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33 reviews
12605 W. North Ave PMB 304
Brookfield, WI 53005
Tel: (800)349-0476
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Received my tickets without issue but I feel like I overpaid. (in 31 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Horrible! Will never use this company again. I bought 2 concert tickets that were lawn seats and they charged me twice what I agreed to pay. When I called to cancel the order the lady was extremely rude and would not even consider what I had to say!

New Reviewer

Be warned ... this company will sell your credit card information to a third party vendor and then wash their hands of you when something goes wrong!!!! After being denied entrance because my tickets "were already used" Bargain Seats Online told me they couldn't help me because they were not the ones who charged my card. I was directed to a number where, ironically, the voice mail box was full. ‚ÄčThese people are scam artists at their fullest, spend the few extra dollars and get your tickets through a valid site.

New Reviewer

I recently bought VIP Luke Bryan tickets. Called and confirmed the seats with Mike. Didn't like the 20% fee and the additional $15 for Fed Ex but I had the best seats I ever had at a concert. I couldn't touch these seats on any of the other cheap ticket selling websites that I used in the past. It took a couple of weeks to get them and I was getting nervous. I guess I was used to e-tickets and printing them myself. I still had 2 weeks to go before the show but I emailed them about my concern & they got back to me within an hour. They contacted the seller and the next thing you know my tickets where mailed.I would definitely use them again.

Ask Margie about BargainSeatsOnline
New Reviewer

I have read the poor reviews for bargainseatsonline. I do not want to purchase event tickets from them - and that is thank you to everyone's review.

I was considering purchasing from bargainseatsonline a VIP Parking pass for $11 before fees, for Susquehanna Bank Entertainment Center. This is for the Lynard Skynard concert on July 18, 2014, in Camden NJ.

Anyone ever purchase a VIP Parking pass from bargainseatsonline?

New Reviewer

Never buy tickets here. I purchased 4 tickets to see the Book of Mormon and was told to pick them up at Will Call. When I arrived at the theater, I was told that they don't hold tickets for third parties such as Immediately I called customer service, which took 45 minutes to reach. The representative I spoke with put me on hold to phone the seller -- which was another party that BargainSeatsOnline had bought the tickets from. The seller claimed that I had disputed the charge with my credit card company. But I had not. I believe they lied because the tickets never existed. I'm now in the midst of filing a real claim with my credit card company to get the money back.

New Reviewer

Under no circumstances should you buy from bargin seats online!!!!!!! I purchased a sports package and they did the very minimum. After purchasing tickets they outsourced to another broker. When I called to talk with them about my purchase they said I would need to work with the company they outsource to. Once they swipe your credit card they are finished with you. Stay away from bargain seats online.

New Reviewer

Want tickets for Cher and as TicketMaster is hung up - perhaps all the scammers buying tickets to resell on scalping sites like this one. Tickets looked okay but found they are double the price to start. If I buy 2 seats, the price looked less [only 2x]. Then when I picked my seat, for 1, the price multiplied 3 times more [so 8-9x the $150 cost before fees for over $900]. I found a seat and decided on the $250 seat then after the $70 processing fee saw there was another charge - for a total of almost $400 for a $150 seat, $170something through Ticketmaster. And NO GUARANTEE the ticket will ever come or that they won't charge my card for anything else or sell my credit card as another reviewer suspects they've done.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Lots of hidden fees and policies you don't find out about until after you've purchased!!!! Be prepared to pay way more then the actual price on the site. nd there is no guarantee if your tickets will be delivered or if you have to meet a rep from the actual people you are buying them from! They charge a $15.00 shipping fee even for paperless tickets. Total rip off. Stay away and use another site such as StubHub. You light pay a little more but at least you will have peice of mond!!!!!

New Reviewer

Bought tickets for Wicked LA. They advertise they are a bargain when they are ripping us off. After charging $32.63 per ticket for service charges, it turns out they bought the tickets on-line from TICKET MASTER !!!! I was stupid and got taken in. Please don't do what I did and buy from reputable ticket seller direct, like Ticket Master.

New Reviewer

Horrible, horrible site. Price gouging at its worst. This website preys on the ignorant and the desperate. I used this site when no other tickets to an event my family desperately wanted to see could be found. I ended up paying over $111 more than the quoted price (for each ticket!) in enormous fees and "shipping"(no print tickets option here!). Disgusting. Might I also add that the seats were terrible, despite the website's boast that tickets show up as promised "or better!". Yuck. Stay away from!

New Reviewer

I don't know if anyone else had this happen to them but hopefully I'm not alone. I had no issue ordering tickets from here BUT I'm almost positive these jerk offs gave my card information to a bunch of scamming companies trying to sell "free" gift-cards to me because I had 4 different places charge me $29.95, without me knowing, for crap I did not agree to or sign up for. (Pretty sure that's illegal. I finally just got a new debit card because I kept getting charged.) I absolutely forever hate this ticket company. It was stupid on my part for not checking the reviews on this site but I didn't expect to get effing charged from random places in random states. This is an incredibly god awful site and doesn't deserve a star or even .1 of a star. I hope this site shuts down because it definitely screwed me over good. Stay away from this ticket site!!

