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As a seller, I found their customer service to be extremely poor.

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New Reviewer

My story is simple and terrible. I place an order, my money was taken, and I received an email confirmation. Then more than 3 weeks past and I emailed 1 of the 2 emails provided in my confirmation email, asking for a status on my order. The response I received: NOTHING! Then, over a month (~ 5 weeks) after my order, I emailed the other email address provided in my confirmation email and my response was: "This seller, EpicEvent, is no longer an active seller on ArtFire. To recoup your monies, please contact your banking institution and initiate a dispute...." It is apparent that they were perfectly okay with taking my money and leaving me without receiving my order and not telling me! And, frankly, I think it is ridiculous that they will not refund my money. A reliable company wouldn't make their clients to go to their bank for refunds. And, to make matters worse, the items I ordered were for my son's birthday (also obvious to the seller that it was a birthday order) and after 5 weeks of waiting, I have very little time to find replacements. I will never order from this company again! It was my first and last experience.

Tip for consumers: Be may not receive what you ordered! Don't expect notification if your order can't be shipped and definitely don't expect a refund!

Ask Darcy about ArtFire
New Reviewer

I am a seller on ArtFire. I have ordered several gift items from other sellers on ArtFire which have been excellent experiences and products. Only one did I find to be really slow in shipping, but I did place an additional order a few months later with that seller and the shipping that time was excellent and fast. I love ArtFire. It's a great place. I would say if someone had a bad experience with customer service of ArtFire itself likely didn't use the proper channels to contact or be persistent. I understand ArtFire is a small business with well over 10,000 shop owners. With that many folks, do you think you're so special that you can't wait your turn for a response? The forums are filled with other sellers who offer genuine great advice to mentor newbies. ArtFire has posted a ton of information to help with shop setup. It's right there in the help center to read. Or, you can ask for help in the forums. Sellers on ArtFire are the most generous with help I've seen. Business itself is hard to survive and not for the faint of heart. It is very disappointing that some folks had bad experiences with some sellers on ArtFire. Let's face it, there are cheaters the world over, on every street and in every ally; not just on ArtFire. It's not ArtFire; its the shop owner who rents his/her space from ArtFire!

New Reviewer

I think that ArtFire is great and I have never had a single problem there. I have purchased many times from different sellers without issue. Will shop there again and again.

Tip for consumers: Look at the reviews and star rating of the seller that you are purchasing from to see how they operate.

Ask Grace about ArtFire
New Reviewer

Sad, Sad, I am a seller and I will be closing my account. Unable to contact any one at customer service, I dislike their listing format. I sell on eTsy with great results and also on eBay, It looked like a nice selling venue when I joined but I am not impressed with the total lack of customer service for the seller.

New Reviewer

DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM ANTFIRE! This company is a fraud and scam! I ordered a pair of headphone from this company. I was suspicious about the price. I was advertised less then half the cost of what they normality go for. I figured maybe it was a closeout sale that I stumbled on. I paid and waited, and waited and waited…over a month Emailed them and they said USPS lost in the mail. They told me they sent out another pair. Then I waited and waited again…nothing? The tracking reports indicated that it was still around but never got delivered. They told me they they were crediting my money back and if the headphone show up I can just keep them. Then I waited for the credit…nothing. Then suddenly the headphone showed up. This is where it really gets suspicious. The return address was from ISRAEL. They were the right brand but not the right model or color. The worse part is they had been clearly used and the packing was all beat up. It was missing a bunch of stuff. I contacted them and they refused to issue me a refund without me sending the item back to them first. Then I contacted Paypal the check of the email address for the original transaction. Them email address was connected to a company in HONDURAS. Don't buy from the company!!

New Reviewer

BUYER BEWARE! You could be scammed as I was. After you are defrauded, the store does not take responsibility. You have go to your payment provider to recoup your monies. I was fortune I used PAYPAL for the purchase

New Reviewer

I would advise people NOT to use Artfire. I just ordered some knobs from a girl in Canada. Got the first two ok but never got an email or acknowledgment of my order. I bought two more (made error the first time and needed two additional). Anyway over two weeks now and no word from her. There's no recourse on Artfire. They do not back their sellers like Pay Pal does (with disputes, or even allow feedback until the order is received). In addition, how the hell to find costumer service? I had to find someone else who found it because I can't see it. DO NOT USE ARTFIRE, you can lose your money easily!

