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Review of Brad's Deals

Brad's Deals reviews

44 reviews
Categories: Discount Shopping
7195 Commerce Dr.
Mentor, Ohio, USA
Tel: +1.8779707070

44 Reviews From Our Community

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4 reviews
9 helpful votes

I can not figure out why anyone would not give this site a 5-star rating! They literally search the internet and provide you with sites having sales or items that are on sale - what a time saver! I have bought numerous items that this site has alerted me to - PEOPLE: YOU ARE NOT BUYING YOUR ITEMS FROM BRAD'S DEALS!!! They only let you know the sales are going on - it is up to you to make the purchase from the specified vendor within the timeline of the sale or within the criteria stated! If you don't act fast enough (sometimes) or buy the items stated it is your fault! YOU MUST READ THE DETAILS OF THE SALE!! Sign up for their daily e-mails - they have introduced me to sites I would have never even heard of but got great deals because Brad's Deals alerted me to the sales. I have bought anything from American Eagle sweatshirts for $12 shipped free to dog chew sticks at 1/2 the retail price and shipped for free! I just can't say enough about how much I appreciate the service they provide!!!

Ask Jennifer about Brad's Deals
1 review
1 helpful vote

Love this site- it has everything you can think of at a great price.... You just have to check the daily deals and shop, shop, shop.

Ask erin about Brad's Deals
1 review
5 helpful votes

Sent back a watch and never heard back from them its been 4 months..3029830069 Cathy M please respond!

Ask Cathy about Brad's Deals
1 review
25 helpful votes

Bought 3 necklace from super Jeweler .They are suppose to be sterling silver w/diamond and normally sell for 299.00.I paid 14. each .from Brads, items not even worth that so where's the deal? If I want to return I have to insure and pay return postage. My bad for trusting Brads Deals if it sounds too good to be true it is. Lesson learned, Will never use Brads seals again

Ask kathy about Brad's Deals
1 review
10 helpful votes

What a virus! No "deals", just same prices you can get anytime at thes stores. Unsubscribed, but emails fill up my inbox. Bad! Bad! Bad!

Ask Richard about Brad's Deals
10 reviews
8 helpful votes

I'm a HUGE fan of I check it at least 3 to 6 times a day. It's the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I check before bed. (many times in between too)They are constantly adding new deals. I've gotten so many ideas, things I would haven't thought about, that make great gifts. I've lost count of how many things, (deals) I've bought because of this site. It's truly a unique, one of a kind, trusted site.

Ask kimberlee about Brad's Deals
1 review
21 helpful votes

These guys boarder on unethical. They send you an email about a low priced item and 10 minutes later the item is sold out. Another trick is to add shipping costs to make up for low prices. Example: Men's Nike Free Trainer 3.0 V4 Shoes $36 plus very reasonable shipping of $6.99 (although most sales are free shipping at other sites). Then I added 3 socks at $12 and THEY ADDED $12 IN SHIPPING COSTS. Outrageous!!!!!

Ask wayne about Brad's Deals
1 review
15 helpful votes

See a deal ya want - click on it - price goes from 49.99 to 149.99. What's the deal there Brad?
Or your item you find for such a great deal is "OUT OF STOCK" ANOTHER GREAT TRICK THERE BRAD. This guy lives pretty good off of his garbage website and taking advantage of people. Try reaching them sometime. That's another whole story and complaint. Never been called a liar especially when we have pictures that prove his site is a joke. And a bait and switch operation. Those that have gotten deals here probably are his family or friends. DON'T TRUST BRADS DEALS!

Ask RickandSherry about Brad's Deals
1 review
6 helpful votes

They alert you to some pretty awesome deals. If the business chooses not to honor the offers, it is not reflective of BD. it is reflective of the business . You will always have businesses who may choose to bait you with a deal but in the end not honor, no matter what coupon distributor you use.
Also , if you see something you wants be sure to buy it right away. Usually stock runs out due to the savings offered.

Ask Rebecca about Brad's Deals
1 review
10 helpful votes

In this day and age if you need someone to find the best bargain on the internet for you, then you are a moron. Looks like a scam to me.

Ask john about Brad's Deals
1 review
3 helpful votes

Of Great experiences here. I have gotten some good deals with using their codes and/or links and 80% free shipping too. Sometimes items I want have been sold out before I could get to site due to me not checking email sooner or limited quantities at that price, but Hey You Win some and Lose Some.

