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BikesDirect reviews

81 reviews
Categories: Bicycle, Cycling
9848 Robin Hill Ln
Dallas, TX 75238, US
Tel: (214) 341-4116

81 Reviews From Our Community

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Took to a bike shop for a tuneup too b/c gears were skipping, but minor adjustment and all good. (in 28 reviews)


I've been shopping for a new road bike for the better part of six months. (in 19 reviews)


Communication is amazing and customer service was tops. (in 8 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Just bought a Gravity2 29er. The shipping took 4 business days -- site indicated 3-7 days. The bike was 90% assembled as the site indicated. It took me 1 hour to fully assemble with nothing but an allen wrench (oh yeah -- the pedals required a open end wrench) , including adjusting the brakes, inflating the tires and adjusting the seats and bar. The shifters took a small adjustment on front and rear derailers. This was so easy. I had originally planned to take to a bike shop, but no need to spend the extra $70-$100. The bike is perfect for the money considering the components. Great experience.

New Reviewer

The long story follows: but the short story is that they were fantastic. The bike arrived when it was supposed to, in perfect condition, and with all parts. Their personal services (albeit through the web as there are no telephone numbers given) was quick, respectful, and to the point. You can't ask for more.

The long story. They had a fantastic deal on a Montebecan Cafe DX 50cm which I purchased for my wife. I ordered it on line using my credit card. I received a receipt within a few hours (even though I ordered it on a Sunday), and then received several follow up email concerning the shipping and set up. The bike arrived in the manufacturer's box and in perfect condition. I laid out all of the parts and began to assemble it. Though Bikes Direct notified me in writing that the instructions in the box were generic and would not necessarily apply to the bike received (all of which was true), setting it up was easy for any person that has a little skill with tools, some experience putting a wheel on a bike, and some common sense. But there was a problem: though it was a 50cm, it fit my wife more like a 54cm. Indeed my 54cm racing bikes fit her much better than did this bike. Though the bike was ideal for (it had everything she wanted including a light weight (about 20# as opposed to the 18# that the manufacturer stated), and the components were as described, we couldn't keep it because of the fit.

I contacted the company by email and they immediately responded. Though we discussed the measurements of the bike, my wife and I decided to return the bike. Bikes Direct was understanding, kind, and helpful in arranging the return of the bike for a full refund. An overall great experience even though it did not work out. And isn't that the time that the true nature of a business comes out?

New Reviewer

One star for bad organization, I bought a road bike from this place, after two days I got an email saying that it was shipped with an actual tracking #. A day after I get another EMAIL stating that: even though there was an email saying that it was shipped, the item was not shipped after making me wait TWO DAYS!! . One star for offering $50 off on the next item, but I don't want to order something and having the same thing done again.

Ask Paul about BikesDirect
New Reviewer

My bike had a bent wheel during shipping. They sent me another one immediately. Latter we found out the front fork was welded wrong and they again sent me a new carbon fiber fork because they were out of standard fork they are great to work with thanks to Larry in service.

Ask Rod about BikesDirect
New Reviewer

I can't tell if this place is legit. It did not take my credit card. It not easy to find a phone number,address, or Business hours. Can someon help me out?

New Reviewer

I bought a Gravity Bullseye Monster from BD. I ordered it over the July 4th weekend and it arrived on Thursday the third. Right out of the box my bike worked perfectly. No complaints here. A lot of bike for the money.equal to other 'entry level' Fat Bikes at $1300 to $1400. I Use my bike daily for improving my health. I have lost 20 pounds so far riding this monster. I would recommend Bikesdirect. com to anyone looking for a quality bike at decent prices.

Ask Fred about BikesDirect
New Reviewer

So far we have no complaints, just received our bikes, Motobecane Immortal pro all carbon bike, and a Kestrel evoke 3, also an all carbon bike.
only took four days to arrive and came 80 to 90% together, as stated on the website. I did the rest, but also took them to a local bike shop just for piece of mind.
The cool part after looking at both bikes and doing a professional setup for the both of us ( setting proper saddle placement and handlebar adjustment )
He looked smiled and said "WE DID GOOD" couldn't believe the
Price we paid and the top notch parts that were on them. Totally made us feel good!!
We have only ridden twice, and so far we're loving it, 14 miles on the first ride and 24 on the second ride. Looking forward to a lot more. Planning on a 50 mile ride very soon, so will get back and post again.
We've recommended the site to several of our friends, hoping they have the same experience as we did.
Only four stars because it's still way to early.

