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Cardpool reviews

119 reviews
Categories: Gift Card
268 Bush St., #3744
San Francisco, CA 94104
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119 Reviews for

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I purchased an electronic gift certificate for Lowe's Home Improvement.

The site promises that electronic gift cards are emailed within 24 hours.

Bought a home depot electronic gift card through them.

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New Reviewer

I have been purchasing cards from Cardpool for a few months now and they seem to be fine until today. I purchased 2 cards (with separate transactions) as I always did but I just now found out that they put these 2 transactions as "Cash Advance". I was charged for $20 for transaction fees and still have to pay interests on them. I filed a dispute with my credit card company.....I have another transaction pending .... fingers crossed. There is no customer service phone number!!

New Reviewer

They have sort of good deal than others. But never try to talk with their customer service, it will be nightmare! The best way is just cancel the order. They sound like don't have enough sleeping and will ask you so many questions but not tell you why.

New Reviewer

the worst online shopping experience I've ever had. apparently they are under-staffed so they do not provide a customer service number. i purchased an ecard which should delivered to me within 24 hours but it's been over 24 hours and i still receive nothing. i sent several emails to the customer service and no one respond. horrible company. never order from them again. stay away!!!!

New Reviewer

They apparently preauthorize credit cards BEFORE confirming inventory. If the card you want is popular, inventory may disappear while in the middle of a transaction. I tried a couple of times before my bank called me since the bank's system detected fraud. My bank showed four transactions (plus three more which were declined once they froze the account). Bulk purchase is therefore useless.

Cardpool's response:

"The first four charges were cancelled and refunded when the orders did not go through. This usually happens if one or more cards is purchased by another customer before the order is completed. The refunded amounts will be reflected in your credit card statement within a few business days."

New Reviewer

First transaction with them, the only good thing about them is the processing time is ok, after two business day after the cards were delivered I received a phone call regarding where and how I got the cards I was trying to sell. After another two days, they cancelled the whole transaction with no explanation and due to the lack of direct customer service number, you have to wait almost 24 hrs for each email reply. And don't bother calling their bulk sale number, they will not help you. And at the end, all they give you is "we can not disclose how the decision was made." This must be a joke, I was the original purchaser with receipts in hand from the physical store themselves to prove it. Overall, a huge disappointment.

New Reviewer

I redeemed 1-800-flowers gift card with no issues. Went on website to redeem another 1-800-flowers card within days of getting check. I got confirmation, shipping label with postage and mailed card in. Then get email saying they cannot process my request and are returning card. I had to inquire as to why. I was told they no longer accept 1-800-flowers gift cards. But I went on website and they are still listed and when applied for offer, I got one. So they advertise what cards they accept, they process your request, you mail the card to them and then they change their mind. 1-800-flowers is still listed as a vendor they accept cards for. this is bad business and I hope my gift card is being returned to me.

New Reviewer

Something is real shady about this "company." Be warned. They cancel your offers without explanation. They call asking strange questions about a $50 gift card, then still cancel the order after you satisfy their idiotic curiosities. I'm thinking they're a front for something else, interested primarily in acquiring information than actually buying legitimate gift cards. Who, what and why, no idea. but something is very wrong with cardpool.

New Reviewer

I enter the codes for my $625.17 my Bloomingdale's gift cards and I received a call from Oscar (415) 419-8787 2 days later asking me questions, where do I get the gift card, how long do I have it, where is the location the GC issued, etc… 4 days later, I got this email,

“We recently received your gift card code transaction but our processing center encountered an issue while processing your card. We are unable to accept these gift card codes at this time and we are returning ownership of this gift card to you”. The PROBLEM is my card was used and the balance is $14.

Stay away from Scam!!!

After Search around the web

Anson Tsai (the owner - cell 415-269-6147) and Jeff (order support - cell 925-337-5811).

