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Review of BeNaughty

BeNaughty reviews

133 reviews
Categories: Dating
Tel: +1.2843784562
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133 Reviews From Our Community

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What you can do first is have a 3 day trial for about £4. (in 11 reviews)


Better results are possible on sites like and a few AFF sites. (in 34 reviews)


People join and expect to get laid within 24-48 hrs. (in 25 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

What am I suppose to do

Ask Marco about BeNaughty
7 reviews
9 helpful votes

It seems ok. I have seen better sites. You can try your luck.But I made the expereinces that you will hook up much faster on sites liek

Ask ABHISHEK about BeNaughty
7 reviews
17 helpful votes

Recently signed up to this website, didn't take me long to realize it was a lemon. Too many fake people on site not as good as it looks. There are better sites without any doubt. Try to get laid.

Ask Graham about BeNaughty
11 reviews
60 helpful votes

I didn't score with any women, but there are some real girls on there. Maybe it ain't as easy as on CasualDating69, I agree! But it is workable!

Watch out and be careful on some fraudulent profiles because this site does not do a good job screening the scammers and fakers.

Ask Jerry about BeNaughty
1 review
0 helpful votes

good dating service!
We have been going strong for 6 months now , you can meet genuine people here ,
my search is successfully over .

Ask Viktor about BeNaughty
6 reviews
59 helpful votes

I think whether a dating site "works" or not depends on the person using it. That's a fairly obvious statement, but I don't mean any sarcasm by it. I guess my point is that one should really consider which dating sites are right for them as well as the male to female gender ratios on the sites. In my case neither AFF, nor Benaughty weren't good enough because men on the sites were rude indeed.
As a single girl in my mid-20s living in a large metro area, I actually get tons of messages. I try to respond to most of them but it's not too easy. As for one of my college buddies, who's a dude in a suburb of PA, it hasn't been so easy - and I recommended the same site I'm on: So, I guess it just depends.
Good luck.

Ask Sarah about BeNaughty
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

This site is crap...just filled with a bunch of fake profiles. Good luck on getting your money back from them as well!

Ask Morris about BeNaughty
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

BN is not worth the money. I was bombarded by fake bots and sent countless emails, to eventually pay to find out that all the profiles were fake.

Ask Quentin about BeNaughty
11 reviews
218 helpful votes

Full of fake profiles and money hunger cam girls looking to trick you into handing over money.
Better save some for, don't waste it on these scams

Ask David about BeNaughty
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Benaughty isn't my first dating site so I have some experience in online dating and I believe it's not the worst site at all. I've spent several days in chatrooms and on forum, found some sexy ladies, talked to them in private and even had a video chat. I didn't like cam models though but as for regular ladies it's great that you can find both those who want just sex and those who want to date and get married. I don't think Benaughty is a waste of time for those who know how online dating works and willing to put some effort in finding someone.

Ask Pete about BeNaughty
1 review
1 helpful vote

Look f all fake don't talk the few that do which are less thsn what there used to be.
knly want to Mastebate
Dont waiste your money

Ask roy about BeNaughty
10 reviews
139 helpful votes

men women dont waste your time/money site full of fake profiles like others have reported to no avail.sure these scammers are employees of the site themselves.if you want to try for yourself watch out for perfect pics bad english, but I recommend to go with instead

Ask Ralph about BeNaughty
4 reviews
3 helpful votes

DON'T DO IT!!!!!!! I found out the hard way!! its all a complete con and I cant believe that sites like this are even legal! from now on I am going to make sure I read full reviews of sites before I sign up to them and I hope that you all do the same!

Ask Jay about BeNaughty
4 reviews
8 helpful votes

Do not pay attention to all the negative reviews. This site is "average" which means it is ok. Better results are possible on sites like and a few AFF sites. But in general it is ok

Ask Jovan about BeNaughty
116 reviews
1,324 helpful votes

There is 100's of fake pages. Obviously no profile moderation.
The site is fake.
I have been on the site for three hours now and undeniable the site not monitored. Please don't waste your money or time here. If you're looking for a decent hookup site, try - so far the best casual dating website.

Ask Justin about BeNaughty
1 review
0 helpful votes

Total rubbish website don't let them trick you into signing up. They will keep billing even after you cancel. Protect your credit card.

Ask Lindsay about BeNaughty
1 review
0 helpful votes

Scam porn stars ,pictures of models, who knows where they really live ,or on the mission to Ghana and Nigeria,

Ask chris about BeNaughty
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Mixed results on this site. A while ago it was not all bad, now I was not even able to find a few genuine members from my area. It seems like it is a hit or a miss. Sure not as reliable as sites like and a few other hook up sites.

