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AnastasiaDate reviews

190 reviews
Categories: Dating
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190 Reviews for AnastasiaDate

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New Reviewer

I want to say Thank You people who are working on this site to make it almost perfect!
What a long history it has! I was impressed by their stories about romance tour, so when I’ll meet my girl here(I guess I might be very soon), I should definitely go and try it on my own!

New Reviewer

hello ,i have been on anastsiadate and sister sites for over 8 years ,i have been to ukraine twice,
yes woman are real and you will meet,
but the woman are payed
,its not lie its truth and it comes from the ladies them self,
it is a job they dont have much money here and i understand why they do,
but guys like me just lose your money and your dream,
they will make you take them shopping and to cafes
,they get use to having money,
yes of couse there are ladys on there that want a man a stabble life,but the numbers are small,
some times you wont be even speaking to the lady i the photo,as i know,i was with one in city and i saw her on chat ,so i spoke with this person,but the real lady was beside me ????this is a very evil site to take money from people,
of couse many men on there will chat all maybe be even married,its just a dream all turn on for them,
so there is good and bad on both sides,
but love is a risk,
for a site that makes so much money there service to answer letters is really bad,
im happy to here from you and your story,at the moment im seeing a beautiful woman ,but i dont trust her ,even as i wait for her in my appartment she is at work chatting with men and meeting them )))) what a joke

New Reviewer

lol if you want to feel like a rock star . this is the site to go on the girls tell you your so sexy . I want you so bad it hurts will you be my soul mate ....... and thats without a picture how much will these girls degrade themselves am telling you . If there was a giant swimming pool full of $#*! and these girls thought they could find some money in it they would jump in head first.

Tip for consumers: for the price you pay to get a letter from a russian gal you could go there on holiday. also the amount of garbage they write in there scrips is painful on the eye's. by the time you read the pre-wrote script you have forgotten the girls name. why would a stunning looking girl want to be with a middle-aged social out-cast. its all about the money. after they get what they want from you do you honestly think they would be seen dead with you.

Ask sammy about AnastasiaDate
New Reviewer

If this site was really honest would it offer fake profiles? Why Did I receive a letter from a married woman?
What is more she has 2 children – boys 6 and 8 years old, but her profile says that she has no children.
If you do not believe, please compare her profile on AnastasiaDate ID: 1752387
to her profile on Vkontakte:
Fake, scam and deceit.

New Reviewer

I am American but I was looking for Russian or Ukrainian wife. Nevertheless, I stopped, you will ask why - I will explain. The whole world knows about scamming abilities of Russian dating sites. They are excellent at what they are doing and even reasonable guys can be easily led down the garden path by angel faces and sweet words and of course excellent service.
Meeting a real Russian girl on dating sites is very difficult, needs a lot of time and money and resembles walking on a mine field
AnastasiaDate is the paradise for scam and deceit.

New Reviewer

I admit that some guys could have found a woman to love by the online dating sites. Yes, you can meet a genuine profile of a girl wanting to get married .. It may happen in real life as well.
However a lot of men were unlucky on Anastasia. The percentage of success stories is minimal. Most of honest family oriented men remains deceived and robbed of money.

New Reviewer

I don’t know what is going on with me!
I can’t let her go. My girl’s name is Tamara. I saw her and definitely it was the love from the first sight. I am planning this romance tour, because tried already video chat and it’s not enough for me!
Probably I’m gonna marry her!

New Reviewer

Waste of time and money. I chatted with a few girls here for a year. One I chatted with for several months, and spent a lot of money in credits talking with her. I then started reading negative reviews and was advised to check social media such as vk, facebook etc. After I did this, I started to ask her to accept my friend request (after I found her). She said she would and never did. This went on for a while. I noticed suspicious pics of her with another guy, who she claimed was her cousin (note: her relationship status was concealed, though in search showed :in love). I spoke with her less, tested waters, came back, she always said same things. Then over 2 weeks she posted pics of hens night and then wedding and changed relationship status to engaged then married. The 'cousin' was her bf.

I reported this to the site. They investigated and then suspended her account, and refunded my credits. But that is it. No sorry, here is something extra because you got screwed on our site. And they refuse to refund the money, even though I would not have bought the credits if not for her.

This is a site that I believe has some legit girls, but a lot of scammers. I honestly think the gains are not worth the risk, especially for the price they charge on everything. Keep you money, go to another site, and avoid these honourless woman of these countries. If they are prepared to mess with someones heart for a little money, they are honourless and deserve non of our time.