New Reviewer

Product arrived in good condition...I ordered clip on earrings. I did not like the quality or size of the product in person. They will not allow a return. I will not wear these, so I have wasted my money. Will never order from them again.

New Reviewer

I ordered a swimsuit online with JaydensWHolesaleExtreme on When I emailed to ask about sizes a woman named Lori emailed right back. I thought that I would receive a confirmation email however I have yet to hear from anyone regarding my order since then. It has now been 24 days since I have ordered with no word on when or if I will even get my order. is the worst and noone should buy from it

New Reviewer

They did not send product. After 4 attempts to get my $231 refund I had to open a paypal case. Good thing I paid using paypal. After 6 months I got my money back.
But by no help to him.
If you do use this site make sure you use paypal so if something like this happens you have a chance to get your money back.

New Reviewer

He did not send product. After 3 attempts to get my $175 refund I had to open a paypal case. Good thing I paid using paypal. After 2 months I got my money back.
But by no help to him.
If you do use this site make sure you use paypal so if something like this happens you have a chance to get your money back.

New Reviewer

Shopping is good, excellent price and good products. Shipping takes a while. Other than that, PERFECT!!!!

New Reviewer

I spent a year trying to get this site to show promise. I had high hopes it would be good. I sell about 4000 items per year on etsy. I sold only 7 items on artfire. The service is awful. The site has numerous clitches. SELLER BEWARE. The site is a rippoff.

New Reviewer

Purchased an item, received it, it wasn't what I wanted so I sent it back. It's been 2 months and the seller will not return my emails or give me a refund.DO NOT waste your time and money. The amount of scams I've read about on this site is unbelievable. I wont be seeing my money any time soon.

New Reviewer

We ordered an iPod Nano, only to reread and find out that it is only a "Nano Style" cheep knock off. Don't be tricked!

New Reviewer

I just started a store with them and I decided to close my account they have a 30 day money back no problem go on a lot of sites they tell you they wont give you your money back or if they refund your money they still charge your account and they claim they have LIVE CUSTOMER service but they dont you click on the pro member customer service and it leads to nothing I haven't received a email call back or my money back which they claim it takes 24 hours to get a refund nope I even read some people had to cancel there credit card and the allow people to use your business name under your site you created with them. Don't USE!

New Reviewer

Great site to order from, with many great creative handmade artists!
I love buying my gifts there! I can always find unique handmade gifts..
Its like any site buyers should do their research, check seller reviews and if sellers are checking in regularly with their store, which the site clearly shows.... so you CAN tell. I have had only great very personal service there:)

Also it is easier to find true handmade things on Artfire these days, I used to do most of my shopping on a bigger site which I will not not name...but it seems to be harder now to find true handmade artists with so much cheap imported junk...claiming to be handmade but from huge manufacturers.
So YES I love shopping on Artfire!

5 stars for sure!

New Reviewer

I am a seller on ArtFire and also have bought many, many items from sellers there. GREAT customer service, both as a buyer and a seller. It's too bad so many people knock a site overall when they run across a bad seller, which can be found on any site, Etsy, Zibbett, etc. Most sellers I know (on any site) are very professional in running their shops and will bend over backwards to provide the customer what they want - and then go a bit beyond that. I love selling on ArtFire and doing business there . . . and will continue.

New Reviewer

I bought am item (dress form) from their site. I returned it because it was wrong one and never received refund from their seller and they would not back me up on my claim. They said they had nothing to do with what their sellers did!!!! Ive been trying since December to get my $67+ back, 15 emails to both art & fire & seller "renicence jewels". DO NOT DEAL with this company!

New Reviewer

Some woman named Marlene Miller kept asking me for sizes. There were NO size options on what I ordered.

She e-mailed me back that I was rude, cancelled my order (good) and told me never to order from them again.


New Reviewer

Ordered a leather messenger bag for school from the seller "Genuine" through My credit card was charged. While waiting for my item to arrive, I tried to access my order through the sellers website and they completely fell off the face of the earth. Absolutely no way to get a hold of them. Emailed Artfire to inquire and did not get a response. Now I am over $100 in the hole and still have no bag. Very upsetting. If anyone has any contact info for this seller, I have a baseball bat with their name on it. What a scam.

New Reviewer

Ordered items from this site and the seller never replied to messages and never sent items. Artfire does not offer customer support either. In the process of disputing charges on my cc. Stay far, far away!

