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Categories: Jersey, Shopping, Sportswear
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54 Reviews From Our Community

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I would definitely order again, i just wouldnt recommend using your personal credit card. (in 17 reviews)


Otherwise I am very happy with the quality of products and customer service I received. (in 2 reviews)


If they said 2 weeks on the website it would have been acceptable and calmed my nerves. (in 3 reviews)

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New Reviewer

HUGE SCAM! Ordered a jersey in August 2014 and still have not received it. Of course, my credit card got charged right away so they got their money, but I never have gotten my purchase. I left them several Email messages with no response. RIP OFF. Don't order from this company.

New Reviewer

Wholesale jersey, all day jersey, they have many different names from china, but are same company. They are a scam! Your best bet, don't order anything from China. You will never receive it! If you do it is junk. And they still have your credit card number! I learned the hard way.

Tip for consumers: Wholesale jersey ,all day jersey, ect...jerseys from china.

Ask Sherry about
New Reviewer

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. The items are junk. They tend to send you whatever they choose. Sizes are wrong and team colors are not right. You can't get a response from them after you receive the items. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE

Tip for consumers: STAY AWAY

Ask Marilyn about
New Reviewer

Total ripoff!! The Jerseys are made very cheap!! They have changed names several times to avoid the bad reviews. If you try to call the number on thier webpage its says, "Mailbox full", because it's not a real number and there is no place on thier webpage to leave a review. The 5 star reviews are from thier friends. Warning: DO NOT BUY these Jerseys!!

New Reviewer

I'll be honest it'll be redundant to write a review for this company seeing as how everyone had the same complaints. Not only were the jerseys five weeks late, but they gave me two bad tracking numbers, never responded to my emails and refused me my request for a shipping refund. The fact that I was extremely stressed and tense over receiving these jerseys and it was still less than buying one at regular price in the team store, I think I would have rather gone the other route. I truly, earnestly hate you, and I refuse to ever do business with you. I will be contacting the BBB and reporting them if anyone else hasn't. It disgusts m knowing I did business through you. You are without a doubt the worst of humanity and the worst business, and I use that term loosely, that I've ever dealt with. I look forward to the day that I click a link from my email with your company site and it says shut down. I hate that I even have to give a rating, but believe me, that review would be nothing above a 0 if I could leave it.

New Reviewer

Ordered 3 soccer jerseys for about $90 bucks total. A little slow preparing the order but otherwise good job on their end. Sent 2 pairs of shorts to match the jerseys that I did not expect. Most disappointed at the USPS for sending my package all over the country before it came to my residence. But as far as I can tell this site is legit and I received great quality kits at an unbeatable price

New Reviewer

Don't ever order from these $#*!in Chinks It is a total scam. They will give you a bogus tracking number and then kiss your money goodbye

New Reviewer

Same as everyone else... charged me for crap that I did not order and had missing articles... do not order from these scam artists... They do not respond to e-mails!

New Reviewer

Scammed and pissed and out $90. Ordered a hockey jersey over 3 weeks ago. Today I received a baseball jersey in the mail. Lesson learned to not order from a company that can't write basic English grammar. Lame.

New Reviewer

Is there any chance to get your money back from credit card company or bank,when you didn´t receive your order in a month and they´re not responding to emails? They should be in jail!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered two jerseys for my sons November 11th, for Christmas gifts. Emailed them several times since I got billed for the items and never received them. I asked about the order and asked for tracking information, and they got back to me once at the end of December, that I will get the items. It's the end of January and haven't heard back from them, and still haven't received the items! Disputing charges now. Stay away from this!

New Reviewer

Same as another poster, ordered a jersey and yesterday received a package that said jersey on the outside packing slip but it contained packages of NFL logo rubber bands. Called credit card company and was charged $89.00 by these criminals! Disputing charges.

New Reviewer

BAD BAD BAD. I ordered a hockey jersey three and a half weeks ago and finally received a package. But wait, not a hockey jersey, 12 packs of 20 NFL Logo Bandz. Looks like $5 worth of rubber bandz. So pissed! Do not waste your money. Oh, by the way, they do not respond to emails at all.

New Reviewer

I wish I would have read these reviews first. Ordered 2 jerseys on December 8th that were supposed to be a Christmas present. I tried unsuccessfully to get a tracking number for 2 weeks. A shipment finally showed up on December 30th with only one jersey...and it was not either of the jerseys I ordered. Filed a complaint with them online, but I feel like I'm going to have to dispute the charge on my credit card to get any money back.

