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Review of ChinaBuye

ChinaBuye reviews

66 reviews
Categories: Electronics, Gadgets, Shopping
Hong Kong, Asia
Tel: 0086-755-83762358

66 Reviews From Our Community

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I also got to deal with customer service over a minor defective part and they were wonderfully
(in 11 reviews)


Another great site that has everything super cheap, but you do have to wait 4-6 weeks to get your order. (in 42 reviews)


Opened the box and I am very satisfied with the product. (in 24 reviews)

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1 review
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I've made 4 successful purchases from ChinaBuye in Canada. I bought the following things:

1 E27 LED Bulb - still works after about a year
3 E27 LED Bulbs - 2/3 still work after about a year
1 set of LED bicycle valve caps - batteries died after a while but fun while it lasted - they turn on when you start moving and your crappy old bike now looks like something out of TRON when you ride at night
1 bottle opener that looks like an oldschool key - best $2 I spent online, works well and looks cool

I've never spent more that a few bucks at a time but all of my purchases have arrived in about 4-5 weeks after purchasing.

Tip for consumers: 1 of the bulbs broke, and I'm a little scared to leave the others unattended as I'm not sure if they have any electrical safety standards lol. However, if you want to cheap out and don't mind waiting a month to get really random gatgets/trinkets then it seems to be a decent store.

Ask cb about ChinaBuye
1 review
1 helpful vote

53€ worth of clothes. None arrived. Customer service hasn't replied. It's been more than a month since estimated delivery limit, it's been more than a week since I contacted them.

Tip for consumers: Go elsewhere. Most positive reviews read like someone was paid to write them.

Ask Ando about ChinaBuye
1 review
0 helpful votes

Hi I live in the USA and baught some great vapes for cheap. Ordered it on 12/18/14 got it on 01/05/15. Opened the box and I am very satisfied with the product. Kudos to yah!!!!! good stuff. Seriously it takes 10-30 days on the slow boat

Tip for consumers: Be patient..............

Ask darren about ChinaBuye
1 review
0 helpful votes

Hey, if you need a better place to go to I suggest you go to the products are great and the service is way better.

Tip for consumers: Do not buy from Chinabuye my suggestion try

Ask kyle about ChinaBuye
1 review
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Hi All, I see there are a lot of people complaining about how this site is such a scam. I have a solution. Let me know what you want, I will then list the item on ebay (of course it will be a little bit more expensive to cover my costs) and you can buy from me. That way you have the full protection of ebay and paypal and I take all the risks from buying from Chinabuye. I have been dealing with Chinabuye for over 2 years, I have built up a good relationship and know how to deal with them. Just email me at
Cheers, John.

Ask John about ChinaBuye
1 review
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They blame you when your package doesn't arrive. Customer service is incompetent, and that's being nice.
Shop at Ali Express instead, people! Bigger, better selection, and much better prices. Chinabuye is just a huge disappointment unless you like throwing money away.

Tip for consumers: Stay away! Go to Ali Express for a better shopping experience!

Ask Michele about ChinaBuye
13 reviews
25 helpful votes

Another great site that has everything super cheap, but you do have to wait 4-6 weeks to get your order. No U.S. warehouse...yet. I have read bad reviews about people who did not get their items, however, I did notice they were written before the 4 week mark. I have had no problems at all, and packages come undamaged, nicely pack and chock full of wonderful items I ordered for FANTASTICALLY LOW PRICES. THEY HAVE EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN AND MORE!!

Ask Karen about ChinaBuye
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered the 3 smartphones for $257.86 from this site. After a couple of weeks only 2 arrived and they were missing batteries. The batteries are a specific size that I can't find anywhere on the internet. So now I got 2 smartphones that I can't use and one that is missing.

Ask Raymod about ChinaBuye
2 reviews
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Ask Chalk about ChinaBuye
1 review
4 helpful votes

FRAUD ALERT!!! A fraudulent charge in the amount of $205.46 for a Lenovo phone was put through my PayPal account by ChinaBuye. I never ordered this item or even knew of this company. The order did show my address for shipping according to PayPal but I never received it. As a result, ChinaBuye was paid by Paypal for a phone which was never ordered or shipped out to my address. PayPal is deducting the charge from ChinaBuye's account and reimbursing me. The only one who could benefit from this fake order would be ChinaBuye or one of its employees. My credit card company is notifying law enforcement officials. Would rate this company 0 but that's not an option.