New Reviewer

I wanted a new road bike but I didn't want to break the bank and i found the Motobecane Mirage S and I absolutely love it! The company emailed me a nice email with assembly instructions the morning after I paid and the bike arrived to me in Alabama within 2 days! Their assembly videos were pretty easy although I did have my boyfriend help me and we had it put together in about 45 minutes. I would recommend this site to anyone (any I already have:)

New Reviewer

I thought they were honest but I was wrong! I had a hard time choosing a bike and when I eventually did, they bundled a worn-out machine for me. Spokes were bad and bent with creaking sounds. Tube was punctured! Totally disappointed.

New Reviewer

So far I cannot say anything good because Bikesdirect online does not accept my Visa credit card which is in good standing. BD is supposed to have a phone order line, but I got to an answer machine that says they will call back. Called four different times for no answer. NO call back in 4 hours. Their work day ended at 4 PM EST, and I didn't hear from them. They may be a good deal. but so far I have no deal. No deal is better than a bad deal, I guess.

New Reviewer

I ordered a Fat Bike from bikesdirect. I was less than half the cost of an equal bike in a bike shop. It was shipped the day after I ordered it; arrived 3 days after that. Super quality, sweet ride, and looks fantastic. All my riding buddies think it is a great bike and deal.

New Reviewer

I recently purchased a Motobecane Elite FS Hybrid bicycle from BikesDirect and am happy to report complete satisfaction with the bike and BikesDirect. The bike was shipped quickly, in a sturdy carton and arrived as it was shipped. I have recommend the website and will continue to do so.

New Reviewer

We bought the bike from this site because it said it would be easy to put together. The handle bars were shipped put together but upside down. The instructions did not match the bike I bought. I ended up going back to the website to figure out how things fit together by the picture of the bike. The bike was supposed to be shipped with a free kickstand, but it was not included. The front wheel is completely misshapen and when we contacted customer service we were told that this is not uncommon, so we should bring the wheel to a bike shop to get it fixed.

New Reviewer

Great experience with BikesDirect!!! I placed my order Wednesday morning and the bike arrived in flawless condition Friday noon. Great bargain when compared to other bikes of similar components.

Caution if you have not done much work on bikes…it will need some tweaking to get it just right.

New Reviewer

I have brought two bikes from them and they have both been great.

I recently replaced a Trek that cost $900 with a Wins Fen and it is better than the Trek in every respect - components, weight, ride and appearance. But it only cost $699 and this is 15 years after I brought the Trek!

You pay roughly half what you would at a brick and mortar store and they only take about 25 minutes to assemble.

New Reviewer

I purchased two bikes from The first was a Motobecane road bike. I liked it because the components where better than anything I saw at a local bike store. To me the components are the most important. Frame weight, not so much for me. I am a big guy and losing weight would do more than loosing a couple ounces on a frame.

I also purchased a Motobecane 29er Mountain Bike.

I am more than pleased with both purchases.

New Reviewer

Just got a Kestral rt1000 sl full dura ace w/carbon wheels, bars, & seatpost 20012 for $2596.00, this is an unreal deal!!! bought an immortal ultegra/105 mix 2 yrs ago, frame broke and they replaced it asap no hassle! these guys are real pros!

