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AdultFriendFinder reviews

158 reviews
Categories: Dating, Hook Up
Tower Bridge House St. Katherine's Way
London, E1W 1DD, United Kingdom
Tel: 888-575-8383
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158 Reviews From Our Community

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Chatted with quite a few women and had some, that i thought, possible matches. (in 37 reviews)


Good luck on getting your money back from them as well! (in 6 reviews)


Can anyone tell me what rm_ means at the beginning of a users screen name on AFF? (in 47 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

They do work, but you have to be very charming, very respectful, and very patient. For every 100 women's profiles on that site:

60 are spammers
20 are just there for a fantasy chat, not meeting
10 are lesbians
8 will arrange a meeting but chicken out
2 are real and willing to meet, and they're dealing with the 999 men just like you thanks to the 10:1 ratio

Get on the chat, send out your emails, and be prepared to find NOBODY for months. I wouldn't be shocked if you camped the IM thing for an entire week without talking to anyone. But persistence, patience, and respect pays off. Do not say "nice ass wanna $#*!?" That does not work, in any medium. or NoStringsAffair is probably a better bet. I've met a number of people on HH in particular.

Ask Jeremy about AdultFriendFinder
1 review
1 helpful vote

been on adultfriendfinder they make up fake profiles people never can meet once u get close to meeting them they all of a sudden move there profile or else they get dropped for abuse i believe the whole thing is a scam ive had almost a thousand women flirt with me but never met one i have spent 220 dollars on this site some of the worst money i ever spent also there are lots of profiles that come from different countries girls asking for money also girls get on there wanting you to vote there *** videos or else they are cam girls trying to get money its pathetic

Ask Joe about AdultFriendFinder
1 review
1 helpful vote

Adult Freind Finder used to be the best adult dating site, but right now it is flooded with cam girls and Nigerian scammers.
I don't recommend you joining the site, but if you really want to get laid, use other ones having better ratings and nice reviews. works perfectly for me, so I can definitely recommend that one.

Ask Matt about AdultFriendFinder
5 reviews
9 helpful votes

Once again many haters around! I use all kind of adult dating sites and AFF will get you laid! Period! I joined AFF and a bunch of other sites and here are my results:

AdultFriendFinder= 2 HookUps, iHookUp= 0 HookUps, BeNaughty= 0 HookUps, CasualDating4u= 5 HookUps, Fling= 1 HookUp, xpartner= 0 HookUps

As you can see: It works! There may be better sites but most of the other sites are pure scam!

Ask Bobby about AdultFriendFinder
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

They claim to have over 50million members? Not sure about that! But this site sure is teh biggest hook up site on earth! Regarding male-female-ratio, I believe sites like are much, much better and provide a better "Anti-Fake" policy. But regarding quantity this site rules.

Ask Augusta about AdultFriendFinder
10 reviews
77 helpful votes

Full of fakes and phonies and weirdos. They give you the option to report someone but when you do they don't follow up and do anything anyway! Do yourself a favor and have a profile on instead. It proved to be the best hookup site so far

Ask Jeff about AdultFriendFinder
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

AFF isn't my first hook up site so I have some experience in online dating and I believe it's not the worst site at all. It is one of the better sites I have visited in a while. is better for sure but other sites are not.

I've spent several days, found some sexy ladies, talked to them in private. It works! AFF is a waste of time for those who don't know how online dating works. Those guys with skills: It is one of the better sites!

Ask James about AdultFriendFinder
6 reviews
59 helpful votes

I think whether a dating site "works" or not depends on the person using it. That's a fairly obvious statement, but I don't mean any sarcasm by it. I guess my point is that one should really consider which dating sites are right for them as well as the male to female gender ratios on the sites. In my case AFF wasn't good enough because men on the site were rude indeed.
As a single girl in my mid-20s living in a large metro area, I actually get tons of messages. I try to respond to most of them but it's not too easy. As for one of my college buddies, who's a dude in a suburb of PA, it hasn't been so easy - and I recommended the same site I'm on: So, I guess it just depends.
Good luck.

Ask Sarah about AdultFriendFinder
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I've never seen so many fake profiles in my entire life. A scam of an adult dating site if I've ever seen one.

Ask Morris about AdultFriendFinder
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I signed up to this site for a year. I did not meet one girl. Most of the girls who want to talk to you want seduce you for money or to drag you to another web site. Sadly the administrators to nothing about this. The average girls on there are poor. Not very friendly, due to rude guys. I advise only taking a trial for a few days and that is it.

