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Appleseed's reviews

53 reviews
30 Tozer Road
Beverly, MA 01915
Tel: 1-800-546-4554
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I like the clothing at Appleseeds a lot but their returns/customer service are terrible. (in 23 reviews)


I had a mailing label in my order, and just used that for the return. (in 40 reviews)


I was also aware they have joined forces with Tog Shop, but was unaware of the Blair connection. (in 4 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I have been a customer of Appleseed's for the past 15 years. I've always have great experiences with both their customer service and quality of the clothing. That's changed, though. My Mom ordered a sweater for me for my birthday. She ordered it on Jan. 20th to be delivered by my birthday (Feb. 29). The rep. assured her it would be here on time. I got it on March 6th. The first time I put it on, I discovered the zipper had been installed backwards. I emailed customer service and asked for a prepaid label to return this defective sweater. They told me to use the label that came in the package and the fee would be deducted from the refund or exchange. I then called customer service and complained that since the merchandise was defective, I wanted a prepaid return label. They weren't in the least apologetic that the sweater was made wrong. Now that I've seen other posters comment that this company is a Blair company, it all makes sense. No wonder Appleseed's quality and cust. service has gone to s*%t. Don't shop here. You can find the very same stuff at Christopher and Banks and at least their customer service is top notch and the stores are staffed by locals.

New Reviewer

Same experience as others. Sent the wrong items and said I had to pay for returns. I also paid the shipping on other returns rather than use their label ( and get charged per item shipping fees). They charged me shipping and handling on return anyway - customer service rude and hung up on me when I tried to get shipping credit. WORST WEB BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER. ZERO STARS

New Reviewer

I am 83 years old and have been ordering from Appleseeds for years simply because I can't find clothes that fit and that I like anywhere else. I can't go into stores and, the last time I tried, none of their clothes were classic and work for older women. ALL THE REVIEWS ABOVE ARE CORRECT. It is a terrible place to do business. Warning: Appleseeds credit card is entirely separate from Appleseeds store. We moved into an upscale retirement community a few months ago. I sent change of address to both the store and also marked it on each statement as I sent in the check. The store received change of address--the credit card (phone call in India) did not note the change. I received the bill late and was charged a late fee, though I paid it as soon as I received it, They continued not changing the address and sending the statement late. I tried every method possible to communicate with someone. No luck. The customer service people really are just as unethical as written in above reviews. They will hang up on you.
I fear they will not stay in business long and honestly don't know where I can get clothes. We ended up paying all the fees and interest though it was their error because we were afraid the fees would continue to be added. Calls from the collection agency were abusive and frequent. It was upsetting to me and my husband who is 86 years old. I am so glad most companies are not like this. One other minor point: when the items do not state what type of material it is made of, you can bet it is either linen or some other fabric that wrinkles. It is impossible to get to a supervsor at Appleseeds. I cannot understand why they don't care about their business. Perhaps there is no way for supervisors to know about the problems. One site above says they are owned by Blair.

New Reviewer

I saw one review that had 5 stars. That had to be from an owner of the company. I ordered in June, paid for shipping with the order.and got 4 packages which included most of the order. When I called asking about the remainder of order, I was told the other items were "back ordered" which I canceled. The result of the order: I returned 3 items that were sized incorrectly and they were going to charge me $9 for return postage. I did get them to forgive the return postage "as a one time courtesy". I have yet to see the refund on my credit card. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!!!

New Reviewer

They also were deducting $14.95 for their rewards program. I NEVER GOT ANY INFORMATION WHAT THIS PROGRAM WAS ABOUT.
They don't deserve one star.

New Reviewer

I have been shopping at Appleseeds & Tog Shop for many many years and have always been pleased with the quality of the clothes and the professionalism & courtesy of the phone staff. I seldom return anything, but my returns have all been completed to my satisfaction.
I get all my basics from Appleseeds....every year.
I love the fact that all the colors are coordinated so I can put together a complete wardrobe that works together...try doing that at Macy's!
Some of the criticisms below seem to arise from not reading the specifications correctly or demanding too much from a business situation they have no control over, like the delivery companies. Mail order is not suitable for last minute emergency purchases. They do their best, but customers must be organized too.