New Reviewer

I had been looking for Minnesota Opera tickets on the Minnesota Opera's website, then I found Do not buy from bargainseatsonline. EVERY ticket price on was higher than on the MO's website.

New Reviewer

This is the absolute biggest rip off site going! I would never give them a dime of money ever again. They sold us tickets to a hockey game that I don't believe they ever had. They charged the credit card and then said that the tickets weren't available. We then came to find out that they would issue us a credit that would be 3-5 days to process. This was for a large amount BTW. When the money was refunded back it was short $24.96...They now say that this is not their fault? I can't see how it is anyone else's fault?
The person on the phone was extremely rude and was basically telling me that there is no reason to get upset. I asked him if he likes paying for services or products that he did not receive? You can imagine how that went over!

I then asked where they are located because this is fraud..surprise, surprise, He is NOT allowed to disclose where in the United States their office is!!! DO NOT use this company!!!

New Reviewer

This website is THE BIGGEST RIP OFF OF THE CENTURY!!! Do NOT use them. Learned a HUGE lesson. Only buy from the primary venue, NOT a "secondary" market as this. Basically they are a big company of scalpers and all their little employees all over the world, buy a package of tickets from the primary venue (ex. The Benedum in Pgh) and then turn around and resell them through Bargain Seats. THEY ARE NOT BARGAINS PEOPLE AND THEY LIE! They only guarentee you a seat in the general vicinity (anywhere from row M to row W). I purchased 2, $56 dollar tickets, plus paid a per ticket service fee and a $15 shipping fee (total $147 for 2 tickets). When my tickets arrived, which were Christmas gift to my daughters, they ticket price said $26!!!!!! and they are in the LAST ROW of the highest tier of the theater, in other words the worst seats in the house. After being on hold for 1 hour, they said all their salespeople tell customers at the time of buying that all tickets are equal or LESS than the actual value! HELLO! Why would anyone agree to pay $56 for a $26 ticket??? They would do NOTHING. The main venue also can do nothing because they have no way of knowing who is going to resell their tickets. WE NEED LAWS ON TICKET SCALPERS! Contact your Attorney General in your state and lets put immoral people like this OUT OF BUSINESS!

New Reviewer

This site was fantastic! I bought tickets and they arrived 3 days later. Love it... highly recommended

New Reviewer

Run,Run,Run away from this site. This is my first negative review on anything, but I feel that this is very well deserved.Please know that on several occasions that I did try to work this out with Rob in Customer Service and he did recommend a resolution in which I accepted only to have him afterwards not acknowledge the emails or to follow through with the resolution. I STRONGLY recommend for no one to use this site. The fees are ridiculous and the total cost is not revealed to you until you receive the email after you have submitted the order. And for their convince, All Sales Are Final

New Reviewer

Total ripoff. Who knows which State they are in? I want to file complaint with Attorney General for that State.

New Reviewer

ordered tickets and did not receive the tickets we ordered. Were told they were the same seats after the reno at the Phoenix Raceway. Called the track and were told the seats were never renovated. Called rep several times and only got the run around. People tell friends and family to use social media and spread the news to close this business down!!!

New Reviewer

I got exactly what I paid for and and had a blast. Mind you it was a preseason NFL game, but the seats were great (front row) and it was on the aisle (which made it better). The one thing I HATE about all these tickets sites is the outrageous fees and if the ticket prices go down the fees go up. I was trying to get tickets this week and when the ticket prices dropped the fees jumped $22 a ticket. So, much for a price drop. I used to always think ticketmaster fees were bad, but these resellers make them look great. Needless to say, I haven't had any trouble with I got my tickets really fast and got what I paid for. Sorry to those of you who had a bad experience.

New Reviewer

I would not recommend this site to anyone. I ordered tickets for my son and dtrinlaw. and were told the tickets would arrive the following day. I was told over the phone that the tickets would be at the box office for them. Then I received an email indicating the tickets would be sent to their home. I phoned and spoke with Joel, the same person I had spoken with initially, and he was rude and obnoxious. He could not understand my concern, and berated me for calling. On the day of the concert a business card arrived from Fed Ex (for $40.00 shipping charge). We were very concerned that the tickets would not be there. However they were at the box office, although there was some reluctance on the part of the box office to release them to my son since he did not have the same credit card that was on the initial order. They did get their tickets and really enjoyed the concert, however there was much distress and consternation leading up to it which made one question whether they were going to get the tickets.

New Reviewer

No Stars. I feel absolutley gouged. Don't use these guys. It is really unclear what you are paying for. I purchased 6 concert tickets for $123 each. Upon getting my tickets, I found that the face value was $55 and on top of that they charged $25 fees per ticket and then shipping and handling. The tickets were not issued in my name but the name of one of their employees. Upon calling customer service, after going through the automated loop, I was hung up on 3 times before talking to someone and getting a secret number. After talking to a person, they were unwilling to refund the purchase. These guys are userous and unethical. Do not user Bargain Seats Online, they are a ripoff.