Tip for consumers: FRAUD/SCAM ALERT!!!

Ask Carol about ChinaBuye
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

I like ChinaBuye, where I order flashlight stuffs in bulk. They did dropshipped without much delay and with free cost. Prompt delivery and fast service. I like their innovative gadgets at cheap rates. Worth for money!

Ask Gaunt about ChinaBuye
2 reviews
16 helpful votes

I'm very satisfied with the product and the service. I'm definitely going to order more stuff on Delivery service was excellent. There was a delay because of Spain's Customs policies and the package was sent back to the distributor but they solved the problem and sent it again to me with no more problems. Product is great, just as described on the website.

Ask Merola about ChinaBuye
1 review
0 helpful votes

My first order was all OK but the second one is still an nightmare.

If you feel urge to buy from them stay away from items 66886 YL6007 and 66829 YL6015 'cause they were printed without black channel resulting in washed-out apperance, A5249 was folded while the color wasn't cured so it has color-transfers all over looking stained, 73831 is very, very bad attempt to copy what's advertised.
I can send photos to anyone interested (I sent them to them too, but simply got ignored).

Communication sucks, they bann reviews (substantiated with photos) wich lack glorifying expressions for their product, someone behind nick "Anna" simply ignore all your questions and proposals to send the products as advertised (obviously they don't have them as such) and as correspondence got hotter trying to offer some ridiculous amount of "compensation money" (ranging from 6-10% of the value of faulty products) to your next order, like you just changed your mind out of caprice and don't want the items anymore.

Ask Dave about ChinaBuye
1 review
4 helpful votes

I am sure those who are mentioning positive response here are actually all fake persons. For sure they are the china bye person only. For sure this company is totally fake. I ordered an Android TV box for US$ 119, the item came after almost 20 days. The piece was a $#*! it did not work at all. When I wrote to them then I could understand what the company is.
For more than one and half month they lingered the matter. I challenged them the item was not tested they gave false statement the piece is tested and asked me for videos for malfunction.
When I send videos then they said they offer me solution, then they ask me to take the item to local workshops to check for repair and when I send them the repair cost they start to say something different. They were insisting to take the piece and pay them additional US$ 40 and they will send me new item. This is again some trick to take some more money. They were also insisting me to keep the not working piece. Just imagine at what price they buy their items so they are ready to offer something which costs US$119 at US$40.
I even said send me the new item if it works I will return the old piece but they never do that as they themselves know all their products are faulty.
Imagine how much time I have wasted to make this item work, I wrote them several times but they are total liars and will keep on insisting the same thins again and again.
Never trust this company as they are complete liars and a bull$#*! company with all fake customer support.
So friends please be careful on this fake online reseller. You can contact me at for any testimony of what I have said. I have copies of all the communications.

Ask P about ChinaBuye
1 review
4 helpful votes

If you want to die an especially horrible death, buy your e-cigarette battery chargers from CHINABUYE.

These have been cleverly designed to explode any batteries you are silly enough to fit them to. They have no regulators. You have to guess how long it will take before they explode. And, if you happen to guess wrong, your house goes up in smoke.

It’s an example of delightful Chinese quirkiness. Like the melamine the Chinese put in milk powder.

Here’s a pic of what happens. The exploded battery (top) has been super-overcharged by the unregulated CHINABUYE battery charger (left) and exploded through the top end shooting flames and hot metal across the room. If you are lucky, your house does not go up in smoke and/or you don’t lose an eye.

Sigh. No way of posting the pic here.

Ask mandy about ChinaBuye
1 review
3 helpful votes

Avoid this site. After 51/2 months my order hasn't been delivered, and no refund has been given despite the long correspondence.

Ask Jose about ChinaBuye
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I think all you people need to review yourself before you review this company.
If you didn't write in the box and specify for your smart phones (android) what language you want your phone In then it is your fault. There are many countries this company provides for, and therefore it is your responsibility to inform the company of all required needs. This Company is great in the mere fact it supplies you the customer with a DIRECTION box at the payment area. People that are giving bad reviews on delivery time, well they do state this on there site, it will take such and such a time and each shipping company has shipping regulations. Example: If you send items with batteries and ship them with a shipping company that does not deliver items with batteries. has too re-order the items you require and put them with the proper shipping company that accepts items with batteries. People that wait longer periods to have your items sent to you. maybe it is you countries customs regulations and not Chinabuyes fault. So please Review yourselves before putting up bad reviews of this company thank you.

