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Categories: Dating
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What you can do first is have a 3 day trial for about £4. (in 4 reviews)

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New Reviewer

SUMMARRY: *warning*. This site is pure scam. YOU CANNOT REMOVE YOUR ACCOUNT using the "remove account" link under your profile's settings after you're in. The only choice provided is to *upgrade* to a paid subscripion; which in turn continues infinitely. The subscription is muddy to terminate, very difficult. And you can't be sure if your credit card bills stop.

What you get after you log in? Lot messages from all over telling how nice to meet you. The senders don't even check your profile. you get messages even if you donät have photo! The only way to read messages is by UPGRADING to a paid subscription. Don't bother. All the messages are fakes; sent by imaginary people. the photos are all fakes. The company has hired lots of workers to send fake and nice messages to all newcomers to get them to subscribe. If there are some real messages, you can't really tell. The whole thing is just nicely packages scam.

Btw, this company has opened several similar other sites that operate exactly the same way. All the foul pictures are the same. Like

Simply. Stay away. And spread the word.

Tip for consumers: Stay away!!

Ask Mr about BeNaughty
New Reviewer

It just took me 20 minutes to cancelled my account...I thought I got a recorded line the worker stated the "sales pitch" so cleanly...regardless of my assurance that I would not purchase any more services. OMG

New Reviewer

Cheap looking website. Every female in results was literally naked just another porn site. Dont use it its a waste of time.

New Reviewer

Funny thing is that I met a woman on benaughty and we have been seeing each other, in a discreet relationship, for over 2 years...that was in 2012. Gotta say a lot seems to have changed since and there doesnt appear to be one single genuine person on there anymore. Maybe I was just lucky...

New Reviewer

After completing my profile, I received about 15 messages. I could not read them until I became a paid member. Once I paid for the three-day trial, I could read the messages. I took the time to respond to every one. I never heard from any of them again. Even if the site were legitimate, navigation is horrible. I couldn't get from the messenger to the profiles. There is no search by username to get to the profiles. Account cancellation is a five-step process and then you have to call them anyway. Wtf? Summary: horrible site.

Tip for consumers: Do not sign up for this site.

Ask Larry about BeNaughty
New Reviewer

This used to be a half reasonable site but has descended into a criminal enterprise with robotic profiles with computer generated bull$#*! responses such as " Hola " " Hey hey hey " " Hey man " + a stream of boring absurd emoticons. Deductions are made illegally from my credit card for items such as " Upgrading communications " A hundred complaints to the " Contact Us " facility results in nil response, this criminal site appears to be flourishing without any intervention from authorities. Keep away from this site, fake profiles, identity theft, illegal funds removal

Tip for consumers: " Keep away you are wasting your valuable time, criminal activity "

Ask michael about BeNaughty
New Reviewer

It is truly sad to see all those who have been scammed by BeNaughty. Sadly, as I read the experiences of others, they mirror mine.

However, my anger has softened and I write this reply after a cooling off period. This is important as I feel it is necessary to set out my experience with BeNaughty, in the hopes of convincing others to stay away from them and their other dating sites.

Here is what you need to be aware of:

(1) At BeNaughty, they ask you to cancel your membership prior to expiration of your membership or they will continue to bill you. This "negative optioning" is a tactic that no respectable business will employ. In Canada, the telecommunications giant, ROGERS, tried this and there was an enormous backlash as it was widely held that this tactic would allow the giant to take money which was never intended for them. Sound familiar with BeNaughty?

(2) Your attempts to cancel will be fraught with difficulty. First, you must cancel online, then call in with a cancellation code which will force you to speak with one of their operators (keep in mind that none of the larger more reputable dating sites have a 2-stage cancellation procedure).

This 2-stage process is a major pain in and of itself, but it is obviously a way for them to keep you on the hook for as long as possible for further billing. In my case, their website verified my successful cancellation several times. I was careful to cancel online many times, to ensure I would not be billed further. The first call I made to quote the cancellation code made it clear that the code was not needed. In fact, they never asked for the code. They offered extended membership and upgrades for free. But what they don't tell you is that they will not accept your request for cancellation at that time, and you must call in again. Once again, I cancelled successfully online several times. However, on the new day of expiry of my membership, I called to ensure cancellation was successful. The operater saw my efforts to cancel, and updated my file accordingly to show my request for cancellation came prior to my membership expiry date.

