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Badoo reviews

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129 reviews
Categories: Social Network
Media Village, 131 - 151 Great Titchfield Street
London, W1W 5BB, United Kingdom
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129 Reviews From Our Community

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Now i don't know what has is full of fake send 50 messages and nobody replies ??? (in 3 reviews)


They gather the ugliest men around, and the most fake profiles in a website. (in 16 reviews)


I used badoo's premium (paid) services, via my credit card, once to access certain features. (in 3 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

You allow scammer on your web site lots of them. You should be able to greet people with out this problem.........ladies don't talk to Jerry Berg he is a scammer. Heads up

Ask Deborah about Badoo
1 review
0 helpful votes

Ok not surprising, like all other sites like it, or any site that has to do with dating or meeting people. Lots of fake profiles. I'm in Miami fl and I see girls in pics with mountains or snow. Hasn't snowed here since 1977 and no mountains. Also see pics of girls like they live in Paris or some $#*!. Oh yeah and of course, no replies. I was amazed at first and couldn't believe so many people were on there from my city, then I realized it was all fake. Don't waste your money trying to join or get power ups either. I was able to talk and meet one woman. She was on welfare section 8 had 4 kids, didn't work and was renting out rooms in her place illegally for extra cash. I guess if you do get to talk to a woman, she's probably not even worth meeting.

Ask $#*! about Badoo
1 review
1 helpful vote

Just another dating site where u can find your partner wanking over hopes and dreams! Guys if your not happy then leave before u join these sites u know your get caught out its the internet ffs

Ask No about Badoo
1 review
0 helpful votes

I see all the bad comments about badoo and I support the opinions that there are many fake profiles. Other than that I met many girls on badoo in real life and with one of them I'm still with. Don't take it seriously. Take it like a nice time looking at strangers pictures and if it comes... It comes :-)

Ask Vassilis about Badoo
1 review
0 helpful votes

Dating site or booty call.. pretty much booty call site. Found out my boyfriend was on there. Also found my friend (who is married ) on here... be careful and don't get your hopes up if you are looking for something serious...

Ask rebecca about Badoo
1 review
0 helpful votes

Where do I start on this awful website...
The women are rude, fake, and want nudes day 1, most are underage or using fake ages.

And then there is the worst part.. The badoo staff.. These air heads flipped out on me via email claiming I was fake and they didn't want me on their site. And deleted me account and all my contacts on it. So a month later I made a new account. The slime at badoo emailed me, and sent me a nasty rude email about my new account basically saying "GTFO" this website needs to be shut down!

Ask Steve about Badoo
1 review
0 helpful votes

i had met three men one after anther that i met they all scammes at the momemt iam in trouble with the banks please contact me 7634969515 my name is Trudy the first man was richard weems he scammed me out of 500.00 dallars he stated he was a contractor from the u.s.wkg for the nigerian govt i send the money never heard from him again.

the second guy was he called himself jason harrington state he was a supervisor here at a job in chicago he was going on a contract to uk his tractors were got stock at the port he wanted me to contribute 2700.00 i refused he demanded i send 800.00 i gave him my accounts info he started stealing checks from banks and was filtering them into my account im in the check system now the called me abt their actions taken against me. they put me in the checked system.they closed account and my me a letter of 900.00 _ balanced.the info the guy gave me was jason Ray Harrington 4128 n parkside ave, Chicago il 60634. dob 05/16/1963 ssn 4818881939 i know these are iinfo from people.i have all his text he uses nos. like 447-937-673-557 or 886-203-262-56 those were the no he were calling from when i told him the u.s. bank called and told me you are stealing those checks and filterimg them imto my account he needs to stop or stop calling me he said to me he will send three men to killed me and he knows my job and home so he wants me watch out for the rest of my life.

