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New Reviewer

I ordered a shirt on 2/8/14 and it still hasn't shipped. I contacted customer service and never received a reply. Now I have a dispute open with PayPal to get my money back since the company won't answer my complaint. As much as I like their shirts, I will never do business with them ever again. I wish I could give them 0 stars.

New Reviewer

I had to wait 8 weeks for my order to arrive, when it did they'd sent me the wrong tshirts, then wouldn't send the correct ones or give me a refund. However, customer service is good and they did reply fast but said that the management wouldn't allow it.

New Reviewer

The Good:
1) I ordered multiple sizes of a specific Doctor Who tee, and when I finally received the tees they looked as good as what was posted online and the box had the correct number of each size shirt.
2) I received a swift and courteous reply to my first email to Customer Support about not having received the tees within the time stated on their website (each design is on sale for 7 days; 2 days after the sale closes, the tees are printed; 1 day after that the tees are shipped, thus nobody should have to wait more than 10 days to get their shirts) and that if I didn't get an email within 48 hours with tracking information about my shipment then I should contact them again.

The Bad:
1) I ordered my tees before Thanksgiving, expecting I would get them well before the Christmas holiday. My PayPal account was charged on Nov. 29th, but by Dec. 18th I still hadn't received my tees so I emailed Customer Support to see whether or not they'd been delivered. As stated above, I got a swift and courteous reply.
2) I got an email on Dec. 20 that my tees had been shipped. On December 20th. I sent another email expressing my disappointment that they'd shipped so late that I would not be able to give the gifts to people on time, and that they should review their ordering/shipping policy since they didn't fulfill their online promise of shipping within 10 days of ordering, but I was happy that I would eventually get my tees. Better late than never.
3) I got home from a family gathering late on Christmas Eve to find the box from BlueBoxTees had finally arrived. I opened the box and found all of the tees of the sizes I had ordered, neatly folded and stacked. HOWEVER, below my tees I found a packing slip and 3 tees for ANOTHER CUSTOMER in another state! Who knows how long ago this other person had ordered her tees? I fired off another email to Customer Support letting them know what had happened, that I would be kind enough to do their job and ship the tees to the other customer, that I was going to spread the word about my experience with their company, and that I would never order from their site again!

New Reviewer

If you love Dr Who then you will love this site as all they sell is custom Dr Who T-Shirts. They can be a little slow at posting when busy but this is a small business who make something cool so you have to make allowances.