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New Reviewer

I had registered to watch a free sports streaming site and had to put my details in on the understanding that no monies would be taken, then I got a notification from my bank via a text, otherwise I would never have known that the money had been taken out. WHAT A TERRIBLE SCAM!!! I have cancelled this account by phone and by their email website, hopefully this has got rid of them!!!!!

New Reviewer

I am in Taiwan and was charged monthly for about 5 months before I realized that it was not a legitimate charge to my Taiwanese credit card, which is linked to my bank account. I am always vigilant about purchases but because I had been making so many and didn't frequently update my bank card, I missed it. I have no idea how they got my information because I don't recall ever signing up for the service. It doesn't look like the money will be refunded. Word to the wise: STAY AWAY!!!

New Reviewer

Do not sign up for this service! What a scam. We signed up for a free five day trial, which did not work in itself. We were then billed for two months, without any notice or confirmation. I am not happy that this company received $120 of my hard earned money. I am furious and will be letting as many people know as possible.

New Reviewer

worse scam ever you people are real crooks If there is ever a group that needs to be brought down it is or I should say SHAME ON YOU

New Reviewer

oh my god what a cowboy!!!

New Reviewer

signed up for free trial but was unable to log in to cancel as i thought the card was just to prove age etc?they have taken 2 payments in 6 days ,my password isnt recognised and besides numerous requests cant get a new one! i have blocked my card and reported these cowboys .

New Reviewer

its a load of crap, sounds good but they scam you out of money and have no intention of refunding you! if you cancel during the trial period.

New Reviewer

I mean legally you sigh an agreement, but you won't see the important stuff: they will charge $50 a month (!!!) after 7 day trial. Imagine 3 times more than netflix!!!! They also lie about movies: first they show it in search results, but after you sigh up for the service, the movies are no longer found.
Also they send no confirmation emails.
Stay away!
I'm trying to get $100 back... :(

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Thanks guys for saving me from cinahub theives! Glad I checked reviews first!

New Reviewer

Rip Off. Was hijacked to this site from a free sport streaming site. It made it appear that I had to subscribe to be able to view what I wanted to watch, but it was free. Credit card only entered for verification purposes. Next month $55 deducted from credit card. Didn't get to watch what I wanted anyway - it had nothing to do with the sports site, other than being re-directed (hijacked) from it.Crooks

New Reviewer

$53.00? Really cinahub? I thought you were a free website. And you charged me 0.99c as a cancellation fee. Am I going to chase you for my money? Probably not worth my time, but I don't know how your team sleep at night.

New Reviewer

Crappy thieves! I signed up for a free trial and they took $50 from me! I canceled via the website but have not received any email notification! Now I need to call my CC company to block any payments coming out to them. Bastards!

New Reviewer

don't put your card number it's not free ther are f$&@n thieves i leran a lesson too late.

New Reviewer

a good way to con people legally!

New Reviewer

I will make this quick and to the point because this is my first review. is yet another movie site that claims to have free membership but will probably scam you out of a couple hundred dollars before you find out and an stop them. It says in the terms and conditions about billing and payment. This proves the site is not free and is probably a scam. Please excuse me for any grammatical and spelling errors.

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