the third guy is called terry adams he also send me check he stole from a rich person in new York as a Christmas gift to me how 2500.00 he wants me deposit the check when it clears he wants me take 500.00 and send him the rest

the last one is roger bird.he has a old woman called janet bird skype that claims to be his mother we talked for a while he told me he owed 800,000.00 to a man in Malaysia for his fathers painting amt his father owed to this man he used the painting as collateral hes paid all was balanced 150,000.00 we will get married when he done taking the oil paint into his possessions.states the painting costs 57million. there were a man in America waiting to buy it so he paid it all.when he declared the value at the port in Malaysia for shipment they told him 3700.00 so hes in Malaysia now waiting now on me to send the rest of the money.i helped him with 1000.00 im poor and struggling he refused to accept it i cant have peace of mine. hes rude hes always swearing at me for my money.he told me hes stranded in malasia hes waiting on me to send the money

Tip for consumers: badoo is not a good site no one monitors the scammers most of these folks are not Americans those Nigerians thieves have taken control of the site

Ask trudy about Badoo
1 review
1 helpful vote

It took only one message to show how toxic a woman can be. She took something innocent and turned it into something toxic. Degrading my appearance and my personality. The rest of the women just ignore your messages and you whatsoever. It's disgustingly superficial as the only way picking a date is by seeing the pictures. If you are not a premium member, then you can message a person only if you like that person and he/she likes you back.
In real life, I am likable and I have not had any problems with communicating with women. Here, I felt the ugliest, stupidest and unimportant person ever. It's a nice way to shatter your self esteem.
Do not join this site! Save yourself from the trouble. It's only an ego booster for the attention whoring people.

Ask John about Badoo
1 review
0 helpful votes

Please ladies don't fall for the army guys is big time scam. They fall in love with you very fast, they tell you they want to marry you, they showed you pictures of their certificate of army, sent you a link to check on them and after that they asked you for money, they need for internet, tell you they are starving they need food, I told him I need to talk to him before. his pictures is a white American guy but he had an African accent. I got in touch with another woman who liked him in facebook and we cough him on a lie.
Please don't fall for them, you will save a lots of headaches.

Ask ANA about Badoo
1 review
1 helpful vote

to all the women on badoo, please google these men before you talk to them because I have found a lot of military scammers and becareful with who you talk to thank you and wish you all the best of luck!

Ask Dorinda about Badoo
1 review
3 helpful votes

There should be a way for a user to identify the profiles he or she already viewed. I can't remember all the names and profile pics and to make matters worst some names and profile pics change. Users would see me visiting their profiles more than once, twice, three times n think I'm stalking or just being creepy when I'm not, so please fix this Badoo. Thanks

Ask mikes about Badoo
1 review
3 helpful votes

I AM LOCAL Springfield Illinois.
I am getting women 500 or 5000 miles from me get your application right you $#*! tards
Sick of this $#*!

Ask John about Badoo
1 review
1 helpful vote

I honestly believe these sites are not for spanish men..and not only that ppl are on here browsing only and are way too picky.. I swear they want perfection..and then they charge you so much for one month..why cant ppl do a weekly trial..

Ask Cuban about Badoo
1 review
0 helpful votes

Used Badoo for about a year... I tbh thought I'd met a few weird and nutty ladies prior to any Internet dates... But there's a lot of needy and disfunctional women here... Although I met my first ever online date here whom was a sweet wee angel... She obviously set a high standard but was a decline fromm there I'm afraid...

Ask Steven about Badoo
1 review
4 helpful votes

Badoo is free to use. All those people don't dare try to invest only one dollar in one of the paid prime dating sites but keep writing negative reviews about Badoo. Wow, there are Fake profiles on Badoo? LOL:) What did you expect! You get what you pay for...and if you use a FREE social network or dating site you will find FAKE people as well!

Invest a few bucks and get a gold membership on sites like Mingle2day if you want to seriously get to know someone. Or use Badoo but stop complaining that you will find fake profiles!

Badoo is a fun place to be and you can spend some nice time on here.

Ask Johnny about Badoo
1 review
5 helpful votes

Was on this for 3 days and nothing but FAKE people or wanting money for airtime to talk with you is what one girl said to me. She sent nude photos and was very demanding about sending money to her. This is NOT what anyone has signed up for. Don't waist your time and the girls name that tried to scam me is Angelica or Ann says she lives in West Africa and wants to relocate.

