pretty much one of the best sites you can find. Only it is too exepensive compared to sites liek with same results. Still, there is no reason to give this site a one star rating. It is totally legit!

Ask Robert about CougarLife
1 review
14 helpful votes

I am a young male that at times has been enticed by the made up "cougar" type. That said i still cant believe how offensive their commercial is towards younger women who are not wealthy, and also towards vegans (im not a vegan but have friends who are). What a waste of time and money from these criminals who bend the truth for profit. Just like our American Government :)

Ask j about CougarLife
1 review
9 helpful votes

Nothing but fake profiles that message you to make their website look legit.

Ask asdf about CougarLife
1 review
16 helpful votes

The site is all bots,over $50 a month and then have to buy credits when you run out,wtf!!! Stay away it's all garbage

Ask john about CougarLife
1 review
13 helpful votes

.........You should definitely avoid the website. The pornstar in the commercial is Julia Anne (woman in the red dress). I have also seen a couple of reviews on here that say positive things about the site, yet they are the EXACT same reviews - word for word - that were left on other complaint sites. It seems people who run the site are attempting to make themselves look good and legitimize their pathetic attempts of scamming and using horrible bots.

Ask Jarod about CougarLife
1 review
45 helpful votes

WARNING: Before I begin, let me tell you about me, before some guy who works for the company or perhaps a different city with a much larger population. I'm 23 as of 2015 and I am not overweight, but lightly toned (that more Adam Levine look), with a cute, clean shaven face. I'm white and intelligent (college degree). I also HAVE been with older women I met on POF so I know how to talk to mature women. *ENDWARNING (just trying to establish credibility. If I were an ugly troll who didn't pay, I would not have posted this, but the fact is the only reason I am is because the audacity of the situation that happened to me.)
Okay so I checked some review sites. Cougar Life ranked okay on the list. I figured I'd try it for three months who cares. Well, first off, I live in a city with 2 million people. I know that isn't much compared to NYC, but I would assume that within 50 miles of this area there would be more than 200 cougars on a "legit" site. Anyways, there's obviously mediocre...not so attractive women. The 200 women were the ones with actual pictures. Out of 200, probably only 10 were acceptable unless you were VERY desperate. First, you'll get winks from all sorts of fake profiles. Some look convincing and even have your area code in their name. They'll ask you to email them or KIK Messenger, ha fake, but I tried out of boredom and it's a sham. I already begin to grow weary of this site.
Now, here's the specific situation that led me to this review. There was one woman we was toned and worked out. Not particularly my type, but hey she had a decent face and was not chubby! I messaged her and she actually responded. (Most women don't respond to anything, regardless of what is said... leaving me to believe they are most likely fakes. You cannot tell me a 45 year old something with kids, mildly overweight and a so-so face would not even try talking to a 23 year old man at least to entertain the thought. So, this women flirted back, we played cat and mouse and we exchanged some body pictures that were slightly more revealing. I read these women on these sites "Do not like to waste time emailing back and forth", so I asked for a her number. She played hard to get and eventually gave it to me. I was surprised, a REAL woman with my area code. I texted her and we talked about our live's and what we wanted for a very short amount of time. She then asked for more pictures (warning/red flag) and that she had to sleep early because she wakes up at 5 AM for her busy day. I agreed, I have no reason to hide she didn't ask for my face only body more. So I showed her everything (she already said she liked me physique). So, when I woke up, to my surprise, she messages me with "I shoulda told you last night, there's some else I am already super interested in, sorry". Uh... what? So, I casually say how this feels like she just used me for pictures, but whatever. I figured she maybe just thought he was hotter, fine, fair enough. But then she said what my screen shot will show you below... and yes this is real. (I blurred out the number so no one knows was city I live in...) She tells me she gets PAID by the website to respond to males. Obviously this is a scam and a marketing ploy to give any men signing up false hope, then to just casually blow them all off the next day. However, maybe you'll feel slightly more positive about women since you ALMOST got laid. Either way, this is bull$#*! and a total scam. Do NOT pay for this.

Ask Broham about CougarLife
1 review
9 helpful votes

Its totally bs, you make a profile, visit a dozen women's profiles and suddenly they all view your profile within a day but you can't contact them or see the blurry message they send you. Then when you do, you realize its bots and they just got your money for nothing, no more messages after that. Youll get better luck on plentyoffish or okcupid and just search for older women.