This is where the scam comes alive: I noted my credit card was billed and called them. They sent my complaint "up" and I received only emails saying they could not give refunds. Even in the face of my case showing their online website erred several times by verifying my request, and, their operator updating my file with my request to cancel, they would still not refund.

To be clear, I am a lawyer. I know their fine print says cancellation must be online and then verbally. This puts an onus on the member. However, in law, their "no refund" policy is not to absolve them of responsiblity when their website errs or their phone operator ignors your wishes. Despite me asking for a specific response to what they will do given their website and phone operator shortcomings, they would only quote the "no refund" policy. See the absurdity? In other words, they will not refund your money no matter what error they make in billing you.

(3) The site itself is a hot-bed for scammers. Your inbox fills daily with obvious scammers. Communicate with them briefly and you will soon be asked to send the scammer money for their cause. Even without communicating with them, it soon becomes apparent that a contact from the other side of the earth must be a scammer. In fact, some of the contacts will come from fictional cities.

(4) Reporting the scammer is not worthwhile. I reported dozens and continued to see them appear subsequent to my complaint.

(5) As your membership expiry date approaches, you will begin to see your inbox fill up. No doubt the administrator is doing this to beckon you to extend your membership.

In summary, your money will be wasted as this site has dozens more scammers than legitimate members, and you will always be at risk for being billed further given the difficulties they will cause you when you wish to cancel.

As a futher caveat, be aware of their other sites. Below is a list of the sites that they offerred myself membership in lieu of a refund, which I obviously did not accept. They considered it better for them to have my money and see this review online.

If anyone needs further clarification, I am more than willing. (note that I did make a positive connection with this site, but obviously that does not mean that BeNaughty is reputable, ethical and/or scamless)

Tip for consumers: Try using the larger, more reputable dating sites. This is not one of them. Nor are any of the other daing sites associated with BeNaughty.

Ask Adam about BeNaughty
New Reviewer

Save your money?,they are all a bunch of scams all of the dating service that you have to pay!,. they still keep sending me email telling me that i have message waiting for me and i must upgrade now to read them!! BS!! i deleted my whole account and everything!..only sign up to free dating sites only, these dating site when you have to pay even to see a "PICTURE" of the person is a sign that they are frauds!!

Tip for consumers: dating sites when you have to pay are all frauds!!

Ask nightrider about BeNaughty
New Reviewer

biggest scam ever.

I have charged me automaticlly after the trial 36.99 and no refund, terms and condition bs.

I have stopped the bank but they found way, they credit £1 first, that will allow them to take the money out.


Tip for consumers: JUST DONT

Ask LABORCA about BeNaughty
New Reviewer

No real profiles, No real emails, No real messages... just filter emails with keyword"BeNaughty" and end of story and dont recommend to anybody to enemys too

Tip for consumers: close account immediately
filter emails with keyword"BeNaughty"

Ask b about BeNaughty
New Reviewer

It's a terrible site. No real profiles. They can't get locations correct, for example can't tell the difference between Nashville Michigan and Nashville Tennessee. You are constantly bombarded with solicitations to join more sites. Avoid this site at all costs.

New Reviewer

All fake profiles. The site openly admits this if you read their terms&conditions
Once you paid, no messages.
Couple of girls were just asking to sign up yet for another paid site.
All fake! I have contacted my credit card and disputed this membership.
Please all of you who paid, do the same, so they do not earn anything!

New Reviewer

I knew I was getting scammed by this "woman" who tried to get me to sign at benaughty for free. This is the game:

very glad u answered.
didn't say how old i was - am 24
just checked, i can accom, you'd need get to where i live on carrison
street. that's in berkeley
if not, i would prefer to find a motel... the motel 6 on embarcadero
street in oakland seems great.
are you able to come and hook up at the westfield center around 9?
that'd be excellent! no big deal if you can't.
lets talk more online soon. can't phone right now. too shy! but click
on this... we can talk on here.
it takes about 2 mins to make the profile, don't cost nothing either.
make sure and check out my naughty photos aswell! those revealing ones!
going online to chat with you straight away, my nickname is
....... there.
will be waiting for you babe.

