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449 reviews
Categories: Dating, Mail Order Bride
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And the women I've talked to and met are really as beautiful as on their photos ;) (in 123 reviews)


I would pay what I paid to them again if I need to because it was the best spent money ever. (in 125 reviews)


The girls are real and they are even more beautiful in person. (in 133 reviews)

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1 review
5 helpful votes

I must admit that I was a member and had written to several women over a period of time. I actually decided to meet with one women. She arranged all the details except for my flight and she was actually the lady in the photos that she had sent. After the second day I started getting that uneasy feeling that things were not what they should have been for someone who professed to be madly in love. All I did was pay for expensive dinners including the translators and go on shopping sprees. I was sensible with the money but realized that it is all a hustle. All the women that you actually get a email from suddenly quit emailing or corresponding once you get away from the site. I was not interested in some young girl and tried to stay within my age range. All the come on's and quotes are used all the time. Do not waste your time or money. I have friends from the Ukraine and Russia who told me about the sites once I inquired about them. Wish I would have found this information before because when I checked about Anastasia date I did not find any red flags at that time. Most of the letters were evasive if I asked certain questions about why someone so beautiful would be looking to be with someone my age. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

Ask Robin about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

The is just a legal means of scamming you out of money. First, why would any 20 or 30 something "date" a guy over 50? It certainly is not about love, but your dollars going in thier pockets. The agency takes most of it and gives the girl 10%. Gee guys, it's another job for the girls. Going over to Ukraine will be a big waste of time and money. Remember, the main language is Russian and English not widely spoken.
I highly suggest, skip the site, the trip and keep the dollars in yorr wallet. Much better than being heart broken and broke dollar wise. I did make the trip to Odessa. Made my own hotel resversations and was not expecting much. After the second date, just cancelled any further meetings. Ber in mind, you will foot the bill for the interpretor the girl requests and pay for her meals too. The cost is $20 an hour. Those girls must turn all the money over to the agency and then be paid. They will NOT say how much. I mentioned something like $2 an hour to them, and fom the look in their eyes, you knew the truth.
Well as far as thegirl you came to see, suddenly she has to work and only has 4 hours today and next day for you. Will want to know if you brought your tablet/notebook computer with you. Just say NO. That way they will feel you are isolated. Oh, and buy in the states the adapter plug for 110v to 220v. Remember the difference in voltage. Also ensure you get the plug for Ukraine. Having communication means, you will have to find places and do things yourself.
At least that is what I did. As I expected not much and was willing to pull the plug quickly with the girl. Also, remember, chnging your fight times will be difficult in Odessa. There is just one flight a day out to Vienna and its in the afternoon. Ass most flights are booked to capacity. So why waste doing nothing and stay in hotel. Go sight seeing and be adventurous in seeking out food.
As we all know, the site is expensive. With a lack of speed in their chat, the credits go real fast. If you can NOT afford spending money, don't! Time costs money now. Hard to get that to register in your mind. One just does not see it. Having been on the site for a year and spent thousands, it becomes a form of enjoyment and entainment. It's addicting in all ways. As far as I did talk with scammers, most definitly. You will hear what you want to hear. Hard to turn down good things when one does not hear them all the time.
Fortunely, I could afford the cost of being on site and the trp to Odessa. But at some point, reality will kick in. It's buyer be aware for sure. Since returning from Odessa, i have cancelled my acount and have no plans of going bak on site. It's a game where you will lose from the start. The promses are hollow and disppointments grow over time. Oh, there are honest girls there, but very hard to sort them from the scammers. And it's pay as you go game.
Believe what you want. But the fact remains, the site exsits to get your money and think you are dating a girl. You are just chatting on line now. As with most indidviduals, one will do as they please. Looking back and being bored, it is so easy to get in the habit of being on line with someone. Remember, it's a 7 to 10 hour time difference from where you are in the states to Ukraine.
The ID number for one scammer is 1742621. Very good at attention to detail. Will get your routine down and willing to go off site. But by then, she has you hooked. And if one can, check back on site when on line with her, and you will most likely see her logged on. And she say internet slow. So she is working you and some one else at the same time. If you ask her about, will claim the agency uses the girl's ID numbers. All the warning signs are there, but gets so wrapped up, you do just dont pay attention.
So be careful. Too easy to into the "game" and spend & spend. That's my opinion based on my experience.

Tip for consumers: Don"t get involved at all. Don't use the site.

Ask pete about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

Huh? If I ask a thief is he a thief...what is he going to obviously say? As a member I am beginning to smell a rat in Anastasia...there are just too many great looking girls all making similar noises in approaching me as a near 58yr old man, to be believable. How many philologists, stylists, economists and lawyers does the Ukraine need?? That is what they are listing themselves as and it smells fishy.

Ask Gregory about AnastasiaDate
1 review
9 helpful votes

Fortunately, I have never been a victim of a website like anastasiadate or its affiliates (amolatino, russian brides, asiandate etc) and never ever bought even a credit.. However, all the info I provide here is based on some evidence that I can easily provide when or if needed.

Anastasiadate and its affiliates admit that they cooperate with local dating agencies and they try to do their best in order to stop fraud. However, It is very easy to launch a dating agency in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus etc. Then, you just need to find girls to create profiles. Most of these agencies work in a pyramid structure. A person (man or woman) who finds some 20 girls to create a profile becomes a manager and then you can go up to higher ranks. (Naturally, as you go higher in ranks, your percentage also increases.) Anastasiadate and its affiliates do not pay these girls directly. They pay the dating agencies that they cooperate with. They claim that they have no information about the pyramid structure of these dating agencies that distribute the money they get from these websites among their 'workers'. (as it would be taking part in a huge organised crime) I personally do not believe that they don not know about this. My personal guess is that they just turn a blind eye.

It will really be a huge text if I give all the details of how these dating sites work. I have got enough evidence to prove what I have written. As I said at the beginning, I have never been a victim of this scam (partly thanks to the fact that I am a sceptical person and partly to being able to speak Russian well enough to understand what is going on.), but if I were you I would stay away from such websites. If you really want to marry a Ukrainian woman, for example, there is a GOVERNMENTAL organisation called ZAGS ( Learn a bit of Ukrainian or Russian and get 100% free, trustworthy service.

Finally, I am planning to report all I know to and I have the highest hopes that they will do something against these websites that cause people not only to lose money but also their trust in other humans. If they are genuinely unaware of how these dating agencies work then maybe they will have to change their system to stop the frauds conducted by these dating agencies.

Ask Joe about AnastasiaDate
1 review
34 helpful votes

I joined some time ago – what a pity I did not see Site Jabber first; it would have saved me $100s…

My experiences the same as many on here – women keen to spend time with you on site but not offsite. Typical and final straw a few days ago, I arranged an expensive call to speak to a woman who I had been communicating with for some time. Explained on their chat line that I was leaving the site and she was apparently keen to remain in touch. I explained the only way would be to set up a call to her and exchange email addresses. She seemed keen on this idea. She also stated that her English proficiency was advanced level.

Call expensive set up and when I tried to speak to her directly the translator spoke instead. I asked why the woman I had been communicating with could not speak directly to me herself. Apparently she is OK face to face but not on the phone… OK, no problem we can work through that. What about exchanging email addresses as agreed on chat? No can’t do that, no internet access and would prefer to stay and communicate through the dating site… So why agree to the telephone call in the first place?

Having experienced being scammed before, alarm bells started to ring again and I ended the call quickly. But the minimum charge for the call is 100 credits (10 credits per minute) even if the call is shorter than 10 minutes that is what you pay for and anastasiadate pocket the difference – yet another rip off.

Another scam I have been ripped off over. You meet a girl and even though she says in her chat, profile and messages that she can speak English, in actual fact when you meet you need the services of an interpreter because she can’t speak or understand English. Never mind the girl is sweet and seems genuine. But strangely her phone can’t connect to yours but you can always reach the translator (I always buy a local SIM). However despite all this things seem to go well and you feel there may be a chance. You arrange to meet again and pay for some English lessons with the translator.

Scenario 1 - But she always seems to be on the dating site and the translator says that she has not turned up for lessons because she is too busy. Scenario 2 – the agreed number of lessons is suddenly reduced and a request for more money to continue to fund lessons is made or there is a sudden family emergency that requires urgent funds and the money paid for lessons is liquidated to facilitate this and a request for further payment of lessons is made.

After experiencing this on a couple of occasions I have given up and sites like I stay well away from. If there are any genuine women on these sites they are most definitely in the minority and you would stand more chance of finding that needle in the proverbial haystack than finding a woman with genuine and honest attentions there. So be warned and save on grief, disappointment and financial loss. For the majority of these women it is a job and an income – keeping guys like us hooked up and paying for expensive credits chasing ghosts.

Tip for consumers: Stay away from this site, but if you must first check to see if they have a video - the profile pictures are heavily photoshopped .

