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Badoo reviews

33 reviews
Tel: +44.2070999939
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New Reviewer

Please stay away from Jake 33 he is a fake that's not even his real name hes not from Chicago state university.. he's from Chicago didn't even go to collage and is older then that! We talked and come to find out he has a girlfriend and is only trying to get layed!! What a sorry ass dirt bag!!!

New Reviewer

Alert! Military scammers from Ghana.

New Reviewer

I experienced vulgarity personified and abstracted! Dirt bags by the 100's! Why don't these sodomites go to the local watering hole and get laid. Ignorant and many are unappealing! What a joke!!!!!

New Reviewer

Badoo is ok, well executed for a dating website.... the people not so much. Within my first hour of joining i received 50 messages. After weeding out the weirdos i ended up replying to 5. Great choices. I ended up meeting only one. We hit it off dated for a few months and now married.. expecting our first child.

Anyway... my point being if you talk long enough and take your time messaging and not being so pushy, you might actually find someone worth your while.

New Reviewer

I had a bad experience met an Indian girl from Badoo name Starla 25 years old from Los Angeles she sometimes goes by Kiara Rai.. This person is fake when I asked to meet up and talk over the phone he/she gave me a wrong phone number saying they were sorry.. This made me sick to my stomach. I dont know how people can pretend to be someone their not...

New Reviewer

i have downloaded 200 fake profiles, several with same photo and different name. I reported all to badoo, none was removed. They create the fake profiles to impress you when you log in and play encounters. But they are so stupid they use names and fotos from Turkey girls some from Badoo, some others from other social meeting networks and several from an agency with girls. I leave in Greece and traveling along. I noticed the same problem when I was abroad in other countries. Big cheaters! Try it and you will see, more than 75% of people nearby the place you leave are fake profiles...... The thing is there is no legislation yet to control them and eventually shut them down. Is it too early?

New Reviewer

I have lost a girl that i have meet on bado and now i don't know how to find her again #feeling very sad

New Reviewer

Scamscam I am do not like green eggs and spam.. Black n green people from HELL posting pictures of angels that are controlled by demons in the pits of nigeria and if you see someone that is not attractive on badoo the demons are after them 7 fold.use anothyer sit for real!!!!
The wise man said just walk this way to the dawn of the light the wind will blow into your face as the years pass you by hear this voice from deep inside its the call of your heart close you eyes and you will find the passage out of the dark. HERE I AM WILL YOU SEND ME AN ANGEL in the land of the morning star

New Reviewer

Horrible website- too many non-English speaking people, and scum bag clientele. Mostly looking for hook ups. Booty calls-r-us is a better name. Desperate men!

New Reviewer

Badoo is SCAM. Most of its members are Nigerian scammers claiming to be in your area but they're incapable of speaking proper English, never mind being ever anywhere near your location. You are a total and utter natural disaster if you even think considering paying money for their services. Please, avoid it, like Chernobyl!!!

New Reviewer

Stay away from Xavier Edel in Reims. He was a total douche bag. Lied and said he wanted kids but just wanted to have sex!!!! What a jerk!!!

New Reviewer

Badoo has stolen money from my account , I think this was happening for longer period of time, I just became aware of it. Please never give them with your bank details. I bought super powers and then I opted out but they still continued to take money from my account , without my knowledge and without my permission. They are thieves Another thing is , they claim so many people joined them, but when you look how many people left, if you have contacts on your list, after 6 months none of them will be still there, but yet , badoo is claiming their numbers are growing, it is a lie, a con , a criminal activity.

New Reviewer

Be careful of this website. Many of the members are scammers. Nigerian scammers. They use Caucasian pictures and English name to set their profile. Because they don't want you to know their true color. I've been to this site for only 2 weeks, got lots of messages..but I found out quickly before got sucked into their scam. They always want to know your email address, they are SO fake you can even smell the rat in them. If it continued, the next thing they want is for you to send money to them....It's all about making money out of you.

New Reviewer

i really don't like how they try to catch your attention with false members messages and they try to get your contacts emails. Their techniques are same as scammers use. I wouldn't recommend this site at all.

New Reviewer

the pictures on top of screen for straight guys contain 99% trannys and guys,but i am looking for girls!!!!! what the heck!