New Reviewer

Absolute 100% fake Robotic girls on this website,
Computer generated answers to your questions, Easy to confuse the CGI, ask off topic questions and you get an unrelated response, they should be charged with stealing money, profiles are false, stolen from porn sites, non genuine girls, My experience is constant Robotic verbatim answers to your questions over say 20 girls, The site will scam you of your Money.
Once they have your credit card you will be billed regularly and find it almost impossible to cancel, Stay away or be ripped off.

New Reviewer

I never approached this company they contacted me, I am so glad that I have read these reviews as I was quite simply about to be seduced by their great number of contacts that do not vary whether or not you have a picture on the site. I have also been bombarded with contacts from other dating sites that I have never solicited. There is something that makes this site smell of a dirty rat. I for one shall NOT be signing up .Beware and take care.

New Reviewer

A SCAM - stay away.
DON'T fall for the 3-day deal;
after 2 days I tried to cancel and they billed me for a month anyway.

New Reviewer

TOTAL AND COMPLETE SCAM... I bought a 3 months subscription, and tried to cut off repeat billing twice. They are supposed to contact you with a code to cancel your account. I've already tried twice in the past two days, and have yet to receive this code. They make it virtually impossible to cancel your account.

New Reviewer

i been part of this for many months i enjoy it very much spending money a chat site isn't bad u meet wonderful girls in your state and you can track down the location in where there talking to you so you know if there real most of the fake one don't have a full profile so you know there not real i been on few dates with some but now there friends as not ready upgrade my life i have other things that take my mind off like games

New Reviewer

STAY AWAY!!!!!! A HUGE %, if not all, profiles are fake, scammers or cam girls. Cancelling is extremely difficult. They MAKE you call, and change the procedure to cancel. As of this point I have tried to cancel 4 times with no luck!

New Reviewer

Total ripoff!! Completely fake site based in Malta!?! They have a "Trial" membership that lasts for 3 days and then rolls over to a monthly membership at $34.99. They charge it w/o your permission and will not respond to messages.

New Reviewer

This company employs people who respond to men's personals on Craigslist. They will respond to your ad, then ask you to " chat" with them over, making excuses such as " I don t have a phone", "your email was scrambled", or "I am too shy to talk on the phone". They use fake pictures to get you to sign up for the site, after which point your credit card number is in their hands. The site' s female "members" are persistent, and keep tyinng to get you to sign up. They may mention streets and landmarks in your town (information readily available on the Internet) or comment on the current weather in your town to deceive you into thinking that they are real. Time to shut down these scammers. What are credit card companies and law inforcement doing to stop them?

New Reviewer

I want to rate it ZERO out of Five!!!

I give credit to the very smart people that set up and must be making a ton of money off this very sophisticated scam site.
Think of how much money they must be making if they can afford to pay people to run fake ads and sit around and "fake chat" with the suckers that sign up.

Like other people have said, some 'naughty hotty' saw my singles ad. on Craigslist and begged me to chat with her on Be Naughty.
She seemed local and knew a few local references, so stupidly, I played along.

She was gone by the time I tried to find her on BN, but I got hooked on BN because it was so cheap to sign up for a few days and had so many local hot chicks listed, even though I had read all the reviews about the billing issues and scam warnings.

Well let me tell you what I learned:

When you sign up for their very inexpensive 'trial membership" you need to look carefully at the many default settings that are checked off that say you are agreeing to automatic renewal and upgrade of your membership.

Even when you uncheck these, you end up paying double the quoted price.
But it's still super cheap compared to other dating websites, so you will want to give it a try. It's up to you. My advice is read my review and don't bother.

The fun starts when you realize that you want to get out!

I got so sick of the scams that I discovered in the first 36 hours on this site, that I wanted to cancel my membership before it ran out.

You need to navigate deep into your account settings to find the cancellation setting.
Then they email you a 'cancellation code' created and tell you that YOU HAVE TO PHONE THEM TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION using the code they just emailed to you. By the way, they are open 8am-5pm.


The guy said I didn't need to phone them because I had already clicked on the cancel setting and that he wouldn't delete my account because I had another 48 hours free left on it. When I read back to him exactly what the cancellation email said "call this number to cancel" he got angry with me and started talking over me.
When I said I was getting all kinds of spam email, he said "Well, you don't have to cancel because of that, it's my job to take care of that for you, I will fix it."

