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BlueBoxTees reviews

24 reviews
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1 review
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I've been noticing similar complains. I ordered a shirt from them once before and got it within two weeks but most recently I order a shirt back in December it is now March, got ahold of someone named Dusty they told me there was originally a miscommunication with the company they get the shirts from then said there was a problem with the printer. Then my support ticket status got changed to resolved and another two weeks after that still haven't gotten my shirt. I was able to find the company that they used for the ticket and they said their subscription had been expired for quite a while. Which kinda sucks because I can't find another way to get ahold of the company

Ask Chris about BlueBoxTees
1 review
1 helpful vote

I will start my post that i have ordered with them in the past and had quick turn arounds and great t-shirts....However, something has certainly changed as that is no longer the case.

I ordered back in November of 2014, ordered one of the new designs & did one of their "grab bag" designs where basically you pay for them to grab a shirt for you and it's luck of the draw...It's now March of 2015 and I have yet to receive ANYTHING, except for excuses...Seems that there's only 1 person that work there and goes by the name of Dusty, man or woman not sure...But I kept getting excuses after excuse as to why they haven't shipped..."Problem with the printer" - "managers has a meeting with them this week" - "their being printed next week" - "They're being delivered to us at the end of this wee, after receiving and folding should ship out the beginning of next week" That lass response was about 4 WEEKS ago...Still NO t-shirts...As of now no responses to any emails either...

My last email I stated if I did not hear from them within 48 hours I'd be filing a complaint with my CC so we'll see what happens...

Ask debra about BlueBoxTees
1 review
0 helpful votes

*** UPDATE****
On 3/6/15 on their facebook page, they FINALLY have made some kind of indication that they are behind because they can't keep up. This doesn't make up for their behavior. Just thought other pissed off consumers would like to know.
I purchased a shirt from a week sale on 12/16/14. The order confirmation email I received said "please allow an additional 10-30 business days after the week's sale for us to print and process your order prior to shipping." If the sale ran until that Friday (12/19), this is stating that it wouldn't ship until February 4th at most. This is allowing for actual National Holidays, not the "I don't want to work the Friday after Christmas or New Year's Day". I did not get a shipping confirmation until 03/03/15! That is 18 ADDITIONAL business days. No apologetic email that something happened with printing or the sale was extended. Nothing. It is now 3/10 and UPS shows that the label was created but they have not received it yet. I am starting to feel as if I will never get this shirt. There is absolutely no support on their main site. My Order email says to go to for assistance. Apparently Blue Box Tees isn't the only group in this sham. Look out for Weekly Shirts and Zebra Tees. There is no contact information what so ever. If you click on "submit a support ticket" the page comes up "This app has expired, please renew. Please contact the application administrator."

I have absolutely no faith that I (or anyone) will ever see my order. If the UPS package does not make any progress, I will filing a complaint with PayPal.


Tip for consumers: Check their Facebook page for updates.

Ask Nichole about BlueBoxTees
1 review
0 helpful votes

Dusty and his one-man scam have made me so angry, I can't see. I ordered two shirts for my kids on December12, thinking they'd be here in time for me to wrap up for Valentine's Day. Nope. I got a few lame excuse emails, but nothing for over 2 weeks. They had until today to respond to my PayPal claim. So sad. They were cute designs, too.

Ask Brandy about BlueBoxTees
1 review
0 helpful votes

I tried to buy 3 shirts from blueboxtees. My PayPal account was charged immediately after the purchase but the order history said that I had no orders in the system. After a few days with no order in order history I ventured into their roundabout, practically nonexistent customer support teehelp. This was no help and Dusty's emails were slightly condescending. After several more days of no progress I asked that my order be cancelled and a refund issued. Communication went dead at that point except for an email telling me that he was transferring my ticket to Shauna. My support tickets kept being closed by Dusty and Shauna without contacting me. I filed a dispute with PayPal that was immediately escalated to a claim because PayPal couldn't contact them either. I just got my refund today because they didn't bother to respond to the claim. Ordered 2/4/15, tried to cancel 2/14/15, PayPal claim 2/21/15, refund 3/5/15.

Ask Jen about BlueBoxTees
1 review
0 helpful votes

I placed an order at the end of December and from my understanding, it would be shipped out as late as a month from when the order was placed. I was stupid. I didn't read any reviews, because I thought a friend of mine had ordered something from them before. I was wrong!! Here it is March. I've received one email from Dusty. I was told they were working to fix the problem (a problem with the ink company) and he assured me he would send tracking info once it was sent. I've since then sent 2 more emails, even opened up a brand new ticket and still have yet to hear anything back from them. I understand this might be a smaller company, but they need a better customer service representative. I'm very disappointed and asked for a full refund. The amount was charged immediately after I placed the order. Nothing should be charged until it's shipped. This is ridiculous and annoying!!!

