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47 reviews
American Fork, Utah, USA
Tel: +1.6504325795
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The rates are competitive, and I've had no customer service issues whatsoever. (in 7 reviews)

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2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I sign up with them,and you takes so long to setup my account,I tried to call customer service and it is a waste of time,and next thing you know I get a bill for 77.23 for service I never used,because they fail to setup my account (still in demo mode charged $77.23
for a service in demo mode,which is use less,if it is not Live (active)
They have a lot of hidden cost you never tell you about.
I end up using paypal pro.....

Ask Pro about
1 review
3 helpful votes
10/19/15 cares about your business so much that they will never let you go.I have not used my merchant services account for 2 years yet each month auto draws $40 from my company checking account.

24 months ago I faxed confirmation that I was leaving per their request. Still the auto drafts continue. I called and faxed 2 additional times. Very tricky of to get you to log into your account. This constitutes use of their wonderful service.

My bank is finally helping with this issue.

I can't believe that I am the only one having difficulty breaking up with Anyone interested in filing a class action lawsuit?????

Ask Myles about
1 review
3 helpful votes
8/25/15 and total merchant services. High pressure sales pushing me to use their mobile device. I was VERY reluctant and happy with my square device and service. The decision to try them out cost me $114.00. I spent hours setting up the device. The card reader never worked. I called customer service and we supposedly got it up and running. But it still didn't work. I called again, and they told me it should work ... But nope! So I gave up. I cancelled and didn't cancel total merchant services. I was getting charged $38.00 per month for 3 months when I haven't even used the device yet. I was offered no refund I asked to talk to supervisor and he was more rude then the c.s. I was talking to. This is the first review I have left for any company. Hopefully this will help you. Crooks , scammers

Ask Greg about
1 review
3 helpful votes

Signed me up on a sweetheart deal
Six weeks later they drop me because I sell sporting goods.
Not firearms but sporting goods.
So they lock down my account without even telling me. Would not let it resume even for a week for which they lied about doing. Never received a statement either. Pure scum.
To this day they never resolved any of it.

Did I sign up bogus. Absolutely not.
I'm going back to Merchant 1.

Ask James about
1 review
2 helpful votes

I hate this company! I couldn't get into my account because i needed to change my password and couldn't get it to work, so I called customer service and could not get a live person because the prompt told me to entire my merchant profile id, which i couldn't do because i couldn't get into my account to retrieve it. After going in circles, I finally called as a new customer and got a live person, who then told me he couldn't help me because i was an existing customer. I begged him to find a customer support person to help me reset my account so I could get into my account. I need to change processors today

Ask Jeff about
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

More hidden fees than you can count and will continue to charge you long after you close the account with them.

Ask Randy about
1 review
2 helpful votes

They are polite . . . as they hide their continued theft of you/your customer's money in various fees, charges, and rules that make it unlikely you can get out of your contract easily.
Stay with Paypal (also expensive) or Square.

Ask Dan about
1 review
5 helpful votes

I signed up from an advertised link stating that the $49.00 set up fee would be waived. They immediately approved the account. There was no indication that my bank account would be charged any money. On day 2, my account was hit with $74.81. I called and they were RUDE and UNCARING!! Do not do business with these jokers. Very unprofessional!!!!

Ask DeNise about
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

We wanted to try and signed up. Integrating their software into our cart program was difficult and we decided to cancel before we ever used their services. We were charged about $100 but only got half back after canceling. What a rip-off.

Ask Peter about
1 review
2 helpful votes

Such a scam. My online shop made $1000 last year. Between and flagship merchant services (secondary contractor), I paid at LEAST $1000 in fees. They made it extremely confusing and unclear upon entering into a contract with them, that I would be paying BOTH companies to process credit card sales online. The hidden, arbitrary fees were outrageous and unprecedented. It felt like whenever they felt like tacking on an extra $20 to my bill, they would make up some bull$#*! fee and throw it on there. They flat-out lied about the cost of this service when I spoke to the sales rep on the phone, prior to signing up. I wish this kind of thing were illegal but... #America

Ask Jessie about
1 review
1 helpful vote
3/1/15 has lost all my money from web payments, as they've entered the incorrect merchant ID and then the incorrect terminal ID. I can't even engage their staff to resolve this issue. Truly awful. I'm about to commence legal proceedings against this company. Use anyone else.