New Reviewer

I would leave a zero if I could. Horrible customer took two weeks for response. ...they charged my card and never shipped item...All they could do was to tell me sorry and they cancelled the seller. I received nothing except a charge on my card.....stay away

New Reviewer

they charged my paypal account and never shipped the item and contacting them didn't get any response , stay away

New Reviewer

I love Artfire! I have bought from this site almost ever since they opened and never had a problem. I also have a store there. I had a store on etsy, til for no reason at all I was kicked out. I never posted anything derogatory on the web or their forums. I tried to log into etsy one day and poof! My etsy store was gone, my user id didn't work and neither did my password. I'll stick with Artfire. There are good sellers and bad sellers. Artfire should not be judged by the few bad apples.

New Reviewer

I ordered a handmade rosary prayer beads for $113.00 from a dealer/seller. It was to be a very special gift, something that could become a family heirloom. When I inquired several times, I had several excuses (1 was has they were picking out a beautiful box to put it in) Finally, no more replies. I turned to Art Fire customer service for any suggestions that I could do, any recourse -- nothing... Please DO NOT SELL OR BUY FROM THIS SITE. DON'T TAKE THE CHANCE!

Apprentice Reviewer

Ordered a pair of earrings from Art Fire, wore them once, they broke (not my fault), wrote to them, they didn't respond for awhile, then they said send them back, I did (AND paid for the return postage), never heard from them again even after a gazillion emails, wrote them AGAIN, asked for a refund or a replacement pair of my choice, felt they were flaky and sort of scammy from their very first email communication (apologizing for not getting back to me saying they were so busy they had over 600 orders .... yeah right). Sooooo should have checked this site before buying from the cuz I see others have had the same experience. I have had such good luck with online purchasing, up until now 100% of my purchases have been wonderful, very accommodating sellers, friendly, communicative and willing to preserve their relationship with their customers. Not so with Art Fire. Stay away.

New Reviewer

I love searching the craft sites. Artfire is one of the better ones! Always looking for the unique, vintage items and they have them. Good job Artfire. I do wish though that the Listing for Sellers was EASIER! But, keep up the good work anyway~!

New Reviewer

The worst customer service ever! I'm talking about the site owners, not the sellers. I was so disgusted, I closed my shop, completely deleted all my listings, and then deleted the shop. A year later, they reopened it without telling me. I found out simply by chance when I saw Google Analytics where showing visits to a shop that was deleted.

No apology, nothing. They are incompetent.

New Reviewer

Buyer Beware! I guess I should have done a little more research before purchasing from this site. I placed my order a month ago, have contacted the seller several times and have never received a response. I have put in a complaint with paypal and am awaiting my refund.

New Reviewer

I've bought from ArtFire before and I love it! I've never had any problems from any of the sellers, I've bought different things from craft supplies to iPhone cases. Sure you need to be smart about who you buy from (just like any other site); scammers can be found everywhere online (even from the most reputable/professional sites).

It's part of our responsibility as online consumers to be weary & ask questions BEFORE buying anything. Be a smart consumer!

New Reviewer

So I ordered two of these "wine cups."
First off, sure they have the deminsions listed, but... very poor advertising. More like a shot glass!!! I read wine glass and think it's big enough to have a decent glass of wine in, not a shot of it.
Second, as I said I ordered two. Paid for two, have a recipt for two. Then it took over a month to get to me, and when my package arrived, only one was there! I sent multiple emails with attached immages of what was sent to me (clearly on the box said one) and what my order said (clearly bought and paid for two) and they NEVER replied, to any of them.

New Reviewer

I got scammed. Please stay away from this website. Never received my item. Sent a message to the seller who told me that he had several orders gone missing and that it must have been the post office, he said he was gonna call and let me know. I have emailed him 4 times since then and have gotten no response. The website can't help me because they "don't mediate disputes between sellers and buyers" ... seems like a safe haven website for scammers.

New Reviewer

We were looking for an online market for our handmade products and on the face of it Artfire looked good. Not really. There is a 15 day free trial and when I couldn't get any technical help with an issue I canceled. They acknowledged the cancellation and then proceeded to continue to charge the card I had registered with - repeatedly. My bank finally advised me to cancel the card and I did so at great inconvenience. And now artfire is bombarding my email with notices that I haven't paid and have not responded to multiple requests for a refund of the money they charged me after they acknowledged in writing that the account was closed.

