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We have subscribed to ConsumerLab for over six years now. We are very much into natural and holistic health and, obviously, find ConsumerLab very helpful. Their subscription rate is $56 or $59 for two years and you can cancel at anytime, which we have done with no problem. We missed it so subscribed again. It is auto-renewed like almost every other subscription we have, so if you don't cancel it will charge your credit card again. Their website shows a great number of lab test findings which failed their tests. They also show even more companies who pass. The companies who fail are able to submit their differences of opinion or findings which are published by ConsumerLab along with the rest of their info. The FDA does not test supplements so we are at the mercy of any fly-by-night that chooses to go into business. The FDA does have guidelines which ConsumerLab checks to see that these are met as part of their testing. They test to assure that the supplement contains what it says it does, as well as tests that they contain no toxic materials. They show results of tons of research done by others around the world to educate members on what vitamins/supplements actually do and do not do for our health. The CEO of the company has testified before congress regarding legislation pertaining to vitamins and supplements. Sounds pretty well-respected to us!

New Reviewer

this is a ripoff company. They get your info and then they keep charging you no matter what. we have been fighting this company for months. we don't know how they got our info but they keep charging our credit card 30 dollars a month. stay away. my opinion only of course. make up your own mind.

New Reviewer

These guys are a bunch of criminals pretending to help. Their test results are PROPRIETARY, that means they SELL the results to the very company they tested the products of. Now if they've failed their system of testing, they threaten to publish the results, so then the company is forced to buy the test results. THIS IS BLACKMAIL IN ITS PUREST FORM. How is this a public service!? All the ones that fail are bought by the companies so we the public never find out. Oh, unless of course the company disagrees with their system of testing or system of comparison or if it conflicts with the companies own tests that show their product is pure. Then they parade the company on their website and purposely damage companies which may have completely pure products, because they WOULDN'T PAY, not because they were impure. Then they charge us for a subscription to see a list of companies that won't pay them. They act like they are a non-profit, charitable organization, working for the health and benefit of the people. Yet they are a very "for-profit" organization, making literally tens of millions of dollars a year off of our misplaced trust. Their very name is deceptive, they are NOT a lab at all and don't even have a lab! They send things out to actual labs just like supplement companies do.

Oh and do these companies actual have impure products that are not per standards, in most cases NO, they are perfectly pure per Federal and state standards of the state they were manufactured in. Instead of using the Federal standard of safety that all the other 49 states follow, they take one proposition in California (Prop 65), which demands standards 10 to 30 times more pure than its own safe drinking water and air. Funnily enough, the proposition was originally intended to set a new standard and regulation for California drinking water, realizing they couldn't achieve such a uptopic standard, they applied the standard to supplements industry instead. The original title of the proposition was "The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986".

If you read the poison control report that is issued annually by our government you will see under vitamins and minerals not a single death reported from a vitamin...NONE! And I have read this report annually for years. In comparison, over 100,000 innocent and trusting Americans die from the "proper and prescribed use" of medical drugs. If vitamins even came close to this they would all be off the market. Why is this company so concerned about something that hasn't even killed one person, while they have ties to the very industry that is literally killing our families and friends.

Now the FDA, the very organization that is entrusted with the safety and purity of those drugs, collects a minimum of a 1.2 million dollar fee for trails and approval fees for every new drug that goes on the market. Wait..what, the FDA who is funded by our tax money is actually paid by the pharmaceutical companies millions upon millions of dollars a year and they are some how supposed to remain unbiased??

Oh wait and literally all news channels right now are saying that vitamins and minerals, the very things are bodies are made up of, are unsafe and could possible be deadly or shorten life!!?? Oh what's that, the pharmaceutical companies pay the media 4.8 billion dollars, that's $4,800,000,000.00, (also know as 200,000 times the average American gets paid annually) in advertising fees as of 2008, who knows what is has escalated to now. Try and have a client that pays you or your company 4.8 billion dollars annually and not be influenced by them or do them favors.

Meanwhile Consumer Lab's buddies, Quack Watch are likewise slaughtering every natural or non-medicated form of healing including chiropractors, holistic doctors and the like. Go to and you will see that low and behold, they list Consumer Lab as a "recommended link". Well of course they are, Quackwatch hates anything that actually gets to the source of the problem as it slows down the money flow into their pharmaceutical industry. They would rather people take deadly or harmful medications that are known to do no more than mask a problem and which then of course drive out the vitamins and minerals out of the body, which are actually needed to fix the problem.

New Reviewer

consumerlab - <p>It is a very interesting site. My 1st question is ...who funds them? There are alot of sites out there that report only  the way the owners prefer for their benefit. I really liked how detailed the information , but can I trust it to be true?
The site it's self is easy on the eye & is easy to understand.</p>