New Reviewer

I have purchased from Appleseed's stores, catalog, and their affiliates for many years and had issues in the past but this last one is unforgivable. As has been my practice, I returned several catalog purchases to one of the Appleseed's stores. The items were from the same order but arrived at different times, so I had several receipts. The clerk accepted the items, marked each receipt for the returned items and told me the items would go out "when the bin is full." When I was finally credited for the returns, the credit amount was less than the value of the returned items. When I called for an explanation, I was told that there were 3 mailing charges, each $9.99. Had I known there would be a charge, I would have placed all the items in one bag and mailed them for a total of $9.99 but I was never told about a mailing charge. No amount of explanation about how I returned the items, never having used a mailing label, changed the situation. The charges remain.

New Reviewer

Almost everything bad you read and then some. Ditto to all the problems. What I find particularly astonishing is that Fedex let's them use their name. Called Fedex to try and track my way overdue package only to find out it will end up in my local post office which doesn't deliver to homes and is closed on Saturdays. No way they can possibly stick to the advertised delivery times. Also, when I contacted customer service about the daily changing discounts being applied to orders not yet rec'd they never responded. It's true, they just don't care. STAY AWAY!!!!!

New Reviewer

This is a horrible company. They scammed my 90 year old mother into joining some discount plan that costs $14.95 per month. Then with the cooperation of their credit bank (Comenity) they billed and started adding high late charges on top of the $14.95. I have called three times and my mother has called once. They continue to call us looking for their money that they will never get after I cancelled everything 4 months ago.
Please do not give them your business.

New Reviewer

I ordered $350 worth of jackets from Appleseeds online. I saw the day after I received the jackets in the mail that each of the jackets had been further discounted online by around $20 each. Appleseeds refused to make a price adjustment. More than that, customer service staff were blunt and uncaring in their response to my request.

New Reviewer

Totally inept company. Ordered a full red matelasse coverlet in Nov. for $29 (I'm a highly-experienced online shopper and know how to select the item I want). Received the matelasse dust ruffle instead. Called Customer Service and she was very nice but said the coverlet was now out-of-stock. I returned the dust ruffle and after quite some time, got my refund. Fast-forward to Jan. when I see the coverlet is available again (for $39 this time). I still want it, but am leery of getting the wrong item again so I 1) Chat online to a rep and 2) Call Customer Service before placing the order to ensure that if I click on that item that I will receive the right thing this time. They both assure me that I will...that the item number displayed matched the coverlet, even though it is the same item number as the dust ruffle I received back in Nov. (they tell me now that one was mislabeled). Guess what? I receive the item and it's the dust ruffle again! Grrrrrrr....I call Customer Service and ask them what the heck is the issue. They try to blame me, saying I clicked the wrong item. No way, people. I suspect that the button on the coverlet is actually linked to the wrong item. But in any case, I'm soooo done with these people. If I could rate them with a zero star, I would. Even if they refund me, it's not worth the hassle of returning the item and waiting for the not buying what I want elsewhere, before THEY sell out of them (which happened back in Nov...not sure why everyone else wants the exact same thing I do...but it appears so). Be warned people...I won't give anyone a bad review that doesn't totally deserve one. But I gave these guys two chances at the same exact thing and they blew it both times.

New Reviewer

zero stars-- My Mom likes these clothes and orders from this company, they enrolled her in their "discount program", which actually costs 14.95 a month-- after unknowingly paying it the first month-- I called customer service and cancelled the program. She received additional further charges, which we had to dispute in a SECOND CALL: they honorably agreed and 'erased' the charges accrued after the first cancellation date. Next month she continued to receive FURTHER ERRONEOUS CHARGES + "LATE FEES". I Had to call a THIRD TIME to resolve these ADDITIONAL ERRONEOUS CHARGES. All told, 3 times on automated service + 3 times lengthly holding + 3 times customer 'care' conversations, this has taken probably 2 HOURS TO RESOLVE-- and I'm cynical now that its fully settled after this 3rd customer service resolution. THIS COMPANY IS EITHER VERY DISHONEST OR INCREDIBLY INCOMPETENT. I suggest avoiding any business with Appleseeds

New Reviewer

My mom lives in an assisted living facility. She has ordered from Appleseeds catalog for years. She has too many clothes, though, so I tried to take her off of Appleseeds mailing list. Fat chance. Those catalogues came for another 18 months, with repeated calls from me trying to get mom off of their list. I even wrote them a letter telling them that mom really wasn't capable of making fiscal decisions and taking orders from her would be exploiting an elderly woman with advanced dementia. So when they sent the next catalog and mom ordered (yet another) cardigan, I simply didn't pay for it. They called a few times, but mom sort of likes getting phone calls and would just try to chat with the collector. Now, they finally have her off the mailing list. Problem solved.

