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C2coffer reviews

36 reviews
Categories: Auction, Shopping Sites
Tel: +86.13766844682
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New Reviewer

Toital ripoff. Sent my money by western union. Would not return my emails within the site. FRAUDULENT!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT USE THIS SITE

Ask L about C2coffer
New Reviewer

I ordered an iPhone 5s 64GB for $120.00 and I had to wait 7-9 days to $#*! I was okay waiting ... To this day 11 days later never received the product!!! NO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered from this site in April. RIP OFF COMPANY. No products received and now no communication from sellers. Firmly believe represents SHADY DEALS!
DO NOT USE THIS SITE UNLESS YOU WANT TO DONATE YOUR MONEY. Burning your cash would be simpler!!

New Reviewer

Purchased over 500.00 in goods from ya tang (biaoliruyi28) and never received items. I feel like a idiot.
Contacted twice and they never replied. Don't buy anything on this site.

New Reviewer

Do not buy anything from this dishonest company. Unfortunately I did.They got my $60.00 and sent me goods which were subsequently confiscated as counterfeit. There has been no meaningful communication since then.

New Reviewer

I lost about two hundred dollars, on two transactions. Too risky to even consider using it! Most of the reviews sound like my experience.
Did you notice the reviews are either VERY bad or are five star! Makes me very suspicious of the five star reviews!
Just don't even think about it.

New Reviewer

i order an i pad on dec 17 with the seller : ningmengcha ,,,
he ask me 90.$ more for chinese custom duties ,,,, he gave me a wrong tracking number with DHL
i paid via western union
and i received nothing yet ,,,he dont answer me since he have my money
i was naked

New Reviewer


Expert Reviewer

~ Use site at risk ~ Quick Charge Back is the Key when purchasing from china based websites!

Site is known for their seller's stealing users money and not delivering the sold merchandise, or sending counterfeits!

c2coffer complaints search:
BBB Warns Online Shoppers on Counterfeit Goods from‎

"Dec 20, 2012 - Based on's failure to respond to customer complaints and to BBB's request for information, has a BBB rating of “F"."

New Reviewer

Do not buy from amigoodluck on this site what so ever! I can't comment on the other sellers but after my experience I do not trust any of them. I ordered £235 worth of goods, 9 items in total, waited 4 weeks and all I received was a $#*!ty set of rosary beads that you could buy in the pound store. Were meant to be D&G but definitely did not resemble them. I did not receive any other items....pissed off to say the least! Just stick to eBay, and check others feedback first!!

New Reviewer

I have two problems, A seller on this site accepted payment for a guitar, and then ignored all of my e-mails and never sent it out as promised in 7-10days. My other problem is with C2 offer customer service who NEVER got back to me reagarding this very bad experience as a first time buyer after three e-mailed complaints! The seller is Amigoodluck888 and has no items currently on this site. Wonder why!!!!

New Reviewer

i can't seem to connect with the company to report an abuse: i bought an item from kaitoushun518 (30)

heng lei li


0, shanghaishi 200021, China

and it's been over a month of excuses that it's been sent. what a bunch of liars! $35 isn't a big enough to compromise onesself. but this company truly sucks!! a hope c2coffer reads this so that they can address the problem: ban this seller and give me my refund.

New Reviewer

The place is legit you just have to research your seller first. I have bought probably 5 things from there and only had a problem w/ 1. Research your seller, check how many "Positive Feedbacks" they have and ask questions. You can even bargain w/ them. If you find one you like, definitely stick w/ them. I have gotten some great stuff, very cheap whether it be authentic or not, I don't care. If you're looking for authentic stuff, you probably won't go this route anyway. I visit my one store all the time.

New Reviewer

Don't buy anything from c2coffer website.scam

New Reviewer

Bought a samsung galaxy s4 from loveqian138 they said that it will take up to 3-4 weeks which i was okay with waiting.... after i paid the next day all his stuff was gone and 2 weeks latter he put everything back up but gave me an unpaid buyer rate as though i didnt pay.... everyone just stick with ebay or amazon at least they are going to give you something rather its in good condition or not...... wast of money

New Reviewer

Dear Earth... DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THAT SITE EVER EVER EVER! I went to buy a product.. I paid Mr.Yuanfala the money and expected my product within several minutes. I wait SEVERAL HOURS for my product.. then he comes on around 5 a.m. apologizing to me. Then I message him and he doesn't respond and he is ONLINE! I contacted the website to report him, I working on getting my product, lack of communication, UNPROFESSIONAL, and just a horrible site. God bless you all and I will NEVER GET ANYTHING FROM THAT SITE AGAIN!

New Reviewer

Get rid of this website. I ordered a Tag Huer watch from cheapstore 168 on May 6, 2013 and now it's July 14 and its still not here. I asked cheapstore 168 to see if my watch was shipped on June 8th, 2013 and they responded that it was shipped already. I am stil waiting for the watch since May , I wrote the seller again but got not response. Don't buy anything from / cheaper168 they are horrible.

New Reviewer

Get rid of this $@*& website. I ordered a $@*& iPad on January 6, 2013 and now it's April 18 and its still not here. I asked for a tracking number but got no response. When I asked the jack ass I ordered it from she said " my friend you'll get it soon". Don't buy anything from this is 0 stars

New Reviewer

Con Artist site. Spent $500 on iphones and ipads, never got any thing, Sellers do not answer at all, working with paypal and my credit card to get my money back. Complete reipoff site, stay away.

