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1 review
1 helpful vote

My experience has been excellent. The site warns against sending money to people on the site. There are all kinds of people there.. Some looking for money some looking for a visa and citizenship.. And some are actually looking for a mate. I found, met and married my wife on the site, she is from China, I am from the U. S. Best thing that ever happened to me. Just use your head. If your 50 and she is 21.. You need to get a grip. I'm 48, my wife is 55.

Ask Brian about AsianDating
1 review
5 helpful votes

Dear Madam/Sir.
In reply to your message,
I have to mention that: all those words are my real experience at that SCAM site Asian & I am really angry with them for cheating thousands of people, now if there
is any similarity between your site name & theirs, it is not my or other members fault,
because one of you have copied the others name. For non-English spoken people there
is not any difference between names of :" Asian dating or Asian date," it is because dating
can be" ing form of date , so any member of these two sites can be confused by those same names,
therefore, if you think that your business name is stolen by them , you would better to offer
a petition to the court & ask them to change their site name .


Ask Mark about AsianDating
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

They used to be called Now they are called - same scammers, different name. As soon as I upgraded to gold membership and paid them they suspended my account and won't respond any inquiries. The support completely ignored me and only open to receive the payment. As soon as payment is received you are out of luck! Fake members, who work for the company email you canned messages all the time. Some of them attempt to look real, but they are not. Stay away.

Tip for consumers: I am trying to get my money back from them. I emailed their "support" at or and called them, but no response for days and weeks and no one picks up the phone. They took my money and IMPUDENTLY left me stranded without access to my account and no refund!

Ask Drew about AsianDating
1 review
3 helpful votes

I think it all depends really, not just with this site, but many others. I liked the site and found it OK. And if you use common sense and think with your brain then you will know not to send money. So many international sites have ladies like that. I have found there are other sites that have been researched and reviewed, so one can be more careful. Here is one place anyone can go to see - It shows Asian dating sites with reviews by people who have joined and used the sites. Look, some are not perfect for sure, but like with anything, if you take your time and act in a careful way, things can work out.

Ask Dave about AsianDating
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

TOTAL SCAM. I had chatted with a lady for a few weeks. Agreed to pay for a phone call arranged by the site... where we wold exchange personal details. She said she lived in NY but gave me a phone number from China. Could barely hear her and I could tell she was being coached by someone in the room. Also gave me an email that was 55 characters long so that i could not reach her. When i wrote to complain the owners of the site said they can't make ladies give out there details or like someone if they don't. Nice easy way out for them. I spent $1,000's of dollars in chat. WHen i click on an asian woman to see her in video,,, she looks nothing like her photos. The Ukraine women are authentic in chat... (on video only) but they can never exchange details. Only way to meet them is to fly to the region and go to one of their mixers. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. ITS ADDICTING.

Ask Richard about AsianDating
1 review
2 helpful votes

Yeah it s right.too many scanners in this website so you have to be sospicious and careful who ask for send money.I am a women a member of this site and in less 1 year I had meet my handsome boyfriend here from australia.I'm so thankful to this site.please keep going don't loose hope.until you found your right partner.I am nathalie from Philippines.

Ask rosemarie about AsianDating
2 reviews
26 helpful votes

To many beautiful girls, highly educated, young and no children. One girl had a "live camera". When I asked her to confirm she wad real by touch her nose she started to dans instead.

When something is to good to be truth it probably is.

Roland from Sweden

Ask Roland about AsianDating
2 reviews
44 helpful votes

Deroches Internet Services Ltd and the websites they run are in fact a huge scam.

Lets talk about the obvious... I received tons of emails and instant messages. TONS. Non-stop IMs. 90% from gorgeous women - as if that happens all the time on any real site. About 50% of the messages sound like fortune cookies. They used my full "name" in these messages... Yep, BobSmithSpicoliHammersbergenMeister. That's me. How many people do you know that would take the time to type the whole thing out? 1 out of 100,000?

Here's the clincher. When I changed my "name", the emails and IMs instantly updated to the new name. So what does that mean? It means a programmer wrote a little program that looks up your name and substitutes it into the letter or IM. Had it been a real letter or IM with real text instead, that text would have remained the same.