If they say their English is advanced or fluent but you make a call (very expensive) and they only want to communicate through the translator. Or they are unwilling to share email address. End the call and walk away.

Ask Dave about AnastasiaDate
6 reviews
14 helpful votes

If someone asked me what would be my top dating site, AnastasiaDate would definitely be the one I would recommend. When you sign up you have free credits and you can see whether you like the site or not. Then, if you don't - you don't call it a scam just because it costs money, but you delete your account. Right? It's not that difficult. If you like it, you stay on as a member, pay whenever you can and chat with the girls. Like I did. It never failed me.

Ask Jol about AnastasiaDate
4 reviews
67 helpful votes

Before he met me, my now husband, out of loneliness turned to this site. During a two year period he spent over $6000 per month chatting with several "women". He did not approach the on the site...they came after him. He also made the mistake of taking one of the Anastasia tours to the Ukraine where he was told he would meet many "beautiful" women. After another $7000.00 he was introduced to two women who looked absolutely nothing like their photos. The excuse for the other 7 was "family emergency". In brief, a sad, lonely man was duped out of over $150,000.00 on this site. His own fault...probably....but the intent of the site is most decidedly not romance, it is money, money, money...especially the US dollar.
He ended up marrying someone who lived only three hours away and cost him a local phone toll to talk to.

Ask Linda about AnastasiaDate
11 reviews
8 helpful votes
9/17/15 has more than twenty years of experience in international online dating, so they have identified the differences between a scam and a misinterpreted situation. The company recognizes that many people tend to have high expectations when it comes to the security of online dating websites, but the truth is, there will always be situations which will be out of your control. Here are some examples of misinterpretations: The agency makes a mistake in the translation of a letter. – Not a scam as mistakes happen. If you’ve been in touch with one particular lady for a long time, but she refuses to meet without AnastasiaDate’s “Date Me” service. – This is not considered a scam as the lady might just want to feel safe. If a lady doesn’t answer all your questions in an email. – It’s a lady’s prerogative to keep some details private, especially in the beginning of a relationship so this is not considered to be a scam. If after meeting with you, the lady says she is no longer interested. – Not a scam. Honestly, would you continue to see someone who doesn’t seem to be your type? If a lady posts photos of her friends, ex-partners and other personal information on any social network. – Not a scam as it’s anyone’s prerogative to share the information they want online. If a lady wears a ring on her finger. – Not a scam as wearing rings in Slavic countries doesn’t necessarily mean the lady is married, regardless of which finger it’s on.

Ask Shane about AnastasiaDate
1 review
104 helpful votes

Agencies write the letters to you in the guise of various females, its a rip off.. you think you are writing to 'Svetlana'.. you aren't, she (or they) don't see your messages, and certainly don't reply to them. It is just another absolute moneymaking machine. Close your accounts today.

Ask Andy about AnastasiaDate
3 reviews
141 helpful votes

All these $#*!nobs who say Anastasia found me the love of my life SEND PICTURES of the ones you found THIS IS A SCAM SITE I got 25 women chasing me in the first 1 hour of signing up ffs it was 4am there time wtf they doing up at 4AM this is a $#*!IN scam site put it this way just give me 3 thousand euros I will get u the girl of your dreams well ok it may only last 6months before she robs u blind but hey I was up front Dave

Ask dave about AnastasiaDate
1 review
149 helpful votes

There is a good chance that the person you are chatting with is not the woman in the photo. Men and women who speak English are sitting at the agency office using the girls profile to make money. I have been on the site for a year and have travelled to Odessa three times. Each time was the same: Girls take two or three days to finally meet you....then they bring an interpreter who wants $20.00 per hour.....then they get a kick back from the restaurant. Great if you want a fantasy...not so good if you are sincere. I could tell many stories about what I learned but, you will probably need to discover this yourself....good luck.

Ask allen about AnastasiaDate
1 review
144 helpful votes

All I would say is check what you are getting and not what you think you are getting.
I Joined and I get lots of "letters" from girls, but I decided to do start checking.

Check (1)
Any pictures you get in letters, save them to your disk and then open them and view the photo details, especially the date created. Most of the letters I received are from women who's photo's are from circa 2010, so they probably look nothing like they do on the site.

Check (2)
Take a sentence from their bio which you think would be unique, and put it in google with speech marks on either side. You may find they are on more than one site, and make money by getting people to contact them.

The sites are nothing more than money mills for the owners, I would imagine that very few of the girls on there are actually on it to get a partner, but they can make a good living from it.

Ask Adrian about AnastasiaDate
9 reviews
101 helpful votes

Becoming a member is easy and straightforward and once you’ve registered, you’ll have many options to choose from when it comes to communicating with women who interest you the most. Email correspondence, live chat, camshare, call me and so on. I would recommend CAMSHARE! It allows you to see the person you’re chatting with in real time. When visiting the website, members can easily find safety tips they should follow in order to protect themselves from fraudsters in general. Never send money to anyone claiming to be in trouble. This is the most important rule when it comes to online dating as fraudsters are known to use this exact scheme to scam unsuspecting victims. Arrange dates through the portal’s “Date Me” service. This is the safest way to ensure your meeting will go as planned and that the lady will actually be free on the day of your arrival.

Ask Jaanika about AnastasiaDate
4 reviews
16 helpful votes

Out of all the Russian dating sites out there I think this is the best one. It is also a rather expensive one so make sure you are okay with spending some money. If not then there are also good free dating sites out there. Not so sure that they are oriente towards Eastern European women but they work just fine.

Ask Brendan about AnastasiaDate
1 review
9 helpful votes

I have spent thousands of dollars, the only way a woman can communicate with you is through the site only. Yes they will give email addresses and phone numbers but they will tell you either the email is gone or they rather chat on the site. So be prepare to spend your money if you want to communicate through the site. I still don't really understand why this is, I don't think it is scam, but it is mostly made to meet someone only through the system.

Ask kevin about AnastasiaDate
1 review
146 helpful votes

they debit your credit card when you haven't made a purchase and they set it to auto renew at the same time. wouldn't recommend giving them your card number either a web site glich or plain stealing, didn't have the problem with them before but now it happened and they say it couldn't happen but it did.

Ask todd about AnastasiaDate
1 review
146 helpful votes

I did meet someone off of this site from Ukraine, so I went to visit her. She was talking sensually on the site, but when I did make it there she had to have a friend on our dates. She said because she was nervous, but I had to pay for the three of us. This happened three times. It was really just a move to keep distance between us. Then on the last day, I was driving around with them and we stopped at their place to get clothes, because it was cold. Then we stopped at a post office and they picked up a package full of pills. And had me go to this dirty parking place, while they went through a trail to an old building to get rid of the pills. Then she was going to cook me dinner, so we went to a grocery store, and they were getting champagne, wine, and way over the amount of food for dinner. We went back to their apartment, and we're hanging out for a while, when they were going to take showers, and I was going to go to my place, and do the same. I was supposed to come back in 2 hours for dinner, and they did not answer the door, or answer their phone. I then reported it to Anastasiadate, and their policy is to return the money spent on the site that was used in communicating with the scammer. I received no reply, and the scammer is still on the site. Her name is Juliya, and her account number is 1794788. She is a 22 year old brunette that lives in Kiev. She also showed me pictures of others that she has dealt with.

Ask Darshan about AnastasiaDate
1 review
152 helpful votes

Yes very clever and very well done but after spending thousands believing that some must be genuine I am regaining my sense. I am a man in my 70's so being sent love notes by an 18 yo has to be an obvious scam. I let my guard down because i used a site Scanna, which had free contact to ladies for one upfront fee & was very good. I met some very nice women on it & a few traveled to my country to meet me. It has taken me a long time to realise Anastasia is a complete fraud, mainly I suppose because I did not want to believe it that those nice women could all be tricksters. Anastasia site cheats on time, in facts and yes the women do disappear if you try to be serious after spending a lot of money on them. SO BEWARE OF ANASTASIA
That sort of money does not come from trying to assist lonely men and women to find has turned into a porn site with the majority of the women inviting the men into the unlimited world of sex, ready to engage in your wierdest fantasy for the sake of ripping your money off you.

Tip for consumers: The women are beautiful, they look enticing, they sound genuine. The charges are horrific when you consider the internet is virtually free.
Anastasia is a business but a business full of liars and cheats. Don't waste your money or emotion.

Ask ALAN about AnastasiaDate
15 reviews
53 helpful votes

I love it, just as I love! There is nothing much to say except that's the place where you'll find gorgeous eastern european women. I love them being so modest and at the same time so beautiful. Talked to a lot of them, the ones I really, really like I saw on Skype and didn't regret it. I am just waiting to see if there will be The One who will make me do my trip!