New Reviewer

Run. Run as fast as you can. I am another customer that placed an order through their site, and paid for the merchandise that I have NEVER RECEIVED.
They say they are just the "host" - nothing they can do. It appears they are "hosting" a bunch of problematic vendors. Go to Etsy - way more professional and won't give you an ulcer.

New Reviewer

This is a great site if you are a scam artist seller. Sent shirts to a seller of theirs, J&T Creations, to reconstruct. Never got them, and never got a refund for the shirts I sent, but the buyer thought they were being helpful in "extending a courtesy" in refunding her fees. The seller has vintage shirts she can resell, I am out the shirt costs, and ArtFire feels this is A Okay! Might as well just gave away money. Don't visit either vender.

Apprentice Reviewer

Artfire has really grown up and I have had some really pleasant buying experiences with very nice sellers. The items are actually handmade, unlike Etsy's copycats and dishonest sellers in a mass market shop. The staff is responsive and kind.

New Reviewer

I have two "stores" on Artfire and I love it. They are really great about helping with making sure all items are uploaded to Google. I have been there less then a year and when I look up my store name it comes up third with a google search. My sales are increasing and in general I am very pleased. I ship all orders out the next business day and with 2 day priority mail. I wouldn't judge the whole site by a couple of bad apples. I have a 5star customer satisfaction rating. Customer satisfaction is number one with me and there are a lot of other sellers there who feel the same. If you are looking for a place to sell your products I highly reccommened Artfire.

New Reviewer

As a seller on ArtFire, I can not believe the reviews of these folks slamming ArtFire. I'm not a maven; I've only been there just under a year and I don't see any truth in what all these folks are talking about with regard to the site itself or the operation of the studios. I can't speak for those who say they placed orders and didn't get what they ordered. But as for the site itself and the way it is run, is not what is being written here.

New Reviewer

I purchased a vintage clock and the listing claimed it was in working condition. I received it DOA and the seller refused to refund the shipping charges if I was to return it. At that point I felt I already paid $14 in shipping to receive it and was not worth to pay another $14 to ship it back to receive a $30 credit. Scam!

New Reviewer

Please don't order from this website! I ordered an item, was charged for the item, waited and waited for the item, item never arrived. Contacted ArtFire, was told that they would contact the seller and never heard back from them! There are better websites with more reputable sellers!!!

New Reviewer

I placed an order on to the company of WordstoWear. and It has been over a month now and after 15 emails i Still have not recieved any product. I just wasted my money on this. THIS SUCKS!! Dont waste you TIME and MONEY!!!

New Reviewer

BEWARE of The website is barely functional...and very clunky...annoying to use. I would imagine that they hook in many with the 14 DAY FREE TRIAL... I signed up to give the 14 days a try and I cancelled my subscription on the 14th day. A day later I was charged for a month.

When I tried to get my money back I was told that somewhere in the terms of service there is a clause that you must cancel at least 72 hours prior to the end of the 14 day trial in order to not be charged for the month....WOW... TALK ABOUT SHADY BUSINESS!!!!

This site is obviously set up to scam people... It's unfortunate how many people are out there trying to steal a few bucks from creative people who just want to make their items available for sale. Whoever runs the website, they do not have the user's interest in mind...and from most of these 1 star reviews, they don't have any safeguards set up for buyers either.

Very disappointing. Very shady business. Stay away ! Etsy might not be as good as it used to be, but at least their website functions very well and looks good, and they won't charge you for absolutely nothing!

New Reviewer

When Artfire first launched, I was Skeptical. I was doing well on etsy at the time and was not impressed with this new guy.

Well.. things have changed. Etsy got stupid and greedy and I came back and took another look. Artfire had improved. A LOT. This was in 2011. I started moving over. Started reading their forums. Tony, one of their admins, is in there every day. Bugs get fixed often times on a Sunday! Bugs happen everywhere. How they deal with it is the difference.

Customer service? Oh yea. Despite all the previous reviews (which I have to wonder aren't being made by Etsy fans.) Artfire really does have support.
First the forums. Other sellers will often times provide answers within seconds.
Tony may pop in. I've seen him make new banners for people when their site design dramatically changed.

They have a PHONE! Something etsy never managed to purchase. I've had to call support many times. On occasion they may have an automated answering thing ask you to email. But keep in mind, this is still a relatively small company with one office. Only so many people there.
I personally never got the auto thing. I've always had a real human handle issues. Always very friendly and helpful.