Ask Rob about
1 review
2 helpful votes

Their customer service and attitude by sales professionals is a little bit lacking . I was about to open an account with them , but will stick to the lesser evil Paypal after seeing all these negative review. A small business person does not need to be raped with so many hidden fees.

Ask mel about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I was contacted by an company for merchant services. It looked good. By the time they added all the hidden fees it wasn't so good. I contacted the company to close my account. Because I was so new they would not let me close my account with out filling out some paperwork. I did and needless to say my account is still open still charging me. Thanks to this repetitive scam I knew enough to close down the bank account! This is not my first run in. I had a 3rd party keep a $1, 000 transaction because they felt like it. No matter what I did they wouldnt release it. Asking for signed salles slips for an e commerce transaction. Authorize did nothing to help me.

They have no oversight to these 3rd party companies they do business with

Avoid at all cost.

Paypal is a little more but is trusted by more and has less problems by far

Ask Jourdan about
1 review
2 helpful votes

What a scam has going. My account should have been closed when it was closed by the E-Commerce Exchange. They neglected to close 1 account I didn't even know I had and have continued to debit my bank account for the past 9 months. Shame on me for not paying closer attention. Shame on you for your deceptive business practices. I shall make sure I register your scam with every consumer reporting agency I can find. This kind of deceptive business practice should not be allowed in this country.

Tip for consumers: If you sign up via a 3rd party provider, make sure you know who you are dealing with. Very confusing and they have no regard for customers.

Ask Kevin about
1 review
2 helpful votes

Like everyone else said - Avoid at all costs! Their customer service is awful, their system works when it wants to, and they don't care because they'll still make their money off of you. Do yourself a favor and find someone else. Authorize cost my company more money (in lost customers because issues) than I made by choosing them. Still don't get how they have so many customers- worst company ever

Ask Deal about
1 review
1 helpful vote

A lot of feedback here about Authnet. They are the largest Gateway around. If you need a WooCommerce payment gateway check out the easiest plugin to use:

Ask Michael about
1 review
1 helpful vote

WORST COMPANY EVER!!! I registered on their website and then they asked me to sign a paper document containing my credit card details. DOn't do it! They'll charge you even after you've closed your account with them. Don't trust that company whatever happens.

Ask Fabri about
6 reviews
7 helpful votes

TOTAL F*ING RETARD JERKS! Sales is soooo stupid they don't explain things and argue and contradict each other all the time.. The supervisor said he can't find my info cause i "won't give him my info"!! I JUst gave him my name, email and company name!! TOTAL a**HOLES!!! RETARDED AND SALES ARE A*HOLES..ALL 5 OR 6 OF THOSE MEN!! Customer support is just as stupid.

Ask Ramona about
1 review
3 helpful votes

WORST COMPANY EVER! Do not work with this company! They are going to charge you many hidden fees directly from your credit cards. What's worse. They misinform you and without sending you invoices you will be charged in the background.

Customer care and Sales agents don't care about you. This is one greedy company. All they want is your money. They don't care about you. If you have a problem you need to call very expensive hotlines to wait and then get no answer.

Again: They do illegal stuff and charge you money without your signature which you will never get back!

Ask big about
1 review
2 helpful votes

Worst service ever! Charged $100 set up fee even though I didn't use the service and then recurred charges after account was closed. Other solutions exist that are way better. DO NOT use

Ask Matt about
1 review
2 helpful votes

We have been using them for one month, Now they are holding our money in their account while they check charges from customers we have had for 15 plus years. We had to go back to our old company, And If they dont release my comapanys money soon I am going to be taking them to court. They are a terrible company.

Ask J about
5 reviews
21 helpful votes

I recently had an account with Quick Commerce, a reseller for QC was using a branded site for After I cancelled with QC, I started receiving past due bills from They claim I needed to cancel directly with them. This seems fraudulent either on the part of or the merchant gateway service Quick Commerce. When I tried to cancel via the branded website, I found there was no way to contact them other than by phone and when I tried to call, there was a recording "QC is not available". And it's not possible to remove your banking info--so I just changed the account number. used to be considered a premier service. I'm still using them with my new merchant service but I'm switching. (And they know I have a new account with them, but they don't care.)