New Reviewer

Ok bought my Dawes Lightning 1500 in May, it's now September. I wanted to give the bike some time and ride a bit before I submitted a Review. I run triathlons and badly needed a new bike. After visiting several local bike shops, I quickly realized that what they had to offer was way out of my price range. Somehow I stumbled upon BD. I was apprehensive about buying a bike online because I knew how important fit was. I did lots of research on the components and BD (BTW they do have a phone and they are very cooperative). I used their sizing guide and after a few Emails back and forth and yes, a phone call, I got everything fitted up and ordered my bike. After ordering the bike I got an Email that said the bike would arrive in 5-7 days, three days later my new Dawes 1500 arrived via UPS. The bike was very well packaged, and 90% assembled. honestly, it was so near assembled a trained monkey could have finished putting it together so I don't know what all the complaining is about. Anyhow, bike assembled easily and I Took it our for a spin and it was perfect. The very next week I took the Dawes out for it's very first Traithlon. Finished first in my age group (55-59), 8th overall! Person best! Not bad for a " cheap" online bike! Unfortunately, the following week I had a nasty spill on The Dawes in an incident involving a free range dog. Neither the Daws o r myself of fared very well. I took t he bruised and battered Dawes to the bike shop for repairs. The sales jerks and some of the brand snobs in t he shop dissed. The bike for being a BD bike. But when I went to pick I t up, the service tech told me confidentially that the bike was as good or better than the bikes they were selling for twice the money and in his opinion it was an excellent bike. I ride with a local bike club and I have no problems keeping up with them and as a ma Tyrrhenian of fact, the Dawes gets several comments on how great it looks and I'm constantly asked where I got it, some are surprised to learn it's a BD bike. So basically here's what I got out of the experience, (1) do your research, you're buying the bike online, you can't touch or see the bike, (2) pay close attention to the sizing guide, and ask the BD people to help, they will, (3) understand you're buying the bike online, one of the reasons it's inexpensive is there is no middle man, you are t he middle man, you're going TP receive the bike in the same condition. The LBS receives theirs, partially assembled, be prepared to do some assembly, (4) be prepared for some brand snobs to try to diss your bike, just look at them and smile and think to yourself, P T Barnum once said there is a fool born every minute and you're looking at one, (5) enjoy your née bike, and while you're in the pace line, ride with the confidence and knowledge that with every turn of the pedal you're riding on a bike equally as good as most of the bikes that coated half as much. Would I recommend BD, darn straight. As a Metternich of fact, getting ready to buy my wife a new bike. From BD and more likely my next. Bike will come from. Them as well.

New Reviewer

If you're looking for great price great service by your bike from them I have bought 2 Motobecane,a road bike and I just bought a Cyclecross with Shimono Ultegra 6800 disc brakes carbon stem fork and bars for just $1400 shipped my friends can't believe what I paid comparable to like $3000 plus bikes .

New Reviewer

Sorry to say this, but I got shipped a bike I can't ride. The forks where chipped and the top right fork is bent. I've Hurd great things about this place and am going to review how there return policy is like. Also there costumer service. It took 7 days for it to ship. Not bad at all for how far it was shipped. Package was shipped at 8:20 and emailed bikes direct at 9:30. I'm hopping for a quick return.

New Reviewer

I ordered a Motobecane Gran Turismo from and I'm more than pleased with their service and what I got for my money. The headset was over-tightened out of the box, but I adjusted it and it's no worse for the wear. The XT rear derailleur & Dura Ace bar end shifters are superb. The frame seems to be very high quality. I've ridden it over some very rough cobblestones and the frame took the beating, no problem. The wheels are heavy, but strong. They were very true out of the box and held true under the cobblestone pounding. Delivery took six days. The staff responded within a day to each of two queries I e-mailed them. This is my third steel frame bike. Unless I'm careless around thieves again, I don't expect to ever need another bike. You're required to take delivery in person. No drop-offs.

New Reviewer

Cheap bikes, easy to assemble, what else can you ask for. I have asked around and a lot of people get their bikes assembled in shops. It is so easy people. Just do it yourself

New Reviewer

I purchased a Motobecane Fantom FS 29r XO equipped a year and half ago $2,200.
The KMC chain hollow pin broke repeatedly from the start. The shifter cables, both had to be replaced; They kinked inside and steel stranded cable unraveled inside the actual finger shifters and the tubing, within 6-8 months of ownership. The handlebar was small 550 mm. The bike purchase maybe saved you $400 over a local bike store. The bike isn't entirely XO equipped, just the shifters and derailers. The crank arm is FSA, nothing special. They ignored me when I asked for a free Jersey of Motobecane to wear at races... They need representation but they said it was a liability issue :0 and they ignored when when I told them their cables were of poor quality and I should get reimbursed. I had to fix this myself multiple times because the cable were just stretching and I didn't know why so the shifting was bad until I replace . A
Just be ready to replace a couple parts and tighten EVERYTHING because most things are pretty loosely put together. The finish is primer grey so they are saving from having fancy paint. I sprayed over the ugly decal with matte black since it's been painted over with a clear coat and I redesigned a decal and put Motobecane back on reversing the colors. hope this helps. Okay deal, okay bike. Not a steal of a deal, w/ no dealer support.