New Reviewer

Trying to sell my Bloomingdale’s gift card $195 get an offer check about $160. This company is big B.$hit company. Waiting for week, company representative( Lori) called me back, asking me “where I got the gift card from, how long I had it, etc”... At the end, because of the value they can’t buy it( come on, a company afraid of risk of $200 gift card). I even offer ship the actual card and the receipt of the gift card to them with certify mail. Still won’t buy it. Just another Big Bu$$hit company, don’t have money, and hope to land big in public stock etc… Don’t deal with them, just wasting your time. Wait!!! 8 days later my gift card from $195 to $103, I called Bloomingdale’s to ask why. They said someone used the gift card online purchase in San Jose, CA

New Reviewer

I've had a very positive experience dealing with on several occasions either buying or selling gift cards. Their selling process is very easy and simple: no credit card on file required, no additional statements from me. They even provide a postage paid label to send the gift card(s) you're selling. I enjoy doing business with them every time. Unfortunately they lack some of the brands of stores on their list, but so far I was able to find all the ones I needed. Thanks.

New Reviewer

I was skeptical about using cardpool at first based on other reviews, but I was 100% satisfied with them. I ordered 2 different gift cards at separate times and received them very quickly and both worked perfectly.

I have only bought cards from them and have not sold any so I can’t comment on selling

New Reviewer

Sent 3 $25 gift cards..and got a check for $57.50....pretty painless. BUT the problem came after I tried to deposit this check into my bank bank refused it....told me to call Certegy Check Services...called them and they said, they could not give my bank a good rating for this check, because Certegy Check Services had no information about Cardpool. Same for Telechex. I tried going to check cashing places and Wal good, rejected. My state is a handful of states that do not have a Well Fargo branch (for which the check is drawn from) Im left with a worthless check.

Beware of Cardpool checks.....banks and check cashing places do not accept them!!!

New Reviewer

Despite making the implication that they are easy to get rid of your old unwanted gift cards, it is anything but in my opinion. I have accumulated a few 'appreciation gift certificates' from my employer, which you can redeem for various items or gift cards. Since that catalog is full of junk, I thought being able to get one of those gift cards which I could then convert into an gift certificate at a slight loss (84% net value) was a decent option. So I converted all my appreciation certificates into tangible gift cards (~$300 worth) and sent off the first $50 one to CardPool to have converted.

The prepaid postage is nice, the website was fairly easy to submit my sales request, and these are the only two portions of the experience that are good.

After almost a week after sending it, I get a phone call on a Sunday afternoon from a 415 area code number I don't recognize. I let it go to voice mail of course and dont check it until later in the day. It is a message stating they are from CardPool and need to verify some things relating to my card submission. I get an email stating the same. I return the call Monday afternoon and the rep says she needs some questions answered before releasing my payment.

I am asked how I came into having this card, who gave it to me, why it was given to me, how long I had it for, and my reason for exchanging it. After successfully relaying these answers, I was then told my the rep that I would have my Amazon card sent to me within 24hrs. I asked her if I sent them more cards if I would have to answer the same questions again for each one and she would not give me a straight answer.

The next day, from a different email address, which I didn't see for a few days since it got burried in my spam folder. I get an email from 'Mark' that they are "unfortunately unable to accept it at this time. For your convenience, we are returning your gift card to you free of charge.".... I damn sure would hope so.

Why exactly? Don't know. After all the hoops I had to jump through in providing details and more sensitive info, it would be nice to have the same courtesy in return. It would be nice also to have had this screening or whatever done ahead of me having to send the card in.

I am also somewhat concerned because most of the cards listed on the site were for odd amounts $74.56, $83.16, etc, there were none for an even $50 before, and now there is one available. Can't help but wonder if that's my card... Guess I will just have to wait to see if I get it back and hope nobody cloned it while they had it in their hands.

Summary: easy to use website, difficult to use system overall, information is expected to be given to them but not received from them, very definitely YMMV, hit or miss.