Ask Colin about ChinaBuye
1 review
2 helpful votes

Let me share my experience with you.
I have made my order on 17 September 2013. Total value 93,81 $. After 3 months, on December 15 2013, I mailed them that my order No. 100454021 hasn’t come to me. That was the second time. My previous order delayed also and they had to resend it to me.
After several emails they asked me 30 $ more to resend the order and then they asked for 20$ telling me that if the first order came to me I could keep both. In the beginning I didn’t want that but I knew that I was going to lose my money. So I paid again 20$ telling them that if I deliver a second order I was not going to accept it so it could be turned back.
The months were passing again and nothing came to me. At last I received my order on April 9 2014, seven (7) months after. But the order was not proper. Instead for a power adapter for my laptop they send me a mini router that I didn’t need. I mailed them again on April 9 2014 so that we find a solution because I have paid an order more money than it should be but no answer came.
I am writing all my adventure with Chinabuye for you to know the dangers buying from them. It is the only way I have to pay them for their “good” services.

Ask El about ChinaBuye
1 review
0 helpful votes

Today I am going to review about .Today i will tell you about my real experience While Shopping at we all know there are millions of sites now a days and these are increasing day by day.There are enough sites that we cannot browse all the sites and can not check every site thats why for this purpose i am going to tell you about a trusty And wonderful Online shopping site.I am not saying that this site is perfect and best among all the sites but i am saying this that this site is worth of shopping .Just suppose you make an order in an online shooping site about which you do not know it will give you your order or not .But i give you the guarantee that this site is legitimate And It is not a fraud site.I bought A lot of things one of which is a mp4 Player some weeks ago about which i am going to tell you .
All the things i bought from chinabuye are awesome but this mp4 player is really wonderful and amazing among all of them.Its manufacturing is really good.All the things are of high quality .Its screen is really good And resolution quality is also fantastic.This mp4 players shape is rectangle and has many features like multifuntion, such as FM radio, voice recorder and E-book, etc.. With the common USB interface, you can charge, download and renew music conveniently. Also included is an external speaker along with a 2.5mm earphone slot, so you can listen alone or share with others. The capacity of digital mp4 can be up to 8GB(built-in).
The color OF Mp4 Is black
The shape of Mp4 is rectangle
The type screen of mp4 is OLED screen
The total memory of Mp4 is built-in 8GB.It Is amazing isn't it?
The power of Mp4 Is built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, directly connect with PC via USB cable for re-charging
The data transferring interfaceof It is USB 2.0 High Speed
The materialof which Mp4 is made is aluminum outer shell
The multifunction, such as FM radio, voice recorder, WMA, e-book,etc.
The charging time of It is About 2~ 3 hours
The dimension of Mp4 is followoing With which you can know the actual length and width of Mp4 player
7x4x0.9cm/2.76x1.57x0.35 for body
3.4x2.8cm/1.34x1.1inch for LCD screen

Things Included In Package are as follows
One MP4 player
One USB cable
One stereo earphone
Above Is the description of products of chinabuye And below Is Some description about The chinabuye site.

The design of the site is good, easy to navigate, shows products on the first page itself and can easily navigate to different categories without reloading the page or any kind of hassle.You will Not Be Bother While browsing In Chinabye Site.

The main advantage of this new design is it helps the users to locate what they want directly, rather than roaming round and round which most of the users feel frustrated and leave the site. has enough categories that can fill a page, that shows that its a big company with broad variety of products.

Now question arises After Choosing a product how to Order That product So In this Regard The Answers to your questions Is As Follows has enough categories to go through and select your product ranging from cloths to electronic gadets, once you have selected your product of choice then the only extra work is, you need to register before you can place the order. Registration is free of cost, you just need a valid E-mail address to complete the registration. The registration process is hassle free and can be completed within a few min.

Once you have the account setup then you can place the order. If you have any coupon codes, you may enter one and get the appropriate discounts which ranges from 5% to 10%. These codes are usually given by affiliate sites but you can also request the itself for discounts and the support team will help you if there are any offers going on.

Once these processes are completed, you can request the type of shipping you prefer with insurance for your product. If you choose insurance then, if the product doesn't reach you, will ship another product without any extra cost. There is an integrated calculator too which will take your address, shipping choice, insurance etc into consideration and give you the final price you have to pay.