New Reviewer

I am a single speed mountain biker and was riding a custom built steel rocky mtn 29, with all the upgrades you could want.
•Tubing: Custom-drawn Reynolds 725 steel tubeset
•Fork: Fox 32 F29 RL w/100mm travel
•Drivetrain: RaceFace cranks
•Wheels: Shimano M525 hubs laced to Stans tubless Disc rims
•Brakes: Avid Juicy 3 discs (160mm f/r)

Over 2k invested and over the course of the last 5 years, I have blown out the seals in the fork 3 times, bent my front rim beyond repair, replaced with stans tubless, and have rebuilt the Juicy brakes 2 times. I am hard on my stuff, I recently cracked my frame and sent it back to Rocky Mountain for a replacement.

I ride 2-3 times a week mostly single track and was really jonzing for a ride. I just could not wait around for a month for a new frame. I started looking for a back up bike and did not want to spend a ton of money.

I was looking on Ebay for some used 29ers but I needed a small frame, wanted steel and could not really find a selection in anything decent. I started looking at some of the online bikes sites like performance and Nashbar. I had ordered a KHS solo one single speed, soft tail from Jenson too about 10yrs ago for about $400, and had a great experience so I was open minded. I did not know Bikesdirect but they had a nice single speed steel dawes for $350, nothing fancy but the price seemed too good to be true. It was, they only had a 19 and i was a 15.

So I decided to settle, since it was only a back up and start looking at aluminum frames. It came down to the BIKESDIRECT gravity and the Nashbar singlespeed 29er. The Nashbar got great reviews but it was $400 plus shipping it had an also had an aluminum frame and steel hard fork. At first, I was hestitant to buy a Gravity, I had never heard of it, but after another week of research and soul searching, and riding my wifes 26er I decided to pull the trigger on the BIKESDIRECT gravity singlespeed 29er.

I went for the flat black 15.5 with the front suspension fork. Delivered for $399. I ordered on a Tuesday and the bike showed up that Friday. I spent about an hour putting it together with some simple hand tools and had to grease and silicone the brakes, the headset and the cranks but other than that, it was set to go. The only thing that was a little tricky was getitng the mechanical disc brakes to align so they did not rub. Not a big deal, I have a stand and just had to make some minor adjustments. NOTE: . If you are not good with bike tools, probably best to go to a shop, but it is not a hard bike to work on if you have insight and tools.

I rode it around the neighborhood, jumping curbs and riding up inclines, the fork worked great and the bike was a blast. The next day, I brought over to my local single trace and put it to the test. Is the aluminum as soft as the steel on the bumps, no, but did the bike work great and was it fun to ride, oh yea. Only upgrades were shimano pedals and a bigger saddle. I am sure that I will get a lot of fun miles out of this bike. If and when stuff goes bad, I will just replace it with better stuff.

New Reviewer

I got my bike in three days. It arrived in perfect condition and the assembly needed was minimal. Great deal.

New Reviewer

1. I purchased a Motobecane CXX from Bikes direct. Steel cyclocross frame and SRAM Apex components for $800. What a bargain. This bike is very nice, nicer than the two bikes I used for years and sold last month, a 1990 Bridgestone RB-1 and a 2007 Salsa El Mariachi. Granted both of those bikes are different than the CXX. I've been commuting on it every day for four weeks now, first week 28 miles/day then 13 miles/day. This is the perfect commute bike. It might be the perfect everything bike, unless you race *competitively* or weigh your bike more than you ride it.

2. The purchase was very smooth, I appreciate that they take the extra steps to verify identity.

3. Packaging was very good, everything was secure, nothing was going to get damaged in shipping unless some there was some real abuse by the carrier.

4. Very easy to assemble, but to be fair, I've put a half dozen bikes together from parts. I think it might be a bit daunting for someone not mechanically inclined.

5. I'd bet most of the bad reviews are from competitors selling the same thing with a name brand sticker on it for a lot more.

6. The website could use a redesign. It works well, but it looks old. That's why 4 stars, really the shopping experience and bike I purchased deserve 5 stars.

New Reviewer

Great place to get a bike when orders go correctly and you know your bike size.

I purchased a high end titanium 29er from them in the past, and it was a flawless transaction at a great price. The bike has been phenomenal.

I decided to share and comment on their Facebook post in order to get on the waiting list to order one of their new fat bikes. I shared the posting on the bike group that I administer on Facebook, and at least one of the members put an order in for one. I was psyched when they sent me a Paypal invoice and paid right away. After a few weeks, others I shared the info with started to get their tracking numbers. I had to email bikesdirect to find out if mine was on the way and it was then they informed me my bike was damaged in the warehouse and I could either get my money refunded or get a smaller size in a month! I had no choice but to get my money back.

