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The site warns against sending money to people on the site. (in 28 reviews)

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1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been a member of Asian Date for about a year and a half. In that time I can tell you it was indeed a waste of my hard earned money for sure. The ladies get you to read and write letters as well as chat and video with them but that's more expensive. When you want to get their personal info you have to go through a phone call which costs around 100 dollars. Once you get the email from the lady it might be real or fake but it's usually at least 25 letters long. You can send an email but most of the time she won't reply back or send about a sentence saying she's to busy to write. Then the lady will either disappear off the site or if you go on the site you will notice she may have changed her name but is chatting with someone. Don't DONT log in to chat it's just not worth it. I found the perfect woman without really trying that hard. You want a really good woman wife or girlfriend? Then take a flight to the Philippines as soon as you can! I promise every day you will have a smile on our face and your money will go a very long way there plus you can get a great tan as well. I do hope this will help others like me who feel lonely or want a Asian wife making the mistake I did! Good luck in your search! If anyone needs to reach out to me please feel free to contact me at

Ask Philip about AsianDating
1 review
0 helpful votes

Asian dating has many fraudulent ladies. Some ladies are lady boys and they don't day so. Most ask for money. I was made aware by Western Union of a fraudulent member and saved $2K. Had already sent by bank wire more than $5K. Another instance Moneygram warned about the member by refusing to send money.
Lastly, the paid members, mostly men are denied access due IMBRA form, but they have no protection from cheating lady members or Asiandating company. Cupid? Go figure! If you want honest ladies, do your home work as there are too many fake people. Good luck

Ask Ajay about AsianDating
1 review
1 helpful vote

I met first man to number third have same story, after talking on email couple time finally ask me to send him money, what a bustard people ask woman send him money

Ask Joe about AsianDating
40 reviews
1,238 helpful votes

Typical fake site. You sign up, "women" start contacting you (the fat, sweaty guy who owns the site), you check the "Who's Viewed Me" tab, and find out that no one has even looked at your profile.

Same creep owns all the Cupid sites. The simple use of a reverse-search algorithm shows that the photos are cropped from other sites.

Ask Greg about AsianDating
1 review
5 helpful votes

Kinda crappy that most people are writing nasty things about (which is complete scam), on the page belong to another company entirely. is not

Ask Rune about AsianDating
2 reviews
19 helpful votes

IT is scam site all just a setup to get you spend money

Ask michael about AsianDating
1 review
12 helpful votes

Sadly Have been duped by a few girls on Asian date site and wish I had looked at this site before going there.
Everything described on the posts has happened to me with only one girl giving her email address and phone but she blocked the phone which is another story.
Once I had her email and was no longer chatting on the site"read spending money" she decided that she loved me but didn't like me any more.
I went to this site to get a real person and to stay away from scammers by subscribing but the whole system is a scam.
Beware any lonely heart.

Ask Conan about AsianDating
1 review
11 helpful votes

I am an attorney here in calif. Been on thus site almost 2 yrs. They do not promise marriage dating. You pay 1.00 a minute to chat with a lady nothing more. These girls are not coming to marry you. Most are earning commissions especially the models. The young girls just play games. It is not real. It is fake. Sone woman are real but this site will take your money and not care of your emotions. There are many asians in our states now why get on involved with a situation that is impossible to control. Dont waste your money. It is not real. Find nice asian woman in your town. There are plenty of nice girls right in your backyard. Try and ask these girls to visit you they woll change the subject. One girl tokd me she liked my photo when i never posted a photo. Soend your money on groceries. This is bull$#*!. Tom

Ask thomas about AsianDating
1 review
10 helpful votes

I signed up and paid for a month subscription to try it and see if I could meet some nice people locally. Not a lot of people local but I figured I could make some penpals from Asia. The next day they closed my profile and basically ripped me off $30. I paid $30 for a one day membership. That is not cool They told me to email them and basically beg them to open my account. I emailed them but never heard anything back. They sure took my money and then cancelled my account with a quickness but they won't tell me why or refund it.