Don't waste your time or your money. Oh and by the way... Cyprus is a well known haven for criminals (where the company is registered). They claim they are: Deroches Internet Services Ltd
Cyprus, Nicosia, 1 Stasinou St. Mitsi Building, 1, 1st floor, office 4, Plateia Eleftherias
Why they'd publish that, I don't know. Probably a lie also.

Ask BobSmithSpicoliHammersbergenMeister about AsianDating
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

the owner of this site will be reported,,, theyr thiefs and robbers,, i have the owners infos and will be reporded!!! totally ugly and fake woman and scammers ! this website is fake ,
identity theft !!!

Tip for consumers: dont try this iste its a pure scam!!!

Ask ny about AsianDating
1 review
3 helpful votes

Well, I can't agree that girls on the site are fake. Of course, I ignore messages where they ask to send them money but I've received only 2 such ones. My story is one with happy end: I ended up in Kuala Lumpur visiting my girlfriend I found on asiandating. So just be smart about using dating services and take advantage of

Ask Harry about AsianDating
1 review
7 helpful votes

Asiandate is 100% scam. I spend loads of money there, some girls may be genuine, but I doubt it. The site constantly sends out false emails claiming to be from females, and chat requests. Everything you say and do on the site is monitored and you can not exchange personal information. Be warned totally fake website that will takes thousands of pounds out of your pocket. If you require more info please contact me

Ask Paul about AsianDating
2 reviews
26 helpful votes

great site for meeting beautiful asian girls. some of those girls are so beautiful it makes me wonder if the're even real :P

Ask James about AsianDating
2 reviews
10 helpful votes

"Yes", allot off women asking you to send money..but come on ,who is that dumb anoth to send them money!!..come must be dumb az...Ive meet the women off my dream's , well meet 3 ,all from China, cant decide as yet,and have not sent them a penny,and have been chatting on yahoo for six(6) months now..great web site, just got to be smart guyz..not dumb..

Ask owen about AsianDating
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

%100 scam. Site says my profile is not visible to the girls (and that I should pay), still 10 gorgeous girls mailing me. I go online to verify the scam. My 1st, and last chat with (probably a man) someone there: I ask "her" how did she see my profile, she says "no chat, go now". Girls e-mailing me before? My profile was EMPTY before it was invisible due to inactivity! Stop those dumb dreams, no dream girl will f... you (find you) meeting on a site. Go workout, dress nice, and GET OUT!