Ask Michael about CougarLife
1 review
18 helpful votes

Dont be pessimistic. I dont understand why these reviewer said this site isnt good at all and gave very negative comment. I dont think so at all. I swear i am not admin or staff of this site. I dont have any benefits from this site at all. I am real cougar user who have still been using there for 6 months ago. Bcos I have dated with two younger guys. They are really nice to me. We had fun together. First one, He is real and genuine so am i. He responed me even just my kiss msg. And we exchanged contacts to each other to chat out of the site for a week and then decided and met up in person. He drove to see me at my place and he s so cute guy, funny and easy to talk with. We liked and clicked to each other. I was so glad that we had things in common i thought i was lucky cougar lol. I found real younger guy (not fake) who liked me just the way who i am. I dont have to change myself to be look better. I can be spontaneous and not need to make up too lol. But we found out long distance relationship didnt work for both of us even we had fun together. I felt bad we just had to move on to find someone else who live closer and easy to hang out. So i tried again to looking for new date. And recently i found one younger good looking guy who lives close to me. Finally i found him who lives close to me and he s really nice guy, has a good job and own house too. We have many things in common. I m so glad that i found him. We had fun and a good time together. I feel like back to be teenager lol. I can be spontaneous again, not need to make myself to look better or not make up too much. I normally look much younger 10 years than my real age bcos i dont like wear too much make up on my face and look too old. Even our age are different 12 years but i still look young same his age. Nobody can guess or tell my real age. I m lucky to have good gene and have baby face and still look youthful. The more women wear make up the more you look old, believe me. I know this site there are alot of fake profiles, cubs or cougars. But if you are lucky and honest you would found really nice cubs and cougars who is genuine and waiting for you to make you happy. You will have to be real and show them that you are sincere to them by talking open-minded and honesty. You dont have to think bad all the time that she or he will be fake when you see their good photos. Dont deny that you like to see beautiful photos or attractive guys photo. But please dont care much or too expect about only good looking. You will have to care him or her personality inside of them too. Being good looking could changed to be worst but personality is hard to change to be good or better, right? And all you guys dont act weird or creepy like be pervert at the first time to talking. So overall about this site isnt too bad as other reviewer gave bad comments. I know there are alot of bad and good ppl out there no matter what site is i believe that bcos i have found alot of them who i met online. Bad and good experiences i got through by myself but mostly really nice. Then Try by yourself, dont believe only pessimistic reviewer. Good Luck for your searching. From...Baby face cougar lol :)

Ask babyface about CougarLife
1 review
12 helpful votes

This site is a scam!!!! Never join!!!!! the moment you pay for subscription, you would see that you have 100 credits. And for each message you sent you will loose 10 credits. Before you pay the subscription, they would never tell you about the credit system.

Ask Sam about CougarLife
1 review
11 helpful votes

Plenty of interest in your profile when your a free member but cant message back. The minute u pay your subscription fee... not a single look in Dont bother getting mugged of

Ask dean about CougarLife
1 review
12 helpful votes

I Joined and its a joke. Accounts seem Fake. U get camera girls and all messages are smudged.. It's a generic message. I doubt they are sent by a real female.. Don't pay and her account. POF better site and free to message etc. Cougar like is pathetic. Hope they go broke..scammers.!

Ask King about CougarLife
1 review
18 helpful votes

I was trying this site, for free users is VERY RESTRICTED... which sounds like a scam.

I got two messages, I am a software engineer and I did an easy HTML testing:

the "blurry" messages are a lie... those "blurry messages" are already uploaded in their servers (e.g. ). In conclusion:
1. They don't bother to really blurry the messages, which sounds like a scam
2. They just have a couple of attractive profiles to hook you and auto reply

Besides their platform is too slow to handle concurrent users, which makes me think:

1. For a 26$ per month for EACH user IT IS IMPOSIBLE TO HAVE A SERVER SO BAD, it seems to be too slow for any HTML GET/POST that I made,
conclusion: is not a real site, just a phishing website, they don't care about the user experience

Ask Jaimo about CougarLife
1 review
4 helpful votes

Looking for a nice bueatiful women I can hold on to.

Ask Tonio about CougarLife
42 reviews
222 helpful votes

Not bad but full of scammers and CL does a terrible job do get rid of them...

Ask Carlos about CougarLife
1 review
17 helpful votes

A waste of money. No real people on it. Almost immediately after you sign up with a non-paid profile, you will get lots of attention. This sucks you into thinking that there are real people on it, and further sucks you into buying a paid membership. Then once you have paid, no one responds to anything. It is such a waste. Go to AFF where there are lots of real people (even if many are just cyber ...), or POF or Craigslist ... but NOT Cougarlife.

Tip for consumers: DON'T USE IT!