Ask Jason about AsianDating
2 reviews
34 helpful votes

The other thing about Asian dating is the same ladies are still on the site looking for matches l scent 4 lots off flowers & my home address have not got a single letter or a phone call even a email from 4 that got my email another 5 to 6 have my address . Whent on the site to see if it had changed was the same but the same ladies are still looking so that tell me that thay are still scamming people out off there hard earn money

Ask Chris about AsianDating
1 review
14 helpful votes

it is very weak and slanderous date site for an out going person, as soon as I started explaining to a couple of females about my profession, I was kicked off by the administrators of the site, and they really get piss when you offer the email or phone numbers to other ladies to get to know them on your own, it not like I am one of those scammers that show a pretty picture and never want to come on the cam while your on Skype, that is totally defeating the purpose of dating on the site, they try to micromanage a little bit too much, maybe I my return to the site in a priest outlook and act domestic or like an older guy in his 90ies, I give Date in Asia site two thumbs down, and de-boner .

Ask Kenny about AsianDating
1 review
19 helpful votes

So I am not actually from this site.. or even tried to be in this site. I have found it as an ad on a site i am looking at and it got me interested to look for its reviews.. I am an Asian-Filipina i really felt sorry for those westerners who were asked for money by some members of this site.. I was reading all reviews and to my surprised , the complaints were all about asking for money and being a victim of scams. It's really a shame that some Filipinas are still wooing for money . It's very degrading for us and it ruins all other filipinas' image. So, in behalf of those girls, Lol.. I'm sorry.. I have tried chatting men from different county on OKC.. But what made me liked westerners ,Americans is that i think they're romantic.. And the fact that i love seeing western movies . LOL.. i dont have a white fetish lol.. it's just that its nice to talk to someone having different culture and language. .. And, to add up.. I don't like those americans who are into young girls.. You were always complaining about being lured for money yet you're the one who tolerate those girls to use you..

Ask ynahmorata about AsianDating
6 reviews
267 helpful votes

Before i parted with any money i got 30 replies YOOOOHHHO was i lucky or what Rubbish was i lucky also i was getting emails from people (women) who where supposed TO BE ONLINE and still AWAKE at 4.40 am their time NO WAY AVOID this site

Ask dave about AsianDating
2 reviews
47 helpful votes

I really have to say sorry to all those who had a bad experience on this site. I have also been plagued with the scammers on these dating sites but I have done my part in reporting the ones that are. Asian Dating however does have a staff that replies to all of your complaints and will do their best to help you with all of your needs. You need to just be aware about how most people who are on there to scam you. Most times they will like and favorite you without even looking at your profile because they are doing it to a lot of profiles at the same time. Sort of like throwing a big fishing net and seeing what you catch. You can normally tell which women are serious especially by READING their PROFILES. A lot of times women are more shy to directly contact men, so it would be beneficial for you to actively look at profiles and contact them to see if you're a match. I paid to get gold membership for one month, and I really think I found the person right for me. She is 100% real and I think I've gone through over 50 or 60 contacts before I got to her. Believe me if you read all the tips about safe dating on that site you will know exactly when you meet someone who is out for only your money. Best of luck guys and I really hope that you do find your match.

Ask Elton about AsianDating
1 review
15 helpful votes

ASIANDATE.COM website is a SCAM, everything is filtered and monitored. DO NOT USE IT!

Ask Al about AsianDating
1 review
10 helpful votes

I paid and immediately was told my account was suspended because according to them a flag was raised. They want me to send them copies of my government ID. Yeah, like that's going to happen. I'm going to send a company without a published address or phone number my government ID.
What a scam. UPDATE BELOW.
They "flagged" me yet they STILL charged my card.
And they try to make out that they're better than asiadate. They're not. Same bs.
But hey, someone named "team" will be sure to reach out to you and give you that personal touch.
This is one seedy company. Avoid at ALL costs.

UPDATE: Oh look, they replied with absolutely nothing new. "Cupid M" is here to clarify it all with the same nonsense. There's another review above where they did the same thing.
You spend days/weeks looking around, decided to join and their crack team of investigators zeroes in on you to get your id. The place has ungodly amounts of fake profiles and scammers and their sharp as a whip investigating team flags real people.
Nothing about my profile was faked, my credit card worked fine, yet they want me to send them my id. "Cupid M" and "team" want me to send them a copy of my official government ID. Seriously. That's what they want. Who in their right mind would send them that? Who would fall for such a scam?

