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New Reviewer

It's not a scam! Why do you throw sticks on a perfectly good site, ugh. I've been a member for so long that I'm 200% sure it's a legit service. I met both my ex and current wife on it, what bigger proof do you want, jaja.

New Reviewer

I like this site. I wasn't sure at first, then threw in some money to check if it's legit without any expectations. There is automated emails from girls saying they like your profile, yes, but so do many dating sites. I wrote some girls that I liked and they responded back. It's a good opportunity to meet girls. The video chat lets you see who you are actually talking to. It's worth trying, I guess.

New Reviewer

Am I the only one who didn't get a fake girl? Wow, I don't know, my girlfriend is pretty real and we met on this site. She registered like on every other dating site(although the registration here is a bit diferent with the girls than it is for the guys) and I didn't get paid for chatting.
I paid a lot of money till I got her contact details but it was worth it. Nothing suspicious, don't know.

New Reviewer

I was long time member. I was not monitering my purchase of credits until just recently. I found i was overcharged on my account. Not only on anastasia but also the sister site of asianbeauties. The way they keep track of purchase makes it easy for them to falsly charge. Unfortunatly this could have been going on for a long time. Very disturbed by the fraud.

New Reviewer

Great pictures great scam

New Reviewer

It's a spam ... but it's proof that God exists

ah ah ah

New Reviewer

Come on guys…stop dreaming. They only want your money and citizenship. They'll divorce you as soon as the minimum time is up and will take 50% of all you've worked for.
Find a nice girl in the USA or whatever country you are a citizen of. Then there is no doubt.

New Reviewer

I'm from Russia and I'll tell you what is Anastasia.
 All my life i lived in capital. Some time I was married, then lived  alone.
Last 3 years I live in Latin America. Again I was thinking about the family, but local women are not for me.
 Not long ago I receive e-mail with advertisement of Agency Anastasia. Everything is beautiful, exclusive and looks serious.
I go to the site and register myself. Immediately begin to come invitations to meet me.
 Young nice faces, interesting summaries. Very impressive. I answer, make acquaintance and begin to communicate. But suddenly everything is cut off.
I do not understand anything, write to support and get explanation - it turns out, that I have only 3 free minutes, then I have to pay.
 I go to watch the prices. Maximum package is $400. I don't want to economize on relations and buy the maximum.
Towards the evening the balance is zero. Several hours of communication with the girls eaten all the VIP package.
But the girls, they are so nice and sencere, and it seems that I
am interesting for them. And I go for the new vip package.
 One day, second, third. I don't think about money. But there is
 one thing that I do not understand. Everything so good? We like
each other, but all of them avoid any communication outside the
 site. - Maybe later..., some day..., of course but not now...
 And then it happens...
It hardly happen to You. I remind You, that I am russian and
speak with them the same language. To speak one language - this is not only words, often it means to think and feel the same
 In short, I happen to talk with one of the girls outside.
The story that I heard killed me. All my brides turned out to be
employees of the agency. They are real(at least most of them),
 of couse not so nice like on the fotos, but real. They live in
 different cities, live their private life and all they need of You, is commission for each conversation with You. Some of them
 take it like additional income, for many of them this is a main
 job. And relations are the last thing, that they look for in the Internet.
Dirty business. One long lie.

New Reviewer

I have had a wonderful experience on this web site. The women a friendly, in fact, I am in a relationship right now with a young lady from this site. Hopefully it will blossom into something wonderful. The customer service has been extremely helpful in our process and have managed any issues we have had,

New Reviewer

Wow, lots of sad stories. It is a scam but remember, buyer beware.

I got this note today from an online chat:

Hi [#insert_name_of_foolmen]! This site - brazen crooks from Moscow! There are no real girls! I was deceived by the marriage agency, I'm a translator. Our goal is to pull out of you in more money. None of the girls on the site does not want to get married! We do chatting mass distribution of the same messages. Get out of here, good luck.

You be the judge but I think it's true....

New Reviewer

I been told by a girl on they get paid. Here is part of a letter.

SO WHAT DID YOU THOUGHT? YOU ARE ALMOST 60 YEARS OLD, GIRLS ON ANASTASIA MOSTLY 20 - 25, SO what YOU SOUGHT when get a lot of inviting too chat or letters like "i like your profile"? you think THAT MOST OF UKRAINIAN WOMEN ARE SICK??? BECOUSE IT IS KIND OF SICKNES WHEN YOU WANT YOUR GRANFATHER, IT IS NAME IS GERONTOPHILIA , so now a biggest dissapointing - our girls are healthy))) they want boys the same age or even lesss))))))
and yes ofcourse all, all of them get money for every minute in chat and every letter, every letter cost 10 griva and one hour in chat is 120 grivna, in same time girl can have chat with 4 person it make about 480 grivna, 60 dollars one houer pritty good money for ukraine. there are no any girl which spent her time for nothing on this site, just a lot of dead profiles in place of girls translater chatings, as me i have profile about 4 years but never chat untill this year

I went to see her in April. She was a good host but wanted you to buy her everything. When I got back I wrote letter saying that spending money of vacation is different that everyday living. She blew a gasket. I spent $4000 in 12 day, not counting airfare.

