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The whole experience was so easy and the customer service was the best I have ever experienced from any on-line site. (in 5 reviews)


Great match between Arsenal and Man City yesterday! (in 7 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I have recently bought tickets for Chelsea FC from checkfootballtickets and found them to be very helpful , the tickets was next to the players in the first floor ,excellent seats.
The staff is very professional , look forward to buy again.

New Reviewer

I purchased FA Community Shield tickets.I have used this website for all the tickets I have bought this year simply for the reason that I was so satisfied with my first purchase. The customer service I received through CheckFootballTickets was exceptional, and I would highly recommend this site for reliable delivery and tracing of orders.

Selection of tickets is fantastic and the booking fee cost is very reasonable for the service that this site provides. I was extremely impressed by the helpful advisor's when one of my tickets didn't arrive on time. The problem was resolved immediately and while at the game I received a phone call from CheckFootballTickets to make sure everything went smoothly- extremely good service.

New Reviewer

Vynikajúce služby. Dobrá voľba vstupeniek, ľahko-to-použitie webové stránky, rozumné ceny a rýchle dodanie. Odporúčam CheckFootballTickets…

New Reviewer

Absolute no go area. Ordered Arsenal FA Cup Tickets. Got a call to say that we would have the 4 tickets. As Arsenal fans and son's 18 th birthday it was a wonderful call. Paid the ridiculous amount of money.The tickets had not arrived by the Thursday and following some stressful phone calls I was assured we would get the tickets which eventually arrived by Royal Mail at 3 pm on the Friday, the afternoon before the match. My husband was out on business meeting so We opened the envelope in the morning and saw 4 tickets and set off on route. When we arrived we looked at the numbers if the tickets and went to the entrance then realised that they were Hull tickets ( minute writing bottom left corner) but only after we were denied access and had the tickets confiscated under the terms and conditions. The FA wrote us a letter to send to the ticket company. They said that they had had to do it several times that day. We wrote to them with a copy of the letter from the FA. Oh surprise surprise. NO REPLY. THEY HAVE LOTS OF OUR MONEY AND THEY DID NOT SELL US WHAT THEY PROMISED. do not touch them. Legal advice currently being sought!!!

New Reviewer

Good choice of seats at fair price. Safe and very quick delivery.
Highly recomend it.

Thanks CheckFootballTickets

New Reviewer

I purchased 4 tickets for my family from CheckFootballTickets website. We going to see Arsenal vs Monaco in Emirates Stadium.
I received yesterday the tickets i checked the location at arsenal website and its Great seats exactly as i ordered , They are really sell legit tickets!

New Reviewer

We have purchased Pre Season Friendly football New York Red Bulls v Arsenal tickets and it's always perfect. The customer service is absolutely second to no one! UPS delivered our tickets to the wrong address and the person who got them didn't say a word to anyone. One call and in less than 2 hours Checkfootball Customer service had located the tickets and dispatched UPS back to that address, picked them up and had them in our hands, now that is customer service. When you spend your hard earned money for tickets you want everything to be spot on. With Checkfootball you can count on exactly that.
waiting for a great night at the Red Bull Arena. Checkfootball did it again, Thank You!

New Reviewer

the game was awesome great seats great delivery fantastic atmosphere i recommend to anyone the prices were not bad at all no problems at all with ticket at the venue i plan on using checkfootballtickets again in the very near future

New Reviewer

This website saved my life , i got today my Emirates Cup Tickets for 52 pound each
and we got amazing seats! i would recommend this website to anyone who likes to go to football all the time! i've used checkfootballtickets for every football game I've been too and they never failed to do an amazing job! Easy website and so cheap! great for secondary market tickets

New Reviewer


Love Checkfootballtickets! They are the best place to get tickets!
I go here for all my football tickets!

New Reviewer

My Boyfriend and I travel to Brazil for two weeks , we purchase tickets for quarter final
Argentina v Belgium my Boyfriend is fan of Messi , first i must say thanks to Checkfootballtickets for the best location at the stadium in the center next to the field
thanks to Alex for the service and to Loren for the delivery in time to my hotel all the process was so simple and perfect .


New Reviewer

This website is Safe , Easy and Friendly.
Safe payment process.
Easy to order have in each event page stadium plan
Friendly and professional customer service.
Thanks Check Football Tickets!!!

New Reviewer

They played us. We were a family of three (two kids) attending Lisbon for the Champions League final. After paying almost all our saving and booking plane and hotel in Portugal, we arrived the day before the match to FARO and they sent us an email saying the tickets will not be there. Incredible! The day before they assured me the tickets were being delivered to my hotel. My kids cried out and we ended up watching the game on a poor bar.... this is really unfair. Don't buy tickets!! They play with real fan and real humans with sentiment.... Don't buy them, do it for me, it is the only way they will pay for what they did to us.....

