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AmiClubwear reviews

92 reviews
Categories: Bikinis, Boots, Clothing
14273 Don Julian Dr
City of industry, ca 91746
Tel: (855) 264-9327

92 Reviews for AmiClubwear

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I would not waste my time typing this review if I loved this website.


The website stated orders would be processed within 2 days.


brought 8 pair of shoes but only 4 are actually true to size.

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New Reviewer

My sister is getting married in November and I needed a dress. Many dresses on the site are revealing but I found a beautiful midi dress and heels to go with it. It was exactly what I wanted. The confirmation email went to my junk folder and I am waiting on my package. After reading all of the reviews I'm not sure it will get here.

New Reviewer

Scam!!! I lost so much money ordering from them the last 5 years. Always missing items in every order, can't help it when they have 45% or 50% sales, that's their way to lure you in. They don't give refunds. And my last order never came. They said it was shipped. They gave me a fake tracking number that said delivered. I investigated my old orders. Turns out they used my last year's tracking number that I ordered around the same time of the year! I want a full refund!!!

New Reviewer

I have never wrote a bad review before but I think everyone should know this before they order from this store. Do NOT order from here unless you are 100% sure the item will fit. They don't accept returns for most all items and if they do they make it extremely hard for you! I am 105 lbs and normally wear a small however my small didn't fit. I wanted to return it but they would not let me, even though I had just received it last week and still had the package and tags on it. TERRIBLE! Will never purchase from them again

New Reviewer

The worst buying experience at this store, I had to pay to return the shoes to the store and exchange them for a size to more because the measure is not real and for having returned the store charged me almost 50% of the payment I made originally for shoes, although without any damage and returns only gave me store credit for payment will rest I did. I honestly do not spend time or money in this store, the prices are cheap but you end up paying more for returning the product is not worth it.

New Reviewer

I will never purchase any items from this company again. I think that there return process is HORRIBLE. I received my shoes and I was happy with them but I really needed a larger size. I contacted the company to request an exchange and they advised that they do not offer exchanges only store credits. I was okay with that but they didn't provide me with a shipping label. So I paid for the original item to be shipped to me, then I had to pay to have it returned to the company. Once they received it, they did not give me a full refund, I was only refunded the amount I paid for the shoes in the form of a store credit. I think that this process is absolutely ridiculous. I am accustomed to companies, at the very minimum issuing a full refund, which includes the item price and shipping. I was very dissatisfied with the return process. Beware before ordering from this company!

New Reviewer

They put up here the U.S. size as if they run truly size and they dont. Then on top of that if u can't fit them you have to pay to return them, most companies take care of there customers not them. To make matters worse I am told I will get store credit after 15 precent restocking fee has been deducted. This is just the worst because by the time you send it back you spending more money then you paid for the shoes then loose the actually money you spent, because they always have sales smh this is just ridiculous. So now im stick with four pair of shoes I can't do anything with smh. Then the size chart has it as if all the shoes run truly size for U.S. and they dont every heel I have purchased on this website is 2 small. Now all of my heels I've purchased in the past from other companies is a size 9 I have the right space and room but with these shoes im lookn like toe jam and earl. Now I have ordordered a dress and a two piece skirt set which fit ok because I purchased a size bigger cuz they can b altered but my shoes can't be altered if I purchased bigger then what I normally buy what if they did run truly size I would've been stuck with some big heels, you just can't win with this website when it come 2 shoes great price the quality of it looks very good but the overall problem they don't run truly size so I dont know if I need 2 go two sizes up or just one smdh.

New Reviewer


Bought six bathing suits for me and a girlfriend for our Mexico trip.
It not being swimsuit season I decided for us to spend out money here.
We sized ourselves according and their size chart is not accurate at ALL.
The swimsuits are made for twigs and are cheaply made. Even the expensive ones.
So I call to try and exchange or get a refund and they don't allow them which makes no sense to me because they are a based online clothing company.

I wouldn't recommend anyone at all to buy from them. They are cheap and scammers.
Pay a bit more for things you can take back from other companies.. not this one.