New Reviewer

. I don’t know guys, girls from look so unreal, they are like supermodels. I am an ambitious man concerning a woman for life but damn guess these girls are too much.. never heard anyone founding a girl from this site and marrying her. I like sites which are more down to earth. Like for example Girls look normal but stylish and attractive. And you don’t need to pay for every message or translation. Which sucks big time.

New Reviewer

I think the site is great and I have been having good success. Like all dating sites you have to work at it and eventually you will find someone that you can be compatible with. When you are as hot as the girls on anastasiadate I can imagine being selective is part of the drill. I mean, come on think they want to marry some loser? I don't think they are that desperate!

New Reviewer

Rubbish !!!!!!!!! Scam i am writting on behalf of my friend who spend $5000 and travelled 3 times with a hope to get genuine bride for marriage, 9 out of 10 girls only want date to eat and dine and will never respond you back, Also to add as 9/10 girls can not understand English, Interprators are con as well !!!! i will write full review in seperate full blog to warn people, beside Odessa and kiev is expensive city to travle, if you are in Europe go to Spain, or even Brazil where people will respect you.

New Reviewer

First, most of what is said on here is true. Let me explain how and scam you. They state that they do not give out personal info to protect the girls. This is crap, how is knowing a girls email or having it delivered directly to her not private! Second, you do not need translation, other dating sites do that for you for free or you can go to Google Translater and cut and paste in the message. Why they do this is that the translater in each country they operate in is the scammer! They answer all the emails. Do you think that perfect blond in the Ukraine who is in college every day from 9am to 3pm - that's their schedule! then also probably working a job has time to answer the 50 or so emails she gets each week? Of course not. The translaters read the prior correspondence and carry on the relationship with you. If you travel there, they will insist on meeting with you and the girl - for the girls safety of course! ha! I once took my own translater and the most they could say was that "I was obviously stupid for paying two translaters and she couldn't be interested in someone so foolish! hilarious! Well, I'm part Russian and have travelled there extensively but still fell for this on a trip and a half. But, this is huge, through a friend I met who was a Med student, he intro'd me to a former translater who quit because he felt so bad about taking the money. Understand that in Russia/Ukraine, scamming is a form of intelligence, not seen as a crime, its a very different culture, though in any poor country Anastasia and subsidiaries pray on poor women telling them that the men only want to meet you and there are no expectations, it is exciting for them to meet such beautiful foreign women! Plus you get a nice dinner (a casual restaurant visit is usually reserved for their birthday if their lucky) and no one is harmed because we're all so rich!! Well, the second time I met the translater for drinks he was actually with a girl who I met through Anastasia on my first visit to Odessa! Oh, and the planned tours - avoid them! I walked into a bar where there was one, there were 6 old ugly US guys and 10 average looking women who were completely disinterested, I felt bad for them and at least spared myself that embarrassment though I am still embarrassed and realize how much money I lost. The translater told me that Anastasia makes over 1 million a month!! Please please go to a trusted site, they exist! You will know when only 1 out of 10 girls is hot, that's real! Safe hunting!

New Reviewer

Joined Anastia around 3months ago what a disaster after around $750 and a lot of letter writing with no all the sites affilliated with Anastasia ,dependant on how many credits you buy the price to open a letter and respond varies from around $4 to as much as $8 so at the highest cost its $16 to read and reply to each one.WOW!!They approach very attractive ladies on your behalf saying Richie's interested in you and as if by magic a host of replies come to you from these lovely ladies.the name of the game is for you to respond to as many as possible ,if not all ,and a shedload of the elusive spondoolacs fall into Anastasia's moneybox.Attempting to establish whose genuine and who's not is pretty much well nigh impossible.An example.i corresponded with a lovely lady in my age group and ended up sending around 25 letters to her [in fairness she reponded to them all] She mentioned she had a sick son,arrangements were made to meet but she did not wish to meet in her home city and preferred to meet in Kiev.So ok so far? you all following me? Then she said she required an interpretor to come with her at a cost of $150 a day plus i would have to pay return flights for the two of them at $300 plus a 2 bedroom apartment at a cost of $175 per night.Now there also is my return flight to Kiev and obviously running costs while we were all together [Food,Drink.Taxis etc] the whole total without running costs came to $2200 including my flights for 4 nights.I have since found out that this is not uncommon in terms of the fact that the translator is a neice, cousin family member in some capacity, and generally a lot younger and as is the world over the young people all speak English.Also the apartment that was recommended is a favourite meeting place for Anastasia members and again i'm told that should the man in question book it a percentage of the cost is given to the woman.So concluding i reckoned it was going to cost around $3000 for 4 nights in Kiev.Anybody who happens to read this be assured every word of it is true so give Anastasia date a miss its a con.

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