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New Reviewer

I decided to buy a bid package on their site to give it a go. I carefully bid on a camera and won it successfully... Later to find out in an email from their support that there was "suspicious" activity on the auction and they could no longer send me my item?!?!?!?! Definitely a SCAM. Not to mention all the auctions have autobidders bidding up the item and they all attack at the last 10 seconds. Funny that. Also notice that no two users are the same..... SCAM Stay away.

New Reviewer

These guys are running a great looking scam. IF you decide to deal with them, the only way you will ever get your money back is by using your credit card to stop their p


New Reviewer

Sorry guys, I will have to disagree actually.
Penny auctions are very close to gambling - gravely close!
In my experience, is sort of gambling too.
I won 2 items there so far - a BidPack and a iMac 27 inch.
My return on investment if you will has been around 148%. isn't as bad as other penny auctions to be honest.
They have buy it now on all auctions, ALL auctions.
That's a trooper right there I think.

Try it, but don't get carried away.
When you get carried away, that's where you lose.

Know your limit folks.

I vouch for

New Reviewer

They will steal your money. They call it an auction (even the reviews seem great) but the truth is! You have to keep buying bids to win the item you are bidding on. If you don't win, they keep your money. IS THIS LIKE AN AUCTION TOO YOU?

New Reviewer

Oh my gosh... I've spent over $400 on this site and wondered by looking back on the ENDED auctions the item I was trying to win would always be no more than $2.50 in the past few months. Thought no problem I can do that... LIKE H#LL I could...

Like another stated... NO TWO BIDDERS ARE ALIKE... that is unheard of... I bid on over 25 penny auction sites during the month and NEVER had I ever seen SINGLE bids placed only ONE TIME by multiple bidders...




Most sites you will see:


There is no way in the world you can have over 50 different names only placing ONE LITTLE BID....

Oh and did I mention the BID MONKEY... the Auto-Bidder.... While no one has used the Bid Monkey.... I went ahead and enter some small bids into mine in hopes of scaring these people away right? WRONG...

As soon as I hit SET my Monkey.... Another bidder immediately Set their Monkey..
I let mine play a little and then canceled it... Guess What...
Their bid monkey canceled to and here come all the Single Bidders again one by one slowly bidding and no two names are the same.

I set my Monkey again and lookie who's back... The same name with a Monkey set too....

These are BOTS people... FAKE BIDDERS.... and they have a BBB listing that say no complaints.... PLEASE......

Look at the ENDED auctions list.... Have you EVER in your life while playing the PA's ever seen a ENDED list where there is again ONE WINNER for each auction and not ONE POWERBIDDER who has won multiple auctions over and over again within hours or several days....

NOT HERE.... No such animal.... This is BS ......... SAVE your MONEY and RUN!

New Reviewer

I've been on several bidding sites and have watched hours upon hours of auctions. This site was the only one where I felt I was being raped. I would bid on ps3 games that were obscure and not popular and would continually get run up by bidders, the only catch, non of the names were the same. On normal sites, you would see 2-3 people bidding back and forth, on this site, it was me vs 50 different names. So, in my opinion, bots or a program. Don't waste your time here.


Auction sites like this where you think you can win some expensive item are just a way for these website owners to get rich. They are everyone on the net and it makes me sick

Penny auctions are more like lotteries and slot machines than an auction. You won't really win anythere here more than you would if you went to a casino. read about them from time magazine,9171,1997462,00.html

and even a blog here on sitejabber


I wouldn't trust this site.

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