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30 reviews
Categories: Candy, Flower Delivery, Gifts
4840 Eastgate Mall
San Diego, CA 92121
Tel: 1-877-237-7437
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New Reviewer

Shari's Berries has excellent customer service and delivers a delicious product! My friend moved and I didn't have her updated address. She lives clear across the country from me, is 9 months pregnant, and LOVES fruit. She drove by her old apartment the next day and couldn't find the package. Not only did Shari's Berries replace my order for free, but they also rushed the delivery to her *correct* address for no extra fee. The next day, I was also pleasantly surprised to see a 25% discount coupon in my inbox for the inconvenience.

Not only were they a pleasure to deal with and gracious and eloquent in correspondences, but they also delivered a product that my friend absolutely loved! They made her day, and mine. I would recommend Shari's Berries to all my friends based on this most recent experience and others I've had with them.

Tip for consumers: "Standard" shipping is still costly. My $30 order cost $15 to ship, and you don't see that until you're almost done ordering. Also, if you let items sit in your cart for a day or two, they'll email you a coupon code for 15% off!

Ask Lisa about
New Reviewer

These berries come from the farm in crates, with dirt and anything else that may have contaminated them (animal fecal matter, pesticides, etc...) and are dipped in chocolate without washing them.
Despite worries from the company for years about the negative health effects and consumer sentiment around not washing our strawberries before dipping them in chocolate, nothing has been done to resolve this issue.
The company ships millions of these strawberries per year, especially now during the upcoming Christmas holiday, Valentines Day holiday and Mother's Day holiday. The berries arrive directly from the farm, are sorted for size in machinery and directly sent to be dipped in chocolate (actually it's not even real chocolate, but a chocolate like substance). There is actual dirty and grime accumulation all over the berry sorting equipment because of how dirty the berries are.
The executives at the company recognized this as a potential issue and year after year give it lip service. However, putting in a real system to properly clean the berries or somehow track shipments to a certain lot of berries from a farm would cost money. Currently if a group of customers across the country contracted a food bourne infection from the berries, the company would have no way to resolve the issue or track where the berries originated from.
Don't send your loved ones these berries for the sake of health.
-Concerned Shari's Berries Employee

New Reviewer

be very careful....lots of hidden charges. What I thought was $19.99 with free shipping, ended up being $37.49. Zero stars!!!!!

New Reviewer

First, I would like to state, that delivery was has promised, and very well packaged. My complaint is that what the picture showed for my order did not match what was recieved. The strawberries were completely covered, unlike an order many years ago where the top of the strawberry was visible and the leaves and stem still attached. Apparently a number of people have complained out leaves and stems still in tact. If you eat strawberries by hand you typically hold them by stem-I see no problem. Also the word description, if you read it, and I didn't, you will notice that there is no mention of a multi -colored sprinkle of candies as shown in the picture. Again, many years ago, my order matched the picture exactly and the strawberries were fresh. I can not vouch for the freshness this time around, as they have not yet been given to the person. Be aware that this company has been boughtout by a hedge fund, so don't expect the same quality that the start-up company had. It's all about making BIG money. A shame to ruin a nice small business niche.

New Reviewer

I have ordered a few times. It is ok, but way too expensive. Today, I am rather annoyed as they just seem to be a scam. I was sent an email offering free shipping. Thought I would unload a living social voucher I have had sitting around. I did not use it because I do not think the stuff is good enough to send as a gift. I type in the voucher..they ad the shipping which was to free. So, I call. They dismiss my issue. They are obviously scamming enough people to not worry about unsatisfied consumers. I am just tired of big companies sending emails with promise of savings..just to get you to the site.

New Reviewer

Just like to say that I ordered some strawberries from them for Mothers Day for my mother in law. Not only did they not ship on the day specified (I paid extra for it), they sent her the wrong order. When she got them, they were melted and gross. The ice pack went out and the strawberries were ruined. We called and they gave us a choice of money back or resend the strawberries. I felt like they should have done both. We got some reimbursement but my mother in law is still without a mothers day gift. I called and the rep was argumentative with me over the amount. She insisted I rec'd back what was owed to me event though I feel like I got shorted a few bucks. Even so, you think they would go the extra step and still send her something. I was very disappointed. I wish I could post the picture of the strawberries they sent her.

New Reviewer

Price is acceptable for the berries $20 for 6. They did arrive on time and they we good. However the double secret hidden shipping charge is rotten. It is very similar to the people on ebay. They sell the item at a cheap price then kill you on the shipping. I paid more for the shipping then I did the product. It wasn't like I had it over knighted or anything. You may be asking yourself "Well why the hell did you pay for it if you didn't like the cost?" Easy Answer is I'm stupid. The way it was worded, I thought shipping was only $4.95 for standard shipping. What it was saying was it was $4.95 extra onto their already high standard shipping. I didn't realize it until I already paid for it.