Ask Glenda about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Terrible. I never activated my account and was still charged $130 out of my business account. They said they would refund my $30, but not the $99 setup fee. Total ripoff.

Ask Bean about
1 review
2 helpful votes

Idiots. No values on how to treat customers. Morons!!

Ask Koushik about
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

They were the Credit Card Processing company for my WIX ecommerce website and I never received my CC payments and were no help in solving the problem

Ask Yvonne about
1 review
8 helpful votes

I am a software engineer with 22 years of experience. When I called for more information about a "Returned Payment Fee" that suddenly appeared on our statement (and other hidden fees), the man I spoke with was extremely unprofessional, made comments referring to me as a "kindergartner", falsely claimed they have over 400,000 customers and said they don't need my business. He was condescending and belittled me. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, he placed me on hold for over 30 minutes (every few minutes you could hear a person breathing, then I would placed back on hold) until eventually the call was disconnected. After calling back several times, sending email and using their contact form, I finally reached a supervisor who said the fee was a mistake and gave me a credit. However this took considerable effort. Every time you communicate via email or their contact form, you will receive email up to three days later with typos, misspelled words and invalid (non-printable) characters. This probably indicates it's being answered overseas or via an automated system. caters to very small businesses and likely makes a large percentage of it's revenue from hidden fees, setup fees and penalties. We are now actively searching for a new gateway processor and do not recommend

Ask James about
1 review
2 helpful votes

3 months in - constant BS from sales, set up and all "worked". Then told me merchant account still under review. 2 months later, no further ahead. I've been investigated like criminal after 3 years in business. Asking for biz plans, changes in site, PP and T&C's - many charges to set up - all on my credit card which i am claiming back - 20 hours at least in paperwork - i've answered the same questions three times!

KEEP WELL AWAY - the low rates suck you in.

Ask Dean about
1 review
2 helpful votes

**CAUTION** They lure you in with a low processing fee per transaction, and then they HAMMER you with fee after fee after fee.
PLUS, if you are using Droid phones, they "have to set up two accounts"...Ie; they charge you DOUBLE for one service!
Don't forget the $99.00 annual report fee (per account of course) so they can send the IRS a 1099 report. This report is mandated by law, and they are not allowed to charge for it. Formal complaint has been filed with Missouri Attorney Generals office.
I never go on these sites and publish complaints as I always find a reasonable compromise. This outfit doesn't understand compromise, and don't bother asking for a "supervisor" because the're never available and they won't call you back.
I'm going on two months with their greedy little fingers still in my account taking fees out- and I have account cancellation confirmations that are a month old. Had to go to my bank office to get it stopped.
Found a processor who truly has no fees other than when you run the cards, and for the same rates.

Hope I saved you some grief

Ask Casey about
1 review
2 helpful votes

Just found out my company has an account that is 5 years old. When I contacted them about billing the monthly fee they claimed the service was in use and why would I want to cancel? I asked for proof of service with no avail. But mysteriously my name was added to the account 2 years ago.with no other data, no email address, no signature, just my name. The have even refused to supply the name change form I "signed". When I asked for a refund for no service they started throwing dates around proving it was in use. Then I was asked for proof I had cancelled the merchant services but since there is no merchant services for this that's a hoop I can't jump through. Turning them over to our state fraud department with my bank's info to back me up.
There should be a minus star rating, they did not deserve 1 star.

Ask WV about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I sent four requests for clarification on their pricing structure. Every request was answered with a generic "click here to apply" or a cut and paste of their vague and confusing Pricing breakdown. I emailed the "Inside Sales Rep" as to why she was repeatedly dodging my questions, still waiting to hear back. Buyer beware... they have Numerous hits on the BBB and my initial correspondence with the company is a good reflection as to why they have so many complaints.

Ask E about
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

If I was able to give it a zero 0000 I would. They are a scam. Don't deal with them.

