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1 review
3 helpful votes

Cashcrate sends surveys that have to be "prescreened". If it were just entering demographic info I wouldn't mind but, a lot of the time, they're asking questions about products and habits that give good survey information and then they say they're sorry I don't match. Yesterday I spent 15 minutes looking at photos of cereals and answering questions just for them to say I don't qualify...why not...I gave a lot of good feedback. When I first signed up I was getting surveys that provided credit and it seemed hopeful...but, after the first couple of weeks it's just more and more of a bunch of prescreening surveys that I don't get credit for.

Ask Tomversid about CashCrate
1 review
4 helpful votes

The past month has been really pathetic on cashcrate. They have screwed the whole thing up, no longer get points for doing surveys.Get credit about half of the time for what you do , do. Top surveys are far and few between. The contests are a unfair joke. they pick and choose who they want to allow to make money on their site. You have to babysit everything you do on this site or u will not be paid. the surveys are paying between 5 to 10 cents less for the same surveys they have had for months. You never get any sort of real answer to your questions, its like dealing with a politician to try to get a legitimate answer to anything, especially when it comes to getting credit for what you have done on this site.

Ask rorey about CashCrate
1 review
2 helpful votes

CashCrate, LLC was Disolved on 2/18/2016 according to their SEC Status

Ask Arnold about CashCrate
1 review
2 helpful votes

i have try this and it work so start earn here........

Ask jan about CashCrate
1 review
3 helpful votes

Do not get involved with Cashcrate unless you want your cell phone number and email address sabotaged!!!! You will make no money at doing this. It takes up a lot of time for nothing. My phone rings off the hook daily with calls now, and my email account is flooded with all different types of junk mail.

Ask Sandy about CashCrate
1 review
1 helpful vote

I see a lot of the reviews on here and from my experience, Cashcrate is not a scam. However, I recommend that you: create a separate email just for completing offers, do not use your home phone number when completing offers, do not do any surveys because these are 3rd party and are a waste of time to do. Also, do not watch videos for 2 cents because that is a big waste of time and do not do the tasks. Stick with the free offers for the most part. And no you will not make a whole lot of money with this. Sign up for CashCrate here:

Ask Rebekah about CashCrate
1 review
16 helpful votes

I'm a SAHM and was hoping to make a little extra cash doing surveys. They IMMEDIATELY sell your email and phone number. The first day I signed up, I received 15 sales calls within 10 minutes and my spam mail is getting 100 hits a day instead of about 20. Now, even though I canceled the account and requested my name taken off all lists, I still get calls. Today I received one about my "topical pain medicine order", which is not at all the surveys I agreed to by signing up for the website. After telling the person 4 times that I did not order pain meds, they hung up on me. I have had to restrict my phone to accept only contact list numbers for now. It sucks.

Ask Kimberly about CashCrate
1 review
2 helpful votes

Joined the site and tried taking 6 or so different surveys but "didn't qualify for them." Tried looking at their "offers" but refused to make ten cents off of a 20 minute process to get the offers. This is the biggest joke!! Deleting my account today.

Ask Anna about CashCrate
1 review
4 helpful votes

Made enough to cash out the first month, now I can't find anyway to earn on this site. Even some of the things that I do I don't even get credit for. So my advice do it for a month cash out then quit, don't even try after that!!!!

Ask James about CashCrate
1 review
3 helpful votes

Cash Crate is a scam. It just asks you a bunch of questions in order to spam your emails with surveys you do not qualify for.

Ask SR about CashCrate
9 reviews
9 helpful votes

This site is a scam. Unless you like doing nothing for free

Ask Jamie about CashCrate
1 review
19 helpful votes

I tried this website after hearing a lot of positive comments about it, and I am so horrified with it. You spend nearly ten minutes, purely in qualifying questions, after which you are told that you just wasted your time answering because you do not "meet the requirements for the survey." The amount you "get" from the surveys is extremely minimal to the point where there shouldn't even be any criteria for a survey in question (ex. $0.10 for a 30 minute survey). This website is a waste of your time, and only serves to clutter up your inbox. Do NOT sign up for this!

Ask Stella about CashCrate
1 review
6 helpful votes

Cashcrate is Awesome. At first I thought it’s a SCAM. But when I received my first check I focus on it. I earn extra cash even if I’m not from US, how much more someone like you who lives in US. Please check my blog.

Ask Ed about CashCrate
1 review
11 helpful votes

Hi. I am Rob and I've been a member on CashCrate since last July. I go by the username AppoholicsAnonymous there and up to now I have made over $10,000 with them. I always see all the comments from people declaring that it's a scam or that they do not pay enough per survey for it to be worth it. I see the feedback from people stating there are no offers or surveys offered for them. I can not speak for anybody else however I would certainly like to contribute my experience by linking to a few of my own threads I started on CashCrate's own community forum if that is okay. I don't believe I am able to submit a direct link here in this post but I'm incorporating the link to my name on here so you might be able to click on my name and be directed to my threads I am talking about. If that does not work just Google the CashCrate forum and search for my username there, "AppoholicsAnonymous". You don't have to sign up just to read my posts.

Ask Rob about CashCrate
1 review
4 helpful votes

look ive made about $250 in a month of playing around usualy an hour or 2 of an afternoon I wasn't expecting miracles I just stuck it out with a separate email from my main one it works slowly if u can wait for it...... heres a link if you don't believe me try it yourself.

Ask Andrew about CashCrate
1 review
18 helpful votes

Stay away from this website they are a rip off !!!! I have wasted hours trying to make money on this website and if you manage to make some money they do not credit your account. Don't waste your time on this site.

Ask Mike about CashCrate
2 reviews
19 helpful votes

I've made money on this site--but I took precautions at the start. I created an email adddress JUST to use for this site. As it was a Google address, I used that address to get a Google Voice number, and used that number whenever a phone number needed to be entered.