New Reviewer

Lying sacks! The "19.99 special" doesn't include 2 hidden charges of 14.99!!
That's 29.98 on shipping 6 flipping strawberries!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered 12 berries and 3 cake pops for my mom for mother's day and didn't read reviews first. I'm really glad I didn't. The berries arrived today and they're HUGE! They're delicious, perfectly ripe and the chocolate is amazing. None of hers were out of place or melted, so I was very relieved. We haven't tried the cake pops yet, but they look delicious!

New Reviewer

I have always seen the commercial on TV about Shari's Berries and told my husband I would love to have them. I was surprised today when they cam by UPS.and my son had sent them to me for Mothers Day. When I opened the package I cried like a baby. I have never seen strawberries as big as these. They are so delicious and I would highly recommend them.Shari's Berries you rock. You made my Mothers Day wonderful with the help of my son . Thanks Jerry.

New Reviewer

Have ordered from here lots great place.
Everything was perfect mom was very impressed .

New Reviewer

I ordered 12 assorted chocolate covered strawberries for my wife for Valentine day

This was her response when she saw the package was from Sheri's Berries.

With a big smile on her face she said "Oh how sweet, you got me something from Sheri's Berries. I hope it is chocolate covered strawberries, I love those."

This is what they looked like when she first opened the box.

1. They were medium to small in size.
2. They were fully covered with chocolate without leaves showing which I thought was strange since they didn't look that way online, and I found out why.

This is what they were like when she started to eat them.

1. The strawberries were small with a thick coating of chocolate on them to make them look bigger than they really were.
2. The strawberries were soft, tasted and smelled like they had been frozen for a month and then covered with chocolate while frozen.
3. Most of the strawberry juice had accumulated between the chocolate and the strawberries so when she took the first bite all the juice came running out all over the places. They were not in any shape or form "fresh".

This is what happened after that.

She looked at me and said without smiling "Thank you for being so thoughtful, you are so sweet." It then looked like she choked down the rest of the first one. Then she said "I'm going to put the rest in the fridge for later."

Well, later never came. I ate one the next day to see what they were like and yuk it sucked. I never saw her eat another one and after a few days the box was gone out of the fridge never to be seen again.

I have never been so embarrassed. I could have bought bigger, fresher strawberries from my local grocery store. Buying these strawberries from's Berries was the worst mistake I have ever made when buying a present for my wife. I will never buy from them again and have told all my friends at work what happened. I also gave feedback to the Hannity website because I bought these based on their sales pitch.

Now I understand why doesn't have a consumer reviews section on their site. There wouldn't be any good reviews.

New Reviewer

Flowers arrived on time, we're wilting by the next day. Berries arrived the following day. The first one was delicious. The second was so-so. The third was half ripe. The fourth was disgusting, the fifth and sixth smelled questionable and went right in the trash. $102 down the toilet.....NEVER again.

New Reviewer

TERRIBLE, not only did my wife not get the berries on valentines day (that I paid extra for) but she didn't get them until the following Monday. The berries were so bad that they pulled away from the chocolate. Never again will I order from them, I will tell people to stay away!

New Reviewer

Total SCAM !!!!
Smelly. rotten strawberries. In the trash. Disgusting product. They just dumped the problem on FedEx, without considering the weather conditions. Rotten, smelly strawberries arrived on Saturday, Feb. 15th. Small, smelly, disgusting strawberries went into the trash. They had plenty of time to deliver early instead of late for Valentine's Day. Make your own or get a local source to handle you order with care.

New Reviewer

I ordered product as a Valentines day surprise. I ordered 3 days in advance. Paid an exorbitant shipping rate for on time delivery (almost double the product cost). They rely on the weather as an excuse. They ship from San Diego and the shipping address is in Huntington Beach, CA and the weather is perfect in both locations. They say they are working 24/7, yet there is no one answering the phones.

I will never order, nor recommend this outfit. OBTW, my spouse has yet to receive anything.

New Reviewer

i purchased the morning shipping which on the site i was ordering from said 8am - 9am. didnt recieve two of the packages till 10:30 am. then my third package arrived at 4:32pm. when i called to get a refund for the morning shipping they said the times i told them i was suppose to be getting for what i paid for they said they didnt offer those times. also none of my packages that were suppose to come with cards never came with cards. worst valentines day EVER!!!!! never buying from these guys again and i advise you to do the same. i probably wont ever get my money back that i spent. what a horrible way to do business.

New Reviewer

valentine day ruined because of them!!!

