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69 reviews
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69 Reviews From Our Community

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I had a 6 months experience with AFF, with a gold status membership. (in 18 reviews)


It's the largest "adult" dating site that actually has real women. (in 20 reviews)


You can pay for a Silver or Gold membership and meet people for sex. (in 10 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I think people's success with this site depends on a lot of things - your personal status, attributes, geography, etc. If you're a woman, obviously you'll get a lot of attention, not all of it positive; couples seem to be hit or miss, (many complain of fakes) and for most guys, probably pretty much a losing proposition, unless you have some stunning attributes that are much in demand (like endowed like John Holmes.)

As a more-or-less average guy, it's pretty miserable - there are lots of fake profiles, (pretty sure many of them are manned by employees of the site), and the few conversations I've had with people have been mostly rude or scary. Almost every conversation began with a Gestapo-like interrogation, and immediate demands for personal information I'm not going to share with a stranger.

There are a lot of scary dudes there, and I imagine women become rather suspicious and hostile due to bad experiences with them. But you know what? I may be "average", but that doesn't mean some fat, and/or grotesque woman gets to talk to me like I'm a homeless serial killer who'll steal her credit cards the instant I get a chance.

I went into it thinking "This is a good way to meet new people, people who are probably open-minded, non-judgmental, friendly people you'd like to have a beer with."

Instead, it's a mental ward - try it if you like, it might work for you, but don't ever pay for it.

Tip for consumers: Don't pay for the service - the free account will give you enough probably the only thing paying does is gets you lots of attention from shills who get very friendly when it's time to renew. Save your money, and go "out" - your chances of meeting someone are much better pretty much anywhere else in real-life than here.

Ask r about AdultFriendFinder
New Reviewer

I have tried this in the past with limited success. Recently, I received an email from the founder ( a PhD type) who had repurchased the company, was coming back into management and promised improvements. I will wait a bit and try them again.

New Reviewer

It currently-has an Ambassador promoting it and something called "F*Book" on YouTube , trying to claim"it's free"(when it is ACTUALLY: prohibitively-expensive!)---it's a 100% scam...just-like all the other web-based Adult-sites)...don't fall for it. Actually; you are better-off finding a date in a local bar or church or something NOT involving the web! That-way you'll KNOW the douche-bags and scum-bags without playing "Russian Roulette" with the web!

New Reviewer

A very mixed bag. We have been in the lifestyle for 10 years and have rotated our paid memberships between AFF, Lifestylelounge and SLS so we have a pretty good basis for comparison.

AFF is by far the biggest and it's where a lot of people start. If you can't find someone on AFF, then you're doing something wrong. You do need to be very careful though as there are SOOOOO many fake profiles or people that are just playing around on the site with no intention of meeting.

- lots of members
- limits what unpaid members can see and do
- service is pretty responsive when you need them
- good member privacy controls

- very few hot couples or girls
- ridiculous amount of fake profiles and the fact that the site admin creates them!
- 99% of single girls that are at all attractive are fake
- no monitoring of people stealing pics\videos from websites and posting them on their profile
- no "booty call" or "Hot Date" type feature
- some features are buggy unless you are on a real PC
- search features are wildly inconsistent and inaccurate. We sometimes get emails from very good matches nearby and we have never seen their profiles before

Tip for consumers: 1) let your membership expire before you renew and then keep checking the rate. You will get a much better discount on a long term membership (we just paid $45 for 18 months).
2) Use google image search on pictures that you think may not be really them. It's amazing how many people use porn site pics on their profiles

Ask D about AdultFriendFinder
New Reviewer

I started receiving multiple e-mails every day from scam porn/virus sites including fake 'replies' within weeks of joining this site with a unique, unguessable e-mail address, then closing the account. So it's clear that the lowlifes at sells your personal details to every shady website they can manage to. Give them a miss.

Tip for consumers: Scammers. Steer clear.