Ask Ruben about AnastasiaDate
4 reviews
23 helpful votes

I read some comments about Chnlove here, and found that people had different experience on the site. Some people said the site was a scam, and some people enjoyed the time on the site very well. I have been a member of the site for about a year. It seems to me that the site is not bad. I understand due to different considerations, people may hold different views on the same issue. But I think those people who left bad comments should stand back and look objectively at the site.

Ask Alfredo about AnastasiaDate
1 review
140 helpful votes

I have spent just over $100.00 USD on this site with Olga. I have been suspicious of this site shortly after joining. I have separated with a lady of 17 Years. actually, the joke is on them as I have had a great time conversing with Olga (whom ever) and helped me get through this bad time. Has been cheap fun but now will be leaving the site. They are trying to get me to stay by there browny point system, enough of this one. Frank!!!!

Ask Robert-F about AnastasiaDate
1 review
28 helpful votes

I actually got to meet the women I emailed and while yes their pictures were enhanced, they were real women with real feelings. I actually communicated with one off-site after meeting her and I will forever carry her in my heart. You have to realize they have to protect these women from men with bad intentions. Yes, there are scammers on every site so guard yourself.

Ask Russ about AnastasiaDate
12 reviews
42 helpful votes

Come on guys, cut the cr*p! This is not a mail oreder bride site and that's what is probably bothering you! Just because you have to pay to be a member doesn't mean all the girls will fight for you and fall in love with you immediately. You all expected that! Love is something you need to work on. Winning someone's heart also! SO be patient and MAYBE you'll find the right person for you. Don't push it and be angry just because you have been rejected. It's all part of life. You think I found mine right away?! HELL NO! It took me a year and three months of talking, happiness, sadness, excitement and all the other emotions that come with that. But I did find it. And yes, on AnastasiaDate! If my better half would agree I would put our pics as a proof, but she said - "Let their ego $#*! about it for a while. They'll be fine". She's right.

Ask Josh about AnastasiaDate
1 review
164 helpful votes

Hey guys, THIS SITE IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!
I met 2 girls that are on both anastasia and a different site from Odessa ukraine that i have on viber. (I bought their contact info from the other site after spending about $400 on anastasia and unable to get a phone number cuz even when you call they have an interpret who wont give you their number...), The admitted that the company contacted them and sent a proffesional photographer to take their pictures and told them to work for them answering emails from foreigners.
Seriously guys, i am about to take this company to court and for those who are willing to follow me send me an email. The 2 girls made me promise to not give their identity to protect them ...

Ask lolo about AnastasiaDate
1 review
150 helpful votes

anastasia pretend to help against scammers and not to send money meanwhile men think this site is genuine and they have fake beautiful women as robot to make men to pay for the membership so they can contact those women that dont exist in the site.

Ask john about AnastasiaDate
1 review
5 helpful votes

My favourite is all those who tell me they are in my country(south Africa) or are coming here. It is such rubbish because it is now so difficult for Ukrainians to get visas to come here without sponsorship.

Ask Norman about AnastasiaDate
1 review
2 helpful votes

Dai uno sguardo quà, per toglierti qualche dubbio......

Ask sifrido about AnastasiaDate
1 review
161 helpful votes

I mean, really what's wrong with you guys? How isn't it apparent that this site is just for delusional men who want to think they are hooking up beautiful women while in reality there are just mostly photos?

If you really want to get to know Russian, Ukrainian or other type of women, there are sites for that. Just use google translate and yandex or You cannot believe, but Russians have their own internet dating sites.

Even more, if you sign up for eharmony - there are tons of Russian chicks there, including but not limited to doctors, lawyers, etc.

Again, just use google translate, and many of them already know English. If they don't know English or don't want to learn, then why you want them? Are you so $#*!ing desperate that will go for any pretty women? If yes, then $#*! you, many women in this site are married, steal your money and spend on their husbands and lovers whom husbands pretend do not know.

Un $#*!ing believable how dumb some men can be.

Ask Waht about AnastasiaDate
1 review
165 helpful votes












Ask Stacy about AnastasiaDate
1 review
153 helpful votes

Having had several years' experience with Anastasia, I am come;;ed to report the latest of their transgressions. Several days ago, I received 20 credits to be used to communicate wit their clients. Last evening, while scrolling, I was notified I had failed to connect with one of their ladies and I was charged 18 credits leaving a balance of 2 credits. Coincidently, it requires a minimum of 5 credits to sent a communicationTherefore requiring a purchase.

Customer Service informed me there was nothing to be done except to purchase more credits. A real scam if there ever was one.

Ask Peter about AnastasiaDate
1 review
17 helpful votes


Ask Corneille about AnastasiaDate
1 review
193 helpful votes

This information is for any men that are now using Anastasia Date or Asian Beauties and also any men foolish enough to consider doing so.

Most of the woman that are on this site are not serious about finding love, I have been told by many very reliable inside sources including the woman themselves, one source told me that you could spend 20 years searching for love on this site and never find it. I have chatted with, met in person and dated many ladies from this site.
If you do think you have found love already I suggest you beware it’s usually a lady just using you for a visa, to meet a network of lady and men friends in the Russian – Ukrainian community here, a source of money or U.S. citizenship. I saw this first hand in my life personally in my marriage and also with many men who went to Ukraine and brought woman back on a Visa in the late 90’s, I saw what was reality and what happened after years of marriage.

I do hope in your case I am wrong and you actually beat the system and found real love with a good, sincere lady, I guess miracles can happen and love can happen when two people meet even through this site.

My sources tell me they have seen people marry that met through this site but it’s a rare occasion and in most cases not love on the lady from Ukraine’s side. If you have already found a lady I do hope your love and marriage lasts the test of time. I do know there are some good ladies in Ukraine but based on my experience I just don’t think you will find many of them on this site.

I hope this information I share with you leaves no doubt about what you will get if you continue using this site.

I have to protect my sources they honored me with their trust and I highly value this. I thank them for sharing the truth with me at a risk to their livelihood. Everything I state in this review is my personal opinion based on my own experience as well as what was shared with me by insider sources, agency owners, translators and many ladies that have profiles on the Anastasia Date site.

I have been a VIP member of this site for a while now, I blindly trusted this site, I spent much time meeting ladies in chat trying to sort out the scammers in the hope I could find some quality ladies that were looking for a good man for love and marriage so I could fly and meet them in real life, I went to Ukraine and met many ladies, I only dated a few because it was very clear to me when I came face to face with these ladies most were not serious as a matter of fact most were outright scammers.

I found the level of fraud I have experienced amazing, blatant, consistent and it made me very angry, I am amazed that Anastasia Date and Asian Beauties can get away with what they are doing but without our support they cannot do so and it’s our choice as to the future of these sites.

I met ladies and it seems from how I was trusted and accepted, that I was liked by these ladies as well as their translators, since they confided in me once they got to know me, they shared truths with me, tried to warn me, tried to protect me, even a few gave me back the kickback money from our lunches and dinners we had at local restaurants to show me what they were saying to me was true and to establish credibility with me. They could have fooled me, many tried to do so but some others chose to be honest with me and told me I was wasting my time. I thank these people for doing so.

I even had staff at local restaurants I was in often eating in warn me, tell me I was being used, showed me bills where ladies bought the most expensive items on the menu just to run the bill up as high as they could to get kickbacks. I felt grateful for this factual information but also felt so very foolish and even angry when this happened.

One friend who owns an agency told me when I arrived in Ukraine he was informed that another local agency who had ladies I chatted with had sent out the word to all the ladies in their agency that a rich American, me, was in town, the ladies should contact me, that I had money and they could date me and make good money, I was really angry when I heard this and that same day my apartment phone started ringing and ladies I never met started approaching me via my phone and also online wanting to meet me, I saw this happen with my own eyes and it set the tone for my visit to Ukraine.

Here is a small part of what I learned in my many years of traveling to Ukraine since 1998, being a VIP member of this site as well as owning a dating agency that helped men find wives and most important a ten year marriage to a very young, beautiful, deceptive and as it turned out, much to my surprise, a very mentally ill lady from Ukraine.

The local agencies have agency staff and agency translators using ladies profiles to write letters and chat with men, sitting either at home or in agency offices, If she is not on Video in most cases you are chatting with an agency staff member maybe even a man, so the lady who’s photo is in the profile is not who in most cases a man is actually chatting with, as a matter of fact when you meet a lady for the first time in real life you think you chatted with her and also feel you know her, you think you have formed a bond with her, that she is sincere and interested in you, so you fly to Ukraine based on this bond, well when you meet her it could very well be the first time the lady is even aware you existed, since you don’t speak Russian the agency translator who is the one who actually chatted with you all this time in chat tells the lady what to say during your meeting.

I saw this in many meetings I scheduled with ladies I thought I knew and who I thought also knew me from months of chat.