New Reviewer

Their site said if you order by the 18th it will be there by the 25th. I ordered on the 15th. Then I got an email when it was mailed (on the 18th) that said it was 2 day Fedex. The package arrived on the 28th or later. I requested a refund of the postage. They wrote back and said I didn't pay for expedited shipping. The advertising said regular shipping. They said I could write back if I didn't agree. I wrote back, but they never even acknowlegde my proof that their commitment was not fulfilled. Never ever do business with this company. A complete sham!

New Reviewer

I placed an order online that totaled $254.92, and received a confirmation-- and then, nothing! No shipping info after days of waiting until, a week later I phoned and was told that because of the high dollar total of the order ($250 is high dollar value these days?), they needed confirmation from me! I thought that was ludicrous, but I reasonably asked why, then, they had not contacted me. They said that now that I had contacted them, and confirmed my name and address, they could clear the order. What planet are these people living on? I will never shop with this outfit again.

New Reviewer

Deceptive advertising. Their add says free shipping with $100 order yet when you buy with an order over $100 they charge you for shipping unless you buy a 14.95 A MONTH for a membership so you can get free shipping. Nothing but a scam.

New Reviewer

I would like to recommend to everyone this professional and reliable online shopping site. When you drop in to this site, you can get a variety of hot selling and good quality clothing and products, good communication and customer service. My overall experience with Appleseed is astonishingly reliable and great. I would rely on it in the future.

New Reviewer

They are deceptive, uncommunicative, unhelpful when you call, slow as Moses when you Email, and they DO NOT CARE, and worse yet, they don't care that they don't care. Horrendous customer service. When AND IF my order EVER gets here, 100% of it will be going back whether I like it or not, I am that annoyed with them. I refuse to give them ANY OF MY MONEY, EVER!! They will tell you that your item is in stock whether it is or not, and if you don't want it because it's going to ship a month later they won't let you cancel the order because it is *pink slipped to ship*........even if you are giving them 3 weeks notice before their scheduled ship date. Then when you call back to make sure that what you were told is correct you will find out that all of it is going to ship the next day.......NIT WITS!! And as far as a return goes, they will keep your money for TWO BILLING cycles, which means you either pay for it all or pay the interest whilst you wait on them crediting your account. I'm paying it as I think the return credit will likely not materialize without a huge knock down drag out, if ever. SAVE YOURSELF THE AGGRAVATION AND DO NOT SHOP WITH APPLESEEDS!!

New Reviewer

If I could have entered zero stars, I would have. Bought one item on line, discovered $14.95 per month subscription charges I never ordered. Called Appleseeds, and was told I had clicked on box for it. Box was for notices of sales. Took bringing MasterCard rep on to call for them to remove past charges and stop future charges. (Thanks MC for fixing this!)

New Reviewer

Second time...ordered two pair of pants. Photos look great, actual product not the same as much cheaper fabric. I wore the knit for traveling 24 hours and to my horror...snags, pilling, baggy rear, baggy knees all while sitting on an airplane. Left them in a trash bin....second pair of dotted rayon. Darling in photo of flowing, light weight. After first washing in cold, gentle they had shrunk and lost shape. Expensive at the time and I was taking a waste of money. NEVER buy from them again.