New Reviewer

At first I had a very pleasant experience with this website. I sold a gift card on there and they shipped me a check in no time so I figured I would buy one on the website-boy was this a different experience.

I purchased an electronic gift card so I could use it right away on something I wanted to buy online. After waiting almost 24 hours to receive the email with my gift card number I reached out to the support team. They informed me that I purchased a physical gift card (WRONG) and they could only ship it to my billing address (in GA when I live in TX-WRONG) even though I put down my preferred mailing address --they completely disregarded my wishes and sent it on to Georgia.

I asked if I could cancel the transaction all together from the start and they said no, and that I could simply mail the card back if I was dissatisfied due to their 100 day purchase guarantee. Well it looks like it might take that long to get it, because it has already been over 2 weeks, and I am having to reach out to the support team again! Gift card is no where in sight, and I was never given a tracking number-what horrible customer service!

I will never buy from this website again, and for the record my gift card was over $100 which they have already taken from my account, and I am on a very tight budget. This was a splurge for me and I couldn’t be more disappointed in the service.

New Reviewer

I've emailed them 3 times over a 10 day period about an order that never showed up...but they never respond back....since they don't have an 800 number and don't respond to any leaves me wondering what's up...

New Reviewer

Sold them a card - they sent check to wrong address, only agreed to cancel after much pestering. Whoever received check cashed it, landing my bank account (information they take upfront) a 12 dollar fee for even deciding to do business with them. Awful company, terrible customer service, shady individuals who do not give a damn about customer service. Low and dishonest piss-poor excuse for a company.

New Reviewer

I purchased 2 Starbucks paper gift cards for $250 each from on 2/18/13. I loaded them on my account and now Starbucks has closed that particular card that I transferred the money to, because they said the gift cards were bought with a stolen credit card. There is no phone number to call only an email address and it took about 2 hours for a response. They did respond though an gave me an immediate refund in full for what I paid for the cards ($430), and they even sent me a $50 Gift Card for the trouble to use in the future.

New Reviewer

No problems with selling.
Iv sold 6 gift cards for $200 since 2011.
Iv never mailed them anything. Always used the sell for amazon gift card.
It says you will receive payment within 24 hours but usually takes 3 days.
Overall it's a great website. Iv gotten paid for random gift cards I don't want to use.

New Reviewer

Worst customer service. No phone number. I think they are going out of business and therefore trying to scam people like they did to me. They never sent me a $1000 tiffany gift card that i bought but they never reverted the charge. I had to chargeback them with my credit card company. Please protect your money.

New Reviewer

This site is a scam. My $936 Bloomingdale gift card got "lost" in the mail, and I'm SOL. After I was conned by this group of degenerates, I started stumbling upon dozens and dozens of negative reviews with very similar, if not exactly the same story. I have reported them to the BBB, and planning on a small claims action.

New Reviewer

DONT" WASTE YOUR TIME. This company is a SCAM... There's a reason they don't post their phone number anywhere cause they will not answer your questions and issues. I ordered a card for my employee and still didn't get it to her a week later. Emailed them and they said we need to verify more information but they won't call you back to verify. It's a scam. Don't waste your money!!!

New Reviewer

I've used them about 4 times over the past year with no problem. However, last week I purchased (2) lowes gift cards. My husband went to Lowes to buy a snow blower and the card was declined. After 45 minutes working with a very kind Lowe's store manager, we found out that the same cards were used that morning in North Carolina. We are in Wisconsin. The Lowe's manager didn't have to accept our card but saw we were scammed, accepted it and so Lowe's ate it. Either the theives were the NC people or Cardpool but either way, I'd be very leary to use this site again.

