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BlackPeopleMeet reviews

56 reviews
Categories: Dating
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56 Reviews for BlackPeopleMeet

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New Reviewer

This is the most racist $#*! since naacp. If there was a white web site like this it would get shut down and the naacp would cause a big deal about it until it got shut down. So this is bull $#*! and out needs to be shut down. And what about white history month!! There is not one I wonder why, oh because it would be racist.

New Reviewer

While Blackpeoplemeet purpose is to unite people, it is also a scammers dream site. Please beware of 76lovemakerfun. he is a con artist who will not allow to visit him due to the fact he lives at his ex wife's house. He is a fake looking for older white women . Dates multiple women ,lies to them and takes money and steals jewelry. He lives in Alabama.

New Reviewer

I paid for 6 months upfront. I set up my site. They charged my account. That evening they cancelled my subscription without any reason and refused to refund my $70. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. IT IS A FRAUD!

New Reviewer

i yeah experience about realtionship many dating

New Reviewer

There is a man out there that goes by the name of WILDBEARCAT he claims he is single and lives in North Bergen, NJ , he is married and lives in maine, he is a fake! I let and they did nothing about it, his profile is active, so women be aware of him, he is nothing but a fake!

New Reviewer

I wrote a complaint to BPM about user that is scamming women in the Texas area, mainly Ft Hood, Tx area He goes by TYEMATTHEWS on the BPM website.
Instead of doing anything about him. They deleted me as a user. According to a friend he is still on the site preying on unsuspecting women.
BPM customer service is located in Costa Rica!!! They don't give a $#*! about the safety of anyone on this site.

New Reviewer

Met a lot of Guys... Not worth anything. One guy wanted to have sex on the first date, and when i refused he came right out and said, "That's how this Site works" Sex First Conversation Later...REALLY?
Another guy wanted my measurements before we met in person (that didnt happen).
Another one was a truck driver and wanted me to go out-of-State with him, and possibly be his wife-----I never even met this dude, and he was talking about Marriage.
Here's the kicker, I had some fool tell me that his Mother died suddenly and he need help paying for her funeral, and once again, I never even met these guys in person.
This site is full of perverts, scammers, and thieves.

New Reviewer

Watch out for ALEXANDER20504 out of Raleigh. He work for CSX railroad and he has unsuspecting woman on his route between SC, NC and VA. Nothing but games. Beware.

New Reviewer

If any of you paid to use this scam, I'm sorry.

New Reviewer

Ladies watch out for a guy named
TYEMATTHEWS in Copperas Cove, Texas.
He is a liar & a scammer

New Reviewer

I like this website because I get to meet lots of black guys with huge ass $#*!ing $#*!s that loosen up my tight $#*!ing $#*!.

New Reviewer

My issue with BPM is that there is no real attempt to match users based on their personalities. I had to answer many detailed questions about my likes, dislikes, expectations, habits, etc., on eHarmony, but BPM only asks five personality questions, which are stupid beyond belief. For example, "Do you like going to the movies?" Really? Who DOESN'T like going to the movies? The matches I received were just a bunch of random men with whom I had nothing in common. BPM was created by someone who was trying to make as much money as he could by exerting as little effort as possible. Also, there should be a site ban on men who have multiple children yet have never been married. Also, literacy tests should be given to users before they can post profiles.

New Reviewer

this site is a joke, most of the men are big liars, they are seeing multiple women, screwing them all telling you that they want only you. I see the same guys on multiple sites. One man I was seeing did not tell me he was bipolar, had heart problems, and had major sex problems. He was stone crazy,when I broke it off he went ballistic, wish I could post his name, to warn women, but he is forgotten, will never be online again at least not this site.

New Reviewer

I signed up on a Wednesday and purposely did not add any photos.. By Thursday I had 2 guys to 'Fav me' and wanted to talk..I called one guy and from our conversation I thought he was worth exploring. I did send him 1 recent picture.. From my pic, he she he would like to meet me, so we continued to talk Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We actually met on Sunday and there is definition a connection. He said he would be closing his account as he did not need to look further..I am not checking the site either at this point. So for me, I made a Great connection..Will get back after 3 months to provide an update on how it working out..But Michael is a Great guy and just what I need. He stated he is looking for a Long Term relationship, so we shall see. Thanks

New Reviewer

Well, I'm disappointed with this site. I paid money to subscribe and I chose to cancel out of my own volition . Yet for their selfish ends they refuse to take my picture off their web site, I called their customer service and was put on hold for over an hour without anyone picking the phone..I paid money to feature and I personally cancelled, why don't you do what I want you to do cancel my subscription for gods sake. I was told the reason they are doing that is to use peoples pictures for marketing. But that is a britch of contract and it is most unfortunate, how you could treat people like that for your ultimate ends. I actually thought we are better than that.