I had a male friend from Ukraine who I knew I could trust always sit next to me at the next table with his lady when I had a meeting at lunch and dinner, when I met ladies my friend would listen to what the lady and translator said to me, he would take notes, it was amazing the level of deception I experienced. almost every meeting , it was all lies, fraud and deception.

I also had a car and driver and the driver listened to the ladies conversations and shared with me what he heard after my meetings, the ladies did not know he spoke English so they thought they could speak freely in the car, Any trust I had in this site and the ladies on it was soon gone since every meeting I saw and heard the fraud, the lies and the deception.

Many ladies join a local agency just to get the free professional photos and never actually are looking for a foreign man for love and marriage. The agencies need to find many beautiful woman who are real to make photos for and they place the ladies photos and profiles on the site, the translators also look for new talent since a beautiful lady could have many meetings which result in lots of money for the translator, I found that most of these ladies actually have boyfriends, girlfriends or husbands by googling the photos they send in letters and also on their profiles thus finding them on and other social media sites.

The agency has most of their data base of ladies profiles that are not being used by the real lady but are posted on the Anastasia site and many ladies are working several jobs to survive and don’t have time to be online chatting all day and night so the agency uses their profiles and when a man comes to Ukraine to meet the lady on the profile, the lady meets the man and the agency, translator, lady and restaurant all make money.
One translator I met while meeting ladies introduced me to a lady who had just joined the site and her profile had not been posted yet, I soon realized she introduced me not to assist me as she claimed but she wanted me to be a practice meeting for this lady so she could teach her the ropes, the translator said and I quote this one is going to be a super star, meaning many men will want to meet her and the agency, the translator and the lady will make much money while men get the bill for lunch or dinner plus translation fee’s and not much else. So like an idiot I paid the translator fee, then dinner for both and all for the opportunity to watch as the lady was trained by translator on how to manipulate men and make money off them.

Also if you go to Ukraine and you have meetings never allow your translator, who you want to believe cares for you, who you rely on so much, to suggest woman to you, any woman she suggests is a friend who will sit with you, flirt with you, eat with you, drink with you just so the translator and also she can make more money and both get to eat and drink at a restaurant they could never afford unless they were with you. Trust me this is the case 99% of the time, they all work together to get as much of your time and money as possible. They will both be smiling at you all the time but it’s not them smiling with you it’s them smiling at you, you’re a sucker to them to use and play with, sorry but it’s true, go see for yourself but keep your eyes wide open since it’s so easy to be deceived by these ladies.

Also be aware as you chat with ladies many of them know each other well and they discuss you among themselves, they share what you say in chat, many of them will copy the text and show each other what you discussed.

So an agency has many beautiful ladies profiles that are not being used by the real lady in the profile so they use them to make money chatting, sending letters and photos to men, an agency has staff all day and night working shifts chatting with men using ladies profiles , then when it’s time for the man to meet the lady in real life, many times right before the meeting after the man has flown to Ukraine, this lady is ill, her mother, father or grandfather or grandmother is in hospital, she has had a car accident, called away on business or they just delete the ladies profile but of course they have other ladies that want to meet you and since you are already there and now they have you and your wallet right where they want it.

Then other ladies you chat with will meet you, they will show interest in you, they will order the most expensive items on the menu to run up lunch and dinner bills as high as they can since they get kickbacks from local restaurants for bringing foreign men to the restaurant. They will act like they adore you, hope for gifts, want to go shopping, to eat in the best restaurants, they will say whatever they feel you want to hear, it’s all a game to them, they act like they like you, it’s not real, it is a complete fraud.

Almost every lady I chatted with when she knew I was coming to Ukraine wanted to assist me in finding an apartment, such kindness, no way, they get a percentage of what you pay and usually you pay a higher price due to them assisting you.

I had a lady I chatted with for months before my trip to Ukraine and after we met in real life she actually liked me allot, she said I was not like other men she had met before, many men come to Ukraine thinking the ladies are desperate, living in a third world country, that they can be bought and that they need to be saved, offered a better life by us, most men show them what they own rather than who they are as men but in reality the ladies deeply resent men like this, a few days after our meeting I accidently ran into this lady I had the meeting with while she was walking on the street and she was with her friend who spoke English, she wanted me to know why she was so awkward when she met me, I think she saw I was a good person and she felt guilty, she then proceeded to explain to me she had never chatted with me for all those months online , not once was she who I chatted with for months , the agency called her the day before our meeting and told her she had a meeting with me, the translator met her and filled her in on me and who I was, local agencies make 12 cents a minute on all chats, they also make money on all letters and photos sent and received, all agency staff and ladies on site are taught how to go slow to get the most chat minutes possible, Photos sent and received all letters agency gets a cut so girls want to send men many photos since they also get some money, I had one girl I wrote one sentence in chat and she fired off three photos right way.

Remember some very beautiful girls are super stars for the agency, models mostly and also for the translator lucky enough to work with them they are the most popular and they meet many men and make the most money for themselves, the agency and translator. It’s a business, please know right from many ladies own mouths I have been told very few are looking for love but for sure they want your money, they are paid dates and that’s all they are.

Since the war broke out men stopped coming to Ukraine and agencies started having less revenue they have become desperate so they created ways to generate money by cheating men online but I think it’s been this way long before the war even. They have figured out every possible way to get to your money without giving anything in return.

Most Ukraine restaurants, bars, night clubs, karaoke bars will give girls or translators who bring foreign men to their locations kickbacks on all bills, check your bill, I caught many locations cheating me watch and see right before you are about to leave after you have paid you bill the lady and translator always must go to the restroom, this is when they receive their money. I saw this with my own eyes many times and had several ladies tell me to watch them while they went to the rest room and then when we got outside they gave me the kick back they got from restaurant.

Most girls men chat with will ask the men not to go through the agency when it’s time to come to Ukraine to schedule the meetings , this way you don’t have to pay agency meeting fee or fill out agency paperwork, I’ve had ladies give me their translators phone numbers and emails in chat and ask me to call them to schedule meetings, they make it seem like they are saving us money since agency charges for first date but it’s so they can break the rules, charge 20.00 US for translation and split the fee with translator rather than agency. They say the agency provides the translator but you never know if this is true or not. This also enables them to use men without the local agency being involved, but it’s not like the local agency wants to protect you they just want their cut. I think going through the agency is best in the case of fraud it gives you recourse but based on what I’ve seen local agencies or Anastasia just do not care if we get scammed.

I have seen so much fraud on this site it astounds me. I report it and nothing ever happens, they know what’s going on and their lack of concern for their clients welfare shows just how corrupt this company has become, maybe they have no real control over the many local agencies that provide ladies to fuel the Anastasia site but other sites find scammers and refund your money without you even knowing the lady was a scammer but this site you report a lady give them proof and no one responds to you, amazing arrogance.

I have seen ladies I know, met and dated using several different profiles with different names and ages.

Always google a ladies photos you may find them on, Instagram or face book or the Russian social media sites and get a glimpse into their real life, amazing what you can find with a little effort like seeing them with their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband and children.

If you see a lady on the site same time every day she is working her shift so to speak. Watch for set schedules, same time every day or night, look at when they are online, how often they are online, how long they are online, watch and you will see what I mean.
If a lady starts talking dirty or starts with she loves you in chat she is not real, trust me , walk away right then.

I met one young lady who was new to the site and she would come online only for me, when we were done chatting she would go offline, this gave me some trust in her, when I met her she turned out to be a very good girl, now she writes me email when she is online so I come to speak with her but out of the many and I met many , ladies I met, she was the only one like this.

Be aware I’ve been told by a very reliable source that almost all of the time you chat with a lady who is not using video it’s not the lady in the profile but rather an agency staff member using the ladies profile to chat with you.

I also know this to be 100 % true from my own personal experience.

Here are just a few examples of what I experienced in Ukraine others are listed in at end with ladies ID numbers with my remarks.

I made friends with one of the ladies I met on a date, she contacted me after our first meeting and wanted to see me again, she told me after we met the first time with a translator that she speaks English and I will not have to pay the 20.00 dollars an hour for the translator for this next meeting, many ladies speak English but want to have the protection of the translator for the first few meeting’s which I understand and also agree with. I was curious so I met with her.

We got along very well and became good friends. She later became involved with an agency , she had my cell number and one day I am chatting with a lady on Anastasia who called out to me and she lives in Kiev, my friend, this other lady I am now friends with lives in another city in Ukraine, she texts me and tells me she is watching my chat , she tells me I am actually chatting with a lady whom works for the agency who is sitting right next to her, I question her, I am curious to see if she is telling me the truth since it’s hard to know what’s real with any lady from Ukraine, she proceeds to text me on my cell phone exactly what I am writing as I write it in chat from my office computer including the ladies exact response, I knew what she said was true, she tells me she knows the real lady on the profile and that she has a boyfriend and she has never used her profile.
Then she texts me this , (most men think 70 % of the ladies on this site are scammers she told me it’s more like 100 %) , as a friend she told me I will never find what I am looking for on this site. She told me and I quote her ( so if you want to find a woman seriously, leave this site forever, look for someone using your friends and on this site you will spend 20 years looking and will get no result ) She told me I am a good person that she feels no guilt cheating most foreign men since they are pigs, stupid and have no respect for ladies in Ukraine, she said I was different and she liked and respected me cause she said I am honest and a good man so she wanted to save me from being used and cheated by the ladies, local agencies and this site.