New Reviewer

I had been on this site a lot over the last few years and never ordered anything until Jan. 6. I ordered 2 swimsuits and a dress. Just got them in yesterday, so it didnt take too long. The quality seems fine but i only tried them on.

For those that say they didnt get any order confirmation or any emails, mine went to my junk folder.

My only complaint is that i ordered an XS on one of the swimsuits and i got a Small instead, even though the package said XS. Its ok though, it fits just fine.

I am willing to order from them again, hopefully my luck will continue.

New Reviewer

I am highly upset about my order! My items are not right. The sweater I received looks nothing at all like it did on line it's a totally different sweater further more it is dirty and smells awful like mildew as if it was in somebody basement and the wash tag has water residue on it! My boots have scratches on them and look nothing like the picture they are extremely cheap looking and have spots of glue and the bottom. These are boots you can buy for 10 dollars in the stores. I am very upset and feel like I've been scammed I have never had this type of experience from any online store. I'm in shock I really can't believe this.

New Reviewer

I ordered from them a few times and each time I was disappointed. Their customer service is rude! They overcharge for shipping and the clothes is cheaply made. I gave them three chances and they failed every time. Did I mention shipping is ridiculous !

New Reviewer

this site is BOGUS.. I ordered from them almost a month ago. I still haven't received my order. I spoke with a representative, and they stated that my items weren't shipped because they are on back order. She stated that my order would be flagged and that it would be shipped tonight. Well, after checking the status, it is still processing. I have now been on hold for the past 25 minutes. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM HERE AGAIN!! Please stay away from this company. If I don't receive my order by next week, I WILL BE CONTACTING EVERY NEWS STATION AND ATTORNEY that I know. COMPLETE FRAUD!!!

New Reviewer

3 stars is a very generous rating!

I have recently placed a few orders, and 2 of my orders have items that were out of stock after I placed my order for at least 7 days (it was still in stock for the first few days after I made of order, I checked everyday) and they did not tell me the item was out of stock until they send me an shipping confirmation email which is after my item was ship for 4 days, I received my order in the next two days. On their website FAQ it says "A shipping confirmation email will be sent to you once a tracking number becomes available." well it is not true in my opinion (I would have cancelled my order if i knew earlier only a hat will be mail to me, the shipping fee was not worth it at all. hat = $5, shipping fee = $13, they only refund $1 for shipping, which is unbelievable! My hat certainly won't be heavier than my out of stock items!). I sent many emails to amiclubwear and complain about this, they either don't reply me or reply me with useless information.
I decided to give this site another chance (cause it's seriously cheap).
The third purchase that mailed to me normally (with no out of stock problems), they mailed me the wrong color..... of course you can return it, it is just annoying.
The fourth and fifth purchase was finally no big problems. No out of stock problems, no wrong color boots..etc. I ordered 3 pair of boots and they are all size 8. Two pairs of the boots feels like a size 7 and one pair feels like an 8.5..... which is weird. So if you really want to try this site out, you will have to take the risks(quite a lot of different risks I would say).
To conclude, one thing I think it's good about this site is the price. It is always either out of stock and not telling you or wrong color boots or weird sizes. Just think it through before you purchase any thing from amiclubwear, do not let the price fool you.
Above is my personal experience and opinion for this company.

