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Apple reviews

59 reviews
Categories: Computer, Electronics, Gadgets
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014
Tel: 408-996-1010
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59 Reviews for

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Never had a customer service experience as amazing as Apple!


Just got the iPhone 5 recently and I'm mostly impressed.


Love all of my apple products, inlcuding iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro and Apple TV.

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New Reviewer

An above average or sometimes can able to say a better review site for Apple. Up till the previous product from apple, iPhone 5, the site shared good articles about the features of iPhone series. Now it’s time for iPhone 6 gelly. Looking forward to the buy it. The iMac retina display technology looks awesome and the iPad air 2 will bring great revolution amongst people

New Reviewer

Well, I know some people are APPLE and some are MICROSOFT, and you know that's OK ! Neither company is perfect. But I do have to let everyone know that my dealings with Apple since 1990, ya that long ago, has been all very good. A few ups and downs, but over all, if you average it out, it has been a 5 star experience !
I found that their staff do care. If you are nice and considerate to them, it comes right back at you with them helping you and taking the extra effort to fix your situation. " You will always get more bees with honey ! " I have had some situations where it took 2 or maybe 3 calls, but each time they pushed forward to help me fix the situation and did !
I like Apple products and the company and am proud to say it. Others like Mircrosoft and you also should be proud of that.... We humans are a diverse race, and need variety and Apple to me, well just makes it better..... Thank you Apple !

Ask Myron about Apple
New Reviewer

Apple is one of my favorite phone and compare to other mobile phones, apple providing application and phone clarity is amazing. The same time, Samsung also providing some phone on this month. So,in future, selecting phone will be confused us.

New Reviewer

Never had a customer service experience as amazing as Apple! I've been their customer for over 4 years now, and they never disappoint.

Ask Gavin about Apple
New Reviewer

My Favorite company is Apple. Apple's 2014 i Phones have created a expected gap in both the press and the high-end smartphone industry, with the 'up sizing' of the gadgets and the several release of iOS 8 getting much interest. However, even the bigger of the two new gadgets, the iPhone 6 Plus, only has a 5.5-inch display, which hardly makes it a photographer.The iPhone 6's look and feel is fantastic — this is the best-designed device I have seen in a long time.

New Reviewer

i think apple always providing some quality product for the customers and that why, they are one of the best mobile company in the world. They product quality is main attraction for me. at the same time, I am not at happy about the apple phone battery backup

New Reviewer

Oh iPhone, I love you so... - I don't care if the battery only lasts 5 hours or the phone is not 3G. I want one I want one I want one. I hear you can get real-time traffic on Google Maps!

Ask robert about Apple
New Reviewer

The most trust able products are Apple products. Comparing with other companies products these are having less complaint. They are providing their product’s part replacing programs. Last week through that program I changed my iPhone battery.

New Reviewer

Just got the iPhone 5 recently and I'm mostly impressed. It's nothing too over the top amazing, but great none the less. I'll probably always use Apple, you just can't go wrong.

Ask Sean about Apple
New Reviewer

Apple is one of the best mobile in the world and compare to other mobiles,apple providing mobile clarity and quality is really great. Now i am planing to but the apple6 and i heard so many good reviews about the phone.

New Reviewer

The new Apple iPhones going on sale this week, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, have crisper screens, faster processors and sharper cameras.And, as you might have heard, they are also bigger than previous iPhones — the 6 Plus by a long shot — joining the stampede toward bigger handsets.

New Reviewer
9/25/14 is one of the best companies and this online company providing apple's iPhone and iPad devices. Online transactions facilities and issuing is available in this service. You can get products with variety of colors, exchange facilities is also available. So need to worry about the product. I really like this service.

New Reviewer

Wow!,,, Apple is really very good product. It gives a greatly improved true serenity when your iphone is ensured by one of the best cases on the planet. Its astounding telephone for getting to sends, maps, particularly amusements are magnificent. The main issue is with Bluetooth. No record exchange is possible.

New Reviewer

Apple has been come up with excellent touch screen and it is very easy to navigate from one option to another. I enjoyed the finger touch from Apple. Now awaiting for iPnone 6 to buy. I have inspired by the space grey color and I will find here anyway whether it will be a good or bad experience.