Ask Frankie about Badoo
1 review
3 helpful votes

Some people have nothing else to do than impersonate women on line. This site (Badoo) is full of those false persons. Very annoying. I cannot imagine a worst site than this one.

Ask Doug about Badoo
1 review
4 helpful votes

Badoo took money from my account then blocked me .. I have one phone number only (mobile), which they validated when I opened my account. Now they say its incorrect, so I can't logon. Rip off twats.

Ask Grant about Badoo
1 review
12 helpful votes

Ladies and gentlemen,,,,,,,,,,,,Yes indeed this Badoo is very fake, 6 out of 10 guys that I communicated with turned into scammers.........KNow the signs:
1.Their English is not good u can tell by the way they write.
2. They will start very very charming calling u LOVE or Sweety or something very catchy, they want your email address right away, or your phone number. Call your phone number right away to find out where they are calling you from. ALso google the number
3. They claim to be very wealthy but then they will send you the same pics they have in their profile.
4. To catch them: Ask them to send you a SELFIE blowing u a kiss and if they can't do that..............They are very fake!!!! they can't take selfies and claim they don't do that, they have recordings of children and can tell you its their child and that they are single widow and the child lives with their grandma or Mom. Don't fall for this Scammers....Blocked them immediately Most scammers claim they live in US but they will be leaving soon to overseas and thats a RED flag..........after they leave they will ask you for money ...........they start with a large amount then they decrease it to try to get ANY amount from you...........Let them know u are POOR and need their help yourself HA HA and some will offer help but don't follow through. DONT ever give them your real name. I told one of them My name was Hope Stabb and a fake address ..........BE WARE and be careful.

Ask hope about Badoo
1 review
9 helpful votes

Beware of a profile under the name Angelica Barnett in Canada. May also go by the name Kim Barnett. Age 31/32 I have seen both ages on this scammers profile. The skype id is angelica.barnett2. This is a scammer profile being run from Lagos Nigeria. Will immediately ask you to go to skype to chat then within a week will be asking for money.

Ask Chris about Badoo
1 review
6 helpful votes

Was threaten by a user ! wanted to marry me ! Now I can't deactivate my account, because I forgot my password. Badoo wont answer me . They send me blank emails

Ask Patty about Badoo
1 review
10 helpful votes

70% of it is a scam. Fake profiles. I know for a fact they hack into people's facebook accounts and use their profile information to make Badoo profiles those people arent even aware of and didn't consent to.

Ask Nathan about Badoo
1 review
9 helpful votes

It's the same as any other site. There's honest and dishonest people on it.
You get enough perks for free to find a date so no need to pay them anything. For $#*! sake everyone knows that or at least should.

Ask Darren about Badoo
1 review
6 helpful votes

I was about to download the app then I saw %99 of the reviews were horrible. Uninstalled app immediately.

Ask Jason about Badoo
3 reviews
61 helpful votes



Most of the profiles are fake and have been placed there to take cash out of your pocket. I'm going to sue the developers if I won't get a refund !!

Ask Ze about Badoo
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

- You have to pay to send a message to “popular” (i.e., attractive) members
- You can only message six to ten new people per day for free
- You can’t hide the fact you visited someone’s profile without paying for that feature (POF lets you do so for free)
- Search results come up in random order and no way to tell which profiles you’ve already seen, so you wind up clicking on the same profiles over and over
- Search results only display those profiles for which your age falls within their search criteria; change your age, and you get a whole different set of results (POF only allows an age differential of 14 years maximum, but at least they’re honest and open about it)
- You can set up a profile using the website without a phone number for verification. The next time you try to log in, they demand SMS verification. If you don’t have a cell phone, you can’t verify, your profile and pics stay up indefinitely and you can’t do anything about it.
- Any e-mail or skype address you give them or even type into the chat gets harvested and sold to spammers. I assume the same thing happens with cell phone numbers.

