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BlackPeopleMeet reviews

85 reviews
Categories: Dating
PO Box 12647
Dallas, TX 75225
Tel: 1-866-727-8920
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85 Reviews From Our Community

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Secondly, bpm really does have a majority of professional, educated men...1000s! (in 52 reviews)


But please take out time to return peoples phone calls having great customer service is the key to success in business. (in 10 reviews)


I had almost given up on finding someone and I was ok with that but I still enjoyed going to dinner with nice guys. (in 20 reviews)

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New Reviewer

A lot of the men on this site are liars and mentally retarded.
Ladies be careful of some of the men on BMP. The pictures on their pages may not be their real pictures or who they are. The profile information are false.
Once you meet a guy and he is telling you about marriage or telling you things you were longing to hear, that should be a red flag. Some of them wants to get you excited and convinced of their love for you before they start to defraud you of your money and emotions.
Most of these guys are scammers, please be careful. Do not let your emotions lead you to what you will regret for the rest of your lives.
Once you meet a guy online and he starts to ask you for money, do not waste your time talking with the fellow.

Tip for consumers: Be careful ladies. A lot of the guys here are fake, retarded, married, liars and scammers.

Ask Zima about BlackPeopleMeet
New Reviewer

I am a male writing about Blackpeoplemeet/Blackchristiansmeet sites. Both are connected. My first time on the site I went for the best price per month deal which require subscriber to purchase multiple months at one time. Once you agree to their terms it's contract - a contract is a contract. Last month, still seeking someone I purchased the slightly higher one month only deal, then several days later went into BPM user profile deleting the "automatic" renewal which I didn't ask for, they just defaulted to it. In this way one can be tricked into an ongoing membership.

Anyway, while I can't talk about the men; many of the woman aren't honest about themselves! Some describe themselves as average - yet 4th or fifth picture into their presentation reveal that they are humongous. Others present themselves as young and vibrant - yet when we talked, several of the woman I discovered are decades older. I've blocked two woman users looking for me to invest $ in their dreams, yet I don't know them. Woman - stop taking selfies and other pictures in the bathroom. Tired of seeing bath towels, toilet bowls, shower curtains, soap and toilet tissue rolls. Also, laying across your bed, breast about to come out of your clothes and Kim Kasdashian poses doesn't make a woman appear like a keeper.

BPM with careful discernment has nice people, always the 'best ones are too far away' or on the other side of the country. :) Finally, I'm done with BPM.

Tip for consumers: When you do use the BPM social meeting site present yourself with focused pictures, with adequate lighting, submit only recent photo, your kids/grand kids shouldn't be in your presentation.

Ask SJ about BlackPeopleMeet
New Reviewer

The quality of men on this site is quite disappointing. I suspect many are married as they seem to go ghost in the evening hours. The site itself extracts money from your account without your consent and refuses to give you a refund. I have filed a fraud claim with my bank. Also many men are unemployed, underemployed and have multiple kids by multiple women, he of alcohol and/or drug use. I would just say ladies do your due diligence.

Tip for consumers: Take your time and trust but verify. If you are desperate and naive the men on this site will exploit that.

Ask Denise about BlackPeopleMeet
New Reviewer

this site is a SCAM not only are there no professional males as advertised AND THE SITE IS all over the place loaded with other ADVERTISEMENTS i was scammed out of MONEY i paid one promotional rate was charged double with RENEWAL RATE that I never clicked yes or no for but i learned a big lesson BLACKPEOPLEMEET will charge u double and when sign up blackpeoplemeet puts u in automatic renewal not a the promotional rate if i was was charge the promotional unauthorized was a hit but to pay double HURT fooled once not twice stay away professional business is not out to scam you but do business and a professional manner.

New Reviewer

I agree with what some of the other people wrote as far as unethical business practices. They "automatically renewed" my membership although I didnt authorize it. I have sent numerous emails to their so called Customer Service with no response. I plan on filing a complaint with the BBB as well as they do not have to worry about me using their service ever again! And I will tell all my friends and put on facebook how they do dirty business so do not use their service.....IT SUCKS!