New Reviewer

I've tried to cancel my membership, with 3 days left over before the expiration date. The site indicates that I'm a still 'free' member. I try into link back into the site I'm not able to see the prospects unless I opt for the upgrade?!

New Reviewer

Plenty of male h**s to chop it up with. Dont have to bother with conversation. Just keep turnin and burnin. If you can dig it jump on there.

New Reviewer

I met a whitey on this site. Like y cant whites not b on black ppl meet like dont they have enough allready. There needs to be a better racial screening process so whites dont bring down the quality of the selection. This is our website get your own

New Reviewer

I met the biggest best player on this site with photos still over 10 years old or more probably. His profile was exactly what I was looking for in a man and then after months of on and off interaction I finally realized I was just part of his "starting line-up!" Incredible! I wish there was way to ship all these guys to the player factory!

New Reviewer

I've been on this site for five months. I have gone out on a lot of dates, however, I've only found interest in one of the guys. Last night, we went out on our 5th date.

In essence, I would say most of the guys were nice, but, I didn't feel a love connection with them. In my opinion, the site is better than, as they guys are super picky.

Good luck with the site.

New Reviewer

Let God be my witness!!!! I'm not going to lie older men and them let me holler at you round the way dudes are on this site. (BUT) this site (with the help of God himself) allowed me to meet the most caring loving guy in the world. I met my future husband on this site (we're getting married October,25,2014) and been together almost 2 years.

New Reviewer

A lot of older guys with pictures from 10 years ago. I did meet 2 guys out of state a couple years ago when I first tried the site. Both flew me out to their hometown for a week and treated me nice. But of course wanted to have sex and get you a plane ticket at a discounted price. Lol. The guys in my area are not worth looking at on the site. I hate that flirts count as messages. Fills your inbox with crap. The guys are very desperate for a date after one message exchanged . Even saw a guy who clearly wasnt a member put his phone number in the profile itself. Wow desperation! Im not renewing after this 30 days is up .

New Reviewer

The men on that site need to be shipped onto a island by themselves.

Guy#1 Met one guy who continuously complained about his baby mama. After the third date he told me 'you gotta go easy cuz it's rent week this week' I offered to help with the costs of dates straight off the bat. Who wants to hear that when you are getting to know someone???? He then insisted that we should continue to date but at his place. Whaaaaaatttt????

Guy #2: Continuously talked about the number of degrees he had, as if they were glued to his back or he wore them like a cape. We had a mild debate about womens' clothing - he snapped at me for not choosing to wear whore-ish clothing and abruptly hung up after a rude tirade

Guy#3: Met a very attractive dude. We had great conversations for about a week before meeting. the first date he asked me to pick him up. He indicated that he could not get through the snow. I said no because I think that if two people are mutually interested they should find a point to meet that is a public place, especially if it is the first date. He seemed salty but we finally made plans for the next day. We had a great lunch, talked for a long time. He then told me he was planning to go to his friend's house, then he said he had to run to his daughter's house. I said 'ok' , but I felt like I was being brushed off. Spoke with him the next day and again had a great conversation. All the while, I noticed that his calls/texts got less. He eventually vanished. Not sure why but I believe he is STILL HUNG UP ON HIS X. He went on about her physical attributes etc etc.

Too many bitter and angry dudes hang out there. I am a bubbly happy person that is always making fun of bad situations.

Overall not a quality set of dudes on this site at all. Maybe the new year will bring some fresh pickings, unlike the rotten crops that manifest themselves there now.

New Reviewer

I was first on the site for two weeks, met someone, then disabled my acct. He and I are currently just friends, but just out of curiosity I got back on the site but only have the one mth subscription. Looking at my profile they know that I am not looking for a long term relationship, just adult, intellectually stimulation, and informative conversation. I removed all my body shots because they really were the main attraction. In all honesty I have met and talked with a lot of respectful gentleman in my area. Was not interested in, nor am I now interested in having sex with any of them. The ones who have tried to play games I quickly flip the switch, game recognizes game. People move too fast on these dating sites, an that is when women are used. I have nothing against the site but trust me, my profile is read for it is quite profound.