Ask April about CougarLife
1 review
13 helpful votes

Waste of time and money! Fake profiles and when you finally get to talk to someone, they're trying to con you out of your credit card #s.
Hope they all rot in helll

Ask Mark about CougarLife
1 review
3 helpful votes

What's up beautiful

Ask coriy about CougarLife
2 reviews
15 helpful votes

They send fake messages to get you to pay more to read them. But this time they sent one from my other account the I screwed up to my new account. So proudly it was fake. I didn't send it to myself. Busted

Ask John about CougarLife
7 reviews
73 helpful votes

A lot of work but hang in there. I seriously believe that CL places fake profiles. But come on, guys - use your common sense! Stay away from profiles which are simply too good to be true.

CL is not as bad as all the people say. But if you want a hot cougar, you can sure get some (frustrated) married woman on sites like saphrina and co.

Just my two cents

Ask Dan about CougarLife
3 reviews
9 helpful votes

What people say about this site is true. Complete waste of money. If there truly are any real women out there that would care to chat and get to know each other, send me an e-mail.

Ask Louis about CougarLife
1 review
11 helpful votes

They blur out all your received messages until you pay, but to message people you have to pay right? So they are blurring out paid for messages from their users. So what's the point of paying if they are just going to blur out your messages? Horrible site and I hope they go under.

Ask R about CougarLife
1 review
11 helpful votes

Hi I find the older women a lot more attractive. So decided to try cougar life. But all the site wants is money of you so didn't bother paying for it. But is the any sites where you can meet older women? I'm a 27 year old tall biggish built lad. Would be happy to chat if you wanted to chat,have a laugh or meet up then please get in touch.
Never know where it could lead.

Ask Daniel about CougarLife
1 review
15 helpful votes

Terrible website. The majority of the guys on it just want to hook up for sex or are way too young for any self respecting Cougar with a conscious to date.

Ask Crystal about CougarLife
1 review
12 helpful votes

Dog Sh#@%@! Complete scam . Cougar Life has managed to pull a good heist, ill say that

Ask kidd about CougarLife
1 review
16 helpful votes


Ask j about CougarLife
1 review
17 helpful votes

I'm a real female and can't meet anyone on there.At first my profile was hidden and " under review".Then my messages are neither sent nor can I receive even though it says sent.I have sent numerous complaints and no reply.Don't waste your time

Ask kalen about CougarLife
2 reviews
23 helpful votes

What can I say about this site? Let's see it's complete garbage. You only get messages from fakes and it's really rare when you meet someone on there & even then they only want to do cam shows. I would much rather go to craigslist or back page & get myself a hooker.

Ask Frank about CougarLife
1 review
21 helpful votes

DO NOT WASTE $56 PER MONTH ON THIS WEBSITE. I went in very optimistically thinking I would connect with some hot mature women. All the profiles on the site are fake, there is literally no women on the site. Profiles send you messages, but its all administrators trying to make it look legitimate. It's a cash trap. If you want to meet someone, try plenty of fish or just lunch. And on top of it, there is no refund! I'm surprised the owners of this website haven't been sued.

Ask Christopher about CougarLife
1 review
10 helpful votes

it is a fake website...but there are very very few genuine members...banged couple of cougars thats about it!

Ask slider about CougarLife
1 review
15 helpful votes

This website is $#*! when you read the all the other comments and compare it with those fake $#*!ing people saying they somehow met someone while everyone else says that it sucks dont believe any of the four star ratings they're all spam or employees when it comes to this site and many other adult dating sites its just a scam with bots or guys posing as girls to keep messaging you to keep you "hooked" i posted my phone number and not one person called back, now im not the ugliest thing but come on a real person would have said SOMETHING

Ask matt about CougarLife
1 review
10 helpful votes

Much like with most dating sites, they send spam that you can't read until you pay them. I had figured "Hey, maybe a site with this big of a name is on the up & up because of a large user base," but it seems that is not the case. Don't believe any of the high rated reviews, this site is garbage and full of bots.

Ask f about CougarLife
1 review
9 helpful votes

I've been on CL and find it a good site. I'm a female and not a fake profile. CL is great because it offers exactly what I'm looking for - younger men!. The experience I've had is that guys don't put much effort into their profiles or messaging. I receive a lot of messages but only respond to the ones that are engaging and actually post pics with a profile description. The site would be even better if they offered local events...that way guys would see that there are actually real women on the site - and it's much better to meet in person, too.

Ask Athena about CougarLife
1 review
9 helpful votes

Well, via CougarLife I met up with a lovely guy who was quite nice looking, and a very nice guy. We first met for coffee, enjoyed each other's company and, for our second date, I went over to his place for dinner and we watched a movie together. I liked him for sure, but there was no chemistry. He wasn't just looking for a hook-up and neither was I. Have yet to meet anyone else. He likes older women and I like younger men. The site helped us meet. I think that's ok.