After putting The Order The methods of payment Is As follows is one of the few sites I have seen which offers multiple payment options to help their customers purchase the product according to their ease. The have ..
Credit cards
western union money transfer
Web money
Pay by points (ill discuss about it next)
All the methods are safe for payment (as we know). We havent seen the "https" or called as Secure http connection till now which for some users may not feel safe to use their creditcards, if you feel so you can choose other methods of payment.
Chinabuye Also Has very Unique Feature .This is a unique feature provided by to promote their sales and know how their product is.
You can give review about the products listed on their site and once it is approved you will be awarded 20 points / review. This is a unique site where do not say to give positive reviews but they expect actual and true reviews, i have seen a few sites where they only approve good reviews about their site but this site does not do so, even if you award just 1 star to a product and if it is genuine review they approve that too and in fact they will get a team to work on it and improve the product seeing the pro's & con's provided by you. You even get points for uploading an image or a video of the product you bought.

100 points = 1$ , do the math and then using the points redeem page you can order the products, at the payment section you can choose the option pay by points and the equal amount of points will be deducted from your account.

One Of The best Feature IS The Forum Of Chinabuye. has set up a forum for users to share their views, know the product well and even clarify any doubts they are having. They can even ask other members who have bought the same product to see how it is and how it functions. Directly you can ask question on the product page itself and a representative will answer your question.

Post sales also is of the same quality in this site. All the products you order will be tested before shipping and sent, if for some reason there is a fault or anything is not what you expected then, you can contact the support team and they usually reply within 1 day and clarify your issues.
As A Whole Site Chinabuye is very very awesome ,gorgeous And A Site Which is worthy of shopping Online.

Ask Fawaz about ChinaBuye
1 review
2 helpful votes


So this is the first time that I have used this company and this WILL BE MY LAST. I ordered this product 10 days ago and paid extra for the DHLexpedited shipping (3-7 days for it to arrive) . Guess what, still not tracking info because THEY STILL HAVEN'T MAILED THE PACKAGE. I have emailed them several times and if they answer at all, they say the same thing "thanks for your patience." People its time to get companies like this out of the american market. We are easy prey due to theirLOW BALL pricing. But I wish now that I would have paid full price for a phone bought in the USA. Grant it, it still comes from abroad but at least we can minimize the risk. PLEASE CONSIDER YOU WILL HAVE PROTECTION AND EVENTUALLY PAYPAL WILL SHUT THEM DOWN WITH ENOUGH COMPLAINTS.

Ask Nate about ChinaBuye
1 review
3 helpful votes

Do not ever buy from this company. I bought a phone for $150 from them and it lasted exactly 1 week. It arrived after 60 days which doesn't give me time to raise with Paypal. They have not answered any of my emails and have now banned me from their forums on their website. Please go to and read the posts under bazza522000.

Ask Barry about ChinaBuye
3 reviews
7 helpful votes

On September 22, 2013 I ordered and PAYED the item (Simple Casual Round Dial Men's Quartz Wrist Watch - White/Black Dial). The order number is 100456378. I can not even communicate with CHINABUYE.COM because the order is older than 3 months. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS STORE!

Ask Jose about ChinaBuye
1 review
2 helpful votes

I order but only some received , the rest I am still waiting for e liquid .
Very disappointed because no answer to my complain ..
I would not recommend this company ..

Ask Silvio about ChinaBuye
1 review
2 helpful votes

As a lot of other people here stated, this is a SCAM- like business. The only thing they have close to a e-shop is the name copied from e-bay (buye, LOL). Products are of cheap quality and most of the time they are defective (ordered a few times always with problems).

I guess this is just the chineze way! They will NOT accept to refund any defective products unless you open a Paypal dispute. And considering they deliver in a looong time, you need to be quick about it upon receiving. DON'T WASTE ANY TIME WITH THEIR CUSTOMER SUPPORT! They're just there to make you waste time and you'll probably miss your 45 days Paypal dispute term.

Here.s my latest experience with them, just to confirm that. Unbelievably they asked me to cancel the dispute and then they will refund!! After rejecting that each time (obviously once you cancel the dispute there's noting you can do so they are free not to send you any money back):

Produc is defective

The card reader doesn't recognize any SD cards. Only thing that is recognized is a USB flash drive, but no cards. Please refund!