New Reviewer

Totally Scammed! Sold tickets via the good ole' "We will sell the same item to more than one buyer" and refused to honor their assurance that if tickets weren't delivered, they would replace with comparable ones, in fact I was told 30 mins before the concert that my ticket purchase (and, yes I paid for them too) would not be honored in any way AND they want 7-14 days to return $$$....excuse me ~ But WTH!!!!! When I told rep Alex "hey you guys have other tickets on the site" all I received was "well the tickets you got were from yet another reseller and the ones we have still on the site are private party sellers" ~ Uhhhhh EXCUSE ME!!!! YOU GOT MY $$$ IN YOUR HANDS AND YOU WON'T HONOR YOUR OWN GUARANTEE BECAUSE THE OTHER TICKETS ARE FROM PRIVATE HANDS? Please beware people.....I wouldn't buy cat food from these jerks knowing what I know now, and I have a super disappointed teen & her friend that missed out on seeing One Direction!!!!

New Reviewer

Stay away from this site and other sites that they operate. Epic seats Inc. is the con operation behind it. They charge you incredible fees that are non-refundable. It is incredible that they even exist in our day and age. The business model itself is border line criminal. The tickets they resell are from ticketmaster.

New Reviewer

Received my tickets without issue but I feel like I overpaid. What angers me more is that my information was shared and now I'm getting 5 calls a day from a company trying to sell me coupons. I will never use this site again.

New Reviewer

They listed tickets for Book of Mormon. Spent over $200 extra per seat to get seats in a better section - the seats were listed as being available instantly. Took 4 hours for the download to arrive. Lo and behold, they were for a section that was normally much less expensive, but by the time I discovered this, there were no other tickets left.

Totally hosed by these guys - they are crooks. Tell your friends to watch out

New Reviewer


This site is such absolute B.S. They deal wil a snarky reseller, yup a reseller works for another reseller! At one point I asked the guy on the phone how many people's salaries is my outrageous service fee paying for?

The way it works is you get this great price online, better than the original site. Celine Dion as Caesar's palace in this case. Their tickets were $40 less for 2 tickets, but when you factor in the service charges and the shipping I paid MORE, much more, $137+ MORE!

Yes you read right, with the snarly tickets agent in NYC makes $48.69 per ticket and then charges you $40 for shipping.

What did we get? A photocopy which shows 2 tickets who's face value is listed as $140!!! We thought we were getting tickets for $214/each?! Who pocketed the difference and are my retired parents who we bought these tickets for Christmas going to have trouble with these tickets when they get there??? Eek, buyer beware!

New Reviewer

Ridiculous overcharging of fees that are incredibly unclear. Be careful!

I have e-mails where you are unable to see the extra fees on the first screen. Only after scrolling down does one see the fees. Over $100 in extra fees for 3 tickets.

While checking out the fees were similarly unclear. I called moments aftrer placing the order and was told there are no cancellations. I waited on the phone for an hour and got no support and the run around.

Service Fee: Cost per ticket associated with SITE operation, customer service center operation, and other costs associated with the fulfillment of USER'S ticket request.

Delivery: Costs associated with the Delivery Method chosen by USER and the SITE'S arrangement of USER'S ticket delivery by the FULFILLER.

New Reviewer

The 100% Ticket Guarantee is total bull$#*!! I called and was told by the customer service rep that the tickets were guaranteed, so I bought two tix to the Stanley Cup Finals for Game 3. Guess what, now there is a problem with my order and now I get "sorry sir this rarely happens". So the site should say something like "100% Ticket Guarantee Most of the Time".

This is after I called twice trying to get my tracking # and was told "you will have an email with the tracking # tomorrow". So I had to call them to learn I was SOL on my tix. The BBB shall hear from me about this company.

New Reviewer

I used this site to buy Super Bowl tickets. The tickets were delivered as promised in a timely manner. No hidden surprises. The site appears to be a broker of brokers. We received tickets from a broker other than bargainseatsonline. The commission was a steep 20%, so be cautious of paying a much higher price than advertised.

New Reviewer

I ordered 2 tickets to the World series, they charged my credit card, issued a Fedex delivery date and tracking #.. The next day they had cancelled my order, and tried to sell me other seats, while looking at their website, they were still selling row 1 section 308 seats the same ones I had ordered. When I asked the Svc rep why, he said it was common practice... Won't use them ever again... notified the BBB

New Reviewer

I purrchased 2 tickets to Wicked and recevied them in a timely way (for a mandatory additional $15,00 charge.) The tickets I got were for less face value than what I paid,and my seats were not in the section the seating chart led me to believe they were in. Get out your magnifying glass to double check the sections and rows! The tickets were "100% authentic" as the web site advertises,and I got into the door of the theatre ,but I was left with a ripped off feeling having been given tickets that were in someone elses name and inferior seats for the money I spent.

New Reviewer

Ordered tickets for Dallas "Wicked". Charged my credit card and even sent a FedEX tracking number. But more than 2 weeks later - no tickets, FedEX took off the delivery date and no one at BargainSeatsOnline will respond to my repeated email inquiries. Buy from someone else. I still don't know if I will get tickets or not!!