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Cardpool reviews

161 reviews
Categories: Gift Cards
268 Bush St., #3744
San Francisco, CA 94104, USA

161 Reviews From Our Community

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Cardpool offers the simplest way to save money by buying and selling gift cards. (in 59 reviews)


I sent in my gift card and received an Amazon gift card code via email with in 24 hours as promised. (in 22 reviews)


Good discounts, GOOD, FRIENDLY, POLITE, PROMPT CUSTOMER SERVICE. (in 37 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Wish I have check the reviews before the purchase from card pool. However first time purchase was successful . Made the second purchase paid 172.00 for a 190.00 lowes card on 03/11/14. After 2 days no reply no nothing . Then I found out there's no number to call and it makes worry a bit. No choice so send them an e mail ,got a sample reply saying they are so busy due to post holidays sale. ( Holiday ) ? This is March what holiday , send them 2 more e mail and they told me that they have issue a refund on 04/14 but I check on line with my bank after 3 days . Still no show of my refund yet. At this point I wish myself good luck and keep waiting
My advise at least find a company that has a number to call or someone to talk
This company has no number and it makes you think what company has no phone for customer to call or simply they just don't want to talk to you !
Stay away from this.

New Reviewer

I send a card to them a week ago and they promised 24hr term around. A week later I contacted them and got a canned email that dispute their claims they were at least 2 weeks behind in opening mail because of "Christmas rush" hey guys it is the end of MARCH.
I think they are a scam and will be filing complaints with the BBB, California Attorney General's fraud office and the SF County Attorney's office. Beware!!!!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Since the beginning of 2014 I started to purchase giftcards from Cardpool. My purchases were under $30 per card and had no issues. In late Feb. had an incident that I received a gift card about two weeks after placing an order. Now, I ordered an Starbucks e-gift card which is a paper card. I received it in the proper amount of time but I got a piece of paper with a picture from starbucks but not numbers, no barcode, nothing. So how am I suppose to use this? The lack of a customer service number is just unacceptable. There are many other gift card retailers that provide better service, a delivery confirmation number and a customer service number. I won't be using Cardpool anymore, not worth the hassle.

New Reviewer

I have had nothing but a good experience with this company. Sold a few cards to them and have had no problems at all. I am surprised at some of the negative reviews because me personally had such nothing but a positive experience with them. I hope my review helps!!

New Reviewer

I sent in my gift card and received an Amazon gift card code via email with in 24 hours as promised. Today I tried to use the gift code at the Amazon site and they did not recognize it. I typed it in using caps, no caps, dash, no dash--nothing worked. So lesson learned. * Update: I really need to apologize to Cardpool. I did not read the code correctly, mistaking an 8 for a B. When Cardpool replied to my email and explained my error I felt like an idiot. But most importantly, the new code worked just fine and I was able to make a purchase at Amazon.

New Reviewer

I purchased an electronic gift card on a Friday. As per their site electronic gift cards are sent within 24-hours. Here it is Sunday afternoon and I have no gift card. They have no customer service phone number, only email.

New Reviewer

I don't even want to give a star to Their service is sucks. Before I buy a bulk big gift card amount, I tried a small amount and make sure it's not scam first. First, the website doesn't show any customer service phone number which is weird to me. Then I send them an email to check my order status, no response at all. It has been a week and I am still waiting for my gift card. Hopefully, I didn't lose my money.

After this experience, I will never do business with Cardpool anymore. is a good choice for me to go...

New Reviewer

I had a $250 Macy's Gift card that i wanted to sell and get some money for, so I saw that cardpool had the highest rating out of all the sites to sell gift cards on. They offered me $207.50 for it, which I was willing to take.

I printed out the prepaid label, shipped out the card, and then waited. And waited. And waited some more.

After a week in a half of hearing nothing at all, I was worrying that my card was lost. I emailed them and they said that it was due to "Heavy traffic" that they hadn't gotten to my gift card yet in terms of processing it.

And yet, I waited almost another 2 weeks...and then FINALLY, I got a confirmation that they were sending out my check. I got the check and cashed it with no issues.