New Reviewer

DON'T EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM. I placed an order Feb. 6 for a half dozen chocolate covered strawberries. I paid extra for it to be delivered Valentines Day, Feb. 14, today. $40 for 6 strawberries, AND THEY AREN'T GOING TO BE DELIVERED UNTIL MONDAY! They ruined the day for me, now I have to rush out and find somewhere that still has stuff left. DON'T TRUST THIS COMPANY. They will create more headaches than anything else.

New Reviewer

Shari's Berries is a terrible business. I ordered today from their website for Valentine's Day. I couldn't see the total charge until AFTER processing finished, at which time I discovered they had charged me $48 dollars (no mistake, 48 DOLLARS) for shipping, for just 12 berries!

And they didn't give me the 20% discount that was promised "during checkout". When I called them about it they tried to tell "we can't change the order, since it's been processed". What? I ordered just 10 minutes ago! TERRIBLE customer support, and deceptive website practices, hiding the total charge until after you complete the order. Don't order from this place.

New Reviewer

Be careful about shipping cost, it was almost double the cost with shipping. Could have gone local for very minimal shipping. So there is no real savings or deal at this site.

New Reviewer

Are you kidding me? $20.00 + $4.00 for shipping something with a weeks notice.
I will Never Never Never buy from this rip off place again.

New Reviewer

I've had nothing but great chocolate dipped strawberries from Shari's Berries. Big, sweet, beautifully decorated (for a strawberry...) treats that the ladies (and guys) in my office just love.
Plus, the chocolate dipped cherries were a big hit also.
I order both multiple times a year and haven't had any problems.
I can, however, see how shipping a perishable such as this across the country from California during the summer months might be an issue even when packed in dry ice. Use your common sense.

New Reviewer

I am very disappointed with this company because they are not honest andtransparent in their dealings. The first time I shopped withn them I fell for their scam where they offer you a rebate on your shipping charge. Do not fall for this scam because what you are actually doing is signing up with a 3rd party marketer who will deduct $14.95 from your account each month. They did take money from my account for a few months. I immediately called the company directly and that was when I was informed I signed up with them for some BS coupon program when I shopped at Sherri's. So be careful.

For mother's day this year I did buy from them again and due to my previous experience I was very careful to triple check everything before clicking the submit button, I was wrong.

I checked my account and the had taken out more money than they should have. Upon checking the reciept for my order on their website I realized they had charged twice for shipping. This company may have some good products but interity is non existent. I did call them and the extra shipping charge they tried to steal was refunded.

Just think of it that if I had not checked this money would have been "free" money in their pockets. the question is how many times have they gotten away with this shady practice? personally this is the last time I will shop with them and they can take all their stuff and shove it.

Despicable bunch of theives.

New Reviewer

I was excited to try this web and send strawberries for valentine day. the price was high but it was fine , I thought to give it a try. However, I stopped and did not submit the order since they do not show you how much is shipping and other fees they added, they do not tell you, before they have all your info. at the end, $ 49.00 they show on the web becomes more than $80.00!!! they need you credit card before they show you the final price!! I don't think it is right.

Apprentice Reviewer

Ordered these for my mum for mother's day.
The ice pack melted in transit, and if she wouldn't have been there the moment they were delivered, they would have been completely ruined. She placed in the fridge to reharden the chocolate.
I contact customer support to let them know that sending them two day when Washington is having 90 degree weather is not smart. Told them of what my mum got and they promptly delivered NEW berries overnight at no cost.
A+ customer service.

New Reviewer

Shari's Berries are absolutely delicious treats and very well put together. They can be a bit on the pricy side...especially with the cost of shipping. However, when the occasion calls for something special...give em a try. I always search the internet for coupons to help buffer the cost and I'm never disappointed.

New Reviewer

Thought it would save me time in the kitchen by ordering Thanksgiving dessert. I placed the order on Nov. 4, 2011 and the morning of Nov. 22, 2011 (the date I selected) one box arrived which was half of my order. Later that night, the other box arrived and I was horrified! opened the box and a large number of bugs crawled out.....I immediately threw the dessert away. I will NEVER order from this site again!!!!!!

New Reviewer

They get you onto the side advertising berries for $20. What they don't tell you is that shipping is $13, if you want Valentine's shipping, it's an extra $5 and the "free shipping" link is a scam that requires you to sign up for a one year subscription. OH and the best part... even if you order THREE weeks in advance, the berries WON'T show up on Valentine's Day! They will come the next day, the chocolate will be melted/cracked off, and they will taste horrible. First time I used them, and the VERY last. I won't look like an idiot on Valentine's Day again.

New Reviewer

Ad says send candy for $19.95. They than add shipping handling etc. From $19.95 my order went to $45.00.

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