Ask Harps about BeNaughty
1 review
1 helpful vote

I don't want to give any stars to this because it is nothing but a scam (but have to give at least one to get it published). The majority of profiles are fake (and you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out that stunning models aged 20-25 don't need to look for dates on internet sites). The worst part is that it is almost impossible to remove your details and if you have given them your credit card details, even if for (supposedly) 99cents, god help you.

Even trying to remove the account where we had given them no financial details involved nasty virsuses on our computer. There is a way to do it (google 'remove account for XXX' It does work). But interestingly, in the up to ONE HOUR it takes for them to email you the code to completely remove your account, we got over 160 messages from "genuine future partners" begging us to stay on line. PLEASE. This site is a disgrace, a sham and preys on vulnerable people. Please don't fall for it!!!

Ask Jess about BeNaughty
6 reviews
192 helpful votes

I managed to hook up using this site, but it took me too much time and money. Not going to waste my time anymore.

I recommend going with rather than benaughty.

Ask Brian about BeNaughty
1 review
1 helpful vote

i believe it to be full of robots with fake profiles with pictures of real women real women as you ask them a question and they near enough never give you the answer to it its like google in a way type something in and it only uses certain keywords and when benaughty site recocgnises a keyword it makes up a random answer to your question so i think the site is fake!

Tip for consumers: dont pay for it youl get bombarded with messages when you first sign up but as soon as you pay they check by sending you a message and when you send one back tit either gets ignored or you get a random message from a robot !

Ask Dean about BeNaughty
1 review
1 helpful vote

I found benaughty quite good for meetings some nice people and possibly one for life, see how things pan out soon

Ask Lame about BeNaughty
1 review
3 helpful votes

The site is a total scam, no real accounts or people... Scripted computer programs create fake conversations.

Don't sign up... It's a total fraud.

Ask Charlie about BeNaughty
1 review
6 helpful votes

I see negative comments about BN.Have you used eharmony or match ?
When I was on those sites i had about 50-60 messages from scammers per day, on BN i do not receive scam messages at all (maybe because i turned on Safe Mode)

Sorry it's my experience and opinion

Ask Adam about BeNaughty
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

The website is a scam. They ripp you off. They scammed me out of 30 dollars when i got a 3 day trial for 4.95 dollars and they kept charging me every day. Trust me dont sign up . enough said.

Ask john about BeNaughty
1 review
5 helpful votes

Be Naughty is a scam. The profiles have auto generated responses and there are not real humans behind the profiles.

Ask Tim about BeNaughty
1 review
3 helpful votes

dont trusr benaughty or anyother sites CONNECTED WITH THE TOGETHER NETWORK THEY RIPP YOU OFF

Ask MARY about BeNaughty
1 review
2 helpful votes

i'm using website only 2 weeks and had only 2 dates and still do not get laid
My opinion :
Positive -
There are a lot of ways of communication (chat, chatrooms, forum)
A lot of woman contact you
Easy in use

Negative -
I'm contacted by way too young or way too old women and many of them are not even in my location!
When I was using too many different filters in search I had no results

My best friend found a great woman here and now they are happy 2gether. So I believe that website will help me to find special one!

Ask Alan about BeNaughty
98 reviews
459 helpful votes

Ok, where to begin with?

Yes, I in my opinion this hook up site (it is a hook up site even though it is listed as "dating" only) is not as reliable as, some AFF sites, as well as some affair dating sites I know.

BUT: It is NOT a SCAM!!! I used this site in the past before I found a better hook up dating site but I was actually able to meet someone on takes a lot of patience and creativity to get laid..but it works!!!

Ask Peter about BeNaughty
1 review
7 helpful votes

Website is good if you looking for a good sex
But If you looking for soul mate you should to go on another website

Ask Alan about BeNaughty
1 review
8 helpful votes

They steaI peoples' identities! I had reports from a few of my male friends saying they found me on this dating site. I made a fake account (no pictures, no information) to see if I could find the user using my pictures and information. Soon enough I did find them and I messaged them. To my disgust, they replied asking for more information on my profile and to put up pictures of my face. I added the profile and was able to see more information once they'd accepted. They had information about my height and hometown, what my smoking and drinking status was and even my weight. I reported the user and have the police involved investigating if it's someone working for benaughty or if its actually someone I know.

If you found yourself on this site and you know it's definitely not you operating it, don't hesitate to report it to both benaughty and the federal police.