So in the end, I didn't get ripped off, but I was definitely worried a good majority of the time while this whole thing took place. So in my opinion, Cardpool isn't bad (for me anyway), but after waiting as long as I did, I'm not sure I want to do business with them anymore.

New Reviewer

Terrible, terrible. company. They say you get electronic cards within 24 hours. Still waiting over 2 days later. Nobody answers the phone. Emails just get answered with generic responses. The online verification didn't work and it took a while to talk to someone -- still hasn't helped. Have received several emails that need to verify. Utter disaster.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

AWFUL experience. AWFUL customer service. They promote and promise everywhere on their site that they deliver their electronic cards within 24 hours. NOT TRUE. I'm still waiting on mine, and it's been 2 days. I can't even get a hold of ANYONE to check the status. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE SCUMBAGS.

New Reviewer

I sent in $75 in gift cards over a month ago and today I got an email saying I that the check is in the mail. I hope it is, but honestly, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it never comes.

I was told it would take 3-5 days to receive email confirmation that they received my gift cards, but it has been 5 weeks and today's email regarding my check is the only communication I've received back. If I'd read all these reviews, I never would have sent my card in. My own fault for not doing research

New Reviewer

SCAM. Send $100 gift card on Feb 2nd. It has been 3 weeks and I have sent several emails to them. But no response and no payment. Stay away from them!

New Reviewer

Took a bit longer than expected for them to receive, but that was due to the Christmas rush. They responded very quickly to my status update inquiry, and check is in the mail now! Would highly recommend!

New Reviewer

I sold a Tiffany and Co gift card (electronic so I did not have to mail the card in) on a Sunday and by Friday I had my check. Would most definetly recommend.

New Reviewer

SCAM… Sent them cards to sell. First they said they never received the cards. Then when i said i had tracking proof of delivery they said it was slow due to holidays. Then they said we had sold them too many cards. We never did get our check or the cards back. Total scam. Avoid. Do not send them cards for sale ever

New Reviewer

gave them my $25 gift card for AMC. Its over a month later now. I emailed them and now they say I have to physically send my card in when I threw it away, now they wont send me any payment.

Step 1: Get Offers
Tell us which gift cards you'd like to sell for cash.
Step 2: Transfer Gift Cards
Sell your gift cards electronically - no mailing required, or mail your gift cards using our FREE SHIPPING LABEL.
Step 3: Get Paid
We'll send you a check within 24 hours of receiving your gift cards

New Reviewer

Someone needs to sew. Sent in a card for $40.00. That was 3 weeks ago, still haven't got my check. SCAM

New Reviewer

I had read all the negative reviews and was blindly hopeful... Well, looks like I just lost $250 on my Gamestop gift card return. Received e-mail 3 weeks later: "Upon processing, the merchant reported that the Game Stop gift card was invalid and not activated."

I verified the card before sending it to them. Go figure.

New Reviewer

We set in a $400 ToysRUs card. They returned it without comment. Someone used the total card value two weeks later. Not us. Either Cardpool is a scam or they have an employee stealing card numbers. I would not use them.

New Reviewer

DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT SELL YOUR GIFT CARDS TO CARD POOL!!!! I sent them a $250 gift I had received as a gift. I'm in need of money so I sold it to them. It's been 3 weeks and no email no calls nothing. Now I'm out $250. PLEASE AVOID THIS SCAM SITE.

New Reviewer

I ordered a WalMart gift card. They charged my credit card and sent me confirmation with the correct shipping address. Later I got an email from them asking me to call back for some verification. I called back, left messages and emailed them- never heard back from them, and I never got my gift card.

New Reviewer

Ordered a $90. Victoria Secrets gift card. Their e-mails said it could take up to 3 weeks, UPS first class. Not from San Francisco to Walnut Creek CA.. I had to wait 3 weeks then never received it. Their e-mails said I could get my money back. Now they just ignore me. Liars and scam artists.I can dispute the charge with my CC company but these poor people that have sent them their gift cards are out of luck.

