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My name is Scott Stout I am a 52 disabled individual on a fixed income. I wanted to purchase a reliable affordable vehicle and was looking for something "Nostalgic" after glancing at a few reviews and a couple conversations with the salespeople at Country Classic Cars I Purchased 1984 Chevy S10 for $6,000.00 plus $99.00 dealer fee & $650.00 shipping fee plus $400.00 in repairs need upon receipt of vehicle only to discover additional undisclosed repairs are needed and estimated in excess of $3,500.00. Also since it is not safe to be driven the truck is sitting at a mechanics shop awaiting repairs at the storage rate of $30.00 a day.

Vehicle advertised as... "1984 Chevy S10 Extended cab, 4x4, well kept, nice body and paint, good interior, factory rubber mat, Durango package V6 auto, PS, PB, a/c, bed rails, bed liner, runs and drives good." in this AD

Country Classic Cars Consumer Complaints

Bernard ahearn
Mon, Jan 13,4:25 PM (21 hours ago)
I just received your E-mail today, but pictures can not be opened. This sounds like the exact thing these 2 did to me. I purchased a 1927 Chevrolet Capital Coupe that I was told ran great with no problems. I always wanted a car from the 1920's because I am really interested in that era. The car was to be my sunny day driver and I did not want something that needed work. I paid around 8 thousand dollars for it way back in the eighties with the a guarantee from Russ as to its great condition. Much to my horror the inclosed auto transport showed up with my car and it couldn't fit down my street. Know problem I told the transport driver, ill drive it down.He laughed and told me we are going to need help to push it all the way to my house because they couldn't get it to start at country classic and it took 4 guys to push it onto the transport for its trip to N. H. Long story short and thousands of dollars later the car ran. Dye test done on engine was ok, Then went to the head, which was cracked, Vacum pump trash, Brakes junk, generator trash and multiple other mechanical problems. I ask for a refund and was told flat out NO. I called the district attorney that covered that area and he told me if someone stole 8 thousand dollars from me with this obvious fraud I would have them n a court room and I would be in their face. I did file with the local court house and was expecting to go to court only to get a notice that since it was classified an antique and something to do with how he has this business structured he could not be sued for this. So I ended up fixing the car and have never made another purchase on anything sight unseen. I will look for my paperwork on this and send it to you since it is of no value to me anymore. These 2 thieves have spent their lives ripping people off

I was selling an old 79 firebird just restored, so I thought these were reputable place to sell my car, so you sign a 3 month contract and a waiver saying if any damage is made to the vehicle they are not responsible, so wouldn't you know it not only did they stick my car way in the back where nobody even goes but when I went to pull my car out of there the whole back bumper had been damaged to the point I had to buy a whole new rear bumper and repaint it to match the vehicle before I could sell it and when it was brought to their attention while they were pulling it out, they said read your waiver were are not responsible for your vehicle while it's here. So It's no wonder they don't post their vehicles on their site because they are probably going out of business.

Buyer Beware Jonathan Jones 12/05/2012Imagine your childhood dream car just waiting for you at a classic car shop, owned by some small town car guys on old Route 66, in the middle of the cornfields of Illinois, that just love the hobby and are able to make an honest living doing what they love. Kind of clouds your judgement doesn't it. Well it did for me, and probably more than a handful of other guys that are to embarrassed to admit they put a little too much faith in their imagination and gave their prudence the slip. I bought an '87 Chevy Silverado 4x4 from those clowns last year. I really wanted a low mileage, older pickup and had come to believe that Country Classics was reputable. I emailed and talked on the phone with them about the truck that was advertised as a solid, apparently original 51,000 mile truck, with original paint and interior. I had them send pictures, and I faxed them an Intent To Purchase figuring if it was in as good a shape as they said I would pay them $8,000 for it, and would fly out and drive it back to NH. When I arrived in Staunton, I found out that the truck had obviously been resprayed, with overspray on the moldings. It had a cheap undercoating that was flaking off of the frame. The cab corners had been bondoed. One inner rocker panel had been replaced with a crappy rivet on replacement. The dashboard had been recovered. I told them that this truck was in a lot worse shape than I was led to believe, and they offered to drop $500. Maybe I cared too much about my pride to catch a flight home. Big mistake. I decided to buy it anyways, thinking all these items were more or less cosmetic problems that I could iron out, and still walk away with a low mileage truck. Shortly after leaving the dealer in my new old truck, the gas tanks began leaking. When I was about to reach NJ the transmission totally went out. I needed a full rebuild and had to catch a series of buses and trains to NH. One month and $3,300 later, I went to NJ to pick up my truck and complete my trip. When is the last time you heard of a 51,000 mile truck blowing its transmission? I emailed the guys at Country Classics, and told them that I know they are not obligated to provide me a rebate, but that if they did not offer me any compensation, I would sure as heck do my best to tell everyone my story. They said they were sorry to hear about my luck but would not refund me any of my money. They told me while I was there that most of their business, comes from people that never see the car and have them shipped to them. Take it from me, do not trust these weasels. Not only did they cheat me, they also cheated themselves. If I had been given an honest description of the truck, and been dealt with fairly, I would have been back several times in the future spending thousands of dollars with them. And because there are more old car guys here in NH than there are rust free old cars, there's a good chance several of my friends would have made the trip to Staunton. And now I'm telling everybody online, what snakes these guys are, so, hopefully, they've cheated themselves out of your money, too. By the way, I hardly ever rant online, but I really can't stand these guys taking advantage of car guys. Let's put the sharks out of business and give the real car guys our hard-earned dollars.
Robb Eckert reviewed Country Classic Cars 1 star
April 25,2017 ·
Salesman straight up lied to me and the owner did nothing about it. Had emails proving he lied and still did nothing. Had to get lawyers involved. Unless you see the vehicle personally, I would never buy from them. Giant waste of money. Sad this company is still able to sell vehicles
Jason Lake Total agreement Robb, disgusting lies.