New Reviewer

Badoo is sending spam all the time...I have requested not to receive any invitation emails but I still get them! Got to hell badoo!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Apart from the handful of local friends whom I can meet any time I want, the rest are simply depressed highly strung insecure single women plastered in make up & bragging about men being such bastards for dumping them....I can understand why.

New Reviewer

Badoo will email all your contacts without your permission. Please avoid like the plague.

New Reviewer

Mainly scammers i'm afraid if you stick to the free elements of the site.

New Reviewer

This site is nothing but an over glorified popularity contest! I was invited by a friend (or at least I think this person really did invite me-with Badoo, it's hard to tell since they get into your personal email account) to come on there and found out that it isn't all that it's cut out to be. There are some cool people on there however, but a majority of the people are kind of weird. And if you want to see who has you as a favorite, you have to pay for superpowers! What kind of b******* is that?!?! It's way too expensive. And you have to put up some pictures of yourself, which I did and only one was up on my profile despite that I put up 3! I couldn't find the contact form on the site to ask them why my other pictures didn't show up on my profile. Plus, there are several scammers running around on there and there's no way to tell them about it so they can look into it. Don't waste your time on this site, and if anybody says that it's a good site, either 1) they work for the site or 2) they probably have been rejected off of the more decent sites.

New Reviewer

I have met numerous girls off this site. It is a website, so of course is full of time wasters and a few people who are fake - It is the internet after all but I have slept with at least 6 girls and been on probably 15 dates or so. You do need to pay to make this happen though, but it is cheapish compared to many other sites. without paying, I doubt a guy will meet many women.

The website has a few of Transvestites using it, but you can normally tell that from the pics...if will make an interesting story for your mates to laugh at.

New Reviewer

Total run job for re-upping with credit card
Used to be When hotornot became Badoo I went from having great exchanges with real people to a very sharp contrast of literally literally NO ONE
Literally my rating was 9.7 to 9.8 badoo managed to erase my hotornot rating and set it to their standard 5 star system. Once that occurred, my rating was 2.1. On hotornot I could engage just about any girl I that I wanted to and she would reply back in chat. Real discussions I can literally click on ANY person and send them a message
Not only they don't reply. Nobody even reads the messages. But to be sure of that I lowered my standards to EVERY UGLY BETTY on the f* site
Message to UglyB: Stunning. Lets meet! : user has not read this message
Even at that I configured my account so that it even showed when I clicked on a profile. And I just started hitting every other random thugged out plus sized mom of 20: STILL NO PROFILE VISITS - NO one Trys to meet, or even visits. Maybe it's a problem with my profile?
I set up a new one - same sh__

One of the TRICKS they will pull on you : When you attempt to login they will redirect you to a page where it LOOKS LIKE A LOGIN
Instead it's a place to enter your own email address and password for YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT
That way they can download your contacts and then email every other person you've contacted with a request to join you on a dating page.

New Reviewer

Worst dating website ever. The only good thing is (at least for switzerland), that there are quite a lot of people on it. But it is a huge rip-off anyway. First of all they send out emails to the people in your address book without your consent. Second, as a male person, you can only write to 10 new girls per day, and also only 2 messages per person unless they reply. If you want more, you have to pay. Also, you can't send messages to someone who is above or below your age group. Third, Badoo deleted almost all photos where I was not with a picture on it. Like holiday pictures etc.. or pictures where I'm with my gf. You need to have 3 pictures with your face, otherwise you cant see anyone else's pictures. If you have no picture at all, you can't even send any messages. There are lots of pervert guys on the site, spamming all the women all day and trying to get sex. Most women are pissed of by that, and so they usually don't answer any hello. you need to be quite creative in your messages. and even then, mostly they will not even read your message because they are already flooded with other messages. Oh, and also, some girls that get many profile views and messages, have some kind of hot-flag on their profile, and you can not send them any message until you pay for the premium service.

New Reviewer

I've been using badoo for about 3 years now. Met about 11 or 12 girls and $#*!ed all except for 2 of them that were a bit guarded. Its a real site. Unless of course its made by narcs that traffic women.. and even if that is the case, they're doing an excellent job trying to get them their greencards..

There are a few trannys.. so you just have to block them whenever you see them, but they're mature enough to state it in their profile openly so there's no surprises..