Ask Elizabeth about BlueBoxTees
1 review
0 helpful votes

This is just a big scam - but what else could you expect when they offer cool tshirts around $6-10. Dont order here: if you ever get your shirts, IF, they are really poor quality. Still waiting for my order and they also dont reply to help tickets..... I am spreading the word about how terrible they are. 10th website so far warning people....

Ask Daywalker about BlueBoxTees
1 review
1 helpful vote

I contacted them about my order almost two months ago, and just like another review says, they gave one excuse after another.

"It looks like S----- forwarded your ticket to our boss to have him look into this. I'm sorry she didn't let you know. I'll re-remind him today to have a look at your ticket when he comes in. I'm very sorry about all of this."

Has your boss not really come in since I messaged you guys?

Maybe if your service was any good, you wouldn't get as much complaint as you do right now. I spent a lot on my orders and until now, I have not received a single item. Consider me pissed off.

Ask Ann about BlueBoxTees
1 review
1 helpful vote

The people who have been scammed by Blue Box Tees may want to see the following from their Facebook page as of March 12, 2015.

BlueBoxTees Notice
BlueBoxTees is now under new management and going through a major overhaul of processes and procedures. After many hours of thoughtful consideration, it was determined that the best direction was to discontinue sales at this time and focus on taking care of customer concerns. Use the help link in the lower right corner of if you have questions about an order. Please know that we will ship every outstanding order as quickly as possible. We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience or stress this has caused our followers.
-Sincerly, The BlueBoxTees Team

I love how they misspell sincerely! I would encourage all of you who are still waiting for t-shirts or a refund to email the company again and demand they fulfill our orders. Also, let it be known that people from the company on their Facebook page have been and still are deleting posts from dissatisfied customers. I have had this happen to me a few times, even though my posts were only about prompting them to fulfill my order. So beware. I am about to email them again with proof of purchase and see what happens. Somehow I don't believe the bit about the company being under 'new' management.....

Ask Paula about BlueBoxTees
1 review
0 helpful votes

Dusty (*who seems to be their only employee) has been anything BUT helpful. 2 months after my order and I still haven't even received tracking info. I've been in contact, and they keep giving me the run around, and now they won't even respond.

Tip for consumers: JUST DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Matt about BlueBoxTees
1 review
0 helpful votes

I placed my order December 25th. I ordered two tshirts and have not received any information on the order yet. The company took the money out of my account seconds after I submitted order byt still hasn't gotten back to me. If I could rate 0 stars, I would. Will never order from this site again and will tell everyone I can about the terrible service this company provides.

Ask Tori about BlueBoxTees
4 reviews
2 helpful votes

I ordered a shirt from them on December 14. It is January 30th and I have yet to receive it. I have sent them an email and they told me that there was an issue with their printing company. At this point I am pretty dissapointed and will not buy from them again. I wish I would have checked the reviews before I placed my order.

Ask Shannon about BlueBoxTees
9 reviews
2 helpful votes

Do NOT waste your money here! I had two orders from them and had to contact them to get them to ship anything. One of the orders didn't get shipped until I tried to get my money back thru paypal. What eventually came is not what I ordered. The posters are small. I was disappointed. I originally ordered in the beginning of December with plenty of time to get it for Christmas. It did not come until the end of January. The requests to the website were answered with excuses, and eventually just ignored. I will never order from them again

Ask Charity about BlueBoxTees
1 review
0 helpful votes

I am usually smarter than this but I did not check reviews before I ordered a tshirt on December 12th. It is January 19th I have received no communication and it is nearly impossible to contact this company as it has no real email or phone number. It sends you to a website to put in a help ticket but then you have to download an app in order to do that and it's possible to navigate. I will be calling paypal to begin a dispute early next week as I'm done.

Ask Laurie about BlueBoxTees
1 review
1 helpful vote

Update: Finally got my shirt. Not only was my "ice gray" shirt the wrong color (cream!!!) it was also a different brand (and therefore different in the sizing... 4 inches smaller at the widest spot than indicated on their website). Emailed them, got a response a few days later. Was told the color was right (seriously, how the hell does gray=cream?) but also told I did not order from blue box tees but teehappy instead (same company, different names!!). Was told they would replace it, but considering the color would still be wrong, and the size is already a 2X (and largest I can order), I won't be getting my shirt! Don't waste your money.

Ask Jenna about BlueBoxTees
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

Ordered Nov 3rd, emailed them twice Dec 3rd Dec 20th....opening a paypal dispute today.