Tip for consumers: Piss poor customer service....

Ask Lady about BlackPeopleMeet
New Reviewer

I have to admit, it's been a couple years since I have been on this site. Yes, I agree with the ladies that complain there are a bunch of losers on the site but you're faulting BPM for that? You meet tons of losers on the street, as well as on other sites. Can't fault the dating site for having a bunch of losers.
Well, two years ago, when I was a paying member, a guy sent me a message asking me to call him. I wasn't attracted to him at all and tried to avoid him. The next day he saw me on the site again and asking if I was going to call him or not...what the heck...I did. Boy, I'm glad I did!
I have never dated a man that I love and respect as much as I do him! At the time, I was 42 and have never been married. I had almost given up on finding someone and I was ok with that but I still enjoyed going to dinner with nice guys.
We live about an hour away from each other, we made a date for the next day, Thurs, and he liked me so much he came back the next day. We've been together ever since.
We are grateful to BPM for bringing us together!
You can find true love on the internet!

New Reviewer

Ladies do your self a favor and do not spend your money or your time on this site. The men here are looking for sex primarily, they will lie to you about their status and what they are seeking in a potential mate. Their are individuals on this site that have mental health disorders that range from depression, narcissism, asperger's syndrome, boarder line, sociopathic and psychopathic which means they will lie, deceive, manipulate to get what they want you to them are the next meal ticket, victim or supply source. Some on this site have no intention of having a serious committed relationship ever, accompanied by sexual addictions and or an extreme dislike for women. Now if you only want a good time and have similar issues than this site is for you. But if you are seeking a healthy serious relationship which leads to marriage then this site is not for you. If you are attractive, beautiful as well as young , naive, have low self esteem or worth you will be fodder for these fellow. Men are men they hunt and when they hunt your feeling do not matter. Keep your panties up and go out and just have fun if you can't bear to find a guy using other methods. Another warning: Some men may have the big house, the nice car, great job, education, and even retirement benefits. They seem older wiser and intelligent. They know what women are looking for and use the package to blind you from seeing them for who they really are: broken, self Centered, having a midlife crisis, having gone to prostitutes in the past, cheated on their ex-wives and wondered why she left and unable to see that the real issue in them not finding so called Mrs. Right is them.
Keep it in prospective: You have what they want never give it up unless you are willing to pay the consequences for it.and ladies it will not lead to a relationship. Go out have them pay for dinner, drinks what ever. Because if you ever give in that totally stops as most are still dating other women and you have now become a notch on the belt they don't have to conquer. You have been warned.

Ask Oliva about BlackPeopleMeet
New Reviewer

This site has desperate, pushy, and broken men. Most of them are married or have long time girlfriends. Be careful of men looking for a wife (ready4mywife). They will tell you exactly what you want to hear and in the same breath ask you about your credit, so they could put their motorcycle in your name. Just lie for no reason at all. Just because it's the thing to do I guess. Someone please help me understand the ratchness.
Shaundal...stay away from this one.

Tip for consumers: Do it the old fashion way.
Sheep's in wolf clothing as my grandmother use to say.

Ask Stacey about BlackPeopleMeet
New Reviewer

I found this site to be a huge waste of time. Most of the losers on there are all for sex. They use it as a site to compile women and get laid. Point blank. Beware of James499, real name is Dennis RiversI believe, on there in Smyrna, GA. He's overweight and has nerve to try to guilt women into sex with him. He puts on the front that he's genuine and he loves his daughter, yada yada, yet he uses this site to use women up. I find it funny and pathetic that people have to resort to this type of behavior. I say be careful if you join because I know there have to be some good guys out there somewhere but I think the sifting phase will be long and hard.

Tip for consumers: Beware of scammers!

Ask Young-Professional about BlackPeopleMeet
New Reviewer

Very dissapointed. I would never recommend this site unless u want to me selfish, rude liars. Who only want sex. This site is not for classy ladies at all. I'm glad I paid for only 30 days. After one week I was done. Same old men, no one new. They will view ur profile constantly, very lil communication. It's a waste of time an money.