It would have been nice to have more options or at least been informed without me having to do the chasing to get the info. I most likely won't be recommending them in the future.

New Reviewer

The bikes have fake suggested retail. After I got the bike I went into a bike shop to find out thAt there bikes did not cost that much more and they come with a lot of service and advice. Also the derailer hanger was bent out of the box and when into the spokes on the first ride which was my fault for not having it tuned by a bike shop. After having the bike shop fix the bike I took the gravity full suspension out on the trail and it rode like carp. The rear suspension was popping all over the trail. I waisted a lot of money on this bike. Go to your local bike shop and buy there.

New Reviewer

So far, not great. They sent the wrong bike. Not a crazy error for any company, however, you'd think that I was trying to pull a great heist with the information they want in order to return the bike. They need a photo of the label and the box to confirm that it was the wrong bike. Not that it matters, because they won't send the correct bike until there is confirmation that the incorrect bike has been shipped. I can understand a company not wanting someone to get two items for the price of one; however, I am the one with the charge on my card for the order and now have to wait an additional, oh, two weeks-ish for the correct bike to arrive, when this was strictly a failure by the seller. So yes, I am a little miffed. The bike they sent did appear to be okay quality, though it was apparent based solely on color that the wrong bike was shipped in the first place, so I have never removed it from the box in order to make an assessment of its quality.

On the re-do, the company was supposed to ship the replacement (correct) bike to a different address than the original one -- my work address, instead of my home address. I own my own business, so this is a non-issue, and I didn't want to have to take off work several hours to sit around waiting on UPS again. Bikes Direct said they would ship to the alternate address, but nope. Didn't. So I again had to take off work to wait on the second delivery of the bike.

New Reviewer

Great! I was skeptical based on the price, but it all turned out well. UPS even damaged the front tire, and after sending pics, bikesdirect sent new hires. Fantastic to do business with. I have already recommended to others and won't hesitate to buy from bikesdirect again.

New Reviewer

I've been shopping for a new road bike for the better part of six months. Every time I go into a bike shop, they tell me to look online, figure out what I want, and they'll order it for me.

So at a friend's recommendation, I go to Lots to choose from, but not sure about the name brands on the frames. I do a bit of research, and find the bike I want. I go to order it, and they're sold out!

They tell me to check back in a month, and I do. This time they have it in stock in my size. I ordered it, and it arrived on Thursday of this week.

The bike was well packed, and in perfect condition, practically ready to ride. You do have to assemble it, but if you have ever assembled a bike from a factory shipment you won't have any problems. The wheels were trued perfectly, the bike went together easily. It may have taken me more time to unpack it than to assemble it. I took it to my local bike shop to have them do the once over on the drive train and make some minor adjustments. The guys in the bike shop were in utter shock when they saw the quality of the bike I had just purchased and how much I paid for it.

I rode it 20 miles on it's maiden voyage today, and I was thrilled with it. It is everything advertised on their site and then some.

Don't be fooled by bike shops who hot-mouth this business; the days of overpaying for a crappy bike are over thanks to

New Reviewer

Blown away! I ordered a Motobecane 29er for my daughter for her birthday. Bike came in a few business days (free shipping). It took me 20 minutes to put it together. I did a test ride and everything was perfect! We got a $600 bike for $299 and no hassles. My local snobby bike shops won't even talk to me when I walk in the door. Sorry guys; your loss.

New Reviewer

I bought the century comp with sram apex set. Only took 3 business days to get here, free shipping and no tax btw. Came brand new from the factory. Packaged very well.

All you have to put together is:
the cable through the cable housing on top tube, attach front brake and adjust pads front and back, attach bars to stem, tighten head bolt for tension, tighten stem bolts, attach front wheel, slide seat post into seat stay, attach pedals and adjusted my reach on my sram apex shifters. Took 30minutes to build. Total build plus fit took about 45minutes - 1hr. Then pumped the tires and took it for a spin.

Noticed there was a slight scratch on my chainstay, took a pic, emailed them and they responded within the hour and refunded me $40 immediately i didnt even have to ask for the refund, they offered and of course i accepted. Communication is amazing and customer service was tops.