I had another lady I chatted with and when I arrived in Ukraine I met with her and dated her, I even met her mother since she was so sure I was the man for her, this lady said she was in love with me, I played along to see where it would go since you never know what is true and what is a lie with these girls, by the way this happened with meeting the mother several times with several ladies I dated and in all cases looking back now I see it was pure fraud to lure me into a feeling of security, it was a complete scam, she chatted with me every day and night before and after I left Ukraine , she was going to meet me either in another country or when I returned to Ukraine, I was the only one for her, like we all hear from the ladies on this site, then she writes me a week before I plan to come to Ukraine since she has me and I am coming to Ukraine she is deleting her profile from the site, she says we can communicate through email, text thru phones which we have done for months now already and she hopes after our next meeting I will also leave this site, I think I may have something real here so it seems, never heard from her again, no email, she was never online or on her phone ever again , nothing. She was gone, disappeared, now I’ve been dating her and chatting with her for about six months now. Never did she say anything but she adored me, I was her man and we were a perfect match. She was very convincing .

So at first I worried about her then after some time I realize I was played once again, it was all lies, all an illusion, months after this happened I an online filing a fraud report and I see this girl’s photo on a profile pop up on my screen , she is online, only now she is not Olga 22 like she was when we met and dated her, now she is now Diana 18 with new photos, I open a chat with her and confront her and she makes believe she is not Olga, now remember I dated her, I have at least 50 photos of her she sent me via my email, I know her real name, I met her mother, I have her cell number, her email, I was involved with her for about six months and she says what makes you think I am Olga, lol, amazing arrogance, then she finally admits it’s her and talks with me and we discuss her being a liar and fraud, I send this proof to Anastasia and I still see this lady online every night same time , amazing they can get away with this.

I have documented all my experiences of fraud, I have so many files but I have so far only reported a few to the site and I am waiting to see how Anastasia deals with what I have submitted so far.

This site is not about helping men find love and quality ladies, It’s all about making big money, it’s big business, it’s set up legally so they can benefit without giving us any legal recourse, there is no way a man will ever win the way this system is set up, I know I tried and I even owned and ran my own marriage agency. Please go and read their terms you agree to when you sign up for the site carefully, most men never do this.

Maybe a man will win if he finds a lady on this site who is new or even better not on this site or if she is on the site but she has not yet been corrupted yet by the local agency or translator, the agency makes money off a lady, the lady is the product they market, to be on this site a lady must come to agency and be on video so many hours or their profiles will be deleted from the site, think about it, the last thing the agency wants is to lose a lady to a man in marriage, so all odds are against us and the system is set up to in any way possible to fleece foreign men out of as much time in chat, letters, photos, In my in box I have 850 unopened letters from ladies do the math if I opened all these letters and this is not counting any cost of opening up the photos they send with letters, it’s an amazing business it’s almost like an addiction for men, we cannot stop logging on to this site even when we see all the danger signs and know it’s all a scam.

I must admit I was foolish at first, I had blind faith and trust in this site, I allowed ladies to send letters and photos before I traveled to Ukraine and was informed and became aware of all these scams but knowing all I know now, seeing what I have seen, the sources who shared the truth with me, now I know without any doubt this site is a complete waste of time and money.

MEN STAY AWAY FROM ASIAN BEAUTIES, I travel the world I know for a fact this entire site is a complete scam. It’s banned in most Asian countries and I also have seen with my own eyes the level of fraud here on this site is even worse than Anastasia Date. Anastasia you will at least meet ladies on Asian beauties very seldom will you do more than chat, send or receive letters and photos, I have spent time and saw firsthand the level of fraud, Its Asia, lol, I have thousands of unopened letters, some ladies have sent me letters every day even after I chatted with them and told them I was not interested, it’s a complete scam site.

I have had so many bad experiences with Anastasia Date I don't even know where to begin.

I have felt foolish, used, abused, lied to, manipulated, angry, and resentful and my level of trust has been impacted by so many lies and deceptions from these very sick but very beautiful ladies from Ukraine. I guess ignorance is bliss but I am happy I finally saw the light and I thank the many people who chose to confide in me rather than use me.
All I wanted when I started this process was a fair shot at meeting a quality lady for love and marriage.

As my dear friend said I could spent 20 years searching for love on this site and never find it.

I know now this is true.

I just wasted my time and so much of my hard earned money and for a while I found myself thinking if I keep trying I will win, I will find a good lady but I soon realized this is just like the gambler in Las Vegas who stays at the tables thinking next time he will win.
In 1998 I owned a marriage agency in Ukraine but things were very different in Ukraine then, I helped men find ladies for love and marriage. I was unaware how drastically things had changed in Ukraine and in the dating agency business, I remember Anastasia when it was considered a respectable agency before chat, after my experience I want to sue them, it amazes me men like us that have been cheated don’t band together, form a group and go after them and shut them down but it’s become a billion dollar industry, it’s now a very big business.

After going to Ukraine three times and being on this site for a while now, meeting so many ladies in Ukraine face to face, dating some and getting to know some very well, I have had agency owners, many ladies I dated and even honest translators share with me the real truth about Anastasia, the ladies and the local agencies.

I even became a minor investor in a new start up marriage agency in Ukraine with the understanding that my Ukrainian partner’s share with me all the secrets and scams, they did so and I was shocked at what they showed me and told me but I had to know the truth. I saw as an investor the entire agency operation and in disgust, anger and resentment, I walked away from my investment when I saw what fraud they were going to commit to make a profit and compete in the dating agency market.

The girls are real, very beautiful, I became friends with many of the ladies I met, friends yes, but love never, Yes they created profiles with photos but so many, more than you can even imagine never use these profiles, all I met, after they trusted and confided in me , told me they really do not want to leave Ukraine, they are not looking for a foreign man to love, most just want a steady income, an easy source of money, a better life, an expensive lunch or dinner, gifts, rent paid and to find an easily manipulated, hopefully nice and handsome older foreign man to take care of them, to tell them how beautiful they are, to make them feel worthy, but be aware you do all this for them but you will get nothing back from them except shallow words, lies, deception, games rather than real love and true care you hope to find, we are a source of easy income for them, we buy them expensive food, gifts, pay their taxi home , most pocket the money we give them for the taxi and take a bus home, many have husbands, most have boyfriends or even girlfriends , yes there are so many beautiful gay ladies are on this site as professional daters who don’t even want to be with a man but prefer ladies, yes they are very beautiful but most are not sincere in finding love, most are just bait to lure men into chat, photos and letters, to get men to fly to Ukraine so local agencies, restaurants , translators and ladies can make extra money due the economy in Ukraine, they want a better life and we provide this to them by being on this site and coming to meet them thinking we will find love.

We spend in one dinner as much or even more than what a lady will pay a month to rent a flat.

Oh and be aware that many will tell you that they are virgins, most are not but this way they don’t have to have sex with you while you spend month’s spending money on them trying to win them.

A man will never really truly know if you are even talking to the girl in the profile or rather an agency staff member.

Even video chat may show you the lady is real but does that show you she is being honest, or truly cares, or wants to leave Ukraine, or is seeking a foreign man or she will ever meet you in real life.

Video just means you pay twice as much for chat, it’s also a result of so many review like this one and the impact on the site, they adapted, they doubled the cost for chat per minute using video to fool us again, giving us a false sense of security, now we see the lady but this does not change the reality as I saw it in real life, now you see the girl, so what, so once you see the lady is real I suggest you turn video off and just chat with her if your foolish enough to proceed after reading this post.

I am not saying you may not get lucky, miracles do happen, only a few I met I felt were honest and very good girls, even the ones who confided in me and told me the truth, they all said they were not looking for love nor did they want to leave Ukraine, they just are young and beautiful, want to travel, they see no harm meeting men to make money, they get paid to go on dates, sit with men, flirt with men, smile at men, they eat good food and have fun, so based on my experience all the odds are against you having real success, ever finding love and marriage.

I have listed just a few of the many and I mean many of the Anastasia date ID numbers I have of the ladies I know to be scammers for men to beware of.

Anyone who wants tips on how to protect yourself contact me, I will share with you what I know.