Staff : Selina
Dear Customer. Thanks for notify us this you have other memory cards to test the card reader again?such as TF card?

I tried it with SD cards and microSD cards as that's why I purchased the item for. I don't have any TF card and I won't get one as I need a card reader for the cards that I have, not different cards to test a broken reader.

Staff : Selina
Dear customer , if 2 cards no work,we though the card reader damaged, how about offer $1.9 as shipping cost and then we resend a new one to you?

I don't need another potential damaged product, especially for some extra cost. Also I'm not willing to wait for another 30 days + for the replacement to arrive. It is not my fault you delivered a faulty product, please refund the full cost ASAP or I'll have to open a Paypal case.

Staff : Selina
Dear customer. We just have the item price $3.89,how about we credit $3 to your next order?please understand,the item works normal before we shipped,sometimes maybe damaged on transport.

I'm NOT INTERESTED in any credit on your website, as I'm not planning on ordering from you EVER AGAIN! AGAIN, it is not my fault if the product was damaged before or during your transport service! I want a full refund and I'll be opening a PayPal dispute for this

Staff : Selina
Dear customer. Well,if you prefer a refund ,please close the dispute first and then we will issue a refund to you account.

Are you serious?!?! Do you think I'm stupid? The dispute will be closed automatically once the refund is issued, so carry on or else Paypal will take care of it. As a result of your extremely BAD customer services, I will make sure this will be heard of on a lot of forums and various sites.

Ask Colin about ChinaBuye
1 review
0 helpful votes

In my experience using, I find the way how to buy great quality items in such a 1 stop shop.
i am recommend to everyone the buy from them, Everything is good for them and payment is secure. This site has a lot of variety of all gadgets so it is a perfect on stop shop. But in General, this site is very good as per quality and price and variety of the products and of course, shipping is free.

Ask John about ChinaBuye
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have read reviews all over the net about this company. They just started to advertise on one of my favorite website's.
This unfortunely is something that I do not care for about it. I wish they would take into consideration how shady and misleading this company is. It s quite obvious from all of the negative reviews.
So, thank god I did some research before ordering from them.
This is just to let chinabuye know that thanks to other customers getting the word out on them...
They are losing..

Ask kenny about ChinaBuye
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

Have ordered several times and have had no problems. Shipping has been quick and goods ok. Only problem is if u ask technical questions on products they dont seem to understand

Ask Peter about ChinaBuye
1 review
3 helpful votes

Dear customer Thanks for the video,we have to explain that we tested it before shipped and everything is in good condition. considering it take a long time for return and the shipping cost also no cheap .how about we sale a new one to you in half price,that 't mean you just repay $39 ,USD,and we will resend a new one to you without return anything.meanwhile ,could you please close the dispute for us? looking forward to your reply.

Means : you have spent $100 on this order.But u didnot get the product in working condition. Now you are stuck. Pay us another $39 and we will send you broken garbage again. and then.........

watch video:

Ask M about ChinaBuye
144 reviews
965 helpful votes

I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this but this is the way I feel....

If you buy from websites based in China a good rule of thumb is don't buy technology (phones, computers, tablets, laser pointers, cars etc...) and food (baby food, formula etc...).
If you buy anything at all... textiles like underwear and cheap plastic things like cd holders and make sure they aren't priced over $5. This goes for palm reading too. Also it is interesting how the positive reviews on these pages are full of single reviewers with 4-6 helpful each hmmm. You decide for yourself.

PS. Don't order more than one item at a time that way your never out more than $5.

Ask Michael about ChinaBuye
6 reviews
5 helpful votes

to buy some things well but not for this phone. buy one that at first they said that if it worked in my country. and then changed the information, only worked in Brazil. never answered my claims.

they misspell their mobile data saying that work in "X" country and then correct the error.

Ask luis about ChinaBuye
1 review
0 helpful votes

This is my order ID 100434497 After I order No delivery ,Not contacted , No refunds ,No talking I try to send a message but did not respond from they Web spam is a scam from china fraudulent

Ask david about ChinaBuye
1 review
0 helpful votes

ChinaBuye is huge disappointment not only for consumers but for dropship clients as well. They absolutely don't care since they receive money and moreover they never return your money if you pay them, and if I say never it explicitely means even the situation, if the product is sold out and they're not able to dispatch the order. They offer you some ridiculous offers like % discount for order over $15 or to pick another item (however almost all the time there's nothing similar to formerly ordered item). If some shipment is lost, they never refund you, the same situation is with damaged products. Their 30 days Money back guarantee is simply lie. I advise all consumers/dropshippers to avoid chinabuye - the so called 'online shop', if you want to receive what you have ordered. All of these positive reviews are of course fake, just check the english and you'll recognize the chinese way of communication.