There was once I received a email from a company refunding my money after I already paid due to them running out. It was disappointing because they should have had a counter keeping up with sells, but this is a Direct reflection of the actual Seller's Website not did their job and informed me/us of good deals and provided the codes and links, anything after that, unless codes don't work I don't see how everyone is blaming Brads.

Ask Kim about Brad's Deals
8 reviews
8 helpful votes

Brads deals is the best site. Finding things I need are important to me. Check it out!

Ask Stephanie about Brad's Deals
1 review
14 helpful votes

Horrible that I thought I was getting an opportunity to save money when instead it was a way to sell my cell phone # to companies. Have received 12 phone soliciatations in 24 hours after signing up. CANCELLED memberships....asked to stop getting calls per email. NO response.
This company....BRAD is a sham.

Ask Teri about Brad's Deals
1 review
24 helpful votes

Feels like bait and switch. Ordered a comforter from Macy's to pick up in store. They never got the order and when i went to pick it up it was no longer on sale.
Second experience was with Coach. Ordered , 3 wallets as gifts. Several days later I got an email that they were no longer available. I was told I was welcome to browse their web site, but there were no comparable deals. I'm done with Brads deals!

Ask Risa about Brad's Deals
1 review
12 helpful votes

Should not have been able to get through the entire purchasing of the purse if they were out of stock. Unsure if this is Coach's error or Brad's Deals, but either way, I won't feel comfortable using this site again. Very disappointing to find such a great deal, only to be told many days later that the purse was not even available.

Ask Lisa about Brad's Deals
5 reviews
23 helpful votes

Lowest prices, not too mail email! Easy to use app

Ask Carlo about Brad's Deals
1 review
13 helpful votes

Things advertised that get you to sign up are not even available. Waste of my time.

Ask john about Brad's Deals
1 review
12 helpful votes

There are a lot of negative reviews, but I looked at a patio set that I saw in Brad's List, and got the deal that was shown. Even after reading all of the negative responses, it seemed that those that were writing the negative reviews were people that didn't know how to do any sort of online shopping. I proceeded to look up a promo code that was offered by the store that I bought the patio set from, and saved $20.00 more than Brad's List had it for, which ended up being the tax that I pay anyway.
This was an excellent deal. Thanks to Brad, whoever you are

Ask Debra about Brad's Deals
1 review
14 helpful votes

Got to Brad's Deals through an ad. Thought they looked pretty compelling so I signed up. But once in the site most of the stuff I didn't want and the deals weren't that amazing.

Ask Nardel about Brad's Deals
4 reviews
22 helpful votes

Personally, I have been a fan of Brad's Deals for years. Like any other company it has grown leaps and bounds with a full time staff. There was a time when Brad would personally email you back about a problem and solve it himself. There are great deals and horrible deals listed. I would advise anyone coming to the site to deal with companies you are familiar with. Major companies are safe such as Staples, Macy's, Kohls, etc. Common sense takes priority when finding a deal. I scout around looking for good deals, half the time find them on Brad's listing.

Ask Nancy about Brad's Deals
2 reviews
20 helpful votes

You can still get good deals on Brad's Deals, but you have to be very careful. At one time, I thought Brad's Deals vetted companies before publicizing their deals and so I was extremely trusting. I don't know if I was wrong, or if something changed, but they seem to work with just about any company now, and like others, I have been banned from making comments because I raised concerns about the reputation of a company they publicize deals for. However, there is still really no place better to find out where the best deals are. I suggest going only with companies you know if you don't want to risk receiving inferior merchandise.

Ask Rebecca about Brad's Deals
1 review
12 helpful votes

He obviously benefits GREATLY for listing the deals he does. Clearly some sort of pay off, he's not the LEAST bit objective (just see HOW many times he touts Angie's list...just judging from THAT, think he's a relative. Head's up...DO NOT ever join THAT, total scam. Give ANGIE your credit card, GOD...will you be sorry. Fact is, if you want to know WHO or WHAT to trust, where to go...ask your friends/neighbors...not need to PAY for infomration that advertisers pay HER).