New Reviewer

I placed an order for two items from on Saturday, November 30, 2013. I paid additional money to have my order shipped to me via 2nd Day Air, as I needed the items no later than today, Thursday, December 5, 2013. Because I made the purchase on the weekend, I understood that my order would not be processed/shipped until the next business day, which was Monday, December 2, 2013. I received an email confirming my purchase immediately from On Monday, December 2, 2013, I received an email from stating that at least one of my items requires additional processing time and that my order is scheduled to ship out within 3-4 business days. In this email, my order summary at the top of the page confirms that the order was purchased with 2nd Day Air. Although I am still confused as to why this additional processing time wasn't mentioned in the product description nor at the time of purchase, or that I was even given the option to purchase 2nd Day Air, that is not the subject of my complaint. Solving the problem was easy, simply cancel my order. When I called on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 to do this, an automated system put me on hold "for the next available representative." After at least 5 minutes on continuous hold, never speaking with an individual, I hung up. The same routine happened with all of my 3 calls to the company that day. Before the end of the business day, I emailed with my cancellation request and notification of their lack to answer calls, and that I expected to be contacted to cancel my order (which I assumed would happen the next business day). The same repeated the following day, Wednesday, December 4, 2013, with all of my at least 7 annoyed calls to Regardless of which of the 4 phone options they provide, I discovered that after 6-7 minutes on hold, the company's system automatically hangs up the call. Again, I emailed on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 requesting to be contacted to cancel my order. I put them on notice that if I did not hear from them by the end of the day today, Thursday, December 5, 2013, I will file a complaint, as my only assumption can be that the company is fraud. Such bad business practices as providing what only seems to be false information for non-existent modes of contact can only lead me to question the legitimacy of a business. I have yet to receive a response to either of my emails. Let's hope hasn't scammed too many people and won't be able to continue to do so in the future.

New Reviewer

This is a disaster, i placed two orders for boots. One got on backorder and the other one still on transit. They sucks sending the tracking information, you need to call and stay on the line the whole day waiting for someone to pick up the phone. I have placed this order 3 weeks ago and i have nothing yet. This is unbelivable, if you see 5stars reviews they might be the people working form them. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE ITS A HEADACHE AND WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of leopard pink bottom boots that were absolutely darling on the site. I've been regularly checking my emails to acquire tracking information. Never got that email or even received a "delivered successfully" email. I began to research the reviews for the site. They were absolutely friggen terrible, you could point out the fake ones that the employees of the site wrote to upkeep their star rating so customers aren't deterred from shopping. So, this scared the crap out of me. I've always windowed-shopped their site, but never bought anything. I would of never known how pissed off they made people. So I tried to cancel and acquire a refund without any back response via email from them, as so true in the many reviews. I went to their site and signed in and after digging found a tracking number discovering my order was delivered, would of been nice to of known my order was sitting in my apt office for two days. I've taken pix of the unveiling of my package, I've heard that the products are damaged and worn upon receipt from the reviews, there were a few loose strings on my boots hardly noticeable and the sole in one boot was peeling and loose at the heel. I've walked around my apt to see if they would instantly fall apart, as so in the reviews, and nothing malfunctioned so far. The final stage is taking these puppies out for Halloween bar-hopping downtown to see if they will then fall apart with walking and dance, as so in the many angry reviews. I adore them thus far and will update with positive or negative results. Oh yea and received them standard mail in less than a week, good job amiclub or ups!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!! Its a total scam. I ordered a wig from them and got an email that it was backordered and i could get a refund by calling a BOGUS number and BOGUS email. TOTAL SCAM!!! Got $30.76 out of me!!! don't let them get it out of you!!!

New Reviewer

No problems with ordering and shipping however you definitely get what you pay for with the clothes. Mesh dress snagged immediately and lace on a bra came apart when I held it.

New Reviewer

Absolutely horrible.

I ordered a dress and heels for my bachelorette party.
The dress was cheap, but very cheaply made.
The shoes I ordered... NEVER CAME.
I've sent emails and they responded once saying they
weren't in stock, but expected some soon.

I've been married for 2 months now and they scammed me.

New Reviewer

First order was fine, cheap of course. Second order, pieces were missing, I think I lost about$50. Their line was always busy or would ring ring ring. I emailed multiple times, nothing. Read all the other bad reviews out there. Most of these good ones are obviously by them, to clear up their reputation since it was so bad online. Wouldn't be surprised if they were one of those companies that support a terrorist group.

New Reviewer

AmiClubwear provides excellent service and is an extremely trustworthy business. Looked at several on line shoes wholesalers and AmiClubwear had exactly what I was looking for. They work hard to make you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend AmiClubwear for purchases and design. And I love my new shoes!