They are well trained and pushy. If you are a thrill seeker, then by all means, sign up to Be Naughty and go through this too.

How many professionally photographed HOT, HORNY, LONELY 23 year old girls do you think are super attracted to divorced guys in their 40's?
Well, I can tell you, on Be Naughty, there are LOTS OF THEM!

As soon as your account is active, you start receiving flirts and messages from "local" girls.
Again, it's sophisticated robot software that matches your location settings to hundreds of fake profiles and then starts sending you winks, flirts and cookie-cutter messages.

Then you will find yourself actually chatting with a real person. Wow! Far better response times than or Adultfriendfinder, right? Yes, but they are paid chatters.

I was skeptical that I was chatting with a "local girl", so I threw her a curve ball in the middle of our chat:
"What's your favourite mall to shop at (in our town)"
She replied "Thanks, so what would you consider doing fun and naughty with a girl like me?"

One girl admitted to me that she was paid to chat and keep me using the website.
Another "local girl" I could see logged on for 14 hours. At one point her mannerisms changed and she started using very British slang. Oh, surprise! Be Naughty is HQ'd in the UK.

Don't get me wrong, there are some "real" profiles and people using the website. You can easily spot them by their crappy photos or obvious desperate looks. I was able to chat with some of them, but do you want to know WHY none of them ever connect with you outside of the BN website?


When I would type my email address into a chat saying "Hey, let's get out of here. You can reach me at"

The real person I was chatting with told me that they never saw my email address. When they looked at the chat history window, they could see that the sentence with my email address in it was BLANKED OUT.

Again, a very sophisticated website that is able to filter email addresses out of chats to prevent people from connecting outside of BN.

You can get around this by typing your email address like this:
"joesaddress at hot mail dot com"

I met some people that could read my email address, but they admitted that they worked for the website and were paid to keep me talking and/or were accessing BN from

One great girl convinced me to watch her cam for free, on a pay per use site ( that had bad reviews too, I noticed). I had to give my credit card information to sign up "for free" to, but then she wanted me to watch her on a different webcam site that was affiliated with

The site was an obvious fake and I would have essentially handed them my credit card info..

What's crazy is that she was walking me through this process the entire time using the BN chat. The closer I got to entering my credit card info. on the fake cam-site, the more excited she got. And that's when her "English" started going to hell in a handbag and I said:

нет, спасибо!!!

New Reviewer

hey I want all you folks out there knows my name is michael dietz I want you to call my cell phone 541 659 4064 I believe I know who the owner is was Grants Pass his name is Shane Satterfield

New Reviewer

i have been on the site just over a year and is the biggest scam going not just in repeat billing or cam scams but people from certain places in the uk.. the north and the west being the main culprits.. using multiple profiles and gathering info and using it on site....videos on lifestyle etc.......BEWARE OF THIS SITE

New Reviewer

Scam scam scam!!! Beware if this site. Especially the very tortuous cancellation of automatic renewal. Lots of buttons and barriers followed by a premium rate number and very unhelpful staff.
Women on the site are nearly all false or either loonies or hookers. Save your money!!!!

New Reviewer

Well It's safe to say that This site is just like all the other sites out there that are full of it. Don't wast your time and money and don't believe the lies. I wish I found this website (Sitejabber) earlier before I wasted money on 4 different sites. Oh well live and learn I was curious.

New Reviewer

I signed up for 3 days. I got messages from 3 or 4 women. All of a sudden they stopped talking or responding to my messages. I cancelled and after I cancelled no women emailed me to send me a message so I could check their message in my email box. I am not receiving anything from benaughty in my email box. I believe that all is a scam due to me not signing up for a month or 6 months. All of a sudden I am getting messages from from the same women that were on Here the two are affiliated with each other. Don't go on these websights. Les

New Reviewer

Biggest scam going. I was on three weeks, and canceled. I have so much proof this site is a scam. DO NOT GO THERE!!!Fake profiles,,women asking for women(if they lare women) , and when i called them on it, they tried to intimidate, me by showing conversations I had.More I complained the worst the site got, until my screen showed nothing but profiles of no one on line One person plays many many others , and you don't know if you are taking to a man or a woman.I have so much proof,and will use it . DO NOT GO THERE!! If you do, you are an IDIOT.!!!Read other reviews first!!!Biggest SCAMMERS IN THE INDUSTRY.I stayed three weeks, and left.They do not care about complaints about profiles, or anything else.DO NOT GO THERE!!!!AND NOW I WILL GO TO NEWSPAPERS AND OTHER MEDIA>