New Reviewer

I like apple products and this is my favorite company ever. I am using apple products like iphone and ipod. Now Iphone is the best smart phone in the world. Iphone has several merits rather than blackberry and android like Smartphone. Apple is the leader in the tablet space with its popular iPad.

New Reviewer

If you want quality products, use only Apple and go buy them only from the trusted online store, or retail store. I just love my new iPad Air. It's unbelievable how amazing the features are. New iPad includes more apps for music, movies, photos, and documents too.

New Reviewer

The reason that "haters gonna hate" on Apple is because of the price. Moreover, they're not willing to accept Apple in the market, whereas, the many adapted to the Windows OS platform over any other. Understood, but they haven't checked Apple's offerings careful enough (which is a sad thing.)

If you checked thoroughly on this website, even that $500 Mac Mini is worth every single bit. Of course, maybe the MacBook Pro is even better, but just because I have one myself doesn't mean you should take my word for it.

So doubt me and continue saying "Oh no, the price is too expensive... rich idiots." However, understand that, for all of you Windows users who don't wish to completely give up Windows, Macs can run Windows OSes... even better. That's my opinion.

New Reviewer

Nice Website...Nice Products
I have been using ipohn since last 5 years..its just awesome
keep going apple...

New Reviewer

I slowly came into the world of Apply products. It started with an iPod. Over time I got a Mac Air, iPhone, and iPad. They know how to suck you in. But this review is about their website. I really like the clean look of it and in many designer circles people "follow" or copy the Apply designs. I think it's very user friendly and I look to it for ideas on how to do my own designs.

New Reviewer

My hard disc died, so they had to rest the laptop and reinstall IOS. That all was done for free. Really love Apple.

New Reviewer

Apple customer service is AMAZING. They will diagnose and try and help you with product loong out of warranty. They have helped me with software issues, including reinstalling software, replacing batteries and generally are just AMAZING.

They have really improved the genius bar, either all the 13 year olds with attitude have grown up or they got the message. THIS is as good as it gets in customer service. Making an appointment is easy online at their store sites, walk ins welcome but you may run into a wait.

I just had to add this after spending hours being jerked around by Travelzoo who is NO help if you run into a customer service issue. They HAVE your money, see ya! Hi Courtney!
PS. AVOID Travelzoo.

New Reviewer

I love Apple products. Not because it's a hype, and hip and trendy and cool, but because I think their products are of superior quality. Don't even mention the lifespan of my former Microsoft laptops!! For most people the high price is the most compelling, but I really think you save in the long-run, because a Macbook will last you at least 4 years, a Microsoft is outdated after 2. I ordered both my Macbooks from and I was always very satisfied.

New Reviewer

Love all of my apple products, inlcuding iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro and Apple TV. The site is always helpful, and though I'm not big on advertisement, the ads on the site are actually really well-done and entertaining. Apple is the best!


I cannot even begin to express HOW EXCELLENT their customer support is. Always buy AppleCare with ANY new purchase. They rock and I gotta go as they are connecting me just NOW!!! YAY! Love this company. Comcast should take some lessons from Apple.... STAT!

New Reviewer

Apple is one of my favorite companies to purchase products from. I really appreciate the level of thought and detail that apple puts into it's products and user experience. Whether I am shopping online or in one of there stores everything is neatly organized and easy to find. Over the past 10 years of owning apple products I have only had a few problems with my products. The way that apple has gone above and beyond to remedy any problems I have has really impressed me. I strongly recommend buying products from

New Reviewer

Usually slow but the refurb store is the way to go.

New Reviewer

One of the best phone manufacturing companies that ever existed. Too bad Jobs is gone. It was his company. The new guys in charge don't seem to be able to do any better. However I think iPhone is so far the best portable device and I will keep using it!

New Reviewer

All I can say is that from my first apple, to my latest 27"imac quad core and iphone 5s, my apple products always word great !!!! I read the book Steve Jobs and he was a wild child, and has left a great Co !!!

New Reviewer

Great but expensive The games and apps are the best, but it is a little pricey. Customer service is pretty good as well. My iPad shipment was delayed and they sent me a free case to make up for it.

New Reviewer

I had a great experience ordering an engraved Apple Ipad Air for Christmas. Quick shipping and easy financing. One suggestion - anything you buy at Apple online you best take back to an Apple Store - they are much better there. We had an Ipod that wouldn't work, sent it to Apple - nothing- basically returned it and so too bad. Took it to an Apple Store and got a new Ipod - no questions.