New Reviewer

This is a racist website ran by a racist company. They also own and Guess which one of the 3 they don't use? That's right, isn't used, but they own it so no one else can use it. I'm mixed, white and Asian. I will not use any site geared towards a specific ethnicity. If someone would have registered that name first, this site owner would be pissed saying it's racist.

New Reviewer

First I have been on many other dating sites and I hate the whole online dating, but I decided to try bpm because my good friend told me she actually met a guy off the site and they ended up in a long term relationship that lasted a few years.
So I've been on the site now going on my 2nd week and I'm totally pissed and disappointed. First there is no way to communicate with someone except send stupid flirts and unless you PAY for a membership you will have no way of knowing who has emailed you or flirted, etc. so you basically Have to pay to utilize the majority of the features. So I paid for the one month only plan at $14.99 only because I had like 30 emails which was great because again I've been on Match, Eharmony, Plenty of Fish and had no luck, nor were there any good matches for me, and I never really met anyone with what I was looking for just guys looking for sex, trying to get me to come to their house, and playing games, I even talked to a guy who told me "No one really takes these dating sites seriously".
Anyway, after I pay for the membership I immediately go to check all my emails and most of them were from some guy I would Never talk to in the real world, he sent me multiple emails, the other emails again from people I'm totally not attracted to or guys were too old for me, I had a few I did respond back to that was it. I noticed that I also have seen men on this site from other sites like plenty of fish with same pics, profiles, same lies that have probably been on the site for years, but the kicker is all the Men say the same bullcrap, :they don't want to play games, and want a serious relationship"; yeah right! I cannot wait for my month to be over as this is the biggest waste of $14.99,and I still haven't even met anyone or had a phone conversation and one guy just wanted to email back and forth forever; just a waste, and I would never recommend to anyone, if you are one of the billions who actually had luck online and found someone special count yourself lucky becuase like what the reviews say people are online married, crazy, looking for sex, broke, and the ones that look halfway decent are conceited as hell and have a page checklist of their requirements for a perfect woman to meet, yet in the same sentence they say things like they don't want superficial women, really? The only site I can compare to this is Plenty of Fish,but hell atleast POF is free to browse, email, and chat, but same scumbags on so ladies beware.

New Reviewer

I am a black man and I have had sex with 4 women from the site... One invited me over to her apt and I knocked her off... the other 3 came straight to my crib for and of course I got the drawz. I paid 35.00 plus tax for a 3 month membership... ended up having sex with 4 women... Thats like 8 bucks per women. I am pleased. One of the women was white (Bonus points!).

New Reviewer

I would like to say that I spent 2 weeks on this website and talk to many different guys and found them to be life's rejects. Most have no job, or wanted only sex!! However ladies beware a lot of these guys are out to rob or get money out of u and working with females to set u up or make u feel comfortable ! One guy on this website wanted to take me out and I met him at the mall. So I did and he had a woman with him, who he said was his sister and he ask me to walk out to his car. He claimed he forgot something, I decided to walk away and they walk out! I later found his profile on Facebook and that lady was his wife.....when I reported this to the blackpeoplemeet, I got no response and his profile is still up and running!!

Veteran Reviewer

Barf is what comes to mind. How can anyone go to a website with a name like this. It is so racist. This website would bring out the worst of people just so they can meet people because of the color of their skin. Absolutely gross idea of anyone interested for this reason. What shade of skin would be dark enough to be on a website like this??? How can anyone looking for a decent human being think that another person who selected this site for skin color could be worthy of their time??

New Reviewer

I was kicked off of a couple of days ago and I hope this review is helpful to someone.

First, I was soooo pleased to see the tv commercials about what appeared to be a classy, meaningful and serious dating site geared towards black people!!! Finally a site of stellar worth geared towards people like me!! I had been on two other black dating sites that I wont mention and was very very disappointed at the majority of the caliber of gentleman there.

Secondly, bpm really does have a majority of professional, educated men...1000s! I just knew I could find someone here. I received about 2 to 3 pages a day of gentlemen who were interested in me along with the daily 3 matches (even if they aren’t really matches lol!). But when I delved into these many flirts, favorites, interests, messages and picture likes, I found that the majority of these gentleman were only interested in my pictures. Very very few would read my profile or view the video I uploaded. Infact, many would even write to ask me why was I on this site. In essence, they were not interested in me as a person. As I read the other reviews here, this fact seems to be confirmed.

