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Best Car Rental Sites: Reviewed by Consumers



1 review

Categories: Car Rental, Car Sharing

I used Zipcar about 5 years ago while living in Cambridge. After approval and gaining easy "membership", you can reserve a car close to where you are for a certain number of hours or for the day. You just reserve online or by phone and...


2 reviews

Categories: Car Rental

Charged twice by and for the same car rental. Neither company has been willing to resolve the issue. I now have to dispute the charge with my credit card company. This is last time I will be doing business with these...
8 reviews

Categories: Car Rental, Car Sharing, Airport Shuttle

Flight Car sounds like a cheap way to rent a car but there were no cars available when I tried to do it!


113 reviews

Categories: Car Rental, Discount Travel, Travel Sites

I use this mainly for airfares. It is usually my starting place to compare different airlines. The only down side is that it does not capture ALL airlines, most notably, Southwest does not come up. That's why it gets only 4 stars.
269 reviews

Categories: Car Rental, Travel Sites, Hotel

I have gotten a few rental cars for cheaper than other sites by using the priceline negotiator. Also, they sometimes have hotels or smaller B&Bs that I don't seen on the large sites, like expedia.
1 review

Categories: Car Rental

I looooooooove autoslash! I can't say this enough. If you're needing to rent a car, you just type in the location and it lets you select the type of vehicle you need for cheaper than you'll find anywhere else. Not ONLY this,...
1 review

Categories: Car Rental

ACO RENT A CAR - GREAT CAR RENTAL IN MIAMI! I love traveling, therefore I do appreciate comfort and good customer service. My most recent travel experience was to Miami. As you might know, if you're going to Miami you need a car if you...
1 review

Categories: Car Rental, Discount Shopping, Car

I use car rental online brokers a lot. Usually better price than booking directly. I found out this site and the price was right. What was outstanding was how they solved a problem with the one car supplier I experienced - it turned out to be a...
1 review

Categories: Car Rental, Cruises, Travel Sites

Very large European travel booking site; very easy to use; with the great advantage that it offers all the usual accommodation options but also quite a number of smaller and special options - recommended
1 review

Categories: Car Rental

A car hire company at Gatwick offering superb service for UK travellers. great cars and very competitive rates.
15 reviews

Categories: Car Rental, Hotel

Some deals are good enough to book with them. Tried twice, and no real dissapointment.
1 review

Categories: Car Rental

I felt it was a really easy site to navigate through as well as a real nifty way to rent cars. I liked that it allowed me to check all the rental services as and give me the options of the lowest rates on cars there! Real cool! I'm...
1 review

Categories: Car Rental, Car Sharing, Car

If your auto is cooling its heels parked much of the time, you might want to help it pay its way by renting it out. Getaround brings local car owners together with local car-deprived, for an hourly or longer fee that includes insurance. You can...
5 reviews

Categories: Car Rental

This company is very shady, do not rent from them. I was looking at renting a car from them a couple of weeks ago and put all my trip into into their web site. I wanted to see what the price was, so I put in my credit card number, but there was...
103 reviews

Categories: Car Rental

No hassles at all. Excellent price. Great vehicle. Would definitely use again. Got a corolla which was exactly what I wanted. Very easy process. Great car.


35 reviews

Categories: Car Rental, Cruises, Travel Sites

Its very similar to many of the other travel sites. I think it because they often offer deals I cannot get else where. For instance, I booked a room in Cabo and they gave me $50 off. Pretty good!
2 reviews

Categories: Car Rental, Car

I went to there site great company and great cars
1 review

Categories: Car Rental

A very useful service comparing car hire rates over many suppliers but beware the hidden problems. We arrived at Luton to pick up a car 50 minutes late from Green Motion and found the office closed and were asked for £30 out of hours...
3 reviews

Categories: Car Rental

I highly recommend this Rental car. I went to Miami in Christmas break from Russia and rented a Mercedes-Benz S550 and it was great. Amazing service. Very Satisfied!
7 reviews

Categories: Car Rental, Cruises, Hotel

I feel that they are not clear in their terms and conditions. When I bought a flight ticket I get this message: CHANGES / CANCELLATIONS: CHANGES / CANCELLATIONS: Any changes / cancellations to your reservation are subject to a processing fee...

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