New Reviewer

Guys, I wonder what you think about before signing up to AnastasiaDate? If you are using Anastasia, it is useful to know in advance that you should be prepared for what expenses you will have as a result of their services. And in Russian culture - yes - the guy always pays :)
But on the other side you get the profiles of the real women Another great advantage is that there is a large selection of women to meet and interact with. I like this site.

New Reviewer

I know, I know, the girls look too good to be true. But they are and I advice you to go sign up for this definite heaven as soon as possible. I have never seen so many beautiful and smart girls at one place. None of the online dating services I've tried can compare to this gem. I promise you there isn't an ugly girl here, nope, not even one. I've video chatted with many and met in person many of them so I know what I'm talking about

New Reviewer

Probably the best dating site I've found so far. The girls are real and they are even more beautiful in person. The chat system is okay. They charge literally for everything but it's not thaat expensive and in the end it's worth it. Thanks to this site I had the time of my life when I was in Moscow. I would have been alone in a foreign country(I had to go there for 2 weeks, work related) but this girl, this angel, met me at the airport and took me so many places during these 2 weeks, she introduced me to this great city and she was very kind to me. I am planning a new trip soon. None of this would be possible without anastasiadate

New Reviewer

Anastasia in not a free site. Free is bad? Well, yes, in my experience of online dating, free is definitely bad. Free sites are packed full with spammers and scammers and people looking just for sex.
As for me, well, I think my experience of AnastasiaDate was typical. I met one woman who was boring, one woman whom I suspected she is married, and the girlfriend I’m chatting with today.

New Reviewer

I can see that people who make profits on anastasiadate fight valiantly for their source of income. Another fast super positive reviews to enhance the rating. I only wonder whether they would be so super satisfied if their 18,19-year old daughter constantly pursued 50-year old men to chat with her. Silly me! Of course they wouldn’t!
But for me invitations from granddaughters to chat smell fishy! Girls are commonly known to be paid for such conversations! Pure scam! But they pretend not to see the facts and love has the least in common.

New Reviewer

After being on this site for numerous months, the scam is very clear.

Their slogan is "Love knows no boundaries". Here are the boundaries that will make sure you never see any love.

- There is a "free chat" which only allows you 3 minutes before having to pay (a ridiculous amount of money). Once you chat free with a woman for 3 minutes, you may never do so again.
- This "introductory" site prohibits and blocks an attempts to share email addresses to communicate for free off the site. Not much of an introduction if you have to stay on the paid site, is it?
- The little chat boxes that pop up and the message sent to you are all automatic - done by staff members.
- You get no direct communication, even if they are "fluent" in english. This is how they strip out any attempt to communicate off the site.
- I put the word "GREEN" in my profile and clearly stipulated that any mail or chat attempts to me should mention this word. Never happened in the THOUSANDS of automated emails and chat requests.
- Beware the "counter reviews"... its very clear that people are paid to post good reviews of this site (conveniently with no details, or links to any real facebook pages or documented success stories);
- Their tons of "Anastasia in the media" articles are all coverage of their media campaigns (two chicks in a sports car).

Do your own research, try it out (without paying). You'll see.

Scam, scam, scam.

Tip for consumers: A tip? DONT USE IT. Use or any other free site. You'll never get a real woman to communicate with you aside from this extremely expensive service.

Ask John about AnastasiaDate
New Reviewer

I agree that some guys are unlucky in love. It also concerns the online dating. They count money and credits, etc. and then complain that they were cheated by the girls.
For me nothing bad or scamming had happened. AnastasiaDate has a long term history and they appreciate their customers.
Its just love and nothing else!

New Reviewer

This dating site has a very long scamming history!
SO many deceived men. People really hate this site! SO why to confide my destiny to this site?
It is the worst alternative to find the love on the Internet.
Well, have my one more bad comment on it!

New Reviewer

This dating site has a very long history!
SO many success stories. People really enjoy this site! SO why not to trust my destiny to them?
It is a real good alternative to find the love in the Internet.
Well, have my +1 good comment to it!

New Reviewer

My wife and I, we met on and quickly exchanged phone numbers. After our first talk I had a sign of relief, because now not only I had a kid, but Inessa also has two daughters. We have blended two beautiful families and our love is contagious and tender. Thanks again to this excellent service for helping us along the way.