New Reviewer

I am constantly-getting the old "Hollywood-buzz-off" from this site; or "Don't call-us; we'll call you"; with a new "twist"......maybe we'll call-you (as soon as hell freezes-over? LOL!). This site is BOGUS, just-as-much-as is; guys (or gals?) my review of the other adult sites I did...."the same" applies-here...the supposed dating "contacts" on-this-site?! FRAUDS/ BOGUS----they are models; just-like the rest, people! NO MORE/NO LESS. My e-mail gets "choked" with pleas to UPGRADE---from the site upgrade recruiter models....I just "shine-them-on" LOL! I am a voiceover actor (myself) and I can "spot" another studio "hack" model a mile-away! Same with this site or:!

New Reviewer

Total crap....its slow switching from one section to the another. Does not respond to complaints. Try cancelling a chance unless you phone. Online it just puts ypu into a constant loop so you can't cancel online. In short, forget it. worst site ever.....

New Reviewer

Scam site... most profiles are fake, or grabbed from other websites. spent 6 month on the site with a premium membership. Most contacts were to lure you off site and get your credit card number to view a live cam or some other such scam Speaking of credit card, less than a month after joining my card was cloned and used in another State. If you are married, expect this to happen to you... they know you won't go after them for obvious reasons. Went for weeks and months at a time with no contacts other than scams or asking you to join another site. Guess they have no faith in their own! As soon as my membership expired, all of the sudden there were all kinds of women who wanted to contact me. Many of which were the same profiles that greeted me when I first joined! Total BS site

New Reviewer

REAL FRAUD!!!! I had listed something else in CRAIGLIST and i got lot of emails posing like women asking me to sign up in this site and meet them. HELLO !! my posting had nothing to do with women!...TOTAL SCAM!!!!. STAY AWAY!!!

New Reviewer

Total scam. Compulsory auto re-billing. Almost impossible to finalise cancellation due to the requirment for a phone call. Recommend anyone caught up in this to cancel debit/credit card and get a new one.

New Reviewer

Not one person on this site is real. A total waste of money unless you want to get ripped off signing up to other sites that they try to lure you into buying. Pathetic with a capital "P">

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Cupid plc’s terms and conditions applying to their online dating services are extremely binding.
Anyone willing to subscribe to their Services may want to read carefully their terms and conditions.

We have found the below post on a consumer website (consumer a ffairs). Please note that at this stage we haven’t been able to confirm if the alleged facts are accurate and a true reflection of the situation although the complaint appears genuine, thorough and factual to us.

“Laura of Liverpool” has posted on 26 August 2012 on consumer a ffairs:

“I was absolutely horrified recently when both a customer along with friends and family informed me that they had seen dating agency advertising banners on YouTube and Facebook with my face. I was sent copies of these advertisements and was furious that Mature Dating UK was using a picture of me to advertise their company. I found out that this company is a subsidiary of Cupid PLC”.
“I received a non-apologetic email back explaining that I had joined an online dating agency back in 2011 and as part of their T&C's, they can use my images as they please. I was absolutely dismayed for several reasons. The first being that although I do recall joining an online dating agency at the beginning of 2011, I ended my membership shortly afterwards (mid 2011) and have been in a relationship with my current partner since. It is ludicrous that they can use my pictures when I'm not even an active member. Secondly, surely this is false advertising for Mature DatingUK, as I was only 28 years of age on the picture and I have never been a member of this particular website. Finally, had the T&C’s been clear that they can use my picture for advertising for whatever websites they please and whenever they like, I certainly would not have shared my pictures. I am horrified to think how many other people could have their reputations tarnished by this exploitation and wonder how many members Cupid PLC would actually have if it made it very clear of its unacceptable intentions.”
Laura adds:
“I have since received an email back from Cupid PLC detailing their T&C’s. […]
I have included what they sent me below and I continue to pursue them for an apology: "License to your posted content - By posting information or content to your profile pages or any public area of the site, you automatically grant, and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant to Cupid an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty free, worldwide license to use, copy, publish, display, reformat, translate and distribute such information or content and to grant and authorize sub-licenses of the same. You further waive any moral rights you may have in any such information or content."”