When Artfire first sprang up, three years behind Etsy, all the traffic went to Etsy.
But as Etsy keeps shooting itself in the foot repeatedly, Artfire seems to be the one to rise up through the ashes. Oh there are several sites like it now. So go test this. Do a few google searches. Artfire shows up. A lot!

Artfire is just a venue. Shoppers may occasionally find a bad seller. That's a shame and Artfire staff realizes the association will be with "artfire" and not with the individual. There has been a very lengthy discussion in the forums about a customer assurance program. But... it seems to be way more complicated than anyone thought. Many of the really good sellers don't want it. Kind of a stepping on my toes feeling. So that is all on hold.
Artfire does care. If a shop gets too many complaints, they may be shut down. At least Artfire can contact the shop on the customers behalf. I don't know what is said or done with each case, but I know they do care and they DO take action to keep customers coming back.

Anyone who had a bad experience needs to contact support at artfire and tell them.

As a seller? I find their site amazingly easy to use. It does take time like any site to learn the maze. Use the forums and get help. Count on a learning curve especially if you never sold on line. OR if you come from some other site. They are all different.

Artfire is growing. TONS of great items to be found and new people join every day.
though you don't need to sign up and log in just to shop, it really isn't a bad idea to do so. Many shops, mine included, offer a "patron discount" just for signing on.
Try it. And if you haven't for a long time, try it again.

New Reviewer

Is there an option to rate with NO STARS? The site itself looks horrendous! It looks like a 10 year old designed it. The font is huge! It looks ridiculous. The first time I signed up for the site, I was signing up for a free trial. I am sure that I would not have chosen to pay for such a crappy site with horrible functions. If anyone from Artfire reads this I would like them to take some constructive feedback from this:
1. If you want to improve redesign the entire site at your appropriate age level.
2. Navigating through the site is not simple enough. Sellers need a clean site to have a comfortable selling experience.

I had the horrible experience of thinking I was signed up for a free trial and really getting billed $12 a month without knowledge of it! I didn't post on the site and didn't make any money from it and I was still billed!

New Reviewer

"Doesn't get any worse than this. Stay away!" That is the best explanation I can give of this website and the seller Grime Designs on this website. Grime Designs shipped me an unapproved wedding program, which had spelling errors, I received the shipment the day before my wedding even though I placed the order a month and a half before my wedding. When I received the programs there was a misspelling and upon checking the proof I approved, I found there was no misspelling. Grime Designs made changes to the program after I approved it, did not take responsibility for making this change, did not offer any apologies for making the error and only refunded half of my money, even though they are the ones who made the error. has an option to rate the seller, but BUYER BEWARE because it is up to the seller as to whether or not they post your rating, so I gave Grime Designs the lowest score possible and it did not affect their rating at all. So if you go to ArtFire and look up Grime Designs it looks as if they have never had any negative feedback. When contacting to log a complaint about the rating system, they quit responding to my emails, even though they were fast to reply when they knew I was trying to set up a rating. Once they found out I had a complaint, I could not receive any replies back from them. I would never suggest anyone make any purchases from this website, they have horrible customer service and no interest in helping the buyers feel safe when making purchases.

New Reviewer

It doesn't even deserve 1 star! The site is broken from the people who run it to the site itself. The forums are brutal & overrun with bullies. It's no wonder that there are some 5 star ratings. Those are the same people who have cussed others out for disagreeing with anything there. One even went so far as to tell a frustrated seller who was closing shop to "f"ing go and if no one liked what she said..."blow me". Just a small example of the type of words coming from a maven & mentor. Shameful! I was cussed at and left after one year,

New Reviewer

Items never get found in search. Customer service sucks! You can never reach a person and it takes days and days to get a response to an email. The forum is worse than a high school clique. A group of about 15 sellers that rule the roost and degrade outsiders. This site will be closed soon

New Reviewer

It's been 37 days and I still have not received my purchase. Claims have been made that it was shipped, but it wasn't. Wouldn't give me the first "tracking number" and the second tracking number that was provided does not work...probably because it still hasn't been shipped. Very upsetting and disappointing.

New Reviewer
4/25/12 misled and deceived me. They told me to sign up for a free 1 month membership and then if I wanted to continue after the month I would be charged $11.99. Well, they charged me the very second I signed. I have been emailing and leaving messages numerous times to get my money back, but they have chosen to ignore me for so long. I am about to file a complaint with the FTC.
Stay away. Do not do business with these crooks.

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