New Reviewer

Bought a MOTOBECANE single speed bike "TRACK BIKE" this thing is HORRIBLE. All the componets are very CHEAP, the frame is nothing but a piece garbage. Poor customer service. YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE PRODUCT TO BE DELIVERED TO YOUR PLACE. I did not like the bike and now I want to returned, so guest what.. I will have to paid $50.00 more to delivered the bike back to them. Overral I WASTED $100 on delivery charges for a product that is GARBAGE. If you are going to spend $330 dollars on a bike that is garbage, you are better off buying a SCHWINN single speed bike and start from there, get it as a project bike, and you will be more happy and your money worth. DON BUT FROM THIS COMPANY, you will have nightmares. I hope I can get 100% refund of what I paid for that crap.

New Reviewer

If you know what you want and are handy with tools, great place to shop. Most people expect a ride ready bike and hence issues arise. YOU are the "middle man". You need to go over the bike carefully like your local bike shop would. That is why these bikes are such great bargains and lbs are so expensive! I've purchased three bikes from bikesdirect over the course of three years- two motobecane and a windsor. Could not be any happier.

New Reviewer

Paint quality is a big disappointment. Within 2k miles I had to patch several chips with nail polish. Other than that, I love the bike. I got SRAM RED components that I love and the Ksyrium Elite wheels that I love. The bike was easy to put together. So the only downsides were the paint and the ergo handlebars (personal preference).

New Reviewer

Did a lot of research when buying bike for wife. Fuji made a 44cm unlike many current manufacturers who seem to be eliminating different bike models from their lineups during tough economic times. I am no cyclist but read a lot of proper fitting, sizing, had her on my bike to see shoulder width, basic stuff from what I read on internet sites. I checked her inseam, measure arm reach, basically at 4'11 she needed 44cm frame or a bike with 650 tires. I didn't want a 650cm tire for her even though it would have worked, I just thought she could be comfortable on 700s. Plus most bikes with 650 for females are very expensive (over $900) my budget was $500 and bikesdirect totally came through. Perfect fit. She actually said that never in her adult life has she felt so comfortable on road bike. Local bike shop did build and they were impressed with bikesdirect product and price. Bike was packaged well, arrived quickly, customer service was easy to contact through email and phone. I would definetly buy again. Wish they sold kids bikes.

New Reviewer

When my wife and I were looking for a couple of bikes we happened on the bikes direct site and studied what they had. After some time we decided on two Motobacane bikes, a women's Elite FS and a men's Jubilee Deluxe. Both bikes are first class, ride well and are first rate in every way. They arrived in perfect condition, were easy to assemble and after we fine tuned them for riding we took them out for a test spin. The men's Jubilee Deluxe is a very nimble bike well suited for any type of riding on or off the paved road. It shifts well and coasts very well on all types of terrain. Bottom line, it's a very easy bike to ride and should last for years in the future. The woman's Elite FS is a very nice bike, easy to ride and works well for the road. I've had several bikes in the past and this is the finest bike for the money you can get. I highly recommend these bikes and the folks behind the scenes making sure your order goes smoothly and gets to you on time. Well done bikesdirect!

New Reviewer

I got a set of Continental tires from this web site and there was a flaw in the tire and I could not personally talk to anyone about it. I don't recommend ordering anything from this website.

New Reviewer

At first I was skeptical about purchasing a bike online without seeing it in person. I did my homework by checking reviews and comparing prices. I discovered that the people who have given bikes direct poor reviews are most likely those who are (A) People who haven't actually purchased anything from them because they are "Brand Name" shoppers, or (B) People who have purchased a bike and didn't realize they would have to put a small amount of effort into putting it together, or (C) The kind of individual who you can't satisfy no matter what. Well, after gathering my facts and carefully weighing my decision I decided to buy a "Gravity FSX 1.0."
Now I can give you a complete review based on my personal experience.
I decided to buy the bike although I found many mixed reviews about Bikes Direct. I mostly ride on paved trails and occasionally on dirt trails, so I didn't need a competition spec bike. I wanted a better bike than what could be found at Wal-Mart, Target, etc., but I didn't want to drop $600 either. I found an entry level mountain bike on Bikes Direct that was comparable to a bike I saw at Sports Authority. The bike on Bikes Direct $329, no tax, and included shipping. The bike at Sports Authority was $550, plus 6% sales tax.
The thing that tipped the scales when making my final decision was the reviews I saw here on Site Jabber. Bikes Direct had a higher rating than many popular retail stores. Bikes Direct also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so I figured the only thing I had to lose was the postage if I decided to send it back. I called their credit card hotline and placed my order. The next evening I had my receipt emailed to me along with a UPS tracking number and 4 days later I had my bike. I am thrilled with my purchase and the Bikes Direct website accurately described the bike I ordered including the photos. The only thing I had to do was minor assembly, adjust the brakes, and shifters. Initially I was scared about ordering, anxious once I ordered, and thrilled once I received the bike. The whole process was easy and smooth. I wrote this review for people who are worried like I was about ordering from Bikes Direct. I do not work for them in any way and unfortunately I wasn't paid to write this.