Ask john about AsianDating
1 review
6 helpful votes

This is my experience with collaboration of a US mans experience and with a Chinese interpreter telling how the latest individual but subtle scams are working.
Asian prostitute dating scams are becoming even more subtle by the individual perpetrators. These prostitutes (referred later to as scammers) are signing onto the best of the Asian dating sites and letting their friends in the local agencies run their accounts. Imagine this, these people are at pc’s all day long, how many messages using your credits on pointless replies can they get through with a small enticing message to you and many others of which you will want to reply and these go out in there 1000’s to many people around the world. Some of these scammers are beautiful on pictures which have been brushed but when you see them on web cam looking familiar but somehow not the same you should start asking yourself questions! Yes you are now getting a look at them, so much more convincing to make the scam work. Here we are talking about scammers and a one a day man can be very rewarding not just in life style but in cash flow terms and also staying in 5* hotels which can easily last up to 7 days but they usually only want you to stay short term because the next client may be waiting. Or they will know when the cash cow is drying up and all of a sudden they have to go the family has another problem. “Can I come with you and help”? I ask. No dear please I have not told the family about you yet. So out of 7 days I saw her for 3.You may just even meet someone who will do almost anything (except love you) to get US ID and to get their child into USA before reaching age of 21 so that they can go to university at your expense. Especially those of us who, are at the vulnerable age 55 to 70 where a few enticing words can make you forget all reasonable and logical thought.
Any way back to the scam the people given access to these accounts and usually to all the scammers personal photographs and details are in such a position to manage these accounts at their place of work. These places being usually linked to several dating sites through their office of employment which normally exists to churning out credit paid replies for the owners of the actual website and the office owners. So they are in a position to contact the individual scammer to maybe arrange a web cam meeting time so as to be seen and confirm the identity of the scammer and can speak a little English, or if just to chat by text, scammers not required they, can control that (no face to face contact) you can be chatting with a fellow!
Once the scammers have you in the net and you are dribbling from the mouth because of the content, suggestive words saucy photo’s etc of some of the replies you have been receiving, you keep buying more and more credits then they will hint at you sending a present and gifts all the time generating gains for them. The next move is to get you over to meet them. They will be so kind as to offer to book your hotel near to where they say they live, for me it was the Kempinski Hotel in Chengdu China. Maybe they also have contact with some employees of these hotels where they might receive bargains, gifts, discounts etc this being part of being able to live the life style. They will agree to meet you at the airport and pick you up.
My experience was that I arrived only to be met by someone and an interpreter (of which I had to pay for) I did not know and to be told that Zuping had had a family emergency and can be with me in 2 to3 days time. I was not to worry as they had many girls I could meet and could spend time with. Obviously these people who met me were from an agency and no doubt running Zupings account. No disrespect to these other people I could meet but I think maybe they were the genuine desperate few the agency had on the books but who had a lot of baggage, ie. young children and could not speak any English and in my opinion had very little chance of meeting their man of their dreams!! I am not against children just too old to manage one so I looked for speaking some English, no children, or older but left home.
My source told me that this is normal and that the lady I was suppose to meet was probably making a lot of money out of the client she was with but when it dried up she would come running! I must at this point say my source was not the interpreter I first met this one came later with the girl I am now with and was chosen by her. This interpreter was involved with these agencies but left and is now independent and could not stand the deceit and laughter that used to take place in these agencies about Quote; “these stupid old western men” Unquote: I asked well surely this is the mans fault at which she agreed, and replied, “how does an older man refuse a beautiful much younger woman who is promising all sorts of suggestive treats, and to marry you, the libido effect on this man of possibly having this woman on their arm and as your wife removes all traces of rational thinking. It is not always the scammers asking you directly for cash for an emergency or for some other reason it is more subtle, which the scammer will determine after sizing you up during the initial conversation face to face. It is like a long term investment they can get you coming back to the country for more and more so its like continued business. Also when you are there they will take you on shopping sprees to the most expensive places where you are literally embarrassed into buying anything they want” I can confirm that!. There I replied, “these scammers are certainly going to have a full wardrobe”, not the case she replied, “most of them have a deal with the shop that they will then return the goods and probably get 50% or more back in cash”. So the shop owner still owns the article has made money so as the scammer!! On a regular basis this can generate a lot of cash. If she can manage to get 1 expensive article a day this is good money for them and they have a good life style in hotels all meals bought everyday! You will return to your country probably in the belief that you will be getting married they are so convincing while you are with them and because she has given you her email address, her phone number, home address so that she can be removed from the site and you do not have to buy credits anymore. But she will not disappear from the site!! No she will stay on site and the people who manage this account have names of clients she has seen and will be promoting her for other clients so if you try to contact her through the site you will probably get no replies and her telling you in the emails or on the phone that her account is not active. All the time they are keeping you sweet over the phone or by emails ‘You are convinced’ and by this time you may be sending her money to help her out with her expenses while all the paper work is being done this can go on for months and months and at which point when completed she will probably tell you as was in my case that she cannot marry you because of her family disagreements about your age! At this point she changed her phone number or blocked my calls also the same on the emails it was as quick as that. They are ruthless and have no feelings whatsoever. You cannot rely on the personal information about their home address either (I checked it out) or probably counterfeit ID they seem to have everything covered.
You do not even get any comfort out of being able just to talk to them or get a reply from email.
The site owners are happy this woman is still selling credits they will do nothing, the office are getting praised the site scammers managers are getting their share, the scammers have a good life style and making money everybody remains happy except you!!
Beware this is becoming very common and I have since being regularly in Chengdu came across an American who suffered a similar experience except that she did meet him at the airport took him to a 5* hotel played the traditional Chinese woman card but slept with him after 2 days to make sure he was hooked, gave him all her details when he left so he did not have to go on the site. But he spent an absolute fortune in a few days and continued to spend when he was back home by sending her money. Went back again to Chengdu to meet her again and build the relationship. Similar spending spree took place same 5* hotel etc. Only to be told in the end, when back home, after questioning her where the money was going, that she could not marry him. Promptly changed her phone number or blocked it and emails!
Moral of this info: If they are so beautiful and you are in this age group and they want you so much and they are missing you only after sending a few messages and they want you come visit them. IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBABLY IS. I have found some more info particlarly about Zuping from another blog (look at who can email the pictures. One of the best ways to spot them is while still on
the dating site they will send you a picture showing you their Skype or other direct contact details to proposition you in their way. I wish she had sent me this picture could have saved a few bucks!