Ask Rick about AsianDating
1 review
11 helpful votes

I am living in Vietnam for quite a while. When my marriage went down the drain, I was looking for a new date.
It was interesting to read the other reviews, but I see, that some guys mix up two different websites.
So my answer seems to be slightly off topic, but the sites belong to the same groups.
I registered at those two dating sites:, which belongs together with and some other sites and has nothing to do with
I also registered at, which belongs to cupid media and so
While turned out to be a complete scam, I had good experience with cupid media.
On all the incoming letters seems to be written buy professinals, most probably employees of this company.
They were not really related to each other and also not to any fact in my profile.
I answered one of these letters and the result were many letters from this lady, all unrelated spam. Once I see the desired lady online. They offered me 3 minutes of free chat (reading a letter is around 4 USD, depending on, how much credits you buy).
I tried to give the lady my email, but she claimed, that all relevant data was whiped out in the message. I also tried to give her my website, but it was obviously the same. My last hint to her: google my name + vietnam, which would bring up 100% sure the right result - but nothing happened. The ladies there are obviously not interested to make direct contact. They just want you to open the expensive internal letters. A half hour after the chat I got another letter from this lady and not surprisingly it was not related in any way to the privious chat and my try to give her my direct contact. The 60 USD, I invested in this site are wasted. I didn't even use my last credits. All scam.
The contacts I made with cupid media, where mostly real. However, I knew a few of the ladies there personally and I knew that they are trying to make contact there to cheat the men, they meet. That's why: respect the warnings of cupid media - don't send money.
There also came in some contact requests from asian ladies, which claimed to live in the USA and they all were bored and wanted to show me their webcams. I hope you all are clever enough, not to fall for something like that.
Cupid media does not try to avoid direct contact. Some girls even managed it, to display their mobile numbers or skype ID in their profile, so you could try to contact them on skype, whatsapp, viber or zalo, without paying for a membership. However, I invested 600.000 VND (roughly 30 USD) for a one month membership. I got many contacts. I always asked them to prove on skype, that they are real and they did. Finally I selected two of this ladies for further activities. I was completely satisfied with this website. However, I have the advantage to meet the ladies directly, without costly visas and flight tickets.

Ask Steven about AsianDating
1 review
7 helpful votes

While not the best site for online dating, because of the troublesome way the emails or chat system is set up, is a legitimate site. It is you have to be aware of. That site is what most of you already have mentioned about lots of emails, use of credits to chat,etc.
It seems foreign dating sites have higher risks in general, however, they weave better results when it comes looking for a mate. If had a way that users could send atleast send messages for free at the bare minimum or a monthly trail, I would rate them 5 stars

Ask Zoser about AsianDating
3 reviews
49 helpful votes

I have been trying to understand how this site works. Note I am talking about because there are other sites that sound the same or are run by the same company.
To me it seems that the company hires Chinese people who can translate messages into English. They probably get paid by how many credits their clients are buying. What happens then is these workers send fake messages to clients such as me, to get me to buy credits to read the letters. Many women on the site send me letters saying how they love my letters and want me to marry them. The thing is I never sent letters to those women! If I do send a message and ask a question, then I never get an answer. For instance to prove that I am speaking to a real woman I ask her to send me a selfie picture so I can see who it is. They never send me a photo and just keep sending the same useless information, such as they love me and want to meet me, almost like an automated message?? You are just talking to the middle person who is trying to make more money and maybe the company is encouraging this practise? Total waste of time.

Ask Erik about AsianDating
1 review
9 helpful votes

Dont pay to chat...there's alot of chat app you can use. I'll delete my account there.

Ask Kate about AsianDating
1 review
13 helpful votes

Nothing is real on this site, or the related ones. All the information the girls give is fake. They are not who they say they are. I had people in China to verify information girls gave - it never checked out: fake names, fake places of businesses or occupations, fake families, and all loving promises are fake. This site, along with the Ukraine and Russian ones, are huge money making scams. They got thousands from me before I knew it. Still trying to get some of the money back through the 'fraud dept.' of the bank.

