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Agoda reviews

59 reviews
Categories: Hotels, Travel, Travel Deals
Tel: +66.26259200
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New Reviewer

Have been using agoda for my travels in Asia. No problem so far. Hve a few cancellations, with appropriate refunds.

Have encountered double booking once during a festive season - again fully refunded by Agoda

On average, I am getting a free week stay every year due to rewars points by Agoda.

I guess I am lucky, but hey, Agoda works fine for me.

Ask shah about Agoda
New Reviewer

I wish I'd read this before I used them. They are horrible. I booked the trip 3 months in advance, PAID them, and now, three weeks before the trip they canceled the reservation and was us to stay in a DUMP. Getting my money back???

Ask joan about Agoda
New Reviewer

HORRIBLE!! I booked a room in NYC and the night before going I checked the hotel web site and found that i could reserve the room for $80 (yes,that's NOT a typo!!) LESS than I paid at Agoda. When I called customer service I was informed (which I already knew but was pissed) that the reservation was non refundable...First time user AND LAST TIME USER of Agoda!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay away, at least if you are coming to NYC!!

New Reviewer

never again will use agoda
booked a hotel in Hong Kong and had a change of date ...........rang agoda , and was told "too bad dont call us" rang the hotel in HK and were told " we prefer not to deal with Agoda"
no hotel and bill of 3900.00 HKD :(
just another scam !!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Do not use
I was very ill can could not travel. But Agoda insisted on its cancelation policy. As a result, two nights booked but not used but still paid in full.

New Reviewer

When we came first in the room is was smelly and old. The bedsheets were moisty. And the whole night very noisy, the staff was not friendly at all. Out worst stay in Vietnam.

New Reviewer

Just to note that has pulled the plug on its prominently advertised "rewards" bonus program for new customers as of April 1st 2014. That info can only be found deep within the FAQ, which in my books is deception. Unfortunately has the same owners...

New Reviewer

I booked an hotel in Edinburgh 90 days in advance and paid up front. First time I have had to pay up front and have encountered a no change policy. We have to change our booking by 1 day and Agoda are totally inflexible. Unfortunately the hotel can't help.
With still a month to go one would think that they would be able to change the booking. I would not recommend nor use them again. They now benefit from an additional $350 and the hotel will definitely be able to rent out the room.

New Reviewer

Agoda is a good site for travel deals. Definitely cheaper for hotels than Expendia or Travelocity.

New Reviewer

The booking process is probably the best I've seen anyhwere! Especially after the hotel sites which are so incredibly difficult you want to cancel your vacation and stay at home just so that you you'll never encounter one of those pages again. Full marks.

New Reviewer

Booked my reservation with Agoda for Buasari in Patong and requested airport pick-up in Agoda's comment section. Called to confirm my reservations with Buasari the night before and was told complementary airport pick-up was only available if I booked through hotel. Agoda never responded to my initial request until I arrived at the hotel. Happy with Buasari, but would not use Agoda again due tp their slow response and you end up paying more by using them.

New Reviewer

We have been booking our accommodation through Agoda for the past five years and have not had one single issue with the bookings. They have been precise and we have always been satisfied with where we have stayed and may I add at the best prices.
As long as Agoda have competitive prices we will continue to return to their website.

New Reviewer

Stay miles away from Agoda if you like you money! We used them once, in Flores, Indonesia. They were really fast in charging money from my card but when we arrived in the hotel, the lady at the reception told us she couldn't put us up as Agoda stopped paying them half a year ago. As simple as that - there was a personal change of the person in Agoda responsible for Flores and they probably keep all the money just for themselves.. incredible!
Btw, apart from that, the lady told us if we had spoken to her directly, we would have received normal, non-discounted price which was 6 NZD lower that Agoda-promoted 'best price', i.e. not only they scam the hotels in Flores, but they also charge you extra for that