New Reviewer

I think I am crazy because I wrote to one girl on this site that I want to marry and I think that it can be possible! She was laughing a lot but accepted it. I think I am crazy because I actually don’t have much time to have long conversations but as soon as I get her, I won’t wait to propose! I think I am crazy because I believe that she will accept my proposal and fall into my arms immediately!
Be careful boy :))

New Reviewer

Love is all around us. When you talk with the girls on anastasiadate, you can feel their sincerity. Of course there are also golddiggers, no doubt there is lots of them in online dating but I believe I haven't met any yet on this site. One of the girls even told me that she wants to pay for dinner when we have a date in person! So far so good. Promise that I'll tell you people if I have a bad experience in the future ;)

New Reviewer

My heart hardens when my spitfire Kathy growls at me. We met a few years ago on Anastasiadate. When I first saw her, she looked OK! She seemed to be a good woman!
And now this „treasure” always wants money from me!
I am such an UNHAPPY MAN! :((

Tip for consumers: Bad site: :((((((

Ask David about AnastasiaDate
New Reviewer

My heart melts when my Dear wife Katy smiles to me. We’ve met few years ago on Anastasiadate. When I first saw her, I didn’t believe my eyes! She was like a sunshine in my heart!
And this treasure is always shining to me!
I am such a HAPPY MAN! :))

Tip for consumers: Great site :))))))

Ask David about AnastasiaDate
New Reviewer

I really hate Anastasiadate. I am not impressed with the nature of Russian and Ukrainian people and of course I have never seen so many cheating and scamming women at one place.

New Reviewer

Reading some five-star opinions, which are incomparably shorter than the one-star ones, I came to a conclusion that some authors:
a – are employed by anastasiadate, or
b – are on the stage of communication and are carried away by sweet words and the prettiness of girls, or
c – have just started and are in euphoria, just like the one who writes: “What an awesome ladies! Elena, Svetlana, Natalia…” (Although the level of English indicates that he is far away from English speaking zone!),
All those reviews do not bring any facts, they only praise the service.
But can you imagine a poor service in such a factory of money? If it wasn’t excellent it could make customers suspicious and frighten them and their money.
I have been on this site long enough to know that there is a lot of deceit here.
If the site deserved trust (as some write) why it sends letters from married women? Some facts:
ID 1740005 - Julia Gluschenko - married, a daughter
ID 1739166 - Tatyana Nesterova - married, a daughter
ID 1760895 - Ekaterina Podgornaya - married, a daughter
ID 1752186 - Anna Suprun - married, a daughter
ID 1570179 – Alexandra Karova - married, a daughter
ID 1729698 - Stella Ivachenko – married, a son
ID 1584619 - Natalya Vasilyevna Tsiko - married
ID 1676281 - Anna Galich - married
ID 1585322 – Oksana Matyushkova – married, a son
ID 1725856 - Alena Polyanskaya - married
ID 1649618 - Irina Vasilevich - married
ID 1728314 – Nina Kirichenko – married, a son
ID 1653713 - Ekaterina Kulik – married
ID 1695947 – Liliya Bezverkhaya – married
ID 1678564 - Liliya Khilchuk - married
etc., etc.,
All of above profiles still exist, most of them are still active and try to communicate with men.
A lot of sites of other married girls have been removed since I became a member, probably because the girls didn’t want to take part in such dealings any longer. (But I received letters from their profiles when they already had husbands or were just preparing to the wedding).
I suppose the site is a kind of part time job for these women, and a source of additional income. There is another possibility: agencies hired personal data and send letters on behalf of the women without their knowledge, anyway money goes to the agencies in both cases.

Another point proving dishonesty of this site is that a lot of women write they don’t have children.
Actually they have one or two children, usually illegitimate, which is not so important for earning money if the man is not to be ever met in reality.
I don’t place their ID numbers here, because it would take a lot of time and space.

Someone could ask how I know all of it. After some time of being a member of this site I came across the negative reviews of anastasiadate on the internet. Thanks to it I became suspicious and started to verify girls. How?
Well, facebook, vkontakte, odnoklassniki. To my surprise I began to find photos of their wedding receptions, photos with their children, photos with their beloved boyfriends. How did I feel? Try to imagine.
Unfortunately only about 30 percent of women I received letters from have profiles on social sites, so how can you be sure about the rest of them.

All in all, if there is another guy who writes a five-star opinion: “Anastasiadate is the only dating site I trust” I will wish him good luck and say to myself: a fool and his money are soon parted.