In summary, this service is run by people with zero ethics (Russians, apparently) and they are now in pillage mode of doing anything to make a buck off it. Best to move on to better and more honest dating sites/apps - POF, Tinder, Match, whatever, anything else would be better.

Ask Jason about Badoo
1 review
9 helpful votes

LADIES ACROSS SA & ESPECIALLY C.T. BEWARE of a man MICHAEL MACDONAL JANTJIES who uses different names on various dating sites such as Badoo. He has profiles wirh the name MILTO, MIKE, MICHAEL MACDONALD. He has so far told all his victims he worked 30 yrs for SAPS, is a private investigator, has 2 daughters who are doctors & they have given their blessing for his relationship with you. He is a devout christian and family is important. He is not married, hadnt had sex for 8yrs. He speaks many languages. He is legally married, constantly would speak to "Eddy" which is his common law wife & partner in crime Cheryl Ann Damons. He has no harley bike, bmw or house in blouberg strand or seapoint. He lives with Chery at 24 Bloekom St, Forest Heights Eerste River. Within a matter of days he will get money from you, either to save his house in blouberg strand or until his SAPS pension pays out. The closest he got to SAPS is his constant arrest for fraud, housebreaking, theft and rape. Should you fall into his trap and go to the police, thats when you will meet Cheryl. Ladies DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED BY HER. If you local SAPS wont take your case, or she intimidate you, DO NOT GIVE UP. PLEASE CONTACT LANSDOWNE STATION COMMANDER and join all his victims in ensuring that justice be served.

Ask Debra about Badoo
1 review
9 helpful votes

Have been on the site for about a month and everyone who contacts me is a widower with very young children but their profile says they're single and they live alone. When asked, they say the children either stay with the nanny or a relative because as it turns out, they're overseas working.  They are very vague as to the city they reside in, won't give you specifics about it. After talking for a week, I was to meet a man on a Saturday and on Friday he contacted me to say a contract was accepted (this one was an engineer who specialized in residential buildings and small bridges), he would travel on Saturday to Italy and could not meet me. I suggested we meet that day. He said he couldn't because he had to pack and leave early Saturday.   He continued to contact me from Italy, went to Milan. Said he needed a translator and was very busy. I so happen to have a friend who brides in Milan, he refused to meet my friend. Also said he had lost a suitcase where he had put his wallet containing cash.  He wanted me to send €2,600 Euros. When I wouldn't, in the alternative, he wanted my personal bank information because his Banker, would wire me money because he had no access to his accounts there. I refused and he promised and re promised we would be together, blah, blah, blah, I told him I don't give my personal info out. He never contacted me again. By, the way, he sent pictures of the construction site with a bunch of people and "fake him" in it.  I cropped it and pasted onto Google and it popped up as scammer. Second man, also a widower, said he was local but was on Christmas vacation in South Africa with his daughter ‎after a week of chats, he said a maid "did away" with his money and wanted me to send money to pay for his hotel stay for 2 weeks and also 2 plane fare tickets back to the states (I suggested he go to the business partner he claimed paid for his vacation). Third man, a doctor on mission with USAID on a ship near Solomon Islands, about to retire needed to pay $820 to exit the ship... because he had no access to his funds on the ship. He sent me a fake retirement letter listing hundreds of thousands of dollars he would receive upon retiring, the letter was full of typos and not signed. I guess he must still he stuck on the ship. Hahaha. Last week a man who was supposed to return to my area today said he was being accused of stealing $6,000 he claimed, he had given the secretary and his company did not want to let him come home. I told him to call the US Embassy because they're there to help, noooo!!! You guessed it, he wanted ME to send the money. All these men were promising to upon their return to the States. It's almost funny. I do not recommend this site. Within a month 4 people tried to get money from me. All of them could not send a fresh picture of them doing a specific sign. I reported them and they seem to be gone (I don't see them, don't know if if they blocked me), but no matter how I tell them I will not send money, have listed it in my profile, they think they have good stories but they're wrong. I will not send a penny, no matter how sad they think their story is. Badoo, you need to do a better job verifying these people!