But as for Brad, he will block you PRONTO if you write comment underneath deal he does NOT like. Such as this is NOT valid ---offen the case--or if price is better on Amazon or again....whatever he does NOT like reading . I know...I was blocked as were ALL my friends even when MOST of what we wrote supported the deal & gave others necessary information (like say for instance, we HAD the product or service already). Brad needs TO GO already. Seriously, he's about as unethical as they come, and that is EVEN if some of the deals are awesome. The way he runs his company/site is FAR from that. .

Ask Glenda about Brad's Deals
1 review
14 helpful votes

I have bought some amazing deals on Brad's Deals but I couldn't give it a 5 star rating for one reason. If you happen to delete the information about your purchase, you're out of luck! I saw no place on the website to view "my account" or "my purchases" and there is no contact information for Brad's Deals. A company whom I purchased items from contacted me about the incorrect price and needed to charge me more to have my item sent to me- I couldn't do it without that confirmation number I had lost. Fortunately, I called the company again and the person I spoke to actually looked up the account so everything's all good now. Why doesn't Brad's Deals have contact information on it's website?

Ask Mary about Brad's Deals
1 review
12 helpful votes

I have used a several times and have not had a bad experience yet. I just purchased from Kohls using Brad Deals PRES DAY coupon and saved an additional $92 besides the Kohls cash back of $10 on every $50 I spent which came to $70 to use on a future purchase....oh yeah I also got free shipping.

So far so good--besides it is not fair to rate Brads Deal site if unhappy with the store merchandise.

Ask Judy about Brad's Deals
1 review
11 helpful votes

I have just received the "Hotel Life Deluxe 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set" sold by GearXS. 0 Cotton 100% microfiber = garbage. Will Bradsdeals continue to advertise for GearXS? Or does anybody care?

Ask Vittoria about Brad's Deals
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

It seems like on every review page about every super sale site theres always gonna be the people with bad experiences. I have a hard time with Amazon on occasion and the places they use to distribute goods. I'll only say buyer beware of anything your buying online a save the transaction receipts and confirmation numbers if problems arise.

Ask Marc about Brad's Deals
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

Great site. great deals

Ask Foxdammit about Brad's Deals
1 review
6 helpful votes

I have gotten many great deals on this site from Ralph Lauren pillows under 20 bucks to amazing discounts on toms shoes (which I love) super comfy!! and thanks to brads deals I've been able to purchase a few pairs. However, I've been having some issues with this site lately, can't seem to open any sites and I'm having serious bradsdeals withdrawal what's going on????

Ask Cruz about Brad's Deals
4 reviews
14 helpful votes

Used to be alot better. They had a running blog on the right side of the page where we could all keep each other updated with our own personal experience with different products and/or services. It was very helpful. They have deleted this aspect and replaced it with ongoing jibber that serves no purpose other than to promote themselves. I also was one of the first people to pre-order Brads book as I was very excited to get more information. Very disappointed and it ended up in the trash the next day.

Ask C about Brad's Deals
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

I have gotten many great deals from this site. Sometimes people get mad because the "deal" they are mentioning is no longer available but that's just the way it goes. By the time you read your email and click on the link, so many people have taken advantage of the deal that it's sold out. I have gotten everything from a great deal on a Michael Kors watch to a 12 pack of underwear from the links posted on this site!

Ask Susan about Brad's Deals
1 review
5 helpful votes

Most of the time, my experiences are great. It is frustrating at times when things are not available almost as soon as posted.

Ask Valerie about Brad's Deals
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have used this site for 45 years and always check here before I order anything on line. The majority of the time there is some type of coupon code or savings promo going on for the storI am looking for. You do not order another from this web site - they are not a retailer - just a one point souce for savings opportunities. They offer links for quick access, but nothing is bought from or thorugh (so I do not understand the comments about 'not honoring their coupons'). Well worth taking the 2 minutes it takes to check every time you order online.

Ask grapeape about Brad's Deals
1 review
9 helpful votes

Posts loads of fake coupons to entice people to click to cookie stuff. Awful. Stay away.

Ask Stella about Brad's Deals
1 review
6 helpful votes

Be careful the "deals" you choose.

Ask no about Brad's Deals
1 review
9 helpful votes


Ask M about Brad's Deals
1 review
7 helpful votes

This site was recently covered in a "Smart Shopper" news segment on ABC15 for those of you who are still curious about what has to offer! Here's the link:

Ask Gerald about Brad's Deals
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Great website! Ordered topaz earings for my mom that were wonderful, and a pink saphire pendant that you cannot take your eyes off of it. No complaints here. Jewelry even arrived sooner than stated!