Another example of the fact that the majority of the gentlemen there are not looking for something serious is a gentlemen I met in CT. We had talked for a few weeks and decided to meet cam to cam via SKYPE. We set a time...together... that we both thought was convenient. I put on a nice casual colorful summer blouse and tried to make sure my hair was as perfectly in place as I could get it. I made sure my surroundings were comfy and well lit. I wanted my first impression to be of a nature that he would find me appealing as someone in a serious relationship with him. I wanted to make a good first impression.

But here is what he did for me. he met me NUDE while in his bathroom taking a bath!!!!!! From there, I didn't care what his first impression of me was but my first impression of him got me off of SKYPE in probably 10 minutes flat. I didn't feel he respected me enough to meet me in a dignified manner. Choosing to meet me in his bathtub did not send the right message to me. I kindly texted him that we were not right for each other and explained why.

A few of the men said things that were very lewd, embarrassing and just gross. Maybe they thought this was what I wanted to hear?? If I kindly responded to others I was not interested at this time, they became upset. One or two gentleman even used profanity...something I am not comfortable hearing/reading. I was glad for the block feature. I was straight forward in my profile explaining that I wasn’t looking for an overweight gentlemen nor for smokers and heavy drinkers. But again, these guys just don’t read profiles! I was here for about 2 years and perhaps 30 men out of the many hundreds on this site actually read my profile. Also, just because someone is interested or flirts with you doesn’t mean you MUST be interested in them. I was as kind as possible when gently wishing them well with their continued search. With almost each of these kind rejection given, I found I was happy for the block feature. However, when I was given rejections I simply moved on. I guess most men have difficulty moving on?

Though I was very discouraged, I hadn't planned to give up. Out of the hundreds of gentleman there, I met about 8 or 9 that I was really, REALLY interested in and that seemed genuinely interested in me. I actually met two others face to face. Of the 8 or 9, I found a couple of them were after the booty call, others had serious health conditions. Some stated they were not compatible with my busy life and lifestyle. A couple had sexual desires that are better left for anyone...except me! I only desire one man and after months of getting emotionally and mentally close, one gentleman changed his mind about a serious relationship mid stream and then a month later basically came back with a ‘can we start over’ attitude. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, NO.

For those gentlemen who neither offered an image AND didnt read my request to have an image posted before contacting me were told that they were rude for not even thinking to take my wishes under consideration.

Long story short, I went to sign in a couple of days ago and found where bpm had terminated my subscription. I am a mellow person so when something like this happens, I simply move on. However I do try and make sure I am not frauded in any way due to rumors I had heard about this site. I contacted them and asked them not use any of my info for advertising and to make sure my info was deleted. They said they would but then they chose to tell me why I was terminated. They said I was terminated for complaints of in appropriate communication and the termination was best.

I guess I didn't accept enough of the guys on the site when it was obvious the majority were not caring about me as a person. Yes, I know men are basically physical persons in general but women are really breathing dimensional human beings. Gees, I wonder if bpm will terminated the ‘gentlemen’ that really DID use inappropriate language and communications with me? Life goes on.

New Reviewer

I have been on and off the site for 1 1/2 years, and have met two men in person. It did not go well. There are some men on the site, as you will see, have been on there for years and not made a connection. That is because they are not looking for a serious relationship and either wants a phone pen pal or sex. If it's your cup of tea, go for it. It's not me for, and I will not try it again. Even men out of state are treacherous and not serious. I will try my luck in the grocery store. :)

New Reviewer

Most of the men on the site are rejects. They are either just plain crazy, jilted by an ex, players or very height or weight challenged. And the funny part is they are actually looking for the perfect women in spite of their reject status. A total waste of money. If you find a decent man on this site he will be one in a million.

New Reviewer

NOTE: The deal you sign up for ($14.99 a month for 6 months) will be billed as one lump amount!

Not really user friendly and honestly Plenty of Fish (a FREE dating site) is 1000 times better than this site with true compatibility tests and even an APP for you phone.

I cancelled my auto-renewal right away as after only 1 day, I am no longer interested in navigating this below basic website that I paid for - JUNK!