New Reviewer

I’m here to counter all the negative reviews, and NO, I don’t work for cardpool or am associated with them in any way.

I use many card resellers and cardpool, along with one other, is my favorite for a variety of reasons. Good discounts, GOOD, FRIENDLY, POLITE, PROMPT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Yep, via email, but absolutely great.

Look at the negative reviews. In every case, I see a customer who is being outrageously unrealistic and demanding. I’m half-way through the review and I think, “Jeez. What a douche.” Let’s go over the parameters and limitations of using a gift card reseller.

1. About 20% of the gift cards you buy are fraudulent. Someone uses a stolen credit card number (i.e., hacked from Target, sold openly online at sites that sell criminals stolen numbers; grafted onto a credit card) and buys a gift card. They then sell it to a reseller. The reseller sells it to you. It takes a while, but eventually the company whose gift card you bought gets stiffed by Visa or Mastercard and, identifying the gift card as having been a fraudulent purchase, zeroes out the card.

In the two years I’ve been buying gift cards, I’ve had 3 that were fraudulent. Both companies, cardpool and the other one I like, IMMEDIATELY refunded my money. I merely emailed cardpool with the information, they responded the next day, and my money was back in the bank within 3 days. IT’S THE COST OF DOING THIS KIND OF BUSINESS, so get real. You are saving quite a bit of money, and people stuck with gift cards they don’t want have a wonderful place to offload them without the hassle of ebay or Craigslist.

It is YOUR responsibility to use up the card during the guarantee period. It is YOUR responsibility to write the “expiration date,” if you will, on a calendar, so you know when the guarantee ends. Almost all the resellers are 60 days…but Cardpool is the only one I know of that is 100 days (for plastic cards. E-cards, which I’ve also bought, are less).

2. You are not going to get your e-card or plastic card in a hurry. Cardpool takes a little longer than others to get theirs to you by mail…but they tend to have better discounts on the cards I like. If you are buying an e-card or plastic gift card to purchase something that’s on sale RIGHT NOW, good luck. You need to be realistic and give yourself a MONTH’S leeway (you read that right: a MONTH)—from the moment you purchase the card to the moment you receive it. 99.999% of the time, the card arrives within a week (or the emailed e-card # in a FEW DAYS), but stuff happens, mail gets waylaid. And remember, 20% of the time, the cards are fraudulent.

So, you buy the card, you keep it in reserve for “the great sale.” But you must use it within the guarantee period.

Bearing these minor hardships in mind, as far as I’m concerned, it’s completely worth it for the money I’ve saved. I almost never make a purchase anymore—drugstore, department store—unless I’ve got a discounted gift card.

Framed as above, Cardpool is one of the very best.

Now, to those who have sold your card to Cardpool (or any other place). I’ve never sold a gift card to any reseller. But if I ever do, you can be sure I’ll spring 80 cents (or more, if the price goes up) for a TRACKING NUMBER. Duh! Unless you can PROVE your card was received, you are out of luck. In fact, I’d pay a few more pennies to get a signature, too! And if they paid you with an Amazon gift card, and you had trouble with that gift card…did you contact them (via email)? WHAT DID THEY SAY about your Amazon gift card? Unless you complete the story of your complaint, you have no valid complaint.

Again, I have no relationship with the company other than as customer. They’ve always done right by me and don’t deserve the mean-spirited reviews.

New Reviewer

I will save all the fine readers some time. If you are on this site, you are already having issues with Cardpool as I just did. Same as so many below- sold them a card, printed off their label, sent in my card and waited. Then the emails.... first from them.. "We haven't received your card yet." I immediately replied that I had sent it the next day after I used their web site, and advised them to please check their records, as it had been two weeks since being sent by me.

Seems they magically found it the next day, HOWEVER...sorry bad news, seems the USPS just delivered us our mailing label and SO SORRY no envelope nor card, bad luck for you, please try again later. Shocker.... the card had already been used.

So I send an email questioning their integrity and point out that they can open envelopes all day long and use our cards and then simply report them to use as LOST?