Ask m about BlackPeopleMeet
New Reviewer

Watch out for bushwacker505. He is a narcissist, totally absorbed in self. He is the center of his own universe. and people are things to be used, an object. Once he has no more use for you, he is gone. He is a liar on his profile, he's 62, married, and dangerous. His true colors will appear. He is an on-line predator who meets good and decent women to use. He is known to have been on numerous dating sites at the same time, using another name: blackpeoplemeet, blacksingles,; blackchristiansmeet; ourtime, and christianmingles to name a few. This is a warning ladies. Please beware. He may say he's a pilot instructor (NOT), owns a boat, RV (NOT), houses/property (NOT). He goes by the name Gene, Eugene, Lawrence and various other alias. Dont' become a victim. Signed, Your guardian angel.

New Reviewer

I meet a charming physician on black people meet...well that is what I thought. If you see this number come up run 202xxx8774...this guy is a serial womanizer he has women in every state and he loves to get engaged to every single one of them...He is engaged to more than 9 women!!! Stay away from the psycho,...he search this site form weak women of all races. He is under investigation from two medical boards and lost his license for fraud so do your home work ladies. This man is considered very, very manipulative (influencing or attempting to influence the behavior or emotions of women for he's own purposes.) Do not waste your time and spread the word on this number. And the doctor that does house calls but he is not bringing medicine ladies.

Tip for consumers: If you run into a man who claims to be a physician from the Washington, DC AREA RUN!

Ask pam about BlackPeopleMeet
New Reviewer

Watch out for akil2014 who is a married with children lives in Pennsylvania PA lies and says he is legally separated and very much into God and churchThis website will continue to charge your account continually without your consent then say they have no record of it when you have a bank statement proof that says they did I have to report them to the Better Business Bureau and make it a legal issue now

Tip for consumers: try your luck I'm not going back on againthis website takes advantage of you owe me money and doesn't protect you

Ask Lauren about BlackPeopleMeet
New Reviewer

BEWARE!!!!This site is full of scammers in the Dallas area. Came across several guys attempting to get money from women. I guy stated he was a preacher and needed money to keep from getting evicted from his apartment. The next guy stated he was the personal doctor of the Bush family. He needed some tax write off for his business. So he offered to purchase you a car and you would only be responsible for the taxes on the car. BEWARE!!!! - The doctor goes by the name of Micheal Williams. He will send you pictures of him and the Bush family together, him in his scrubs, etc. The other guy goes by the name of Malcolm

New Reviewer

I think there are some good men on this site but my experience was not with one of them. I will not be a paid subscriber ever again. The guy I talked to for four months lived in Oklahoma, he seem to be nice in the beginning until he started talking sexual and then thought when we possibly met was going to perform oral sex on me. At least he was honest to let me know so I could kick him to the curb.

New Reviewer

Listen I can't help but find this site racist, spreading an idea that black people are less likely to fall in love with someone white. When I saw this commercial I was a little surprised

New Reviewer

The absolute worst!!! I was new to online dating but scanning through all the profiles I just did not feel comfortable. So after three weeks I had enough. When I originally signed up I saw they had removed 6 months of payment. I called customer service and explained I was uncomfortable and did not wish to continue the subscription please refund the balance. To my surprise no refunds under no condition I explained I did not want free service I want to pay for what I used but I should not be force to spend my my money on service that I did not want. This went from the customer service -rep all the way up to the manager on duty.

The end of my story is now I am paying 5 months of service I am not using.
BEWARE. They do not give refunds