New Reviewer

Horrible experience.
Never received my jersey.
Fedex has destroyed the package since it was instructed to do so if nobody picks it up. Just wrong!

New Reviewer

I order jerseys for my son on December 6, 2013. I never received a tracking number or a product. I paid over $170 on my credit card. I emailed to request a tracking number and a delivery date, and never received a response. Please save your money. I am out $170 bucks. I hope you learn from me.

Do not order from these folks! I believe that they are a scam outfit, and I have been scammed.

New Reviewer

Wish I had looked for reviews before buying. I placed my order and paid 12/2 and I currently have no product, no tracking information and have attempted to contact them 3 times through their web site with no response. Lesson learned and future buyers beware

New Reviewer

DO NOT ORDER - I read all these reviews AFTER I had already placed an order. Everything with the order seemed sketchy and I should have known better - if it doesn't all seem right, it's not. I couldn't place my order because their system "doesn't like" an email with a "." in it. Well, that was weird but I continued after the online help instructed me to use their email and then they forwarded my order. Seemed ok - but then I got no tracking info. When I emailed to ask, the response was - "your order was created and paid there. we have shipped out your order
already. please not worry. tracking number is updating.

we have more than 500 orders come everyday, so it is too busy to
answer all of the emails in time, please understand. we do serious
business and wish long term cooperate with you.

we try our best to ship all of orders in next day and come to you as
soon as possible , at least no later than Christmas Day. thanks!"

Never received any tracking # and at this point was nervous that I wouldn't get anything. I was THRILLED when the package arrived - except it wasn't even close to what I ordered (which I read on these reviews several times). I ordered a white, Caps jersey, Brouwer - they sent me a red, Caps jersey, Ovechkin - which I could have picked up at any store. Needless to say, I've had no response to my complaint or how to exchange (although I wouldn't send it back anyway because I'm sure I'd never get anything).

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I ordered 10 items to get free shipping. They added 25% for insurance. They took my money and then told me that 4 items were nat available and to order something other. After a month I received 4 items, 1 was damaged and 2 were the wrong team. They made me send them photos and then agreed they made a mistake. They will send 2 replacements ONLY after they get the 2 wrong shirts back at a cost to me of $35.00 for shipping.

Expert Reviewer

Notice you receive when visiting this scam counterfeit website.

The owners of this website domain have been charged with violating Federal and state laws prohibiting trademark infringement and counterfeiting.

This website domain was taken, by court order, from those who thought they could get away with ripping off customers loyal to the Oakley brand by selling fake and dangerous products. They were wrong.

If you have been ripped off by one of these sites, we suggest you contact your credit card company and request a refund.

Greer, Burns & Crain, Ltd - Oakley, Inc. v. DOES 1-100 et al. Case No. 12-cv-9864

New Reviewer

I ordered a custom jersey on nov 12th 2013. They never sent any confirmation but charged my credit card. The next day I contacted them via the "contact us" tab on the website. They called back that day from a skype number, and a gentleman with a thick asian accent said it was shipping the following day. A month later I have not received anything and they have not responded to numerous attempts to contact them. If by some miracle, this isn't a SCAM and I receive it in the near future it is still the worst customer service I have ever received.

New Reviewer

It's been two months and we haven't received anything but excuse after excuse. It's a scam. Don't order a thing from them. They should be arrested, but anything goes in China. That's why we should only buy from US made companies.

New Reviewer

When I researched ordering there are several websites that I'm sure are the same company however could never find the same one twice. I did get a message that my payment did not go through however found another site and ordered again using Visa. My payment was deducted right away, received shipping tracking info that was legit. We ordered last Sat and received our order today! Very impressed and high quality items that are not fake.

New Reviewer

I do not want to give you to start but I'm having trouble with the jerseys I order to Jersey shirts and they send me emails from my credit card has failed.but I got my confirmation number now I gotta see what's going to happen in 3 to 5 days.

New Reviewer

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE!! I just received a call from FedEx stating that my shipment has been taken by customs and they will not release it. Customs is now considering these jerseys as fraud and will not let the shipments reach the destinations. Now I have to go to my credit card company and fight to get my money back.


New Reviewer

I ordered 2 stan musial jerseys on the 4th of may. I was expecting to get this package for mothers day but that didnt happen. I contacted them and promply got a response that my package was sent back to them and then they resent it out. At that point i started getting very nervous and almost wrote it off and accepted that i got scammed. Then i received my jerseys on the 18th of may. My wife and i checked them over and it was worth the wait. Very high quality and will be ordering again for sure. Only reason for the 4 stars was the shipping time. If they said 2 weeks on the website it would have been acceptable and calmed my nerves.

