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New Reviewer

luckily I came across this site.not impressed by what I read from people who had already bought this stuff.

New Reviewer

thank god after checking reviews on i am safe

New Reviewer

Scam! scam! I bought this product with extension. after I downloadn to my computer then I tried to transfer to my phone 3 differennt wy to my Iphone 3gs ( jail broken). not thing happen. email them? yes! no respond, no refund .. I was stupid.

New Reviewer

The site is a scam! The online help is always offline ie. a graphic on the page that does nothing. The customer service emails are provided by a third party, the software does not work, and despite continual assurances of a refund, it will never eventuate. STAY AWAY from this site and they're software unless u like parting with your hard earned $ for no reward.

New Reviewer

I have tried to install this product on three different kinds of phones. I requested assistance and received an automated reply, reiterating the same information in the user manual.

The instructions tell the customer how to download and transfer the software to the phone. It does not, however, tell you how to launch the application or offer troubleshooting tips if the software does not work.

Their website clearly states they offer a 30 day money back guarantee and 24/7 technical support. The terms and conditions refer to a no-refund policy and their help document states that they can not help you with the specific phones and to contact a computer administrator.

I would not ask for a refund if I received a working product and was not happy with it. However, I never received a working product and feel I am entitled to a refund.

After receiving the automated email, I searched for this company online and found a couple of customers who have registered complaints about the same issues. I am gathering data for a class action suit to obtain a refund for all customers who purchased the product from and were not able to get the software to work.

New Reviewer

DO NOT PURCHASE!!!!!!! 100% Scam. Not only did it not work, my bank contacted me and alerted me that this company gave my credit card information to others and they immediately shut down my card (not that I'd object, but they did it without my consent...thanks Bof A for looking out. I'm stating that fact so you can understand the seriousness of how fraudulent this company is). Celltrackers also added a bunch of international fees which they don't mention. Their online support is always offline. I click "contact us" button, nothing happens. There is another option to email for trouble shooting. So I type my question, it tells me my question is too short. So I keep typing, just random things. Over 1000 characters....still too short. Bottom line is they dont let you contact them because it's a SCAM!!!!!!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

These guys have the worst software ever and no customer service. If you want to loose your money quickly buy their software like I did... WHAT A F ING mistake.

New Reviewer

I, the "wise" and careful gnome, had been had, as well! A similar experience as the others' before me. They now run the credit cards asap. By the time I called my cc company (the very next morning) they had already scooped up the dough. However, I might have some helpful info: The name of the company is -Pli*inet E solutions-. The merchant code is 3830. The phone number is 858-350-7473 which I believe is an inbound call center. Maybe named Plimus. An address I have is: 122806 Marine Bridge Rd. Suite M-24 Madison, Alabama 35757. I've been too angry to go forward with this negativity at this time. I will soon. I hope this actually helps and if it does, please share it with everybody. Fooled Gnome

New Reviewer

The software is bogus as well as the tech support. I used a U.S. Postal Check to purchase the software package. I reported them to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and because I utilized a U.S. Postal check/money order I was able to get a full refund. The BBB should shut that website down !!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I too purchased this software today and was unable to install it. There is no phone number, nor did I receive a receipt. After reading the above post, I called my bank and found out they made an unauthorized purchase of $ 94.95, beside the original purchase price $ 10345! Luckily, the amounts had not posted and was able to stop payment and block my credit card! This is NOT a legit company and I would NOT recommend them!!

New Reviewer

I downloaded the software, and followed the instructions set forth by cell-tracker. Nothing on my phone, tried the download twice. Up to 4 downloads or 48 hours, well after nothing with the two separate downloads, I figured why not try again.... 30 hours later my time had run out. Hmmm... 48 was what I read. Not to worry I was fool enough to purchase the warrant for future downloads at an additional cost. I haven't registered my warranty, because I'm sure it won't help. About like the no phone/email only tech support was no help. Or should I say no response? All under the no refund policy. I fell for the trick do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere.

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