New Reviewer

This is my first time go Seoul by individual without travel agent. For consideration on room reservation to Uljiro Co-op , I found 1) Its site location is good for shopping and Airport 2)room rate is reasonable 3)picture shown room is clean ,tidy and comfortable with high quality of bedclothes , eg. quilt cover, bed sheet, pillow case...etc , they look soft and elegant 4)room is feel fresh with bright light window. 5)room renovation look new and clean. 6) room with broadband service : but we found there are 2 difference offers mentioned between and = one is free of Wi-Fi service but other is Lan Access. This is why I took quite long time to consider whether Uljiro is really suitable for us because Wifi will be considered as priority issue we make room registration.
7) Can anyone reply me about Payment due date on room reservation? it make me confused : May 19,2014 is the last payment due date mentioned on "Booking Detail" when you click into the icon "Free Cancellation" but May 17, 2014 is on "Booking Completed" slip ??? . 8) I booked May 21 to 30, 2014 and will upload my comments after my stay.

New Reviewer

It's user friendly, all the information you need is there and best of all you get to accumulate points.

New Reviewer

I like new option "Pay later"

New Reviewer

Very easy to book and pay online.

New Reviewer

The website was quick and easy to use, and I liked that Paypal was an option for payment.

New Reviewer

Easy to use and deliver the good rates.Top rate for this website.

New Reviewer

agoda's price is even cheaper than the hotel's website advertized rates.

New Reviewer

Be aware local taxes are added to the price of the hotel, what you see is not what you get, pointed out but easy to miss

New Reviewer

As a relative of a property owner, I can tell you that shows inflated prices for the properties to make it look like you are getting a deal. For example, a room might be listed at $140 US but agoda has a 'special price' of only $70 US because they 'find the good deals'. It is not true at all; that $70 room is the usual price. Further, the descriptions are false and made up by Agoda representatives. Isn't this kind of behaviour - false advertising - illegal and at the very least unprofessional?

New Reviewer

This relates to a booking made for Nora Beach Resort & Spa, Ko Samui, Thailand - this is my trip advisor post

We found this resort after weeks and weeks of searching around for the best options and amenities that suited our tastes - this was our first trip to Thailand. We had booked and paid in full (non refundable) through Agoda, we were due to stay in a Beach Front Chalet. We had chosen something special as it was our 15th wedding anniversary. When we arrived the resort told us that there had been a double booking error which was very upsetting, we hold Agoda completely responsible as we booked with them and they had over a week to communicate this issue to us and allow us other options - we may not have even travelled to Koh Samui as other hotels in Phuket were equally as good. Putting that aside back to this resort and a very special thanks to the general manager Prajuabphan Sakakorn who dealt with our issues very well, under his management the hotel put us up for two nights in the sister resort Nora Buri which although was not beach front was still stunning. We feel that he went out of his way to assist but the responsibility for our unnecessary stress and inconvenience was with Agoda.


New Reviewer

I always find the best rates in Agoda. Also, the feedback from customers give you a better picture of the place even before you get there. It is better to surf through Agoda as compared to going directly to the hotel's site, for example, as you get a more realistic viewpoint of the place.

Also, I do not need a good idea about the place but when I read through Agoda, I immediately understand where a certain location is and how to get around the city to reach other destinations. It's an all-in-one site for your adventures.

New Reviewer

My experience was awful I stayed at the Golden Boat 2 in Phnom Penh and left with bed bugs very disappointed. Angry customer!!!!

New Reviewer

I would not recommend Agoda for a number of reasons.