Ask Ana about Badoo
1 review
12 helpful votes

Took my Money for credits I could use for so called premium features. I paid on Google play store. When the credits didn't appear they said we'll let you know when you can use them. Finally after an angry complaint they said " our review shows you used them already". This is horrible business. A cold calculated theft of money. Please don't use them. It's a waste of time. You'll wonder also why so many of the women look like models. All within miles of me. Right.

Ask Peter about Badoo
1 review
13 helpful votes

Site completely horrible. Is very rare that will be anyone you would even want to talk to anyway. Was very bored around holidays and tried. Half people on there were scammers from Guana or somewhere similar posing as someone cute to try to rob you and other half were definitely not attractive barely even human. Had about 2 mini conversations and was bored. They charged CC every 3-4 days for 2 months no approval. Theives will rob you to death.

Ask Briain about Badoo
1 review
0 helpful votes

Rejoin me

Ask fabian about Badoo
1 review
19 helpful votes

Got involved in a relationship with a man I met on badoo. He put he was 25 who wants kids "someday" After doing some investigations I found out he was actually 35 , divorced with 3 kids that he doesn't talk to. Badoo is full of liars and scum. Its a joke. He's still on there so watch out.

Ask Hazel about Badoo
1 review
8 helpful votes

I been on this site for awhile now and I never get anyone msg me also I never get anyone from my area it really sucks

Ask Kelly about Badoo
1 review
9 helpful votes

I swear by God I was charged 39.90 omani riyals twice (79.80 omr ) first for monthly subscription, and second for credit superpower. Each time I payed 10 times more,(1 omani Riyal equal 2.6 usd).it's a Mafia ,so be aware and don't give them any money!!!

Ask Tarek about Badoo
1 review
9 helpful votes

They gather the ugliest men around, and the most fake profiles in a website. But the funniest part is that everybody live in Manhattan and that is impossible.

Ask Lily about Badoo
1 review
7 helpful votes

How is it that your site is full of scam artist? Cant you add some verification control method to ensure these people are weeded out?

Ask Jamie about Badoo
6 reviews
70 helpful votes

I wonder why this site is so popular. You won't find quality profiles like on Mingle2day

Ask Shandi about Badoo
1 review
12 helpful votes

I was asked out, and on the evening he messaged me to say he had arrived at the venue. I couldn't see him anywhere! I sent three messages asking where was he in the venue and he never replied.
I was left standing alone stood up and feeling very angry!
I received no support from badoo to have this person removed! What a bloody joke!

Ask Sam about Badoo
1 review
4 helpful votes

Fake profiles. Everyone aeems to be 17 miles from me.

Ask Ted about Badoo
1 review
3 helpful votes

Please be careful with the military some Nigerian black guy wants your money they used the pictures of the military they good to play you

Ask Josefina about Badoo
1 review
17 helpful votes

I've been on it for about a month, I'm 57 AND have been matched over 300 times, I have contacted everyone of them, mostly 25 to 35 year olds, whose profile pics look as if they were all models. Almost everyone of them were unable to confirm that they were the same person as was in the profile pictures. I asked either for a video chat with audio or a selfie of them holding a piece of paper with today's date. Guess what! All but 2 could provide what I had asked, and the reason why? Well either their phone and/or webcam were both on the blink. First off there are very few women in this age group that would ever consider a man old enough to be their daddy, not unless he is very rich and famous. Secondly it is easy to discern a fraudulent profile, here's a few pointers, if they state in the profile that they are seeking and older man, then stay away. If the written description doesn't match the profile pics ( for instance the picture shows someone with blonde hair, blue eyes, but the description says black hair, green eyes, then stay away. If their actual location is not the same as the one listed on the profile , then stay away. If they have only a couple pictures, then stay away. If they have no score, stay away. If they only have a couple friends on facebook then stay away. If they say they are studyingor working abroad, in Africa, stay away. A couple anecdotes before I finish, one lady wanted to call me to prove she was the same person in the profile, so I humored them, only it was obviously a dude trying to sound like a female, well I burst out laughing and he got mad and cussed me out in a male voice. At another time I asked the suspected fraud for a selfie giving a peace sign, and sure enough she sent it, only she was really a he wearing a wig, and definitely not the women in the profile. By now I consider myself an expert at identifying a fake profile and enjoy exposing them. I'm not sure there are any real people on this site.