Ask Steven about AdultFriendFinder
New Reviewer

AFF may be a freaskshow but it's not a scam. I'm a handsome, cut, well endowed male in my mid 30s. I can pick up women on any bar in america. I tried AFF. Banged lots of girls, most of the 6s and 7s. The competition for male attention is incredibly hard. I realized after a couple of months that it was way easier to pickup slutty receptionists at happy hour than to spend hours writing witty emails trying to get the attention of women I wouldn't even pursue in person. So what does this all mean:

if you're a dude. you must be cut, endowed and willing to write a lot of freaking emails.
If you're a girl: you probably don't need much. maybe a picture. getting laid is a guarantee. quality will surely vary.

so basically AFF is a hyperbole of life. good looking guys get laid. women just have to say "who wants some sex?"

Ask Doybe about AdultFriendFinder
New Reviewer

My husband joined this site and paid the most expensive rate. He hooked up with very few fat ugly women for web sex. In desperation he paid for the 'models'. Anyone know if these models webcam? If not surely he coulda got this for free on other sites is porn hub??

Tip for consumers: Best not to

Ask Shirley about AdultFriendFinder
New Reviewer

This site is a terrible and I have never seen so many dirty birdy on here! If you visit this site please ensure you have sunglasses.

Tip for consumers: Yes use sunglasses

Ask helen about AdultFriendFinder
New Reviewer

Another site that doesn't deliver. Lots of fake profiles, scams and very limited use of the site unless you pay for the privilege, even for women who normally get free run on these sorts of sites.

Ask Jane about AdultFriendFinder

I just feel that there are SO many insincere men on the site... and while I have never seen the female side of the site, I bet the girls are just posers. Also... site so buggy it's crazy....

Tip for consumers: Buyer beware.

Ask Melinda about AdultFriendFinder
New Reviewer

Aff or i was actually signing at http://$#*!
This site - is a scam. Along with
My eperience is this, no matter how hard you try, how many effort you put,
any normat (look, i didnt metion hot or pretty) looking girl, will just west your time and never meet in person. There tons of ugliest, weard, crazy persons - not mention all nasty staff,
but i wast talking to them. No way. I try to get attention to normal looking girls.
Some of them turn into a crazy, some just waste a time. One was looking good, her name was rachel, and when i try to get her in real, she told me what she up to. No way i would do that, but i said ok, i'll do for you - just expecting another excuse. She gave me her address and that she called me and said - no, i dont wanna do that. So, i took a little drive and stop there and wait. Maaaaan. When finally thing came out of a house and barely fit her into elantra, i get filling that she did right, by refusing meet with me, because i would throw right a way, just by seen this thing. So, my advise - if you think there is any good looking girl on a web, waiting for you for sex - you wrong. If you think - there is wild cherry that waiting for you to come - you right, but that not cherry, more like - hippopotamus waiting for you to serve.
If you see any, at least normally looking girl on one of those sex dating site - run away, something wrong in here. Because after been on those sites, blowing my and their minds, i finally realise - why would any good looking girl be here, if she can just simply go to bar, raise a finger and get what she want. Its that easy, for them, really. And we (as a man), just remote controlled toys, with some resistance. Thats a rule of our mother nature, put on us.

Dennis Ricks

Ask Dennis about AdultFriendFinder
New Reviewer

I am a married guy so I should've know that it wouldn't really work anyway. But, I was on the site like 2 maybe three months and I got two hits! I had sex with both but they were both fat ( obese ) chicks. Both were married like me and were doing $#*! on the low like me. The first one was a female player. She was just $#*!ing guys like two maybe three times and she was out! The other one was kind of crazy. She actually wanted to go out in public even though she was married and she had family all ove the city! I $#*!ed but they both were obese! Not really a win! The rest on the site were looking for 10s even though they were 5 or lower themselves. Just a lot of stuck up chicks who were getting egos were big as hell cause guys email the $#*! out of them even the fat ones! Smh

Tip for consumers: If you're single and about $#*!ing, then it might be a good site if you can wait at least 2wks to a month for a response from female. or Tinder is a way better site for single or married but looking guys. Maybe cause it is free and you have more interaction between men and women without have to spend a lot for bs!