New Reviewer

I had nothing, but a great experience with AmiClubwear. First of all, they delivered dress in the shortest period of time possible. I was nervous that it's not going to be ready in time and AmiClubwear team communicated with me constantly and always told me where they were in the process. Their prices were very competitive. The price that I've got from them was the best price from a reliable seller. And of course the dress itself was amazing. It looked better than described and it had all the promised paperwork.

New Reviewer

I've purchased several pairs of shoes from Amiclubwear. They have loads of styles, with great descriptions, photos and information about their products. They also offer fantastic customer service, so when I've had to return shoes there's never been a problem.I can't give them 5*'s tho, because their prices are usually normal retail prices. You're not going to find the amazing deals you want. You will, however, find those amazing shoes you're looking for!

New Reviewer

Amiclubwear is great, all of my experiences shopping here have been positive. Once, a package got stolen from my porch. They responded to my problem immediately, and handled it well. My only negative is that their prices are so high! Most of the time, I can find the same item somewhere else cheaper, but I'm always buying there because it is so quick and easy. Just wish they had more discounts, or coupon codes.

New Reviewer

I hate this site ,all the dress and shoese i bought they send me all the wrong size ,i hate this site and the quality so bad too ,do not waste your money and time on this site.

New Reviewer

!I would highly recommend this company. I have never purchased dress before, but AmiClubwear did a fabulous job. Their website made it easy to find exactly what you need. The dress stuff was accurate and certified conflict free. Their prices were much better than their competitors, and their shipping was very prompt. I had a great buying experience.

New Reviewer

I placed my order this April, after ordering I did research on the products and came across the lot of complaints. At that time I got clicked that I should of research initially. I got scared to imagine myself being there in the list of unsatisfied customer. However, when I received them I was happy and got satisfied! I love the products! I will come back to order more for sure. This is a proof that one should not believe everything they say.

New Reviewer

I was a little nervous ordering from AmiClubwear because I there was some negative reviews, but the clothes on the site were so cute and affordable that I couldn't resist! So I decided to place the order and I'm happy I did. Excellent transaction! The clothes ARE a little on the cheaper side (&looked a little cuter online)Overall, they're still cute clothes, I'm making no returns, and I received them when they said I would. They also sent me a confirmation receipt and a tracking #, so I was really happy about that, too. AmiClubwear has proven to be reliable thus far and I will definitely order from here again!

New Reviewer

Great store! I have used Amiclubwear for all of my online purchases for about 1 years now.Cool items, excellent prices,very reliable and honest communication. Products also received were exactly as described.I ordered a spring dress on May 16 .The merchandise quality was far better than what I expected and shipping was fast. I will definitely always order from them!

New Reviewer

Scam - never shopping here. Every time a negative review is posted,
The company and its employees come back fake positive reviews. The customer service is horrible. Don't waste your money or time. The company is a joke, employees are liars, clothes are cheap, and refunds. Take forever. They will be reported to the BBB! Now watch the fake reviews after this is posted.

New Reviewer

Not shopping here again. This website cannot guarantee shipping dates. After placing my order, 3 days later it still had not shipped. The customer service rep advised me this is normal. I shop online all the time & in most cases my order ships within 24 hours & I'm given an estimated delivery date. I requested a refund due to the delay & was advised it would be processed within 24 hrs. After over a day & still no email confirmation I called back AGAIN only to find out the refund was never processed. The whole experience has been horrible. They don't keep items in stock & do not tell this when t you place your order. You are waiting with no explanation. From now on I will stick with more reputable companies like

New Reviewer

I ordered from amiclubwear for an event that i needed sexy apparel for. I placed this order 11days in advance of the event and I will not have it until 3days after the event is over. The only information I received was i placed the order and heres a tracking number before it shipped. I have no clue why it took so long to ship nothing. Called and spoke with UPS to see if there was any way I could pick it up from a UPS store they told me to communicate with amiclub. When I called they refused to help me and every question I asked I was told was against store policy for them to answer or do for me. The agent was rude and could have cared less what I was talking about and even when I asked if they would cancel it and have UPS reroute it back to them same thing against store policy. I am going to refuse the package and never shop or support them again. I had went as far as referring the website to some friends to place orders. I made sure to inform them not to waste there time.