Ask dropship about ChinaBuye
1 review
0 helpful votes

Purchased 75$ worth of goods 2 months ago open a ticket a month ago keept been told wait another week or two when got fedup and asked for the goods to be delivered or refounded (tracking still states arrived to uk customs about 2 months ago but parcel obviously lost in post) purchased postal insurance with the order the responses are to pay 40 50 30$ to have parcel resend or possibly pay prtial refound or order another 100 200 300 us$ worth of goods to resend the order do not trust put claim to paypal immediately and claim your money back. Will chase them through cc company for frodulent transaction

Ask ivan about ChinaBuye
5 reviews
7 helpful votes

I liked them, honest seller, good quality of their products, low prices and free shipping, the first time I bought 4gb micro sd last year, so fast delivery, I am satisfied with their service, then decided to become their customers.

Ask effi about ChinaBuye
1 review
1 helpful vote

if i made 10 orders the 9 was with problem...
not a good site..had many problems..everytime the told u to calm down and have a 5% discount at your next order..
the possibility to send my orders like i want ??

Ask Panagiotis about ChinaBuye
1 review
0 helpful votes

hi i'm from the caribbean island
i order stuff from this site OCTOBER 2012 i received my order APRIL 2013
it toke me 6 MONTHS to receive my order from CHINABUYE

Ask Sabrina about ChinaBuye
1 review
2 helpful votes

It's scam site. Supplied defective and untested products. When you make a complaint to the product then the game of attrition starts. First they want the image or video of products. then offer such a new product with half the price, then offer this new product to the third of the price, etc.

It is a very sophisticated scam. If you agree to pay extra for the same product or cancel all, in both cases Chinabuye won and you do not have a product that works or money.

In my case it was a mini wireless keyboard $ 22.19 and on the end I gave up of all.

Please, do not waste your money, time and nerves on that site.

Ask Mario about ChinaBuye
1 review
3 helpful votes

China Buye = The worst costomer service I've ever had. I purchased a phone from them that arrived dead on arrival. Not working. They still will not replace it unless I send them more money.

Here's my conversation with them over a months time. As you can see it's a total joke.

Me: I received a defective phone. Does not work. Please send replacement. Thanks

Staff : Sophie
Dear friend, very sorry for this problem. Please kindly run out of the battery and then fully charge it about 12 hours. If it still doesn't work, could you please kindly send us an video for checking? You can send to my email: Please kindly mention your order number and main issues. For any inconvenience, please accept my sincere apologize. Best regards. Eileen
Please rate this response

Hi, as requested I've included a link to a video showing the problem with the m1 phone I ordered. In the video I show my green m1 phone is working (I bought this one last year). The black m1 phone I purchase from chinabuye two weeks ago powers up but never connects to the sim network. I've tried multiple sim cards and searched for network but it never connects to network. As you can see the sim works in my green m1 phone but not the black m1 phone that I just purchased. Please advise. Thank you.

Staff: Sophie
Dear friend, could you please kindly try some more place? How about we replace you a new at 15USD? For any inconvenience, please accept my sincere apologize. best regards Eileen

As you can see the black phone that I just purchase from you is defective. It does not detect sim network on ANY SIM CARD. I've tried three sim cards now and it does not register a network of any kind. I've spent a week now and it does not work and it has never worked. It is defective so I should not have to pay you any more money. Please send replacement. Please see attached images. Regards,

See attachments

Staf: Sophie
Please confirm me you use 2G or 3G sim card? Sophie

Hi Sophie, I use two different Sim Cards. Both are 3g I believe. Both sim cards work perfectly in the Green M1 Phone but both do NOT work in the Black M1 Phone at all.

Staff: Sophie
so sorry about this, could you try to repair it in your local city then we can give you some discount,ok? mini

I don't understand. I purchase this phone from you and it's defective... I doesn't work... dead on arrival. Now you want me to pay more money to have it fixed? Repair costs will be more than what I paid for the phone.

