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Crackle reviews

57 reviews
Culver City, CA 90232
Tel: +1.3104824636
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57 Reviews for Crackle

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New Reviewer

i love the fact that crackle is providing free movies but at risk of getting a virus like i almost got i don't recommend it until they provide anti virus/malware. recently i was watching a flick and a virus called luhe.pdf file was attempting to contaminate my pc by attacking my harddrive and was shielded by my firewall in which i was fortunate to stop it in time! my question is, what is crackle doing to insure safety for the viewers? what precautions are being taken to stop it to ensure customer/viewer satisfaction? please keep us informed as to this predicament.

New Reviewer

Excellent! I watched "The Hireling" film for a 'real' free. Just excellent, and so I am pleased to endorse this website.

New Reviewer

We cancelled our cable because of too many commercials. Crackle has a commercial every 7-8 min. Very irritating. I realize it is a free movie channel but you think they could spread out the commercials to every 20-30 min. There is absolutely no reason to have the same Crackle commercial so often.
Not worth it... We will stick with Netflix!!

New Reviewer

Tuned into Crackle as it was a free channel on my Roku. Suffered thru watching one movie on it. Movie would've been ok, but was interrupted (it seemed like every 5 minutes, but it was probably more like 10) constantly by the SAME stupid video game commercial OVER & OVER & OVER. Will never watch again and now I hate video games too! Worse than watching commercial TV - at least you get a Geico or talking baby commercial once in awhile! I'll stick with my Netflix streaming

New Reviewer

I hate watching TV because of the commercials. I tried watching a movie on Crackle. The selection of movies was OK, the video quality fine, but the interruptions were just as annoying and intrusive as TV. I'd rather pay Netflix than watch this ... I tried it once ... and this is all I could stand. This is a throw-back service and isn't worth your time.


I have been watching crackle ever since sony took it over and I have to say it has much improved. I would have given it a meh awhile ago but now crackle really does deliver fun entertaining content. Because they are owned by sony you do get real hits like Men in black and you don't have to worry about downloading a virus or malware like on other sites that advertise free internet tv and movie downloads. Crackle is really free internet tv and online movies.

They do advertise original content but I haven't really got into any of their original shows. I have watched sports illustrated swimwear models show over and over though at work :)

Give this a try if you are interested in watching movies online for free. Connection speed is great and their video quality is so much better than what those free internet tv websites claim to deliver.

New Reviewer

All I can say about this site, is that it has a good interface. Navigation is very easy.

Too bad nothing is available there. There is 1 (ONE!) show listed in the show guide of this site, and it is, like Trenches, that I went there to see, unavailable.

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