Ask Robert about
1 review
1 helpful vote

they are the worst. I applied for a merchant account and gateway. I get an approval email a short time later. Turns it out was only for the gateway and nobody has a record of the merchant account. I called my "sales rep" who never called me back and insisted per her voicemail message that she only accepts emails. So I email her, and get no response - until the 3rd try. This place is the worst.

Ask bill about
1 review
2 helpful votes
9/10/13 has HORRIBLE customer service!!!!! I signed up on July, and cancelled my account with them right the next day. They told me everything was fine, and that the cancellation was approved and nothing will be charged. A month after (August) I see a $99 set up fee charge on my debit card. When I called to have them return my money, they said I needed to contact my account manager "Mike" so he can refund me that money back to my account. I called him for weeks and weeks, left many many messages/voice mails, and he NEVER called me back nor emailed me. Every time I called no one was helpful, until finally a month and 10 days after (September), a manager picks up the phone and transfers me to Mike, and supposedly that money will be back in my account, but I have to wait 10 business days to get it back. So I have had to deal with this headache for two months now, and still no money back. DO NOT USE THEM!!!!! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Jenny about
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

Feels extremely dated. Before the paradigm of trying to make things nice and easy for developers. Works great though once you have it set up.

Ask Steve about
1 review
2 helpful votes

I signed up for this hoping to get a better merchant account and lower fees than Paypal. It has been a horrible 4 weeks and I am still in the process of getting "REVIEWED". I run a serious online business being established for 6 years. was quick to take my $99 setup fee which came out to be $133.43 then $1.56 some unknown charge. After 3 days of setup it seemed like everything is ok and up with the "virtual terminal" available, but it was not so. After exposing my whole identity to them like my Social Security, Business Name business tax ID, Drivers Licence...I get an email from Cybersource/ that they need to get more info like my "balance sheet", "Privacy policy" on my site revised and a dedicated "SSL" which was already there. I have revised my privacy policy and purchased SSL which I didnt have to. I use Quickbooks to keep records so I asked the woman on the phone (Dolores Tremonte - credit analyst) what else she wants from me to get this thing reviewed and get my funds released. She said "We will review it and email you". It has been 34 days and no answer on my review and my payments from customers are still being held in some "virtual bank account" as they say at Direct Tel: 801-492-7066. I have put my life on the line for these people and they are a bunch of scammers holding on to my money and my lively-hood. How am I supposed to send partial refunds to customers or use those funds to print shipping labels? I am not happy with this.
CyberSource Corporation
808 East Utah Valley Drive| American Fork, UT 84003
Tel 888.317.6935 x3 | Fax 425-945-7920

Ask bob about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Fees, fees, and more fees. When you decide you have enough there is substantial cancellation.
Service is horrible. They dont respond but the fees keep accumulating while you wait for a response. If you follow up aggressively, you will not get the answers you need.

I will never work with company again.

Ask Denny about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Im in the UK and If telling you now just avoid these cowboys. Its now 5 weeks since my initial request to set up this merchant account and still Im unable to process card payments but they are very efficient when it comes to invoicing you for amounts they had previously promised me would not be charged. The lie and steal from you. Im confident in what im saying becasue I have everything in writing from them. I was I had never got involved with them.

Ask Dave about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Terrible company! Hidden charges. Tried closing my account for months and I was stilled getting charged fees! DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

Ask Kate about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Terrible to say the least , got charged $29 to reopen an account which was outdated and would not work, opened a new account with them , which did work , but they reported us to a credit bureau for 5cents!!!!!!
We also had to pay the $29 for an account which we where unable to use and only had for 2 weeks !!!!

Ask may about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Terrible company. Always thought they would be the best solution, but a complete scam

Ask John about
1 review
1 helpful vote

This company is a scam, flat out. It took 3 weeks, 3 faxes and hours on the phone to close our account and they still charged us a month after the account was closed.

Ask Vincent about
1 review
1 helpful vote
2/9/12 and its affiliate companies are horrible. $99 fee just to see if your 'eligible' for their services. No particular advantage on rates VS paypal when looking at all the fees.