New Reviewer

I hit a curb on my Gary Fisher Triton bending the frame. Couldn’t afford an expensive replacement so I bought a Motobecane Messenger from Bikes Direct for just under half the price of the Triton. The bike shipped the day I ordered it and arrived ups ground five days later. The bike was well packed and arrived in perfect condition. I have assembled bikes in the past so putting it together wasn’t a problem, but for someone with no experience might be challenging. The bike feels a little lighter than my Triton did and is fast, good paint too. I will have to see how this bike lasts but looks like a very good deal for the money. My experience with Bikes Direct was very good.

New Reviewer

I read over the specs, the reviews, the warnings, decided to take a chance. After all, where else can you get a 29er full suspension mountain bike with decent components for $700 (DAWES ROUNDHOUSE).

It came in a box with essentially no instructions, as promised. OK, if you can't put a derailleur on a bicycle yourself you should plan to take the box to a bike shop and pay them to do it for you. I'm pretty handy with an allen wrench and have owned a number of bikes over the years. No problems doing the final assembly (seat, handlebars, peddles, wheels, and derailleur all come separate from the frame, brake and shift cables already attached). I'm still going to take it to a bike shop and have it tuned, for one thing I can't true the wheels myself and for another the bike always rides soooo smoothly after a tune up). I'm going to put a couple hundred miles on it first and let the cables stretch.

One thing I saw in a few of the unfavorable reviews had to do with service. Regrettably there was shipping damage. UPS must use gorillas or something to handle their packages, the derailleur hanger was bent and the back brake caliper broken. I read and followed the on line instructions (imagine that, a male actually reading instructions, my only excuse is I was a bit scared by some of the bad experiences people had who did not follow bikesdirect on line instructions)

Anyway, I took pictures of the damaged parts and emailed them, along with the order information, model and serial number. Within 24 hours new parts were on their way to me.

Yeah I was disappointed because it took a couple extra days to get my new bike up and rolling but I saved at least half of what a comparable bike would have cost from a bike store

btw, I agree with several other reviewers comments. When you buy anything over the internet, use a credit card or at least paypal. That way, if you do have a problem you can call and rescind payment until the problem is fixed. That gives you a lot of leverage. I didn't need it with but it has come in handy a few times with other cyberspace vendors

Anyway, thank you bikesdirect, I got a lot of bike for what I had to pay.

New Reviewer

I checked all the above reviews before purchasing from Bikes Direct, so I thought it only fair that I share my experience. I just received the bike today and so far all is great.

I ordered the Motobecane Le Champion Ti with Ultegra. Very good price. Several hard core cycling friends confirmed it was a great deal. A few hours after ordering, I received a UPS shipping notification and confirmation email. The UPS notice provided a shipping estimate of 2 days, so I got pretty excited. However, I didn't read the Bikes Direct email closely enough and 2 days is when it would start shipping from the factory to me. My mistake, but just a heads up in case you do the same. That said, I ordered it on Wednesday and it arrived the following Tuesday. Well packed. All components exactly as spec'ed, so no issues there. No damage en route and easily assembled. Frame size is perfect. Assembly took about 20 mins.

Woud definitely order again and may buy a bike for my wife from Bikes Direct. A very good experience.

New Reviewer

I bought an Immortal Spirt. Ordered it late Sunday night and received the bike on Friday mid-morning. Assembly was a snap. The wheels were prefectly true. Everything was in good adjustment. A few tweaks of the rear deraileur as the cables stretched. A few short tune-up rides on Friday to adjust the fit. Over a 100 miles the first week including two 30 milers. What a beautiful bike! The ride is smooth and fast. I will ride it hard over the next 30 days and make another report. So far so good.