Ask Quentin about AdultFriendFinder
15 reviews
39 helpful votes

I am a woman using AdultFriendFinder. I signed up for this site and here is the problem: Pretty clear that I was being contacted by multiple men. I knew that already. But all those guys send rude messages, or they send pictures of their "little friend" immediately.

I was not able to find one guy who was even able to communicate with me without sending messages like: "Hey Hun! Let's have sex in my car!"

There are plenty of sites for "Friendship with benefits" where you can meet nice and handsome men. Hey girls, use sites like CasualDating4u instead if you were also not lucky on AdultFriendFinder.

Ask Jenny about AdultFriendFinder
8 reviews
64 helpful votes

I had few cyber sessions with members from this site, but most of women I got in touch with weren't genuine.
Though I had a little success on, at least most of the profiles were legitimate.

Ask Krys about AdultFriendFinder
3 reviews
7 helpful votes

This site is not what is says it is. Ladies contact you and never respond to replies. Full of fake ladies and fake profiles.

Ask Bob about AdultFriendFinder
8 reviews
52 helpful votes

I guess if it seems to good to be true it is!!

Ask Jack about AdultFriendFinder
9 reviews
33 helpful votes

All the guys complaining are their worst enemies! I have been using AFF for two years and in those two years I was only able to find one site which was slighty better ( But beside you will not find a better hook up site than AFF!

Since I use it I've met and had sex with so many women, I forgot to count! All of the poor reviews on here are ridiiculous. Many girls told me that men use AFF sending nasty requests, posting $#*! pictures. WTF??? AFF works if you know how to behave!

Ask Vivek about AdultFriendFinder
6 reviews
61 helpful votes

Joined the site and realized that every female my girl tryed to contact never replied to her messages and " winks" and "flirts" are all a joke as well.
I made some research here and found a great alternative.
So save your money for, don't waste it on these scams.

Ask Terry about AdultFriendFinder
1 review
1 helpful vote

A total scam. I rate this sight as a -10

Ask Lamar about AdultFriendFinder
1 review
1 helpful vote

Don't use this app/website, it's not trans friendly, it's really hard to get rid of an account. The kind of people who use it are disrespectful and ignorant. stay away, please read reviews.

Ask Jerry about AdultFriendFinder
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Lots of messages till you pay to upgrade and then you can't get any messages onless you pay pay pay stay away if you want sex go get a hooker be cheaper

Ask John about AdultFriendFinder
1 review
5 helpful votes

Totally disagree with most reviewers and I seriously don't know where they come from?!
AFF is a legend! In general there are only TWO adult dating sites which work. Number one is and the 2nd best is AFF.

Ask James about AdultFriendFinder
50 reviews
412 helpful votes

Your private info on AFF may not be as private as you think. I googled my AFF profile name and it brought up my complete AFF profile. I clicked on the "account information" tab and it displayed all my personal information including my name, address etc.
If you care about your privacy, better get yourself a membership on I have never had any issues with them

Ask Mike about AdultFriendFinder
2 reviews
10 helpful votes

Agree with many guys: Good looking women generally don't exist on here, it is really not like where you find many hot girls. But if you want to go for the average looking woman it is ok to use AFF. All the good looking girls onhere don't seem to be genuine.

Ask jonny about AdultFriendFinder
11 reviews
218 helpful votes

The number of fake accounts created to generate interest is a joke. I was solicited daily with emails from non existent females. It got worse as my membership was about to expire. At least 50% of the women on cam are soliciting from professional websites. Don't waste your time or money, have a membership at instead - this site really works unlike AFF.

Ask David about AdultFriendFinder
1 review
2 helpful votes

Been a while, but i got in plenty of trouble, on that site. Mostly dude's wives on there.
If you're good looking & have a personality, it works fine.
Not my type of deal any longer, plus, it's been hacked & anyone can find your real I.D., if you're a member.

Ask Roddy about AdultFriendFinder
5 reviews
148 helpful votes

Been on AFF for couple months and NOTHING! Seems like this site doesn't work unlike, where I had a sex date in just 4 days since I started.
Needless to say how impressed I am...

Ask Ted about AdultFriendFinder
1 review
1 helpful vote

I sat up a user name and profile just so I could browse through and see the goods. I never paid and I'm damn glad I didn't. If you do a browse search you can pick a state and see the numbers of "men seeking women" and "women seeking men" There are roughly 20 men for every 1 woman. Who in their right mind would pay for a site that is that lopsided? If you're a man that is. I guess women have the pick of the litter but if you're a man, forget it. I've been told I look like Triple H when he had long hair. Body and all. I got 5 views in 3 months and of the 5, 3 sent messages and 2 hotlisted me. But that was it. So just bag any ideas of actually finding someone on this site---or any other site for that matter. They're all a scam.