New Reviewer

This is a great site for those who are single and they are looking for their destiny.
I know for sure..if somewhere the door closes, in other situation you will find the open window to get you were looking for something.
Don’t stop believing you can find your soulmate!

New Reviewer

Guys, so far my experience with AnastasiaDate has been ok. The site is good. The girls are real. I have seen them on camera and chat with them as well. They are the same of the photos.
But there are girls and girls as anywhere. Some are more caring, some not much. I haven't found any scammers myself but that doesn't mean there aren't.
BUT BE CAREFUL! I recommend that if you really find someone special here, or close to it, as soon you are confident on the relationship, as soon as possible find a way to contact her/them with Skype or e-mail. Modern girls, those that I am looking for, if they like you and seriously want to communicate with you, would have it! If they don't, or they wouldn't, FORGET it! If they can't even put effort to have an e-mail or a another chatting program (both for free), helping you to same your money, imaging how much effort would they put on the communication and on relationship !! Language barrier is NOT an excuse! Skype can have it's own Russian-English translator. You can use on-line translators to translate e-mails too. It has worked for me with two women. I will be travelling there shortly and I will see what's going to happen in a real world! This site is bloody expensive!

Ask Alexandre about AnastasiaDate
New Reviewer

Anastasiadate is real site for those who want to find their soulmates.
5 months ago my heart started beating faster then it was before. That’s because I’ve met Cristina. She is not like someone else understands me. She is different! ANd I know she is mine!

New Reviewer

I cant believe how poor the english is on these so called reviews, its very hard to understand why so many reviewers all who have English names can't speel properly, the sentences don't seem to make any sense and the grammar is all wrong, dare i suggest these might be fake reviews.

New Reviewer

I am a member on this site since 2012.
I’ve met some girls..but they didn’t match me perfectly. I didn’t care was she Ukrainian or Russian..but after that horrible situation that it is in Ukraine..I understood, only Ukrainian. They are showing their real emotions and attitude not only to foreigners but for everybody!
They are sincere! I wish I could find a woman like that on your site!

New Reviewer

Guys stay away from here. Was led to believe by Aliona Pavalache 1679815 was a good girl. Until I met her. She is bipolar and an awful person.Turns out she was/is a scammer! The employees I befriended at The LeoGrand hotel in Chisinau told me she is a simple prostitute. Not saying all there are bad, but why chance it! She is.
A very nice person in the chat room, but another when you meet her...she keeps her distance so it is easier for her to pull her scam. She has other prostitute to pose as interpertors and family members to make her seem legit but she isbt?

Tip for consumers: Stay away from Aliona Pavalache 1679815, she is a beautiful scammer and a prostitute. She will take what she can than pull her scam.

Ask Rick about AnastasiaDate
New Reviewer

Anastasiadate is the only dating site I trust.
That is the reason of doing that review! My friends got married and are living happily only because they’ve met here. So nothing bad or scam as other said.
It’s just love in the air around this site :)

New Reviewer

The women on Anastasiadate are really lovely, some more good than others. All that I chatted with are real. The services that the site offers are really cool and while it gets a bit pricey it is totally worth it. My thumbs up!!

New Reviewer

It was almost an adventure using this site. Through all the girls I talked with, the hopes, the downs, the rejections, the dates, all the way through to my great wife. It took time and money but eventually worked for me. This service is a perfect place to meet women if you are too shy to speak to them in person, or if you are looking for the amazing experience to date an eastern european because they are really something else