New Reviewer

Sold a large volume of gift cards to Cardpool, expecting a quick turnaround on payment like Plastic Jungle, only to find myself at the beginning of what would turn into a TWO AND A HALF MONTH long transaction to get what was owed to me. First off, they do not communicate with their customers which means that when a $240 gift card disappears off of your account without notification, YOU have to follow up with them to get them to mail it back when they decide not to accept it! Yes, that's right - they removed the gift card from my account without notification and did not offer to send it back until I demanded it back! The balance was intact, and whatever reason they chose not to take it after initially accepting it and promising a check - it's more shameful that they surely would have kept the card had I not hassled them.

Then, with this snafu, they'll probably just forget to send you your check. At that point, don't expect any replies to your emails or attempts to contact their parent company BlackHawk. I should have gone straight to the BBB. Which, by the way, took a month on its own because Cardpool ignored the BBB complaint until I threatened them wit a deadline - and they were risking their accreditation. After all of this, barely an apology and I don't doubt that many people like myself fall through the cracks until they get a third party involved liked the BBB. I can't say whether or not Cardpool is a scam or not but the completely negligent and frankly sketchy way this transaction unfolded leads me to believe that it's part of their business model.

New Reviewer

Ordered my cards Sunday about 10:30am. Was called by a Cardpool agent to verify my identity as this was my "first time using their company". I agreed, and verified my information. I then got an email saying I would have the e-gift cards in my inbox within 24 hours (that would be about 4:30pm Monday afternoon). Alas, I checked my email last night around 10pm and the cards were not there. Called Cardpool today and was unable to reach anyone. I promptly called American Express, filed a complaint and am fighting the charge as I have not received the product ordered in the time promised. If they ever send the e-gift cards, I plan to promptly delete the email. I would never use this company again. This is why I usually just pay full price, it's not worth all of the hassle to save $10.

New Reviewer

I traded in my gift card and was suppose to get my money within 24 hours. That didn't happen! To my stupidity, I checked the reviews for the website after I went through with everything. I will be calling the Better Business Bereau in the morning. With SO many bad reviews I am suprised they havnt been shut down. CALL THE BBB!

New Reviewer

Cardpool is an online company that buys and sells preowned gift cards. I had $350 in unused Best Buy gift cards that I wanted to sell. I agreed to sell the cards for $323.40 and was emailed a prepaid shipping label. They offer a choice to receive a higher value for your cards if you take the credit in an Amazon Gift Card. I chose this option. I followed their instructions and sent them the cards on Aug 11, 2012. Cardpool claims they never received the cards. According to Best Buy the cards were cashed 4 days after I sent them. I would chalk this up to bad luck and the cards just getting lost in the mail, but upon further research about this company I have found many similar complaints. I suspect they have an internal theft problem within their company.

I requested that they honor the exchange they had agreed to do. They were unwilling to do so.

My concern is that they have a history of doing this to customers.

New Reviewer

I recently sold a 200.00 dollar Lowes Gift Card to Cardpool and BOY was I shocked at how terrible their service was. First of all, they say mailing time (First Class) takes 3-7 days, which is true. However when payment was not received in three to seven days I emailed them (BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO PHONE NUMBER) asking where my check was, they forwarded me to the fine print at the bottom of the page that says it could actually take up to THREE WEEKS for me to receive my payment.
Two weeks later I email them again curious as to where my check was, and for three days I didn't get a response, so I emailed them again and finally got the response I was looking for. Apparently my check was "Lost in the mail" so they were going to send another one. Finally, after waiting over a month, I've received my check. But I'll never use them again. I've sold gift cards before through and it was MUCH EASIER. The only downside is they put a hold for the value of the card on your account while they check on the cards validity, but they immediately deposit the money into your account afterward, which is awesome.

New Reviewer

I have, on two different occasions mailed my giftcards to them and on both occasions, received a message from them saying my cards could not be processed. They mailed them back and i sold them to another site and they accepted it without questions so what seems to be the problem with cardpool? I emailed them a number of times asking for a reason but no one's ever replied so please just avoid and go sell to plasticjungle or ...