New Reviewer

! I needed to share this with you

In December 2012 I did something that I couldn’t believe .I signed up on black people .com it was the best thing that I could of ever done for myself that $18.00 trail fee sign up was one of the best investments that could of ever taken place in my life. I met this wonderful man name Gregory v Johnson he was very open, to the point with what he was looking for in this life. He made me smile every day that we talked on the phone. I made him wait a week to see me and that first date was like stars with a back ground of water falls (wow). Never in my life thru it all, have I ever felt this way for any man. On that day I was open to miracles. My meaning of miracles had just took place Amen and that meaning was, an event by supernatural being (God ) again lord Thank You for sending me someone that completes me. We left voicemails on black people .com for them to call us so that we can tell our store of finding our true love, but with no return phone calls, we wanted to be in the contest and drawing that they offered. We are looking to get married on 07/14/2015 hoping all goes well.
Gregory v Johnson ask me to be his wife on 12/25/2013 and I said yes with tears
It has been very hard for us, Because I had a disease called (flicalties hair disease) it was on my face for the world to see and Gregory still was there for me .we are still paying for my treatments my face will be clearing up soon Amen. If there are any wedding program’s that we can enter to help the cost with our wedding that would be wonderful or can we just be put on your wedding site showing the world that we found our true love on your website that would be great. My meaning of miracles is that they can come true.
Gregory v Johnson & LaTonya D Thornton would like to say thanks for your website and believing in love like we do!!!!!!!!!!! But please take out time to return peoples phone calls having great customer service is the key to success in business.
Thank you for taken out time to read our story we have been together since our first date.

LaTonya D Thornton

New Reviewer

My review pretty much echo the same as the other posters...this site is basically a place for the degenerates to hang out, a lot of the men have the audacity ( especially the ones who are physically challenged in the looks department or borderline retarded) a list of demands of what they seek..these are the ones who can't even spell simple words, claim to make "x" amount of money and have a tribe of kids but have never been married. I hate come across as stuck up but you really would have better conversations with elementary kids.. and the killing part of that is even the "seasoned" men are part of that group too...a lot of them like to start talking about sex immediately, You would think that the "silent response" or me redirecting the conversation would be a clue that speaking about explicit sex acts is a no-no..well not to the saps on BPM some of them don't have a clue to what is considered a turn off...Like one member stated you will probably get much more benefits by investing your money in stocks instead of joining the is a complete waste of time and energy...But if it's entertainment you seek then by all means join the will viewing profiles of pot-bellied, corn row wearing, illiterate sex craved men.

New Reviewer

I find the existence of such a website simply appalling to be honest. I am not a member and never will be bc I'm a white girl. Hmmm, I wonder what kind of backlash there would be if someone started a" whites only" website. I'm against ANY discrimination of ANY race. This is just disgusting and frankly hypocritical

New Reviewer

I joined the site in march 2013 and talked to a man for a while who ended up being married with children. I then talked to another man who was very attractive had an amazing job but believed a woman should wait on him hand and foot and shouldn't have tattoos in certain places and should do exactly what he said which completely turned me off. Then I talked to a man who I was interested in and he stopped taking to me because he said I wasn't moving quick enough. I took an 8 month break from the site and still had the same crazy men still hiring on me and cussing me out until I responded I also had the same man who said I wasn't moving quick enough try and talk to me again but I wasn't having it.. then a couple days later I met a man who I had a conversation With For A Few days and then we exchanged numbers. We talked for a month before meeting but when we did it was an instant connection. I felt like I had known him forever. Needless to say I'm in love with him and we are moving in together. ... best money I've ever spent to find the love of my life who I am 100% mentally and physically attracted to. ... but I must say the men are slim pickings.... and are very shallow

New Reviewer

Awful .....most if not all if the men on BPM are looking for sex and that's it. They are losers! This is all they have for there nasty lives. As far as the site it self, they are cons they will take your money and give you nothing...once again making money off of us again. I guess building this country was not enough! I to thought that I had met a really nice guy, but I later found out that he was having...yep SEX with a women from Brooklyn NY who gave it up fast ....two weeks after he met her, well I can't compete with that , because I have self respect,class and dignity! I will never let anybody take that away. Oh by the way I caught him red handed. Beware!