Ask Derek about AdultFriendFinder
New Reviewer

This site is great until you pay. Once you pay, they mess with you. At least that's true if you pay with a money order. They like credit cards, because they can keep charging you over, and over, and over.

I couldn't log on, and I wrote them an email. They responded, "Sorry about that. We've fixed it." Nice, right? But then I tried to log on again, and it wouldn't work. I wrote them back. "Thanks for the quick response, but I still can't log on."

They wrote back and said, "Could you give us the handle, the email, the password, and the details of your problem."

I wanted to write, "Sure. Kindly go $#*! yourselves," but I gave them all the info. I'm expecting the worst. I'm also expecting to write more reviews about these POS's.

Tip for consumers: Use it, but don't pay.

Ask Early about AdultFriendFinder
New Reviewer

As most have said, the site is filled with fake profiles, dudes pretending to be women and generally disgusting females.

Only the fake profile portion is the sites fault, but my gripe is, the site feels like it's managed and moderated by a single person who lives in his mother's basement and works only part time.

You pay and sign up only to have your pictures sit in purgatory, never being approved and the site is constantly glitching is various ways I have seen since the days of MySpace.

So far, it feels like a total waste of time and money. I wouldn't recommend.

Ask Bon about AdultFriendFinder
New Reviewer

Stay away. Your account will get hacked. I had to cancel my card for security reason. DO NOT DO IT

New Reviewer

This yet another scammy site that is completely fake. You much better off using a site like

New Reviewer

don't call or email them they will not get back to you. Don't block the rude people on there b/c the block does not work. Don't think you always talking to a woman b/c its most men on there. you ask to talk to the woman half and all you get is good by or she is not here over and over. I just got one think left keep your money in your pocket b/c this site is not at all what they say it is. your better off looking on facebook or tagged or meetme. 99% fake and lies.......................

New Reviewer

Horrible customer service. Joined the site today and even got a paid membership. Came home and the site was so slow it was unusable. Called up to say it was slow and they said they needed my password? To complain the site was slow? So then after they were unable to duplicate it while there sitting on the freaking servers they have me start to restart the browser and stuff. Really? I tried it on my phone on 4g and on my PC but you still want me to go through your hoops? And this is just on day 1 wonder how its going to go for the rest of the month.

New Reviewer

Can anyone tell me what rm_ means at the beginning of a users screen name on AFF? I've looked everywhere with no answers, and there seems to be a lot of members that do it.

New Reviewer

The website is full of losers, that's why they are there. It emits a very negative atmosphere in my opinion. Dated a man that I met on there, Timber19509814. He told me the whole nine yards. I was taking it slow and easy but it seemed to actually be something. Then one day out of the blue he texts me and breaks it off, which is very rude to do that on text. Come to find out he's lying about his age, he's actually 13 years older than he says on his profile. Paul Spillers thinks he can do whatever he wants to whomever he wants because he is an attorney with Theus, Grisham, Davis & Leigh . This site is definitely a meat market, like bar hopping only from your home on the pc. If you are not the one for bar hopping to meet someone, you definitely don't want to cruise around on AFF. Peace & Positive Vibes!

New Reviewer

Do not upgrade you can do a lot being a standard member alone. I had upgraded to gold membership on 5th of April , 4 days later the account was deactivated. When customer care was contacted by email , they replied that I must call the billing department and get the credit card verified. Firstly , I would have loved to stay discreet about it , secondly the toll free number is that of US, how thoughtful of them. The money has not been refunded , the account has been deactivated and I am not even sure if they are going to keep debiting money from my card. This is day light robbery.