New Reviewer

Overall I love apple and their pretty and easy to use devices :) But yes it does go deeper. My phones bluetooth stopped working one day, I took it to the store and they said they could do nothing for me, I was told my only alternative was to buy a new phone - which was not happening. I contacting Apple's customer care via the website, and they sent me a brand new iPhone 5 with no questions asked. Needless to say I was pretty impressed by that. I am still not so impressed by the difference in treatment I received at the store, but this certainly made up for it.

New Reviewer

I've been using Apple products for the last 3 years and have enjoyed them greatly. They are best at refining products and have high standards for each and every product they create.

New Reviewer

Innovative products, unequalled service, built with long lasting high quality components (unlike most PCs which are designed for a 2 to 3 service life).

We've bought dozens of Apple computers, iPhones, iPods, Apple TVs, printers and all have worked many years longer than their PC counterparts. We're still using two LaserWriter 16/600PS laser printers and a PowerBook G4 Titanium built in 1998... Yes that's 15 YEARS ago! The printers have printed 100,000+ pages and the PowerBook still runs both the old OS 9 and OSX in a high usage office environment.

Steve Jobs was a genius... and Apple Computer is his legacy with Apple still innovating and building super high quality products now and for years to come.

Thanks Steve!

New Reviewer

i bought my iphone 5 when its first came out two days ago my speaker stop working i took it to apple store and they charge me $200 to replace my phone they claim phone was water damage! i was arguing with apple customer service that my phone never been near water still they did not want to replace my phone and insist charging me $200 so i had no choice and i paid. i am switching to android apple does not even honer they own warranty i just order a new Samsung galaxy s4 couple of days ago my tracking # shows i will get it today, from the reviews i am reading samsung s4 is way better then an iphone

New Reviewer

I expected more from iphone 5. I waited for it so long. And I finally got it. There's not much new stuff but I like it. Very smooth phone and nice accessories

New Reviewer

Nothing to say except that O love Apple products.

I order all of my products through the site since I have to drive for two hours to get to the closest Apple store. That's one bad thing about living in a small town, no Apple store.

The site always offers perfect service and the one time I had a problem with an order (my fault), they were quick to make it right. A very good place to buy

New Reviewer

A while back a co worker told me to make the switch from PC to mac and boy was that the suggestion of the decade. I now only use and love apple products from the iphone to the ipad to my imac. The customer support is outstanding and the products last very long and are bug and virus free for the most part. The apple website and apple stores are just a pleasure to visit.

New Reviewer

i bought my apple mp4 player half a year ago. it is very beautiful and looks attractive. the screen is big and clear, sound is pure, and it can works for a long time.but only a little expensive, at least four stars

New Reviewer

I got my wife a new iPod nano from Apple and overall it was a really good experience. I especially liked the free engraving on the iPod. I gave it four stars instead of five for the simple reason of accessories. A lot (not all) of the accessories for iPods can be found for so much cheaper on other sites for the same item. I'm all for paying full price for Apple's iPods they've never had a single issue but full price for some of the other stuff from companies that aren't apple are a little harder to swallow. So a great way to Apple gear but I'd get all my peripheral items somewhere else.

New Reviewer

I know Apple is a big organization, a leader in world tech companies, but a personal experience isn't good.

I have an iPad, i purchased it from a store near me at an official discount of 40% for a college deal.

Now they say its out of warranty notice as it was an offer. It has an upgrade issue with OS, they ain't resolving it.

The ticket ID is - 2234SJJL22

Veteran Reviewer

I really enjoy this site as a go to for shopping and a resource for tech issues. I order my items via the site for store pick up...I love that. I make my appoints to be seen in store ... this is even better. I can use support to answer my questions about all of my apple products. I use the site to see the specs on what is new. I have never made a refurbished purchase but I see that they have high end products on major discount. I do not understand the low reviews as this is nearly perfect. Apple products are great and they stand behind said products unlike mircosoft (corp), and companies that make computers that run microsoft.

New Reviewer

Thank you apple!

I just purchased an iPhone4s and they delivered it in like 3 business days!

Extremely great company!

New Reviewer

The website for the best phone in the world. However, how come they don't have an iPhone formatted version of their own website?