New Reviewer

Use extreme caution about connecting with dudes on BlackPeopleMeet. Their only reason for being online is to find booty and have sex. These guys are on various websites and they are not the Laid Back, Drama Free, Sincere, I Love the Lord, Caring, God Fearing, Communicative, Honest, Gentleman they claim to be. These guys are romantically involved with other women (and men) but they'll lead you to believe they're not. One should wonder why guys who live in Metropolitan cities where the ratio of women overwhelm men (10:1) result to being online to find a "quality" woman. These dudes meet as many women possible, tell you what you want to hear, and string you along. Listen to your gut feeling and women's intuition when the first red flag appears and dump them; you'll save yourself much disappointment and headaches. LEAVE THE MARRIED GUYS ALONE; the fact that they're still married speaks volumes that they have no morals or do not respect God's sanctity of marriage. They're still married IF they're legally separated and you don't know what emotional turmoil his wife is going through since you'll only hear his version of what supposedly went wrong. You should also know how to run FREE background searches on these guys. A lot of felons and REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS tried to connect with me - that's right, REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS! Google their biological and screen names. Please do not let your desperation to have a man in your life overwhelm your common sense.

New Reviewer

The men I have met on this site is only looking for sex. You can look on other sites and see the same on tired men, still lying. Wait Ladies on the man that God has for you and the one you deserve.

New Reviewer

Apparently, BPM is very desperate for money .....


They have reverted to serious skullduggery as they "steal money" from you as you click on a plan (say 1 month @ 18.00) and discover you have been billed a different amount (in my case 50.00). I will be reporting this to the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, DC.

I am positive they are conducting this slice of theft right now and will continue to do so until they are stopped.

New Reviewer

Yes beware I checked off for one month subscription but charged $70 for six month instead forget it they won't reply white owned and here is the kicker crazy but the prepaid visa I used there was about $20 money on the card left I learned whew!! It's a freebie after all men sex stalkers broke, serial daters, not looking for anything but sex, so I did meet wonderful man off here, don't join it's bad ..cons, tricks liars, don't ever go isolated or to anyone's house never leave your purse or drink alone, watch your bling..shut it down...making this couple more don't use your credit card they will continue to bill you which is why I used prepaid visa from CVS. ..not sure how they forced $70 on that card and yes checked it only had about $20 i uploaded for the one month deal they gave me 5 months free i deleted profile ...I'm in love..good luck guys Beware.

New Reviewer

It sucks. They take you money and will not refund it for any reason. plus most od the women are stuck up and want you to be like them. so I say date yourself.

New Reviewer

I am getting ready to turn them in to the FTC and Better Business Bureau. They charged on my credit card for a 6month membership when I only do month to month! They also send out flirts on my behalf so I have all these messages from men that I wouldn't be interested in. When I wrote on my profile what they are doing they erased it of course!!I have heard from other members that they are doing the same thing to. They need to be stopped and or shut down!!

New Reviewer

This site Im still undecided about. Plenty of men on their that are no longer active on BPM. I got lots of messages but a lot were from men that were 40 and up and wanting a beauty queen. Keep in mine Im 24. I noticed a lot of the men are unsure of what they want and play games. Their looking for a female that looks like a barbie doll yet their ugly with numerous kids and low paying jobs. Lots of JUDGEMENTAL man on here. They wanna tell you how to live your life without knowing your real name. I be thinking a lot of these men have hidden agendas. I was talking to one only to discover he was gay and/or bisexual. Umm....nasty. another guy we connected as friends but all he wants to talk about is sex, very annoying and a turn off. One more cancelled a date at the last minute cause he decided I wasnt for dumb!!! Another was was clingy and moving too fast and we havent even met yet. Their is deff a lack of attractive men on here. The ones that are I have nothing in common with. Also tbe educated ones are uptight and brag about their degrees. A lot of games and also cheapos on here. Ill say this site is hit and miss. I might try it again only cause I still believe in true love.