New Reviewer

The worst shopping experience of my life. Bought a pair of shoes and they broke on the first day. Store does not stand behind their product. Said they would not refund shoes because they were worn. Yes I wore them for about an hour. Its obvious the shoes were defective but no refund, no apologies just sny remarks from the worst customer service reps ever. Stay away, you will regret ever shopping here they same way I do.

New Reviewer

Do not buy from this site. They do not take returns. I ordered size 6.5 and the shoe was as big as a size 8. I gave it to my friend who is a size 8 and was still a bit loose. So many other shoe stores to buy from, why risk it.

New Reviewer

Amiclubwear has turned into a title which i reckon trust and trustworthiness with. The primary causes of this are wonderful shopping experience and also the returns which i get as i shop here. Now I blindly trust this brand and will also be faithful to it always. I will always be satisfied after every shopping experience here and can keep shopping in future.

New Reviewer

Excellent! Never any problems encountered. Usually place an order and receive it 2 days later. Quality of shoes are usually great! Returns, if there are any, are usually easy to do. I love this company! A lot of online companies can learn from this site's customer service procedures!!! Great experience, no issues with the dress that I had purchased. Great especially during the holidays with overnight shipping and good return policy, couldn't ask for more.

New Reviewer

How is it you mess up an order so bad? I ordered four shoes and got 6 wrong shoes that looked like they were for preteens. I am certain that my order was sent to a now very confused teenager in Brooklyn. These were for a vacation and they offered very little help aside from telling me I had to go to a ups store to return it. I am sure they cant be all that bad since they are able to stay open. However it is very obvious that this has happened many times based on the response I received.

New Reviewer

Your review will help others learn about this website.

PleaFast shipping fares on the topmost priority when I do online shopping. I hate the idea of waiting endless day after day in the hope of seeing the things that I have purchased. If an online shopping website strives to get better response, fast shipping should be on their list too. does just that, it does not make its customers wait too long to lay their hands on their purchases which is a very big do not review if you are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this website.

New Reviewer

Basically a scam... I ordered from there twice. First time they sent me only 3/6 of the things I ordered and said they were "out of stock" of the other ones, even though the site said they weren't. One of the items they sent was also the WRONG ITEM. I asked for a refund for the items they didn't send and received that after a lot of pointless emails and a TWO MONTH wait.

Sadly I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and ordered from them a second time. Instead of the 5 dresses I ordered I received 4 pairs of ugly, cheap shoes. I complained and they ignored me. I complained some more, messaged them on facebook, emailed them, and finally after over two months received my refund.

Don't even bother trying to call... the hold time is 30 mins to 2 hours and the cs reps say things and don't follow through. Worst experience of my life.

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of shoes and some dresses last Sunday in hopes of receiving them by this Saturday for a night out. I know that is cutting it close, so I thoroughly reviewed the Shipping policies and FAQ. The website said the items ship in 2 days after ordering, so I knew I would be fine because I live literally 30 min. away from their warehouse in CA (they don't allow you to pick up your items, they have to be shipped).

When I checked on my order on Thursday (4 days), it still hadn't shipped. When I called their customer service, I was able to finally speak to Yadira. She told me the items hadnt shipped yet, and I told her I'd like a refund since I needed the items by Saturday. She puts me on hold, and then tells me the items DID ship out. I was skeptical after reading all of the horrible reviews and learning they had an F on the BBB, so I asked for the tracking number, and she provided me with one.

Fast forward to today. I get an email saying my order was only partially shipped. And of course, the shoes werent shipped out (which is the whole reason i ordered from them in the first place). I am so disappointed, and will never order from this site again. Not only did they not follow through on their shipping, but the customer service representative lied to me to keep me from getting a refund after I explained my situation. This is the worst experience I have had buying from clothing websites, and I have purchased from many, including overseas.