Ask Vicki about CougarLife
1 review
11 helpful votes

This site is a complete scam. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. its fake and has been set up to con. You get people messaging you saying they want to video chat and try and get you to sign up to porn sites. it really is awful and i'm annoyed with myself for getting duped by this rubbish...

Ask Adam about CougarLife
1 review
12 helpful votes

I made a profile on cougarlife and i got soooo many flirt and messages, but as a free member i could not read the messages, i wanted to subscribe but i had to be sure if this website is fake or not. One day i got some messages from women i showed my interest and i saw that the messages are about 4 or five line for each, so i decided to subscribe to read the messages by curiosity, the surprise was, when i opened the messages there were almost nothing only tow words and a day after my subscription i've got no more flirt, no one has visited my profile, has send messages or even read or respond on my messages. I wrote 3 times to the administrator to ask him about that and why, but no answer. The stole my money and my profile is like doesn't exist anymore after i subscribed.

Ask jad about CougarLife
1 review
6 helpful votes

Yes there is fake profiles, don't be fooled by it a little bit of common sense goes a long way sometimes. And yes there is real women though on there. I met some women in person and had some fun so it can work. But due to their auto subscription that's what irritates me about the site and lack of customer service willing to work with you. Bottom line: it can work, but just not a good company to do business with!

Ask Joshua about CougarLife
1 review
10 helpful votes

it's a scam fake emails fake people only thing real is the troll web cam chicks that never stop spamming u save ur money and buy a couple porno movies ull get more action outta that to be honest

Ask john about CougarLife
1 review
10 helpful votes

No review, really.....I just saw it advertised on TV so went on-line out of curiosity (I guess you'd call me "one of them cougars"). Didn't like the reviews I've seen so far. It's's hard enough to meet someone the "old school" way, then folks rely on the information highway to help them along, and you run into sites like this one. If you want an absolutely FREE *the "no frills" version, of course - you can pay for the "premium" one, but why would you?) check out It's not specifically for cougars, but it's a good site you can trust. Happy hunting!!!

Ask Rebecca about CougarLife
1 review
9 helpful votes

Be careful fake profiles from the admins!!! Right after registration there are women that want to talk to you and are sooo interested in even though i havent ploaded a pic yet or wrote any info about me. Since i thought that was strange i googled and quickly heard that these women never reply once u have a paid account. So i guess most of the (at least pretty onces) profiles are fake profiles by the admins. hope that helps.

Ask chis about CougarLife
1 review
9 helpful votes

I got several e-mails in my GMail for this site. It's a scam. I've never even heard of this site (plus I'm married). Just like every other Nigerian or eastern European scam, they send mass e-mails and set up fake accounts for each of the SPAM e-mails.

Ask sdfsfs about CougarLife
1 review
8 helpful votes

Auto-renewal is a joke. And your ability to cancel is almost non existent. Their site is also full of trolls and scams ready to take your money for a "private" cam session.

Ask Evron about CougarLife
1 review
11 helpful votes

I was on this site for over a year and no legit contacts made. I'm handsome 6'3" green eyed guy. And NO action over a year. SCAM!!

Ask Marc about CougarLife
1 review
11 helpful votes

First of all, let me just say that I have no problem meeting women either online or in person. I have been on and met a ton of people and never had a complaint about it. I rarely complain about stuff, but I really felt like I have to make sure no one gets scammed if he or she is trying to make up his/her mind. This site a COMPLETE RIP OFF. So I created a profile and I started getting a lot of messages. After about 10 of them of so, I decided to purchased a membership for $40 (which by the way is more expensive than 90% of the websites out there). After opening up the messages, ALL the people who sent me messages had no narratives on their profiles. So obviously, they are not real folks. They might have real cougars on there, but I just did not encounter any.

I called customer service and this is where it gets better: they have a no refund policy and they even tell you that "It takes 2-3 months before you even meet one person." Now to me that sounds like you can HOPE to meet someone $120 later after investing 3 months of e-mailing fictitious ladies. The worst is customer service is so poor; you litteraly have to wait one hour before you can talk to someone. They told me to be patient as they were having difficulties with scammers on the site and the issue would be resolved soon. Well after minimal research, it turns out that today is 8/13/10 and they've been saying the same thing to other customers since last year. Those are facts, not opinions.

Do yourself a great favor, NEVER EVER sign up on this website. I would recommend it under no circumstances.

Ask Mike about CougarLife

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Q: yes is worth joining the site if a male and 50
A: It's not worth joining even if you are a 20 year old male unless you like getting emails from women trying to promote their cam strip shows that are "FREE"
All you need is a valid credit card and this is where the scam begins.
3 weeks ago
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Q: Why do you promote your site with a plump elderly fake blonde woman in her late 50's?
4 weeks ago
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