New Reviewer

I would rather jump off a bridge than use this site. If you are looking for something that is the real deal than you could try

New Reviewer

Years ago, this site was actually worthwhile, and I met a few really cool girls. Of course that was then. Now, the site is totally pointless, as there are more bots and fake profiles than anything else. Don't waste your money, your time, or even the keystrokes on your won't get anywhere. If you're a current member, cancel your membership and shut these fools down.

New Reviewer

I didn't score with any chics, but there are attractive women on there. BE CAREFUL OF THE FRAUDULENT PROFILES. The site does a terrible job of screening the scammers. Site doesn't have the greatest design, but it's workable.

New Reviewer

75% FAKE PROFILES with a high rate of people getting stds from other members

ever since penthouse bought aff out this site has gone to $#*! fast. there are a lot of people on this site spreading stds and lying about it. the amount of overweight women in comparison to fit women is about 99:1 (yes for every ONE fit woman there are 99 FAT one's) the majority of the unicorn profiles are fakes, the majority of the SBM profiles are either liars, fakes, flakes, wife $#*!ers with no condoms or all in all men who will say anything just to $#*! then when they show up they CAN'T $#*! for $#*! and have zero personality. the majority of the couples are as usual CLIQUE they stick to what and who they know and even when they do set up dates with you they will NOT SHOW UP and will never apologize for it.

my advice, stay away, don't waste your money because as a free member you have NO ABILITY to do anything. they will spam you to death as a free member with the most beautiful of women, men and couples trust it is just CATFISH profiles. the STAFF are required to make and maintain FAKE PROFILES just to keep your interest and it works for some.

New Reviewer

I was skeptical but decided to try it out. I was pleasantly surprised that this site is full of real women. Guys some advice - dont show pictures of your $#*! - act like a gentlemen, the same if some guy wanted to date your mother, sister or daughter, and you might be surprised at the responses. I hooked up with two very pretty and very nice ladies from my area that i still see..Other than this site others i have found seem to be all fake...

New Reviewer

I tried out a few sites at the same time and this site was by far the most money grubby and the saddest girls. I was disappointed.

I'd recommend (free) or, if you really need the adult angle, But with you need to be voted in, so you better be good looking for that site.

New Reviewer

I swear I think the staff is sending all these fake emails on this site, not one real active member. What a rip off! A much better alternative is

New Reviewer

If your a good looking dude like me, don't sign up! Its not a scam, but its all ugly fat chicks, lol, I was hounded by 50 fat hoes emailing me, and I was like, Hell No, I'm not paying to talk to these bizatches! I went to the bar instead, and picked up the waitress, good times yall!

New Reviewer

Biggest mistake of my life was going on this site and meeting a woman with missing teeth and a tendency towards violence. This site is filled with criminals, sociopaths, and druggies. Stay away from it.

New Reviewer

AFF is not worth the money. I was bombarded by fake bots and sent countless emails, to eventually pay to find out that all the profiles were fake. Yeah I would recommend using a site like, I had good success with them.

New Reviewer

I had a 6 months experience with AFF, with a gold status membership.
AFF is clearly a genuine dating site with tons of real profiles.
I got several contacts, conversations and dates that end up nicely.

But... man! That was hard.

Let's be honest about what's going on in dating websites, AFF or any other.
Men outnumber women by a ration of at least 25:1 which means that women are receiving tons of contacts and can be very selective.

For average guys (I'm middle age, not tall and not striking) the competition is severe. That's really about natural selection!

You guys must know that many girls are registred to have a look only, and a bit of sensations, but aren't really ready for encounters. Then plenty of women are swinging with their partner, and are not searching single guys, except outstanding ones. Then many women are about... women.

And, there are a lot of fakes and bots indeed.