I hope someone reads this before making and order, instead of having to find out the hard way, like I did. And if you did already make an order, CANCEL it before it is shipped!!! I feel like a sucker.

New Reviewer

AMICLUBWEAR is a great place to make custom clothing for gifts. You can design your own using their website. The shipping is quick and the prices aren't bad. My biggest complaint is how fast their web interface can be. I've ordered 3 times, every time they give me their best services and I used AMICLUBWEAR for every time.

New Reviewer

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!! THEY NEVER SHIP YOUR ITEM! AND CANNOT CONTACT THEM!!! I ordered a dress on Nov. 25th for my trip to Vegas thinking that it would come in before the three weeks until my trip date. Ha. Nope. No email came saying that it shipped. Even though it's estimated delivery was within 4 days, as they are located in CA and I am in AZ. Well, yesterday marked two weeks and 4 emails to their "support" and to their Facebook page, and only 3 responses back, that I had to wait a week for. The first two said that because of high volume they were delayed, but that they would forward my order to their shipping department and get a response to me within 48 hours. Again, NOTHING. I wrote to their support again, and no response. Then a few days ago I wrote to their Facebook page and JUST NOW they replied that they will cancel and refund my order. I was relieved, but the confirmation email looks just like my order confirmation email, the only difference being that it has the words "Credit Memo" in it. I checked my bank account online, and so far, a big fat nothing. Hopefully it will refund soon and I don't end up like the other people I see on this site saying they never got their money. I don't want a store credit. I want my dang money back. HUGE HUGE HUGE SCAM!!! PLEASE HEED MY ADVICE!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

New Reviewer

Two orders were placed on11/23/12 and on11/24/12 and the credit card WAS charged immediately.
BUT the orders are still not shipped!
I am out of money and out of merchandise! The customer service of amiclubwear does not pick up the phone and does not reply to emails.
What is going on?

New Reviewer

Do not order from this company unless you like to gamble and are willing to take a loss for items never received. This company steals money from their customers and from UPS. I've been ordering from for a couple of years now and they've slowly gotten worse and worse. Their items are so cheap, that it's not even worth the 30 - 45 minutes sitting on hold to do a return, place a claim, etc. I've tried a few times, sat on hold forever, then got a quick 2 min conversation where I was told they would file a claim with UPS, then refund my money after the claim. WTF!!! UPS didn't lose the package, package had not been tampered or opened! Their warehouse never put the items in the box, but said they did on the packing slip. If this is their business practice, then they are robbing customers and UPS should cancel their account because they are being robbed too! Aside from not receiving at least 1 item per order; I've ordered size 9 shoes and received size 6, ordered Large shirts that wouldn't fit toddler, ordered a purse that came with a broken strap, If you don't receive an item and the slip actually happens to say it was not in the package you still will not get a refund unless you call them, oh and cheap means price and quality. I consider their clothes/shoes to be disposable items because they don't last long.

New Reviewer

I'll be COMPLETELY honest. I've ordered from amiclubwear last year and like many of you, i was very excited to find such cute clothes for a decent price. Immediately after I placed my order, I began to see TONS of bad reviews such as the ones I've seen on here. I was afraid of what could happen to me and I immediately wanted to cancel my order. But I decided to give them a chance. Well, almost a week and a half passed by and I still hadn't received any email about whether by packaged had shipped or not so i emailed them . . . they didn't reply. So i called them and after being on hold for nearly twenty minutes, they finally picked up and told me that my item had already shipped and it was on its way to me. (yeah, right). So, before i got off the phone with them i DEMANDED that they email me the shipping number and they did and my package was delivered to me about a week later. I ordered two dresses. Both were to my liking when i received it but one ripped as soon as i put it on but the other one was fine. Fast forward to a year later, i decided to order from amiclubwear again. This time i ordered shoes. Again, like the first time when i ordered, they didnt send me any details about my shipping number or anything until i called. I got the shoes about 10 days later after i placed my order. now, about the shoes. some are VERY cheap looking. others look GREAT. However, ALL of the shoes with the exception of the wedges, are NOT true to size. they are about a whole size too small. I ordered 13 pairs (i sell shoes) and i only received 12 BUT they refunded me for 3 pairs. o_O
so, my conclusion about amiclubwear? If you're willing to take a chance, go for it. but stay on top of them! if 2-3 days have gone by and you havent received an email about tracking your package, CALL THEM. This isnt a company like Forever 21 or Love Culture. It's a very cheap store where you get what you pay for and sometimes you may luck up and get a hell of a bargain and sometimes you just get hell... hope this helps!