New Reviewer

Avoid this poor service, once you pay no one in this company will answer your queries. i paid over 500 pounds for 7.45 pm CHELSEA MATCH ON 29th April in London and i received the tickets 3pm the same day! and i live in Leeds !, I already lost 300 pounds on the train ticket and hotel room that I should use the day before the match as the tickets should arrive. My partner is ill and can't travel the same day of the event. so we lost around 1000 pounds because of this poor and irresponsible service. i sent emails and made phone calls, no responsibility, no answers!! go for a responsible website and avoid being IGNORED and neglected by such a site. AVOID

New Reviewer

My son was really pestering me that he wants to an Arsenal, and I figured that since it's almost the end of the season, maybe I will treat him for a match.
So I booked some tickets for the Arsenal vs West Ham. I was surprised that the prices on the site were quit sane than other sites I visited.
I booked tickets along side the field.
Tickets arrived 3 days before the match with a special courier.
Excellent seats... My son was so surprised with the tickets.
It was a really great idea, and they really came through with great tickets.

New Reviewer

I decided to buy some tickets for the Arsenal vs West Ham match yesterday, it was a birthday surprise for my mate, and he is a big fan of Arsenal.
So I started to searched online, and decided to buy them at
I received the tickets to my flat address so I was able to surprise my mate properly.
He was really amazed... We got some really good seats... It was an excellent experience at a decent price.
I definitely recommend and I will use them in the future...

New Reviewer

We came all the way from Florida to watch the match between Liverpool and Tottenham at the invitation of our English cousin. He checked back several times to ensure that the tickets were available and to verify the delivery. He said everyone he spoke with was helpful. We got home safe and sound, and are keeping the tickets as a souvenir!

New Reviewer

You should know they tried to get us five seats together for the match between Tottenham and Sunderland this evening. I ham holding the tickets in my hand and can see - they succeeded!

Trust me: they are very helpful!

New Reviewer

We have been using them quite a lot without any problems whatsoever for booking football tickets for UK games. I am really happy so far!

New Reviewer

I managed to book my tickets for the match between Crystal Palace and Aston Villa a little over one hour ago. Whole process took less than five minutes.

Not ten minuets after, i received a call from a nice person with an odd accent, confirming everything. Credit card soon charged thereafter, and emails following suit. Looks like they are quite effecient over there.

So far, i am pleased with my booking.

I will book again - depending on when i will receive the tickets.

New Reviewer

Total disaster from the start,i booked two tickets for my son's 21st birthday(10 weeks in advance) for the Liverpool v Tottenham match on 30/03/2014 and was told that we would receive the tickets a coupe of days before i waited until four days before i attempted to send three e-mails without a reply and several phone calls where i left a message each time and nobody got back to me.Eventually i did manage to get hold of a very rude woman who told me very abruptly that "you will receive them only to get a phone call a hour later telling me that we would not receive them as you could not get them from the suppliers in time and said that as a gesture of goodwill he would offer us tickets for the Liverpool v Sunderland game on that very night at no extra cost ,bearing in mind that these tickets were a lot cheaper then there would be no refund than the original tickets ,now how the hell did he expect me to get up to Liverpool" in three hours at the drop of a hat" .After trying to explain to him that that was not possible and it was the other game we wanted to see he said that he would refund the moneyimmediately we waited a couple of days still no refund so i phoned once again and after a couple of phone calls i eventually spoke to a very arrogant patronisiong woman named Laura who said that you were awaiting a phone call from me to choose a game my choice now where she got this information from i do not know .Is this the type of service you thrive on .Absolutely disgusting.Iawait a reply

New Reviewer

So many times I’ve booked with them, and always without fail.

They are dedicated, they really know their stuff, and they always verify the details.

From my experience, they also call back when you leave them a message or email them.

My most recent order is for the game between Bayern Munich vs Hoffenheim later today. The physical tickets arrived on Thursday, which is later than they usually do - but the seats were exactly what I paid for, as always.

I will continue with them becasue the other sites are no match for them.

New Reviewer

In a word: Wonderful!

I have been using them for the past two years and always seem to get what I want, and the tickets reach my home in a reasonable amount of time.

Sometimes, like the tickets for the game between Liverpool and Tottenham yesterday, the tickets arrive a bit late, like two days before.

But I always have someone to talk to, and they always verify. So far at least, I am happy!