New Reviewer

Think twice about purchasing from Appleseeds. I placed an order, had it gift wrapped, and scheduled for delivery to my Aunt's house. When I got the confirmation, it showed shipping address the same as my billing address. I called and asked to have it redirected to the address I entered into the website. I was told that it was not possible as the order was already in shipping and they would not pull it off a truck at this point. I was very frustrated, and thought, well at least I would be getting it quickly. When I still had not received the purchase on Thursday of the that week (order placed previous Saturday, and purchased expedited 3 day shipping), I called to find out when my shipment would be delivered. The CS person told me Monday for one box and Tuesday for the other, and again, she cannot explain why the delay in spite of the 3 day shipping I paid for. No explanation at all! While they did offer to refund the shipping charges, I am now waiting a week for product to be delivered to the wrong address, with no explanation whatsoever. I'd gladly pay a bit more for my merchandise if I can get it shipped and delivered as promised. Ugh. stay away. This organization is very shady.

New Reviewer

I am very upset with Appleseeds. The last time I purchased an item, I was encouraged to enroll in a travel program they were offering. I agreed to look at the program and was assured I could cancel. I then received a mailing offering me a cash-back shipping rebate on my Appleseed's purchase. I called and canceled this program, believing I was canceling the Appleseeds program. No. Appleseeds had given my information to another program, and has been charging me $14.95 a month since October. Beware!

New Reviewer

Ordered a jacket and paid 2nd day air, wanted it for a vacation. Waited the two days, didn't receive the jacket. Called Appleseed and they said the order was sitting in the warehouse somewhere, but when they got to it, it would still ship out 2nd day air - ARE YOU KIDDING ME! They said they would reimburse me my shipping fee, we will see if that happens. I will NEVER visit this sight again - bewared!!!!

New Reviewer

worst. experience. ever. shame on them. their customer no-service is incredibly lousy, they insist coupon code will be applied after check-out, and then insist no one would ever tell me that and the only help they can offer (eagerly) is to cancel my order. they have no loyalty to their customers or to the websites (like amazon) that drive business to their site by advertising bogus coupon codes that were never intended to work; it should be noted that Tog Shop and Blair are the same store as Appleseeds... I dealt with their online chat service, their phone customer no-service and then sent an e-mail. All unsatisfactory and no resolution skills were evident anywhere, just canned drivel. they must have enough suckers placing orders to stay in business, but beats me how!

New Reviewer

I ordered three pairs of summer sandals. Received within two weeks. They were too large and wanted to exchange for smaller size. Called customer service...a rude woman said I didn't have to complete return form information for an exchange. I completed the form anyway clearly indicating "exchange." After two weeks called to verify exchange and was told they had not been received and that I have to wait 30 days to report lost merchandise. My small town post office verified package went out same day I returned. I'm out shoes and $135 on my credit card. Do not buy anything from this outfit.

New Reviewer

I wish I had visited this site BEFORE ordering. I ordered a two piece outfit, and got the bottoms got the bottoms only. I was informed the top was on baqkorder, which was strange because the website said it was in stock. I then got an e-mail stating I would get the top soon. After 50 days I tried calling to see what was up, and got their automated service and went the gamut with that, only to be informed that my order had ben cancelled. Apparently they can't get the top anymore and now I'm stuck with the bottoms without a top, because I have lost the invoice that came with the bottoms. The clothes look good in the catalog, but their service is awful. I would have had to pay for shipping twice as well, from what I've read in other complaints. Don't buy from this catalog, they don't have their act together.

New Reviewer

Horrible site!! I ordered a gift for my grandmother for christmas. Here it is almost March and it still has not arrived. Beware of their rewards program. I didn't even sign up for it yet I've been charged $14.95 per month until I realized this was happening. Customer service wouldn't even make the rewards charge right by taking it off my bill!! Stay away from this company!!!!

New Reviewer

Very slow service. When I asked why they said I would have to pay for faster service. It will be my last order through this company.

New Reviewer

Unbelievably HORRIBLE experience. The Customer Service Reps will tell you anything, refuse to let you speak to a supervisor and simply keep saying there is nothing they can do. Appleseeds does not care about the customer. I will not spend another dime with them.

New Reviewer

Ordered twice online and had HORRIBLE experiences in both cases. Customer Service is a joke-they could not care less. They tell you things are IN STOCK and then they back order one item, so you pay shipping twice. The photos appear much better than the actual quality of the clothing. If you email to request someone in Customer Service-you will receive a "canned response", often one that has nothing to do with your issue. If you call, you will be put on eternal hold. Once - shame on them, twice, shame on me. I have learned my lesson and will share this with everyone I can.