Ask Tim about AdultFriendFinder
6 reviews
192 helpful votes

It's a rip off. Too many fake profiles and too expensive on top of that.
There are better casual dating sites then AFF for sure.

The best one I found so far was It is not perfect, but way better then other ones.

Ask Brian about AdultFriendFinder
1 review
3 helpful votes

This site has drawn the most immoral rude filthy disgusting dregs of society that has ever lived. This seems like perfect hunting grounds for a psychopath; and scammers are rampant throughout

Ask Miss about AdultFriendFinder
1 review
4 helpful votes

I'm a relatively handsome fella. Ask me, I won't lie. In any case I've never really had a problem having a woman on my arm. A few weeks hitting the clubs, beaches, restaurants, and in general being on the prowl to find a honey....I've never failed. At least until I tried hooking up on AFF. This place is a joke. Good looking women generally don't exist here or are as rare as a unicorn. Fat and ugly women think far too much of themselves. And then don't get me going on all the fake profiles. I've been casually visiting the site for about 3 months and have gotten squat, zero, zilch. I get more from the honey at the checkout in the local grocery store. AFF cn have the money, I just need to get my dignity back! I'm embarrassed to have wasted my time on such a place. Do yourselves a favor guys.....bird in hand, there's no bush for you on AFF, check out someone the old fashioned yourself an escort with the money you would waste on a place like AFF.
For those who don't heed my advice.....HA

Ask biteme about AdultFriendFinder
2 reviews
14 helpful votes

I joined this site almost 2 months ago and had 300 responses responded to everyone and in return got f*****, and they don't mean literally,so anyone else that wants to throw their money away to any of these sites except for the the basic date sites not any of these f***ing sites then go ahead and throw your money away because you're talking to nobody but a computer and a idiot out there! Good luck to all because the internet is a f****** rip off!!!

Ask Dave about AdultFriendFinder
1 review
1 helpful vote

We created an account on AFF looking for couples. I answered some of their questions and did not uploaded any pictures at all...almost a blank profile. Not even a day later, my profile got approved, and I start getting e-mails about couples wanting to meet me. Really? Without even seeing what we look like? I came to realize that this is nothing but spam and scam just waiting to take your hard earned money.

Ask Carter about AdultFriendFinder
11 reviews
147 helpful votes

All teh negative reviewers: Please explain why this site is a scam??? It is not! I admit you may find better sites ( for example, some smaller sites as well) but this is no scam!!!

Ask Jim about AdultFriendFinder
9 reviews
54 helpful votes

nothing is real profiles are of porn stars

Ask Tony about AdultFriendFinder
9 reviews
52 helpful votes

set up for sexually frustrated Americans

Ask blue about AdultFriendFinder
116 reviews
1,328 helpful votes

AFF is a huge brand but they don't care about their database too much, as the site is FLOODED with fake profiles.

I got more lucky with I was skeptical going in but was glad to be found wrong. Chatted with quite a few women and had some, that i thought, possible matches. Went out with one woman and we had most wonderful time together.
It is all about patience guys!
Don't get yourself fooled. Look for real looking women. Remember super models don't use dating sites.

Ask Justin about AdultFriendFinder
1 review
8 helpful votes

They require you to sign up for "gold" and pay for it. Then delete the profile after taking the money with no explaination and without responding to conatct and questions.

Simple theft.

My id was: shysissybimbo

Ask Sissy about AdultFriendFinder
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Possibly the worst dating site in history, abuse is rife, in chat rooms and message form.
Customer service (what a joke) is non existent, they never reply. Chat room is full of people with multiple accounts cyber bullying anyone who does not take their side.
Unless you pay for membership, you can do nothing on the site.
Avoid, save your money and your sanity by staying the hell away!

Ask lisa about AdultFriendFinder
10 reviews
11 helpful votes

Overall I cant say AFF is too bad, but more than likely going will only get a fat chick if you are lucky. I prefer instead as their are much hotter chicks on there.

Ask Jay about AdultFriendFinder
1 review
16 helpful votes

I've used AFF off and on for over ten years with some success. For men it is a big money pit, but there were ways to work around that. Until now. Logging in and doing things like adding photos gave you points you could spend on sending a message to a member. That doesn't work now. Unless you are a $30 a month Gold member, you can't read replies to your messages. Now you also can't spend points on a month's worth of Gold membership without sending copies of documents to verify your identification. After the Ashley Madison privacy breach, nobody should send copies of personal information to these kinds of adult websites. I can't believe AFF has the gall to force such a policy after the Ashley Madison breach.