As a result, I avoided all phone and email spam entering my main account.

I have to only give it three stars, though, because that account I made to use with CashCrate? It gets spammed ALL THE TIME. If you don't think to take precautions like I did and sign up here, well, you're in for a headache.

But the precautions I took are ones you can take as well. And then take advantage of the fact that you CAN earn money from this site.

How much have I earned? ATM, ~$95. The vast majority of that I have received in check form and cashed; only $2.00 is pending my earning more money.

Ask Kathleen about CashCrate
1 review
4 helpful votes

SPAM! Don't trsut this site. It is another SPAM. I signed with them, and did couple of work and supplied my tel and email... now they are flooding my mailbox with unnecessary advertisement and keep busy my cellphone with all sort of nonsense call where as my earning is still in pending list. SO don't trust them they are another SPAM like rest out there on internet

Ask askme about CashCrate
1 review
6 helpful votes

I am totally disgusted. Australia was on the country list when I joined. When I recommended it to someone else (with the link they provided) my country came up as Afghanistan. Warning bells.!!! Support said 'No big deal'.. you have got to be joking!!!

Ask Renee about CashCrate
1 review
7 helpful votes


Ask nothank about CashCrate
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

this site is complete bull$#*!. only survey site that you can complete the whole 20 minute survey and then be told you dont qualify for the survey so you dont recieve credit. and the do not give you credit for alot of the offers you fill out.

Ask tony about CashCrate
1 review
6 helpful votes

This site is quick and easy to get started. Signing up here at I make about 100 to 200 dollars a month for just completing the daily surveys they have available. Not the fastest and easiest but i found it to be pretty stable so far. Going on 4 months now with no problems with withdrawing.

Ask Lynn about CashCrate
1 review
22 helpful votes

The people posting that they have made a lot of money on cashcrate is Dana or whoever else moderates it. They are pretending to be people that use the site. They are liars. The site shuts you down before you can make much money. If you start to get earnings they stop you and you will not get credit for many of the offers. It stays in pending for months. They stop posting paid videos to stop you from earning there. They stopped the paid search unless you get credit for surveys, but they keep you from getting that as well. If anyone is making any money, it is a (select) few and probably the ones that give out their credit card information.
I have been researching it along with some of the other sites as well. I joined it as part of my investigation and have come to the conclusion that the site is a front for stealing your identity and private information. Do not fall for it!

Ask ralph about CashCrate
2 reviews
32 helpful votes

I thought this site was legitimate AT FIRST... The first 2 months I made enough to cash out. But after that, none of the offers ever confirmed. I used many many new emails like they said, and they still didn't confirm. It took me 2 months to make $20 to cash out.

And I get on there today, and noticed I went from $20.62 to $16.62. I went down $4! Their reason was because I did not do legitimate searches. I argued this publicly in their forum, and they admitted they could be wrong.

But there are also several other members who have been stolen $4 from as well... I find it hard to believe that EVERY person that was accused of making fraudulent searches, made EXACTLY $4 worth... Hmmm...

I have been at Cash Crate since September 2012. I have made $199 total in ALL those months... I found another site where I have made $125 in 1 month!

In my opinion, Cash Crate IS A WASTE OF TIME.

Ask Kali about CashCrate
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

i was a fan of this site. but dont know what happened, most of offers doesnt seems to be credited. So, i left it! :(

Ask Moriana about CashCrate
10 reviews
22 helpful votes

You won't get rich on this site but you can certainly make some real cash from it. You just respond to the featured offers (there are a lot of terrific offers, many of them free), and earn anywhere from .50 cents to $40.00 per offer. They send you a real check the following month. My first check from them was $108.43.

Ask Diana about CashCrate
16 reviews
81 helpful votes

CashCrate claims to pay users for signing up for offers, trying new products, completing surveys and getting cash back on purchases made at hundreds of your their online retailers.

CashCrate's offers include registering for wardrobe makeover sweeps, signing up for auto insurance quotes and chances to win desirable prizes such as a year's worth of diapers, airplane tickets, or thousands of dollars in gift cards from places like Target or Costco.

All the user has to do is "fill out the form with valid information and participate." What this really means is that the user will be asked to:
1) provide an email address which will be sold to numerous third parties, thereby generating hundreds of spam messages to your inbox every day.
2) fill out a form that needs to include a cell phone number. The moment the cell phone number is divulged, the user will receive text spam at a cost to the USER of $9.99.
3) complete any two offers. These offers may seem free (such as a free trial to whiter teeth), but users will be asked to reveal credit card details in order to cover shipping and processing. Mostly this is a nominal fee of no more than one dollar, but the point is that CashCrate and its advertisers will acquire credit card information that may then be used in any one of a number of credit card scams.

If all the steps are not fulfilled, user participation is considered incomplete and the account will not be credited. Furthermore there are no real surveys on CashCrate, just endless pages of offers, designed to confuse the user and extract as much personal information as possible. CashCrate is visibly a scam and a dangerous one at that. Stay well away!

Ask Maxine about CashCrate
1 review
8 helpful votes

There are many online earning websites over internet and these keeps on increasing day by day, one of such website is one I mentioning about. What basically they are doing they want you personal information in the name of registration, and gives you few dollar ($1) as introductory amount. This website promise to send regular surveys but are unable to fulfill their words as there payout limit is very less ($10). I got only $1.75 (as $ 0.75 is cost of per survey they promised to send in return). It's been over a month time and I am not getting any surveys back to earn more. Being little dis-appointed with this I want others, who else is looking out to have such an experience not to go with into these websites.

Ask Sam about CashCrate
1 review
13 helpful votes

Complete scam, you earn no money.

Ask Ryan about CashCrate

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