If you try to make contact with the girls all emails are stopped. Every communication is read and censored. They are there, well trained, heartless, just to suck you in for profits. Trust no one, no matter how pretty or loving they appear. Run away as fast as you can!

Ask James about AsianDating
1 review
12 helpful votes

My experience has been excellent. The site warns against sending money to people on the site. There are all kinds of people there.. Some looking for money some looking for a visa and citizenship.. And some are actually looking for a mate. I found, met and married my wife on the site, she is from China, I am from the U. S. Best thing that ever happened to me. Just use your head. If your 50 and she is 21.. You need to get a grip. I'm 48, my wife is 55.

Ask Brian about AsianDating
1 review
19 helpful votes

Dear Madam/Sir.
In reply to your message,
I have to mention that: all those words are my real experience at that SCAM site Asian & I am really angry with them for cheating thousands of people, now if there
is any similarity between your site name & theirs, it is not my or other members fault,
because one of you have copied the others name. For non-English spoken people there
is not any difference between names of :" Asian dating or Asian date," it is because dating
can be" ing form of date , so any member of these two sites can be confused by those same names,
therefore, if you think that your business name is stolen by them , you would better to offer
a petition to the court & ask them to change their site name .


Ask Mark about AsianDating
3 reviews
32 helpful votes

They used to be called Now they are called - same alleged scammers, different name. As soon as I upgraded to gold membership and paid them they suspended my account and won't respond any inquiries. The support completely ignored me and only open to receive the payment. As soon as payment is received you are out of luck! Fake members, who work for the company email you canned messages all the time. Some of them attempt to look real, but they are not. Nothing like,, or whatever. You know, the new search engine they have beautiful pictures on the homepage, so has nothing like that. Take your chances.

Tip for consumers: I am trying to get my money back from them. I emailed their "support" at or and called them, but no response for days and weeks and no one picks up the phone. They took my money and IMPUDENTLY left me stranded without access to my account and no refund!

Ask Drew about AsianDating
1 review
10 helpful votes

I think it all depends really, not just with this site, but many others. I liked the site and found it OK. And if you use common sense and think with your brain then you will know not to send money. So many international sites have ladies like that. I have found there are other sites that have been researched and reviewed, so one can be more careful. Here is one place anyone can go to see - It shows Asian dating sites with reviews by people who have joined and used the sites. Look, some are not perfect for sure, but like with anything, if you take your time and act in a careful way, things can work out.

Ask Dave about AsianDating
2 reviews
30 helpful votes

TOTAL SCAM. I had chatted with a lady for a few weeks. Agreed to pay for a phone call arranged by the site... where we wold exchange personal details. She said she lived in NY but gave me a phone number from China. Could barely hear her and I could tell she was being coached by someone in the room. Also gave me an email that was 55 characters long so that i could not reach her. When i wrote to complain the owners of the site said they can't make ladies give out there details or like someone if they don't. Nice easy way out for them. I spent $1,000's of dollars in chat. WHen i click on an asian woman to see her in video,,, she looks nothing like her photos. The Ukraine women are authentic in chat... (on video only) but they can never exchange details. Only way to meet them is to fly to the region and go to one of their mixers. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. ITS ADDICTING.

Ask Richard about AsianDating
1 review
4 helpful votes

hi,before 1 year of being a member of Asian dating I've meet my Aussie funny how we meet bcoz 3 weeks of chatting he is really coming to Phil's to find the girl who scammed him.he did kept sending money but the girl is 6 months pregnant when he found he fly to phils to find that girl and wanted to send in jail.after 2 days of staying in the home town of that girl he fly back here in manila and I fetched him at the airport with my 4 years old daughter.
it might be a love at first sight bcoz we just like friends when we talked online,he was 52 and I'm 28 that time.and we fell so much inlove after our taxi ride. I like his looks in personal bcoz he looks young than to his photos in his profile and he said I'm perfect for him.until now we still communicating even got misunderstanding sometimes.I didn't thought I could meet a man in my dreams through this site.after 5 years being a single mom.I haven't seen the type of personality of a man I was looking but I found here in Asian dating...thank you so much...