I spent several months researching possible bikes before purchasing. I rode a couple of Canondales, a Trek, a couple of Specialize, a few others, all well over $3000. The Immortal Spirt is at least as good as anything else I tried. Like most folks I was hesitent to buy a bike I could not ride first. The price for what you get with the Immortal Spirit was just too much to pass up. GREAT DECISION! This bike easily compares with $4000+ cycles at my LBS.

New Reviewer

i purchased a 2011 Windsor knight bike in may of 2011.

when i ordered my bike i got a fast email response confirming my order.
i ordered my bike on a Thursday evening and the bike arrived at the UPS terminal the following Wednesday evening. i picked the bike up at the terminal so i could inspect for damage. the bike box was somewhat beat up and i got lucky my bike was not damaged. i wish they would choose a different shipper because ups has damaged a LOT of my stuff over the years.

the bike assembled easily. all i really had to do was bolt on the handle bars and wheels. all of the cables were adjusted properly. i had to air up the tires. i set them at the max sidewall recommended pressures.
i took the bike for a short drive around the parking lot at work. i ran over a small pot hole and got 2 instant flat tires. after checking them i found both inner tubes were blown out at the factory seam, cheap inner tubes. 2 NEW quality inner tubes on my dime and the problem was solved.

when i had the rear tire off i checked the cassette to see what gears it had. the bike was listed as having a 12-26 10 speed cassette and the bike had a 11-28. emailed bikes direct and they basicly told me they don't build bikes they just sell them so there was nothing they could do. after buying the correct cassette, on my dime again, and installing it i found my bike was delivered with a 105 cassette instead of what i thought should have been a ultegra.

after riding 700 miles on this bike it is a OK bike and worth the $900 i paid for it. especially for the Vuelta PRO wheel upgrade. but it being advertised as good as a TREK bike. there is NO WAY it's the same quality as one. the bike is at least 2lbs heaver than a trek 2300 they compaired it to. the finish quality is not even close to a trek. a trek has better welds and the paint is of better quality. the bike has ultegra components but i think they are seconds or cheap copies. they work OK but my friends ultegra shifters on his Trek work better. and YES i have taken my bike to a bike shop for a tune up but the shifters don't work as good as the ones on my friends bike.

all in all the bike is a OK value for the money. but in a few years i plan on purchasing a different road bike. will buy a it from bikes direct? maybe but it won't be a Windsor or another off brand name, it would probably be a motobecane.

New Reviewer

I recently ordered a Motobecane Immortal Spirit after reading dozens of reviews about Like a lot of people, I was hesitant to buy a bike on line but I went ahead and took a chance. The bike arrived in four working days in perfect order. Even though I have some experience in bike mechanics, I took it to my LBS and had it assembled for $60.00.

Took the bike out last night for a 15 mile ride. My only complaint is that the seat is too hard and I am going to have to replace it. Otherwise, the DA components worked perfectly and the ride was great. I would not hesitate to buy another bike from them again.

New Reviewer

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New Reviewer

I bought a motobecane Fantom team full xtr mountain bike last year. Love it, more than I could of imagined. Had small problem with clear coat on frame and they replaced frame no charge, I paid shipping only. Also, I emailed the service guys a couple bike questions and they answered them the same day. Will buy a Kestrel road bike from bikes direct soon. Bikes direct is a great company to buy a bike from with zero risk.

New Reviewer

My order is not complete yet. I placed an order 2 business days ago, they've taken the money out of my bank account, but have yet to even confirm that they've received my order...or told me if the item is in stock in my size, etc.

I hope that once they actually process my order everything else will procede as wonderful as the other reviews, but so far their only response to my emails asking is "We will process your order on the next business day after it is placed and you will receive an email then with your tracking information then." :( Now it's been 2 days and still no tracking information... crossing my fingers that someday they'll actually think about shipping out the bike parts...

New Reviewer

I ordered a mountain bike with outstanding specs at a price I could hardly believe ($329 vs. $879 in local store). I was a little cautious buying online but decided to give it a shot and save some money in the process. The bike arrived with all parts matching up to the parts advertised on the website with one exception. The breaks have been upgraded with higher quality rotors – certainly can't complain here. One negative of buying online is the shipping and the potential for damage. The bike arrived with a scratch on the front fork. I contacted and within two hours the issue was resolved to my satisfaction. The customer service was very organized, friendly, and courteous. They proposed a solution I was happy to accept. I love the new bike and since I also ride a road bike, I will be buying one soon from