New Reviewer

I ordered from cheapjerseysus and I'm not happy first they send me a Chicago Bulls jersey which I didn't order so I sent them pics to try to fix there mistake and they tell me its the right one.I told her I wanted the one I originally wanted he they said that's my problem sell it to a friend, if that's how you run a business then people will get screwed I will never never order from this site again

New Reviewer

I placed a order from cheap its my first time dealing with this site iam not happy, it's impossible trying to get a whole of someone, the tracking number they gave me is no good it's been almost 3weeks since I ordered still waiting!

New Reviewer

I had ordered 3 jerseys from them. It got delivered in 9 days but they sent a womens jersey on one of them instead of mens which i confirmed and made the after i had contacted them via email they replied back asking f te he photo of the wrong jersey so they can handle this issue and so i did the same day..its been over a week or two still no reply. The mistaken jersey was suppose to be the one i really was looking forward to so i am very dissatisfied as of now..i feel like i have been ripped off!

New Reviewer

Ive been ordering from this site for about 4 years now and i have place about 10 orders, each time ive ordered over 10 jerseys and 1 time was 30 jerseys. Couple of times ive had an issue with the jerseys being defected in some way shape or form and let me just say They have corrected every issue ive ever had and are completely trust worthy in every way. If your credit card goes to fraud dont worry its your bank doing it for your own protection cause its a over sea transaction. Note i have never paid western union option only cc. Contact the bank then re pay problem solved. They have always emailed me back promptly with a response or what not, and ive received my orders in about 10-17 days each time. The quality of their products are simply amazing,and im talking all their products from their hats lanyards to jerseys. This site is awesome and its a shame theres not more great reviews of this site. Just try it for yourself trust me you wont regret it,people are saying alot of bad stuff about this place and its just not true,not even close. Sweet you dont like em then go get raped on the prices at the mall etc for me i will continue to use this great reliable trustworthy site!

New Reviewer

Well this was a bitter sweet deal. I ordered two jerseys for a christmas gift on December 29th......... I got a bit impatient with the time it takes. It says in the email they send you that it takes three days for the tracking info to update and that happened. Then it says 11-18 days for it to ship. It was almost accurate, i got my jerseys January 23rd, almost a month. The jerseys were awesome and I loved them. Its cheap but no fast. In a way this is a better buy because on their jerseys are 79.99 plus shipping so its about 80 bucks. With this website I got two jerseys with shipping and handling for 86.17;hence, a better buy . Over all i give at an "okay"

New Reviewer

This Website knows as much English as a 3 year old!! You send them an email they reply but what they sent you does not make sense. So I put my order through they sent me a conformation # after about 2 days I asked them for my tracking number. They did just that they have me my tracking number turns out it was the WRONG ONE!! That package was going to Pennsylvania and I'm in California. I'm still waiting to receive my package... Will keep you guys posted

New Reviewer

I have ordered from this site 3 times. The first time it said my card didnt go through but it did. The second time my account was compromised. So on the 3rd time I did western union again. All in all the jerseys looked great and each time it took exactly 10 days. I would definitely order again, i just wouldnt recommend using your personal credit card. I dont think the company is scamming people i just think the site isnt secure. I would recommend using pay pal or Western Union. There is quite a language barrier too if you have questions.

New Reviewer

Ordered 4 Nfl jerseys two of which were personalized. The jerseys look beautiful and have the new Nike tags. It took three days to get the confirmation email, which made me really nervous, but beyond that everything was perfect.

New Reviewer

Ok i Ordered my oder on 3-9-12 It is impossible to get in contact with them. i did get and order confirmation but has no tracking number or which compnay there using. A little nervous after reading all the revviews.

New Reviewer

Thought I would give this site a try. Sunday, Nov 27 (2011) I order a shirt as a gift. I thought it was odd that there were all different types of banners such as paypal, but only ONE option came up during check out. After transaction completed, I never got an email confirming order. On Monday I sent an email to confirm order, but never got a response. Wednesday evening I noticed the amount appear on my credit card.

On December 15th, I decided it was time to give up on this order, and on Monday I would notify my credit card company of the problem. The next day, Friday the 16th, my shirt arrived in the mail from China. I was impressed with the quality and quick shipment. However, I only gave THREE STARS because of the lack of communication. If they can improve their customer responses, this would become a FIVE star site.