Ask Melinda about Brad's Deals
6 reviews
5 helpful votes

I love this website for deals and coupons for all stores and printable coupons around the country. they do all the "dirty work" for you and e-mail you each day to tell you what's on sale. Great for anything &everything you need to buy. From clothes to electronics to home goods, bedding etc...

Ask Danielle about Brad's Deals
1 review
8 helpful votes

First time orderer and when I received the product it was much cheaper looking than the product pictured (jewelry). Won't insult my wife by giving this item to her. Their site doesn't allow me to send them a message without belonging to twitter or facebook, and I will not chance getting a computer virus by subscribing to those sites.

Ask Earl about Brad's Deals
1 review
6 helpful votes

Tried to purchase Sears Cradtsman Tool Bag that was shown as $3.99 on you "deals" on "Sears,com" but it would not price out at that price. Their price was $8.99. "Chat" with Frddie at Sears but he could not find the Bag at the $3..99 price. he deal was ended today, as stated on you listing. Does that mean I have no way of getting the product at the $3.99 price? AND why was I not able to purchase the product? Please explain! Thank you!

Ask Tak about Brad's Deals
4 reviews
28 helpful votes

My exposure to Brad's Deals is relatively new, but I have made two purchases through it. Actually, you don't purchase through Brad, but link over to some other website which offers the special deal, and you enter the Discount Code provided by Brad.

Brad offers Magazine Subscriptions which are wonderful!

I was able to subscribe to OK! Magazine for 3 years at a price which averages out to about $10/year. So I bought two subscriptions for me, and a gift for my sister.

Then I was able to subscribe to The STAR supermarket tabloid for about the same
deal of $10/year. So I picked up two subscriptions for me and sister again,

In both offers, 1 or 2 year subscriptions were slightly higher in price, but still a great offer.

I've seen Brad notify members of more Magazine Subscriptions in the $5/year
price range. Perhaps, the publishers discount the price because Brad can deliver a huge burst of new paid subscriptions in a brief and quick period of time.

I recommend that you put yourself on his email list for his deal notifications,
especially if you like to read lots to magazines!

Sincerely, JOE Duffy
Beverly Hills/Los Angeles California

Ask Joe about Brad's Deals
9 reviews
23 helpful votes

This site is very different because it does not seem to sell or fulfill orders and I'm not sure what the profit scenario is ..... "Brad" researches the web and finds the best deals ... any products .... around. I joined a couple weeks ago, and have gotten some great deals. The writeup on each "deal" varies ... giving information on regular price, previous best price, shipping fees, sales tax, coupon info and a link to the sellers page. The products are some of the best known brands: Nike, Fossil, Lands End, Michael Kors, Sephora, and even the best credit card deals . So far all of the linked sites have professional websites and take PayPal payment. The deals on magazine subscriptions are fantastic: Rachael Ray for $4/year; Handyman for $5/year, and in most cases you can get 2-4 year new or renewed subscriptions for many of the most popular magazines. On a larger scale, an anti-gravity chair was a great bargain. It arrived in record time and is of high quality ... definitely a notch above so many other chairs of this type out there. I got my first Rachael Ray Everyday issue within two weeks of ordering, so I can vouch that site is legit. It's a fun experience to see what "Brad" digs up next! It's like having a savvy friend who surfs the net and alerts you to bargains.

Ask Joan about Brad's Deals
71 reviews
208 helpful votes

A great winner of a site...It will keep you informed about top deals of the day from many different retailers...They also have different giveaways that you can enter if you sign up to recieve the daily email...They also have a section where they reveal different coupon codes for free shipping and/or percentage off from popular retailers (promo codes and printable). check it out if you like to save a few dollars here and there.

Ask Joanne about Brad's Deals
12 reviews
31 helpful votes

I love this website! You just never know what you will find and every day is like a scavenger hunt of surprises. One suggestion though: if you sign up for the email alerts and there is a phenomenal deal you might miss it. I peek in a few times a day to see what is on sale. Basically you get code links for deals and their merchandise so far has seemed major brand and mostly highly desirable They have a special Black Friday site which I have never used. Really happy with them.

Ask Donna about Brad's Deals

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