New Reviewer

BEWARE OF FAKE SITE BPM PUT UP .. to make it appear they have more choices in your city than they have .. i spoke to a fake one who would not call me .. he was very good looking and refuse to call but told me he liked me ... also beware of the fake profiles , i meet a man who posted someone elses photos up .. i meet him at a resturarnt he lives in arlington texas ... tall black man looks like a basket ball player .. he try to get me to go home with him on the first date .. he said he had a big house and plenty of fun things to do sure he did ... i told him i was going home after dinner ., no matter what he said .. he started getting fustrated .. he oviously had gotten quiet a few in his house ... and was use to succeeding .. i cant believe this is really all these sites are about .. its like the club days when you got some to go home with you or you with them .. people dont leave clubs anymore with people so .... going home with someone off a date site should be UNHEARD OF ..BUT WOMEN DO GO HOME WITH THESE DESPERATE MEN .. trust me if a man is half way decent looking he either got penis issues ., real short in height , got bi polar issues and have beat up several women landing hisself in jail on several domestic violence issues or he is just a loner someone who is lonely and dont know how to talk to women ... im leery of the crazy stalker types thats why you dont let them come to your home .. on any first date or 3rd even ... get to know them ... i think its a needle in a haystack to think you will find a man off bpm ... you might as well hit up black planet ... in dallas you got more men from the ghetto side of dallas on line ,, NORTH DALLAS ,, OAK CLIFF .. THAT IS LIKE WATTS LA .. the scarry parts of dallas where blacks cell dope , and everyone is locked up , or has a family member locked up for dope , and drug selling ... i dont like oakcliff texas .. its ranchett ......... i got off that site i will find love in other places

New Reviewer

This is the most racist $#*! since naacp. If there was a white web site like this it would get shut down and the naacp would cause a big deal about it until it got shut down. So this is bull $#*! and out needs to be shut down. And what about white history month!! There is not one I wonder why, oh because it would be racist.

New Reviewer

While Blackpeoplemeet purpose is to unite people, it is also a scammers dream site. Please beware of 76lovemakerfun. he is a con artist who will not allow to visit him due to the fact he lives at his ex wife's house. He is a fake looking for older white women . Dates multiple women ,lies to them and takes money and steals jewelry. He lives in Alabama.

New Reviewer

I paid for 6 months upfront. I set up my site. They charged my account. That evening they cancelled my subscription without any reason and refused to refund my $70. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. IT IS A FRAUD!

New Reviewer

There is a man out there that goes by the name of WILDBEARCAT he claims he is single and lives in North Bergen, NJ , he is married and lives in maine, he is a fake! I let and they did nothing about it, his profile is active, so women be aware of him, he is nothing but a fake!

New Reviewer

I wrote a complaint to BPM about user that is scamming women in the Texas area, mainly Ft Hood, Tx area He goes by TYEMATTHEWS on the BPM website.
Instead of doing anything about him. They deleted me as a user. According to a friend he is still on the site preying on unsuspecting women.
BPM customer service is located in Costa Rica!!! They don't give a $#*! about the safety of anyone on this site.

New Reviewer

Met a lot of Guys... Not worth anything. One guy wanted to have sex on the first date, and when i refused he came right out and said, "That's how this Site works" Sex First Conversation Later...REALLY?
Another guy wanted my measurements before we met in person (that didnt happen).
Another one was a truck driver and wanted me to go out-of-State with him, and possibly be his wife-----I never even met this dude, and he was talking about Marriage.
Here's the kicker, I had some fool tell me that his Mother died suddenly and he need help paying for her funeral, and once again, I never even met these guys in person.
This site is full of perverts, scammers, and thieves.

New Reviewer

Watch out for ALEXANDER20504 out of Raleigh. He work for CSX railroad and he has unsuspecting woman on his route between SC, NC and VA. Nothing but games. Beware.

New Reviewer

I like this website because I get to meet lots of black guys with huge ass $#*!ing $#*!s that loosen up my tight $#*!ing $#*!.

New Reviewer

My issue with BPM is that there is no real attempt to match users based on their personalities. I had to answer many detailed questions about my likes, dislikes, expectations, habits, etc., on eHarmony, but BPM only asks five personality questions, which are stupid beyond belief. For example, "Do you like going to the movies?" Really? Who DOESN'T like going to the movies? The matches I received were just a bunch of random men with whom I had nothing in common. BPM was created by someone who was trying to make as much money as he could by exerting as little effort as possible. Also, there should be a site ban on men who have multiple children yet have never been married. Also, literacy tests should be given to users before they can post profiles.

New Reviewer

this site is a joke, most of the men are big liars, they are seeing multiple women, screwing them all telling you that they want only you. I see the same guys on multiple sites. One man I was seeing did not tell me he was bipolar, had heart problems, and had major sex problems. He was stone crazy,when I broke it off he went ballistic, wish I could post his name, to warn women, but he is forgotten, will never be online again at least not this site.