Staff : Sophie
Okay, friend, how about we replace you a new and you may need to pay half price we can also provide you a tracking number. Hope it will be okay for you. Eileen
Response Rating: 1

I am happy to send the defective phone back to you but I won't pay for return shipping as it is a defective product you shipped to me in the first place. Apparently you're not willing to resolve this issue without further cost to me, the customer. Please just refund my purchase. Thank,

Staff : Eileen
Dear friend, could we resend you a new which you may need to pay 10USD? Or you can choose some item about 30 USD in this link: and you just need to pay 10USD. Any suggestion, please let me know. Eileen

Ask Steven about ChinaBuye
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I ordered the AK09 + Tri Band Touch Screen Watch Phone. This product is not as described. Described functions can not be performed because they are not in the product menu. Customer Support tells $#*!. (Sorry)
My negative comments are not added to the product feedback.

Ask Kiq about ChinaBuye
12 reviews
21 helpful votes

Bought a 56$ tablet and it worked for just over 1 month (the warranty on the site is 1 month for everything). They refused to give me a refund. After a long process of many forum threads and a long help ticket (totalling 10-15 responses), I then made a long descriptive post in the forums called Bad Experience (it was a second post, the first post was before I got into contact with ChinaBuye).

They deleted my newest post which outlined how they refused to make any exception due to the horrible product and the fact that I'm a new customer and this would shatter any trust I'd have with them. They also banned my forum account so that I couldn't respond to anyone else who ran into similar problems.

I've also noticed that they do not post bad reviews, I made a review for the tablet and how it barely survived 4 weeks. It was under my account (and still is) but doesn't show up among the reviews for the product itself (when a person is considering a purchase).

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I ordered $180 worth of goods on 9th September, paid for DHL. By the 27th they finally sent out my package - or so I thought. When I recieved it, only half of my package was in there, with the other half coming via HK Post because they "miscalculated" postage. Its now the 10th of December and the package hasn't even reached my country, nobody knows where it is. Paypal wont even let me open a dispute because its been more than 45 days since i've paid. I contacted HK post & they told me the sender refused to co-operate so they couldnt open an enquiry as to where the item is.

I continually ask for a refund or for them to send my items again - any decent business would be MORE than happy to OFFER a refund or replacement. EVERYDAY I email this company and they NEVER have any answers other than "wait 1 more week" They offered me a 2% discount on my next order and said if I pay $55US they will post my items again. I have stated time and time again all I want is a refund to cover my unrecieved goods ($102) so I dont have to deal with them again and they REFUSE to provide me with a refund - instead keep offering me $20 gifts from their reward page.

This company is THE WORST. I suggest NOBODY bother with them, their customer service is terrible, over 2 months + 100 messages later and they still fail to provide me with basic customer service - THEY sent my items via HK Post when I PAID FOR DHL WITH INSURANCE, THEY should be reimbursing me for the loss of my product - or at the very least - sending it out via DHL since it's what I paid for.

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I am new to Last November 23, 2012, I ordered 2 ainol novo legend tablets and chose ems for shipping. I received my orders 12 days later. The products arrived with no defects. As of now, I am again placing orders for tablets and others. I am from the Philippines and I really appreciate's service. I am looking forward for my second shipment this December as they will be gifts for Christmas. Thank you for helping small resellers like us.
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Ask MarieLourdes about ChinaBuye
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It did delivered the cell phone to me but was a used with more than ten Chinese numbers in and two batteries, each battery worked for less than 5 months, also there is no US map for the GPS. It can not be worse than this experience.

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A few months ago I had a lot of free time and not much cash but I did have about £15 on my paypal account so I wanted to see if I could make that into more money. I decided to try and sell somethings on ebay and learnt about dropshipping and before long I was making small amounts of money. The problem is the sites I used didnt allow very much for my profit margin inless I bought in significant bulk so challenging with a small amount of start up cash. One day I found chinabuye and the first thing I noticed was FREE SHIPPING to anywhere I really like this because it means that the price they advertise is litterally the price I need to pay to get the item in $. I happen to sell in £ which means its actually really simple for me to make money as generally I could just switch the $ to £ and due to the exchange rate would make some money. Chinabuye then also has dropshipping making it so I make money in the start much quicker as I dont have it tied up in stock in transit. The only problem is that the free shipping does take some time which is why I do plan on buying in larger quantities then redistribute to customers once I have the cash. The next thing I noticed was that once id signed up to dropshipping I got 1000 points 1 point having a value of $0.01 so I had $10 not a huge amount but I used this instead of paying for items and at a early point basically it made it so I had a chunk more cash to spend on more items.