New Reviewer

Wow. It look like i become a dating sites expert.
Lets face that one, called -
You are reach guy and spending 1000s on just conversation with some girls is not a problem for you. That's ok.
But you are aged, may be havy in weight or other things.
You come to this site and wishing to buy what you see. Damn. You see womans of your dream, fantasy could become reallity. You wrong, once again.
The girls on this site get paid to keep you busy. They would never describe to you anything real, like emails or IM any sort, because it violates policy of this site.
And support team would clearly convince you - that all girls are real and been verified.
Now! What are you paying for:
First of all, chat. Everybody like chat. 1 minute cast you 1 credit. Just by opening and typing, even if you can type fast as i am (160 per min), all what you can type - is simple stupid question. After 2-3-10 short messages, another girl pay your attention and this one that you chat with, simply not answering. You switch to new one and start over. Your credits over.
You can not type anymore. Buying another 100 credits for $69, give you 100 minites in chat room with any girl. Going to payment - Visa, mastercard, even paypal - they take anything what u have. You got your credits. Who do you chat last time?
Hah. You dont even remember. But even if you do - you cant search by name, while you chating - there is no favorite list. There is list - called My contacts. Hah. Open it. Every single girl that you didnt even chat, but just look at her pics, appear in here.
Last girl that you chat with, before you run out of credits, open chat again - there is no history. Aaaa. Did you wrote on a payper, what you ask her last time? I bet not.
Start over.
Month later - you finally stop reacting on chats, because it look like every single girl want to chat with you and you already spend over a $1000 on chats, without know any one of those beauties. Now, you serious - no, i have to concentrate, i have to get one of this beauties, otherwise me - not me. Yes. It's not you. It's your dream. And you wrong again.
You start writing a letters to those girls. Big once, discribing yourself, how good you are, how wonderfull she is and should be and etc. And you got response, sure you do. How wonderfull you are, how great you could be to her, how he would love you and much more.
And you finally pick two or three girls. Hah. I can surprise you, those girls was picked by another 200 guys. Thats ok. You dont know that. But more you write to your "honey", the less you get back. Welcome to reallity pal. They not interesting in you, like in anybody else.
Wanna know why? I'm one of them. You are certanly not my type.
Im a russian guy, very smart and have my ways to trick those bustards on this web.
I made $400 on you in 2 months (not doing much). Sry, i didn't want to - it was just experiment and "you" did it yourself, not me but my friend girl from Kiev, receives that.
I had to present real girl anyway. But chating, mailing - was jusy me.
So. Anyway - how you like me? I was pretty for sure, I pick girl, that you just cant pass by.
I was intellegent (so many templates provided, you have no idea).
For the rest - i was talking about you, yes you - who want to sign.
In any Circumstances - remember just one thing, always - girl, woman, love, truth, honest - those things you CAN NOT buy, no matter how much money you have.

You can only deserve that, after good graces.

And if you found yourself, that you can - you are looser and going to loose, no matter what.
My conclusion - web site is great, to show to those who think that they can buy something, that they not deserve. In the other hand - owners need to be in jail, by just speculating in this area, as they have no rights and authority to hurt peoples fiiling.

P.s.; for those that mark as positive review, i would like to see you and your beauty pictures,
because those reviews is not real.
Dennis Ricks

Ask Dennis about AnastasiaDate
New Reviewer

Its already 4 years have passed as I am a member of Anastasia.
I had so many girls both from Ukraine and Russia. I used all instruments of this site.. however only few month ago my life have changed completely.
I am engaged with Yulia from Kherson, this is the south of Ukraine.
My word to you guy - all girls are real and I have never faced with scammers. Wish you luck!

New Reviewer

I couldn't be more grateful to this site for everything I earned, everything I learned on it and the perfect life I have right now. I have a beautiful wife and baby boy on the way. I hope he's turns up blond and witty like his mother. I am in love with my life. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't Anastasia Date. I would pay what I paid to them again if I need to because it was the best spent money ever. You have hope too, one day you will meet Her.

New Reviewer

You never know until you try. I can tell you how this site is bad or good but you'll never know. There are real girls and scammers, just as everywhere else, reality or online. You never can be sure what you would get before actually trying it. I signed up and year ago. There are the ups and downs during that year but overall Anastasiadate has given me an extraordinary experiences and that's an up. My life would be different, and in a bad way, if I hadn't tried.

New Reviewer

Don't go into online dating! This is my advice. 2 years, a small fortune spent and a broken heart later I regret ever getting into long distance communication and relations. Did I find love on this site? Yes. Did she love me? Yes. But she also brought me a lot of pain and now I'm staying away from any dating sites and I advice you to do the same if you don't want your heart broken by an eastern european beauty.

New Reviewer

I was somewhat sceptical about this site having read reviews etc, but I took the plunge and focused on one woman, and went to Kiev half expecting her not to turn up, but she did! I would say watch what you spend on the site, but my experience proves that not all the women here are scammers.

Veteran Reviewer

Again! Don't listen to all the 5 star we love it "shill account" reviews.
(This site has some of the highest shill account postings "5 star we love it" reviews.)

There ARE far to many SCAMS involving Russian dating sites!

Lots of info on these sites about these dating scam!!:

Russian dating scam, exposed here:

Tip for consumers: Look at all the fake accounts here with only one posting. All 5 star we love it reviews. FAKE!

