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New Reviewer

It starts out very pleasant but the more you get involved on the site you get BULLIED and attacked. I made one comment on an older women's comment who was a bronze member n said she was being very mean and hateful n rude to this younger mom n she attacked and STALKED ME! She found any and every comment I had made to other ppls posts and attacked me n would make comments on how dumb, uneducated n lots of other nasty things and The ppl who manage the site did nothing. It's like a adult women Facebook. They worry bout the bullying of kids on FB committing suicide I'd be more worried bout the bulling on cafemom. Stay away no one needs the hatefulness

New Reviewer

This is a really great forum if you like to be bullied. Depending on the groups you belong to, is very clicky and does not like "new" members. I honestly think this site is for women who have major issues with their spouses, or lack there of, and don't know how to raise their now, spoiled rotten kid(s). Some groups have more "mature" group members who
use derogatory insults, bullying & profanity when you don't agree with their views or just because they don't like you. This sIte allows this and offers little solution or protection to its members. Group Administrators do not police posts nor remove group members who harass and bully others. Anyone can become an Admin and most of them are troublemakers and love to stir the pot. This site is full of drama and the women on here are either crackheads or very seriously whacked. They have "no life" and makeup things to get attention. It is really quite sad. A bunch of caddy women who are, obviously, very unhappy in their personal life. If they were happy they wouldn't be on here 24/7 using derogatory insults which is usually followed by an "LOL". They talk about their kids and how great they are (LOL) and, obviously, they are neglected. It's a shame that does not have counsellors on board to help these women who clearly are not living in reality. Again, so sad...

New Reviewer

GREAT FORUM IF YOU LIKE TO BE BULLIED! It really depends on the groups you belong to. Some groups have more "mature" group members who are supportive or at least reply with constructive feedback even if they don't agree with you. However, group admins do not police posts nor remove group members who harass and bully others. This can be a bullying website. And b/c the owner of the site and the group admins allow the worst kind of bullying (ie attacks on children) I chose to leave the site. The ABSOLUTE WORST, MOST CHILDISH, BULLYING GROUP IS THE "MILITARY" GROUP.

New Reviewer

I haven't really talked to much people on Cafemom... but I have tryed to find stay at home jobs.. and alot of them are scam sites.. are don't even pay as much as some of mom's claim in posts...

New Reviewer

I was horribly bullied on this site. I was suffering from severe PPD, and as a stay at home mom without any close family in the state, I was hoping to get some support online. I thought surely there were others.
I found particularly the stay at home mom group to be an insular, catty, cliche who loved nothing more than picking on the new members. Traumatic experience to say the least. I contacted the company to see what they were doing to prevent these things. Nothing. They are doing nothing.

New Reviewer

Derogatory insults, bullying & profanity when you don't agree with their views. Site allows this & offers little solution or protection to its members.

New Reviewer

A very politically liberal site that gives liberals preferential treatment and mistreats conservatives.
Conservatives need their own site and need to come away from Cafemom.

New Reviewer

Upon reading many (biased agendas full of false info) articles I then go to reading the many comments. I am shocked that they allow direct insults, racial slurs, open attacks written by their many members,and I can only guess that altho this kind of thing goes against thier website rules......they are purposely allowing it to further their inflammatory viewpoints. If you agree with the articles u will do fine...otherwise stay away from this activist driven super liberal agenda site.

New Reviewer

I actually believe the website and the whole concept is cool. Where my problem comes in is their discriminatory practices. I joined as I am trying to meet other moms and moms-to-be since I plan to be a mom myself in the very near future. I tried to log in today and found my account information not working. I contacted their staff via email and received a very insensitive response telling me my account was canceled because I am not a mother and not "actively trying to conceive." First I consider it rude that they did not notify me before (1)accepting my membership or (2)canceling my account. Then for them to tell me that I am not "actively trying to conceive" is beyond me. I almost feel like my rights have been violated. Eck!

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