Besides all that, like I say AFF is a money pit for men, and it takes advantage of them. Women get to apply for free Gold memberships. Membership revenue is a burden that men carry through inflated fees. Not worth it because most of the profiles are spammers or fake profiles set up by women who sort of want to live out just a cyber fantasy or just be the center of attention from large numbers of grovelling males ages 18-99. If you don't live in a big city your chances of actual contact are few and far between. AFF is a waste of time and money. I think these kinds of sites have had there day. Less people are willing to play such high costs for something of very little value -- which is why AFF has made things more expensive. A new wave of apps and adult dating sites are poised to take their place, and now they don't have the money to buy them out like they used to. Good riddance to AFF.

Ask Ed about AdultFriendFinder
1 review
8 helpful votes

We joined this site out of curiosity. We were not happy with it and cancelled our subscription before the first month was over. However, they charged our credit card anyway. I have had nothing but the run around through emails and phone calls. First, they agreed to refund money, then when I called they said they couldn't refund it. I turned it over to BBB and once again they agreed to pay and wanted to verify my address before sending a check. When the check never came, I sent another email only to receive the same blanket response that a refund could not be issued. They are frauds and liars. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD!!!!

Ask Stephanie about AdultFriendFinder
1 review
5 helpful votes

After creating a profile and realizing that it's sole purpose was to be a marketing target, I also noticed you cannot communicate with anyone's direct profile. When I explored the local search tool, I noticed that a realistic 50% of these girls were cuter than average, 27 yrs old and were bisexual. Intriguing, right? Enough to make you consider signing up because I have to at least throw these girls a line.

Then when I came to read these reviews to confirm my suspicions, I read that a man in his forties, who had not even posted a pic, was getting friend requests from girls 5 years younger than him. I'm 32, so the abundant amount of 27 yr old profiles immediately allowed me to realize the sites recruiting strategy.

I encourage anyone that is still using toys site to read their privacy policy, (it's a lot of reading). This, I'm sure, is the legality that allows them to acquire so many pictures to create profiles for what they call “online regents"...

“17.2 With respect to Content you submit or make available for inclusion on publicly accessible areas of the Site the license to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, adapt, publicly perform and publicly display such Content on the"

And this one is proof that there are indeed, many fake profiles, used mainly for marketing...
enforcement agencies.


14.1 encourages You to use the ONLINE REGENT service to enhance communications, entertainment and Your total site experience and enjoyment.
14.2 An ONLINE REGENT may be a digital actor, an avatar or a synthespian (e.g. a computer generated "person" or "character"). ONLINE REGENTS may be employed by or a third party to enhance Your online experience. For example, an ONLINE REGENT may provide an electronic introduction to new or existing features or functionality, or discourage inappropriate behavior.
14.3 By consenting to and accepting these Terms, You acknowledge You fully understand, accept and agree to the ONLINE REGENTS service. You acknowledge that You understand that some of the profiles and Members displayed on them are not actual members of the site. ONLINE REGENTS are not associated with any other user of the site, but are sent to You in an effort to promote broader enjoyment, additional activity and fuller participation in all our Services."

Ask Nick about AdultFriendFinder
11 reviews
22 helpful votes

I joined AFF some months ago. What can I say. Ofcourse here and there some fakes but it works sometimes.

But what i must say is, that works better for me. I got more emails and I find a nice girlfriend there. Just check it out :-)

Ask Marco about AdultFriendFinder
9 reviews
69 helpful votes

If you think that this site is legit, ask yourself how many girls could you walk up to on the street and ask to see their ass? The punches in the face you would get would far outweigh anything that you would see. Why would anyone expect to see hundreds and hundreds of them showing it here? These are the same ripoff artists that will tell you that Ashley Madison isn't a scam! How's that working out? Not too good. The hackers didn't take them down for no reason. They need to get working and clean the rest of these pigpens out! Most people won't admit to being robbed by one of these sites. I was one of them that was. Had to close my checking account, and cancel my credit card. By the time that I realized that all these profiles and pictures can't be real, it was too late. It isn't too late for you, if you pay attention. These are thieves. All these sites are linked. Check out the overseas addresses of them. Why are so many from Cypress? Malta? Nigeria? That's where your credit card information is going. Good luck with that. They sign you up with other scam sites and dip into your account to pay for them. Then it's up to you to get rid of them all. They were charging me for 3 sites before I could stop them. They use outside billing agencies as stooges to do their dirty work for them. If hacks take the site down, your name, checking, and credit information goes up for all to see. If you like being spoofed with fake profiles, stolen pictures, and endless email addresses that end with xyz, or fooled with bogus phone numbers and 3 word messages, these sites are for you. If not, take the advice and stay away.