We present below a review of the recent changes applied to the Cupid plc’s terms and conditions applying to their online dating services.

1. Data protection

In Cupid plc’s terms and conditions appearing online as of 02 August 2013 that we have recorded, it is stated indeed that “by posting information or content to your profile pages, […] [you] grant to Cupid an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty free, worldwide licence to use, copy, publish, display, reformat, translate and distribute such information or content”.

It appears that the terms and conditions have now been amended as they state as of 14 August 2013, section 6 B, that “by posting information or content including but not limited to copyrighted content, name and likeness and photographs to your profile pages, […] [you] “grant to us, our Partner Sites and Group Companies, a non-exclusive, royalty free, worldwide licence to use, copy, publish, display, reformat, translate and distribute, and broadcast, such information or content.”

We do note that the terms “irrevocable” and “perpetual” have been removed and that the TCs now explicitly include all partner sites and group companies.

We note that this coincides with the official news statements from the British Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) dated 29 July 2013 published on their official website.

The ICO news say:
“The letters follow a recent survey by the ICO of major UK dating websites, which identified areas where the Data Protection Act was not being followed. The ICO has now written to the four biggest UK-based providers of online dating services, highlighting the main areas of concern that the survey found. The companies are asked to respond with how they are meeting those concerns.
The areas of concern highlighted include:
• Poor visibility of the terms and conditions that give the website consent to use personal information in certain ways
• Those terms and conditions making reference to the dating company having “perpetual” or “irrevocable” licence to use members’ data
• Websites claiming to take no responsibility for the loss of or damage to personal information
• Users being expected to provide personal details before the terms and conditions are provided
The letters have been sent to eHarmony, match, Cupid, and Global Personals, as well as the industry trade body, the Association of British Introduction Agencies.
The work by the ICO’s enforcement team comes as BBC’s Panorama programme (“Tainted Love: Secrets of the Dating Game”.) reports on the scale of apparent unscrupulous practices being employed by some dating websites.”

Simon Entwisle, ICO’s Director of Operations, said:
“The evidence we’re being presented with by the media suggests quite concerning business practices by some dating websites, and there are particular questions around how people’s information is being used that need to be answered.
“It’s concerning to see that there appear to be sites which, as a matter of course, are falling far short of the legal standards for ensuring information is accurate and up to date.
“While media reports are painting a disturbing picture, the number of complaints we’re getting from the public is not very high. That could be because this is only an issue with a small minority of websites, or it could be because people are reluctant to come forward. The work we’re doing now will help us to better understand the scale of the issue.
“As part of that work, we’d urge anyone who believes a dating website has misused their data to get in touch with us.”

The latest version of Cupid plc’s terms and conditions explicitly indicate section 1 that you “authorise us to reproduce […] the information contained in your profile including your name, photograph, […] description etc. throughout all or part of our Partner Sites and our Group Companies for […] marketing and other purposes”.

We note that the term “other purposes” is intentionally sufficiently vague.

Section 6 B reaffirms that “we may use any of your content, including your photographs, for the purposes of advertising or publicity.”

If you combine this clause with the clause mentioned Section 5 B whereby (i) “you warrant that you will provide all the information required to complete the registration forms for our Services” and (ii) “ensure the information you provide is complete, accurate and up to date”, you fundamentally grant to Cupid plc the right to use your data for commercial purposes and you commit to provide accurate data about yourself.

In other terms, as soon as you agree with the terms and conditions, Cupid plc can use your personal data, including for “marketing and other purposes” as they see fit and they might force you to indemnify then if you breached their clauses:

Indeed section 9 D, “You agree to indemnify us […] for any claims, causes of action, debts, losses, costs, liabilities and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) relating to or arising […] out of: […] any content or information posted by you.”

2. Clas s action

An additional clause has been added section 10 C of the terms and conditions whereby Cupid plc’s clients are “giving up [their] rights to participate in a class a ction.” This additional clause is likely to have been introduced between 02 August 2013 and 14 August 2013 as there does not seem to be any mention of such a clause prior to 02 August 2013 in the TCs we have consulted online and recorded.