Ask rosemarie about AsianDating
2 reviews
49 helpful votes

To many beautiful girls, highly educated, young and no children. One girl had a "live camera". When I asked her to confirm she wad real by touch her nose she started to dans instead.

When something is to good to be truth it probably is.

Roland from Sweden

Ask Roland about AsianDating
2 reviews
316 helpful votes

Deroches Internet Services Ltd and the websites they run are in fact a huge scam.

Lets talk about the obvious... I received tons of emails and instant messages. TONS. Non-stop IMs. 90% from gorgeous women - as if that happens all the time on any real site. About 50% of the messages sound like fortune cookies. They used my full "name" in these messages... Yep, BobSmithSpicoliHammersbergenMeister. That's me. How many people do you know that would take the time to type the whole thing out? 1 out of 100,000?

Here's the clincher. When I changed my "name", the emails and IMs instantly updated to the new name. So what does that mean? It means a programmer wrote a little program that looks up your name and substitutes it into the letter or IM. Had it been a real letter or IM with real text instead, that text would have remained the same.

Don't waste your time or your money. Oh and by the way... Cyprus is a well known haven for criminals (where the company is registered). They claim they are: Deroches Internet Services Ltd
Cyprus, Nicosia, 1 Stasinou St. Mitsi Building, 1, 1st floor, office 4, Plateia Eleftherias
Why they'd publish that, I don't know. Probably a lie also.

Ask BobSmithSpicoliHammersbergenMeister about AsianDating
2 reviews
14 helpful votes

the owner of this site will be reported,,, theyr thiefs and robbers,, i have the owners infos and will be reporded!!! totally ugly and fake woman and scammers ! this website is fake ,
identity theft !!!

Tip for consumers: dont try this iste its a pure scam!!!

Ask ny about AsianDating
1 review
9 helpful votes

Well, I can't agree that girls on the site are fake. Of course, I ignore messages where they ask to send them money but I've received only 2 such ones. My story is one with happy end: I ended up in Kuala Lumpur visiting my girlfriend I found on asiandating. So just be smart about using dating services and take advantage of

Ask Harry about AsianDating
2 reviews
36 helpful votes

ID: 19434314 - AsianDate is SCAM SITE. I have spent a lot of time and money there. I now know all of the tricks and scams they use, and they use a lot! Some girls are genuine and they join from all over China via small dating companies. The girls pay a small fee to join and have their profiles created. After this fee the service is free for the women, they don't pay for Chat or Letters. Beware this site will constantly send you fake letters claiming to be from females, and also an endless stream of chat requests. All of which will cost you guys a small fortune in cash (I know!). Also everything you say and do on the site is monitored and you can not exchange personal information, even if you are asked by a female to provide this information, you will not be able. There are also scams where a female will say to you that she has a 'special' way of exchanging email address, she doesn't, its just a way of getting you to chat for a while so you spend more money. So be warned this website is only interested in making money, lots of money. AsianDate is totally corrupt and fake, AsianDating is a better site though still proceed with caution.

Ask Paul about AsianDating
2 reviews
45 helpful votes

great site for meeting beautiful asian girls. some of those girls are so beautiful it makes me wonder if the're even real :P

Ask James about AsianDating
2 reviews
18 helpful votes

"Yes", allot off women asking you to send money..but come on ,who is that dumb anoth to send them money!!..come must be dumb az...Ive meet the women off my dream's , well meet 3 ,all from China, cant decide as yet,and have not sent them a penny,and have been chatting on yahoo for six(6) months now..great web site, just got to be smart guyz..not dumb..

Ask owen about AsianDating
2 reviews
25 helpful votes

%100 scam. Site says my profile is not visible to the girls (and that I should pay), still 10 gorgeous girls mailing me. I go online to verify the scam. My 1st, and last chat with (probably a man) someone there: I ask "her" how did she see my profile, she says "no chat, go now". Girls e-mailing me before? My profile was EMPTY before it was invisible due to inactivity! Stop those dumb dreams, no dream girl will f... you (find you) meeting on a site. Go workout, dress nice, and GET OUT!

