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Cashbreak reviews

14 reviews
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New Reviewer

Been looking for site which I can play card games. I found this and read reviews and found out that this site is worst when it comes to payout. I'd rather find something else than this.

New Reviewer

Played on this site for years, finally won $50 5 months ago have yet to see it. Tried writing them 3 times, like finding a needle in a haystack to even find a way to contact them. They never respond. Have written to them before about technical issues, no response. My big question here is....they supposedly give away money every day. If they are not paying out why is there not a bigger uproar about this, and how are they still running their site?

New Reviewer

they actually have paid me a few times either 2$ or 5$ through but currently the site is down with no notice or warning for a week now

New Reviewer

never did get my $50

New Reviewer

They used to pay out, I got paid dozens of times, but they stopped paying anyone about 3 years ago. I can't believe they are still up. They owe me $1,200 from 3 years ago. Don't expect to get it and you shouldn't either. If you waste your money it is your own fault. I quit when they stopped paying out as did most if you look at the numbers playing on the site. I have heard that it is now impossible to cancel membership. Think old AOL problems and you get the idea.

New Reviewer

Quit cashbreak March 26 2011 because winning email notifications stopped coming. Checking this out I found Help site saying you have been hacked by worm. Further efforts to contact help desk dead-ended. No mailing address or anything to further contact them and advise of problem. It's like they know and just don't care. If they fix hacking I might rejoin.

New Reviewer

I have won @225.00 total and have not received my checks.Won @100.00 in Dec and $100.00 in Jan and $25.00 in Jan.I have been told by players that they are not paying and it is a scam,I hope this site can be taken off the internet,thereis a monthly charge to play for gold membership.I have emailed them numerous times,I really enjoyed this site until I found out they lied about there payouts.If I receive my checks in the mail I will surely apolize to them.

New Reviewer

They owe me over $600.00 since last year,they have not paid out any $$ prize money in about 2 years now,BBB, has been contacted,The attorney general from the states they operate under, have been notified, and no one seems to give a crap.Why are they still allowed to operate,BUT YET ,THEY CONTINUE TO DEBIT MONEY FROM PLAYERS CREDIT CARDS ,FOR THE MONTHLY FEES, CAN ANYONE OUT THERE HELP.

New Reviewer

They have owed me money for a couple of years. Don't expect to get paid just like the rest of us that played on that site. At one time it was a great place and then they just quit paying anyone and I mean anyone. We have contacted the better business bureau and other legal aspects but still nothing. Why they are still allowed to do business I just don't understand

New Reviewer

NO money here either. Just a big fat scam. I can't believe I fell for it. Please stay away.

New Reviewer

I won $50 at over 4 months ago. Still waiting on payment and some of their site help pages have been hacked and show no help. There is no way to contact them.

New Reviewer

I won 1st place in poker tourny... It has been 6 months and they still have not paid me my winnings.... I sent them 4 emails and no replies... This place needs to wipe there chin since they SUCK so much... Stay away from this site and NEVER give them MONEY

New Reviewer

they never pay their winning ans don;t answer emails.They owe me $400.00 right now.

New Reviewer


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