Ask John about AdultFriendFinder
3 reviews
26 helpful votes

Pretty much the same business model as
Essentially the only difference is the inclusion of racy and nude pics on this site

Please reference my review on to get a better idea of how both companies operate.

Ask neil about AdultFriendFinder
16 reviews
158 helpful votes

WHAT??? 2,0 Average Rating for the most likely second best hook up site after CasualDating4u??? You guys must be kidding me! AFF is not only the BIGGEST HookUp Site you will find, it is also one of the best. As mentioned, beside CasualDating4u I have never seen ANY better site than AFF. Creating a profile and sending small text messages "Hey Hun, Wanna Get Laid?!" won't help you on ANY site at all.

Ask jerina about AdultFriendFinder
24 reviews
14 helpful votes

One of the better hook up sites. Detailed questionnaire and preferences and testimonials of members. Friendly and undemanding men who are more gentlemanly than you would expect from a site like this and actually willing to meet and treat. I found it safe and fun and not a waste of time like other dating sites. Get exactly what you want.

Ask Alexandra about AdultFriendFinder
3 reviews
13 helpful votes

Aff is the worst scamming, rip off, fake site out there. Beware – Stay away!
Popular scamming methods:
- within minutes of registering with AFF you get FAKE messages in your inbox from people supposedly looking to hook up with you ; when you reply – you get response that they did not send any message
- you get “flirts” but nobody viewed you ?
- you get flirts from members with no paid subscription (NOT possible)
- customer service is horrible, lying scamming enterprise
- you get special promotion & discount 20% off to upgrade, but “special” price for 30 days is greater then regular price for 30 days
- they send you email messages that someone wants to “meet you” but nobody even have seen your profile
- most of the time you see exactly the same profiles presented to you when log in, it is like these profiles are online for days and weeks
- …

Other con’s:
- FAKE, fake, fake site full of scammers, rip off artists and fake profiles
- There is absolutely NOTHING you can do there, without having to pay first; can not really see anyone, can not send or read messages, flirts,…nothing for free

It is too bad that there are no mark zero stars, so 1 star will have to do it, but even that is too much.

Tip for consumers: FAKE site , Beware – Stay away

Ask Chris about AdultFriendFinder
1 review
8 helpful votes

This website is $#*!ing disgusting. It destroyed my marriage. I won't listen to the haters who say my sex life blew, well bc it didn't. Sometimes in life people have filthy habits. Absolute disgust. For all you single people out there get a real $#*!ing person stop playing on internet freaks. For all of you nasty ass trifling internet troll whores, go $#*! yourself.. Oh wait that's all your doing, and that's all you will ever do!!!

Ask $#*! about AdultFriendFinder
4 reviews
8 helpful votes

U CANT DO ANYTHG ON THIS SITE FOR FREE U GOT TO PAY JUS TO SEND A FLIRT REALLY I sign up an got nuthng but FAKE Mess in my Inbox Beat Me Out $15 Ughhh Maddd Scam Scam Scammmmmm

Ask Lester about AdultFriendFinder
23 reviews
25 helpful votes

We have been members for over a year now and long ago did we realize that the majority of profiles are indeed fake. When you are not sifting through fake profiles you can enjoy the member cams with nine or ten creepy old $#*!s in dirty dark rooms and maybe a couple from guatemala $#*!ing in a tent. The only good thing about this site is the live cam girls which unfortunately is and these companies are one and the same. AFF is hard to use,not easy to navigate, has an impressive number of nobody near you at all, really and is mostly for age groups 40-65. As far as a membership is concerned I regret paying for it.

Ask Bird-and-Nikki about AdultFriendFinder

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A: Orange,

There are definitely some real people there, but I think the site is pretty worthless. I have met and played with one couple and one woman from AFF. I have also met and played with one other woman at a club that I recognized from the videos she posted on AFF...over 80 to be exact. I'm not sure if they give her some consideration for those but, if not, they should. I have also contacted and played with other people (two other couples) that I "met" through SLS even though I recognized their profile names or pics from AFF where I had seen them first. Both agreed SLS is a better site for actual meets. I probably will not re-up AFF
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