New Reviewer

I was worried when I ordered as I did not get my confirmation number, I was rerouted back to their home page before I could print my confirmation page. But I was contacted via email in less than 24 hours to say that one of the jerseys I ordered was out of stock. After emails back and forth for a few days changing my order and trying to get one they had in stock, I received an email telling me my order was shipped along with a tracking number. I was able to track the package with no problem and it was delivered 3 days after it was shipped. The jerseys are great. The only thing is that I feel they run a little small. I ordered a Med. ladies jersey, I usually wear a small or medium, and it is a little snug. But no big deal. Not sure about the men's. The only other problem was that I ordered 2 jerseys in our teams away color and was sent their home color. Again no big deal for the price I will just try ordering again. I was worried about this site, but I will definitely order from them again.

New Reviewer

i ordered 18 jerseys and they were a bit slow in delivery (21 days) but they were very well made and all is good! i'm going to order again and i'll let you know how that one goes.

New Reviewer

Just ordered last night and I am not very happy that the transaction went to fraud alert for my credit card and also that I have no order confirmation e-mail from them. I will come back to let everyone know the status. I bought 7 items, so free shipping, 2 hockey jerseys, 2 baseball jerseys, 3 football jerseys for a total of about $213 US dollars. Happy with the price for every thing, even the $47 of additional fees (which included shipping) that were added on. Hope I get my items.

New Reviewer

I attempted to make an order on jerseys on Feb 6th and after entering my info along with credit card information the website stated that the order did not go through due to an error. On Friday the 11th I was informed by my credit card company that there was fraudulent activity on that same card. I am not accusing anyone of anything but it is interesting that after 20 years of using credit, the first time I have had fraudulant activity is after this company recieved my information. Quite a coincidence......

New Reviewer

Ordered 2 NFL Superbowl jerseys Jan 20th website says 5-10 days for delevery and they were right on the money! The jerseys were high quality everyone loved them will order from them again! Only complaint was they say you will get a tracking # which iI never recieved by e-mail.

New Reviewer

I ordered 45 jerseys from this site, I got 41 of them. The ones I got were actually very nice, with all the letters and numbers stitched on. Customer Service was not the best, and it took about 2 weeks. All in all, I was about 85 percent satisfied, and I would go back, just not with that big of order

New Reviewer

I placed an order for over 100 jerseys on 12/6/2010. At the time I ordered the jerseys they had advertised 8 free jerseys if you order 100+. Here it is 1 month later and I did not receive 9 of the jerseys I had ordered nor did I receive the 8 free jerseys. Communicating with this company is nearly impossible. There understanding of the English language is very limited. They sent me incorrect tracking numbers for packages. Shipped using 3 different carriers. Thank goodness I paid via paypal so I can dispute the order. Stay away!

New Reviewer

I ordered 5 jerseys from the website. The website says that orders are shipped within three days after the order is placed. I was sent tracking information after emailing them several times trying to get it. Three days after receiving thebtracking number, I checked the tracking information with the U.S. Postal Service and EMS, the express mail carrier in China. Both websites said that they had no record of the shipment

New Reviewer

I ordered my dad a jersey for Christmas on December 11th and was afraid it would not get here in time but it came in exactly when they said it would. I am overly pleased with the quality of the product and will be buying from them again.

New Reviewer

I ordered from this site I never received a tracking confirmation.They misrepresent their stock.The sizes they sent for items were not what was ordered.They don't refund what they say they will for items out of stock.They tell the customer what they will ship in terms of what they have when you order.Never fall for that they won't mail you 1 shirt if your missing one when shipping cost more than the shirt.Returns forget about it use are by far the best!.

New Reviewer

I ordered 10 jerseys Nov 17th and haven't received anything only an email saying its pending I'm gonna go to the bank and dispute this cuz its a scam has anyone just not receive their things at all?

New Reviewer

I ordered 10 jerseys on 12/5, received an e-mail on 12/6 telling me 3 of my selections were out of stock. I sent a reply with some other choices, have heard nothing back, no shipping confirmation. I've e-mailed at least 7 or 8 times with no response. My credit card account has already been charged. This place is a ripoff, I will pursue whatever actions I can to get my money back.

New Reviewer

I ordered 6 jerseys from them a couple of weeks ago. One of them didn't run true to size. It was suppose to be a size 50, but was more like a 48. I had the same problem as some of the others on here about the comumnication. You can tell that they don't know english very well. They emailed me a couple times to change a couple of the jerseys I ordered because they were out of stock but then I ended up getting the ones I originally ordered anyway.

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