New Reviewer

I bought a pair of Ray Ban Glasses for $10 ($15 shipping) and a David Beckham rosary for $15 ($15 shipping) and i couldnt be more satisfied. My Ray Bans look real and theres no way you can tell that they're knockoffs. Same with my rosary. Both items have the name/logo on them and i couldnt be more satisfied

New Reviewer

I bought a pair of tory burch flats, a michael kors watch and hugo boss shorts. Its obviously fake, come on, for that price you have to know you are buying fake! But everything arrived 3 weeks later and honestly i loved everything I purchased. The flats looked so real! but of course a little uncomfortable. The watch was a little fake but looked good so I still use it! Honestly, they accept paypal so if your item doesn't arrive you can just complain to paypal and they will do you a refund for you. I recommend it for people that don't care if they buy fake, they just want to pay cheap!

New Reviewer

I ordered a 64 gb iPod touch and the seller won't give me any info. The seller is weiwei_ok. Stay away!

New Reviewer

It seems a secure site better then I must try it

New Reviewer

very bad website biggest mistake of my life paid $75 for a iphone 4s 32g and 3 weeks later i got a package in the post it was a little red gem in the post NOT HAPPY ( so please!!!!!please!!!!please!!!!!! do not uses this website everyone SAVE YOUR MONEY AND BUY THE REAL THINGS FROM THE REAL STORES) for example ( THANKYOU GOOD LUCK PEOPLE

New Reviewer

I see many biased reviews on this site about C2Coffer. If you order from the right person (look at their feedback) you will always receive your item, and if you don't you can always call your credit card company. I use the sellers "feicui" and "wish" and they're two of the best sellers you could ask for, Your items get to you within 7 days and they're always up-to-par. Of course the items are mass manufactured in China and these merchants buy them for a much lower price than us but most of them offer free shipping and are willing to drop 10-30% off of their asking price. You should always ask for pictures of your item from the seller once you've purchased or else you may receive something you might not want at all. Some sellers do use stock photos and others take their own pictures. Really though, You can't pay $30 for a $200 product (or in my case $78 for a $20,000 product) and expect the same exact thing. The watches i've ordered from there are very good replicas of the real thing and well worth the money. Unless you live near chinatown in NYC you're not going to find a better deal on any of the items there.

New Reviewer

I paid for 3 pairs of shoes from this seller xiayizhan698 in early February. She never sent them, so I kept chasing her up on it, and she kept saying "My friend, please be patient, I will check the payment". It is now the end of April and I still recieved my shoes. Replies are few and far between. This is a SCAM site. Don't buy from them - they don't reply, and they just want to rip you off.

New Reviewer

Had a bad experiance with one seller ,I bought a leather chloe bag for $160 ,neither did the seller ship my bag and vanished without refunding my money ,i have sent umpteen mails ,now i have taken help of paypal to resolve the issue ,the name of the seller is "TOPBAG2010" ,KEEP AWAY FROM THIS SELLER,always see the positive rateings they have and go to their previous records to view their sales then deal with them ...all sellers are not bad

New Reviewer

I ordered an ipad through the seller (tolarg) several weeks ago. Paid him through paypal and sent him several emails asking for a shipping or tracking number. I have received no response from him whatsoever!! At least I paid through paypal. I opened a dispute and hope I will get my money back soon!!

Here's your red flag!! :(

New Reviewer

i paid for a louis vuitton cion pouch from this website on sep 21 the seller told me it will take 15-25 days its now oct 15 so i asked the seller can i have my tracking number she said oh my friend it will be there soon.i told her i don't care what you think what is my tracking number so after 2 days she give it to me and it didnt i told the seller it didnt work she said it takes 3 days for it to show up on the tracking website...Now after looking at all the reviews i think i got rip off....hopefully paypal can help me...

New Reviewer

I bought 3 freaking Ipads costing 300 usd thats abt 400-500plus to Singapore dollars from some seller named "APPLE" just because she is selling all apple products?? wth, i was so convinced that my $$$ flew out of the sky! I don't condemn all China sellers like some reviews i've read,we are in no position to judge them eventhough its a PAIN IN THE ARSE to be conned! but not all are con mans, some are really very2 honest sellers. We just have to be SMART to OUTSMART em! Like me, i do online shopping like ALL the time, u just have to be bit more cleverer & please, do your homework before u start shopping!! ^_^

New Reviewer

Just lost $185usd on a Nintendo 3sds and doesn't answer emails they should be eliminated before they hurt more buyers

New Reviewer

Ordered iphones, did not turn up, service emails and contacts all go nowhere bouncing..... looks like a total con re my purchase!

New Reviewer

bought a usb flash stick for $10, 600 GB. with shipping cost $20. arrived in perfect condition from china three weeks later.

ah... duh... WINNING!!!!

New Reviewer

Ordered some soccer shoes from there and they never shipped as promised and basically disappeared and stopped answering my emails. It was an outright ripoff

New Reviewer

Offers n number of high products for 25% rate and there is no way you can track these guys.
once you pay them the seller account disappears.
reported to cyber crime unit and looking forward to block the whole site.

New Reviewer

Complete rip off!!! Do not trust the site.

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