Id understand if they where out of something, or just behind with to many sales but this refusing to talk to me thing is unacceptable.

Ask Breanna about BlueBoxTees
1 review
0 helpful votes

Ordered a Christmas gift on November 6, it's December 17 and still no shirt. Customer service sends the same autoreply to every email, I don't think it's even staffed and no way to check the status of your order through the website. Opening a dispute today so I can buy a different gift. It's a shame, too - if they'd tried even a little bit (a human reply to an email or a status update) I'd wait but at this point I give up.

Ask Stephanie about BlueBoxTees
8 reviews
9 helpful votes

I'd give them no stars at this point. I've been in their affiliate program via for a while and they aren't paying me commissions earned. They don't answer support tickets from the help site. Some of the supposed support staff emails come back as undeliverable. I'm seeing other affiliates and customers who are also having trouble with them on their FaceBook. I've even contacted the owners through their FB pages (the only contact info for them listed on the site) with no luck. BEWARE! They seem to be a pit of bad business practices!

Ask Jolie about BlueBoxTees
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered 2 shirts for my daughter on June 20th, I did not receive them until August 3rd. The money was charged to my account on June 20th. Their site says to allow 10-30 days for printing, packaging and shipping. I recieved a UPS tracking number, but it NEVER worked (I had even checked it the day before it arrived). I e-mailed them about it and did not get a reply the first time, but did the next three times. This is a special site that has different designs of shirts every week, so they are not printed until after the sale is over. They said the glow in the dark weeping angel shirt had come back from the printer with an error and they had to be reprinted, so my order would not be shipped until they had all the shirts that belong in it.

Despite all that, I still give them 3 stars because the quality and design of the shirt are great! My daughter loves them! Sizing is perfect, their youth small fits my 8 year old perfectly.

Ask Anna about BlueBoxTees
1 review
1 helpful vote

4 weeks later I got a confirmation UPS shipping ... 1 week later the UPS tracking hasn't updated from order processed (aka not picked up) and they send me another UPS tracking number that is not going any where.... Super disappointment as they have good shirts..

Ask Chris about BlueBoxTees
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a shirt on 2/8/14 and it still hasn't shipped. I contacted customer service and never received a reply. Now I have a dispute open with PayPal to get my money back since the company won't answer my complaint. As much as I like their shirts, I will never do business with them ever again. I wish I could give them 0 stars.

Ask Alicia about BlueBoxTees
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I had to wait 8 weeks for my order to arrive, when it did they'd sent me the wrong tshirts, then wouldn't send the correct ones or give me a refund. However, customer service is good and they did reply fast but said that the management wouldn't allow it.

Ask Anna about BlueBoxTees
1 review
2 helpful votes

The Good:
1) I ordered multiple sizes of a specific Doctor Who tee, and when I finally received the tees they looked as good as what was posted online and the box had the correct number of each size shirt.
2) I received a swift and courteous reply to my first email to Customer Support about not having received the tees within the time stated on their website (each design is on sale for 7 days; 2 days after the sale closes, the tees are printed; 1 day after that the tees are shipped, thus nobody should have to wait more than 10 days to get their shirts) and that if I didn't get an email within 48 hours with tracking information about my shipment then I should contact them again.

The Bad:
1) I ordered my tees before Thanksgiving, expecting I would get them well before the Christmas holiday. My PayPal account was charged on Nov. 29th, but by Dec. 18th I still hadn't received my tees so I emailed Customer Support to see whether or not they'd been delivered. As stated above, I got a swift and courteous reply.
2) I got an email on Dec. 20 that my tees had been shipped. On December 20th. I sent another email expressing my disappointment that they'd shipped so late that I would not be able to give the gifts to people on time, and that they should review their ordering/shipping policy since they didn't fulfill their online promise of shipping within 10 days of ordering, but I was happy that I would eventually get my tees. Better late than never.
3) I got home from a family gathering late on Christmas Eve to find the box from BlueBoxTees had finally arrived. I opened the box and found all of the tees of the sizes I had ordered, neatly folded and stacked. HOWEVER, below my tees I found a packing slip and 3 tees for ANOTHER CUSTOMER in another state! Who knows how long ago this other person had ordered her tees? I fired off another email to Customer Support letting them know what had happened, that I would be kind enough to do their job and ship the tees to the other customer, that I was going to spread the word about my experience with their company, and that I would never order from their site again!

Ask N about BlueBoxTees
3 reviews
14 helpful votes

If you love Dr Who then you will love this site as all they sell is custom Dr Who T-Shirts. They can be a little slow at posting when busy but this is a small business who make something cool so you have to make allowances.

Ask Tom about BlueBoxTees

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