Im now a few months in and almost at £100 mark not sure if its worth it but Im mostly just doing it like its a game kinda like my little way of gambling as if its not real money.

Things to beware of:
1. Long processing and shipping times: sometimes items can arrive in less than 15days BUT they can also take over 35 days!
2. contacting Chinabuye can be difficult possibly due to language barriers communication can be confusing and sometimes seems more automated or scripted.
3. Exchange rates: I pay using paypal and I think due to exchange rates the price ive paid has been different by small amounts so standardised costings need to allow a few percent for changes in currancy.
4. Things go wrong! things go wrong when doing dropshipping, chinabuye might run out of stock before you sell a item, the item might get lost in transit or a few other things so always keep a chunk of money in your paypal account to refund customers just in case.

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I like ChinaBuye, where I ordered my flashlight stuffs in bulk. They did dropshipped without much delay and with free ship cost. Good and reliable service. Rates are quite cheaper and worth in quality. I like the different creative gadgets i love to buy for my son. Cool site!

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This web store cannot be trusted.

My first order with was more or less ok, it arrived within a month. 3 months later, I placed the 2nd order with them. This one never arrived. The tracking number only shows it was accepted for mailing at some postal office in China, but nothing more. I cannot even be sure the tracking number they gave me was really for my order.

All attempts to contact Chinabuye customer service were complete waste of time. First, they replied with general polite talk asking me to wait a little more, again and again. After two weeks of senseless correspondence they stopped responding. Clearly, their goal was to sit through 45 days allowed for PayPal dispute to be opened. They took my money and did not care much about anything else.

Do not trust Do not trust their faked self-promoting reviews. Do not trust their customer service promises when they reply to you. Open PayPal dispute with them no later than in 30 days. Never order moderately expensive items from them. And better stay away from them at all.

Ask Alex about ChinaBuye
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Myself, my sister, and my son all three placed our first orders with this company within a day or so of one another. All of us received those orders in a timely manner, (less than a month after placing the order), and were very happy with our merchandise. Because of this, we all three placed second orders.

Approximately a month after our first orders, we all three separately placed our second orders. 25 days after placing my 2nd order, it was still stuck in "processing" status and Chinabuye could not, or would not provide me with a tracking number despite the fact that they claimed, repeatedly, that it had been shipped. I had to go through PayPal to receive a refund for that order. I am, perhaps foolishly, allowing Chinabuye one more chance to keep me as a customer and placed another order with them on 9/23/2012. We shall see how they handle that order.

My sister has not yet received her second order despite the fact that the shipment supposedly arrived in the USA on 09/04/2012 and my son has not yet received his second order despite the fact that Chinabuye claims it arrived in the USA on 08/28/2012. Please note that the shipments are supposed to be routed through California and we all live in Texas - a distance we could DRIVE in 2 days time. Both my sister and my son have now opened PayPal disputes on their second orders.

To be quite honest, I am not quite sure what to think of this company. A little voice in the back of my head tells me that Chinabuye intentionally"does good" with that first test order in hopes that you will return and order something more expensive so that they can then string you along long enough to make it too late to file a claim with PayPal for unshipped and never received merchandise. I do know that I will never, EVER again recommend them to anyone for anything.

Ask mary about ChinaBuye
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i made 3 orders of mobiles about 3 weeks ago, and then i claimed in their forum that my orders weren't still shipped, and what did they do? they simply banned of the forum, here is the proof.
i just applied 3 paypal claims, I STRONG WARN ALL OF YOU PEOPLE.

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Received a wristwatch which was scratched. Notified customer service with attached photos requesting replacement or refund. Response was next order I placed of $30 would receive $5 off. Never again.

Ask S about ChinaBuye
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Note that this sites has many shills here! After every bad report you get a few fake new IDs that post 5-star comments. They are all fake.

Note that the site uses a fake (= not linked) 'Paypal Verified' logo. That is a clear indication that they are not the most honest.

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A: Já compro algun tempo no ChinaBúye sem problemas quanto a entrega, estou satisfeito e a entrega é rapida China Campinas Brazil
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