New Reviewer

My iphone screen cracked. I made a reservation for a consultation with a genius at the store. Quick easy to fix. 200 bucks though! But seriously apple customer service always impresses the hell out of me! Love it!!!

Apprentice Reviewer

I love apple products, I am a fully signed up member of this fruit club! My iPod (gym time), iPhone (talk time), iMac (work time), MacBookPro (home time), and iPad (commute time) are making sure I get my 5 a day! But I find the site so unlikeable. I have bought most of my products from and really don't like the sites way of navigating to the product you want. You should be able to type in the criteria you need meeting and then products get suggested. At times (before I became apple aware) The only difference I saw between a 21 inch and 27 inch iMac was $800! Luckily I know what I want/need now when using the site.

New Reviewer

The product themselves are great but hugely overpriced. I am an Apple User (not a fanboy) for many years due to being in the creative trade. I have seen a huge decline in Apple customer service in the 10 years I have been buying from them. They are not the same any more and any goodwill I had for them is gone. The only problem is that to find a product of the same quality speed and stability from elsewhere does not exist. I know that PC's are more expensive but then again they have to be to run the OS alone. I used to build PC's so I know a little about them. All Computers including the macs crash and have issues. My 17 inch MBP with the new 10 hour battery that will last for years is already finished but is not user servicable so more fun coming up with that. I absolutely hate going into the mess and crush of humanity that is the Apple store. Normally before I let people that close to me I insist on being bought dinner at least....

Apprentice Reviewer

First off, I love apple products. In fact, I am using my iPad to type this very review. However, when I wrote to apple for help with a syncing problem with iTunes, I had possibly the worst customer service experience of my life. After submitting my question, I promptly got an automated response that my inquiry would be looked into soon. A week later I got another automated response asking me to rate my satisfaction with their service...when I never got an answer in the first place! I then got bounced around but 4 different people, each time no one had any understanding of my issue and would send me back a pre-scripted response (usually instructing me to download the latest version of iTunes), until I complained and they referred me to someone else. Overall, very frustrating. If they didn't make such great products I would give them a one star.

Apprentice Reviewer

This is another site I'd prefer to shop in store. My husband's 17' MacBook Pro arrived with a scratch. It was tiny. Both of my MacBook Pros, 17' per the latest, have been purchased at an Apple store. No scratches. No problems. Perfect customer service.

New Reviewer

Apple is amazing in all ways. Mac all the way. I've dealt with the customer service there are they are the best. I recommend their products to everyone.

Apprentice Reviewer

Aside from Apple eventually turning evil and destroying the world, bringing doom to all humanity and eating little children alive, they are a perfect computer company.

As a long time PC user, supporter, defender and warrior... I am still all of that,
except I'm posting this on my aluminum 13" Apple laptop. As well I use a 27" iMac i7 at work for Video and Photo editing.

Apple definitely has the pizzaz to captivate all sorts of users. it's products are outright alien and wondrous. Their ability to work, just work, not fail...I don't know how else to express the WTF this thing is still alive?!

Out of all laptops out there, Apple's are the only ones which can take on a glass of wine and still be revived. The over-engineer the heck out of their computers - most every component is internally protected by a short detection system built in on a hardware level. Any short occurring, like a liquid spill, will instantly shut down the system, and will not let user turn it back on, until all shorts are cleared.
A 10 minute motherboard cleanup with a toothbrush and alcohol, and a 2 hours drying period later, you got a working MacBook (Although my keyboard did need replacement after - with a new backlit one), as opposed to PC laptops usually blowing 1-2 internal components, down to actually burning down.

For people looking for opinions of Mac vs PC, I gotta say it's personal preference. Both have good uses, both are used in my house and my work, both have bugs, viruses, nincompoops and weird glitches.

Downside of a Mac - price range. Theres no denying, Mac is overpriced immensely for the same components you can get in the "PC" label. It's no secret that you can install OSX on PC's, but it's not worth discussing, since a) it's painful b) it's illegal.

Having Mac's switch to Intel processors, and the ability to run Windows natively; virtually eliminated the compatibility argument. As well lots of games are now actually releasing for Mac and PC. One thing to note about games: performance running the same game on OSX vs Windows is noticeably worse in OSX, 20%-30%

Personally I think Apple is getting overrated big time, but unfortunately (fortunately), their computers actually deserve the praise. Which means I can't say I hate Apple =)

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