New Reviewer

Received a Florentina matelasse coverlet today. Has two rips or cuts in it. Rather than go through the hassle of returning it and possibly getting another defective coverlet, I simply mended it. So now I have a new, 80 dollar bedspread with two darned areas. Won't order from them again.

New Reviewer

I placed an order on Oct. 1. Apparently they had a system upgrade which caused them to hand write all orders. As of Oct. 5 the item still has not shipped. It might ship by Oct 8, a week after I placed the order. Apparently they mean it takes us 5-8 days to get your order out of our facility.
This item is for my 85 year old mother, who normally uses catalogs. This really is a company for octogenarians.

New Reviewer

Ordered an item and found shipping costs excessive, especially because several catalogs were included in the package which added to the weight. An insert in the same package said that I could get a $15.00 refund on shipping. I looked at it online, realized that it was selling some service that I didn't want and didn't click any further. Due to a subsequent family tragedy, I didn't monitor my next few credit cards carefully so I didn't realize that I was being charged $14.95 a month for that same service. Will never shop from Appleseeds again. Amazed and disgusted. Thought it was a fine old ethical New England company.

New Reviewer

I was about to order a couple of clothing items (both under $175), but then I noticed that they had added MA sales tax, even though clothing items under $175 are exempt. I cancelled my order, and sent an email to customer service about this error. Got a reply two days later saying it was because they have stores in MA, completely ignoring the clothing exemption issue. Called Customer Service and got a run-around. Since they have two stores in MA, it's difficult to believe they don't know about the clothing exemption, so this smells like fraud. Don't buy clothing from this site if you live in MA.

New Reviewer

Be careful. When you place an order online, you will be charged a monthly fee of $14.95 a month unbeknownst to you. This is recurring and goes on until it is discovered. Then it is almost impossible to cancel. I was disconnected from the 8660245-4961 number several times in a row. When I called customer service, the woman hung up on me when I asked to speak to a supervisor after she was not helpful. I had to change my credit card number and order a new Visa Card in order to stop this charge. I will not shop here again and will continue to try get a refund.

New Reviewer

In March I ordered a jacket and matching slacks. When I placed the order I thought I ordered a size 14 but on the confirmation e-mail it said a size 16. I called them right away and asked them to change the order to a 14. They told me this could not be done because the order had already been shipped...which it was not shipped until 3 days later. They told me I could return the order and the correct size would be sent. Two months later I received an e-mail telling the pants are on back-order and would not be available until the end of July. There is no way I want a summer outfit I ordered in March at the end of July. I probably would just chalk it up to experience if the same thing had not happened last year. After reporting the issue last year to the Better Business Bureau it was finally resolved but it took some time. This company has a major problem and I will not doing business with them again. I have placed over a hundred orders online and I find it strange this is the only company I make a size mistake when placing a order. Then it takes them a number of months to address the issue.

New Reviewer


My elderly mother was given the runaround and harassed by this company. After paying for a $250-plus piece of clothing and some late charges because of unfortunate timing with a lost credit card she came to an agreement on the phone with Appleseed's customer service. She paid the remaining interest charges and they were going to waive an additional $25 charge. A few days after that agreement they wrote a letter reneging on the arrangement and continued to send her increasingly larger monthly billings. The letter came yesterday that they were now going to be charging 29% until she paid it off. We have been unable to talk to a supervisor to explain the situation (put on hold and the call never picked up). She has paid for the merchandise plus some interest charges, which most companies would waive for a good customer with a good explanation, and made it impossible to communicate with anybody who could use their brain to bring the situation to a rational conclusion. To add insult to injury they harassed a 90 year old women with multiple calls on one day to the point where she can't eat or sleep for fear someone is going to come to her door demanding payment.

Bottom line: DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY. There are lots of good companies making an honest living that deserve your business... this is not one of them.

New Reviewer

You would never guess from their attractive catalogs that this company is unethical. I have, however, just found on my credit card bill, a charge for "Appleseeds Reward" in the amount of $14.95. The Reference Number is 6972, which -- according to my credit card company -- indicates some kind of "subscription."