New Reviewer

The user interface is AWFUL and nearly UNNAVIGABLE. Whoever was paid to develop this dating site that looks like it was developed circa 2001, needs to not quit their day job. Additionally, as a caucasian male who WAS potentially interested in dating an African American woman, i was deeply disappointed in the selection of women in my area. They were all either ugly, fat as hell, or both. Two thumbs down. I'm going back to to get my fleshy pencil wet.

New Reviewer

I signed up for a special at $8.94 when the payment was processed it showed a reciept of $54.93. That is tacky. If you are going to charge someone be up front. They will also automatically renew which means they will automatically take $54.93 out of your acct. without your permission. But the great thing is I used the site less than 24 hours and they wouldn't refund my money. I work in the same line of business and I know that I should have received a porated refund. Really disappointed in my black people right now and I will spread the word. Conversation runs the world.

New Reviewer

I've been a member of for 2 months. My experience has been somewhat unpleasant, but I can't necessarily blame the site. Because they have no control over the member’s personality flaws, nor do they screen the members. I've talked to a few guys on the telephone.. But they seem to all have unnecessary baggage etc. And I just have to add, all of these men were college educated with professional jobs. So the caliber of men I talked to were pretty decent as far as credentials, education, and aesthetics. But they were lacking in personality and I didn’t feel a connection. I only linked up with one guy in person. We went out on a few dates, but I kept feeling there was something no quiet right about him. Well by the 3rd date he hysterically cussed me out because I refused to go to his condo. After he yelled at me in a condescending tone, I "politely" told his a$$ where to go then ended the conversation. It was obvious he was only looking for sex, even though he claimed he was looking for a serious relationship. But I have no regrets because I see all of my interactions as a learning experience.

The site is easy to use, but you have to be careful to not select the AUTOMATIC RENEWAL. I accidentally did, and was charged almost $70. I sent an email to customer service, and within about 8 days or so the money was credited back into my account. Another pet peeve of mine are those corny Flirts!!! Lol. They need to get rid of those stupid “Flirts, because their annoying. I just gives lazy people a way to contact you with sending a personalized message. Also there's a lot of fake profiles that the company creates to make it seem as though they have more members than they actually do. So don't get fooled. If a guy constantly “likes” all of your pictures, and continuously sends you flirts, chances are it’s a fake profile. If a man is truly interested in getting to know you he will send you a personalized message. I do believe there are a few quality men on Black People Meet that are sincerely looking for a significant other. However, you have to decipher through a lot of trash in order to find that diamond in the rough.

New Reviewer

The men are full of #$@#.....Ladies this site is a waste of your time and your money.....The men on this site are looking for ass..PERIOD. and their BROKE!

New Reviewer

Seriously??? You have site called "black people meet"?! If there was a "white people meet" site, other races would have a field day with the amount of racist responses it would receive! Not to mention they would automatically assume it had something to so with the KKK. This is so not right, especially considering from what I have read so far, this site is just taking people's money and doesn't even offer what they are promoting. If there was an option for zero-stars, that is what I would have chosen. If you are going to have a site like this, at least give what you offer and be politically correct about it and call it "African-American people meet". Black is a color, not a race.

New Reviewer

i was on this site for 1 month. i met someone who lives in the same town as me. well, i sent them a message to contact me on my cell and a few hours later they called, but i had already gone to bed being that it was 9 FREAKIN 30! anyways, i called them back the next day and they said "im at work let me call you back" and didnt answer w a "hello" just answered and started talking. how RUDE! so im waiting for this person to call me back its been almost 2 days and nothing. i other negative aspect of this site is how soooo many people on there lie about their income ($50,000-$75,000) annually GET SERIOUS!!! AND 98% of them claim they are a (NON-SMOKER) LIE!!!! I know so many people who smoke and Ive only seem maybe 3 or 4 people on there claiming they are either a "social smoker" and only found one who was a "daily smoker" These people are so so so FAKE. iIm done bye

New Reviewer

Well first off the site is totally against any bashing of them on their own site. I only stated that I am not renewing my membership on my profile and they delete everything off my page. Also the members are more into looking than responding after sending many notes only had 2 replies within 2 months. The site is a total waste of money, I had better luck on eharmony than this crappy site.

New Reviewer

I never get any real messages on the site. All I receive are those darn flirts. Then when I reply to the flirts I never get a response back. The site is full of people who send pointless flirts knowing they can't receive or respond to messages because they haven't paid for the service.