Sales/Support is awful, they disconnect you when trying to transfer from one department to another, and you on hold in the middle of your call several times in a few minutes! It's the strangest phone system, I've ever heard.

I never used the service once, and I yet was billed. Never even logged into the control panel even once. When you create an account, you get other companies that handle part of service. It's a mess. I thought I was waiting for approval for weeks when the sub company was requesting more financial information, even though my 'gateway' account was approved. Now of course you can get a refund because you've exceed the 48 hour mark. I was told my account was approved but locked. Meaning that I couldn't withdraw anything from it till I supplied the paperwork, but I could only put money into it.

Even though you've signed up with one company you've got to track down the scraps of your account that are located else where. They continue to bill you, but pretend not to know about the sub accounts with other vendors. I had to ask over and over to cancel my merchant account. At least six times before the sales person could give me information on it.

When is the last time you bough a car, but the lug nuts were from a different company and that company had separate billing? And because you didn't ask for a refund on the lug nuts they wouldn't let you return the car? That's the kind of service you get with

In my opinion their signup process is a nice little scam. Who else wouldn't offer a refund to you if you didn't use the product, and the account was locked so you couldn't withdraw any money from it.

I've had a paypal account for years and never any any issues like this. I can only imagine what kind of hell those people have had that trust them to manage their online sales.

Ask Chris about
1 review
2 helpful votes

I cannot believe the unprofessionalism of this company. They steal from you and their support is a joke. You write to and no matter what you say, no matter what your issue is--they copy and paste about "how concerned they are and they understand" and tell you to call in. What is the point of this support email? I had to threaten harassment if they didn't stop sending me those copy and paste emails!

That aside---they over charged me over $200. They had TWO accounts set up for me and were billing them both! Then will not credit me back. Tried the first--again told me to call in. So, I called in—they said they would investigate and get back to me. What did they do? Sent me one of those copy and paste emails denying my claim!

They verified and acknowledged there had been two accounts set up and they STILL won't credit me back. I'm going back to dispute charges, will be notifying other website retailers at the Internet Retailer annual conference, and posting about these thieves everywhere possible.

If you operate with this kind of unscrupulous conduct as does, the word WILL get out.

They are like talking to a door knob----that steals from you!

Ask carol about
1 review
2 helpful votes

This website sucks. They share your personal information without your consent or knowledge. Third party will then go into your bank account and take funds out. When you cancel they will continue to take money out of your account as if they have a right. When you confront them they quote some invisible clause that gives them the right to do this long after you've closed the account. I plan to sue! But to the rest of you advice is to AVOID THEM ....AVOID ...AVOID. They are theives and have no shame! That's IPayment Inc. out of Thousand Oaks CA

Ask Delores about
114 reviews
748 helpful votes

I have been using for my E-commerce needs (CyberSource is the main company) for about 12 years now. The rates are competitive, and I've had no customer service issues whatsoever. Their client website is well constructed, and includes ALL of the real-time reporting you would ever need about your transactions including a virtual terminal for manual processing of off-line transactions. Complete e-mail merchant receipts and batching, never missed a beat with them. I would recommend that you contract a GOOD web-tech who can handle the installation of the Gateway software. Ultimately you should build your own interface. My only critique would be their payment processing screen which can be a little finicky. If the consumer doesn't absolutely complete all the fields and enter the 'security' letters precisely as show (case sensitive) the transactions don't go through.

Overall I give it a good rating and recommend them for your e-commerce merchant processing if you're shopping for a new company or better rates.

Ask Frank about
82 reviews
313 helpful votes
6/11/08 got an unsatisfactory on better business bureau - Go to BBB and you will see they had an unsatisfactory score, which I think tells you something about this company.

Ask Todd about
10 reviews
24 helpful votes

frustrated with upgrade to its payment gateway merchant software - I am so frustrated with this switch to the new version of their software. How they implemented it is ridiculous offers you a gateway for your transactions, but it is up to you to figure out how to connect to it- with limited examples, and support. And, their tech support guy isn't that good either. Though I'll admit before their recent upgrade it was working fine and now I can't get it to work. If anyone knows of a better system please let me know.

Ask Rich about

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