What I got back is a five paragraph email explain to me the finer points of how to pack a card in a better envelope, use better tape, insure the package and buy tracking and signature require services..... BECAUSE SENDER BEWARE.

Crooks... BBB call being made.

New Reviewer

Looks like I just lost $186. Mailed in my gift card as instructed with the shipping label they provide, but no amazon gift card mailed back. Emailed customer service and they say they haven't received anything. One week to mail a letter from Oakland to San Francisco? More likely card is lost or receipt never acknowledged by them. Nobody can prove it wasn't "lost in transit" which of course they aren't liable for. Like Jay said in his review, the shipping label has no tracking number so there's no way to see what actually happened. And according to a review on 1/12 the actual owners left the company so nobody there gives a crap about upholding any kind of standards. What's with the excellent review by the Better Business Bureau? What a joke.

New Reviewer

Customer service condescending. Founders of company left it and went on to something else. Obviously they've given up on their great idea! Company run by desperate 20 somethings like most start-ups. No real adult would settle to work for this digital factory supervised by video cameras.

New Reviewer

I have sold 4 gifts cards to them and received my check with no problems. I have read the reviews and I can't believe that this website is a scam. The process is easy so I am dumbfounded on why some of the customers are having any trouble. In order to sell your card is easy, you have 3 options to choose from. Either get an amazon card for more money, receive a check or get it deposited in your bank. I of course choose to receive a check because I get a little more money from my sold gift card.
Throughout the process they send me a confirmation email and a pre-paid postage I print out on my printer. I drop it off at the post office. I wait a couple of days for to email me once they receive my gift card. Once I get the email from them that they received my gift card they let me know they are mailing me my check. In the email they make sure they have my correct name and address before they send the check. If there's a problem I was told to either email them or call them. I had no problems with them. I patiently wait for my check. It take about 3 weeks for everything. I deposit my check into my savings account. I HAD NO PROBLEMS AND STILL USE THEM TO THIS DAY. I have never bought a gift card from them.

But you have to remember that some people are shady and are buying or selling gift cards from stolen credit cards. So maybe that's why some of the people are having horrible customer service. I'm honest so I have no problems. My bank accepts my check and they wanted to know how they can sell their gift cards. I told them about So it is not a scam to the banks, well not to Virginia Credit Union.
I trust the site.

New Reviewer

I sold a 210 dollar best buy gift card to them. I read a bunch of horrible reviews and a few good ones. So I decided to trust that most people only review for a bad experience.
I had a great experience. They were running a deal where you could get 5% if you opted for an amazing gift card instead of cash. That is exactly what I wanted anyways so I pulled the trigger. Did it at 7:30pm and by the time I woke up the next morning the amazon gift card was in my inbox.

New Reviewer

$50 cards only had $10 left on them. No number to call to get refund, only VERY SLOW email system. Use this site with EXTREME CAUTION,

New Reviewer

Purchased a couple hundred dollars of gift cards with my chase sapphire to get the bonus points. Paid off balance and did not use it afterwards. Couple a months later I get an E-mail from my set up alerts about several transactions being charge to my card in the hundreds. This is not a trustworthy company. Thankfully Chase was very nice about resolving the issue .You have been warned!

New Reviewer

No phone support is dumb. Emails take a day and there is no back and forth communication. They just say sorry we can't help you. I tried swapping walmart card for amazon. Website doesnt work when I clicked exchange for amazon. I didnt realize it switched without me knowing to check in the mail. I then needed code right away for sale on amazon and I chose to take his of $16 to get electronic code, however this just means you submit electronically and it still takes 3-7 days for them to mail. What a joke of a company that even when they screw up they just say sorry, can't do anything now.

New Reviewer

They sent me the Nike e-codes. I needed those e-codes for immediate purchase at But the e-codes were invalid at the time of my purchase at Asked Cardpool for help. They responded a day after and it was too late. I asked them for refund. They refused to do that. They are the worst gift card company with the worst customer service. Will never purchase from them again. If you want to buy gift cards, buy them from other online gift card companies!!!!