Ask Rachael about BeNaughty
1 review
6 helpful votes

Like many got burnt .
I signed up with QUICKFLIRT paid for 3 day trial but ended up at BENAUGHTY. My profile etc went too but can't use QUICKFLIRT I have to pay!! The cycle.
Fake profiles.. I ask the ladies a Q about our country or where there town actually answer n then they got to go...
Site admin are fake they say u have to verify your details follow this link enter same details as at BENAUGHTY. Wam got me I paid a subscription at another site...
Or ppl want to use Skype... Some ass recorded it n went about to extort money with threats to ruin my life spread video around make fake profiles etc.
My ccard is cancelled. But not b4 being cut out of $80. But suppose could have been more..threats of if u not verify u can be charged $3000 per week in charges..
The site does NOT know wat who is on but do they care??
I wish I read a review first ...but at a 3day trial for less than $5 did I feel I needed to...

Ask rob about BeNaughty
1 review
6 helpful votes

This is a total scam. I paid for one months membership and tried to cancel it online. You get an email saying you have to complete the cancellation by phone. I did this but to cut a long story short they took 59 payments of £1.25 over a couple of weeks. When I phoned them they said I didn't cancel the account, I took a week free instead. Complete bull$#*!. If you cancel your account record the phone call!! They still won't give me my money back. Complete scam, stay away!!!

Ask Nicola about BeNaughty
1 review
5 helpful votes

Don't use this app/website, it's not trans friendly, it's really hard to get rid of an account. The kind of people who use it are disrespectful and ignorant. stay away, please read reviews.

Ask Sean about BeNaughty
1 review
4 helpful votes

95% fakes, no conscious ??????????

Ask Jerry about BeNaughty
35 reviews
60 helpful votes

Don't fall for this scam! It asked you for your credit card information. I looked at the prices and I decided not to sign up for this fake website! Nothing but a complete scam!

Ask Tony about BeNaughty
1 review
10 helpful votes

I like that women can website benaughty for free.
After 2 years of single life I forgot what flirting is, but now i'm beginning to communicate with men again. I do not know whether i meet someone or not but i've done the first step

Ask Monika about BeNaughty
1 review
4 helpful votes

Yes Hall stole money from my bank.acc.the lady I talk to Sam.told me 6717.was a bundle morning the took.out 250.00shut my acc down. I told them hours later it was a scam.I didn't won' took more far.iv only got back.maybe 10.00dollors.where is my money.iv had to go hungry. Two weeks because of this. U should b sued.fraud use of credit card

Ask Gregory about BeNaughty
1 review
7 helpful votes

I've registered on benaughty 3 weeks ago and first impression was inexplicable.
I paid for a 1 month membership and i could not find anyone from my town at first days
But later I found benaughty forum where i've met a nice woman who lives in 6 miles from me.
i'm 52y.o. she is 44y.o
Yesterday we had our first date, i hope we will meet once again....

Ask Tomas about BeNaughty
1 review
6 helpful votes

Info on peoples profiles is just made up crap. They say they live close to you but find they are anywhere but. Usually in a foreign country.
Tried to cancel my subscription, they made it impossible for me. Said I had to ring customer support! What a Joke! Ended up having to cancel my card instead. Bloody Disgrace!!!

Ask John about BeNaughty
3 reviews
11 helpful votes

As one member said, I would not refer this website to my worest enemy.
I only signed up for a three day trial, it took 1 day to realize it was a huge scam !
"NO ONE" I contacted was from the United States or real ! Scammers try to trick you into
Quote "be verified" which is a scam to sign you up for more websites. The rest are webcam girls. I tried to cancel a 3 day trial a day early and they still charged me $10 on a $4 trial, which I just cancelled my credit card and disputed the charges which just kept coming. Sign up at your own risk ! This site is not worth the headache, it caused for a three day trial ! Too add insult
to injury they tried to blacklist me for disputing their fraudulent charges ! STAY AWAY !!!

Ask Carl about BeNaughty
1 review
6 helpful votes

I think it's a computer generated response in communication with supposed people, I used key words and got the same response back. They were quite graphic and always the same response. After a few minutes it would say that it had to go and hoped we could chat again. No matter what was said
I even insulted the" individual " and yet same repetitive responses