New Reviewer

I decided to try because other sites that I've used have predominately white members, and most of the white men on those sites don't seem particularly interested in dating someone who is non-white, so needless to say I wasn't having much luck. I thought would give me more options, and opportunities to me someone who I actually connected with. Well needless to say that did not happen.

They definitely inflate your messages to make it seem like you have more activity than you actually do. They send you two messages if someone "flirts" with you; one is the actual flirt, the other is a notification that you received a flirt.

Also, there were not enough members in my area that met my requirements...age, no kids, etc. And the site would always suggest people who were in an entirely different state than myself, which was annoying.

Lastly, the billing practices at are abhorrent! They automatically renew your account for another term without notifying you. They don't even send a message letting you know that a charge is pending to your account. I didn't realize that I had been charged until I viewed my monthly bank statements. And to top it off when you send them a complaint their automatic response is that they do not offer refunds. Really?

I responded to the auto-reply message, explaining that it did not resolve my issue. To their credit, after I replied to the auto-reply message I did receive an email response from an actual person in less than 48 hours. She gave me a customer service number to call, to formally request the refund. That's done, and now I'm just waiting for them to "approve" it. So hopefully that goes through without any further incident.

The customer service number is 1-866-727-8920. They are available Monday - Friday (8:00am - 5:00pm) Central Time. I hope this helps anyone who is having a similar billing issue with them!

New Reviewer

Well it's been three days... this site sucks. There is definitely a quantity but not quality issue. Lots of men that want to talk about sex (on the first conversation). I specifically put I didn't want anyone with children and they keep sending matches of men with children. Refund policy is non- existent. You can cancel your profile but cannot get your money back for their sorry service. Uhggg three more months of this crap. Don't waist you time!

New Reviewer

On day before my subscription was due for renewl, I turned off my auto renewl, then an renewl ad pops up, that u can not remove and would not let me read my email. I email customer service, and for two days no one replied. After finding a good custmer service number, which is hard to find , I called and they would not refund my money. If u do encounter this promblem to read or send any emails either

New Reviewer

Worse site ever.Men of low socioeconomic status.They read your profile and want to lecture and abuse you.WORSE GHETTO SITE.I had almost everyboby blocked.WHAT THEY SAY YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR AND AT 10 BUCKS THATS EXACTLY IT.NEVER AGAIN.I am on a different site and the experience is way different.GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH.

New Reviewer

it this site had the option of a 1/2 star that's the rating i would give black people meet; the men are trash, they are out for their own gain; never met men that were so thirsty to meet at my residence after exchanging one or two texts messages and men that wanted me to take them out or "dry beg" for money; women should take the money used for this site and invest in some stock or something that will have a better pay off

New Reviewer

I have been on and off of this site for a couple of years. I have dated several different men and some were really nice guys but no love connection. I have also experienced men who were just on the site for there own gain, but that didn't discouraged me. Within the last year I have been dating a gentleman that I met on the site and hint the word gentleman. My point is sometimes you go through men that are full of the bull but there are some men who are for the right things...You just have to stay positive...

Thank you
Special precious.

New Reviewer

The billing/refund practice is unethical

New Reviewer

Let me start off as I'm a white male. I joined this site because I find most sites are 99.9% white chicks. I actually prefer someone dark. Not necessarily African American I also date Eastern Indian women too. So far its not that bad. I have obtained a couple phone numbers, met a few women. My problem with this site is not enough members in my area and age range who are actually paying customers and can talk to you. Other than that I've not had any spam, scammers or anything. I think the numbers are inflated meaning when you get a flirt it also sends you a message. You get 2 messages. The actual flirt then the message saying you got a flirt . I think that part is lame. It's to make it look like there is tons more activity on your account than there actually is because before you pay you don't know all the messages you got were really flirt notifications. I wouldn't recommend it unless your area has lots of paying customers but you can't know that for sure.

New Reviewer

I am currently a member of Black People Meet. I was very satisfied with this site. I connected with quality men in my Detroit, Michigan area. There were credible men who I met and dated. There are some questionable people but a red flag should go off. Some men use this site to meet women for illicit affairs ( a man told me this; I do not how true it is. However we are all adults!). But on any site, use good judgement and discretion. If you experience any concerns, you can contact a customer service representative on the toll free number of 1-866-727-8920 to speak to a live person.


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