We had booked a bedroom apartment with partial sea view at crescat residency, Colombo, Sri Lanka and had paid the full amount through Agoda. Upon check in, we were shown into a dingy, dull looking apartment on the third floor with absolutely no view. We were staring at the wall of another building. 2 days into our stay, the nightmare started. The staff started coming up to our apartment asking us to vacate to another apartment as they had received another booking for the apartment we were staying in. We received door knocks, 8 phone calls and several threatening SMS which was very uncomfortable. The fact that we had to move was not communicated upon booking or check in and with a one year old baby and a wedding we were attending to, we could not pick up the bags and just move as we had a lot of luggage, a cot, a changing table, etc. We also could not be with our family and relax because of this heckling. The management was not supportive at all. They asked us to pay additional $30 if we stayed in the same apartment and were concerned about the accounts more than having a heart to listen to how much inconvenience this was causing.

The information Agoda had shared on the advertisement was misleading. Had we known that this would be an apartment without a view and involved several packing/unpacking and moving, we would have chosen another hotel. When we called Agoda, they were not helpful and asked us to move as per the hotel request. Overall, we did not bargain for this kind of treatment or harassment when we booked and we would expect Agoda to monitor and provide us with accurate information on the accommodation we are booking. I would suggest for Agoda to review the information the hotel management is providing on these particular apartments and also make sure the rooms being advertised are actually available when being booked.

It was a horrifying experience and made our last week in Sri Lanka, which we were really looking forward to, a nightmare. Never again will we book through agoda, and absolutely never again will we stay at crescat residency. No thank you!

New Reviewer

Using this site was quick and easy....if I can, anyone can. Enjoy your stay!

New Reviewer

+easier to find the best hotel rates and recommendation
-need to login again if you need two (2) rooms and above...please update the search details.

New Reviewer

For those on the move through Asia this hotel is ideal, price is right service OK & conveniently located to the city.

New Reviewer

Easy booking

New Reviewer

good but it should be much better if you can remind the users to redeem points.

New Reviewer

Just booked a hotel in Hong Kong, not available in most travel booking sites. Got the best rate and I know I can trust Agoda. Have been using it for 6 years now.

Only downside is the point expiration :(

New Reviewer

good site buy why does it show the same pics on different prices?
and looks ot be the same as the cheaper prices,

New Reviewer

WARNING!!!! Don´t ever use! I was promised my money back from them as the hotel I booked did NOT EXIST, something I discovered when I was standing infront of the supposed hotel in the USA. They can´t be reached at any phone nr whatsoever and if they call you (after you threaten to inform the police and the media), they use blocked phone numbers so you have no idea who really is calling and from where, and then they harass you for your credit card details in order for them to "refund" you. They don´t answer emails either. I needed to involve a lawyer for that one. I suspect is a bunch of private people with very good computer skills that pose as being an online booking service. My honest warning to everyone out there: NEVER USE AGODA.COM!!!!! The safest way to book hotel stays, is to contact the hotels directly. Lesson learned the hard way for my part.

New Reviewer

They go hand-in-hand with Booking .com. Five month after I cancelled my
agreement with Booking .com (they were charging me 15% commission!),
Agoda ,which is one of their affiliates, keeps misinforming the unaware travellers
showing "no rooms available" at Villa Maria Country Inn Edmonton (my B and B).
Their"customer service" is a phantom; Stay away them dear traveller !
You can get a real good deal by calling directly thus avoiding intermediaries who
drive up the prices !

New Reviewer

Horrible customer service. refused to give money back for a hotel reservation cancelled because of East Coast snow storm. Flight was cancelled, sent them proof as they asked, and NOPE, no help, no refund, stating that everything I sent as proof could be edited by anyone. I forwarded them United Airlines emails as proof and a PDF United sent, they would not accept it. I book all the travel in the office and I will never use them again. Stay away from this company!

New Reviewer

I hate this site, I have booked but I can never cancel my booking, they have charged me 100%. Not good

New Reviewer

This is probably one of the worst websites that I have ever booked through and am so glad that a lot of other people have had such a poor experience with them. Other sites such as, etc will provide correct reviews, better customer service and actually do a great deal with the hotel.