Ask Kent about BeNaughty
1 review
13 helpful votes

Immediately knew this site was a scam. Should you have created an account cancel it but know the process if very misleading or dishonestly worded. Make sure to thoroughly disconnect all alerts/notifications. You will have to chose the exact method of cancellation to completely sever any ties. Whenever researching these sites I create a gmail account using a random name and utilize google voice to create a phone number which is completely free to do and it avoids being harassed by email or phone. I only search further using a trial if the site appears to be believable but I always read the entire billing policy. These sites are fake, operated from another country, but because they include their policies they can legally take your money. Its likely you will be lured to this site when using free to post personals such as craigslist. Because these scams work you will likely want to believe you are talking to a legit person. They will do their research but not enough. Its easy to spot if you note poor spelling and grammar. They will answer some of your questions and lead you on but they make mistakes and you should spot the dishonesty. They wont have a phone number but will want yours. These scams are getting better and its likely you will exchange a few emails before they drop the Oh just use this site its easy, free and you can see my nudes or get their contact information. If someone really wanted to meet they wouldn't use a free site then require you to use another site where you have to include too much personal information. The intent is to build up your desires and trust then drop the website on you. NEVER EVER fall for the website signup scam its a dead giveaway of dishonesty.

Like most internet scams there is a inexpensive $4.47, 3 day trial. Your card will be charged $1.49 each day of the trial which is extremely alarming. This is a dead give away of foul intentions and you should always read websites billing policy( Many people will go for the trial because its cheap and most will realize there are no real woman and will have to continue to spend more $ for cam girls then decide to discontinue the use of the website. BUT here is where they will try to suck you in. After the trial is over they will automatically convert your account to their monthly subscription with a really high cost and keep enrolling you at the expensive 1 month rate at the end of each month. You will continue to be charged until you cancel your account.

This site is highly misleading. In less than 5 minutes over 20 profiles messaged me and 33% were no where near my location. I also received winks and likes from accounts from all over. They state you have 5 free messages you can send per day. Its a valueless "bonus" because if you do message someone whatever they reply with you can't read unless you upgrade your account. If someone sends you a message you cant read it and can't reply without upgrading your account. When searching profiles nearly all of them are NEW and the ones that aren't are girls who have a cam through the website. After reading through many profiles I concluded there were just a handful of status types that were all worded differently.

For my own enjoyment figure out how to get on the phone(call or request to be called using the number I create for scam research) with a representative which is mostly a male. There are many different ways this conversation could go. I've learned to act as if I have no clue of the scam and I am really interested. The reps will lie to get you sucked in and that the site is amazing and you'll love it. They might even claim its how they found love with their wife or partner. Lastly I acknowledge how much they believe in the service and keep asking for a free trial. If its so good why not take a leap of faith and allow new accounts a very short trial(an hour) with access to all the great features and get a feel for something you want to invest in. Its more of a joke but they will keep trying to get you to just pay for the trial.

Ask clay about BeNaughty
1 review
5 helpful votes

It's the site that are the scammers.
They are filth. Do not go on this site it is utter bollocks. The staff send you a million messages that you can't read in till you upgrade. Obviously you don't and then uninstall the app then they bombard you with texts that cost a pound fifty.
I'll find the owner cut his bollocks of and flush then down the toilet the fat robbing prick

Ask Richard about BeNaughty
1 review
3 helpful votes

It sucks and you have to pay
They are fony profiles and they are 90% call girls what they call DATES if you r looking for love you will not find it there but u will find sex for sale

Ask John about BeNaughty
1 review
8 helpful votes

Here are some email addresses for the company that owns
copy and paste each one of them into your email address bar repeatedly and keep sending them emails with jibberish. If everybody who is pissed off with them does it, they'll have so many spammy emails that they will have to change their address and then we will visit this site: and find out what they have changed it to and spam the new email as well.

Ask Doug about BeNaughty
1 review
4 helpful votes

A total scam. I rate this sight as a -10

Ask Lamar about BeNaughty
1 review
10 helpful votes

when i sign up on benaughty.. i dont have a feedback or cant send my messages to other membrs

Ask kirk about BeNaughty
1 review
6 helpful votes

Within minutes of joining i was bombarded with fake e mails from the site, i was then bombarded with , literally, umpteen e mails and messages from people trying to pretend to be someone else and to get my personal information so i could be scammed. The site is truly awful, as is its sister site lay matures which is just as bad, if not worse. I was unable to contact a single genuine real person.

Site admin are poor and the whole thing is designed to rip you off and make it as hard as possible to cancel. You have to phone to cancel rather than doing it online. Think that number is free? Guess again.

Profoundly awful site, total rip off, Avoid like the plague.

Ask Frazer about BeNaughty
1 review
6 helpful votes

This site is full of fake profiles and scammers.

Ask David about BeNaughty

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1 week ago
A: Mate. If you can't tell that nearly all of the profiles on that rip off site are fake then you are more vulnerable than most and should leave it alone completely. It's run by scumbags and they love people like you.
1 week ago
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2 weeks ago
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