New Reviewer

i paid $187 for $260 worth of gift card. It was my first time and I skeptical, I've heard a few negative reviews but decided to try it out anyways. Overall I was satisfied with my purchase, recieved my card (paper card) in 7 business days. I used it for back to school shopping for my kids.

New Reviewer

I went through the purchase process on CardPool's website of a gift card. The cash was pulled from my account and CardPool waited until the last minute of their own deadline to inform me they didn't actually have that gift card. The money I used to buy the gift card got stuck in limbo for 5 days. Since, I gave them the benefit of the doubt I purchased a different gift card and had the same response, They didn't have that gift card either.

I have used CardPool in the past and had no problems. I'm waiting on the return of over $500 the largest purchase yet for me. CardPool says they buy all the gift cards before they post them on the website, so I don't know what is going on over their, however I caution anyone buying gift cards from them right now.

New Reviewer

I ordered a gift card for Lane Bryant for my and thought I was saving a ton by getting a $155 card for $124. That was until it arrived and was instead a Lane Bryant Outlet merchandise credit. The card specifically states this does not work at Lane Bryant, ONLY the outlet. I didnt pay for an outlet card, i paid for a full retail gift card. Well I was going to take my wife shopping tomorrow, but we dont have an outlet here, so now the budget to buy her clothes is gone into a gift card they wont even accept. I hope I can actually get my money back from them. If not, I guess I will have to report it as a fraudelent charge to my CC company.

New Reviewer

I bought a gift card code from them, and it arrived. But you know what else arrived for the first time shortly after the purchase? The first fraudulent use of my credit card number in over ten years of online banking. I can't prove carpool was involved, but I'd be interested to see if anyone else has this experience after their purchase. Look for small transaction amounts (generally around $10) on your account, and let everyone else know if the same thing happens to you...

New Reviewer

Ordered on June 11, 2012 promised delivery in 24 hours. Still have not received. I have emailed support numerous times. Never received response. In my opinion a scam.

Apprentice Reviewer

This company must be really inconsistent. I have sold several cards to them and have always had good luck!

New Reviewer

Sells merchandise credit as a gift card. Merchandise credit is NOT the same as a gift card. I bought a GIFT CARD so I should have received one!

New Reviewer

Big cheaters. Stay away from I sent them the target gift in mail with their shipping label and cardpool claimed that they have never received this and blaming usps. The card was used and the balance is $0. I saw several people complained the same.

New Reviewer

I sent in a gift card worth $111.49 and got a check for $94.77. I didn't look at reviews until AFTER I sent in my gift card so it was pretty nerve wrecking when I saw all of these negative reviews. I had sent in my gift card on May 16th and hadn't heard anything back from them until May 25th when I e-mailed them. At first they sent me an e-mail responding that they haven't gotten my gift card but within that hour I got another e-mail saying that my gift card was received and that they'd sent me a check. I received the check yesterday on June 2nd and deposited it without any problem!

New Reviewer

I am very disappointed and angry!!!
I purchased card JCPenney Electronic Gift Card $ 97.33(05/27/2012)
Currently card did not arrived on my mail (05/29)
Wanted to get a little economies- received headache ..

New Reviewer

I tried selling $300 of Bass Pro Shop gift cards to Cardpool, and eventually changed my mind. I emailed them and asked if they could cancel the transaction. they said yes. Before I put in the pin codes, I checked the balance online and calling the store. Six cards, $50 each. After making the transaction, then requesting to cancel it, the cards have a zero dollar balance now. Cardpool support has no answer to what they call my "misfortune", and refuse to help me get my money back. I am furiously annoyed and pissed off with cardpool. I feel screwed over on $300 now. ,|,,

New Reviewer

The first few times experience were great, until you hit a big item and need their customer service, then you can forget all the great experience you had from them, the customer service could reap all greatness to rumble in one instant

Bought a electronic coupon, wait forever to come. Ask to cancel after I could not wait any longer and they sent the coupon then. Ask to cancel order again, they give you all company policy BS and refuse, even I explained I have waited forever.