New Reviewer

I abolutely hate this website and everything in it. A few years ago a ordered two pairs of shoes and when it was delivered to me It was only one pair. I called the company to let them know. I was told that in their record it showed that both pairs were sent and blah blah blah.... Sice they don't do refunds I had to make another purchase, cal the company after to let them know s they could credit the money I paid for the other shoes. Too much $#*! I had t go through for cheap, $#*!ty ass products.

New Reviewer

I spent $65 on this website that never sent in the items I ordered. After almost 2 months I had to contact my local bank, who helped me recover the money I lost but I was very fortunate. I'm not sure if they would do that again but I wouldn't risk it. I contacted the site by phone but no one ever answers. The only contact I received from them was a confirmation of receipt after they took my payment. This review is long over due, but I can say after a year I still haven't heard from them or received any of the items ordered. BUYER BEWARE.

New Reviewer

Within the last month I order 20 pair shoes from for each order I placed I received the items in an accurately time manner. They all were true to color and size. I strongly recommend this site.c

New Reviewer

They sent me an incorrect order and made me pay the shipping to send it back. Plus when I called there the customer service representative Dianet was the rudest person I ever spoke to in my life, she hung up on me rather than helping. The supervisor jennifer would not even listen to what I had to say, she kept interrupting me.


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I made my order before I checked the reviews for AMICLUBWEAR, and I was totally scared and was praying that this is not a scam considering their website looks totally legit. I made my order on 2/5/12 and I got ground shipping. Four days later (til today 2/9/12), on the website it still said my order is "processing". I started to believe in these horrible/bad reviews against AMICLUBWEAR and I emailed customer service concerning what's going with my order (No they didn't email me the UPS tracking number). Then when I got home in the afternoon, I found out that my order package is already here and it's only been 4 days! Now that I really wish I didn't email them, cuz the content were kinda mean and I wish I didn't believe in these stupid reviews. To my surprise, they DO NOT have bad customer service at all: within the same day, they replied to my email already (just now I checked). I really DON'T understand why there are so many bad reviews about this store/company. My shoes/high heels that I order are in excellent shape/quality. I mean for $12.99 and $15.99? The shoes look like the same quality I would get in Charlotte russe for $35-50!! On the back of the shipping receipt paper, it has all reasons for you to check if you wish to return/exchange. This company looks well organized and is FAST. When I chose ground shipping, it said it could go up to 20 days! And I got mine on the 4th day. But that might be because I live in the state above it (I looked up their address, they're in California). But they definitely do not scam you and just take your money without giving you your order. My order was in the right model, color, and size. The highheels are definitely BRAND NEW; they look just like the ones in the picture on the website. The highheels even come with the extra "heel" thing where you can change into your heel if it gets damaged (idk what you call that heel part). The shoes are definitely worth $30-$50 here, but I got them for $12.99 and 15.99 (on sale).
My word for you people who are thinking of buying from or is panicking like I did about your order, DO NOT PANIC or hesitate to buy! Well, once you get your order, you guys will realize I ain't lying here. I just feel bad for the company for having such unreasonably large number of bad reviews when they're absolutely legit and good. (Just a note, Ima post this on other review sites.) PEOPLE, THIS SITE IS LEGIT. DON'T DOUBT. I really don't know how else to convince you peoppe lol.

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