Mostly latinas.. mexican women, salvadorean, and honduras women are on the site..

I did pay for the usage of the site just once.. so that I'd be able to always see if somebody has already read what I typed them.. cause this way I can get an idea of if the person read it and is just leaving me hanging or the person hasn't read it at all.. keep them on their toes so to speak...

I've never used a condom with these women and I'm still clean.. so there's clean women on the site.. but you never know...

most of the women on here already have kids.. those that don't seem to be a bit wierd or crazy.. but its all good.. its still pussy..

most of the times women won't respond to the Hello's because they're so swamped by all these dudes.. so when you get a woman whos talking to you.. take advantage of the golden moment.. cause if she slips through your fingers and starts talking to me.. that pussy is mine..

Damn.. I sound like a serious perv...

Theres always going to be the fake profiles on all sites.. this one has them too.. they're made by scam artists that use the site to lure other users into their schemes.. those fake accounts arent made by the badoo staff.. they're made by some scammer $#*!s that are broke as $#*! in nigeria.. they need to go play with themselves..

all in all... i love this website... it took me from the nerdy dude who sat behind his computer lonely as hell.. to the nerdy dude who gets laid so damn much and brings women into his moms apartment and makes the neighbors wonder if Im some kind of pimp...

New Reviewer

full of scammers!!No rules or checks and spam people in your address book!!

New Reviewer

Spam, they send mails to ALL your contacts without telling you...

But, it is free to use for the most part. So can't be too hard on them.

New Reviewer

Warning, warning, warning!

I received an email from a friend saying she had left me a message on a site called BADOO for me. She is German, so I received the message in German - I then clicked to view the message in English. I assumed it was a social networking site similar to Facebook for German people and that she was inviting me to join…

How very naïve!

I clicked the link to the message. In order to retrieve the message I was asked to enter some simple info, i.e., my name, location and date of birth. This seemed harmless enough (at no stage was my email address solicited), so I entered same, and suddenly, hey presto, I have a profile on an internet dating site linked to my private email account. I promptly received an email facilitating a password to my new account: "Welcome to BADOO!"

I had to use my private email address and the password I received to enter the site to delete an account I had never created in the first place.

Having done some research into BADOO, it would appear that this is their modus operandi. There have literally been millions of complaints about BADOO and their underhand and devious method of signing innocent people up to their dating site. Surely it is illegal? It is an absolute con. They use your info for data mining purposes.

I have had the same email address for many years and unfortunately cannot delete the account and create a new one as I work freelance and cannot afford to lose potential clients. BADOO now have my personal info and email address and there is nothing I can do about it at all. Be warned. If you receive an any email that includes the words BADOO it in anywhere, I would strongly advise that you delete it immediately.

Apprentice Reviewer

This is a total scam, ripping off your well-earned money! Got there, went out in 5 mins, and after that, I got 20 emails, lol:)
Most of them were from people from other countries, etc..
And Badoo also spammed my contacts lists with messages from "ME" ?? I mean, wtf??
Stay away from this spam house at all costs!

New Reviewer

It created a profile each for me and my partner using our email addresses, pictures from our respective facebook albums WITHOUT CONSENT as a consequence of answering some stupid querstion about a friend and provided random, incorrect details - have managed to delete my partner's account but mine remains for the time being NIGHTMARE DATING SITE!

New Reviewer

I was last on Badoo over a year ago, and deleted the profile within 10 minute. Today i got a message from someone saying they had sent me a message, i decided to look and thought "Im sure its improved by now" ... I couldnt of been more wrong. You are forced to have 3 photos of your face and ONLY YOUR FACE on your account. If not your photos are either deleted or moved into different albums.

I am a male, and i put a photo up of me and the mrs, and they said and i quote "people will not be able to work out which one is you" ... This is where i drawed the line ... So im not allowed to show all the desperate tossers that im engaged? Worst website ever, avoid like the plague!!!!

New Reviewer

Total booty call site infested with desperate creepy people and scammers. I was on it 5 minutes before I had 5 messages from total losers and a scammer. Watch out!

New Reviewer

When you join this website it sends stuff to people in your address book saying you have a message for them when in reality you don't. I would advise if anyone gets something that says they have a message from someone they know from this site to avoid it because of my experiance with it.

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