Ask John about Badoo
20 reviews
28 helpful votes

I meet my sons dad on here as I ment to say sperm doner and turns out he lied about everything his age his career found out he was living with his mom on fix income he didn't have a job his own place he was a cheater he talked to multiple woman's online when a situation happened to me in the hospital the day I gave birth to my son it went from bad to worse he ruined my life I'm constantly back and forth in the court because he doesn't Wonna grow up and be A father its very sad and im in the middle of getting full Custody because I feel like my son isn't safe with him and I feel like he has a lot of growing up to do Iam tired of the drama the Arguments black peoples are nothing but all about drama when you have a child with them you Constantly find your self stressed out and putting the law Imbarassing the situation its very sad ladies be very who your talking to online because its never a safe thing and you don't know what can happen

Ask swayla about Badoo
5 reviews
11 helpful votes

Don't know if I agree that it's full of pervs, but then again, I'm not a woman, ha ha. I guess it's allright, but if you really want to get into this stuff, get a real niche application.

Ask Graham about Badoo
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

This site is fake...

Ask Erico about Badoo
1 review
2 helpful votes

Plays women by wooing them by being charming, and then after a month or two asks for $350 with some sob story. Save yourselves from this horrific person. Phone number shows up as "DALLAS" when calling.

Ask Lakelym about Badoo
1 review
9 helpful votes

This site is full of perverts and con men. I was only on for 38 hours and it was like a feeding frenzy. Plus, they refuse to take NO for an answer. I had to delete the whole application.

Ask Diane about Badoo
5 reviews
9 helpful votes

Omg met my wonderful boyfriend on here when only signed up coz there was a rumour that someone supiour to me was on it so I was doing some detective work never found him but I found my soul mate

Ask Jessi about Badoo
1 review
8 helpful votes

I will be very honest....I am an old user of Badoo...I started using it about 5 years ago. It was very nice....and i met many fact the love of my life and my future wife is from badoo. Now i don't know what has is full of fake send 50 messages and nobody replies ??? messages aren't even read. And also after you verify your number and connect to google or should have 10 contacts / day. You have them in the first day , after that you are switched back to 5 contacts / day...And of course if you want have to PAY !!

So , I don't recommend badoo...i think it is scam now....and I am sorry to say this since in the past was one of the best....

Ask Md about Badoo
1 review
7 helpful votes

Also known as exsoldier. Lived in Sheffield now brighton area. Hes a player. Trusted him it was all a lie. He prays on nice women who want a relationship. I confronted him he got violent since heard Im not the 1st he's got a past for violence. Just please be careful he's not the person you think he is he will say a vandetta is against him. If so check domestic disclosure! !!

Ask One about Badoo
2 reviews
14 helpful votes

I have blocked and reported LOTS of guys who sexually harassed me and nothing was EVER done to them. Then one guy asks me if I want to see a picture of his thing, I said no and he sent it anyway so I told him to "f'ing respect my wishes" so I get permanently banned. Yeah those morons are ban happy when you're a female trying to meet a genuily NICE guy but then guys do and say allllll they want without EVER getting banned. The people running Badoo should be shut down and forbid to ever be in charge again because they clearly don't know how to run something. I'm a member on sooooo many sites where I never have issues, I never get into trouble. I was with this fail site for OVER 13 years and got banned from ONE slip after being treated like crap by some arrogant douchbag. Hell some of the people on there message women offering money in exchange for sex and nothing gets done. This site NEEDS to be shut down.

Ask Rochelle about Badoo
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