I have ordered from this company twice (and returned both items because they were oversized), but I certainly never "subscribed" to any service of theirs.

I tried to telephone Appleseeds, but there is no one there on the weekend, and today is Saturday.

I then tried to place this charge in "Dispute" with my credit card company, so that I could go ahead and pay the balance of my credit card bill. But it turns out that these phony "subscription" charges cannot be placed in Dispute. And guess what -- this is legal (so I was told by my credit card company) under the recently passed Federal Credit and Billing Act.

On Monday I am going to contact Appleseeds through my credit card company dispute department and try to get A to cancel the charge. I am also going to file charges for fraud against Appleseeds with my State (VT) Attorney General's Office.

New Reviewer

Have ordered clothing from Appleseeds four or five times. Good quality and reasonably priced. I have e-mailed customer service twice with question and item cancellation. Both times they were very responsive and no problems. Their website and promotional code system is much improved. I had noticed glitches in it the first couple of times in the site, but have had no trouble lately. Would recommend Appleseed's.

New Reviewer

I rarely write a bad review about anyone; I am more likely to write about how great someone is; but I feel that I really need to warn others so what happened to me doesn't happen to others. I frequently shop online and like others - it's hard to get the website to work correctly and their "promotions". They will post a lot, but when I couldn't get them to work; I checked out anyway and tried to get the customer service to apply the promotion after the fact. I contacted them via e-mail so the correspondance would be date and time stamped; but they didn't get back to me until the promotion had expired and after a few e-mails. This is the first and only time that I will do business with them - WARNING to others; this site lacks serious ethics.

New Reviewer

I like some of their clothing, but I recently purchased a couple of skirts and carefully read the descriptions; length was important to me. The skirts were 5 inches longer than advertised (that's a lot!), so I returned them, and I explained this to them by email and by note in with the return. I do find their credits on returns to be very slow, but in this case, I asked them to refund the cost of mailing the return since the item was misrepresented. They completely ignored my email and note. I was going to call, but decided to just stop using the site. Not worth it! After reading the other reviews here, I feel I was pretty lucky!

New Reviewer

The website is fine if you can figure out the "ins and outs" of all the promotions. My experience was that there were always "catches." The phone customer service is horrible. Folks must be trained in how to evade the deals. In two conversations when I asked for a supervisor I was hung up on. Terrible.

New Reviewer

I like the clothing at Appleseeds a lot but their returns/customer service are terrible. Twice I have been told that they did not receive a return that I sent and I have been out that money. Today I called to ask about a return I sent. I gave them my acct. # and home address but did not want to give the last 4 digits of my social security number. The agent (Osmar) said I should since he had the entire number in front of him! What does a customer service rep have access to my soc. sec. number?? When I asked to speak to his supervisor he said that he didn't know how long that would take--implying he'd put me on hold for a long time. 31 minutes later, I hung up. Score one for Osmar. I've had numerous billing problems that take hours to straighten out. I'm convinced they are not an accident. Dealing with them is like dealing with a loan shark--no thank you!

New Reviewer

As I was searching for information regarding this company I stumbled across the many negative experiences submitted by customers of said company. Please read my comment from an insiders view and if you have any additional comments please please leave. All comments are welcome.

New Reviewer

On 2/10/11, I mailed/returned (in a USPS Priority Envelope) wool slacks back to Appleseeds. I had read it takes 2-3 billing cycles for my credit of $75.99 to appear. My call to them last week was futile as the CS person could not tell me if the company had received the return. I figure they are sitting on it and as another poster said, they can earn a little more on each item if they don't give the money back right away. But I would like to know that they have it so I don't have to worry. I was also aware they have joined forces with Tog Shop, but was unaware of the Blair connection. I'm not sure what my next move will be - probably a call. Maybe one a day would get some action. Don't think I will do this again.

New Reviewer

I was told to pay $10.00 extra for 2-day shipping. Important to me because I bought the things for a trip I am going on. My order went in Feb 1. It left the Appleseeds site in Mass. only on Feb 3, arrived at FEDEX in Garden City,NY
only on Feb 5 (days after I should have received it). If it is not delivered to me by Feb 7, I cannot even return it before March, because I will be out of the country!