I wish for those men looking for love you find it but please just beware and listen to what men who have gone before you share with you, check the scam sites, google Anastasia date scams, Site Jabber also, The positive reviews are placed on most sites by Anastasia staff by the way, here is a part of a reference from the site - site jabber, (Read the dates on most of the positive reviews about Anastasia Date website most of them have been written on same date or within a 3 day time span . So it makes sense that these positive reviews have been planted over 3 days unless allot of guys met there so called lover and perfect match all in the same month) Asian Beauties scams, be aware before you fall into the trap, I wish I had seen all this information before I joined this site, foolish me, I should have known if it’s too good to be true it’s probably not true.

In conclusion my thoughts:

If we don’t use or support this site, if we don’t fly to Ukraine with these illusions of meeting our young beautiful Slavic beauty, this entire scam is over, we fuel it all by supporting this site, Life in Ukraine is very hard, rains have destroyed crops and raised prices on food items in this past week some are now three times more expensive, the harder life is there the easier for a young lady to justify using a wealthy foreign man, we are such easy targets for a young, beautiful, deceptive girl, she bats her eyes, wears her sexy clothes, looks amazing , say’s anything she thinks we want to hear, she says she cares, we are the best, she is only for us and we fall right into the trap, we want to believe never thinking it’s all lie’s and deception until she is gone or the truth is finally revealed after so much time and money invested, hope dies and we feel foolish, angry, hurt and resentful but please know without us and our money they have nothing and to be honest this is the only way to stop this fraud , this cancer. Anastasia Date is a mega company making a huge amount of money every minute of every day and we allow it to happen. We are the client, without us they have nothing.

If every man stopped using this site for a few months they would have no revenue and this is how you affect change, get attention from these people who make money off the hopes of men searching for love and happiness, stand up and say no more, force them to perform, to serve our need’s, to get true value and an honest chance at meeting a sincere lady rather than allow them to use and abuse us, otherwise we allow ourselves to be such foolish men and so easily taken advantage of in our quest for love.
I know I just went through it and saw it so clearly, it was a total waste of my time and money.

Here are a few of the ladies I have chatted with, met and dated with remarks in the hope I can save you time, money and feeling as foolish and angry as I have felt through this experience.

Anna - (ID: 1771023) Dated her, a translator introduced me to her as a good girl I should meet, after two dates she was in love with me, I was her man, she wanted to continue chat with me even though she had my email and cell number, she wanted to chat, send photos to make money for herself and agency so I knew she was not sincere. She recently wrote me a letter and when out of curiosity I read it, the letter was written like she had never met me, she dated me, she loved me, she knew me, she had my email and my cell number, yet the letter was a first time letter not a letter to someone she met and knew, so it was probably written by the agency not by Anna.

Ilona - (ID: 1695725) A model and actress in Kiev, I imagine she is paid by agency to chat with men on a daily basis, she is very beautiful, she works a shift chatting sending photos, I went to Kiev to meet her, the translator called me scheduled the meeting, I was amazed, thought wow she is real but then the day of the meeting she had an emergency surgery, lol so she too could have been an agency translator using this ladies profile, I will never know.

Olesya - (ID: 1696698) this one is very beautiful has been chatting online for a year now same time every day , she admits to me she has never met a foreign man, she spend 8-10 hours a day online , I wonder why ?

Diana - (ID: 1789425) used to be Olga id number 1764664 now Diana new name, new age, complete fraud and scammer.

Olga - (ID: 1764664) same as Diana scammer I dated her even met her mother, complete fraud, liar and cheat.

Marija - (ID: 1776714) I suspect this was an agency translator writing as girl since she ran up chat time sent many photos then deleted her profile right before we planned to meet just disappeared from the site.

Olga - (ID: 1122060) Professional paid chatter or agency translator posing as lady since she chats, says she likes a man, send’s photos, then three times scheduled meetings in Odessa and she never showed up for meetings.

Tatyana - (ID: 1744032) Another professional chatter, I even saw her on video a few times wasted months with her I was her man, the only man for her but when it came time to meet she made some excuse twice , she accidentley sent a letter to me written to another man, I felt so foolish but if you are on this Anastasia Date site get ready to be lied to, used, scammed and abused in every way shape and form by the site, the local agencies and the girls.

Alexandra - (ID: 1736641) I met her after she scheduled and never showed up for four meetings , she is a complete fraud and scammer.

Ruslana - (ID: 1723976) I chatted with this lady for a month she sent letters and photos even exchanged emails, seemed so sweet and sincere , I went to Ukraine and she missed several meeting’s, said she got confused on the date and time of our meeting, then she tells me I will never be successful unless I learn Russian and wants to help me out cause she cares for me, so she introduces me to her friend who can teach me Russian, a translator, then I contact the translator and I realized I was never talking to the lady in profile but always this agency translator who was trying to give me Russian lessons online for a fee, they are so deceptive and creative in their lie’s.
Juliya - (ID: 1672809) I really thought this one was the real deal, met her twice, she could be real, maybe she just did not find me to her liking so I am not sure about this one at all, I cannot say for sure she is a scammer but my gut tells me she is, she got kickbacks from restaurants this I know for sure.

Anna - (ID: 1676991) Very beautiful girl, a model chatted with me for a long while but when it came time to meet me well she just was not available, online every day same time like a shift, she wants chat, letters, photos yes, but meeting no way, lol

Kristina - (ID: 1666454) Complete scammer works a shift online for extra money, she is crazy, will chat with a man, talk sexy talk but never will you ever meet her.

Kristina - (ID: 1742421) complete scammer she is on video now to make more money for agency.

Alina - (ID: 1740478) chatted with her for months even had phone call with her, every day and night she wanted me needed me, loved me, when it came time to meet she deleted her profile, she had my email and I had hers, she in one night without any explanation just disappeared, I imagine this was another agency staff using ladies profile. This was thousands of dollars and months of my time wasted in chat time, photos and phone call all for nothing.

This is just a small sample of what I’ve seen and experienced on this site, so much more to come later as I go through my many files and well documented fraud I’ve experienced on this site.

Ask robert about AnastasiaDate
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I see many people complaining about becasue there are many dishonest girls on there? Same like in real life, same like on any other site on the internet. If you havent been lucky on AnastasiaDate,com, try other sites ike But you will realize that those two sites are basically the best. Complain about them, complain about, but they are not all bad!

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Been a member and used the service.

I can tell and also by all evidence shown, by others also.

Sadly its a scam.

For most of the girls its just a job, working, getting paid commissions for mens letters and chats and video chats etc...

Most of the girls on the site has local boyfriends and some is married and have kids etc...

Sometimes this can be verified by some of the girls info listed on their social media sites... Etc.

More info see about Anastasiadate also warnings about many other scams:

Also shown better more honest places to get a girl Online etc.


Tip for consumers: More info see about Anastasiadate also warnings about many other scams:

Also shown better more honest places to get a girl Online etc.


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Twenty years ago, scammers from Russia and Ukraine would send unsolicited emails and then then ask for money wire transfers for any concocted reason. Some still exist today but the new way of vacuuming money from men's wallets is to use marriage agencies. Young, attractive women who already have boyfriends go to their "9-to-5" job at the marriage agency with the only goal of making money. The more they can get you to chat, the more money they make. Western men view such women as scammers but because so many women are involved with this "job", it has become a legitimate profession. They are called "pro-daters". Women who just want your money and nothing else. How do you know if you are talking to a pro-dater? The answer is that you never really can tell over the Internet. There are a couple of things you can do though. 1.) do a reverse photo (image) search using Yandex or Google. This will likely show other accounts that she has. Attractive women tend to splat the Internet with their photos. In many cases, you will find out interesting information. There was one woman on the Anastasia Date web site that had several recent photos of her with her boyfriend on another account. Did she think I would do a reverse search? Obviously not. That is why you need to do some homework. If there are no matches/results from doing a reverse image search then there is not much to conclude except that there is a real possibility that you are talking to a man writing behind some woman's photos. 2.) Follow the suggestion someone else made about telling her you are already in the country and you want to meet her. If she gives excuses, then she is probably a pro-dater. 3.) get her full name and hire a local detective agency to do a background check on her. It will be worth the money. Do it sooner rather than later! I know most men are not going to take the time to do their homework and that is the main reason why they get scammed.

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Well, there is some way how this girls fool you.
If you don't want to read, just listen this:
Mostly time agencies fool foreigners, but in some cases girls also suffer. How they do this?

1. All letters go from their post. And you pay for every letter. Some ukrainian girls don't know language and they need interpreter to write a letter. They can write one thing, but translator can add something from herself - to push you write more and more letters, and of course to pay more and more money to agency.

2. You want to give a gift for you girl. Mostly times foreigners don't know real price and websites where they can order some flowers, jewelery or certificate to SPA-salon. They ask agency about it. If agency has 10-15% of rent - it's normal. But a lot of time they have 200-300% of rent, because foreignres mostly time don't know price.
Also there is a situation, when they deal with dirls, take picture with some gift, but in real life just devide money what you pay them.