Robert Kotel doesn't recommend Country Classic Cars.
March 9 ·
Don t sell cars that r not street ready. Bought a 72 Oldsmobile cutlass convertible the car is a death trap. Brake cylinder was no good mechanic said I was lucky I got it to him without the brakes failing the top dozen t close right the belts on the engine only had 1 supposed to have three the AC u said worked kind of hard when the line is broken and pinched off. People Beware of what you buy from these people they r not a good dealer!

Wilson Dowdy reviewed Country Classic Cars
October 24,2016 ·
If you do not know about automobiles, do not come here. These cars are misrepresented and are heavily flawed. Came a far ways away to be disappointed. I warn you... do not waste your time or your hard earned money. Buyer Beware :( Wilson Dowdy I was expecting to buy a nice car in drivable condition. The one I looked at online and travelled to see was flawed and poorly represented online. The car had paint scratches all around, a rusted out exhaust, rusty fenders, faded trim, an oil leak, a transmission leak, gauges out of calibration, a battery being held in to its tray with only a single bungee cord, they apparently also had some fool attempt to wax it, although they left huge tornado shaped white swirling marks all over the body, the radio was aftermarket and I couldn't even differentiate the buttons, let alone even figure out what I was pressing, all of these problems were repairable, but I wasn't about to spend my life savings on a car that needed this much work. The only thing I would suggest is if someone like me comes for a test drive, umm I don't know let them go on a further commute? They let me test drive this car for all but one mile and I had to drive it from Illinois to Virginia in two days and I couldn't determine its capability just going up their side street

Steve Adams doesn't recommend Country Classic Cars.
September 8,2018 ·
Drove 200 miles after talking with salesman that told me the car I wanted was solid California car and good paint and interior and tires. Told me I could drive it home. When arrived it was a solid car, but the interior was far from good, the paint was like chalk and flaking, and tires were flat. Doesn't seem like this car has run in years. After looking at some of the other cars I came to a conclusion that 75% of the cars are overpriced by about $4000 to $5000. I spent over 6 hours of my day driving to see this car plus over $100 between gas & food I won't get back. Sadly disappointed by the dealer & salesman. Don't waste your time on this place.

Greg Klein doesn't recommend Country Classic Cars.
September 8,2018 ·
Wow. Drove past this business many times over the years and decided to stop in to look around. It is the place for cars that nobody wants to go and die. Buyer beware! If you don't know cars and are looking for a classic this is not the place.

CM Gale
August 9,2017 ·
Was not impressed when we stopped. Lots of junk, cars no one would ever deem stuff you'd want to resto. All stuff there when we were there needed resto. Considering quality all way over priced. Wasn't worth the stop unless a junk collector.

Mark Gooding
September 26,2015 ·
Went here looking to buy an old truck - a Chevrolet or a Ford. Pictures on the web look good but disappointed in the stock on offer. Lots of rust and high prices. Best to look else where unless there is something you really like here. Also visit in person don't buy sight unseen.