New Reviewer

I have ordered physical cards numerous times from them and great experiences.
So Lowes had a sale for Veterans day,limited time, and the stove and dishwasher I had my eye on for monts were on a great sale so I ordered enough ELECTRONIC CARDS to pay for the stove. 5 cards and 2 of the codes are invalid!!!!!!
The sale ends tomorrow and since Cardpool does not think enough of their customers to have a direct phone line I am stuck with about $500 in useless Electronic ( good for online orders only )Of which $225 is invalid!!!!
Big deral I saved 7% via cardpool .I could have saved 6% of ebates and been done with it all now.I also lose out on a rebate offer on the appliances to the tune of $50(had to buy 2 appliancesfor the rebate) Cardpool electronic cards SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I give it one star because I can't give it any less. I purchased my gift cards from it, and they asked for a verification, then I hand it over to my husband who is the cardholder. My husband give them several phone calls, no one replies. Later on, they replied to my email and saying we can call them now. We are at work, this brings us a lot of inconvenient. Then I said cancel the electronic gift card parts, the staff there cancelled all of my purchase. A totally waste of time.
A reminder, if you don't have trouble purchasing, it works good. If there's some unexpected trouble, don't count on them working out for you! Stay away from this company.

New Reviewer

After submitting a few Starbucks egift card number and pin, I had received a phone call from their verification department the next day. The lady was asking me where did I get the card and how long I have been having those cards. When I told her I got the gift cards from my friends in Canada for special occasion, she started asking me, "what kind of special occasion?" with very fishy tone. I didn't feel comfortable to answer her question, so I asked her" does it matter if those for my birthday or holiday?" instead. All the sudden, she sounded all offended and hung up on me without saying bye or nothing...

The next day of course they rejected all my gift card without providing any reasons other than their "processing center encountered issue of processing my card..."

No customer service phone number was provided, so you always have to wait 24 hours to just get an email reply.

I have to say this is the WORST on-line service I have ever seen. Please STAY AWAY if you can. Just wasting your time and efforts!!!

New Reviewer

VERY questionable business we've got here...they make it sound like they're going to provide you with a shipping label to ship them your gift cards (which they do), but it's not until AFTER you give them the gift card numbers + pin numbers that you find out their shipping label includes NO tracking number. You really think I'm going to send you a GC worth hundreds of dollars without tracking? In addition, the label is designed to go on a standard letter envelope. As someone who ships extensively with USPS, I know that rigid objects are NOT supposed to be sent in letter envelopes because the sorting machine can and will chew it up--causing it to become undeliverable and/or lost. There is no way they don't know this. I can't imagine how many peoples cards have gone missing as a result. I am incredibly wary of their business at this point, which is ridiculous because it would be SO EASY for them to simply provide proper shipping labels that include tracking in order to calm their customers nerves.

New Reviewer

I REALLY wanted to like this service, but realized that I was receiving 10 or more emails a day from them, notifying me that the cards on my wishlist were available, only to get on the site and see that they were gone. The only cards I could EVER purchase from Cardpool were the ones that were always available (like they had 100 of them). If a card was popular, even if I got on literally SECONDS after it came up as available and actually got it IN MY CART, the transaction would freeze, and someone else would get the card--maybe someone with a faster internet connection? I don't know. What I do know is that not even once was I successful in getting a card on my wishlist, my mailbox was filling up with useless notifications about cards that were never available once I tried to purchase them and that, FORTUNATELY, there are other card-purchasing services out there that actually work! I would suggest to any and all that you skip this one!

New Reviewer

I have been purchasing cards from Cardpool for a few months now and they seem to be fine until today. I purchased 2 cards (with separate transactions) as I always did but I just now found out that they put these 2 transactions as "Cash Advance". I was charged for $20 for transaction fees and still have to pay interests on them. I filed a dispute with my credit card company.....I have another transaction pending .... fingers crossed. There is no customer service phone number!!

New Reviewer

They have sort of good deal than others. But never try to talk with their customer service, it will be nightmare! The best way is just cancel the order. They sound like don't have enough sleeping and will ask you so many questions but not tell you why.