New Reviewer

So proud of my son! He got us tickets for the match between Man United and Man City last week, and my husband booked us the hotel and everything else.

The good seats and atmosphere made it such a nice wedding anniversary!

Back home now, I remembered this wonderful site, so I got online to get my husband a nice surprise or his birthday. I know they deliver quickly and follow through.

New Reviewer

Great match between Arsenal and Man City yesterday! Only wish it would not tie. Wish they could do something about that, as they are able to do quite a lot!
They had all six of us all sitting together, which is quite a feat!
Not only did the tickets arrive o time - although we ordered in the nick of time. like last Monday! - the seats were fab, but are used to this by now :)

New Reviewer

Highly recommended!
I find the service there quite reliable and efficient.
I made a few inquities about the game between Hull and Man City before I actually ordered. The agents I spoke with answered each question. I was quite taken with their patience and attentio to detail.
For me, they made the process of booking footballtickets online very easy, enjoyable and informative, even.
Best of all, the tickets came by post four days prior to the match.

Will book again, for sure

New Reviewer

So many times I’ve booked with them, and always without fail. They are dedicated, they really know their stuff, and they always verify the details. From my experience, they also call back when you leave them a message or email them. My most recent order is for the game between Bayern Munich vs Hoffenheim later today. The physical tickets arrived on Thursday, which is later than they usually do - but the seats were exactly what I paid for, as always.I will continue with them becasue the other sites are no match for them.

New Reviewer

I am absolutely appalled regarding this website and highly recommend that you do not use the site as they are untrustworthy!!

My daughters purchased two tickets for the West Ham/Hull game for their dad as a Christmas present. The two tickets were charged at 295 euros. We waited until we were within three days of the match and when no tickets had arrived contacted Checkfootballtickets. We were told that the tickets were being posted by special delivery and would arrive the following day between 9am and 1pm; for the next three days they did not arrive and we had to repeatedly contact and chase Checkfootballtickets.

After having to repeated contact them we were told on the afternoon of the match we had to pick the tickets up from the football ground, however on arriving in London then had to travel to a tube station to receive the tickets. At each stage it was only down to chasing the information and repeatedly contacting Checkfootballtickets that the tickets were received.

The final insult was to note that the cost on the tickets was £42.00 each. This is a mark up of approximately £170! On contacting Checkfootballtickets to query this my husband was informed this was the cost of company overheads and a courier to deliver the tickets. They were unable and not prepared to address this any further.

I highly recommend that you do not use this company as they are totally untrustworthy!

New Reviewer

I bought 3 tickets for the man u v aston villa game (29th March) on 28th feb as a surprise for my sons birthday, I was hoping to give him his tickets on his birthday 28th March. which is tomorrow, They still haven't arrived and no sign of them. Ive had to call the company 6 times, only to be told each time that they sent me an email regarding confirmation etc. No emails arrived, so upon calling goodness knows where and costing me goodness knows how much, I get an email to tell me to sign a form but no email to confirm invoice. They never answer their phone lines and goes to answer machine. Im beginning to think once you have spoken to you and got your number they store the number and when you call again you get put through to voice mail. Ive now spoken to another lady eventually who reassures me that my tickets will be here tomorrow by 1. I am now so disappointed with the whole service and feel I wont have this wonderful present to give my 13 year old son. She said she wont have a tracking number until 5 pm tonight as Royal mail wont give it to her now, but also she cant give me my seat numbers. all far too strange and Im gutted. No compensation for all the phone calls Ive made and chased them as they aren't professional Never use this company

New Reviewer

Ole! Going to see Villarreal v FC Barcelona on April 27. They seem to be the only reliable site around,for booking online football tickets - at least in terms of pricing and user experience. Judging by how quickly they called and confirmed my booking, I can only hope they will ship the tickets just as soon.

New Reviewer

I put this site on my favourites list! I enjoy booking ALL my tickets here. Recently, i had booked again and then got got really fine seats and watched Man City beat Sunderland. To date, this website has been safe and reliable.

New Reviewer

Ordered Man City vs. Sunderland cup final, tickets arrived a day before the match.
We got very nice seats with excellent view to the pitch, second tier along side block.
Wow what a match, we are having so much fun with my boys here, the game is not over yet and Manchester is leading 2:1 but I felt obliged to thank the good guys from for extraordinary service. Sent from Wembley stadium via my IPhone. Tnx Again.

New Reviewer

still waiting for tickets to the final this sunday! Worked from home this morning awaiting their arrival - but nothing. I am now supposwed to be relying on Royal Mail but apparently wont receive a tracking number until after 6pm tonight - when I will have left work. Will keep you informed.