Ask ed about AsianDating
3 reviews
50 helpful votes

total scam. i was speaking to this grl for some time and all i heard were the sad stories of how shes so poor she cant buy food for her family and all. would never send money to anyone i met on the web!

Ask Owa about AsianDating
1 review
3 helpful votes

well I joined the website , and the first person that lured me in was a very convincing scammer called esther gay tulio? she happens to be working the site but working with the admin to try to get her off there website, she apparently comes from the sarangani provence in mindinao, ,she works in general santos probably in an internet café , I only met her for one month online and she convinced me to send money so she could relocate to another apt? because intruders tried to get in to her old place , 2nd scam was she wanted money to get her lap top which she pawned? . stay clear of this rice munching fish head eating whore guys , he or she is very convincing

Ask roy about AsianDating
1 review
3 helpful votes

Be aware of many scammers. Asking to go on Skype to get you off the site. Many will also try luring you to get undressed on Skype, and then black mail you

Ask Jeremy about AsianDating
1 review
3 helpful votes

I got scammed….luckily for only 1200. Guys, be smart, DO NOT SEND CASH by wire transfer. I caught my dream woman lying when I checked the flight manifest she was supped to be on. SHe was not. In addition, she have ma an address that when googled came up with all kinds of flags. FInally, I was moved by her long emails to me, but when I goggled them, i found >80% were completely lifted off the net,

You all need to do the research. And as another said, make it clear there will be NO MONEY forthcoming. I am talking to a very sophisticated young lady (at least so far) and its been good. We'll se how it goes. I do like the ease in navigating over the site

Ask mike about AsianDating
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

I have to say this site is full of scammers but if you make it clear on your profile that you will not send money you should find what you're looking for! !! Look at it this way they ask you for money never mind what the reason is for DO NOT SEND MONEY AND BLOCK THEM!!! and you will be alright. .
best thing to do really is to just go over there in the phills and meet one.

Ask scott about AsianDating
1 review
4 helpful votes

waste of money, scams everywhere. Every girl I contacted wanted me to go to yahoo messenger for some BS reason. Scams everywhere. Maybe one in ten girls are legit. This website is controlled and run improperly, stay away . Why should you give them money so they can scam you-

Ask charlie about AsianDating
1 review
3 helpful votes

i have met the girl of my dreams on this site but it has taken me 2 years to find her and a lot of money to find her

Ask philip about AsianDating
1 review
3 helpful votes

90 percent or more ask for you to go to yahoo messenger to chat and ask for money..for something...and they are is my experience...

Ask boyd about AsianDating
1 review
6 helpful votes

They do try to remove scammers, but the paying rude ones are allowed to stay. This is what one member wrote to an Asian lady (who commented that he did not bother to read her profile):

$#*! YOU you Cambodian piece trash
hope your whorish self and worthless son get sent back to the jungle so he can pick bananas and you can smoke opium and talk about your days in the outback.
You overweight unrefined slut.
Respectfully yours,

M.I.L. 16 July 2012 9:49 AM Report Abuse

Ask John about AsianDating
78 reviews
175 helpful votes

Great dating site for meeting cool asian people.....used to be called but theyve changed the name.....met some very nice friends from do have to pay for the membership but its reasonable. If you like asian cultures - chinese, filipino or thai or indian or anyother asian....youre gonna be happy with this one....recommend this. Its the same owners of the site which i reviewed, thz owner has like got so many dating sites for different cultures like mexican, or filipino or thai or chinese or muslim will spoilt for choice....but i recommend asiandating and indiancupid cuz ive used them and made good friends....:))

Ask Kumar about AsianDating

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Q: has anyone had trouble upgrading at asian i tried to upgrade and my transaction was denied. i have the money so, this makes me suspicious of the site and, "cupid media" also anyone who has upgraded, did you have trouble stopping recurring auto payments? thanks
A: Me too, as soon as I paid they suspended my account and blocked my access to my account, same garbage as facebook. I am an honest payer and not some kind of fraudster and I suspect AD is to be avoided at all costs.
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