Ask john about AsianDating
3 reviews
79 helpful votes

total scam. i was speaking to this grl for some time and all i heard were the sad stories of how shes so poor she cant buy food for her family and all. would never send money to anyone i met on the web!

Ask Owa about AsianDating
1 review
7 helpful votes

well I joined the website , and the first person that lured me in was a very convincing scammer called esther gay tulio? she happens to be working the site but working with the admin to try to get her off there website, she apparently comes from the sarangani provence in mindinao, ,she works in general santos probably in an internet café , I only met her for one month online and she convinced me to send money so she could relocate to another apt? because intruders tried to get in to her old place , 2nd scam was she wanted money to get her lap top which she pawned? . stay clear of this rice munching fish head eating whore guys , he or she is very convincing

Ask roy about AsianDating
1 review
6 helpful votes

Be aware of many scammers. Asking to go on Skype to get you off the site. Many will also try luring you to get undressed on Skype, and then black mail you

Ask Jeremy about AsianDating
1 review
6 helpful votes

I got scammed….luckily for only 1200. Guys, be smart, DO NOT SEND CASH by wire transfer. I caught my dream woman lying when I checked the flight manifest she was supped to be on. SHe was not. In addition, she have ma an address that when googled came up with all kinds of flags. FInally, I was moved by her long emails to me, but when I goggled them, i found >80% were completely lifted off the net,

You all need to do the research. And as another said, make it clear there will be NO MONEY forthcoming. I am talking to a very sophisticated young lady (at least so far) and its been good. We'll se how it goes. I do like the ease in navigating over the site

Ask mike about AsianDating
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

I have to say this site is full of scammers but if you make it clear on your profile that you will not send money you should find what you're looking for! !! Look at it this way they ask you for money never mind what the reason is for DO NOT SEND MONEY AND BLOCK THEM!!! and you will be alright. .
best thing to do really is to just go over there in the phills and meet one.

Ask scott about AsianDating
1 review
10 helpful votes

waste of money, scams everywhere. Every girl I contacted wanted me to go to yahoo messenger for some BS reason. Scams everywhere. Maybe one in ten girls are legit. This website is controlled and run improperly, stay away . Why should you give them money so they can scam you-

Ask charlie about AsianDating
1 review
7 helpful votes

i have met the girl of my dreams on this site but it has taken me 2 years to find her and a lot of money to find her

Ask philip about AsianDating
1 review
10 helpful votes

90 percent or more ask for you to go to yahoo messenger to chat and ask for money..for something...and they are is my experience...

Ask boyd about AsianDating
1 review
7 helpful votes

They do try to remove scammers, but the paying rude ones are allowed to stay. This is what one member wrote to an Asian lady (who commented that he did not bother to read her profile):

$#*! YOU you Cambodian piece trash
hope your whorish self and worthless son get sent back to the jungle so he can pick bananas and you can smoke opium and talk about your days in the outback.
You overweight unrefined slut.
Respectfully yours,

M.I.L. 16 July 2012 9:49 AM Report Abuse

Ask John about AsianDating
100 reviews
218 helpful votes

Great dating site for meeting cool asian people.....used to be called but theyve changed the name.....met some very nice friends from do have to pay for the membership but its reasonable. If you like asian cultures - chinese, filipino or thai or indian or anyother asian....youre gonna be happy with this one....recommend this. Its the same owners of the site which i reviewed, thz owner has like got so many dating sites for different cultures like mexican, or filipino or thai or chinese or muslim will spoilt for choice....but i recommend asiandating and indiancupid cuz ive used them and made good friends....:))

Ask Kumar about AsianDating

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A: Hi Paul,
It is difficult to say. There are some genuine girls on that site but most of them are actually fake profiles operated by one or a few individuals. Most of the very good looking women there are fake!
The day I removed my pictures and details, My mail box was swamped by mails from different "ladies" all with same heading and email content.
So, you be the judge.
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