New Reviewer

Agoda is a fraudulent company. They have stolen my photos and are misrepresenting my property in Powell River and Gillies Bay, Texada in BC Canada. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and contacted Agoda directly to have them remove my properties from their site. I never heard of this company until I found my property listed on their site when I googled my property, Frolander Bay Beach Retreat and Gillies Bay Cabin recently. I have my own websites and chose to deal direct with inquiries. I have rentals available but their site claims I am booked. They also wrote a description that is false and very misleading.

New Reviewer

Below is what I wrote to the fine folks at Agoda:
Your site shows a regular price of $62.95USD with a "Limited time offer Super Hot Deal" of $24.63. The regular price is fraudulent and completely misleading as a guest would expect to see a room that would cost the regular price. The hotel owner said the normal price is $31USD which is exactly what the promotional price comes to once taxes are added. Also, in the "hotel features" section it clearly states Internet in rooms-Wi-Fi access with a green check mark. This is inaccurate as there is no wi-if available in my room and there never has been. This is simply false advertising.

New Reviewer

We booked an expensive holiday via Agoda and should have received 9% cashback via Topcashback. However 7 months on and they still haven't paid out. We've just received an email to say they will not pay because they cannot verify TopCashBack was the last link used to access their website.

We use TopCashBack for everything and very rarely have problems like this. We made two separate bookings, and both have been declined. I am very distrustful about companies who offer cashaback and then do not pay out so will not be using them again. Should have stuck with Eexpedia - always pay out and would have been cheaper in the end anyway!

New Reviewer

Do not trust their lowest price guarantee.
They will not grant the difference to you even you found a lower price from other website. Their service attitude is really bad.

New Reviewer

What a bunch of twits. Useless twits.

I've had plenty of experience booking with's - These idiots are really quite special.

Not only were the descriptions and photos totally misleading, they overcharged me on the rack rate by ~$40. The hotelier noticed this and instigated the refund for me, which was really decent of them.

Upon my return home, I noticed that Agoda had actually charged me the over inflated $178 twice. Now you'd think this would be pretty easy to rectify, right? Ho Ho Ho, So WRONG!

After multiple emails with attached credit card statements, I've been given the run around - each different "customer service" agent informing me that the $40 has been refunded and the $178 was for the hotel booking. DESPITE the fact that there is obviously 2 x $178 deducted from my credit card!!!!!

So, I tried calling the international assistance number (not a free call btw) and after a long conversation with another "customer service" agent - Her only suggestion was to email the credit card statement...

I've given up and will let the bank handle it.

Why bother with these morons when there are other online services advertising the same properties?

New Reviewer

Be wary of this company, I have just returned from the Philippines where I booked a hotel through them for 2 occasions whilst away. I arrived at the hotel at 10:20 PM with wife and 2 year old to find it closed. I look at iPad and their site and Agoda have removed page for the hotel, I ring them and the response when I tell them it is closed is I will ring hotel. 15 minutes pass and get a reply saying moved us to a new hotel, but when arrive there, they have no idea about new booking. The receptionist sorts it out for us. I asked the new hotel how long has other hotel been closed, the reply 2 months!!
Agoda did not contact me regarding this, although obviously aware as they removed the hotel from their site.
Agoda people have never apologised for what has happened aqnd has cost me an extra £30+ in data usage phone calls etc.
Absolutely the worst customer service ever

New Reviewer

Stay away from Agoda. Use instead. Bad experiences with them aside, I am now plagued by their advertising targeting me since they acquired my email. I am sorry I ever tried them. Once you book with them say goodbye to your money and goodluck to getting your room!

JRP Vancouver

New Reviewer

I also have had it with Agoda. I booked a VERY expensive $500/night hotel, and then had to cancel the next day, due to a conflict in my husband's schedule. I looked for their cancellation policy, but could not find it on their website. Once I had booked the hotel, the cancellation policy was stated that you had to give them 45 DAYS notice, or you would be charge in full for the room!
I am trying to work with my credit card company, but they are siding with Agoda. I don't know why.
Stay away from these people - or be SURE that you look at the hidden fees BEFORE you book! Afterwards, it is too late - they will not make any concessions.