Slow, bad customer service and self justified company instead of customer justified service. Compare to Amazon, if Amazon is 10, Cardpool is 0.

New Reviewer

I ordered one physical gift card, and it arrived quickly and was for the amount stated. More impressively, I am impatient but frugal (bad combo sometimes) and decided to order electronic gift cards to purchase a TV since I didn't want to wait for cards in the mail. I received the codes for the 4 separate gift cards within 1-2 hours of placing the orders and was able to use them and place the order the same evening I ordered the gift cards. Saved over $50 by waiting a couple hours...not bad. Will use again. Would give 5 stars if they had a phone number you could call.

New Reviewer

Givt cards were sent almost one month ago, and Cardpool claimed never received them due to post mail problem. Finally, I cancelled the transaction and got the card #s and pins back. Immediately, I checked the balance on the cards, and they are all $0. This is very dissappointing. This was the fourth and last transaction for me. If you really want to use Cardpool, be sure to pay a little extra for mail tracking, and don't just use their printed free shipping label.

Now, how do I report fraud or how to find out who used my Homedepot cards?

New Reviewer

I mailed in multiple cards to Cardpool with the label created by their site. Not only did I not receive compensation, the "transaction" has been deleted on my account on their website. STAY AWAY from these crooks!!

New Reviewer

Situation: Logged onto to sell unwanted gift cards. Sold 3 cards which each generated its own transaction number and shipping label. Three envelopes were sent on 3/23/12 and we are almost 3 weeks later and the company wants me to believe they received not even 1 envelope. I wish I had read the review / blogs about how this company will tell customers that they did not receive their gift cards and go on to cash them for themselves. Below is the blog complaint I wish I had read regarding before doing business with them.

Blog Complaint It was bought out by Blackhawk Network - the worst company in the gift card business. Their corporate number is Phone: 925-226-9990 but it's completely useless, they don't care about customer service issues. Cardpool itself is a total scam, they don't have a physical office, their calls are routed to disposable cell phones, and they only have 2 employees - Anson Tsai (the owner - cell 415-269-6147) and Jeff (order support - cell 925-337-5811). The whole operation is linked to a PO box but all the action is happening at the owner's condo at 660 King St #223. They will lie to you, hang up on you and even block your number so you can't call them. Read the reviews online, they've stolen thousands of dollars from customers' gift cards, going so far as blaming the post office, when the post office has provided video footage showing them taking possession of undamaged envelopes. You've been warned! DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!


Cardpool Support, Mar 28:

Dear Theresa, (Response to my 1st inquiry)

Thanks for getting in touch with us! We haven't received your mail for this transaction yet, but USPS first class mail is estimated to take 3-7 business days. While USPS provides this estimate, they do not guarantee delivery within that time frame and we've been informed that mail can sometimes take up to 3 weeks to deliver if it is misrouted or has to be returned to the sender.

When did you send the package out to us? Do you happen to have tracking information for your package? We’d be more than happy to help you track it down.

We'll send you an email to let you know as soon as we've processed your gift cards and mailed you a check. If you find that your mail has been returned by the USPS due to an incorrect delivery address, feel free to try sending it to us again after correcting the problem.

In regards, to the review below, there are many reviews that do not get updated once the issue had been rectified. There are many things that can happen to the package before it reaches us. If we were a business that scams people, I don't think that we'd still be in business! We understand your concern, however, we try out best to resolve the issues with our customers and often times we need the customers to cooperate with us to ensure that their gift cards get to us. Also, there are many competitors out there in this market so please keep that in mind as you read the reviews. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us.

Warmest regards,


Dear Anderson, (My Response)

Thank you for the prompt response, but there should not be a delivery issue with incorrect address / delivery issues since your company generated the pre printed ship label. I used the lable that was provided by your company. Yes, I would appreciate an confirmation email that my cards have been received and that payment is in route. While I do sincerely appreciate the response from your company, it will not mean much if I do not receive the service that Card Pool has stated that they offer.