Ask warren about AnastasiaDate
New Reviewer

It's been 2 weeks since I signed up for this service and I'm already very pleased with what I see. I like the interface of the site and the price. The girls are pretty and honest – I wrote to many and half of them actually rejected me which doesn't happen on the sites full of money-grabbers and scammers. All in all a promising call site you got here.

New Reviewer

No way these other reiviews are real. Completely empty profile and I have 200 emails a day later? Nice try anastasiasdate but even these fake reviews can't shield your shady practices for long!

New Reviewer

Not bad. I've been into online dating for a while and this is one of the quality sites. Probably the best for russian women. It's well designed. I personally like the video chat the most. It's the only communication I use on here. It's satisfactory service, I would recommend it to every guy.

New Reviewer

THIS dating site has been a game changer for me. When I signed up I was sure I am wasting my time and money, plus the girls on all photos were too good to be true.
BUT. I did find HER. It was too simple, too unexpected, too amazing. You know, one always find happiness when they stop searching so fiercely for it and stop doubting everything.

New Reviewer

Hello all,

I write this and I expect you will do what you want as you're probably in throes of lust for some hot model. I can not say for certain that all of women on here are illegitimate, but I have used this site off and on since 2005 and I have never found what I'm looking for. In this day and age there are plenty of free dating sites that have real profiles of foreign women. Those women will beg to Skype you, which, for the those of you who might be a bit slow, is free video chat!

The reason I post this today is there was a woman who sent me four letters before I ever responded. I guess this site will let the women know if we, the men, have read their letters. A fool and his money easily part ways. So impressed was I by her apparent tenacity I wrote her back and it was then I received a generic response with nothing from my previous letter in it.

I still have a few credits which I can write a letter in your place to whatever girl you believe is your future wife. Just make a good case and add an email account that will probably be quickly spammed, but I'll reply back if I haven't given those credits away yet. We can go from there.

New Reviewer

HUGE scam....try just placing a profile with NO info, just your date of birth and name (basic info) and no photo and just wait a week. I did it to check it out and up to now I have over 185 emails from ladies wanting to meet me....they have zero info on me and no clue on what i look like but they all are super interested....huge scam, don't be fooled

New Reviewer

Hey guys, the site is designed to sucker you in and never let you leave. But... admit it - it's fun. My native is Russian, I know how corrupt the business culture in Ukraine and Russia is, yet I decided to give those guys a try.
Cost me $96, that's it.
I've been testing them for over a year, had more than one profile there. Carefully selected a couple of profiles to write to - that didn't go anywhere, but I'm still using the site for its entertainment value.
All the one star reviews here are absolutely right, however the site is a great free movie, the amount of effort that goes into that production is enormous.
The darn thing is very addictive, just don't let your credit card(s) be anywhere near the computer when you go to see that show.
The coolest thing is to study your own reaction to the images and pickup lines in the popping chat windows.
Fancy yourself as Odysseus tied to the mast of his ship for a chance to hear the sirens sing. You think you know how moving pictures of pretty sirens work on your mind?
Study how the images are doctored, it's pretty cool. The sad thing is the legit gals have to compete with the paid chatters, but... they figure it out eventually too.

Anyway, don't give them your money, take advantage of all the freebies and enjoy the motion picture, computer age style.

New Reviewer

I am a member since one year now. I had a problem with credit last month but the customer team sorted that in two or three days I could even speak to them in my language and that made things better. A good website!

New Reviewer

Good site with lots of women from different countries. Once you dig a little deeper you'll find women who look and sound more real. While I haven't met anyone serious yet, one of my friends met his fiancé on that site so I guess there's hope for all of us.

New Reviewer

This site is super fake.
Do not get fooled by it. Use common sense. There are professional fulltime chatters working there, you do not actually chat with the girls.

They won't use webcams, the info on their profiles is fake, their names are not the real ones. Also chatted with one "girl" and then through some google magic found her real social media page, completely different name, but the real person (also with other pictures of her private life). That directly proves that this is all fake. They also say they don't have regular email or hardly use it, and no facebook and no skype etc. All exactly so you stay at that site of course and spend money, as they are not the real persons you are chatting with.

They do everything possible to try to make you believe its real, with their so called anti-scam services and flooding google search with their anti-scam movies. Please don't get fooled by it!

In fact most of the reviews posted here are surely made by people working for themselves to try to muffle away the scam reports and get a good average score.

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