In la w, a class act ion is a form of lawsut in which a large group of people collectively bring a claim to court. They allow consumer organizations to bring claims on behalf of large groups of consumers.

We note that the timing of this clause being introduced does coincide with the recent BBC investigation program on dating websites aired on 29 July 2013 and the news statements from the ICO dated 29 July 2013.

This seems to imply that Cupid plc now considers that it might become the defendant in a cl ass action.

Note that common-law principles do not favour the retroactive effect of clauses in the majority of cases, and canons of legislative construction presume that legislation is not intended as retroactive unless its language expressly makes it retroactive.

New Reviewer

I was there for 2 months. I think, be naughty is a fake site. It make up those profiles to lure you to sign. This site really sucks, nothing but a scam. STAY AWAY

New Reviewer

If u like that kind of website then it's for you but I'm not to crazy about them and don't know how to truly know what all to do on those kinda sites

New Reviewer

I never experience and their relative websites, but I do know that most of the profiles posted in those sites are Bogus. I've checked a lot of those usernames in, and came up that they are not real. is a tool to unmask scammers and spammers.

New Reviewer

I signed up to this site for a year. I did not meet one girl. Most of the girls who want to talk to you want seduce you for money or to drag you to another web site. Sadly the administrators to nothing about this. The average girls on there are poor. Not very friendly, due to rude guys. I advise only taking a trial for a few days and that is it.

New Reviewer

disgusting, since i joined the site when i was like 15-16 i spent about 400 pounds on it, BEWARE, strangely addicted, this might sound crazy but the way they scam is really simple and obvious yet the graphics or what have you blurs your vision and even though u just and only get frustrated and waste time you get addicted to your daily search for sex or love or whatever u want, Believe me when i tell you! I am good looking and young, its not a story of a poor ugly guy or girl who couldn't get laid, i got laid at the end, twice but i would loooove to take it back and never have known that site, this site will leave u with trauma, it will be cheaeper and healthier to use hookers yourself instead of using these scammers as your liaison !!!!!

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this website is scam spam and everything else you would expect out of a crapy adult dating site. whole bunch of emails about this person likes you or wants to meet. you pay it stops immediately. half the vip memebers are fakes. Scammers constantly trying to verify you. um family watch dog... if i am not there on that site i am not yet a convicted child toucher. um can't forget hey I am a new cam girl want to come watch my first show. I met one real girl from this site that they said lived in state college had her number a while until i found out she live on the other end of the state! that is what they call inside of 20miles. you might have thought on the website could tell the difference between a 4-6hour drive and a 20 minute drive. the girls that are there don't really care. I actually met a few looking for friend close by on that site. friends not dirty chat or sex or dating in anyway.

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Too many nuisance 'chatters' as soon as you long on and they were all way, WAY too young for what I had described in my profile as to who and what I was seeking. And they wouldn't stop sending chats even after I'd asked them nicely to leave me alone. More, importantly, it became more and more apparent to me that these girls were being spoonfed what to say in response because often responses were phrased and mispelled exactly the same. Worst, 90% of the time they weren't from 'California' or 'New York' or whereever their profiles said. They were all in Ghana. It actually crossed my mind that this was some sort of white slavery organization. I ended my account.

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some pics are computer generated plus also as I was signing up (with no pic and nor profile completed ) I got 10 mails from people wanting to chat be for I even got to the last stage of finishing my profile .

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Don't use it. I'm a genuine female user looking for no-strings fun and I'm lost in all the many fake female profiles. I haven't had to pay for anything, which is good because, frankly, the site is so appallingly laid-out and dysfunctional that I feel bad for anyone who's had to pay to subscribe/use. I've had angry/hurt messages from men I've chatted to asking why I'm not responding to their messages and assuming, probably from past experience on the site, that my lack of response means I'm some sort of scam. The simple answer is I haven't responded because I CAN'T. I try to chat/message, nothing happens. Here's what I've learned from my short time using BeNaughty: sexual frustration is bad enough without basic commuication problems adding to it. There are better sites out there. Oh, and they send other members messages and 'auto-replies' in my name without my approval, constantly. I had to mess around until I learned how to disable that... So even 'real' women are being used as fakes and decoys... I feel pimped out and deeply insulted-- the things the auto-replies say are stupid beyond belief and things I would *never* say sent to men I have no interest in, giving them a false impression, which is, I'm sure, hurtful to them. A site that uses its own customers as bait? That only charges men and homosexual women (I'm bisexual-- so does that mean I pay half price? lol)... That puts things like 'hey sexy u want to chat?' in the mouths of intelligent women, speaking for them? It shouldn't be allowed to continue. I'm going back to the bars...