3. Woman, that you are speak with, can be man. One 50years old owner of agencies confess, that very often he send letters from himself to other man from the name of woman. Sometimes there are not enough girls for speaking with candidates, so they hire boy. They also speak with you, ask you about money and when you ask for meeting, he refuse and tell that find other candidate...

4. The most dangerous place is Odessa. It's like capital of ukrainian bride, which mostly time wants only money from you.

Ask Olia about AnastasiaDate
6 reviews
65 helpful votes

I used to be a sceptic about online dating but it turns out that it can work if you happen to come across the right person. I found myself someone from AnastasiaDate and we've been actually dating for months now. I even moved because of her.

Ask Thomas about AnastasiaDate
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I join anetesidate and I Stard to sent mail after mail I would put my email so girl can email me and here I find out from some girls there the they will block you from any information the you could contac girl because there goal is to make us much money as possible from you 'you can't sent phone number they will erase any time tipe off conation you send to contact girl is very difficult to get to know this girl I join and it was costing me one hundred dollar s day chat with 2 girls please before you join know all this before you sight up I hope this info is helpful .,

Ask juan about AnastasiaDate
4 reviews
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I just talked with one of the girls, who are writing me so mayn hot letters.
She did not know the site, neither the letters she wrote to me. The photos were done in a photo shoot a month ago by Alya Minibaeva , where she signed a contract, that she can use the photos and portfolio of her. Alya told her, that she will ask her for permission, if they put the photos on a site, she didn't, and ahe just put.
Alya Minibaeva has a very good reputation as photographer in Prague, maybe it is time, to get her in a scandal!

Ask Albernes about AnastasiaDate
1 review
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you are the worst scam I ever seen , fake videos , 3 people having same video at same time , I know it happen to me
chat video with same
exact girl , ha ha ha

Tip for consumers: don't use this site , is big scam and they hide in Australia and bahama adress

Ask Manuele about AnastasiaDate
1 review
26 helpful votes

I'd say this one is a bit above average. Great concentration of Eastern-European women

Ask Patrick about AnastasiaDate
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31 helpful votes

To “This by far is the safest site for guy to find someone...” , “With all the honesty I can portray in this world my...” “You never know until you try” , “I was somewhat skeptical about this site having read...” , “I have met some very beautiful women on this site” , and everyone else…

I just returned from a 3 week visit to Ukraine, it is a Great place to visit, relax, and explore.  I spent the May Holidays in Odessa with friends, and traveled to Kharkov, and Kiev as well.  The local currency is the UAH, Today it is worth half the value from past years, So for americans, it is a great exchange rate at better than 21 to one.  The UAH for locals is terrible, because Ukraine citizen only earn half of what they need during this poor economy.  

I would encourage anyone who uses these Dating sites to stop spending your hard earned money buying Credits, sending letters, and answering Chat requests.  If you really want to meet a Beautiful Ukraine woman, go to Ukraine.  Airfare purchased in advance can cost as little as $850 - $950.00 round trip, Hotels and apartments average about $24 - $55.00 USD per day, and expenses are cheap.  The average cab ride should only be about $120 UAH which is only $6.00 USD to most destinations, just a few more UAH from the airport.  When you are in Kiev just Dial ( 310 ) from a local (+380 ) Ukraine cell phone, and a Taxi service will call you right back, give them ( or have someone close by give the taxi service your current pick up location and destination address ).  The Taxi service will text you the Drivers Vehicle type, make and color, the license plate, and sometimes the drivers name and number, but most important, they will also text you the exact Cab fare for the ride.  Taxi cabs at the airport will charge you as much as humanly possible, usually 2 to 4 times more, taxis are not metered or regulated.  If you are in a different city, just ask a local for the Taxi service phone number, Do Not Ask Hotels, concierge or restaurants for a Taxi, because they will all refer you to a Taxi that charges and pays commissions.  

In Ukraine, everyone will charge you (the tourist ) more for everything, it is a way of life.  Everything is commission based, especially Hotels and restaurants, so don’t expect a friendly smile and helpful assist to be cheaper.  

Back to my main point, Not All Dating sites are a scam, they are just a portal to Millions of scammers who become opportunists.  I have used and I have attended 2 amazing Socials.  They do not offer socials anymore because of the Russian conflict there.  I learned that the Letters, Credits and Chat are the biggest waste of money!  The tour was expensive, but it was a great first hand learning experience, maybe the Best Vacation I have ever experienced.  My second visit to Ukraine was 10 times cheaper because I booked everything myself, and I only paid AnastasiaDate for the Social mixer that I attended.  In a Nutshell, the socials were at Nightclubs, or in a Park/ Spa setting and the ratio was roughly 7 women to every guy.  The numbers were Great, the women were out for a good time, and open to talk ( not Chat for credits).  

Attending a Social is 100 times better than sitting at your computer keyboard !!!

Ukraine women come from many different local cities, Oblast, and suburbs to attend these socials, it is rather amazing.  AnastasiaDate provides FREE interpreters during the 5-6 hour mixers, the Interpreters are usually young College Students or Agency Interpreters.  During the Socials, AnastasiaDate provides Great resources to protect its paying clients, after the Socials, it is more every man for themselves, and every interpreter for herself.  

If there is just one lesson learned here, it is this…  find your self just one Trustworthy, Honest interpreter that you know that you can trust.  During the Socials these interpreters are bound by Agency Rules, but after the mixer they can openly and Honestly tell you the truth behind the partner Agencies ( there are hundreds of local agencies ).  Anastasia has no control or oversight over all the many agencies across Russia and Ukraine.  If the interpreter is Honest with you, you will quickly learn some painful truths about the Dating Business in Ukraine.

A good interpreter is worth her weight in Gold, she will not only interpret conversations for you, but she will steer you clear of Gold Diggers, (remember you don’t speak Ukraine or Russian ).  A good interpreter will protect your wallet, never allow any Cab Driver or Restaurant to over charge you a single penny, they will never ask you for gifts, or money ( other than the negotiated hourly rate - usually between $300-$400 UAH  -  $15-$20.00 per hour).  A Good interpreter will have your safety and best interest at hand, and also be a great tourist Guide.  Most important of all, A good interpreter will never abbreviate your words or meanings to rush a conversation, and will always tell you what is being said about you both directly and indirectly from all directions.

I have made some good friends in Ukraine, they always want to handle my apartment arrangements, and drive me around if they have time.  I know that I can leave luggage or Documents safely with them, and they value the friendship and communication.

Everyone in Ukraine will tell you that thousands of Ladies are serious about finding a Husband or boyfriend, but these are not the ladies that you are corresponding with.  The Ladies on the site are real, the professional Photo Shopped images are an effective hook.  In General, maybe half the ladies are serious in their search, but maybe 80% are also serious about making extra money.  Agencies advertise ALL the time (job interviews) for ladies to come in, have their pictures taken, post profiles, and make extra money Chatting with foreign member.  Again, Ladies get paid a percentage or a commission, sometimes a salary to log onto the web sites and attract attention in the form of Letters, Chat requests, and Gifts.  

There are many single mothers in Ukraine who have been abandoned by their husband ( seeking younger girlfriends) or boyfriends, these ladies are forced to move back home with mom and dad.  There are many older Ukraine women who are tired of being alone, and have decided to pack up their life and move away with their future Husband.  There are many other free sites for meeting Foreign women, AnastasiaDate is just a Better one.  LISTEN TO A LOCAL Lady…   ( )

ASK your self this question…  why would any young lady (20 -28 ) want to leave behind her Friends, family, relatives, and her way of life for someone that she has never met in real life?  Many Ukraine women live a comfortable life, it may not be a rich life, but it is a good simple life.  Many younger Ukraine women will honestly tell you…  Why would I leave my friends and family behind when I can just make this Free and Easy money from Foreign men who are happy to take me out for Dinners, buy me gifts, and give me money?  A few years ago I spoke to a lady who laughed and said that she never has to worry about money, because foreign men flow into Odessa like an ocean wave.   I was in Odessa in 2011 and you could see American and Foreign men everywhere, the restaurants were full of 3-way Dates, but that is not the case in 2015.  The internet opens the door to exploration of Dating sites to the Mass Millions…  Take my advise, Save your money.

Stop paying AnastasiaDate and other sites for communication that you can find in other sites for free.  Try Mamba or VK.  Use social Media, try Reverse Image by Google to see if you can make contact using a different doorway.  I get tired of hearing all the different excuses from many ladies…  Many ladies make excuses for everything if they are not serious to meet… many times the excuses start to appear after you have bought your plane ticket or after you have arrived in Ukraine.  Sometimes the ladies have no intention of every meeting.