Svein Sjøblom
October 27,2017 ·
VERY BAD. I was scammed of them for around USD 5.000.NOT the car I bought.
"On June 30,2014 we purchased a 1946 Olds from Country Classic cars after seeing it on their online website. It was advertised as good glass, (was full of water when delivered) seals on windows bad. Dependable, runs and drives strong. The Friday after it was delivered to our door we overheated and broke down 20 miles out of town. Had to be towed. Also would not start and was full of water when delivered. Was towed for 200.00 to a shop in Borger, Texas and has been there since. Fuel line replaced, carburetor replaced. Leak in radiator and radiator too small for this cadillac engine. Radiator needs replaced. Welding on motor mounts is poor, needs redone. Transmission leaking at seal. Now this is from a car that was clearly advertised as DEPENDABLE, RUNS AND DRIVES STRONG. 11,000.00 FOR 20 MILES. With the towing and the carburetor and the fuel line, we have almost 800.00 additional dollars in the car and still not driveable. This was sold to us under failure to disclose facts and false advertisement. This was part of our life savings and we were scammed. The salesman, Doug, at Country Classic told us the calipers needed cleaning and the gas tank cleaned. That was all that was wrong. The car does not even have calipers. Jim Newman PS we also paid 825.00 to get it delivered."

M M.
Paso Robles, CA
I bought a car from this company after many many back and forth communications and a generous number of photos. I will admit I did not travel to see the car before its being shipped. Buyer must beware. I truly do not believe these people have any idea how reliable the mechanics are for the cars. I get the impression that cars sit there in a warehouse situation until someone expresses interest. My questions were answered to a degree. I am convinced that issues about the car were glossed over. I fully realize that any older car will need things done to it, but this car is needing much more than expected. I truly like the car and believe it will eventually work out well. But it is certainly not what I had expected. For the price paid, one would expect much more. I cannot recommend Country Classic Cars. Or if a buyer selects this company, make a visit before purchase.

Rusty H.
Aurora, CO
Country Classic cars is a nightmare waiting to happen to you. I bought a 1983 Jeep Cherokee from this JUNK YARD thinking it was a dealership. The salesman totally misrepresented the Jeep and it's condition. I was told it would pass inspection and emissions and I would be able to drive it when it arrived at my house. That was a joke. This jeep didn't look bad from the outside but everything else is crap. I did not want a project, told them that, and then the lies from the salesman started. Just to be safe to drive it needed a new exhaust system, brakes, fuel sending unit, engine rebuilt-2 dead cylinders (5600. 00), brake booster, spare tire hanger, spare tire, Rat feces piled up in the back, gas gauge, transfer case, transmission and the list goes on and on. All this JUST to be safe to drive. RUN, RUN like Hell if you come in contact with this company. I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General of the State of IL. If you have had a similar experience with Country Classic Cars PLEASE contact the State Attorney General of Illinois and let's hold these guys accountable in every way possible. These guys are experts at what they do so watch your rear and steer clear.

Paul D. Erie, IL
I brought my 73 dodge charger to trade for a car for my wife. The cars that we were interested in were not in the condition that was claimed on the web sight. Lots of flat tires, dead batteries, musty and moldy interiors. In one building all the cars were covered in bird manure. No one asked if we wanted to test drive any of the cars. The fiberglass replica T-bird that I was interested in was much worse in all respects than what was claimed. And at no time was I approached about my car that was on the trailer in the middle of their parking lot. Not one employee asked about my car, if I wanted to consign it, or trade for one of their cars. They could not have cared less

May 08,2018 Tony F of Iowa City, IA
Do not do business with Country Classic Cars
Bought a 67 Ford Thunderbird during the summer of 2017. I asked do all lights and electric windows work as they should. Also, was It road worthy. They stated everything worked as it should. When we got it, it was unsafe to drive and some windows and taillights had problems. They out right lied about the car.

Mar 13,2017 PissedConsumer1020281
You can believe this review. I bought a truck from them for $17,000. I made the HUGE mistake of not having someone I trust look at it and report back to me. Their photos on line make the cars they have look great, they may even be touched up (?). When I got the truck, and having built many hot rods,... it was a wreck! Had I looked it over I would have offered them $8,000 for it, but as I said, it was my mistake. One other thing... they did not charge any sales tax. If you buy from they, expect to pay a 10% sales tax, no matter which state you are in, when you try to register the car. Yes, BE CAREFUL!

Nov 03,2015 PissedConsumer728614
Country Classic Cars, buyers run like *** from this company! Thinking Country Classic cars was a legitimate dealership I found out the hard way they are really just a junk yard. Don't believe anything the salesman or owner tells you over the phone. If you are not there to inspect the car WITH A MECHANIC then be prepared to be very disappointed. These people will tell you what ever you need to hear to sell you one of their classic pieces of unsafe *** Run like *** from this company and don't look back, ever! 8000. 00 for a vehicle that would pass inspection and emissions, their wasn't even a muffler when it arrived, 10,000 later it still needs work just to be safe to drive. I'm telling ya, RUN, RUN LIKE ***!


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