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i go add when watching a movie i singed up didtnt upgrade to membership then got 3 emaisl on the website i now know are fake i seached is benughty worth the fee on google and got to this page im glad i did

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I had literally dozens of super hot women email or MSG me within minutes of arriving. Wow it must be that torso shot post p90x with bit of photoshop magic working! Message them back? Of course, just £3 for 3 day trial. Oh you want them as non-paying members to be able to contact you that will be extra sir. So having paid more than I wanted to sample I was delighted to see the chain of chats build up... "hey how are you today" me "really good. Where are you from" her "I am naked" me "er, ok" her " do you want to chat some more ... just type in this webcam site, give your credit card details and .....". Repeat x 10 per hour until you realise anyone attractive just wants money. Of course there will be real women on the site, and they will quite literally have their pick from hundreds of desperate men.

My one piece of advice if you are still interested: if you live in London don't bother but If you live elsewhere then you maybe have more chance assuming you dont select people in london. And anyhow only focus on ones wi multiple (read 4/5/6) photos as they are less likely to be frauds. And be very careful what you ask for.

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I only give one star because you can't give none ...

Appauling scam. It's only a shame that people come to read these reviews AFTER having a terrible experience and not before.

I got notification on my mobile phone for an app and then was bombarded by emails telling me I had messages. Just to find out what they were all about - and to try and sign out, I paid £3.50ish for a days membership.

The next day I see my bank account has been charged an additional £14.90 and £39.99. For what ?! As far as I was concerned I did not authorise these payments and immediately felt scammed. Astronomical fees, once I had neither ability nor desire to pay. I would not have chosen to make these payments and I felt hoodwinked to make me pay them.

I decided to cancel the membership immediately, but the instructions for leaving were difficult to find on the site and even when you find them you discover you have to make a telephone call with a reference number. Even though the site explains that this is a '24/7' number, it isn't. As soon as I became aware of the payments they had taken I tried to leave and phone this number, but there was no answer. This then meant I wasn't able to cancel my membership in the 3day grace period the company later told me I had to cancel within. I couldn't cancel my membership in the time allowed because I had to call a phone number which was not manned.

Furthermore, calls to the number to resolve these problems were charged at 14p per minute - and there is a long prerecorded message you have to listen to before you get to speak to anyone ... further separating you from your cash.

When I eventually got to speak to someone, I had to speak to three people to sort things out. Each one had accents which were very difficult to understand. One person in particular was almost incomprehensible and so it was impossible to understand what he was saying, making it impossible to resolve problems and meaning I then I had to call the number and go through the process - and pay the charges concerned - all over again.

Cowboys. Avoid. Complain. Report them.

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I'll be honest i singed up for the free to join,but could not read any emails or contact any of the women until i signed up for free trial or as a full member.But when after reading about other site on the internet about how other people had been conned & ripped off as soon as they put their credit card details in.So it made me cautious about giving out my card or banking details to any site unless world trusted.Well anyway when i checked out this site be naughty it seems like the same problem,you get tons of emails & as soon as you give your bank & card detail & try to contact the emails & no replys & so on.So thanks to everybody on this site for warning people & making people aware of such sites like this one & others like it that copy the same practices.I feel sorry for the people who were ripped off & conned by such sites.I hope something gets done about this problem by some sort of law enforcement agency,& get thees people back the money that they should be given that was wrongly taken from them.If thees sites were honest in the first place & people were happy,then they'd get good reviews & would also be recomended by people who liked thees sites & they would make they're money.If there was somebody your not intrested in,then you could easy block them.& that men & women should both pay.

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Complete fraudulent website - all it is it cam girls wanting you to join their site.

Further more they use repeat billing on the site and you cannot cancel online?! You have to phone a premium number. COMPLETE RIP OFF - BE WARNED

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