New Reviewer

At least based on my own experience booking four times so for, is very reliable and offer great value for money. Good rates, tickets arrive quickly by post and decent seats.

New Reviewer

This site has proven to be a really good source for great football tickets! I just have tro say that in my experience, and from what my mates say based on their own booking and the seats they got, this site is Golden! Truly reliable and stable. Do not be fooled by a few nutters who say otherwise.

New Reviewer

Was so looking forward to watching Norwich v Tottenham, so I booked the tickets in advance and got them three days before the match. We had such a lovely time, good seats and all. I just went back to the website and made another booking.

New Reviewer

This site deserves all the praise! I like the tickets i booked, seats were good. They are reliable and trustworthy.

New Reviewer

11 February 2014 Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid at: Vicente Calderon - I recently bought tickets for Real Madrid as part of our 10th anniversary celebrations. The tickets were waiting for us at the hotel reception when we arrived in Madrid. The seats were very good, too. Must say service is great; the whole experience turned out to be wonderful. We will probably book through this website again when the time comes.

New Reviewer

Must say, did it again! We called them up a lot prior to booking our seats for the match between Arsenal and Man UTD. It was important to us, being our disabled daughter’s sweet 16, and that was all she asked for. So the fact that eventually everything was perfect on their end, meant no surprises and no glitches. It all went to plan, tickets got home in the nick of time and we had a very enjoyable and memorable event.

New Reviewer

So many times I’ve booked with, and always without a fail. I can sing nothing but praises. They are dedicated, they really know their stuff, and they always verify the details. They also call back when you leave them a message or email them. The last time I booked with them, the tickets for Arsenal v Bayern Munich arrived on time and the seats were exactly what I paid for, as always. A real treat!

New Reviewer

Must say I was pleasantly surprised to receive my Juventus vs Inter Milan Tickets at the hotel reception earlier. Booked them at about a week ago and then updated my order when I got the hotel details. Good customer service and a reliable website. Feels like they know their stuff. I shall definitely use this website again.

New Reviewer

We warmly recommend! We booked our tickets to see Man City v Spurs about a week before the match and found the tickets in our letter box three days later. Was really easy and simple. We are definitely going to book with them again!

New Reviewer

Joined my boyfriend and his mates to see Spurs beat Swansea. They met us there and got us in with the tickets they had bought on a few days before. They said they got the tickets by post, like they usually order from this website. I looked it over and it all looks really good. Keep up the good work!

New Reviewer

I just got off the phone with a site representative, and I can say that they are very polite,efficient and professional. Maybe it is because I am new to the site, they asked me for my feedback. I first got a call after I bought 2 tickets for my son and his friend. They said their seats were really good. I am really happy and will use again.

New Reviewer

The only experience I have had is when i went to checkout to my surprise no HTTPS !!!
even though the site states it using SSL encrypted............hmm I may have saved myself a small fortune, i think i'll watch it on MOTD :-)

New Reviewer

The tickets to Real Sociedad vs. Bayer Leverkusen were waiting for me in my hotel just like they said they would. Excellent service, thank you.

New Reviewer

This was the most pleasing business experience possible. The tickets gave access to some fantastic seats at the Man City v Arsenal game. The whole experience was so easy and the customer service was the best I have ever experienced from any on-line site. Would definitely use them again and cannot recommend them highly enough.

New Reviewer

We wanted to see Liverpool FC in action, ordered the tickets from , I was a bit worried as I heard all kinds of horror stories about the resellers of EPL football tickets so I called their customer care and asked to verify all is well with our order, a very nice lady assured me that tickets will arrive on time and indeed the tickets arrived one day before the match as promised. We enjoyed the game so much that we decided we will go to see more football games this season. I would like to thank CFT people for really great service.

New Reviewer

I bought my boyfriend tickets to the Manchester United versus Arsenal match for our 3 year anniversary gift on Check Football Tickets. He has been a long time Man U supporter and it was really the perfect gift. I was totally flustered in trying to select the best seats for my budget, but the sales people were totally supportive and put up with my excessive questions. He was so surprised (and impressed with me) and the match was a lot of fun! Thank you!

New Reviewer

I surprised my husband with tickets to the Chelsea Manchester fixture for his birthday, and everything turned out wonderfully. The representatives at Check Football Tickets were so considerate in helping me keep it a surprise, by calling me prior to sending emails and delivering the tickets in a discrete envelope. We had excellent seats next to each other, which were allocated very centrally as per my request for this special occasion. Overall, fantastic service and a great success!

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