New Reviewer

I booked a hotel in Manila for 3 days,hoping that upon arrival from the airport I can readily rest and sleep,the airport shuttle driver brought me to the address of the hotel,we were wondering why the hotel is closed,no one to talk to,i even doubted if the driver brought me to the right place,and he himself is wondering where the hotel is,we drove around,it is midnight,we can't find much people to inquire to,finally we have seen at least 2 people in the street,they showed us the hotel,so we were right ,the first hotel that we went to is the right hotel,but it is close.

The driver stayed too long with me,and he has another call for service,he said If I wanted to,he can get a taxi on the street for me or bring me to the hearest hotel,the nearest hotels are a bit costly,and most are fully booked due to easter holidays.

Being a solo traveler,and was put in such horrifying situation is thw worst night mare i have ever seen,for safey purposes I just booked the nearest hotel who has vacancy at a skyrocketing price.

I could been informed by Agoda that I can't be book and accomodated on the said hotel due to its closure,but mind you,when I tried booking another on the same day,i found out that agoda is still booking that hotel.

I was able to talk to the operations manager of the hotel after the easter holidays,I told them that Agoda keeps booking their hotel eventhough it is closed for renovation.

Please avoid agoda,i have a booking confirmation number,have paid my booking in full,but they are fraudulent,they will give their contact details,phone number is answered by answering machine,you will be spending a lot to inquire about the mess they have done to me,spending overseas call from manila to UK,WHERE THEIR TRUNKLINE IS.

AGODA RUINED MY HOLIDAY,spent most of my time while on holiday,contacting them,

To the consumers,please avoid Agoda.I am going to write to Australian Fair trading to seek help to save other consumers of this website from being a victim of fraud.


New Reviewer

I booked a hotel in dubai and they listed the price double everywhere else which I only discovered once I checked in to the hotel. Upon arriving the hotel staff too were surprised by the price I was charged and I can't even get a refund from agoda. According to their website, the "best price guarantee" they offer can only be claimed before checking in. Problem is I only found out about it after checking in so, try other websites, this one's a rip off in my experience. Plus it was too much hassle just confirming the booking; had to call them twice to get the confirmation. And they don't respond to any emails sadly!

New Reviewer

Booked through Agoda about a week ago and recieved instant confirmation like stated on their website. We were absolutely delighted as we managed to get a city centre hotel just in time for a st patrick's weekend trip to Dublin. Thinking this was too good to be true, we wanted to double check with the hotel that our booking was ok. After several phone calls to our hotel in Dublin, we recieved an email to end it all saying "We have just recieved the email from Agoda today (this was a week after booking the hotel), however we have not allowed Agoda to allow bookings for our hotel and are now unfortunately booked for your requested dates", even though we had phoned Agoda and they had 100% ensured us the hotel had booked us in before the hotel had even recieved our details. I decided to phone Agoda so they could explain our situation and after being put on hold for a total of 40 mins and managing to speak to someone for about 5 mins, the communication barrier between me and the 'english' advisor was ridiculous and I still havent been able to get this situation resolved. With hotels already been all booked up for st paddys, there is no chance we are going to get a hotel in the city centre now without paying a fortune. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

New Reviewer

Booked three hotels in Thailand last July. Two had no problems. Booked a family room that was not available when we arrived. The hotel put us in a much smaller room that was advertised ad 1/4 the price I paid. Contacted Agoda and was told the would invesitgate. Many emails later, I get the same response. We need more time and will get back to you. I have the distinct feeling that they are stringing me along until I just give up. 5 months should have been enough time to investgate. Their loss. We travel to Thailand every year, but will not use them again. It's not a huge amount of money, but a decent business would have refunded it. Go ahead and use them, just hope nothing goes wrong.

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