New Reviewer

Website is "fouled up" --- when trying to order long-sleeved cotton both mock and regular turtlenecks, the colors available with size would not populate --- I had to confirm orally what colors I would be getting by calling a phone CS rep.--- Then shipping and tracking fouled up --- tried to order in-stock items Dec. 3, but due to challenges of getting accurate info, did not get order in until Dec.7 --- should have arrived max in 7 working days (which would now be only a week before x-mas) but when I got tracking # did not show items had shipped when I checked 3rd week of Dec. --- spent about an hour on phone with one rude, dismissive CS rep, trying to get accurate info re status of order, finally asked for a supervisor who gave it to me straight that due to glitch order had not shipped. She was polite and apologized but did not volunteer any compensation for my "inconvenience" so I asked for a $20
credit, which she gave. Order finally arrived, I think x-mas eve but 1 top was wrong shade of blue. Since then I have spent hours returning and trying to get a credit for returning this item and getting a credit for RMA shipping of an additional $8.49 --- trip to P.O. several phone calls and only today was able to get a credit --- 2 months after originally trying to order! Also, this is not the same company that used to be. The "classic" good quality fine cotton knitted tops is no longer --- the fabric is much lesser quality, tops run short and "skimpy" for size (I take a med 10-12) --- had ones sent were smaller than previously ordered ones from a few years ago which I still have. So, my advice is avoid this company like the plague!
My experience was a stressful nightmare!

New Reviewer

I ordered a short wool coat from Appleseeds. The coat was very poor quality. The zipper did not work properly and one sleeve was shorter than the other. I would think twice before ordering from them again.

New Reviewer

NEVER Shop at this store - I ordered a Christmas item on December 16th 2010 and it is now January 3rd 2011 and the item has still not arrived. Despite calling and emailing Appleseeds they do not care at all. This Company has the worst customer service i have ever experienced - DO NOT SHOP AT THIS STORE !!!!!

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This company is owned by Blair inc which also owns TOG Shop and I am learning several of these clothing companies. They have poor return service. It can take up to 2 months to get a refund as compared to 5-7 days once most companies acknowledge the return. They do not tell you upfront about this lengthy return service. Appleseeds is terrible like TOG. I would suggest Blair INC encourages their companies to hold onto customer money to make interest on it. They are keeping your money extra long when they already have their items returned. At the time of my order I did not know about the Appleseeds-TOG-Blair connection. They received my return items via USPS and delivery confirmation on 10/5/10, acknowledged that they had the items and were crediting my refund as of 10/14/10. As of 10/25/10 and after emailing twice and calling twice there was still no refund. After connecting with BBB I received word that as of 10/26/10 they had indeed given me credit on 10/26/10. I called my financial institution and was notified there was no pending credit from this company. As of 10/27/10 at 7:00PM Appleseeds still has $230.93. Some company huh? No more Appleseeds and no more of any companies connected with Blair, INC

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Q: I want to return an item I purchased, & I can't seem to find the invoice with the return label on it.

Would it be possible for you to send the return label & info to me via e-mail, so that I may return the item?

My e-mail address is:

The item # is A166581223-L

Thank you for your help in this problem.

Donna M. Short
12 China $#*!le Lane
A: After being laid-off in Jan 2010 I was delighted to accept a position at Johnny Appleseed's Inc. on Tozier Rd in Beverly MA. I accepted that position with the understanding that I would shadow a mentor during my training.
No mentor was provided. No training was provided. Because I was unable to successfully perform my job duties due to the lack of training and due to the lack of response by management I left that position.
It is 7 months later, 7 months from the time I both reported my leaving and why to the Massachusetts Dept of Workforce Development and am now being challenged as to why I left as well as the fact that Johnny Appleseed's Inc sent me an incorrect W2 statement and I have consistantly requested a correct W2 statement and have not been able to receive one. Instead I continue to receive statements from a bankruptcy attorney that I don't even understand and am unable to file my 2010 taxes as well as the fact that I no longer receive unemployment benefits while this is being investigated. It's being investigated as though I did something corrupt when in fact I reported everything in a timely manner.
Any one out there experiencing similar problems? my email
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