However, if you want to have a chance, you must take it very seriously and work hard on it with dedication and patience. You need to build a real appealing profile. Forget the blow up picture of you $#*!, or the picture in the mirror. Get nice photographs, outdoor, made with a decent camera. Write something cool about you. Don't tell you want a hot girl to get laid. They know it already. So think about what's specific about yourself that would turn on the girl you will contact.

Stay polite, funny, using good orthograph and grammar, be original, a bit $#*!y but not a jerk.

As a conclusion, I'd repeat what other already wrote here: if you're an not successful in "real life" you won't be on the Net. Dating website could not compensate any lack of social skills. Improve your cognitive abilities, get in good physical shape, improve your sense of humour and self-confidence.
Than enter the field and chance it...

New Reviewer

I had been a member once before with no luck, but after seeing the site metioned on a news story I decided to give it another try, nothing. The site has very limited local members, most of them swinger couples looking for females or "select" males. I will not try this site again, a waste of money.

New Reviewer

I've been on the site for a week now. I've hooked up with one single girl and two girls while their partners watched (straight only). Let's be realistic here. I'm 29, very toned/athletic, and am very well hung. I have brown hair, blue-green eyes, and am probably a 7.5 - 8/10 realistically. If you aren't on the higher levels of attraction with a large 3rd leg you probably won't have any luck.

Of the people I met the single girl contacted me, one of the couples contacted me, and I contacted one of the couples. The one I contact was really hot. She was so hot she actually won a contest on the site.

The single girl wasn't too attractive but I already made the drive out there so whatever. The other girl that had a b/f was ok. Blonde hair, blue eyes, fake boobs, decently smooth stomach.

New Reviewer

the site is what it is, i saw on the news the whole group of sites they have has claimed bancruptsy. the problem i had was i made a new email address for this site which ive never used elsewhere, just for registration and one day later im getting 30 spams a day. which means they sell email addresses to spam companies for money.
every day 30 spam emails. its very irritating.

New Reviewer

AFF is the site where fat women go to have sex with skinny men, or guys that hit the gym every day of the week. If you're an average build average looking guy you'll get turned down even by HUGE women, because there are guys that are 170lbs that are willing to have sex with them. AFF is a meat market. Great for girls that are fat and ugly to get laid, but horrible for the average guy! Unless you are a skinny guy with a thing for fat chicks stay away from this terrible site!

Apprentice Reviewer

This site is crap...just filled with a bunch of fake profiles. Good luck on getting your money back from them as well! I would recommend as it is 100% free with real profiles.

New Reviewer

This site isn't a scam. But its definitely not easy. I'm a 24 year old male, in great shape, and not to sound conceited, but I'm not hard on the eyes. I've been on the site 12 1/2 months. Over this period of time I've had sex with 5 women. All 5 were beautiful and all 5 looked like their pictures. With that being said though, you have no idea how many emails I had to send to various women. And like a post I read about adult dating have to be original and appealing. It doesn't happen over night. Through my experiences so far though, this has been the best site that I've experienced. Yes there are plenty of fake profiles...and the statement "If it's too good to be true, then it probably is.." applies to some of the profiles. My suggestion: if you are an overweight, anti-social guy trying to find a way to get laid...this is NOT for you. Guys out number the girls easily 20 to 1. But if you are in decent shape, aren't hard on the eyes, and can actually carry on a conversation in person, you might have a chance. Case in point, this site will not give you what you don't already have...

New Reviewer

This site is real. My wife has a profile on it and has met up with single guys. You guys who say it is a scam have got to realize the guys on here way out number the woman. My wife gets a ton of e-mails and no, she won't respond to all of them. She responds to the ones that meet her body type and read her profile. And if you are a single guy and are not in great shape, your odds will be very low as there are a lot of cut guys on this site. And if she doesn't get a recent face/shirtless torso pic, she deletes the e-mail. She has more problems with guys who don't look like their pics and say they will meet but chicken out at the last minute. Also, we met and partied with one of AFF's Marketing Reps at a Swinger Convention in South Beach in 2012. It is a real site.