Thank you,

Cardpool Support, Mar 29:

Dear Theresa, (Next Response from Card Pool) Runaround

Thanks for contacting us! As soon as have received and processed the gift cards for your transaction(s), we will send an email notification of payment being sent. We appreciate your interest in our company and hope to provide a stellar customer experience for you. If there's anything you need, please let us know at

Kindest Regards,


Cardpool Support, Apr 07:

Hi Theresa, (Next Response) Runaround

Thanks for getting back to us. Yes, we sent you a reminder email as a courtesy for each transaction you created since it seems we haven't received your gift cards yet.

USPS recently informed us that there was a mail delay so your mail may take a little longer to reach us. We've been informed that mail may take an additional 2 weeks to deliver. We will definitely be in touch with you as soon as we do receive your mail, and, in the meantime, please feel welcome to check back with us.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience! We rely on USPS to handle all our shipping and wish we could give you a more specific delivery time frame. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at any time.

Thanks and have a lovely day,


Warning: Do not use this company... My situation is still unresolved, and the customer service representatives are probably just Anson & Jeff using alias names. I do not know how they stay in business robbing customers. It is probably that they prey on the unsuspecting & those who have not yet read the "Complaint Blogs".


New Reviewer


Do not walk away from this company, run as fast as you can. I sent a 500 gift card to them using their prepaid postage and address label as instructed. Well, when I did not hear from them after 10 days, I tried to find a phone number--- Good Luck with that. After searching to find the parent company, I finally got a person to ask questions, then I got an email and it basically was sorry but not our problem.

Interestingly the card was used in the same vicinity as one I sold previously- HMMM. I am having to file a Police report and File with the Postal Inspector. Will I ever get any resolution. Not from CardPool they seem flippant about it. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT SEND THEM ANYTHING!!!! You are better off keeping it or re-gifting.

New Reviewer

I sent them a gift card for redemption but they never sent me the money.
They are thiefs, stay away.

New Reviewer

I have purchased physical gift cards, electronic gift cards, and mobile gift cards from The physical came within a week, I think just a few days, and the electronic and mobile were instant or close to it. All had exact value that I expected and worked perfectly. In store and online purchases were made. Thank you, Cardpool! :)

New Reviewer

Stay away from this crummy company - It was bought out by Blackhawk Network - the worst company in the gift card business. Their corporate number is Phone: 925-226-9990 but it's completely useless, they don't care about customer service issues. Cardpool itself is a total scam, they don't have a physical office, their calls are routed to disposable cell phones, and they only have 2 employees - Anson Tsai (the owner - cell 415-269-6147) and Jeff (order support - cell 925-337-5811). The whole operation is linked to a PO box but all the action is happening at the owner's condo at 660 King St #223. They will lie to you, hang up on you and even block your number so you can't call them. Read the reviews online, they've stolen thousands of dollars from customers' gift cards, going so far as blaming the post office, when the post office has provided video footage showing them taking possession of undamaged envelopes. You've been warned! DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered a $25 electronic gift card, it was sent immediately. I then ordered a $100 one tot the same place. I guess they were suspicious so they called me to verify my address, the closest cross street, and such and then they sent me an email about the conversation and that they would process the order. I still haven't received it and it's been 8 hours after the phone conversation and email. Even though I can see my credit card has already been charged. Use them for small amounts only nothing more than $25.00. And it looks like buying more than one card at a time makes them nervous.

New Reviewer

I was really hesitant to send in my 3 cards (1 REI card, 2 Red Robin cards), but the company seemed reliable. I mailed in the cards, got an email confirmation when they were received and received another confirmation when the cards were shipped out. The whole process from mailed cards to check recived took about 7 - 10 days. Will use 'em again!

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