A lady who is always on Chat, is a scammer, she is making her living by inviting you to chat with her.  A lady who works a job cannot be on Chat 4-8 hours a day.  WAKE UP… this is a red flag!!!   A letter that just simply repeats your last letter is another red Flag, and a letter that has no real content is just a waste of your money and time. 

if a lady is at an Agency, her computer is sometimes recording her key strokes, so she must follow all the Agency rules when it comes down to exchanging contact info, but a Lady in her own home can send and receive phone numbers and other contact info.  The site has a way of blocking some specific info like email addresses and other recognizable tags.  Ladies sign an Agency agreement, and are told not to send and receive contact info, but I have received phone numbers and sent my personal local phone numbers with great success.  My last trip, I arranged 3 meetings with in 10 minutes without sending Letters, My number was forwarded to her interpreter, and the interpreter called me to set up the meeting.

I still have credits on AnastasiaDate from a previous purchase, but I always try to limit my conversations to 5 minutes or less and use the credits when I am in Ukraine.  If the lady is serious to meet, then it will happen, if she is just earning a living, she will hesitate and never meet with you.  I try to cut through ( I cut and paste conversations ) all the BS in 5 minutes or less.   if you do arrange a meeting, Never go Alone, Always take your own interpreter with you…  She will save you from wasting your time and money.  I have learned from many meetings that if she is too young, she is just going to try to scam you, plain and simple, it is just a way of life for this sort of opportunity.

check out youtube for yourself  -    Ladies from Ukraine are just like ladies from anywhere else, just remember what the ladies in your area are like, the big difference is the Slavic ethnicity and strong family traditions.

Ask Ern about AnastasiaDate
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I have visit anastasia date and pay, for about a year or more, and even the girls have told me they love me and adore me and want to be with me and and in my bed etc etc but I never get one number of a phone number or one letter of her email neither one!!!!!! in more than a year after paying and chatting, sending and receiving letters I don't have nothing!!!!!,, neither a street name of an address of some one, nothing!! just only a hole in my pocket
So COMPLETELY and obvious is a total SCAM!!!!! Beware!!!! sue the site gov?? close it !!!!!!!!

Ask Daniel about AnastasiaDate
1 review
205 helpful votes

I was on Anastasia for more than one year, and I can tell you by 100% that it is SCAM Site ...
90% of women are there for work, specially beautiful ones, after long time being scammed finally girls who chat with me felt guilty and told me plz leave this site and don't waste your money here, there is nothing you can find here,

Now I am broke and write this for those who are still victims, plz don't waste your time, all the beautiful ones you see are workers on the site, try to find your love on real life, they are there only for chat and get paid for, there is no magic there, just Scamming :(

I didn't say by to site for just they told me that, because of all suspicious things i saw,

Different girls with different attitude keep you on chat, and build lot of lie, you can chat with them with any age and any account and any look, they just need your money ...

No Feedback, all are fake, there are exception, you probably see two old person or just ordinary ones find their Soulmate, you can find those kind in free sites and also many other sites ...

If you want to check, just don't go to Ukraine, tell them that you are in Ukraine and want to meet, see how they run away and come up with excuses,

Big SCAM way is that they say we need to communicate, but that is best way to fraud you and take your money, finally they come up with excuse and leave you borke,

Anastasia just need you to try it for a few times and that at least make 100 dollar out of your pocket, so every year millions of people visit site, if any pay average 50 dollar it will be almost 100 millions of dollar, that's enough income for the site, don't try it plz !!

Sorry I hurt your feelings :(((

Ask Farid about AnastasiaDate
3 reviews
211 helpful votes

The girls are not real. Hope the review is of help to you. Photos are pretty but the site is a fraud.

Ask bob about AnastasiaDate
1 review
210 helpful votes

Well what can I say. I read all the reviews on this site. And I still foolishly decided to try it. At first I thought I had beaten the odds and had found the right women, but after 6 months of communication on and off the site and one trip to Ukraine I have discovered through VK that the lady I had fallen for was indeed engaged. When I approached the site about it they "investigated" the incident only to tell me everything was great and she had mentioned how that VK page had been hacked by an ex boyfriend. Yet the page is still very active and of course she remains on Anastasia even after she says I'm the only one she talks to...despite me closing my account a while back. As the classic saying goes, you play with fire and you will eventually get burnt. PLEASE do not throw your money away on this site. (The ladies ID on Anastasia is 1701698 for those of you wondering)

Ask Mitch about AnastasiaDate
26 reviews
229 helpful votes
5/5/15 is really one of the better "Russian Dating Sites". It might not be as good and effordable as, but sure is better than 90% of all other "Mail Order Bride" dating sites.

I see many negative reviews and disappointing customers. But often men expect miracles from such a sites. As well, I see many positive reviews. Well, usually the ruth lies in between. is a place to try out.

Ask Robert about AnastasiaDate
3 reviews
35 helpful votes

There are so many dating sites to pick from. I like this one because I'm looking to date women from a specific region and this portal makes it so much easier for me.

Ask Arthur about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
192 helpful votes

I have one friend who use this site and he said that it's a scam. Those girls are fakes. He was very dissapointed ... but then I advice him this site and finally he had found his beloved and soon he get married=) I am so happy for him=)

Ask Natasha about AnastasiaDate
1 review
253 helpful votes

I write this review totally for the safety of 'real' men.
I have used the service, wouldn't allow myself to be sucked in for much money, call me pragmatic or realistic, money is 'not' my issue...being a 'sucker' is just not me.
I 'met' a nice woman: 31, divorced, 2 children, Ukrainian, etc. (actually, I met another woman, too, an 18 year old girl, but being nearly 50, she could not possibly relate to me or life in general...I mean who can at that age? But, "Aliona," if she exists, was quite nice.)
'She,' "Olga" runs a beauty/message shop in Kiev, only by a fancier name. I located "Olga" on (Russo-Slavic world equivalent of Facebook). She was not real. I have a real friend, Alicia (18, a very beautiful blonde, vivacious girl and a platonic friend. One whom I did meet on Facebook). I assisted her through her English exams. She is a real Ukrainian woman: nice, considerate...just a normal girl. She has nearly 300 vk friends, and she's not the most outgoing girl...just real and friendly.
"Olga" the beautician has 28 vk 'friends,' (and last posted in early January--it's now April) now she is supposed to have her own shop (hence a need for all available publicity). I emailed her both through "Anastasia International" and She 'replied' through "Anastasia" whether I contacted her by it or, they are paid.
'She' did get REAL when I brought up Ukrainian law enforcement. Being former law enforcement myself, I was able to find the proper 'local' law enforcement agency, a branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, called the MVS (I am not going to comment on this police force out of professional courtesy, but they ARE the official national police force of the Ukraine).
"Olga" disappeared from, just after our last 'contact,' she didn't want to talk on of course--it's free. I spoke with a 'manager' at "" and he said that contact off of their site was completely at the discretion of the parties involved...'they' didn't prohibit or discourage it.
Anastasia International was set up by a Ukrainian couple, and until they sold the business a few years ago, to a "private investor," (who now has a website which pulls in over 100 million US dollars per year, and is growing) seems to have been a totally legit site, doing 'everything' it claimed: creating friendships/relationships between Western men and 'mainly' Ukrainian women (real women...Ukrainian women are truly more considerate and family oriented, in general, than Western women, it's simply cultural).
An historical side bar, the Crimea (eastern Ukraine) was 'taken over' by pro-Russian forces over a year ago...Ukrainian women DO want to move to the West...It's called reality and personal survival...a few things, which as an historian, I greatly understand and respect.
Final analysis, the site NOW is mainly a scam to separate 'nice' men from their money, through the agency (literally, the local term for offices in the Ukraine, where these 'women' carry out their 'contacts'). These 'women' communicate with mainly Western men, for pay.
I have personally reported them to INTERPOL (the international police organization, of which the Ukraine is a member, hence, has a fiduciary responsibility to investigate upon their behalf). Will any 'investigation' take place? Let's be real, this is about money...the Ukraine is under immense pressure from the Russian Federation--who want to gobble up the former "breadbasket of the Soviet Union," as the Ukraine has been referred to as.
ALL people in the Ukraine want to survive and try to live...don't we ALL?
I understand what many Ukrainian women are doing's financial survival at its lowest levels, it's a form of exploitation--like rape and prostitution--of vulnerable people, mainly women. I feel sorrow and pity for these poor people.
This review is for the protection of 'nice' guys, but the women (and those associated with them, in this business) are part of an ugly piece of ongoing history...the Russian Federation's incursion into the Ukraine (until separated by Khrushchev, a Ukrainian--a full member of Soviet Russia)...Ukrainians have been historically called "Little Russians," with due respect.
Well, there's my lesson in history. My advice, don't do business with Anastasia have a one in an hundred, probably more like one in a thousand chance of meeting a nice woman. Sorry for the length of this review, but I was not going to give you some off-handed remarks...if I gave you 'my' review, it was going to be based completely on facts, and not my personal opinions. You deserve put up with this long review :)
Good luck and God bless!

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