New Reviewer

I signed up on a Wednesday and purposely did not add any photos.. By Thursday I had 2 guys to 'Fav me' and wanted to talk..I called one guy and from our conversation I thought he was worth exploring. I did send him 1 recent picture.. From my pic, he she he would like to meet me, so we continued to talk Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We actually met on Sunday and there is definition a connection. He said he would be closing his account as he did not need to look further..I am not checking the site either at this point. So for me, I made a Great connection..Will get back after 3 months to provide an update on how it working out..But Michael is a Great guy and just what I need. He stated he is looking for a Long Term relationship, so we shall see. Thanks

New Reviewer

Well, I'm disappointed with this site. I paid money to subscribe and I chose to cancel out of my own volition . Yet for their selfish ends they refuse to take my picture off their web site, I called their customer service and was put on hold for over an hour without anyone picking the phone..I paid money to feature and I personally cancelled, why don't you do what I want you to do cancel my subscription for gods sake. I was told the reason they are doing that is to use peoples pictures for marketing. But that is a britch of contract and it is most unfortunate, how you could treat people like that for your ultimate ends. I actually thought we are better than that.

New Reviewer

I feel this site is better for African American women compared to others.Yes you will find yourself attracted to some individuals and to each is own but when you have men constantly throwing themselves at you in a sexual manner It's annoying.You Should follow your heart and also take your brain with you. be careful giving contact information out right away.Most guys that are truly into you will be patient and wait.Compared to another site I found that most white males who claimed to date outside of their race were only curious.Most of them looked at African American women as sex experiments.They will tell you right away that they like big butts and some from oversea are worse.They already know that they have no desire to date/marry outside of their culture.Some use these sites as playgrounds with no intentions of developing anything more then a fling.So I returned back to bmp no one is perfect and yes you have people who are full of crap but I would rather take my chances here instead of a site with men pursuing a fetish.This is spoken from someone who married outside of her race with a child from that marriage.All I can say is be safe on any site and use common sense hope this helps someone.

New Reviewer

I've tried to cancel my membership, with 3 days left over before the expiration date. The site indicates that I'm a still 'free' member. I try into link back into the site I'm not able to see the prospects unless I opt for the upgrade?!

New Reviewer

Plenty of male h**s to chop it up with. Dont have to bother with conversation. Just keep turnin and burnin. If you can dig it jump on there.

New Reviewer

I met a whitey on this site. Like y cant whites not b on black ppl meet like dont they have enough allready. There needs to be a better racial screening process so whites dont bring down the quality of the selection. This is our website get your own

New Reviewer

I met the biggest best player on this site with photos still over 10 years old or more probably. His profile was exactly what I was looking for in a man and then after months of on and off interaction I finally realized I was just part of his "starting line-up!" Incredible! I wish there was way to ship all these guys to the player factory!

New Reviewer

I've been on this site for five months. I have gone out on a lot of dates, however, I've only found interest in one of the guys. Last night, we went out on our 5th date.

In essence, I would say most of the guys were nice, but, I didn't feel a love connection with them. In my opinion, the site is better than, as they guys are super picky.

Good luck with the site.

New Reviewer

Let God be my witness!!!! I'm not going to lie older men and them let me holler at you round the way dudes are on this site. (BUT) this site (with the help of God himself) allowed me to meet the most caring loving guy in the world. I met my future husband on this site (we're getting married October,25,2014) and been together almost 2 years.

New Reviewer

A lot of older guys with pictures from 10 years ago. I did meet 2 guys out of state a couple years ago when I first tried the site. Both flew me out to their hometown for a week and treated me nice. But of course wanted to have sex and get you a plane ticket at a discounted price. Lol. The guys in my area are not worth looking at on the site. I hate that flirts count as messages. Fills your inbox with crap. The guys are very desperate for a date after one message exchanged . Even saw a guy who clearly wasnt a member put his phone number in the profile itself. Wow desperation! Im not renewing after this 30 days is up .

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