New Reviewer

the worst online shopping experience I've ever had. apparently they are under-staffed so they do not provide a customer service number. i purchased an ecard which should delivered to me within 24 hours but it's been over 24 hours and i still receive nothing. i sent several emails to the customer service and no one respond. horrible company. never order from them again. stay away!!!!

New Reviewer

They apparently preauthorize credit cards BEFORE confirming inventory. If the card you want is popular, inventory may disappear while in the middle of a transaction. I tried a couple of times before my bank called me since the bank's system detected fraud. My bank showed four transactions (plus three more which were declined once they froze the account). Bulk purchase is therefore useless.

Cardpool's response:

"The first four charges were cancelled and refunded when the orders did not go through. This usually happens if one or more cards is purchased by another customer before the order is completed. The refunded amounts will be reflected in your credit card statement within a few business days."

New Reviewer

First transaction with them, the only good thing about them is the processing time is ok, after two business day after the cards were delivered I received a phone call regarding where and how I got the cards I was trying to sell. After another two days, they cancelled the whole transaction with no explanation and due to the lack of direct customer service number, you have to wait almost 24 hrs for each email reply. And don't bother calling their bulk sale number, they will not help you. And at the end, all they give you is "we can not disclose how the decision was made." This must be a joke, I was the original purchaser with receipts in hand from the physical store themselves to prove it. Overall, a huge disappointment.

New Reviewer

I redeemed 1-800-flowers gift card with no issues. Went on website to redeem another 1-800-flowers card within days of getting check. I got confirmation, shipping label with postage and mailed card in. Then get email saying they cannot process my request and are returning card. I had to inquire as to why. I was told they no longer accept 1-800-flowers gift cards. But I went on website and they are still listed and when applied for offer, I got one. So they advertise what cards they accept, they process your request, you mail the card to them and then they change their mind. 1-800-flowers is still listed as a vendor they accept cards for. this is bad business and I hope my gift card is being returned to me.

New Reviewer

Something is real shady about this "company." Be warned. They cancel your offers without explanation. They call asking strange questions about a $50 gift card, then still cancel the order after you satisfy their idiotic curiosities. I'm thinking they're a front for something else, interested primarily in acquiring information than actually buying legitimate gift cards. Who, what and why, no idea. but something is very wrong with cardpool.

New Reviewer

I enter the codes for my $625.17 my Bloomingdale's gift cards and I received a call from Oscar (415) 419-8787 2 days later asking me questions, where do I get the gift card, how long do I have it, where is the location the GC issued, etc… 4 days later, I got this email,

“We recently received your gift card code transaction but our processing center encountered an issue while processing your card. We are unable to accept these gift card codes at this time and we are returning ownership of this gift card to you”. The PROBLEM is my card was used and the balance is $14.

Stay away from Scam!!!

After Search around the web

Anson Tsai (the owner - cell 415-269-6147) and Jeff (order support - cell 925-337-5811).

New Reviewer

Trying to sell my Bloomingdale’s gift card $195 get an offer check about $160. This company is big B.$hit company. Waiting for week, company representative( Lori) called me back, asking me “where I got the gift card from, how long I had it, etc”... At the end, because of the value they can’t buy it( come on, a company afraid of risk of $200 gift card). I even offer ship the actual card and the receipt of the gift card to them with certify mail. Still won’t buy it. Just another Big Bu$$hit company, don’t have money, and hope to land big in public stock etc… Don’t deal with them, just wasting your time. Wait!!! 8 days later my gift card from $195 to $103, I called Bloomingdale’s to ask why. They said someone used the gift card online purchase in San Jose, CA

New Reviewer

I've had a very positive experience dealing with on several occasions either buying or selling gift cards. Their selling process is very easy and simple: no credit card on file required, no additional statements from me. They even provide a postage paid label to send the gift card(s) you're selling. I enjoy doing business with them every time. Unfortunately they lack some of the brands of stores on their list, but so far I was able to find all the ones I needed. Thanks.

New Reviewer

Buy discount gift cards or sell the ones you won't use. This site can save you a lot of money if you put most of your expenses on these cards. I love it!