New Reviewer

I did meet some legit contacts, but damn it was not worth the effort. There are heaps of totally fake profiles, photos lifted from other sites on the web and obvious ones that are used to entice and I have little doubt that they are paid shills. Some are sex industry workers recruiting, but seems to be a lot of nutters just collecting pictures. Overall, the site is not worth the lost time on scams, shams and idiots

New Reviewer

Sorry liars, that's it. Sure maybe you will meet a real girl, in 4 years I met ONE. The rest, want money, prostitutes, most won't even reply to messages. But they send fake ads to entice, it's all about money, nothing more.

New Reviewer

The site is great even though you have to sign up and write a profile thats nothing out of the ordinal but once your on they have free web videos live streaming you can webcam back free and the best IM around for meeting women men transvestites couples and even group sessions dont get me wrong paying for the website is pointless but its the best for free adult hook up and even relationships just depending on what your looking for

New Reviewer

When your membership expires, you'll get flirts and emails that are totally bogus. I know, because I got a 'flirt' from a couple right after my membership expired, and so I emailed them to see if they had actually done that. They answered back that they had not, and they themselves had 'sent' emails to other members when they actually hadn't. Also, do the math and figure out their phony "Buy and 3 month Gold Membership and get 1 month FREE", scam. They are charging you for all 4 months. There is NOTHING free about it. Of course, if your $#*! is hard and you're hoping to hook up, you'll probably fork out the bucks like I did. It's pretty much a waste of time...

New Reviewer

Complete and total scam. They fill your site mailbox with bogus emails from fake women, especially when your membership is about to expire. Their instant messaging service works maybe 25% of the time and is the largest complaint from all in the chat rooms. They are known to create fake accounts to generate interest. The majority of women on cam are soliciting from pay per view websites. Don't waste your time.

New Reviewer

Thought it was a good way to hookup with women.boy that was a mistake. This was my first time with any type of site like this.turns out its nice to look at but it is all phony.tell me this how do u get emails and no one has view ur profile. 3 days I had them removed from email STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE NOTHING REALISTIC ABOUT IT!

New Reviewer

This site uses shady billing practices...signed up with for a one month premium membership, and did not see that the option where you can pay for standard members to contact you DEFAULTED to the highest rate you could buy. The final billing page before I purchased said 29.95, but I got charged that PLUS 107.40 for this option that I could not see and did not select. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE, it's such bad news.

New Reviewer

I've been a member of this site since 2004 and as with other sites, it has its ups and downs. There are a lot of average looking guys who are seeking beauty queens, but there are also many realistic people looking for normal/natural,looking partners. I'm on different sites and AFF is one of the best.

Play safe

New Reviewer

My wife have had a profile on aff for 8 years (started when she was 26) and with much success. She's talked to hundreds of men in all ages there and actually dated over 40 different men of which many became regular lovers and friends.

New Reviewer

I created a profile of one of the AFF sites ....... next thing i know im getting calls and txts from loads of local gay men .... As it turns out they made an EXACT copy of the profile i made for the one site (including quite obvious identifying information).... and added it as a new user "profile" to their other site DiscreteGayDating.

Ive been getting calls at all hours, even at 3am in the mornning. I have contacted AFF to ask them to remove it, but im not getting any replys.

I live and do buisness in an extremely small and closenit community. Given the fact that i could easily be 'recognised', I am extemely anxious that this could have massive financial and personal implications.

At best this method of harvesting information to create new 'profiles' is deplorable and highly unethical. At worst illegal.

What a pack of filthy cheating skanky whorehands!........What can i do?... Should i be looking at legal recourse?

New Reviewer

you might meet a girl on here. she might even be close. but she is a cam girl or a hooker.where you pay her she stripes for you, or she gets you to verify yourelf. you join a site for alot she gets a commission. either way like all other adult dating and XXX dating sites it is pure b.s.

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